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Index for surnames beginning with B (Pedigree Pages)

Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Michael Frederick Barnwell
For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.


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Bagshaw, Elizabeth (b. ABT. 1817)
Bagshaw, Joseph
Baker, Emma Eliza (b. ABT. 1825)
Baker, Sarah
Baker, William
Baldaro, Desmond Lawrence
Baldaro, Linda Mary (b. --Not Shown--)
Barnwell, Ann (b. ABT. 1791)
Barnwell, Ann (b. ABT. 1766)
Barnwell, Ann Elizabeth (b. ABT. 1851)
Barnwell, Ann Florence (b. ABT. 1875)
Barnwell, Ann Patricia (b. --Not Shown--)
Barnwell, Annie (b. 4 NOV 1888)
Barnwell, Arabella (b. ABT. 1839)
Barnwell, Blanche (b. 8 FEB 1920 - d. 17 MAY 1990)
Barnwell, Charles (b. ABT. 1869)
Barnwell, Christopher (b. 1889 - d. 1890)
Barnwell, Cornelia (b. ABT. 1871)
Barnwell, Elizabeth (b. ABT. 1830)
Barnwell, Ellen Maria (b. ABT. 1842)
Barnwell, Ethel (b. --Not Shown--)
Barnwell, Ethel (b. 1893)
Barnwell, Francis Lacey (b. ABT. 1760)
Barnwell, Frank (b. ABT. 1850)
Barnwell, Fred (b. --Not Shown--)
Barnwell, Fred (b. 6 APR 1864 - d. 6 NOV 1905)
Barnwell, Fred (b. 1891)
Barnwell, George (b. ABT. 1796)
Barnwell, Harold (b. 24 APR 1899 - d. 17 AUG 1959)
Barnwell, Harold (b. 1895 - d. 1911)
Barnwell, Henry Lea (b. 10 MAY 1838)
Barnwell, Herbert (b. 1887 - d. 1915)
Barnwell, Herbert (b. ABT. 1858)
Barnwell, Iris (b. --Not Shown--)
Barnwell, James (b. ABT. 1802 - d. 8 NOV 1855)
Barnwell, James (b. ABT. 1835)
Barnwell, James (b. ABT. 1863)
Barnwell, Joan (b. --Not Shown--)
Barnwell, John (b. ABT. 1778)
Barnwell, John (b. ABT. 1805)
Barnwell, John (b. ABT. 1737 - d. NOV 1796)
Barnwell, John (b. ABT. 1826)
Barnwell, John (b. ABT. 1826)
Barnwell, Joseph (b. ABT. 1807)
Barnwell, June (b. 8 JAN 1935 - d. 4 JAN 1997)
Barnwell, Katherine Emma (b. ABT. 1831)
Barnwell, Kathleen (b. --Not Shown--)
Barnwell, Louie (b. 1894)
Barnwell, Louisa (b. ABT. 1861)
Barnwell, Lucy (b. ABT. 1786)
Barnwell, Lucy (b. ABT. 1786)
Barnwell, Lucy Emma (b. ABT. 1860)
Barnwell, Lucy Jane (b. ABT. 1831)
Barnwell, Mary (b. ABT. 1762)
Barnwell, Mary Ann (b. ABT. 1797)
Barnwell, Michael Anthony (b. --Not Shown--)
Barnwell, Michael Frederick (b. --Not Shown--)
Barnwell, Minnie (b. 1896)
Barnwell, Percy (b. ABT. 1855 - d. 1894)
Barnwell, Richard (b. ABT. 1764)
Barnwell, Rosa (b. ABT. 1832)
Barnwell, Rose
Barnwell, Rosehanna (b. ABT. 1781 - d. 1842)
Barnwell, Ruth (b. 1931 - d. 1932)
Barnwell, Ruth (b. 25 DEC 1900)
Barnwell, Sarah (b. ABT. 1793)
Barnwell, Sarah Louisa (b. ABT. 1835)
Barnwell, Scott Robert (b. --Not Shown--)
Barnwell, Sharon
Barnwell, Stephen (b. 1867 - d. 1914)
Barnwell, Stephen (b. 3 OCT 1887 - d. 1887)
Barnwell, Stephen Oldham (b. ABT. 1810 - d. ABT. 1881)
Barnwell, Steven (b. 22 MAR 1886 - d. 12 SEP 1960)
Barnwell, Steven (b. --Not Shown--)
Barnwell, Thomas (b. ABT. 1810)
Barnwell, Thomas (b. ABT. 1838)
Barnwell, Thomas (b. ABT. 1827)
Barnwell, Thomas (b. ABT. 1783)
Barnwell, Thomas Harrison (b. ABT. 1783)
Barnwell, Walter (b. ABT. 1851)
Barnwell, Walter Ronald (b. ABT. 1878 - d. 1895)
Barnwell, William (b. 3 OCT 1887 - d. 1888)
Barnwell, William (b. 19 OCT 1887)
Barnwell, William Harrison (b. ABT. 1785)
Barnwell, William R (b. ABT. 1853 - d. 1919)
Bell, Sarah
Blake, Miriam
Bleckett, Margery
Bromley, Mary
Bryant, Iva Mae (b. 27 FEB 1902 - d. 10 MAY 1960)
Burns, Marjorie Edna (b. Private)
Burns, Marsha Jane (b. Private)
Burns, Marvin Richard (b. Private)
Burns, Shirley Ann (b. Private)
Burns, Waymon Gladstone (b. Private)
Burns, Waymon Lee (b. Private)
Butler, Katie Jeanne Wilkins (b. Private)

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