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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

TX   Double Bayou   Sol Codfrey(colored) Thru J.C. Jackson              $2.50
TX   Abilene             Citizens through P.H Halleck,Mayor                 $11.50
TX   Acme                J.W. Gilston                                                     $5.00
TX   Aransas Pass     Citizens of                                                       $39.00
TX   Aransas Pass      J.D. Mills                                                         $8.00
TX   Austin               Geo W Littlefield, Driskill Hotel                      $500.00
TX   Batesville          Geo. Meyers                                                     $5.00
TX   Beaumont         Employees of Mill J F Keith & Co                    $80.50
TX   Beaumont         Mrs. Louie Dick & Pauline Priddle                     $5.00
TX   Beaumont         V. Weiss                                                       $100.00
TX   Beaumont         W.P. Oldham                                                    $2.50
TX   Bellville             Citizens of                                                      $25.00
TX   Belnap              Citizens of                                                      $22.65
TX   Belton              Cook, Cochran & Co                                        $25.00
TX   Blossom           N. Lank                                                            $4.00
TX   Bowie              Citizens of                                                     $162.35
TX   Bowie              Grand Lodge Masons through 1st Natl Bank       $50.00
TX   Bowie              Wm A. Ayres                                                   $26.25
TX   Brenham           Citizens through DC Giddings Jr Chmn           $250.00
TX   Brownsville       S.P. Wreford                                                  $25.00
TX   Burnet              Citizens of                                                     $137.80
TX   Burnet              Teachers & Pupils Burnet School                      $14.95
TX   Burton              Thos. Watson & Co                                        $25.00
TX   California Creek Citizens of                                                       $8.00
TX   Call                   Citizens of                                                   $319.00
TX   Cameron           Citizens of                                                    $400.00
TX   Cameron           Mrs Lizzie B Wilson                                        $10.00
TX   Cameron           Theo Vogelsang                                                $5.00
TX   Campbell           Citizens of                                                      $37.25
TX   Carlton              Citizens of                                                      $40.25
TX   Carthage            Citizens of                                                     $19.00
TX   Centerville         Citizens of                                                      $15.00
TX   Cibolo               Mrs. L. Stobben                                              $10.00
TX   Clifton               Commercial Club                                          $172.00
TX   Coleman            J.O. Dibrell                                                     $25.00
TX   Colmesnell         T.H. Neyland                                                 $20.00
TX   Como                Citizens of                                                      $40.00
TX   Comstock          A. Denneat                                                       $5.00
TX   Comstock          D.L. Baker                                                       $5.00
TX   Comstock          E.B. Quick                                                       $1.00
TX   Comstock          G.W. Ames                                                      $5.25
TX   Comstock          R. McIvor                                                        $5.00
TX   Copperas Cove  Citizens of                                                      $20.00
TX   Corsicana          Citizens through S.W.Johnson,Mayor           $1,000.00
TX   Crockett           Citizens of                                                         $6.00
TX   Cuero               Citizens of                                                     $106.50
TX   Cuero               First Natonal Bank                                            $52.50
TX   Cuero               Through R.A. Pleasants                                  $334.50
TX   Dallas               German Ins Co Thru M. A.Schumard           $1,000.00
TX   Dallas               Ginn & Co, Publishers                                   $100.00
TX   Dallas               The Ginter and Miller                                        $5.00
TX   Dallas               Through Dallas News                                $27,745.90
TX   Dallas               Townsend, Cowie & Co                                   $25.00
TX   Dennison          P.H. Tobin                                                    $100.00
TX   Denton             Citizens of                                                     $293.78
TX   Double Bayou   D.L. Broussard                                              $100.00
TX   Double Bayou   et al through J.C.Jackson                                $300.00
TX   Double Bayou   J.C. Jackson                                                   $50.00
TX   Double Bayou   Jas S. Jackson                                               $500.00
TX   Double Bayou   John H. Jackson                                            $500.00
TX   El Campo          Citizens of                                                     $26.50
TX   Elgin                 W.H. Carter                                                     $5.00
TX   Elgin                 W.H. Carter & Co                                             $4.00
TX   Encinal              Citizens of                                                      $33.50
TX   Forreston           D.H. Newton et al                                           $35.25
TX   Fort Worth        Francis Willard Mysterious Ten (colored)            $5.00
TX   Fort Worth        Francis Willard-Temple Sisters of
TX   Fort Worth         J.L. Pennington                                              $50.00
TX   Fort Worth        Members of Commercial Club                        $250.00
TX   Fort Worth        Miss Katie Lehane                                             $0.05
TX   Fort Worth        Thos E. Gerren                                               $60.00
TX   Fort Worth        Thos E. Gerren                                               $60.00
TX   Fort Worth        Through W.E. Butler, County Clerk                 $300.00
TX   Gainesville         Geo T. Yates                                                 $20.00
TX   Galveston          Cash-Through Galveston News                        $91.10
TX   Galveston          Cash-through W.L. Moody & Co                     $50.00
TX   Galveston          Fort Smith                                                    $100.00
TX   Galveston          G.C.& S.F. Ry Co                                      $5,000.00
TX   Galveston          Proceeds from Management of S.S.
TX   Galveston          Proceeds of S.S. Lawrence by McClure          $448.25
TX   Galveston          Received From Mayor Jones                     $76,625.22
TX   Galveston          Screwman's Benevolent Society                   $1,000.00
TX   Georgetown       L.L. Booty                                                     $10.00
TX   Gilmer              Citizens of                                                       $12.50
TX   Gilmer              L.R. Hall through First National Bank                $13.00
TX   Gorman            Citizens of                                                       $50.50
TX   Greenville          Sunday School                                                  $3.30
TX   Hearne              Citizens through J.D. Rogers                          $275.00
TX   Hillsboro            E.W. Comfort                                                  $5.00
TX   Holland              Reed Bros                                                     $36.25
TX   Hope                 Wm Josey                                                      $10.00
TX   Houston             R.L. Autrey,Secy Houston Ice & Brewing Co $500.00
TX   Houston             Through S. Taliaferro                                 $1,000.00
TX   Ida                     Citizens of                                                     $37.58
TX   Jefferson            Mrs S.A. McNeely                                        $110.45
TX   Jones Prairie       Citizens of                                                      $14.00
TX   Kemp                Citizens of                                                      $92.75
TX   La Grange          N.J. Harrell                                                  $100.00
TX   Lampasas           Citizens through J.W.Townsend,Mayor          $351.00
TX   Laredo               Dr. A.W. Wilcox                                            $50.00
TX   Laredo               P.C.Nye                                                        $10.00
TX   Leonard             Citizens through J.A. Thomas, Mayor              $35.00
TX   Lockhart            Citizens through First National Bank               $156.10
TX   Lometa              Citizens of                                                     $72.00
TX   McMullen Co     R.T. Byrne                                                    $25.00
TX   Mexia                Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Association             $25.00
TX   Mexia                Miss L. McCain                                               $2.00
TX   Midland             Citizens                                                        $300.00
TX   Mineola             Citizens thru J.H. Huffmaster                           $51.50
TX   New Boston       Citizens                                                           $7.00
TX   Oakville             King's Daughters                                            $10.00
TX   Palestine            Citizens                                                     $1,750.00
TX   Palestine            F.W. Starr                                                      $25.00
TX   Palestine            Robinson Bros                                                $50.00
TX   Palestine            Starr & Co                                                     $50.00
TX   Palo Pinto          Palo Pinto Abstract & Guarantee Co                  $5.00
TX   Palo Pinto          Citizens                                                         $53.10
TX   Paris                  Sterling Price                                                 $25.00
TX   Pinckney            Mrs M.V. Curry Through Galveston News        $0.50
TX   Pinckney            Rev C.W. Chambers Thr Galveston News         $1.00
TX   Plainview            G.I. Newton                                                 $25.00
TX   Point                  Citizens                                                         $11.50
TX   Quitman             Citizens through V.R Harris                            $23.00
TX   Refugio              W.L. Rea et al                                              $167.25
TX   Richmond           J.H.P. Davis & Co                                         $25.00
TX   Richmond           J.H.P. Davis, Treasurer                                $100.00
TX   Rosebud             Benton Wiley                                                 $10.00
TX   Round Rock        Dr. Royston                                                   $5.00
TX   Royce City          Citizens of                                                    $40.00
TX   Runge                Wm Malloy                                                     $6.00
TX   San Antonio        C.A. Goeth                                                     $5.00
TX   San Antonio        Charles Simpson                                             $5.00
TX   San Antonio        Citizens of                                                   $182.50
TX   San Antonio        G.A. Duerhr Manufacturing Co                       $25.00
TX   San Antonio        General Offices S.A.  & A.P. Railroad           $101.00
TX   San Antonio        Samuel Kerr                                                  $25.00
TX   San Antonio        W.B. Wells                                                  $100.00
TX   San Marcos         Mrs. M.A. Crews                                            $5.00
TX   San Saba             Citizens of                                                    $60.00
TX   Somerville           Texas Tie and Lumber Pre Company            $500.00
TX   Sonora                A.J. Swearingenton                                          $5.00
TX   Sulphur Springs    P.H. Foscue, Cashier                                    $25.00
TX   Swan                   Citizens of                                                   $56.20
TX   Temple                Citizens of                                                 $800.00
TX   Temple                E.B. Greathouse                                          $10.00
TX   Temple                M.F. Temple                                                 $5.00
TX   Temple                St Agnes Guild Episcopal Church                   $30.00
TX   Temple                Temple Lodge,Mary Haymakers                    $50.00
TX   Terrell                 J.L. Adams                                                   $15.00
TX   Tolar & Vicinity   Citizens of                                                    $30.00
TX   Turtle Bayou        J.T. White                                                   $500.00
TX   Turtle Bayou       R.M. White                                                   $50.00
TX   Tyler                  Office Force St Louis Southwestern RR           $28.50
TX   Van Alstyne        S.S. Dunaas                                                   $25.00
TX   Venus                 Citizens of                                                     $50.00
TX   Vernon               Citizens of                                                    $278.50
TX   Victoria              Railroad Men through B.M.  Smith                 $100.00
TX   Wallisville           Jay & Bird Wooten                                          $2.50
TX   Waring               Elsie Jess                                                         $1.00
TX   Waxahatchie       Colored Citizens                                             $41.10
TX   Waxahatchie        J.W. Jones                                                      $2.00
TX   Waxahatchie       Lodge No 282 Fraternal Union of America         $7.00
TX   Waxahatchie       R.A. Davis                                                   $100.00
TX   Weatherford       Citizens through Merchants & Planters Bank  $567.55
TX   Received            From Gov Sayers                                   $309,500.00

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