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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

TN   Bristol        Citizens through Board of Trade                            $257.40
TN   Bristol        D.B. Lillay                                                              $1.00
TN   Bristol        E.L. Grover                                                            $2.00
TN   Bristol        Public Schools of                                                   $28.30
TN   Bristol        W.W. Davis                                                            $1.00
TN   Brownsville Citizens of                                                             $93.55
TN   ChattanoogaCitizens of Through Chattanooga Times               $1,550.00
TN   ChattanoogaVoight & Co                                                        $100.00
TN   Clarkesville  Citizens of                                                            $57.25
TN   Clarkesville  J.M. McRae, president                                           $80.00
TN   Clarkesville  Stewart Snuff Co                                                 $100.00
TN   Dickson       Citizens of                                                            $72.00
TN   Ducktown    Mine City Chapter No 140 R.A. Masons                 $10.00
TN   Knox CountyOhio Association                                                    $8.20
TN   Knoxville      Knoxville Knitting Mills Co                                    $10.00
TN   Mason          Citizens of                                                           $20.25
TN   Memphis       Bl'dr's Exchange                                                $800.00
TN   Memphis       Citizens through Cotton Exchange                    $5,000.00
TN   Memphis       Henry Loeb & Co                                               $25.00
TN   Memphis       Memphis Paper Co                                              $50.00
TN   Memphis       W.F. Carroll                                                      $250.00
TN   Nashville       American National Bank                                       $25.00
TN   Nashville       Cash M.P. LeSuew                                              $10.00
TN   Nashville       Citizens                                                             $300.00
TN   Nashville       E.S. Davis                                                            $5.00
TN   Newport       Methodist Church                                                 $13.25
TN   Paris            A.G. Cherry                                                           $1.00
TN   Robbins        J.G. Evans & M.F. McNamara                               $2.00
TN   Shelbyville    Citizens of                                                           $67.20
TN   Spring City    Citizens of                                                          $17.50
TN   Sweetwater   Citizens of                                                           $71.75
TN   Tennessee     Coal & Iron Co                                                   $500.00

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