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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

WADE                    Mrs Hillie Colored 48th & G
WADE                    Wife & 2 children Down the Island
WADE                    Hettie & Husband Colored
WAGNER               (--) & wife Farmer
WAKELEE             Mrs Davis
WALDEN               Sam, son of H.W.Colored
WALDGREN          Mr.
WALLACE             Scott & Earl
WALLACE             (--) & wife Mud Bridge
WALLACE             GEo & Wife, Mother & Childrn Bertha,Tom, Fred & Florence 4017  T 1/2
WALLACE             (--) & wife & 4 Children 37th & M1/2
WALKER               Mrs. H.V.
WALKER               Louis D.R & 39th
WALKER               Joe
WALLIS                 Lee & wife, Mother & 4 childern & Pearl  Ellison Palestine
WALTER                Mrs. Charles & 3 children
WALSH                  James N & wife
WALSH                  Joseph & wife & child
WALTERS             Gus 3602 Q1/2
WARING                Mrs. Colored
WARNKE              Mr. & Mrs & children 41st & S
WARNER              Mrs A.S.
WARNER              Mrs. Flora
WARNER              Mrs A.W. & 5 Children
WARREN              Martin
WARREN              Celia Colored
WARREN               James & wife & 6 children
WARREN              John
WARWARVOSKY Adolp & mother & sister
WASHINGTON    John & 5 Children 46th & T
WASHINGTON    Mrs   Colored
WASHINGTON    William & wife Colored alley P1/2-26th-27th
WATKINS             Mrs mother of Stanley Watkins
WATKINS             Child of P
WATKINS             Mr. S
WATSON               J.G. & Mrs & 2 children
WAXMOUTH        Frank
WEBER                  Mrs Charles P.
WEBBER                Mrs Anna
WEBBER                Mr S. & Family
WEBBER                W.J. & wife & 2 children
WEBSTER              Mr Edward Sr
WEBSTER              Charley
WEBSTER              Julia
WEBSTER              Sarah
WEBSTER              George
WEBSTER              Kenneth
WEEDEN                L.E. & Wife & 6 children Kinkhead Addtn
WEEKS                  Mrs Millie& Child Colored Down the Island
WEIDEMAN          F.W.& Wife
WEIHOUSEN        Mrs Minnie 3412 P1/2
WEIMAN               Mrs John C
WEINBERG           Fritz
WEINBERG           Mrs F.A.
WEINBERG           Otto & wife & 5 children
WEINERS              daughter of J.C.died of injuries 2602 P1/2
WEISER                 Paul & Wife & mother bet 45th & 46th K
WEISS                    Oscar & Wife & 5 Children
WEISS                   Pro. Carl
WEIT                     Mr & 3 Children
WELCHE               Mrs John
WELSH                  Theophiel in charge of race track
WESTAWAY         Mrs. George
WESTERMAN       Mrs A.
WESTMAN           Mrs.
WEYER                  Judge & wife
WEYER                  Alex
WEYER                  Hy
WEYER                  John
WHITCOMB          Mrs Georgia & baby of 9 months
WHITE                   Willie Colored
WHITE                   Family of Walter
WHITE                   James & Wife &  baby
WHITTLE               Tom baker at Kahn's
WHITTLESEY        1 child of Officer H.P.Whittlesey
WICKE                   Mrs Lena 28th & Q1/2
WIEDE                   Mrs Augusta 5 Children 2824 P
WILKE                   C.O. & wife & child
WILCOX                Child of
WILDE                   Miss Freda Down the Island
WILKINSON         George & wife & son 27th & R
WILKS                   (--) & wife
WILLIAMS            Ceasar Colored 45th & P
WILLIAMS            Ed "Crow"
WILLIAMS            Mrs Adaline Colored
WILLIAMS            Mrs Ceciel Colored
WILLIAMS            Father of Frances Colored
WILLIAMS            Mrs Mary 27th & L
WILLIAMS            Rosanna Colored 1st & S
WILLIAMS            Miss
WILLIAMS            Alex
WILLIAMS            Mrs E.C Colored
WILLIAMS             Joseph bet 16th & 17thN
WILLIAMS            Frank & wife & child Heard Lane
WILLIAMS            Sam Colored
WILLIAMS            Bob Colored
WILLIAMS            John 40th & R 1/2
WILLIAMS            Mrs Mother of Mrs Joe Jay
WILLIAMSON      W. Longshoreman
WILLIFRED           Mrs Elmire Moth in law of Louis Gruetzmacher
WILLIS                  Hester & Daughter Colored Church & 35th
WILSON               Mrs Julia Ann Colored 2617Ave  P
WILSON               Annie
WILSON               Ben T
WILSON                Mrs Julia Ann Colored bet 26th &  27th Ave P
WILSON                Mary & Child
WILSON                Bertha Colored
WILSON               Mrs B
WINSCOATH       Mrs. Annie
WINSCOTT           Mrs. William
WINDMAN           Mrs
WINN                    Mrs & Child
WINSMORE          James & Family-7 members
WITHEE                 N.H. & Wife
WITHEY                 H.
WITT                      C.F. & Wife & 2 children
WOLFE                  Chas & wife & 3 children
WOLFE                  Officer Charles & wife  Son Edward
WOLFE                  Mrs Louis & Child
WOLTERS             F.A. & Wife & Child 36th & Q1/2
WOOD                   Mrs S.W.Mother of  US Marshal Wood
WOOD                   Mrs R Colored Bet 14th & 15th N
WOOD                   Edie & Burley Colored
WOOD                  William Colored
WOOD                   Mrs S.W.
WOOD                   Mrs Caroline & 2 daughters Mary & Katie
WOOD                   Mrs Julia Colored 28th & Q1/2
WOOD                   James Horace
WOODMANNIE   Miss  Joliet, IL
WOODROW          Matilda Colored
WOODWARD       Mrs R.L.& daus Miss Mollie Parker Misses Hattie & Maggie Woodward15th & M
WOODWARD.       G.Jr 11th & M Florida
WOOLAM              C.
WOOTEN              Gus & wife & 3 children 45th & J
WRIGHT                Louise & Johnnie
WUCHNACH        M. & Wife & 2 children
WURZLOW           Mrs Annie 26th &Q

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