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Please Note:

This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

UDELL                   Oliver & wife & child 45th & U
UHL                        Mrs Chris & 4 Children 45th & K
UNDERHILL          Carpenter & wife 2 weeks from El Paso-Formerly from Michigan
UNGER                   E & wife & 4 children:Frank,Eddie& Sophie saved45th & Broadway
UITT                       Mary Houston
ULRIDGE               Adelaide Colored
VALETON             Mrs  & Miss Marie Lost at Glozza residence
VAMEY                 Mrs. B Colored
VAN BUREN         Herman & wife & 3 children
VAN LIEW             Mollie Colored
VARNELL              Jim & wife & 6 children Kinkhead Additn
VASSENROOT      Edward & wife & 2 children
VAUGH                  Miss May11th  & Mechanic
VAUGHT                Edna, child of W.J. Vaught
VELIN                    Mrs H
VIDOVICH            Mike
VINNING              Mrs. Annie  & 4 children
VINNIE                  Miss Annie Colored
VISCO                    Franovich
VISCOVITCH        Magdalena, dau of Mrs Veleda Viscovitch N1/2 & 17th
VITORETTA           Mrs N.L. 27th & P1/2
VITOVITCH            John & Family
VOGEL                   Mrs. Henry C & 3 children
VOGEL                   Mrs & dau Bertha 27th & P
VOLGER                Mrs F. & dau Bertha
VORDENBAUMEN Mrs & children
VULETUCH           Andrew & wife & dau Down the island

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