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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

TARPLEY               Joseph
TAVINETT             Antonet
TAYLOR                Mrs. Colored
TAYLOR                Mrs. J.W. 46th & K
TAYLOR                Calvin Colored 2314 28th
TAYLOR                Sarah Colored 2314 28th
TAYLOR                Costilla    Colored 2314 28th
TEAGUE                 Lavinia Colored & 3 children bet P1/2 & Q 27th
TENBUSCH           George & John
TENBUSCH           Steve butcher 44th & R
TENTENBERG       Mrs. A.. & Child
TERRELL               Columbus & wife&3 children 4117 S?
TERRELL               Mrs Q.V. & 4 children Colored N &15th
TETZE                    Emet
THOMAS               Pat & 8 children bet 36th & 37th T
THOMAS               Nowell & Nathaniel
THOMAS               Milton Colored 11th & M
THOMAS               Mr.& Mrs B.W.& 3 children
THOMPSON         Thos & wife & 4 children
THOMPSON          (--) & wife & 3 children
THOMSSEN          Mrs. W.D. & 3 Children Down the Island
THURMAN            Mrs. Colored
TIAN                      Mrs. Clement & 3 children
TICKLE                  H.J. & wife & 2 children
TICKLE                  Mrs. James Sr
TIGUS                    Lavinia & daughter Colored
TILLEBACH          Mrs. Charles & 3 children
TILSMAN              Robert & wife & 5 children 46 Broadway
TIX                         Herman
TOLD                     Seibel Sr aged 76yrs 37th & M1/2
TOLOMEL             Paul & wife & 2 children
TORR                     T.C.& wife 5 children
TOOTHAKER        Mrs. J.E.
TOOTHAKER        Miss Etta
TOVREA                Sam & wife & 4 children
TOZER                   Mrs G.M.
TOZER                   Miss Berna 32nd & Q1/2
TRAHAN               Mrs H. V.& child
TREADWAY          Lilly
TREADWELL         Mrs J.B. & Child
TRAVERS              Mrs H.C.& son Sheldon
TREBOSIUS          Mrs. George
TREBOSIUS          Fred   32st   & S
TRICKHAUSEN    Mrs. an old lady
TRIPO                    an oysterman
TRIPO                    Bosick
TROSTMAN          E. & wife & 3 children
TUCKER                Mr. & Mrs 1 child
TUCKETT              Walter & wife& child Q & 27th
TURNER                Angeline Colored
TURNER                Mrs K. & Little girl
TURNER                Mr. & Mrs
TURNER                Mrs W.

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