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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

SANSOR                Ernest Longshoreman
SARGEANT           Thomas & 2 children:Arthur&Alice13th & 14thAve M1/2
SARME                  Mrs George 4513 K bet 45th & 46th
SAWYER               Dr. John B
SCARBOROUGH  Harry a fisherman
SCHAF                   Mrs. & 3 children
SCHALEA              Richard & wife & son Frank 43rd & T1/2
SCHELLER            Charles & Mrs& 4 children35th &Q
SCHIERHOLZ        W. & wife & 5 children
SCHILKE               Mrs. Julius & 2 children August &Albert
SCHMIDT              Mrs. R. & son Richard bet 26th & 27thP1/2
SCHNEIDER          J.F. & wife & 6 children milkman Down the Island
SCHNEIDER          Henry & 2 children
SCHNEIDER          John & wife 5 Children
SCHNEIDER          Mrs Hy Sr
SCHNEIDER          child of Hy Jr
SCHNEIDER          Carolina
SCHOOLFIELD     (--)Colored
SCHRADER          Mary
SCHROEDER        Mrs. Louise& 2 children 26th & Q
SCHROEDER        Mrs George M.& 4 children
SCHULER              Mr.&Mrs Charles& 5 children
SCHULER              Mrs. A
SCHUTZ                Charles & Fred
SCHULTZE            Charles
SCHUTTE              (--) & wife & 2 children
SCHUZTE               Mr. & Mrs
SCHWARZBACH  Child of Theo
SCHWOEBEL        George & wife & dau Lulu
SCOFELIA            Miss Ida
SCOTT                  Hughie Colored
SCOTT                   Annie Colored
SCULL                   Mrs Mary Colored
SEABORN             J.R.
SEALS                   Wallace D Colored
SEALS                    Sarah N.Colored
SEDGEWICK        child of
SECREST               Katarina See Mic's Notes
SEIBEL                  Frderich S r37th & M1/2
SEIBEL                  Mrs. Julius
SEIBEL                   Lizzie
SEIBEL                   Mrs Jacob & son Julius
SEIDENSTRICKER John N bet 12th & 13thN
SEIXAS                  Miss Lucille
SEIXAS                  Mrs. C.E.
SEIXAS                 Armour A.
SEIXAS                 Cecile
SEGAR                   S & family
SEVERT                  John & wife
SHAPER                Henry & wife & 2 sons milkman Down the Island
SHARP                  Mr. & Mrs
SHARP                  Miss Annie
SHARPER             Henry & wife & 5 children Down the Island
SHAW                   Frank
SHELREY              Leon & son & dau Colored
SHERMAN            Albert better known as Yammer butcher
SHERMER              A.
SHERWOOD         Charles L. & wife & 2 children
SHERWOOD         Thomas 7 wife & 2 or 3 children
SHERWOOD         Chas Wm & baby 7 mos old 8th &I
SHERWOOD         Charlesbet 17th & 18thAve N
SHOOK                 Mr. & Mrs Robert Jr
SIBBEL                  O.F. Jr
SINNE                   John, Lizzie& 1 child 41st & Broadway
SINNETT               Maggie 27th & Q
SINNETT               Eddie 27th & Q
SINPE                    Calvin &daughter
SKARKE               Charles F.son of Charles J  Skarke Cath Orph Home
SKELTON             Mrs. Emma & 2 children
SLAUGHTER         Phillip Colored
SLITTER                 J.M.Longshoreman
SMITH                    Sallie Colored Cook forDr Perkins
SMITH                   Stella working for Mrs CH Hughes
SMITH                   Gertrude
SMITH                   Mrs. Wiley colored 33rd & Q
SMITH                   Mrs. Ellen & child Colored
SMITH                   Miss Mary
SMITH                   Mrs. thegrandmother of the Foremans
SMITH                   Mr.& Mrs & 2 children Lamarque
SMITH                    Charles L bet 12th & 13hL
SMITH                   Prof E.P.&wife &5 children35th & T
SMITH                   Jacob
SMITH                   Sam Colored of  Olympia Theater
SODICH                L
SOLOMON           Frank Jr
SOLOMON           Mrs Frank
SOLOMON           Herman
SOLOMON           Lena
SOLOMON           Julius
SOLOMON           Mrs. Julius
SOMMER              Ferdinand &wife59th & beach
SOMMER              Mollie, Sophie Annie,59th & beach
SOMMER              Mr. & Mrs Joe 59th & beach
SOMMER              Aline59th & beach
SOMERVILLE       S.B. & wife Colored
SOURBIEN            Battery O
SOUTHWICK       Mrs. J. Sanford & child
SPAETER              Mrs.Fredericks
SPAETER               Otilia
SPALDING            Joseph Spanish sailor See newspaperSydnor's Bayou
SPECK                  Captain
SPENCER              Stanley G.
SPRIGGS               Mary
STACKER             Miss Sophie
STACKER             Miss Alfred
STACKER              George
STACKPOLE         Dr. & family
STAWINSKY        Ed & wife& son
STAYTON             Mrs. Carrie B Colored
STEDING               Harry & wife& child
STEEB                    Julius & wife & 2 children
STEINBRINK        Frederick W & 3 children 4209S
STEINFORTH       Mrs Emma 20th & P
STELLMAN           Lily
STELLMAN           Robert & wife& child
STENZEL               wife & 3 children
STERLING             O.B.
STEVENS               Frankie, Leo Jerald & Edward Sons of T.J.
STEWART             Robert C
STEWART              Miss Lester
STIGLICH              Mamie
STILLMANN         Miss Lilly 3027K
STILLMAN            LillieDown the island
STOCKFLETH      Wife of Peter& 6 children
STOUSLAND        Mr.  Mrs Joe
STAVO                  Nick & wife son John
STRUNK               William & wife & 6 children34th & R
STUDLEY              Mrs. & 2 children40th & R
STUB                      Julius &wife & 2 children
SUDDEN                ClaraColored
SUGAR                  Mrs & 2 children
SULLIVAN            Mrs. Martha & childbet 31st & 32ndR
SULLIVAN            Mrs. J. A. & son 32nd & Q
SUMMERS             Sarah
SUMMERS             Mrs. M.S.1012 K
SWAN                    Auguste 37th & Q
SWAN                    George
SWAN                   George & wife & 4 children
SWANSON           Mrs. Martin
SWAIN                  Richard D.
SWAIN                  Mrs. Mary bet 10th 7 11thAve I
SWEIGEL              George, Mother& sister
SWENSON            Mrs Marybet 11th 7 12thK
SWICKEL              Mrs Mary, Miss Kate & Miss May1902 27th St
SYMMS                 2 children of H.G.

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