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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

RABB                     George W. & Wife
RADEKER             Mrs Herman & Child
RADFORD             Mattie Eva Colored 32nd & ?
RADFORD             Claudie G Colored
RADFORD             John A.Colored
RALEIGH               Miss Sallie 816Winnie
RANDOLPH          Edith Colored
RAPHAEL             Nick
RAVEV                  Family
RAYBURN            Crawford 1624 M1/2
RATISSEAU          Baptiste & wife & 3 Ch Louis Saved
RATISSEAU          P.A.
RATISSEAU           J.B. & wife & 4 children
RATISSEAU          C.A. & wife & 7 children
RATISSEAU          Mrs.W.L. & 3 children
RATISSEAU          Mr. J.L. & 3 children
RATTISEAU          A. & wife & 3 children bet 41s t& 42ndS
RAW                      Mr.Lafayette Grove
RAY                       Hy & wife, sister & 3 children
RAY                       Miss Susie
READER                Family
READS                  Rutter 7 wife & Children 42nd & T
REAGAN              Mrs Pat &son 6th & I
REAGAN               Mrs. John J. 420 Center St
REAGAN                John P.
REAGAN                J.N.
REGAN                  Mike & wife & moth in law
REAGAN               Mike
REAGAN               H.J. & wife & 5 children 35th & S 1/2
REHM                    William & wife & 2 children10th-11th-M1/2
REIN                     (--) & wife 7 daughhter 39th & R
REINHART            Agnes & Helen Daus of John
REHUN                  William & wife & 2 children bet 11th & 12thM 1/2
REYMAN               SCOTT Louie bet 23rd & 24th Q
RHEA                     Mrs. M.E. & dau Mary Buford,TN
RHINE                    John & wife & 5 children 39th &T
RHINE                    Frank & George bet R & R1/2 39th
RHODES                Miss Ella Trained nurse in John Seal Hosp Galveston
RHODES                Annie Colored cook of Mrs W.T.Sherwood
RICE                      William J & Little dau Mildred of Galvest.News
RICE                       Ida &Fisher Colored
RICHARDS            F.L. & wife 71 child Officer
RICHARUDERES  Mrs Irene & baby
RICHARDSON     S.W. & wife 2804 Q
RICHARDSON     William Colored
RICHARDSON     William M 4413 Winnie
RICKE                   Tony & wife
RIESEL                  Mrs. Lulu & 2 boys Ray & Edna Kinkhead Addtn
RILEY                    Mrs. W. &2 children
RILEY                    Solomon & wife bet N & N1/216th
RIPKE                    Thomas B. & wife & 4 children 2018 P1/2
RITCHIE                Miss Helena A 6th & I
RITTER                  Mrs William (Charley) 21st & P
RIMMILIN            Edward II & wife bet 12th & 13thN
RING                      J & 2 children Proofreader Galveston News
RIORDAN             Thomas
RIPLEY                  Henry
RITZLER                Mrs.
RIZZI                      Domenick10th & M
RHEA                     Mrs.
RHEA                     Miss Minnie Giles Co,Tn
RHYMES               Mr. Thomas & wife & 2 children
ROACH                 Annie
ROBERTS              Herbert M Yard Clerk Gal, Hou, N RR
ROBERTS              John T.watchman
ROBBINS              Mrs J.B.visiting W.H.Nelson Smith's Point
ROBERTS              (Shorty)Battery Q
ROCHFORD          Ben & wife 11th & A
RODNEY               Henrietta 39th & R
ROEMER               C.G. 7 wife10th & L
ROEMER               Elizabeth wife of A.C.
ROEHM                 Mr. & MrsWilliam & 2 children
ROEMER                J.C. & wife
ROGERS                 Blanch Donald niece of D.H.
ROHL                     John & wife & 5 children
ROHN                    AnnieColored
ROPE                      RMrs. Eliza Colored 11th & M
ROSE                     Mrs. Franklin
ROSE                     John
ROSE                     H & wife & children
ROSE                     Mrs' baby
ROSELLIG             Mrs
ROSELLI               Angelica
ROSELLI               Joesphine
ROSELLI               Sam
ROSELLI               Francis
ROSENKRANZ    Theresia
ROSI                     G. & 2 children
ROSS                     9 yr old child of Mrs Ross ofHouston
ROSSE                   Mrs L. & 3 children 19th & P
ROSIN                   Hermann 7 wife & 5 children hermann,WillieJohn,fritz,Henry
ROSALLE              B. & wife & 3 children
ROSSIAN               John & wife Down the Island
ROSSIAN               5 brothers Down the Island
ROTH                     Mrs. Kate &3 children
ROUDADAUX       Murray
ROUDADOUX       Mrs F.J. & 2children:Murray&Cecil&sis inlaw LouiseRoudadoux
ROWAN                 Mrs. John & 3 children
ROWE                    Ada & Hattie Colored
ROWE                    Mrs. & 3 children
ROWE                    George Colored
RYAN                     Ada & infant Colored
RUDGER                C & wife 7 child
RUDIREKER          and 3 women
RUENBUHL           Johnnie lost at Lamarque
RUTHER                Robert & wife & 6 children 43rd & T
RUHTER                A, mother & father
RUHTER                Lena
RUEHRMOND      Prof, wife & 2 children
RUST                     Margaret. Maude & Elvira all children
RUTTER                 Robert 7 wife & 6 children
RYALS                   Charles-4 children of:Myrtle,WesleyHarry&Mabel
RYAN                    Mrs MaryKinkhead Addtn
RYMAN                 George &&wife & Dau 4405S1/2

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