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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

PAISLEY                A.H. & wife 610 1/2 K
PALMIERI              Salvatore & wife & 5 children Hitchcock
PARORICH            John & wife & 3 children Down the Island
PARORICH            Michael & wife & 4 children Down the Island
PAETZ                    Mrs Linawife of Louis Paetz teamster-mills
PAISLEY                William colored
PALMER                Mrs J.B. & child
PARK                     Mrs. M.L. & Misses Alice & Lucy12th & K
PARKER                Miss Mary E 1502 M
PARKER                Mrs. Ethel
PARKER                Mrs. Frank & 2 children
PARKER                Sullivan & wife & 3 children
PAHETAG              Mrs K & 3 children Louise, Eddie & Gertrude Lost at Lamarque
PASKALL              Augustine & wife, MadelineGalveston Island
PASQUALE           S
PATERSON           Miss S Colored Houston
PATRICK              Maria Colored bet N & N 1/2 39th
PATRICK               Ida & Cora Colored
PATRICK               Mrs Susan Colored 39th & N
PATTERSON         H.T. & wife & children
PATTERSON         Thompson & wife & 4 children carpenter 31st & Beach
PATTISON             Florence
PATTON                Thomas Colored
PAULS                   Willie & Walder1708 N
PAULS                   Miss Agnesbet 36th & 37thS 1/2
PAULY                   Mr. & Mrs
PAYSEE                 Mrs Henry & 2 children, Leona & Louise
PECO                     Leon & wife & 4 children,Walter,August,Mary,Francis 4 mi W. of City
PECCO                  Lee
PEEK                     Capt R.H.   wife & 6 Children & 6 children
PEETZ                    Mrs. J.J. &daus:Tillie& Stella
PEITZLIN               Rudolph & Robbie
PELLENZE             Mrs. & mother
PENNY                  Mrs A. & 2 sons 44th & S
PERKINS               Albert Colored 32nd & Q1/2
PERKINS               Lucy Colored
PERKINS               Lota Colored
PERKINS               Mrs L. & 2 Children Colored 3601 Q1/2
PERKINS               Alfred & wife & grson Colored bet 26th & 27th Q1/2
PERKINS               Arthur Colored 32nd & Q1/2
PERRIER                H. & wife & child bet N1/2 & 018th
PERKINS               Cecile Colored 2820 R1/2
PERRY                   Mrs. Harry M & son Clayton
PERRY                   Mrs & child Houston
PERRY                   Jasper Jr & wife & 2 children Colored
PERRY                   Mrs Oliver Colored
PETERS                 Fritz & wife 20th & P1/2
PETERS                 Robert 33rd & S
PETERS                 Rudolph Saddler 33rd & S
PETERSON           George 7 wife & 2 children soldier 43rd & R
PETERSON            Charles & wife & 2 children
PETERSON            Mrs A. & 4 children 8th & J
PETERSON            Mrs J. & children
PETERSON            H.G. & 2 boys Lived near Race Track Down the Island
PETTERSON         K.G. & wife & child
PETTIT                  Walter 3711 L
PETTIT                  W.R.
PETTINGILL         W.H. & wife & 3sons Walter WJames & Norman (missing)33rd & S
PHELPS                 Miss Ruth M.41st & S.
PHELPS                 Mrs. Mamie Love & 2Children Colored Down the Island
PIERSON               Mrs. Mary &Alice
PIERSON               Frank
PILFORD               W. & 4 Children Madge,Willie, JackGeorgianna Mexican Cable Co 25th & Q
PINER                    Mrs Ella Colored
PINEY                    Mrs.Colored
PINTO                    Mrs. Tony, William & George Offatts Bayou
PISCHOS               Mr. and Mrs County Road
PISI                         C.L.
PITTEL                   Mrs.
PIX                         C.S.
PIZZOLENZA        Mrs & 4 children Hitchcock
PLITT                     Herman
POLAND               Ed & sister
POLK                     Cornelius &Violet Colored
POND                     Miss Mary
POPULAR              Mr. & Mrs A.& 4 ch:Agnes, Mamie, Clarence Tony
POREE                   Henry
PORETTO              Josephyne
POTTHOFF            Mrs. C & 5 ch:Amelia, Annie, Charles, Robert & Mabel R bet 35&36th
POTTER                 C.H. & Little daughter
POWELL                William & wife Eva 46th & L
POWERS                Mrs. Carrie B 1511 Ave N
POWERS                (---) & child
POWERS                Mrs. Mother in law of A.R.G. Edwards
PRAKER                 J. & wife & child
PRAKER                William
PRATT                    Mrs. Laura3602 T
PRATT                    Miss Lillian Desautch3602 T
PREISMUTH          Mrs. Fred & 3 Children
PREUSSNER          Mrs. & 3 children
PRUESSNER          Heinrich Down the Island
PROPHET               Marie Colored
PRYOR                   Ed & wife & 4 children 37th & S

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