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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

OAKLEY                F Shooting Gallery man
OATS                      Charlotte Colored
OBERG                   Hans
O'CONNELL          Mrs
O'CONNOR           Mamie
O'DELL                  Miss Nellie
OHLSON               Enfred 1714O
O'DONNELL         James K & wife 33rd & Q
O'DOWD               Zeta
OFFEF                   & family Down the Island
O'HARROW          William
OHLSEN                Mrs. Adolph 1714O
O'KEEFE                C.J. & Wife
O'NEILL                 James & Franksons of James Orphan's Home
O'NEILL                Lawrence son of James 34th & P
O'NEILL                I, & wife & 5 children w 4 hired men oysterman
OLDS                     Charlotte Colored
OLESON               Otto longshoreman
OLSEN                  T.H. & wife & 2 children
OLSEN                  Ed
OLSEN                   Mrs. Matilda & 2 children
OLSEN                   Miss Clara
OLSEN                   Stephen & Charles
OLSEN                   O.A & wife & 3 children carpenter
OPITZ                    Anita
OPPE                     Fritz milkman
OPERMANN        Albert L & wife bet J&K9th
OPERMANN         Miss May Palestine
OPERMANN        Marguerite& Gussie
ORMOND             5children of George
OTTERSON          A & wife bet 44th & 45thK
OSTERMAYER     Sr & wife
OSTERMAYER     Henry & wife
O'SHAUGHNESSY Antoinette& Pauline1514 Mechanic
O'TOL?                   B? longshoreman
OTTERSON           Andy
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