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Please Note:

This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

NAPOLEON          Henry & wife & sister colored
NEAL                      a fisherman
NECEY                   Conrad & wife& 6 children 44th & S
NEIMAN                Charley
NEIMANN             Mrs & Miss Dora
NEIMEYER            Henry & wife & 5 Children
NEIMEYER            J & family farmer
NEIL                       E.
NELSON                H longshoreman
NELSON                Mrs. Alice & 3 children 35th & S
NELSON               Mrs P.E.&3 children 35th & S
NELSON               John P.
NELSON               Mrs & daughter
NELSON               John J longshoreman
NEUWILLER         William & wife & 3 children 37th & Q 1/2
NEWELL                Sydney longshoreman
NORIS                   Nettie May stepdau of Louis Gruetzmacher
NOLAN                 Mrs.
NOLLEY               Mrs Sam & 4 children
NORTH                 Miss Archie
NORTON              Mrs F.S. & son Henry 3507Ave Q
NORTON              Mrs & 2 children
NORWOOD         Alberta colored 16th bet M 1/2 & N
NORWOOD         Mrs Susie & baby colored 16th bet M1/2 & N
NUEL                    R & wife & children

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