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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

MACGILL              Unagh, dau of D.MacGill
MACKEY               Mrs. W.G. & 4 children M 1/2bet 13th & 14th
MACLIN                 John & family
MACLIN                 J.D. & wife & 7 children
MACLIN                W.L. & wife & 3 children Down the Island
MAGILL                 DavidQbet 26th & 27th
MALITZ                 Theodore
MALESO              .M. & wife & 2 children
MALTZBERGER    Tony & family
MANIER                 Miss Fisa
MANNING             Mark colored
MANLY                  Joe & mother & 2 nieces of Mr Manly Sr
MANSFIELD          Caroline & mother colored 16th?bet N 1/2 & O
MARCOTTE           Miss Pauline
MARCOVICH        Mat & wife &3 children Mud Bridge
MARQUETTE         Mrs Pauline
MARSH                   Sergeant Battery O
MARSHALL           Mrs. Harry K35th & S
MABSON               Grace &3 children colored K bet 45th & 46th
MARTIN                 Frank & wife& 1 son
MARTIN                 Miss Annie
MARTIN                 Frank & 1 son
MARTYR                Mrs. R.
MASSIE                  T.A.
MASSIE                  J. & wife &child
MASTERSON        Annie Dallam,wife of Branch T.39th & R
MATTHEWS          Harry L.
MATI                      Amedio
MAXWELL            Robert & Mary 28th & P 1/2
MAUDY                 Mrs. & daughter colored M 1/2bet 16th &  17th
MAUPIN                Jos Kinkhead Addtn
M'CAMISH            R.A. & wife & 2 daughters
M'CANN                William & wife & 6 children
M'CANN                 Jas
M'CARTY               Leon L.colored
M"CAULEY            Prof. J.P. & wife Lucas Terrace
M'CAULEY            William H., Mrs William H., Eugene, Annie & Dewey Lost at Glozen residence
M'CAULEY            J & wife 34th & P
M'CAUGHLAR      Iralla colored 27th & P
M'CLUSKEY         Mrs Charles & 3 children
M'CORMICK        Mrs. D. & 4 children
M'CULLOUGH      A. Rallar colored
M'CUNE                John 6th & I
M'DADE                Mrs. E.colored
M'DADE               Ed colored
M'DONALD          Jerry helper at jones Dairy
M'DONALD          Mrs. Mary & son
M'DONALD          Mrs. (Widow)14th bet L & M
M'GOVERN           James
M'EWEN                 John Island
M'GILL                   D.K.
M'GOWAN             Jim
M'GRAW                Peter & wife
M'GUIRE                John
M'KENNA              J.P. & wife & 2 children
M'KENNA              P.J. & 2 children
M'LEAN                  John bartender
M'MANUS              Mrs. W.H.
M'MILLAN             Mrs. M.J.
M'MILLAN             Mrs.Kinkhead Addtn
M'NEAL                  Mrs. James &child
M'NEIL                   Hugh  & baby & Miss Jennie McNeil
M'PETERS              wife &2 children
M'PHERSON           Robert colored
M'VEIGH                Mrs. J. M. & Miss Lorena 44th & Broadway
MEAD                    James12th & I
MEALY                  Mrs. John
MEALY                  Joseph
MEES                     W.H. longshoreman
MEGNA                  Mrs G.
MEGNA                  F. & wife &2 children
MEGNA                  Mrs. Joe19th & P
MEGNA                  1child of Mike19th & P
MEGNAR                Croclfisso
MELLOR/MILLER  Robert & wife butcher 27th & Q
MELLOR                M.O.27th bet Q & Q 1/2
MENZELL              John & wife & 5 children
MERICK                 Eugene & mother Down the Island
MERICK                 John & wife & child milkman Down the Island
MESTRY                 Charlotte colored
MEYER                   Henry & 4 children
MEYER                   Chris missing
MEYER                    Tilden 43rd & T 1/2
MIDDLELEGGE     Sophie mother of Ernest Middlegge
MIDDLEGGE          Ernest H & wife& 3 sons Harry Adolf Robert-see paper
MIDLEGGE            August & wife & 5 children
MIDLEGGE            Aug Sr & wife & 3 children
MIDLEGGE            George & wife& family
MIDDLEBURGER  George & wife & 3 children
MIDDLEBURGER  John & wife& 3 children
MIGEL                    Meyer
MIHAL                   Mrs A. &3 children
MILAN                   wife & 4 childrenof J.H.
MILLER                  Gus & wife & 3 children 58th? & Broadway
MILLER                  Frank oysterman
MILLER                  Henry & family Snydor's Bayou
MILLER                  Chas & Mrs & 6 children M 1/2bet 16th & 17th
MILLER                  Mr & wife & 6 children Bay shore Galveston Island
MILLER                 William& Wife
MILLER                  Mrs. S.
MILLER                  Mrs & 5 children colored
MILLER                  E.O. 21 miles Down the Island
MILLO                   Mrs. Joe & 2 children Down the Island
MINNIS                Mrs W.P & S.A. Minnis 45t & Broadway
MINNIS                A.S.of Chicagosee paper 45th & Broadway
MINOR                  Lucian
MITCHELL            Miss Nola 39th 7 Q 1/2?
MITCHELL             Louis D.colored
MITCHELL             Mrs Annie & son 26th bet Q & Q 1/2
MITCHELL             Mrs. C.R., W.P, Jennie E.,Anna & P.L.39th & Q 1/2
MOFFATT              (Mr) & wife & 2 children
MONGHAN           Mike & Family
MONGHAN           John & wife
MONROE               Mrs & 3 children colored
MORAN                 James & wife
MOORE                 Cecilia,Lorraine,Vera & Mildred Ch of Mr& Mrs Louis Moore Kinkhead Addtn
MOORE                  Robert
MOORE                  Miss Maggie17th & O 1/2
MOORE                  Mrs Nathan colored
MOORE                 Wm (Dock) &wife
MOORE                  Mrs. Nathan
MOORE                  Alex butcher
MOORE                  Estelle colored
MONTELEONE      Miss Marie Hitchcock
MOREE?                 works with Joseph Frachan
MORIN                   O
MORLEY                Rev & wife
MORLEY                David & wife
MOREO                 Dotto   & wife &7 children
MORRIS                Harry & wife& 4 children
MORSEBURGER  Antonia & wife
MORTON              Hammond & 4 children
MORSE                 Abert P. &wife & 3 children
MOSERGE            R
MOTT                    Mrs. Louisa
MOTT                    Mrs B.F.Sydor's Bayou
MULCAHEY          2 children ofJHouston
MULENTZ             Theo & wife& daughter
MULHOLLAND    Mrs. Louisa Old Woman'sHome
MULLER               Henry & wife& 3 children
MULSBURGER     Charles &family butcher
MUNDINE             Mrs. Merio E.
MUNKENNELT     Frank longshoreman
MUNN                   Mrs J.W. Sr
MURIE                   Mrs Annie & daughter, Laurine
MUTI                     Amadeo killed in rescue work
MYER                   Herman & wife & son Willie
MYERS                 Willie
MYERS                  Mrs. C.J. &1 child

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