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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

LACKEY               Mrs. Mary B.&4 daughtersPearl,Iima&2othersdauinlaw39th&S1/2
LANAHAN             Laura
LANAHAN             4 children of John 29th & B
LANDRUM             B &5 children Bolivar
LANE                      Rev & family
LANE                      F &family
LANG                     5 children of Peter
LABATT                 HJ. Sr & wife & daughterNellie
LABATT                  Joe & wife & 4 children
LAFAYETTE           Mrs. A.C. & children
LAMONT                Richard P.
LA PIERRE              James & wife & 5 children 43rd & S
LARSEN                  Edboatkeeper of pilot boat Eclipse
LARSON                 Charles E.
LARSON                H. & 2 children
LASOECO              Mrs.
LASHLEY               Mrs. Dave
LAUDERDALE       Mrs. Robert &2 daus,1son& Mrs Lauderdale's Mother
LAUKHUFF            Genevieve
LAUSEN                 Mrs. Will &1 child
LAUSEN                 Aug & 3 children 39th & S
LAWSING              Mrs.,mother of  Mrs JW Munn Sr
LAWSON               Charles E.longshoreman
LEAGETT               Mrs. & 3 children 9 miles on bay shoreDown the Island
LEAGUE                 3 children of Mrs. Lillie
LEASK                   Mauryclerk of William Burge Colorado Addtn
LEBERMAN           Lee H.1426N 1/2
LEBERMAN           Prof. H A missing 1426 N 1/2
LEDTSCH               Theodore
LEE                          Captain G.A.& wife
LEES                        Mrs. Elizabeth
LEGAT                    Mrs. Celia family of 6 addition
LEGATE                  3 brothers Down the Island
LEHMAN                Charles & son 49th & K
LEMIRE                   Joseph & wife & 4 children colored
LEMONS                Mrs. Celestine colored 28th & R
LENA                     Mrs.
LENKER                 Tommy
lENNARD               Fred aged 4 years 4512 K
LENZ                      August longshoreman
LEON                      (Mr) & 2 children butcherAve N bet 17th&18th
LEONARD              Bernard
LESLIE                    Miss Gracie
LETTERMAN         W. & wife &3 children
LETTS                     Captain & wife& 2 children,sisterinlaw&1 of her chKinkhead Addtn
LEUTSCH               Theodore13th & K
LEVINE                   Mrs P. & dau& sons Leo &Carroll
LEVY                       W.T. & wife &3 childrenUS Immigartn inspector-more
LEWIS                     Mrs. Agnes colored
LEWIS                     Miss Agnes colored
LEWIS                     Mrs. C.A.colored 44th &R
LEWIS                     Mrs Jake &6 children 46th & L
LEWIS                     Mrs. Maria colored
LEWIS                     Elizabeth Eunice1015 M 1/2
LINDGREN             John & wife &7 children Miss Lillie,eldestsaved
LINDQUIST            Mrs. Oscar &3 children
LISBONY               W.H. & wife & son W.H. jr
LISBONY               Miss Eunice dau of C.P. Lisbony
LIVINGSTON        Mrs. Frances 32nd & R
LLOYD                   W.
LLOYD                   Buck & wife
LLOYD                   Charles H. & wife & child
LLOYD                   S.O.27th & P 1/2
LOCKE                  Mrs Mary
LOCKHART           Charles, Mrs & 2 children 47th & S 1/2
LOCKHART           Albert
LOCKMANN         Mr. & Mrs. H
LOESBERG             Miss Minnie
LONG                      2 children of Sergeant
LORANCE              Mrs. T.A.
LOSICO                  Mrs. Fillimerna & dau & 3 gr ch &son in law
LORD                      Richard
LOSSING               Mrs. Sarah A.52nd & S
LOVER.                  A.officer
LOVE                     Ed Grenn
LUCAS                  Mrs William & 2 sons, John age 16& David Edward 13 See newspaper 4428 K
LUCAS                   2 children of Mrs David 4512? K
LUCAS                   Mr. & Mrs. H & 2 children &white nurse
LUDWIG                Alfred & mother & sisterinlaw
LUDEKE                 Henry & wife & son
LUDEWIG              E.A. & mother
LUDWIG                Albert
LUKENHEEL         R.E. & wife
LUMBERG             Willie & Leona Down the Island
LUMBERGER         Gus & wife & 9 children 43rd & S 1/2
LUNDBERG           Gus
LUNGREN             Gus
LUVIS                    Mark & wife & 2 children colored
LYLE                      W.W.
LYNCH                   A.
LYNCH                   Peter 43rd & R
LYNCH                   John
LYNCH                   James & wife 2616 Q

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