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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

KAISER                  Louis & wife & 3 children 43rd & S1/2
KAPER                   August & wife& 1 child 42nd & S.
KAUFFMAN          Mrs. Elizabeth10th & M
KAUFFMAN          Mrs. Chas
KAUFFMANN       Mr. Henry
KAUFFMAN          Baby Margaret
KEATS                    Thomas & wife
KEATS                    Miss Tillie 38th & T
KEETON                 Mrs J.O. & 3 children
KEHLER                 Mrs Red &2 girls & boy
KEIS                       Mrs. John
KEIS                       Miss Jodie
KEIS                       Mrs.Louisa & 4 children
KEIFFER                wife & daughter
KELLER                 Barney J. & wife & 4 children 2401 37th
KELLEY                 Thomas & wife & 3 children & niece
KELLEY                 Dan, Sr.
KELNER                 Charles L, Sr.
KELLY                   Florence
KELLY                   Barney
KELLY                   Willie
KELLY                    (Mr.)&wife&3children
KELLY                   Mike
KELSO                   Munson J, Jr
KELSO                   Roy, baby boy of J.G. Kelso
KELSY                   James
KEMP                     Thomas W. & wife 4205 S
KEMP                     Elizabeth & son Samuel coloredDown the Island
KEMP                     John 42nd & S
KEMP                    W.C. & wife
KENNELY             Mrs Annie
KENNEDY             Benton & wife & 3 children 37th & R
KEMP                     Pearle colored Down the Island
KEOUGH               John & wife & 4 children island
KEOUGH               Mrs. &3 children Kinkhead Addtn
KESSLER               Joseph
KESSLER               Frederick &daughter
KESSLER               August
KESSLER               Emma
KESSLER               Gussie
KESSNER              August & children Gussie & Emma Kinkhead Addtn
KILLCOE              RE  & wife &children
KIMLEY                Mrs. John & family Pooleville
KINDIE                 I.M. &family
KINDSFATHER    Joseph & wife & 3children 46th & K
KING                     Mrs.colored
KING                     Rosa J.colored
KINDLUND          Ejnar
KIRBY                   James & 3 menSection Foreman
KIRBY                   Mrs.George&3 children
KIRBY                    Mrs. J.H. &3 children
KISSINGER            Mrs. M.J.11th & M
KLEIN                    Ed & wife 2 children9 miles Down the island
KLEINNECKE       Mrs. H. & children except Hermann 57th & T
KLEINECKE          Mrs H & 38th
KLEINEMER          Mrs. Herman & 6 children Galveston Island
KLEIMAN              Joe & wife&child& 2workmen milkman Down the Island
KLEIMAN              Mrs. John &child
KLEIMANN          Wife & 8children of H
KLINEMAN           John & wife & 1child & 3 hired men milkman
KNOWLES            Mrs. W.T. &3 children
KOCH                    Mrs. Elizabeth M bet 9th&10th
KOCK                   William Sr 10th &11th on Broadway
KOLB                    A.J. & wife & child
KOLB                    Infant of C.L.
KONSTANSTPULO Thriandefel candy stand near Olympia 24th &beach
KOTHE                 William Q bet 25th & 16th
KOTTE                  Willaim C
KRAUSSE              John Joseph & Catherine
KOCK                    William Sr Island
KRECEK                Joseph & wife & 3 sons
KROENER             Will
KROENER             Sophie
KROENER             Florie
KUDER                  Ed & wife
KUHL                    Miss Edna
KUHN                    Mrs. Oscar & children
KUHNEL               Mrs. H. Clem & 2 children
KUPPER                 Mr.on S bet 42nd & 43rd
KURPAN               Paul & wife clerk at Star Mills13th&N

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