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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

IOVEY                   Mrs. C Colored Worked at Beach
IRESCO                 James East End
IRVIN                    Child of William H
IRVIN                    Wife and 2 sisters of Will
IWAN                     Mrs. A.
JACK                      Mrs. Pearl A.& 2 daughters 42nd & R
JACKMAN             Ada & 2 children
JACKSON             Mr. & Mrs.& dau Mabel 43rd & S 1/2
JACKSON             Sarah 26th & 27th
JACOBS                 H, wife & children
JAEGER                 Mr & Mrs.& 3 children O1/2 bet 28 & 29
JAEGER                 William H 10th & Broadway
JAEGER                  John & Wife 8th & Winnie
JAEGER                 H.W.
JAENICKE             Mrs.Cur t& 3 Children
JACKSON              J.W., Mrs & 2 children 46th & K
JALONICK            Ed & wife & 2 childrenall of Dallas
JASPER                   2 children of Perry colored
JAY                        William Missing
JAY                         Son of J.P .Down the Island
JEFFERBROCK     Mr&Mrs Augustand child
JEWELL                 J & Wife &4 Chidrn &Mo in Law MilkmanDown the island
JOHN                     Henry V Working for E. Allen 43rd & S
JOHNSON             T.D. Longshoreman
JOHNSON             Christopher 1918 P 1.2
JOHNSON             Lorand & wife & 4 children 43rd & S
JOHNSON             Sydney, child of R.H. Johnson
JOHNSON             A. & wife, Edit Grey Johnson
JOHNSON             Mrs. C.S.1715 N 1/2
JOHNSON             child of J.F. Johnson 1715 N1/2
JOHNSON             Richardcolored
JOHNSON             Mrs. William
JOHNSON             Adin & wife & son
JOHNSON             Peter & wife & 5 children milkman Down the Island
JOHNSON             Mrs. P.& child
JOHNSON             Julian
JOHNSON             R.D. & wife& 2 children
JOHNSON             one child ofBilly
JOHNSON             Mrs. Genevieve W.& daughter45th & K
JOHNSON             W.J. & wife & 2 children
JOHNSON              Mrs. Ben & 2 children
JOHNSON             Oakey & wife child & Mo-in-law
JOHNSON             Mrs H.B.& child
JOHNSON             A.S. & wife& 6 children screwman
JOHNSON             Miss Mary 2113 33rd St
JOHNSON             Dan Colored 38th & T
JOHNSTON           Mrs. Clara, wife of Bernard & 2 children 32nd & K
JOHNSTON           Mrs. H.P.
JOHNSTON           Harry P. & wife Minnie & baby boy 9th & I
JOHNSTON           J.Bernard bet 32nd & 33rd
JOHNSTON           Mrs Alice R.12th & M1/2
JONES                    Mrs. W.D.3020 Q
JONES                    Katie colored servant of Rev HC Dunham1021Ave I
JONES                    Mary, Sarah, Annie & Lizzie
JONES                    Jackson colored
JONES                     John A. & wife 21st & P  1/2
JONES                    J.H.. & wife
JONES                    Frank, son of Fred Colored
JONES                   Mrs. W.R. & child
JONES                   Robert
JONES                   Fred & wife colored
JONES                   Mrs. Walter & 2 children Down the Island
JONES                  Mabel,adopted dau of Mrs Ella Roach 29th & Q1/2
JONES                  Mrs. Matilda W & dau Mary
JONES                  Sallie colored
JONES                  Ernest 40th & R1/2
JONES                  Evan & 4 children 40th & R1/2
JONES                  William Sr 40th & R1/2
JONES                  Dora, colored servant of James Irwin
JORDAN               Charles A.
JOUGHIN              Tony, former drummer in Immune Regmt
JOUGUIN              Tony, Jr boatman, found at English Bayou
JOYCE                   Mrs. E. &4 children 44th & S
JUFFS                    Ben & wife & 4 children 1817 O 1/2
JUNEMANN          Charles & wife & daughter
JUNKA                  Martha, dau of W.P.
JUNKA                  Mrs. Pauline
JUNKER                William & wife & child
JUNKER                Mrs. Colina
JUSTINUS             Hammond & wife & 5children & Mrs Colbert,M of Mrs. Jusinus 27th & Q

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