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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

HAAG                     3 Children of Mrs Annie
HAARAR                Martin & Wife& Child
HAGENS                George & Wife Longshoreman
HAINES                 Wife of Capt Ed Haines
HALL                      Mrs Died Dayafter flood Colored 15th & N
HALL                      CharlesColored
HALL                      Melva & Eldred
HALL                      Joe & Family Colored bet 27-28th R
HALM                     Frieda 36th & S 1/2
HANCE                   Mrs Emma & Dau 9 mi Post Down the Island
HANEMAN            Mrs Down the Island
HANSEN                Dick & Wife & 3 Children
HANSON               J C H Longshoreman
HAROLD                Laura or Lula 27th & Church
HARRIS                  Lewis 2310 Q
HARRIS                  Mrs Jane Colored 28th & R
HARRIS                  Thosman &Wife & 3Children
HARRIS                  George & Wife Colored
HARRIS                  Mrs Emma, Fred & Robert 4510 Broadway
HARRIS                  Mrs 4 MilesDown the Island
HARRIS                  Minnie
HARRIS                  Effie Colored
HARRIS                  L
HARRIS                  Mrs John & 3 Children
HARRIS                  Rebbecca Perry 41st & R
HARRIS                 Wife & 4 Children of John the Milkman Down the Island
HARRIS                 George & Family Fireman
HARRIS                  Thomas & Wife & 3 Children
HARRIS                  Robert & Wife &1 child
HARRIS                  George 46 & Broadway
HARRIS                  MrsColored
HARRISON            Tom & Wife Colored
HART                      Thomas Leo, sonof Mrs Pauline 39 & T 1/2
HARVEY                 Wife & Child 42 & M
HALSERS               Charles& Wife & Child
HAUCIS                  Mrs & 1 Child 9 MilesDown the Island
HAUGHTON          Mrs W.W.
HAUSER                 Lewis
HAUSER                 H & Wife
HAUSINGER         Mr H A & Dau & Mother-in-law
HAWKINS             Mrs Mary Lee10 & Winnie
HAYES                  Child of Mrs Era Taylor
HAYMANN           Mrs John A & 5 Children Kinkhead Addn
HAYNES                Miss L servant of D G Chinn-Colored
HEARL                   & Wife &12 Children Down the Island
HECKLER              CharlesWhite Painter
HEFTY                    Rudolph 37 & S
HEGMANNE D Sr  7 Miles Down the Island
HEIDEMAN            William Jr
HEINROTH            Annie 3610 K
HEINROTH            H & 3 Children
HEIMAN                Anton & Wife &3  Children Ex Alderman
HELFENSTEIN      Jr & Child John 58 & Post  Office
HELFENSTEIN      Sophie & Lilly, Children of W.
HENBACH             Charles F & son
HENING                 A B Factory District
HENNESEY           Mrs M P
HENRY                  Child of OfficerD W Henry
HERMANN            W J3714S 1/2
HERMAN               Mrs & 5 Children
HERMAN               Martin & 2 Children
HERMANN            Mrs R M &Child Heard's LaneShell Road
HERRES                 John & A
HERSEY                 Mrs John
HESS                      Aug & Family 38 & P 1/2
HESS                      Bugler Battery O
HESS                      Miss Irene
HESTER                 Charlie
HEUSS                  G August &Wife & 3 Childn
HEYDOWN           W & Wife bet 34-35R
HIGGINS               Mrs
HIGH                      J B & Wife
HILGENBUG         Jacob & Wife & Baby
HILL                       Mrs Ben & 2 Children
HOARER                Martin & Wife & Son
HODGE                  George & Wife & SonColored
HODGE                  Mrs WilliamsColored
HODGE                  Henrietta
HODGE                  Georgie
HODGE                  James
HODGE                  Gertrude
HODGE                  Clarence
HOCH                    Mrs & 3 Sons Mike,Willie & Louis
HOFFMAN            Mrs Pauline Nurse Houston
HOFFMAN            Family
HOFFMAN            Harry H
HOFFMAN            Miss Augusta
HOISINGTON        J A Missing
HOLBECK             Mrs L L
HOLLAND             James H & Wife & Son Willie & G Son,James Otis
HOLLAND             Colored bet 14 & 15 M 1/2
HOLLAND             Mrs James
HOLMBERG           John & Wife &3 hildrn 44 & T
HOLMES                 Mrs Emma Colored 2828 Ave P
HOLMES                Child of Laura Colored
HOLMES                Florence Colored
HOMBERG             Joe & Wife & 4ChildrenKinkhead Addn
HOMBERG             Mrs Peter & 4Children 3528R
HOMBERG             William & Wife &2 Children
HOOD                     Bessie Colored
HOSKINS               Mrs Helen 28 & Q 1/2
HOSKINST            D & Wife & 3 Children Colored
HOWE                    Adolph & Wife & 5 Children
HOWELL               Sidney Longshoreman
HOWELL               Mrs Adeine 2824 Ave P
HOWKE                 Mrs & 4 Sons
HOWTH                 Mrs Clarence
HOWTH                 Miss
HUBNER                Edward & Antoinette 21 & P
HUBACK               Charles
HUBBELL              Misses Emma & Maggie
HUDSON               Mrs
HUEBNER              Mrs A F
HUEBNER              Earl
HUESSA                 Wife & Children
HUGHES                Mrs Mattie
HUGHES                Stuart G
HUGHES                 RobertColored
HUGHES                 Mrs M W Colored Bet L & M 29 & 30
HUHN                    Mr F
HULBERT              Mrs Victoria & see news list Colored 41 & U
HULL                     Willie Colored 28 & Q 1/2
HULL                     Charlie Colored 28 & Q 1/2
HUME                    Stephen Colored
HUMBERG             Ed Milkman Down the Island
HUMBERG             Mamie
HUNTER                George & 2 Children Island
HUNTER                Mrs Alice & Bro & Father & 3 chln
HURT                     Walter & wife & 2 Ch & German Cook & 1/2 Boy
HUZZA                   Charles & Wife & 5 Children
HYLENBERG         Jacob & Wife &Child N & 17

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