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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

GAGO                    Joe
GABEL                   Mr & Mrs Colored
GARIBALDI          G & Wife Virginia Point
GABRIEL               John & Dodo
GAIRNES              Mrs Nellie J & 2 Daughters 61st & R
GAISSAFF             I J
GALLISHAW        Children of the late Jim Gallishaw
GAMBLIN             Fred N & P1/2
GARNETT             Robert F son of R B
GARRIGAN           Joseph
GARRIGAN           Jim Down the Island
GARTNER             Joseph Longshoreman
GARTHA                E
GARTH                   Mrs A E
GARTH                  Bertha
GARTH                  Nunie
GARTH                  Gussie
GECAN                  Mat
GEHRER                 George & wife & Children
GENT                     Robert & wife & Child
GENTER                Robert Butcher
GENSEN               4 children of  F 1718 O Street
GEOPPINGER       Leopold
GEORGE               First SgtBattery O
GEORGE               Charles &Wife
GENAUD               Mrs John H & 3 Children
GERNAUD            Mrs Viola & Child, Kate Falks bet 26 & 27 P1/2
GERLOFF             Adolph
GERLOFF             Mr & Mrs William
GERLOFF             Mrs Emil & 2 children
GERLOFF             Mrs C F
GIBBS                   Thomas B &Wife & 4 Children 2018 P 1/2
GIBSON               Miss Mary 40th & F
GIBSON               Mrs Daisy Colored
GIBSON               Miss Mary C 41st & S
GILL                      Catherine & Sarah & Harry
GILLIS                  Dan 12th & M
GIORGIO              M
GIOZZA                Mrs Ameila & Anthony & Ross & See newspaperList
GUISTI                  Aldace
GLASS                   Mrs Wm D & 4 Children
GLAUSEN             Charles & family of 4
GLUGERE            & wife & 4 Children 4428 Broadway
GOLDBECK          Mrs E & Child Alfred Goldbeck San Antonio
GOLDMANN        Mr& Mrs Theodore & sonWill
GOODWIN            2 Girls of Mrs bet M1/2 & N17th
GONZALES           Andrew & wife & Daughter 3428 Q
GOLLMER             H H & wife & 5 Children
GORDON              Mrs Abe & 3 Children
GORDON              Miss
GORDON              Oscar
GORDON              Asker & Baby
GOULD                 Louela & Charlie
GOULD                 Duell & Chas Ch of Thos Geo Gould
GRAFT                  Mrs George & 3 Children
GRANBERG          Alex 27th & Strand
GRANT                  Fred H Colored
GRANT                  Mamie E Colored
GRAUS                  Wife & 2 Children Down the Island
GRAY                     Mr & 4 Children Painter
GREEN                  Mrs Lucy Colored
GREENE                E C & Wife & Daughter 32 & R 1/2
GREVE                  Mrs J & Dau Louise
GREVE                  Mrs Ed & Daus Gertrude &Eveline
GREY                    R L & 5 Chil See News for Names
GRIEF                    John & Wife& 3 Children of John
No NameGrace       Cook for MrsV C Hart 1624M 1/2
GRISAFFI              Joe & Wife & 2 Children
GROOM                Ed & Wife
GROTHGAR          Mrs Fred & 4 Children
GROSSKOFF        Mrs13th & M
GUSTASON          Gus Denver Resurvey
GENNING             Tim & Wife
GUY                       Henry Down the Island
GRUMBERG          Alex Supposed to Belong To LifeSaving Station

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