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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

FAB                        J Sumpter
FACHAN               Family of Joe
FAGGAN               Frankbet 43-44 Ave H
FAGES                   Mrs Frances Down the Island
FALCAJ                 A C
FALK                     Mrs Julius & 5 Children 43rd & S
FALK                     Gustave 43rd & S
FALKE                   Joseph & 3 Children
FALKE                   Hy
FALKENHAGEN   Mr & Mrs George13th & M
FALLAN                Ollie
FARLEY                Mr Thomas P& Wife
FAWCETT             Miss Isabella
FAWCETT             Robert
FECO                    Joseph
FEIGLE                 John Sr &Wife Caroline
FEIGLE                  John Jr & daus Mabel &Georgie
FEIGLE                  Martin
FELLMAN            John gardner for Wm Miller
FELFS                   Lewis Down the Island
FELSMANN          Richard & Wife& 5 Children blacksmith 46th & Broadway
FERR                     EB
FERWERDER        Peter Life saving Station
FICKETT               Mrs Anita & 4 Children
FILHOL                 Mrs Mary & 3 Children Offats Bayou
FIGGE                   Mrs & 4 Children
FISCHER               Lydia
FISHER                  Walter Pemberton & wife
FISHER                  Little Harris &3 children see newspaper 41st and B
FISHER                  Kate 2616 Q
FISHER                  Jessie & Charlie Lost in Cath Orphan Home
FISHER                  Mrs Mary A Colored Houston
FISHERMEN         About 10 Italian-Americans
FLAKE                   FritzSausage pedler
FLANAGAN          Mrs Martin &Child
FLANAGAN          Wife & Child 39th & K
FLASH                   William
FLASH                   Francis
FLEMING              A B Factory District
FLOEHR                Mrs
FOMAIN               Mrs & 5 Children
FORD                     Emma Colored 26th & P
FORDTRAN          Mrs Claude G Tremont & P 1/2
FOREMAN            Mrs Mamie
FOREMAN            Cassie
FOREMAN            Thomas
FOREMAN            Amos
FOREMAN            Webster
FORGET                Julius
FOSTER                 Mrs
FOSTER                 Mr & Mrs Harry & 3 Children
FOULKES              William, Mrs Viola & Miss Lena 2620 P 1/2
FOX                        Thomas & Wife& 4 Children 44th & S
FRANCIS              Mrs Maggie & Child Kinkhead Addn
FRANK                 Miss Anna17th & M 1/2
FRANKS               Mrs & daughter
FRANCK               Mrs Augusta
FRANKLIN            George1014 A
FRANKOVICH      John & Clerk
FRIEDOLF             Mr & wife &son
FREDERICKS        Corine
FREDERICKSON  Mrs C bet 18 & 19P 1/2
FREYTAG              Fred & wife & 2 Children1305 M 1/2
FRIES                    & Family Baker Heards Lane
FRIESS                  Charles & Wife &Child
FREITAG               Harry
FREITHER             Mrs Frits
FRITZ                    Wife & 2 Children Oysterman
FROHNE               Mrs Charles & 2 Children
FRONTENAC       Michael Longshoreman
FROSTMAN          Mrs Ed & 4 Children
FRYER                   Mrs W H
FRYER                   Bessie belle
FUGH                     John
FULLER                 R  H
FURMAN              Mrs Colored bet 11 & 12 K
FURST                   Family of

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