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Please Note:

This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

EARLS                   Mrs Lizzie Colored
EATON                  F B Bet I & Broadway 45th
EBERHARD           P & Wife
EBERG                   Mrs Kate Kinkhead Addn
ECKART               Will & Wife & Daughter
ECKET                  William & Wife & Son
ECKETT                Charles & Fred
ECKERT                Ed & Fam Sydnor's Bayou
EDMONDS           Mrs
EDWARDS           A R G & 6 children
EDWARDS            Jim 7 Wife & Family
EDWARDS            Miss Eliza
EDWARDS            Mrs Jane &Youngest Daughterbet 27-28R
EDWARDS            Henry & Wife 5 Children Kincaid Addn
EGGERT                Fred & Father
EGGERT                William & son
EHLERT                 Mrs & two daughters
EHLERT                 Mrs & two daughters Down the island
ELLIS                     Mrs John & 3 children Down the island
ELLIS                     Mrs Colored Down the island
EICHLER               Edward
EICHLER               Mrs A
EICHLER               Otto
EICHLER               Charley
EICHLER               Albert
EISMAN                Paul & Wife & baby
EISMANN             Howard
ELLIS                    Mrs Henrietta Colored 28th & R
ELLIS                    Lewis Colored Down the Island
ELLIS                    John & Fam of 443rd & T
ELLIS                    Mrs &Family
ELLISOR               2 Children of Capt Will
ELLO                     Mrs Joe 3624 R 1/2
ELLO                     Joseph & wife & 2 children
ELLSWORTH        John 16th & N 1/2
ENGLEHART         Louis Butcher
ENGLEHART         Mrs Ludwig 2024P
ENGELKE              John & wife & Child
ENGLISH                John & wife & Child
EMANUEL              Joe
EPPENDORF          Mr & Mrs
EVANS                   Mrs Katy &2 Daughters
EVERHART            J H
EVERHART            Mrs J H
EVERHART           Miss Lena
EVERHART           Guy

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