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Please Note:

This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

DAGO                    Joe & wife Mary Kinkhead Addtn
DAHLGREN          A G Longshoreman
DAILEY                 William E
DALEY                   Nicholas J
DARLEY                John & wife & dau Belle
DARNELL              W D & wife Colored
DARBY                  Charles
DAVENPORT        Wharton Jr See newspape for more
DAVIES                  John R & wife
DAVIS                    Mrs Robert & Child P & 33rd
DAVIS                    Mrs Ed & 3 daughters16th & Ave O
DAVIS                    Henry T Sr Colored
DAVIS                    Irene 3507 Q
DAVIS                    Mrs & Dau Grace
DAVIS                    Mrs T F
DAVIS                    Mrs Alice W & Family of 81 6th & O
DAVIS                    Miss Annie N eldest dau of see newspaper
DAVIS                    Gussie
DAVIS                    Mrs Mary Colored 2017 N
DAY                       Mrs Ellen & dau Miss May 26 & P 1/2
DAY                       Willie Colored bet M1/2 &N 17th
DAY                       Alfred Colored
DAY                       Miss Mamie
DAY                       Mrs Maggie
DAZET                   Mrs Leon & child
DEAN                    Child of R F
DEASON                Mrs Mary & son Ed Jefferson
DECIE                    Henry Family & Mother
DECIE                    Dick & family
DECKER                Alphonso Longshoreman
DEEGAN                Paddy
DEERING               W A & wife & 6 Children
DEERING                John & wife &6 Children 43rd & U
DE HERETE            Miss Leonie bet 25 & 26 M
DEBOER                 P C & wife
DELANEY              Mrs Jack & 2 Children
DELANEY              Joe
DELANO                Asa P & wife &Children
DELAYA                Paul & 2 Daughters
DELZ                      M & son Lenis37th & M
DEMPSEY             Mrs & two Children
DEMPSEY             Robert & wife
DERR                     Gus Longshoreman
DEVOTI                 Joe & 3 Children Heard'sLane
DEVOTI                 Mrs Julia & 2 Children
DEVOTI                 Louis Colorado Addtn
DEVOTI                 Doc Kinkhead Addn
DICKSON             Mrs Louisa & 3 Children18th & P
DICKINSON         Mrs Mary &Child Colored 28th & R
DIESING               Mary
DIGGS                   Henry & wife & 4 Children Colored
DINSDALE            Thomas & wife& 3 Children
DINTER                 Mrs & Daughter
DIRKS                   Henry & Family
DITTMAN             Mrs F & Son
DIXON                  Mrs Tom & 3 Children
DOHERTY            Mrs G P 2416 Q 1/2
DONOHUE           Misses Ellen & Mary Utica,NY
DOLL                     George W & Wife Eliza
DOLL                     Frank &Family
DONNELL             W D & wife &1 Child See Newspaper
DOOL                     Mrs C C 16th & A
DORE                     An old Frenchman
DORIAN                George Jr & Wife & 2 Childn
DORIAN                 Mrs George & 5 Children
DORRENE              Mr & Mrs & 2 Daughters
DORSETT               B & Family of 5 Lamarque
DORSEY                Fannie
DOTO                     Marcus & Wife & 6 Children
DOTY                     Jonathan P 1/2 & 25th
DOWLES               Mrs Sam & Dau Nora
DOYLE                   Jim
DREHT                   Lottie
DREWAH               A
DRISCOLL             T E13th & Q
DUANE                   Miss Mary ColemanVictoria
DUFFARD              ACounty Bridge Keeper
DUCOS                   Octavia &Madeline
DUEBNER              William & Wife & 3 Children Stockpens
DUETT                    Miss Maria Old Women's Home
DUFFY                   Mrs (Mrs W Jones' sister)Down the Island
DUNHAM              George R Sr & Wife
DUNHAM              George R Jr & 2 Children
DUNHAM              Mrs Howard C& 3 Children
DUNANT               Frank Sr
DUMOND              Joseph & wife Stockyards
DUNTON               Mrs Adelina
DUNKINS              Mrs Mahaly Colored 27th & P
DUNNINGHAM     Richard 10th & L
DURRANT              Frank Sidney Bayou
DUTONIOVICH     John & Pinkey
DYKES                   Thomas J Jr Colored

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