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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

CAIN                      Rev Thomas W & Wife Colored
CALHOUN             Mrs Thomas & 3 Children
CALVERT               George & Wife &Son & Daughter 32nd & Q 1/2
CAMPBELL            Miss Edna 39th & T 1/2
CAPERS                  & Wife SE Cor 42nd & S
CAPPS                    Chas C & Wife & 6 Children
CAROLINE            Alice & Elizabeth &1 Son,Edmond &2 Grandchildren
CAROU                  Mrs Jennie
CARABALDI          August & Family Sydnors Bayou
CARLSON              Chas & Wife & Boy Bay Bridge
CARREN                Mrs Eugenie Souhet Washerwoman  atHome for Homeless
CARSON                Frank C Wife
CARTER                 Betsy & Dau Sophia Colored
CARTER                 Miss Sophie
CARTER                 Corrine & Family
CARTER                 Adeline
CARTER                 Alf  & 7 Children Colored Down the Island
CASLEY                 Sanders & WifeSamantha & ChSamantha & WalterColored29th & P 1/2
CASEY                   Mrs Amelia
CAZENAVE           Jean Milkman
CHAFFEY              Mrs & Son
CHAMBERS           Ada D, Wife of J F Chambers 57th & M 1/2
CHEEK                   Mrs Mary &1 Child
CHENIVERE          MrsShell Road
CHESTER               Frank & Ellen &Mary Colored
CHOUKE               Mrs Chris & dau Annie Down the Island
CHILDS                 William &Wife
CHILDS                  J T
CHRESTIN             Paul & Wife 39th & Q
CHRISTIAN           John & Wife Night Eng WaterWorks
CHRISTIANSON   Miss AnnieVisiting GeorgeDorianShreveport,LA
CLANCY                Pat &Wife & 5 ChildrenDown the Island
CLANCY                Pat &Wife & 3 Children
CLARK                   Billy 26th & P
CLARK                   Cy Colored
CLARK                   Thomas
CLARK                   Mrs C T &Child
CLAUDE                 Joe & Dau Emily
CLAUSEN              Katie
CLEAR                   William E 26th & P
CLEARY                 Mrs Leon &1 Child Virginia Point
CLEVELAND         George & Wife Ch: Ruth & Roy &Senreta27th & Q
CLINE                    Wife of I M
CLOSE                    J NChambersville,TX
COBBE                   Archie & Wife &2 Children Milkman 5 MilesDown the Island
COATES                 Mrs William A
COBBE                   Mrs Thomas A & 2 DaughtersDown the Island
CODDOU               Alex & 3 Childrn Claude & Edward & Drouet
COERS                   Dr
COLEMAN             Mandy & Child Effie Colored
COLLINS                Mr & Mrs  Ira's Baby Daughter
COLONGE              Rachel & 4 Children
COLTUR                 JoesphLongshoreman
CONNOLLY          Mrs Ellen
COLSBERG            Frank G & wife & Baby 46th & Broadway
CONGET                Mrs Colored Bet 12th & 13thK
CONNER               Captain D E
CONNER                Edw J
CONNETT             Mrs William &Children Down the Island
CONNELL             Mrs Louisa, Miss Rebecca, Peter & Jane Colored 43rd & T
CONNETT             Charles &Wife & Children43rd & S 1/2
COOK                    Mrs Ida Colored 41st & Ave U
COOK                    Henry Colored 3601 Q 1/2
COOK                    George
COOK                    Arthur
COOK                    Irene
COOK                    Ashby Atchison, KS
COOK                    W.Scott & Wife 6 Ch:Ashby,EdgarWalter,Rex,Gertrude& Ella
COOKE                  Marston43rd & S
CORBETT               J & 4 Ch:See News list 4510Ave K
CORNETT              Miss Lillie Kinkhead Addn
CORNELL              Mrs Peter & 2 Daus & Son Colored
CORNETT              Mrs Eliza 41st & S
CORNETT              Charles & Wife
CORNETT              Miss Lillie
CORT                     Cora Virginia dau of E L CORT Colored
CORYELL              Patti Rosa
COSTA                   A Virginia Point
COSTLY                 Sanders &Wife & Ch of Alex COSTLY
COWAN                 & Wife &Dau Isabella 7th & Broadway
COX                       Lillie & Susie & Frances & John Jr Ch of JR COXMalvern,AR
CRAIG                    George
CRAIN                    Maggie McCrea (Mrs C.D,) see newspaper 2818P 1/2
CRAMER                Miss Bessie
CRAWLEY             May & Lottie & Dudle & Lee
CREDO                   Will
CREDO                   Child ofAnthony
CRISBY                  Mrs Fred & 3 Children 55th & Broadway
CROMWELL          Mrs & 3 Daughters
CROWLEY             Miss Nellie & Brother
CUNEO                  Mrs Joseph visiting MrsWebber New Orleans
CUNEYR                C & Mother Colored
CUNEY                  Grandma, mother of Wright CUNEY Colored
CURRY                   Mrs E H &Child
CURTIS                  Mrs J C &1 Child Colored
CURTIS                  Lulda Colored
CUSHMAN            Jeannette, Arthur
CUSHMAN            John Henry Stepson of Oliver Udell

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