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Please Note:

This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

BADGER                      Otto bet 13 &14th N Street
BAILEY                       George & Wife & 3 Children
BAKER                        Mrs & 3 children Colored 2828 Ave P
BALDWIN                   Miss Sallie Colored
BALLIMANN              Gussie 3602Q 1/2
BALLIMANN              Irene  3602 Q 1/2
BALLIMANN              John 3602 Q 1/2
BALZMAN                  Mrs
BAMMELL                  Mrs
BANDUS                     Mr & Family Down the Island
BANKERS                   Mrs Charles
BARDEN                      J F & Wife
BARNARD                   Mrs Mary A 2113 33rd St
BARNES                      Mrs Louise M Widow of William 2003 Tremont St
BARNES                      FKI Family of 8Down the Island
BARRY                        Mrs James & 6 Children Bet 42 & 43rd K
BARRY                        Wife & 6 Children 43rd & K
BASS                            John Wife & 4 Children Colored
BATCHELOR               John&Wife4 Ch:Bennie,Roy,Lawrence &Harris43rd & S 1/2
BATJE                          Otto15th & M
BATTESTE                   Horace Age 50 Lucas Terrace
BAURLOT                    V C& Wife
BAUSENS                    Wife of C J
BAUTCH                      William& Wife & 2 Children
BAXTER                      Mrs 7 Child
BEALL                         Mrs Dudley& Child
BEAUDOIN                 Mrs & 2 Children 28th & P
BECKER                      John F Wife & 2 Children
BEDFORD                   Fisherman Colored
BEEKMAN                  Martha Louisa Dau of Ed  Q 1906 21 st St
BELCHER                    3 Ch of Mrs Marguerite
BELL                            Eugenia &Alex C & Beulah & Guy18th & Q
BELL                            George
BELL                            Clarence
BELL                            Henry Colored
BELL                            Mrs MattieOn County Rd
BELLEW                      J F & Wife & Daughter
BENN                          Mrs Annie& 2 Daughters
BERNARDONI            John 8th & L
BENSON                     Mrs Amanda Colored
BENSON                     Miss Delphia Colored
BENSON                     17th & O 1/2
BENSON                     Andrew Longshoreman
BERNARD                   Mrs
BERGER                       W LWife & Child
BERGER                       TheoWife & Child
BERGMAN                  Mrs R J& little Daughter
BETTS                          Walter
BETTS                          Mrs Mattie Lost at Giozza Residence
BEYER                         Mrs Lincey 1109 Broadway
BEVERIDGE                Mrs J L & 2 Children
BIERMAN                   Frederick SS & 43rd
BILLIGMAN               Mrs Lizzette Found on 13 & Broadwy M & 13th
BIRG                            E and Wife
BIRD                            Mrs & Child
BIRD                            Mrs Joseph & 5 Children
BLACKSON               Baby of  William
BLAKE                        Child of F W British Vice Consul 3206Ave Q
BLAND                        FlorenceColored
BLAND                        Mrs & 7 Children Colored
BLOCK                        Son of Charles
BLUM                          Mrs J 22nd & P
BLUM                          Isaac & Sarah & Jennie
BLUM                          Mrs Sylvain
BOATRIGHT               Mrs
BODDEKER                Charles
BOEDECKER              H C Wife & 2 Children
BOEDECKER              H & Father & Brother & Sister37th & Q 1/2
BOENING                    William & Wife & 3 Children Milkman Down the Island
BOGEL                         Mrs H & Chidrn Florence & Marguerite&Alma52nd & P
BOHN                          Dixie
BONNER                     MrsBet 36&37Ave S
BORDEN                     J F& Wife
BORNKESSEL            T C & Wife US Weather Bureau
BOSKE                        Mrs Charles & 2 Sons
BOSS                           Charles & Detleff
BOSS                           Fred Colored
BOSTON                     Mrs Clara Colored 11th & M
BOTSFORD                Edwin & Wife Kinhead Addn
BOWE                         Mrs John & 4 Children
BOWEN                      Chas Kof Half Moon Light House
BOWEN                      Capt Chas K Dau & Gr Child of N GlvstnVisiting 38th & S
BOWIE                        Mrs John & 2 Children
BOYD                          Andy &Wife & 4Ch:Beulah,Bessie&George&Mabel19th & P
BRADFIELD                Tom & Wife Down the Island
BRADFOOT                & Wife7 Miles Down the Island
BRADLY                      Miss Nannie
BRADLY                      Miss Ethel
BRADY                         & Wife28th & P
BRANCH                      AllenColored
BRANCH                      Miss Pearle GColored44th & S 1/2
BRANDES                    Fritz &Wife & 4 Children Milkman Down the Island
BRANDON                  LottieLamarque
BRAY                           May Niece of Alex Caddou
BRENTLEY                  Family
BRISCOL                     LA & Family Milkman
BRITTON                     James Colored Lamarque
BROCKELMAN          C  J
BROCKELMAN          3 Childrenof J T
BROCKER                    Joe& Family
BROOKS                      J T
BROWN                      William 43rd & R
BROWN                       Adoph & Wife & 2 Children43rd & S
BROWN                       Mrs Gus & Son & 2 Grandchildren ColoredDown the Island
BROWN                       Gus Colored Down the Island
BROWN                       Joseph& Family
BROZIS                        M G & Wife & Child37th & S
BRUNNER                   Albert Longshoreman
BRYAN                        Mrs L W & DauAlice of I.Tat HC Ripley'sHouse
BUCKLEY                   Selma & Blanche & Their Father & Mother
BUCKLEY                  Mrs S & Daughter
BUREN                       Marco & Wife & 5 Children Down the Island
BURGE                       William & Wife & Child Postmaster/HeardsPO
BURGES                     W & Wife& 2 Children 24th & Beach
BURGESS                   Mrs & Child
BURGOYNE               Mrs Francis Bet Q & Q 1/228th
BURGOYNE               Dugle Bet Q & Q 1/228th
BURKE                        J G 37th & Q
BURKE                        Mrs Jesse K37th & Q
BURNETT                    Baby of Mrs Annie Burnett
BURNETT                    Mrs George & Child
BURNS                        Mrs M E & Child Mary E
BURNS                        Mrs
BURNS                        Mrs P &Daughter, MaryKinkhead Addtn
BURNETT                    Mrs Mary24th & P 1/2
BURNETT                    Mrs Gary &2 Children
BURRELL                     Elvie & 2 Children Colored
BURRELL                     Mrs Gete Colored
BURROWS                   Mrs
BURWELL                    T M 1423 L
BUSCHER                    F & Wife
BUSH                           Charles & Wife & 3 Children
BUSH                           Hissom
BUSH                           Mr Charles & Dau,Mrs Bettie B SawyerColored Acros Mud                Brbet Church & Winnie56th St
BUTLER                      Captain Green 33rd & Q
BUTTERFIELD            John
BUTTS                         C H lost from barge
BYMAN                       George & Wife & Daughter Mary 44th & S 1/2
BYRD                           Mrs J C& Child
BYRNES                      & Wife & Sister

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