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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

ACKERMANN            Herman and wife & dau
ACKERMAN               Chas
ADAMS                        Mrs Mary Colored
ADAMS                        Miss Katie May Dau of H B Adams of Malvern Ark
ADAMS                        Bennie and Jesse
ADMANS                     Mr and Mrs Toby Colored
ADAMEIT                    Mrs Gotleib and 7 children
ADASCHECK              Mrs Powell and 4 children 2810R St
AGIN                            Georgeand child
AGUILA                       Joe B and 3 children
AHYMrs                       John and 3 children
AKERS                         C B wife and 3 children
ALBANO                      Mrs and 2 children Tony & Mary
ALBERTO                     F L Longshoreman
ALBERTSON               M wife & daughter
ALBERTSON               Emile
ANDERSON                Henry
ALBERTSON              A wife and 2 children
ALEXANDER              Annie & ChristianChildren ofThomas
ALLARDYCE              Mrs R Land 3 children
ALLEN                         W T  wife & dau & 1 son
ALLEN                         E B & wife
ALLEN                         Mrs Kate
ALLEN                         Mrs Alex & 5 Children Colored
ALLEN                         Wm wife & 3 children 58th & Q 1/2
ALLEN                         Mr E& wife
ALLERSON                 Edward Shoemaker 27th & Q 1/2
ALLISON                    S B wife & 6 children35th & S 1/2
ALMERAS                   Mrs PVisiting Oliver UdeilDown the island
ALMOS                        Mrs P
ALPHONSE                 John wife & family w/ one exception 44th & S
ALPIN                          George & wife Colored
AMMUNDSEN            Emil wife & child Lucas Terrace
ANDERSON                J W wife & 3 children
ANDERSON                L wife 17th & O
ANDERSON                H E
ANDERSON                Mrs Dora & Child Louise wife of C J 901Broadway
ANDERSON                Ella Dau of John Lost down Island bet 36 & 37thPostoffice
ANDERSON                Ned & wife & 2 children
ANDERSON                Ella Shell Road Heard's Lane
ANDERSON                L & wife Shoemaker
ANDERSON                Oscar & wife & child
ANDERSON                A G & wife & children
ANDERSON                AmandaColored
ANDERSON                Mrs. SamColored
ANDERSON                C Anderson Ways Bay Shore
ANDERSON                Andrew & wife & 2 children
ANDERSON                Nick & sons Henry/John
ANDERSON                Mrs Carl& 4 childrenStockyards
ANDERSON                Nels Shipbuilder Galvtn Island
ANDERSON                Edward Longshoreman
ANDREW                     Mrs A& family
ANDREWS                  Mrs& 3 children
ANDREWS                  MrsOn Hisser PlaceBay Shore
ANDRO                       Mrs& 3 children
ANGILY                      Mrs P
ANIZAN                      Mrs Frank& 2 children Lamarque
ANTONOVICH           John & Pinkie3808 P 1/2
ANTONOVICH           Eddie
APLIN                          George & Wife
APPEL                          Fritz & son
APPLIN                        Mrs Lucy & 4 children Colored L & 11th
ARDISSON                  Mrs J & 8 Children
ARMITAGE                  Miss Vivian
ARMOUR                     Mrs & 5 children
ARMSTRONG              Mrs Dora& 4 Children wife of C F
ARTISAN                     John & Wife & 9 children 39th & S 1/2
ASHE                           George Jr
ASHLEY                       F C & wife
ASTHEIMER                Betty & HenriettaPhillip & Frank
AUGUSTINE                Pasquil & wife
AULL                            Nicholas & Family of 8
AULL                            George & Family of 5
AULL                            Joseph & Family of 4
AULL                            Mary Wife of Joseph
AZTEANAZA               Capt Silvester de

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