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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

OH   Alyria         J. Ed. Betteridge                                                      $2.00
OH   Athens        E.L. Waller                                                             $5.00
OH   Bridgeport   Kirkwood Presbyterian Church                               $26.00
OH   Cincinnati    Julian & Kokenge Co-Flatto Bros                           $25.00
OH   Cincinnati    Rheinstrom,Bettman,Johnson & Co                        $50.00
OH   Cleveland    Dr W.J. Pettus                                                       $25.00
OH   Cleveland    Irma E. Gates                                                        $12.35
OH   Columbus    F.E. Stewart                                                           $1.00
OH   Columbus    J.W. Cole                                                               $5.00
OH   Dayton        Board  of Trade                                                  $400.00
OH   Dayton        Citizens of                                                          $261.50
OH   Dayton        Draft on Dayton National Bank                               $1.00
OH   Dayton        Egry Automatic Regisiter Company                        $10.00
OH   Dayton        J.R. Lindenauth                                                    $75.00
OH   Dayton       National Cash Regisiter Co                                    $200.00
OH   Dayton       Through C.L. Hubbard                                           $42.06
OH   Defiance     Cresent News                                                        $20.00
OH   East Liverpool  Citizens of                                                      $111.00
OH   Farmersville St Andrews Lutheran Church                                   $4.50
OH   Findley        Citizens of through Findley Courier                         $61.00
OH   Galion         Jno. W Cupp                                                           $5.00
OH   Marietta      Citizens                                                               $323.25
OH   Marietta      St Lucas German Church                                       $20.25
OH   Newark       Citizens                                                                $50.00
OH   Piqua          Citizens                                                               $235.00
OH   Portsmouth  Citizens through Atlas Bros                                    $38.00
OH   Portsmouth  Drew,Selby & Co                                               $100.00
OH   Ravenna      Women's Relief Committee                                    $42.00
OH   Shelby         Homer M. Messenger                                              $2.50
OH   Sidney         Citizens of                                                          $100.00
OH   Springfield   Borden Bourman                                                   $25.00
OH   Steubenville Relief Committee                                                 $500.00
OH   Toledo        Citizens of                                                           $355.00
OH   Toledo        Citizens through S.M. Jones Treasurer                    $910.00
OH   Toledo        Craig Oil Co                                                        $500.00
OH   Warren        Citizens                                                              $190.00
OH   Xena           Citizens through the Gazette                                   $21.50
OH   Youngstown Lodge B.P.O.E. No 55                                        $115.00

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