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Please Note:

This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

NY   New York      NY Police Force                                            $7,738.50
NY   Albany           Citizens of                                                    $1,500.00
NY   Binghamton    Citizens of                                                    $1,269.79
NY   Brooklyn        Joseph LeCompte Manufacturing Co                  $100.00
NY   Buffalo          Citizens of                                                     $5,000.00
NY   Candor          Cohoes Republican                                              $28.60
NY   Farmer          Baptist and Reform Churches                               $32.80
NY   Frankfort       B.J. Widreich, Secretary                                        $5.00
NY   Johnstown     Geo A. Streeter                                                   $25.00
NY   Le Roy          Mr. & Mrs. B Ward                                            $10.00
NY   New York     A.H. Heisey & Co                                               $50.00
NY   New York     Acme Hat Company                                            $25.00
NY   New York     Acme Snuff Company                                       $500.00
NY   New York     American Ancastic Tiling Co                              $100.00
NY   New York     Anonymous                                                          $0.20
NY   New York     Bank of America                                               $500.00
NY   New York     Bd of Directors National Park Bank                  $1,000.00
NY   New York     C.F. Boehringer & Sohne                                   $100.00
NY   New York     C.H. Coffin                                                        $25.00
NY   New York     C.H. Mallory & Co                                         $5,000.00
NY   New York     Carl Just                                                               $5.00
NY   New York     Citizens through R.A. Van Wyck, Mayor        $15,000.00
NY   New York     Cleveland Burial Case Co                                    $25.00
NY   New York     Coffee Exchange                                            $1,000.00
NY   New York     Cotton Oil Co Thr J.J. Culberson,Treas              $500.00
NY   New York     Distillery Company of America                        $1,000.00
NY   New York     E.C. Brown                                                          $5.00
NY   New York     F.W. Iredell                                                          $5.00
NY   New York     G.W. Dunbar's Sons                                           $25.00
NY   New York     German American Insurance thru I.Lovenberg     $500.00
NY   New York     German American Innsurance Co
NY   New York           Help of the Pierce Building                              $3.50
NY   New York     Henry D. Harvey                                                  $7.50
NY   New York     Hornthal, Benjamin & Riem                               $150.00
NY   New York      J.L. Greenbaum & Co                                        $50.00
NY   New York      J.P. Morgan & Co                                         $5,000.00
NY   New York      Jas. Hasslacher                                                    $5.00
NY   New York      Jas. Pyle & Son                                               $250.00
NY   New York      John R. Brown & Co                                         $25.00
NY   New York      L.M. Younger, Son & Co                                   $25.00
NY   New York      Members New York Cotton Exchange             $5,643.44
NY   New York      Moore & Schley                                               $500.00
NY   New York      Murray's Line                                                  $100.00
NY   New York      N.W. Harris & Co                                         $1,000.00
NY   New York      New York Mercantile                                     $2,000.00
NY   New York      North British and M. Insurance Co                    $100.00
NY   New York      NY Produce Exchange                                   $7,000.00
NY   New York      Samuel L. Wolff                                                  $5.00
NY   New York      Sendet, Isaacs Through Mistrot Bros Co             $100.00
NY   New York      Stationary Board of Trade Thru H.C.Bainbridge  $100.00
NY   New York      Stationers' Board of Trade                                 $100.00
NY   New York      Uniformed Force & Fire Department                $2,665.25
NY   New York      Union  Distilling Company                                 $150.00
NY   New York      Vincent Loeser                                                 $150.00
NY   New York      Wall Street Business men's Association            $1,000.00
NY   New York      Weingarten Bros                                               $100.00
NY   New York      Wm A. Mosscrop                                               $10.00
NY   New York      Wm Ray Delano                                                  $3.00
NY   Rensselaer     Captain Ulster Davis                                             $5.00
NY   Rhinebeck      B.L. Newkirk                                                     $12.61
NY   Rochester      Citizens                                                              $15.00
NY   Rochester      Stein, Block & Co                                             $100.00
NY   Saratoga Springs NY H.G. Ludlow                                           $10.00
NY   Sennett          Presbyterian and Baptist Churches                       $24.00
NY   Troy             J.M. Warren & Co                                             $100.00
NY   Warwick      Miss Marion Sanford et al                                       $2.90
NY   West New Brighton  C.W. Hunt Co                                         $100.00

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