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Please Note:

This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

MO   Aurora                Citizens of                                                   $129.50
MO   Bettison              J.S.C. Spickerman                                           $0.50
MO   Bornville             Citizens of                                                    $60.00
MO   Carrollton            Gideon Strang                                                $5.00
MO   Carthage              A.H. Baker, Manager                                   $85.00
MO   Chambers            J.H.N. Nienan                                                $2.00
MO   Columbus            Elks of                                                         $50.00
MO   Fredericktown      Citizens of                                                    $52.00
MO   Huntsville            Baptist Sunday School                                     $5.00
MO   Huntsville            J.M. Hammett Bkg Co                                  $25.00
MO   Ironton               Citizens through Wm S. Newman                    $42.00
MO   Ironton               St Pauls Episcopal Church                              $12.60
MO   Jeffereson City    Citizens through Arthur P. Brimsha, Mayor    $548.65
MO   Jefferson City     Geisecke Boot and Shoe Co                          $150.00
MO   Jefferson City     Retail Liquor Dearlers                                     $50.00
MO   Kansas City       Armour Packing Co                                       $500.00
MO   Kansas City       Citizens thr WH Winant,Tres Relief Com     $4,498.11
MO   Kosciusko         Presbyterian Church                                         $7.50
MO   Lebanon           Citizens of                                                       $40.00
MO   Lee's Summit    Christian Church & Sunday School                   $20.45
MO   Lexington         Citizens Through J.M. Crowder,Postmaster      $100.00
MO   Liberty             Citizens of                                                       $90.00
MO   Lilly                 Wm J. Hawkins                                                 $5.00
MO   Maryville          Citizens through Maryville & Nodaway Co      $312.90
MO   Monett             C.W. Lenhard                                                 $10.00
MO   Montgomery City Citizens                                                        $52.95
MO   Nevada            Citizens                                                          $225.00
MO   Pierce City       Citizens through L.L.L. Allen                           $137.00
MO   Sedalia             Third National Bank from Citizens                   $267.52
MO   Speed              Citziens of                                                       $16.22
MO   Springfield        Citizens of                                                  $1,048.69
MO   Springfield        Mrs. G. W. -----                                                $1.00
MO   St Louis           Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co                        $2,500.00
MO   St Louis           B..F. Yoakum                                                $250.00
MO   St Louis           Citizens through Merchants Exchange          $20,000.00
MO   St Louis           Howard Morris                                                 $25.00
MO   St Louis           Jas. Stewart & Co                                           $500.00
MO   St Louis           Master Buillders Exchange                               $500.00
MO   St Louis           Sam'l Cupples Woodenware Co                       $500.00
MO   St Louis           Weis Jewelry Mfg Co                                         $5.00
MO   St Louis           Wm J. Lemp Brewing Co                             $2,500.00
MO   Whiting            John R. Groff                                                    $0.25
MO   Williamsville     Citizens                                                             $6.25

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