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This website is a work in progress. If you know anything about anyone who died in the storm, please contact Mic Barnette at Thank You-MIC 

CA    Ananheim                Presbtyerian Church                            $     16.00
CA    Banning                   Literary Society                                  $      70.40
CA    Fowler                     Fowler Lodge No 71 K of P                $      10.00
CA    Fowler                    W.R. Shanan                                       $     60.25
CA    Gulb                       A.F. Ames                                           $     10.00
CA    Holly                      Churches of                                         $       5.33
CA    Los Angeles            The Hearld Pub Co                              $    260.00
CA    Los Angeles            The Hearld Pub Co                              $ 2,750.00
CA    Madera                   Citizens                                              $    100.00
CA    Manuel                   Citizens                                              $      12.00
CA    Martinez                 Mrs C. Ferris & Others                        $    153.00
CA    Orange                    Bank                                                  $     50.00
CA    Sacramento             Board of Trade                                    $   500.00
CA    Sacramento             Chamber of Commerce                        $ 1,000.00
CA    Sacramento             Frank Sancho                                      $      25.00
CA    Sacramento             Red Cross Society                                $   500.00
CA    San Diego               Citizens Through Tribune Publishing Co $   591.65
CA    San Diego               San Diego Union                                   $  100.75
CA    San Fernandini        Citizens through C.L. Frazer                  $   194.14
CA    San Francisco          Board of Trade                                    $1,500.00
CA    San Francisco          Fireman's Fund Insurance Co                $   250.00
CA    San Francisco          Home Mutual Life Ins Co thru E.E. Rice$   100.00
CA    Santa Anna             Citizens through First National Bank       $   646.61
CA    Vacaville                 Red Cross Society                                $     40.00
CA    Woodland               Citizens Through E.P. Houston Sec C of C$ 155.00

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