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  Edmond B. Fulgham   Sarah Ann Terry  
  Dec 1929 - 16 Apr 1917   14 Feb 1836 - 20 Oct 1923  
Married abt 1854 in Alabama or Mississippi

     Minnie Mae Fulgham  Born 13 April 1878 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.  Died 7 July 1962.  Buried inEvans Cemetery, Excelsior, Sebastian County, Arkansas    

Minnie was married 3 times. Her first marriage was to Eugene C. Pogue on 24 Dec 1899 in Sebastian County. Eugene died was killed on the railroad at a very early age. Minnie was left with 2 young boys, Everette and Otho. Next she married Trolley Ashbabb Farrar in 1912 who also had some young boys from a previous marriage. Trolly is buried in New Providence Cemetery in Sebastian County. Her last marriage was to William Lankford.

Minnie would tell stories of her Father, Edmond being 1/2 Indian and that she remembered as a child living in West Arkanasas that during the winter months, many times the Indians from Oklahoma (Cherokee) would leave the reservations and raid their homes for food and blankets. Edmond, hearing or sensing the Indians were coming, would hide away in a place he had prepared in the forest. He told them that because he was a man and because he was of "a different tribe" that they would likely kill him but they would not harm the women and children. This story was repeated to all of the Pogue children and grandchildren by Minnie.

     Susan M Fulgham   Born 14 Dec 1863 in Arkansas.   Died 4 Oct 1959 in Fletcher, Comanche County, Oklahoma.  Susan married Henry Bridges on 16 Dec 1885 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.   Susan was known as "Babe".  

     Melinda Catherine Fulgham   B21 Mar 1861 in Arkansas.  Died 2 Nov 1951 in Hackett, Sebastian County, Arkansas. .  Buried in Old Union Cemetery, Sebastian County, Arkansas.>  Melinda Catherine married Nathan Forrester on 10 Sep 1882 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.  known as "Doll".

     Sarah J Fulgham   Born in 1854 in Mississippi.   .  Sarah Married John R Blackard on 16 Sep 1875 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.     

     Mary Ann Fulgham  Born in 1855 in Mississippi.  Died 11 Nov 1937..  Buried in Oaklawn Cemetery, McAlister, Oklahoma.  Mary Ann married Jesse Adams on 9 Nov 1876 in Hackett, Sebastian County, Arkansas.  Mary Ann was known as "sis".

     Elizabeth Fulgham   Born in 1868 in Arkansas.    Elizabeth was mostly known as Betty. Betty married Gus Joiner on 31 July 1892 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.  

     Henry Oliver Fulgham   Born in 1872 in Arkansas.  Died 1951.  Buried in Old Union Cemetery, Sebastian County, Arkansas.> Henry married Emma Baker on 2 Feb 1896 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.    

     James William Fulgham   Born in 1866 in Kansas.  James married Mary Roberts on 7 Aug 1889 in Sebastian County, Arkansas..   Known as "Bill".    

     John Thomas Fulgham   Born 5 Apr 1858 in Mississippi.  Died 14 Feb 1941.  Buried in Old Union Cemetery, Sebastian County, Arkansas.

Married Nancy Blackard on 2 Feb 1879 in Sebastian County, Arkansas. John Thomas was known as "Buck".     

     Jesse Fulgham   Born 1870 in Arkansas.  Died 1939 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.  Buried in Old Union Cemetery, Sebastian County, Arkansas.>  Jesse was a twin with Josephine Fulgham.  

     Josephine Fulgham   Born Dec 11 1871 in Arkansas.  Died in Sept 14 1948 in Commerce, Texas..  Buried inForest Park Cemetery,Greenville, Texas   Josephine married William T Baker in Sebastian County, Arkansas.