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Some Revolutionary Records of Botetourt Co., Va. – Aug., 1782


The following is an exact copy of original records found in the basement of the courthouse, in Fincastle, Botetourt County, Virginia. Some names were too faded to be legible, and a part was missing.


“At a meeting of the field officers this thirty-first of August, 1782 for the county of Botetourt, for the purpose of carrying into Exercution this state’s quota of Troops to serve the United States Army for the Term of three years, or during the War. Present, George Skillern, County Lieut., Hugh Crocket, Colo., Wm McClenechan, Lieut. Colo., Patr. Lockhart, Majr., James Breckenridge appointed Clerk, who took the Oath by Law required. Adam Peck appointed Martial.”


“List of Capt., Eson’s Company amounting to 45 men returned:

Capt. Martin’s Do..Do..30 men..Do

Capt. Cartmill’s Do..Do..44 men..Do

Capt. Pryor’s Do..Do..42 men..Do

Capt. Looney’s Do..Do..40 men..Do

Capt. May’s Do..Do..77 men..Do

Capt. Watterson’s Do..Do..36 men..Do

Capt. Galloway’s Do..Do..43 men..Do

Capt. Neely’s Do..Do..52 men..Do

Capt. Barnett’s Do..Do..45 men..Do

Capt. Mill’s Do..Do..43 men..Do

Capt. Pauling’s Do..Do..35 men..Do

Capt. Robinson’s Do..Do..68 men..Do

Capt. Smith’s Do..Do..33 men..Do

Capt. Taylor’s Do..Do..43 men..Do

Capt. Ballar’s Do..Do..33 men..Do


“Ordered that the following men in Capt. Eson’s Company – viz: Capt. Samuel Eson, Christopher Richards, Richard Beckett, Thomas Gee, John Gee, Joshua Morris, John Patterson, John Hungate, William Hungate, Bristole Mathews, John Plumbley, John Nale, Mathew Scott, William Terry, Joseph Huff, of Capt. Eson’s Company be considered the First District.


That Lt. Thomas Goodson, Jonathan Tully, Jonathan Graham, John Loyd, John Harth, Josiah Terry, Vitchel Clarke, Thomas Ashby, Amos Graham, William Spurlock, Benjamin Turmon, Ignatious Turman, Macajah Keeth, James McCutchen, of Capt. Eson’s Company, be considered the Second District.


That Lt. William Goodson, George Ingle, Danl. Howell, William Dalton, Hezekial Summer, Peter Reid, Charles Simmonds, Obediah Dickinson, Richard Newton Charles Thurman, David Thomas, Martin Branham, of Capt. Eson’s Company, be considered as the Third District.


Ordered, that the following persons in Capt. Martin’s Company – viz: Capt. Joshua Martin, David Iddings, Jonathan Harrison, Christopher Cooper, Robert Beavers, Joshua Wilson, John Cooper, William Seagraves, David Alley, Job Hale, William Likens, John Hays, Thomas Lutterall, John Huff, Jesse Chamberlan, of Capt. Martin’s Company considered as the Fourth District.


That Lt. William Terry, Robert McElhaney, Joseph Cole, James Cooper, John McClelan, William Hays, Paul Deweese, Thomas Quigley, William Allen, William Deormand, John Henderson, John Jones, John Long, John King, Zadock Martin, of Capt. Martin’s Company considered as the Fifth District.


That Ensign James Raeburn, Valentine Thrash, John Davies, Thomas Davies, William Davies, James Davies, Solomon Stephens, Thomas Gash, Joseph Ackerley, Thomas Ackerley, Abrm. Ackerley, John Raeburn, of Capt. Barnett’s and John Ball, James Dodly, and Peter Freeman, of Capt. Eson’s Company be considered as the Sixth District.


That Colo. Hugh Crocket of Capt. James Barnett’s Company, Capt. James Barnett, William Barnett, John Kent, Thomas Barnett, William McNeeley, Peter Brooks, George Madison, Jervis Brooks, William Ewing, William Stapleton, Henry Coleman, Soloman George, be considered as the Seventh District.


That Lt. William Bryan, Moses Dunlap, Malcom Hunter, Danl. Britt, John Britt, James Britt, Wm. McKinny, Thomas Jones, William Taylor, Joseph Taylor, John Stephens, Nathan Davies, William Owens, Thos. Gulliam, James Coffee, of Capt. Barnett’s Company, be considered as the Eighth District.


That William Walton, John Lewis, Lt. Andrew Lewis, John Lowe, John Walton, James Bryan (millwght), Thomas Kersey, James Bryan, William Bryan, Jun., Johnn Billups, William Bryan, Jesse Hudson, of Capt. Lewis Company and George Severt, James Smith, Robert Brown, and Michael Yoakam, of Capt. Barnett’s Company, be considered the Ninth District.


That Thomas Lewis, Joseph Carlton, Hugh Alexander, David Wilson, James Simpson, Samuel Crawford, Bryan Mooney, William Greenlee, John Ingram, William Ingram, John Henry, Thomas McElheney, of Capt. Lewis’s Company, be considered as the Tenth District.


That Andrew Armstrong, Thomas Armstrong, John Johnson, George Hanna, William John Johnston, Thomas Hannon, of Capt. Neeley’s Company, and William Poage, John Picklesimon, Jacob Picklesimon, John Peydon, James Paydon, Robert Smithy, Joseph Sprightley, Absolom Smyth, William Henry, be considered the Eleventh District.


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