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Families of Floyd County, Virginia

This project is built upon the 1850 Floyd Co., VA Census which I originally transcribed about 1993. Since that time, I've added to it as more information became available. It's been reformatted so many times, those of you that saw the 1st version won't even recognize this as being the same project. It’s always changing but a link to an explanation of the current layout is note above.

I need to thank so many people who have made contributions over the years but this isn't an academy award speech so I'll just say it couldn't have been done without all of your help: our 1st "study group"; our present FCVA Newslist; anyone who has knowingly & unknowingly added info on their own families by way of postings, homepages, queries or direct contact.

I want to add one more thing. Someone dear to me recently said I could use information from a project she had recently spent weeks on. Her words were, "..whatever I wanted…however I wanted…it's all public domain anyway…". That's exactly how I feel about this study. If you find anything of use to you, please feel free to use it for your personal use.

Any comments/corrections/additions/whatever, are more than welcome. Please forward to:

Barb Reininger