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Families 1021 to end



Heads of family; birth year; family number:

Abigail L, 1980, 1071

Althea P, 1949, 1035

Anthony J, 1971, 1048

Arthur E, 1913, 1038

Barry D, 1962, 1066

Beth, 1965, 1050

Beverly S, 1956, 1054

Brian W, 1955, 1062

Byron J, 1939, 1058

Caroline J, 1937, 1033

Catherine A, 1949, 1027

Charles A, 1881, 1022

Charles L, 1956, 1057

Charles R, 1927, 1029

Charlotte A, 1035

Cheryl N, 1944, 1027

Christopher J, 196?, 1060

Cynthia J, 1949, 1039

Dale E, 1946, 1045

Dana S, 1970, 1068

Darren M, 1963, 1041

David E, 1959, 1051

David K, 1967, 1055

Dawn S, 1966, 1068

Dean, 1956, 1063

Dennis D, 1933, 1021

Dennis R, 1947, 1043

Diane M, 196?, 1048

Dona S, 196?, 1048

Donald W, 1934, 1063

Doris J, 196?, 1048

Douglas E, 1961, 1041, 1072

Duane E, 1935, 1041

Duane E, 1954, 1041, 1071

Edward L, 1929, 1056

Eugene H, 1049

Eunice E, 1966, 1064

Evelyn M, 1960, 1057

Florence R, 1907, 1022

Fred T, 1939, 1070

Gary M, 1950, 1065

Gerald R, 1951, 1044

Glenda J, 1964, 1028

Harold L, 1927, 1055

Harold L, 1937, 1048

Helen L, 196?, 1060

Helen M, 1969, 1061

Henry A, 1916, 1035

Herbert H, 1939, 1036

Horace M, 1902, 1032

Howard G, 1921, 1027

Howard R, 1941, 1027

Isaac O, 1916, 1031

Jack E, 1953, 1024

James, 1935, 1042

James A, 1938, 1068

James H, 1941, 1046

James L, 1926, 1026

James L, 1970, 1058

James W, 1922, 1044

Janice, 194?, 1038

Janice E, 1963, 1046

Jessie L, 196?, 1048

Jewel A, 1966, 1041

Jim N, 1929, 1028

Jimmy A, 1959, 1064

Jodie, 1958, 1042

John H, 1927, 1031

John M, 1888, 1031

John R, 1921, 1039

Joseph W, 1924, 1025

Juanita K, 1953, 1054

Judith A, 1933, 1032

Judith L, 1956, 1026

Julia L, 196?, 1060

Julie, 1967, 1050

Karen L, 1952, 1029

Kathleen A, 1944, 1053

Kay E, 196?, 1047

Kelly J, 1968, 1058

Kevin D, 1959, 1029

Kimberly A, 1972, 1065

Lawrence E, 1932, 1051

Lee, 194?, 1038

Lenora E, 1932, 1023

Leon E, 1888, 1023

Lewis C, 1936, 1052

Lois A, 1962, 1057

Lori, 1964, 1049

Louann R, 1959, 1052

Louis T, 1931, 1057

Louise A, 1937, 1034

Lyle, 1936, 1050

Margaret S, 1971, 1065

Marion C, 1938, 1064

Mark, 196?, 1047

Marsha, 196?, 1047

Marshall F, 1934, 1069

Marshall H, 1908, 1034

Martha D, 1929, 1037

Mary A, 1957, 1024

Mary J, 1953, 1027

Mary M, 1970, 1061

Michael, 196?, 1047

Michael J, 1954, 1025

Michael J, 1962, 1051

Michael L, 1956, 1052

Michael S, 1950, 1027

Michelle R, 1959, 1021

Nora D, 1964, 1064

Nora L, 1915, 1031

Norman F, 1904, 1033

Norman F, 1942, 1033

Norman L, 1922, 1031

Oliver C, 1923, 1045

Oscar, 193?, 1060

Penny M, 1973, 1058

Peter, 1960, 1069

Phillip D, 1953, 1026

Ralph H, 1940, 1059

Ralph L, 1922, 1053

Randall O, 1950, 1026

Richard D, 1937, 1030

Robert D, 1951, 1024

Robert H, 1928, 1062

Roberta L, 1969, 1030

Ronald R, 1942, 1073

Ronald S, 1943, 1067

Russell D, 1968, 1043

Sandra K, 1970, 1036

Scott A, 1970, 1059

Shannon P, 1975, 1058

Sheldon A, 1936, 1034

Sheri R, 1965, 1052

Sherman I, 1917, 1031

Sherry L, 1964, 1059

Sigmund J, 1948, 1056

Stephen W, 1957, 1029

Steven, 1965, 1049

Susan, 1948, 1045

Tammy L, 1964, 1055

Terry J, 1957, 1028

Thomas H, 1931, 1040

Thomas R, 1943, 1061

Timothy A, 1974, 1067

Timothy R, 1962, 1062

Tina M, 1966, 1059

Victoria L, 1967, 1058

Virgil R, 1928, 1024

Virgil R, 1950, 1024

Willard F, 1909, 1037

William F, 1962, 1055

William J, 1925, 1054

William W, 1967, 1059

Willis M, 1933, 1047

Winston E, 1934, 1066



Name, Family Number:

Anderson, Shirley, 1055

Bell-Coker, Phyllis, 1054

Bollinger, Watie, 1061

Bowers, Lorilee, 1058

Bradley, Marilyn, 1026

Burgoon, Shirley, 1055

Carpenter, Carol, 1036

Clossen, Donna, 1057

Crady, Dorothy, 1048

Dombek, Judith, 1072

Dorris, Gladys, 1037

Dunn, Shirley, 1055

Eckert, Alice, 1022

Elceser, Helen, 1053

Fitzgerald, Wanda, 1029

Fortner, Pamela, 1059

Green, Joyce, 1064

Griffith, Nora, 1023

Hamer, Anna, 1035

Hamilton, Barbra, 1047

Harner, Betty, 1024

Hudson, Myra, 1073

Kortgard, Evelyn, 1038

Krenz, Virginia, 1021

Lillard, Margaret, 1067

Mailer, Judy, 1060

McGrath, Mary, 1027

Moore, Oda, 1031

Moylan, Alice, 1034

Mulford, Pauline, 1042

Neukam, Norma, 1030

Niles, Barbara, 1043

Page, Frances, 1032

Patrick, Mildred, 1063

Pimper, Sophie, 1056

Rademacher, Darla, 1050

Remsburg, Patricia, 1025

Roberson, Dorothy, 1066

Ronaghan, Sharon, 1068

Rossi, Janice, 1046

Sells, Mabel, 1045

Sherman, Joan, 1051

Sieve, Iva, 1049

Simmons, Ruth, 1039

Smith, Dorothy, 1041

Smith, Lois, 1070

Solat, Beth, 1072

Stillinger, Margaret, 1044

Stocking, Pamela, 1071

Stoliker, Frances, 1052

Taggart, Jeanne, 1026

Tower, Frances, 1033

Waggoner, Bonnie, 1065

Waldie, Alice, 1040

Walters, Dorothy, 1028

Waltz, Barbara, 1069

Williams, Carlita, 1062


1021. DENNIS DAN10 BARBER (Daniel Elmer9), b Hayward, Sawyer Co WI 16 Mar 1933 (twin); m 30 Nov 1957 Virginia Lou KRENTZ, b 15 Aug 1936. 

  Dennis received a B.S. degree from University of Wisconsin and an M.D. degree from the School of Medicine there. He completed his Ob/Gyn training at Baylor in Houston TX in 1964. He served in the U.S. Air Force for a few years until he retired as a Colonel in 1972.  He joined the Wright State University School of Medicine in Dayton OH, from where he retired in 1994 as Chairman of the Obstetric and Gynecology Department and Residency Program Director.   

  Dennis and his twin brother Donald have provided the information about this part of the Barber Genealogy. Virginia is a Registered Nurse.  [~ Corresp:Dennis D Barber ~]

                 Children of Dennis and Virginia:

        i         MICHELLE RAE11, b 17 Oct 1958; m 1980 David HATFIELD, b 1957. Michelle has a degree in Interior Design from

                    Miami University in Oxford, Butler Co OH; r Cincinnati OH.

                                           Children of Michelle and David:

                           i                   Daniel Justin HATFIELD12, b 12 Feb 1986

                           ii                   Andrea Leigh HATFIELD12, b 18 Nov 1988


        ii        KIMBERLY JOY11, b 24 Sep 1961; m 22 May 1993 Jack CROUCH, b 1957.  Kimberly has a degree in Fashion

                    Marketing from Miami University, and is an account manager for a busy advertising firm in Charlotte NC.



1022. CHARLES A10 BARBER (William Joel9), b probably Jackson, Hardin Co IA 1880/1; d Waterloo, Black Hawk Co IA 7 Jul 1920; m Alice Rose ECKERT, b Dows, Wright Co IA 28 Nov 1880, daughter of Michael E and Charlotte (BURROWS) ECKERT; r Waterloo.

  Charles was a bank cashier.  [~ Corresp:John Burton ~]

                 Children of Charles and Alice:

        i         FLORENCE ROSE11, b St Paul MN 15 Jul 1907; d Waterloo IA 22 Jun 1999.

                     She graduated from University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Black Hawk Co IA, taught grade school in Rodman,

                    Palo Alto Co and worked 31 years as proofreader for the Waterloo Courier.

                                           Child of Florence:

                           i                   DAVID12, b about 1935


        ii        MARJORIE MAY11, b St Paul 12 May 1910; d before 1999; m --- PARKHOUSE.



1023. LEON EUGENE10 BARBER (Alden Burt9), b Batavia, Genesee Co NY 29 Apr 1888; d Signal Mountain, Hamilton Co TN 13 Jan 1968; m Chattanooga TN 6 Apr 1930 Nora Elizabeth GRIFFITH, b Sequatchie Co TN 13 Oct 1912; d Signal Mountain 7 Jan 1990, daughter of Ephren King and Lillie Bell (MILLER) GRIFFITH; r Signal Mountain.  [~ Corresp:T Andrew Barber ~]

                 Children of Leon and Nora:

        i         LENORA ELIZABETH11, b Chattanooga 23 Aug 1932; m Joseph Walter PARKER III, b Houston TX 23 Jan 1934; r

                    Texas and Oklahoma.

                                           Children of Lenora and Joseph:

                           i                   Jan PARKER12, b Austin TX 21 Jun 1957; m Joseph Edward PETERS.     

                           ii                   Jay PARKER12, b Waco TX 10 Jan 1959; m Charlotte Ann OTEC.

                           iii                  Judith Lynn PARKER12, b Tulsa OK 12 Dec 1960; m/1 Donald Frederick EGLER; m/2 Raymond


                           iv                  Jerry PARKER12, b Muskogee, Muskogee Co OK 11 Sep 1965; d St Louis MO 23 Nov 1991.


 1066 ii      WINSTON EUGENE11, b Signal Mountain 14 Nov 1934; m Dorothy Mae ROBERSON.

 1067 iii     RONALD SPAULDING11, b Signal Mountain 20 Jul 1943; m/1 Margaret Lenore LILLARD; he                    m/2 Nancy Virginia




1024. VIRGIL RAY10 BARBER (Raymond Delbert9), b probably Daviess Co IN 26 Oct 1928; married Betty HARNER, b 11 Jun 1930.   [~ Corresp:John C Clement ~]

                 Children of Virgil and Betty:

       i          VIRGIL RAY11, b 7 May 1950; m Barbara HITE.

                                           Child of Virgil and Barbara:

                           i                   DAVID12


       ii         ROBERT DENNIS11, b 7 May 1951; m Kathy THOMAS.

                                           Children of Robert and Kathy:

                           i                   ANDRA12

                           ii                   KELSEY12

                           iii                   LARA12


       iii        JACK E11, b 11 Nov 1953; m Teresa HARVEY.

                                           Children of Jack and Teresa:

                           i                   JAMIE12

                           ii                   JESSICA12


       iv        MARY ANN11, b 21 Jun 1957; m Mark ALLEN.

                                           Child of Mary Ann and Mark:

                           i                   Lori ALLEN12


       v         CHARLES L11, born 27 Feb 1964.



1025. JOSEPH WALLACE10 BARBER (Orvis Franklin9), b Denton, Fergus Co MT 6 Nov 1924; d Indianapolis IN 5 Apr 2000; buried at Greencastle, Putnam Co IN; m 22 Dec 1951 Patricia Joan REMSBURG.

  Joseph was a high school teacher and football coach.  [~ Corresp:Randall Barber ~]

                 Children of Joseph and Patricia, born at Hobart, Lake Co IN :

        i         MICHAEL JOSEPH11, b 3 Feb 1954; m Charlottesville VA 27 Mar 1993 Virginia Allen BERRY. Michael is a physician

                    specializing in cardiology in Colorado Springs CO.

                                           Child of Michael and Virginia:

                           i                   MARGO DANIELLE12, b Colorado Springs 3 Dec 1996


        ii        DOUGLAS BRETT11, b 16 Dec 1955; m Indianapolis 28 Oct 1984 Teresa Ann GOOLDY.

                     Douglas is a specialist in wastewater treatment facilities.

        iii       MARGO11, b 17 Sep 1960. She is an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.



1026. JAMES LEROY10 “Pete” BARBER (Orvis Franklin9), b Denton, Fergus Co MT 18 Jun 1926; d Aurora CO 2 Mar 1998 of Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis, the same disease which killed his brother Joseph 2 years later; m/1 28 Aug 1949 Jeanne Marie TAGGART, b Evanston IL 11 Sep 1923, d 31 May 2000, daughter of Lewis Adelbert and Clara Lorena (BARBER) TAGGART.  Clara Lorena was the daughter of Orrin Ellsworth and granddaughter of Rowland R BARBER, whose parents I am not sure of.

  James m/2 New York City 23 Nov 1984 Marilyn Bradley, daughter of Robert Thomas and Harriet (McMAHILL) BRADLEY.

  James was educated at DePauw University in Greencastle IN and Garrett Theological Seminary of Northwestern University in Cleveland OH. He became a Methodist minister and served congregations in Wyoming and Colorado. He was also District Superintendent of the Southern Colorado Region, and director of the national Methodist Church’s Division of Finance and Field Services in New York City.  [~ Corresp:Randall Barber ~]

                 Children of James and Jeanne:

        i         RANDALL ORVIS11, b Thermopolis, Hot Springs Co WY; 25 Jun 1950; m Oxen Hill Manor,Prince George’s Co MD

                    30 May 1982 Claudia Ann COMINS, daughter of Richard C and Thisbe Aurora (GRECO) COMINS; he m/2 Veale,

                    Daviess Co IN 11 Oct 1999 Ann Melissa                    MOYE, daughter of Donald and Margaret (BROADHEAD) MOYE; r

                    Silver Spring MD and Rohrersville MD.             

                     Randy is a financial and strategic advisor to labor unions. He provided the information for this section of the book.

                                           Children of Randy and Claudia:

                           i                   PHILLIP JAMES COMINS12, b Washington DC 17 Apr 1983

                           ii                   KYLE RORY COMINS12, b Washington DC 10 Dec 1986


        ii        SCOTT TIMOTHY11, b Thermopolis 30 Aug 1952. He is a professional fishing guide and manager of a fly fishing

                    shop in Twin Bridges, Madison Co MT.

        iii       PHILLIP DEAN11, b Thermopolis 28 Jul 1953; m 20 Mar 1982 Kimberly Ann DUFFORD, daughter of Philip G and

                    Katherine (DUCY) DUFFORD; r Boulder CO.

                     Philip is an attorney specializing in natural resources. His practice in in Denver CO.

                                           Children of Phillip and Kimberly:

                           i                   LUCY GREEN12, b Denver 13 Feb 1988

                           ii                   MADELEINE KOURY12, b Boulder 27 Jan 1993


        iv       DANIEL ROSS11, b Edgewater, Denver Co CO 19 Dec 1956. He owns and manages a business which provides

                    paralegal training courses in various locations throughout the United States.

        v        JUDITH LOUISE11 (twin), b Edgewater 19 Dec 1956; m Denver 15 May 1993 Thomas Duncan McCANDLESS. The

                    marriage ceremony was conducted by her father. Before raising her children, she worked for Lotus Development

                    and Fleet Financial as an investment relations specialist.

                                           Children of Judith and Thomas:   

                           i                   Bradley Dean McCANDLESS12, b Eastchester, Westchester Co NY 13 Apr 1994

                          ii                   Kathleen Marie McCANDLESS12, b Eastchester 6 Mar 1997



1027. HOWARD GAITHER10 BARBER (Virgil9), b probably Veale, Daviess Co IN 22 Dec 1921; d 25 Oct 1977; m 13 Apr 1940 Mary Ethel McGRATH, b 30 Mar 1921; r Lisle, Dupage Co IL.   [~ Corresp:Charles Ray Barber ~]

                 Children of Howard and Mary:

        i         HOWARD REGIS11, b 17 Aug 1941; m 28 Apr 1973 Yuki Yo SAKAI, b 1 Nov 1944.

                                           Children of Howard R and Yuki:

                           i                   NAOMI CLARISSA12, b 13 Sep 1974

                           ii                   BRENT YUJI12, b 12 Sep 1976


        ii        DENNIS MACK11, b 14 Oct 1942; d 3 Mar 1943.

        iii       CHERYL NELL11, b 6 Mar 1944; m 25 Nov 1967 Edward James JELINEK, b 21 Oct 1944.

                                           Child of Cheryl and Edward:

                           i                   Janelle Cheryl JELINEK12, b 25 May 1968; m Robert Eugene MARTIN.


        iv,v    TWINS11, stillborn.     

        vi       CATHERINE AURELIA11, b 23 Aug 1949; m 31 Jan 1967 Lawrence Milton SLAVICEK, b 24               Jul 1948.

                                           Children of Catherine and Lawrence:

                           i                   Shenay Catherine SLAVICEK12, b 12 Aug 1968; m Craig Steven LOCKRIDGE.

                           ii                   Brett Lawrence SLAVICEK12, b 31 Mar 1970


        vii      MICHAEL SHARBEL11, b 12 Dec 1950; m 7 Sep 1974 Dixie Lynn SHELL, b 14 Dec 1952.

                                           Children of Michael and Dixie:

                           i                   NATALIE LEE12, b 10 Feb 1977

                          ii                   KELLY12, b 12 Feb 1984


        viii     MARY JOELLYN11, b 25 Sep 1953; m 12 Mar 1993 Michael KREMS.

                                           Child of Mary and Michael:

                           i                   Karl Gunther KREMS12, b 20 Oct 1994


        ix       ROWAN EUGENE11, b 4 Mar 1957; m 31 Jan 1981 Pauline CIGNA, b 20 Jan 1960.

        x        AMY ELISE11, b 24 Jul 1963; m 2 Sep 1989 Michael RAWNSLEY.


1028. JIM NORMAN10 BARBER (Norman Stacy9), b probably Veale, Daviess Co IN 8 Mar 1929; m 14 Jan 1954 Dorothy Mae WALTERS, b 28 Aug 1935; r Veale Twp.   [~ Corresp:Charles Ray Barber ~]

                 Children of Jim and Dorothy:

        i         TERRY JIM11, b 26 May 1957; m 23 Jun 1979 Pamela Ann TRENT, b 21 May 1959.

                                           Children of Terry and Pamela:

                           i                   JORDAN MATTHEW12, b 23 Jul 1981

                           ii                   RYAN LEE12, b 11 Jan 1983


        ii        GLENDA JOY11, b 22 Jan 1964; m 1 Jun 1985 David WAGLER, b 28 Dec 1960.

                                           Children of Glenda and David:

                           i                   Adam Lee WAGLER12, b 16 Dec 1988

                           ii                   Sarah Marie WAGLER12, b 20 Mar 1992



1029. CHARLES RAY10 BARBER (Charles Peek9), b probably Veale, Daviess Co IN 31 Jul 1927; m/1 25 Feb 1951 Wanda Frances FITZGERALD, b 25 Aug 1930, d 24 Aug 1980; r Washington, Daviess Co IN, Cheshire MA, Torrington CT, Chillicothe and Frankfort, both in Ross Co OH. 

  Ray m/2 9 Oct 1982 Donna Lou RICHTER, b 1930; divorced 1986.

  Ray m/3 10 Sep 1988 Betty Jean CORY, b 2 May 1927. Charles Ray contributed this Barber line for the book.  [~ Corresp:Charles Ray Barber ~]

                 Children of Charles and Wanda:

        i         KAREN LEE11, b 11 Feb 1952; m 30 Jul 1977 Steven Merrell BROWN, b 27 Sep 1952.

                                           Children of Karen and Steven:

                           i                   Jeffrey David BROWN12, b 13 Apr 1981

                           ii                   Lauren Elizabeth BROWN12, b 6 Oct 1984


        ii        CHARLES TIMOTHY11, b 13 Mar 1954

        iii       STEPHEN WAYNE11, b 15 Feb 1957; m 8 Aug 1981 Becky Ann McGILL, b 26 Nov 1958.

                                           Children of Steven and McGill:

                           i                   BLAKE WILLIAM12, b 1985

                           ii                   STEPHEN JAY12, b 16 Jan 1988

                           iii                   JOEL FRANK12, b 9 Nov 1990

                           iv                   LINDSEY ANN12, b 3 Jun 1994


        iv       KEVIN DALE11, b 25 Mar 1959; m 21 Jun 1980 Alice Brownell WARE, b 9 Jul 1959.

                                           Children of Kevin and Alice:

                           i                   CHARLES RYAN12, b 14 Feb 1983

                           ii                   ERIN ALLISON12, b 11 Feb 1986

                           iii                   JOHN WARE12, b 19 Apr 1988

                           iv                   JASON DANIEL12, b 29 Oct 1990


        v        BRIAN CURTIS11, b 2 Jan 1961


1030. RICHARD DALE10 BARBER (Thomas Dale9), b probably Shoals, Martin Co IN 8 Nov 1937; m Norma Kay NEUKAM.  [~ Corresp:Charles Ray Barber ~]

                 Children of Richard and Norma:

        i         RICHARD DAVID11, b 19 Dec 1963

        ii        RITA KAY11, b 14 Oct 1965

        iii       GIRL11,   ; m --- LONG.

        iv       ROBERTA LYNN11, b 10 Aug 1969; m --- WILSON.

                                           Child of Roberta:

                           i                   Ashley WILSON


        v        RHONDA LEE11, b 18 Feb 1971; m Paul LYNCH.



1031. JOHN MILES10 BARBER (Isaac Miles9), b St Louis MO 7 Apr 1888; d Wichita KS 23 Jun 1952; m Clayton, Pushmataha Co OK 30 Nov 1914 Oda (“Odie”) MOORE, b TX 15 Nov 1896, d Porterville, Tulare Co CA 6 Nov 1984, daughter of S Alexander and Nora Lee (ALLISON) MOORE.  

One or both of her parents was American Indian; r Clayton, then Coffeeville, Montgomery Co KS for a year in 1925, where John worked in the brickyard, and there was red dust all over everything.

  Then they moved to Chandler, Lincoln Co OK in about 1926, where John was a share-cropper in the cotton business. There was once a contest to see who had the most and the best cotton per acre. John picked a pile, but then unbeknownst to him, his son Ike picked from neighboring farms that night, brought it home and added it to John’s pile. This enabled him to win!   The boys never told John what had happened. One of the last jobs John had was herding sheep in Kansas. The farmer told him that if he cared for the sheep for the winter, he could have the profits from 160 acres of wheat. John took the gamble, and it paid off, $10,000 worth. With this he bought 2 pieces of property near Chandler.

  Apparently John and Odie loved each other, but had a hard time living together. In about 1936 Norman, Sherman and Henry John told their parents they were moving to California where Nora Lee lived. Odie demanded to go with them. So at the end of the school year they moved to Corcoran, Kings Co CA, leaving John and his son Ike behind. The couple was separated from that time on. Odie was eventually able to buy the house, 5 acres and rental cabins on the property.

  When she was young, Odie liked to wear makeup to make her look less Indian. When she was 65 she was still wearing a blond wig. Finally her son Henry John took it away. After her husband died, Odie married 3 more times, and outlived 2 of these husbands. Odie loved gardening and quilting. She seemed to attract people who could see the future. Once a gypsy told her that her siblings were only half-brothers and sisters, which she did not learn until her mother died. Another time a preacher told her one of her sons would be injured and not walk again; this happened to Sherman. Late in life she moved to Porterville where her son John Henry lived. She was mentally very alert to the end, but in her 80’s “a Chiropractor crushed her back”, which never healed, so that she was confined to bed.   [~ Corresp:Fronicia Herrick ~]

                 Children of John and Odie, all born in Clayton OK:

        i         NORA LEE11, b 1915; m Hulbert Raymond HICKS, b 1913, d 1983; r Salinas CA.  Nora Lee attended college in

                    Stillwater OK, but because of the depression she did not finish. Hulbert was very well liked, and did many kind

                    things for people, like paying rent, buying food, sending youngsters to camp. He helped people and never

                    mentioned it.

                                           Children of Nora and Hulbert:

                           i                   Fronicia Odie HICKS12; m --- HERRICK. Fronicia contributed the information for this section of the book.

                           ii                   Patricia HICKS12

                           iii                   Raymond Lee HICKS12

                           iv                   Marvia Louise HICKS12

                           v                   Gene Edward HICKS12


        ii        ISAAC ORBIN11 “Ike”, b 3 Dec 1916; d Corcoran CA 20 Oct 1995; m Marilyn ---. Ike owned a junkyard in Corcoran.

                                           Children of Isaac and Marilyn:

                           i                   IVAN12

                           ii                   JENNIFER12


        iii       SHERMAN IRA11, b 13 Feb 1917; d Porterville, Tulare Co CA 5 Oct 1985; m Dorothy Lavada MILES. Sherman and

                    his younger brother John Henry owned a trucking company and hauled all over the United States for heavy

                    construction, including work on the San Luis Dam near Los Banos, Merced Co CA. Also they hauled fruits and

                    vegetables for canneries. 

                     Later Sherman was working on a car, when it fell on his head, and he could not walk again after that. 

                                           Children of Sherman and Dorothy:

                           i                   VIRGIL12

                           ii                   VERNON12

                           iii                   BONNIE LAURINDA12


        iv       LILLIE MAY11, b 7 Jul 1920; d Clayton 6 Jun 1922.

        v        NORMAN LUIS11, b 1922; m Irene GOLBERG; r Corcoran CA. He built a home on the 5 acres owned by his mother.

                    He owned a grocery store.

                                           Children of Norman and Irene:

                           i                   CAROLYN RUTH12

                           ii                   MARILYN YVONNE12       

                           iii                   CONNIE LEE12

                           iv                   LINDA KAY12

                           v                   ALLEN LEWIS12


        vi       JOHN HENRY11, b 20 Jan 1927; d Porterville, Tulare Co CA13 Apr 1988; m ---; r                    Porterville.

                             i                   Child of John and ---:

                              ii                   JOHN WAYNE12



1032. HORACE MARTIN10 BARBER (Frederick Julius9), b Harwinton CT 19 Jul 1902; d Bristol CT 17 Jan 1985;  m Harwinton 1 Aug 1931 Frances M PAGE, b 26 Nov 1911, d 31 Oct 1971, daughter of Charles and Nora A (FOSTER) PAGE; r Harwinton.   [~ Barber family rec ~]

                 Children of Horace and Frances:

        i         JUDITH ANN11, b 17 May 1933; m Robert MILLS, b 1930; divorced, but still friends, and both live in Plymouth CT.

                    Robert works in construction.

                                           Children of Judy and Robert:

                           i                   Terry MILLS12, b Southington CT 27 Jan 1952; m Michael HANNON; r Bristol. Terry is an x‑ray


                           ii                   Cynthia MILLS12, b 18 Jul 1955; m Richard GOODWIN; r Bristol.Cynthia is a word‑processor for Earl

                                                     Coombs Manufacturers in Torrington.

                           iii                   Robin MILLS12, b 21 Jun 1959; m William FRANKLIN; r Bristol. Robin works for Stop & Shop stores.


 1068 ii      JAMES ALLEN11, b Bristol 25 Sep 1938; m/1 Nila ‑‑‑; he m/2 Sharon Mae RONAGHAN.



1033. NORMAN FREDERICK10 BARBER (Frederick Julius9), b Harwinton CT 23 Mar 1904; m there 9 Mar 1926 Frances Julia TOWER, b Harwinton 1 Jul 1904, daughter of George and Julia (HUNT) TOWER; r Harwinton.

  Norman worked for many years for the Connecticut State Highway Department, on roads, mostly in Harwinton.  

[~ Barber family rec ~]

                 Children of Norman and Frances:

        i         CAROLINE JANE11, b Harwinton 4 Aug 1937; m/1 David SCULLY; m/2 Philip EICHMAN Jr; m/3 Wilbur

                      GOODWIN; r Torrington. Caroline works in a bearing manufacturing plant in Morris CT.

                                           Child of Caroline and David:

                           i                   David SCULLY12, b 11 Jan 1958; m Joyce Marie IMPSON.


                                           Children of Caroline and Philip:

                           ii                   Philip EICHMAN12

                           iii                   Lisa EICHMAN12


                                           Child of Caroline and Wilbur:

                           iv                   Wilbur GOODWIN12


        ii         NORMAN FREDERICK11, b Torrington CT 1 Dec 1942; m/1 Pearl DENKOWSKI; m/2 Tina ‑‑‑; r Tehama, Tehama Co

                    California. Norman is a carpet installer. [~ Barber family  rec ~]

                                           Child of Norman and Pearl:

                                      i          PAMMY12


                                           Child of Norman and Tina:

                                      ii         TRAVIS12, b 1964



1034. MARSHALL HINSDALE10 BARBER (Frederick Julius9), b Harwinton CT 3 May 1908; d 25 Jan 1994; m 10 Jun 1933 Alice Irene MOYLAN, b Terryville, in Plymouth CT 1 Sep 1913, d 29 Jun 1975; r Harwinton.

  Marshall has worked for New Departure Co, maker of Bearings, and has also driven a road grader in Harwinton and Plymouth, and traveled around the area demonstrating graders. In addition he did some landscaping work.   [~ Barber family rec; Vital rec:CT; Obit: Hartford Courant ~]

                 Children of Marshall and Alice, born at Harwinton:

 1069 i       MARSHALL FREDERICK11, b 12 Nov 1934; m Barbara WALTZ.

          ii      SHELDON ALLYN11, b 5 Apr 1936; m Helen MERRILL; r Harwinton.

                                           Children of Sheldon and Helen:

                           i                   DEBBIE12, b 1959

                           ii                   MICHAEL12, b 1964


          iii     LOUISE ALICE11, b 31 May 1937; m Plymouth 31 Aug 1957 Robert WAGNER, b 20 Nov 1932, son of Arthur and

                    Ruth (NORTON) WAGNER; r Plymouth. Robert was in the Army, in Germany, in 1953‑55. He works now in the

                    Maintenance Dept of Plume and Atwood of Thomaston CT.

                                           Children of Louise and Robert:

                           i                   Robert WAGNER12, b 2 Feb 1958; m Elaine ENGLE; r Terryville. He works for Cametrics, a Swiss Screw

                                                     Machine manufacturer in Thomaston.

                           ii                   Thomas M WAGNER12, b 10 Aug 1959; m Anne MARTIN; r Bucksport ME. He is an ironworker.

                           iii                   Louise A WAGNER12, b 26 Jan 1961; m Robert R NEWSOME; r Thomaston.

                           iv                  Timothy A WAGNER12, b 30 Nov 1963; r Newport ME. He is an ironworker.

                           v                   Lee A WAGNER12, b 4 Jul 1966; r at Plymouth. He is a Millwright.

                           vi                  Todd A WAGNER12, b 14 Jul 1968; r at Plymouth. He works in the air‑conditioning business.


 1070 iv     FRED TIMOTHY11, b 15 Jul 1939; m Lois SMITH; r at Prospect CT.

          v      GERTRUDE BLANCHE11, b 24 Feb 1942; m John CARRELL; r at Litchfield CT.


1035. HENRY ADDISON10 BARBER (Frederick Julius9), b Harwinton CT 4 May 1916; d 3 Apr 1979; m Harwinton 25 Oct 1941 Anna Marie HAMER, b Torrington CT 1921; r at Harwinton.  [~ Barber family rec ~]

                 Children of Henry and Anna:

        i         GLORIA ANN11, b Harwinton 5 Jan 1943; m John CHACE; r Massachusetts.                  [~ Vital Rec:CT ~]

        ii        DAUGHTER11, b 22 Nov 1943; d same day.

        iii       HENRY ADDISON11, b 11 Jun 1944; single; r Utah.

        iv       SUSAN AGEMA11, b 9 May 1945; m Bill CRAFT; r Wyoming.

        v        ALTHEA PATTERSON11, b 31 Mar 1949;  m Stewart Burl INGLEHEART; r Florida.

                                           Child of Althea and Stewart:

                           i                   Sean Christopher INGLEHART12, b 20 Apr 1985


        vi       CHARLOTTE AVA11, b 1 Jul 1954; m 31 Jul 1976 Thomas Woodrow STERLING, who was born Thomas Woodrow

                      HANCOCK; r Harwinton; later divorced.  Charlotte works at Avon Old Farms Hotel in Avon.

                                           Child of Charlotte and Thomas:

                           i                   Natasha Renee STERLING12, b Boynton, Palm Beach Co FL 13 Sep 1976


        vii       DANIEL AVERY11, b 4 May 1956; single; r Florida and Massachusetts.

        viii      NANCEE ALEXANDRA11, b 11 Jul 1960; m 26 Apr 1987 Gary William GUEST, b New York City 3 Jan 1954, son of

                    William Howard and Rosalie (SHERIDAN) GUEST; r Torrington.



1036. HERBERT HUGH10 BARBER (Herbert Hugh9), b Warren, Trumbull Co OH 11 Jul 1939; m in Warren 18 Nov 1966 Carol Ann CARPENTER, b 4 Sep 1942, daughter of Kenneth Aaron and Opal Fern (SMOCK) CARPENTER; r Hartford, Trumbull Co.[~ Corresp:Karin Knutsen ~]

                 Children of Herbert and Carol:

        i         DIANE LEE11, b Warren 9 Oct 1967. Diane got a BA in Political Science at Bowling Green State University, Bowling

                    Green, Wood Co OH in 1991. She went on to get a degree in legal assisting and technology from University of

                    Toledo OH in 1992. And then at the University of Toledo she earned a JD degree in 1998. She is now an assistant

                    prosecutor for Trumbull County OH.

        ii        SANDRA KAY11, b Warren 26 Sep 1970; m Hartford OH 12 Nov 1994 William Anthony “Tony” MESSER, b Easley,

                    Pickens Co SC 19 Nov 1968, son of William Eddie and Jackie Ruth (WALDROP) MESSER; r Easley, and now

                    Greenville, Greenville Co SC.

                                              Child of Sandra and Tony:

                           i                   Kaitlynn Nicole MESSER12, b 9 Nov 1995

                           ii                   William Brady MESSER12, b Greenville 26 Feb 1998



1037. WILLARD FOSTER10 BARBER (William Arthur9), b Mitchell, Davison Co SD 21 Mar 1909; m Albuquerque NM 15 Aug 1928 Gladys Rebecca DORRIS, b Albuquerque 12 May 1908; daughter of Thomas M and May (OWEN) DORRIS; r Albuquerque, New York City, and Washington DC.

  Willard graduated from Stanford University in Stanford, Santa Clara Co CA in 1928, and was a professor at Diplomat College. Gladys represented the United States at the Interamerican Commission of Women in Brazil and Paraguay.  [~ Windsor Hist Soc:M B Wilson book of Barber information ~]

                  Child of Willard and Gladys:

        i          MARTHA DORRIS11, b Palo Alto CA 17 Jun 1929; m Silver Spring MD Jun 1950 Dewitt Hall MONTGOMERY;

                    divorced in Aug 1976.

                                           Children of Martha and Dewitt:

                           i                   Dewitt Hall MONTGOMERY12 III, b Philadelphia PA 6 Apr 1952; m Catherine SMITH.

                           ii                   Mary Willard MONTGOMERY12, b Staten Island NY 19 Feb 1954; m Robert SICKLES.

                           iii                   Owen Canterbury MONTGOMERY12, b Bryn Mawr, Montgomery Co PA 1 Dec 1956; m Elizabeth GORENA.

                           iv                   Ruth Rebecca MONTGOMERY12, b Wynnewood, Montgomery Co PA 21 Apr 1960



1038. ARTHUR E10 BARBER (Arthur E9), b 1913; m Evelyn V KORTGARD, b 1915. [~ Windsor Hist Soc:M B Wilson book of Barber information ~]

                 Children of Arthur and Evelyn:

        i         LEE11, m Leona ---.

                                           Children of Lee and Leona:

                           i                   TIMOTHY12

                           ii                   RODNEY12


        ii        JANICE11, ; m John GODWIN

                                           Children of Janice and John:

                           i                   Stacy GODWIN12

                           ii                   Wendy GODWIN12

                           iii                   Susie GODWIN12


        iii       ARTHUR E III11

        iv       STEVE11

        v        MILT11



1039. JOHN RANDOLPH10 BARBER (William Pond9), b Hartford CT 21 Apr 1921; m Hartland CT 20 Jun 1942 Ruth Jeanette SIMMONS, b East Hartford 11 Feb 1921, daughter of Ray Clement and Hesper (GOULD) SIMMONS.

  John graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, and Ruth from Mt Holyoke College in South Hadley MA. They lived in East Hartland 1942-1948, and in Bloomfield CT. Later they moved to Lacey, Thurston Co WA. There they are active on the emergency communications staff of the American Red Cross.   [~ Vital rec:CT; Tyler Gen; DFAW; Corresp:Janine Jacquet ~]

                 Children of John R and Ruth:

        i         JANINE RUTH11, b Hartland 22 May 1947; m 21 Aug 1971 Kenneth George Kulas; divorced in 1971; she m/2 Aug

                    1978 Bret L. BRETHAUER of Olympia WA, son of Lloyd and Sedate (   ) BRETHAUER; divorced in 1991; Janine

                    m/3 Nov 1992 James JACQUET of Olympia; r Iowa, Colorado, Tumwater, Thurston Co WA and Olympia WA.. 

                     Janine graduated from Elmira College in Elmira NY and earned masters degrees                    from the University of Iowa and

                    the University of Wyoming. She works for the State of Washington as a computer information consultant. She and

                    Jim own Digi-Re-Du, a photo restoration business. They sing and play guitar and banjo.

                     Janine contributed her family information for this book.

        ii        CYNTHIA JANE11, b 25 Feb 1949; m/1 Bloomfield CT 20 Mar 1971 Brian Alan ROGERS, b Plymouth, Devonshire

                    England 22 Jan 1934, son of Frederick Arthur and Hannah (VUGLER) ROGERS; she m/2 John PARIS, Jr, adopted

                    son of John J and Nicola (   ) PARIS.

                                           Children of Cynthia and Brian:

                           i                   John Christopher ROGERS12, b 2 Jul 1971; r Issaquah, King Co WA.

                           ii                   William David ROGERS12, b 6 Apr 1975



1040. THOMAS HARMON10 BARBER (Harmon Tyler9); b Windsor CT 8 Jan 1931; d 22 Feb 1994 at Jupiter, Martin Co FL; m/1 20 Jun 1953 Alice Marilyn WALDIE.

  Thomas m/2 Dale ‑‑‑; r at Windsor, Wilton, West Hartland, all in CT, and Jupiter FL. 

  Thomas graduated from Loomis School, Windsor CT in 1949, and Trinity College, Hartford CT, in 1953, Phi Beta Kappa. He served in the US Air Force 3 years, then worked at Travelers Ins Co 29 years. Then he worked at Concord Leasing, Norwalk CT, from which he retired. In Windsor he was chairman of Windsor Republican Town Committee, and the Town Ethics Committee. Also he was moderator of several town meetings, and meetings of the First Church in Windsor, Congregational.

[~ Obit:Htfd Courant ~]

                 Children of Thomas and Dale:

       i          THOMAS11,   ; r San Francisco CA.

       ii         JONATHAN11,  ; r Humble TX.






1041. DUANE EDWARD11 BARBER (Lawrence O’Dell10), b New Hudson, Allegany Co NY 31 May 1935; m Belfast, Allegany Co 14 Nov 1953 Dorothy Ann SMITH, b Olean, Cattaraugus Co NY 29 Jun 1935, d Black Creek, Allegany Co 25 Nov 1999.   [~ Corresp:Carol Barber ~]

                 Children of Duane and Dorothy, all born at Cuba, Allegany Co:

 1071 i       DUANE EDWARD12, b 24 Jun 1954; m Pamela STOCKING.    

          ii      DONN O’DELL12, b 26 Jun 1955; m Cuba NY 19 Mar 1977 Tina GRISWOLD, b there 3 Dec 1953.

                                           Children of Donn and Tina:

                           i                   BETHANY SUE13, b 21 Jan 1977; m Mary 1999 Charles BENNETT.

                           ii                   DONN O’DELL13, b 6 Mar 1983


 1072 iii     DOUGLAS EUGENE12, b 7 Feb 1961; m/1 Beth SOLAT; he met/2 Judith DOMBEK; he m/3 Carol Jean (LAFFERTY)



          iv     DARREN MILES12, b 7 Oct 1963; m Cuba NY 7 Apr 1996 Linda (SCHULTZ) LOGUE, b Cuba 2 Sep 1954, daughter

                    of Red and Olive (SLOCUM) SCHULTZ.

                                           Child of Darren and Linda:

                           i                   BRAD LEE13, b Olean, Cattaraugus Co NY 18 Nov 1996


          v      JEWEL ANN12, b 7 Jul 1966; m Cuba NY 2 Jul 1988 Terry STUCK, b Cuba 15 Feb 1964, son of Donald and Mildred

                      (ROCKEFELLER) STUCK.

                                           Children of Jewel and Terry:

                           i                   Tiara Ann STUCK13, b Wellsville, Allegany Co 12 Dec 1988

                           ii                   Tanner Lee STUCK13, b Watertown, Jefferson Co NY 19 May 1991



1042. JAMES11 BARBER (Hugh John10), b 27 May 1935; m 15 Jun 1957 Pauline MULFORD.  [~ Corresp:Carol Barber ~]

                 Children of James and Pauline:

        i         JODIE12, b 4 Jun 1958; m Duane BURNS.

                                           Children of Jodie and Duane:

                           i                   Kylie Marie BURNS13, b 4 Jul 1986

                           ii                   Jacob Phillip BURNS13, b 1993               


        ii        PHILLIP CHARLES12, b 30 Jul 1962; d Rushford, Allegany Co 22 Jul 1976.

        iii       GILLIAN MARIE12, b 5 Nov 1968



1043. DENNIS RUSSELL11 BARBER (Alton Lewis10), b Cuba, Allegany Co 30 Sep 1947; m Black Creek, Allegany Co 25 Mar 1968 Barbara NILES.  [~ Corresp:Carol Barber ~]

                 Children of Dennis and Barbara:

        i         RUSSELL DENNIS12, b Cuba 18 Sep 1968; m 14 Jun 1989 Renee Rosalie COX.

                                           Child of Russell and Renee:

                           i                   KYLE13


        ii        TRACIE LEE12, b Olean, Cattaraugus Co NY 6 Feb 1972

        iii       JESSIE JAMES12, b Warsaw, Wyoming Co 23 May 1975



1044. JAMES WARREN11 BARBER (James Warren10), b Burley, Cassia Co ID 7 Aug 1922; d 1982; m Moscow ID Apr 1943 Margaret STILLINGER, b Spokane WA. Margaret m/2 --- HAGEDORN. 

[~ Corresp:Carol Barber ~]

                 Children of James and Margaret, all born in Caracas, Venezuela:

        i         GERALD RAMON12, b 6 Jun 1951; m Marilyn BROCKMAN, b Hartford CT 26 Nov 1954.

                                           Children of Gerald and Marilyn, born in Lexington MA:

                           i                   RAMONA BROCKMAN13, b 27 Oct 1986

                           ii                   ELEANOR MACCI13, b 31 May 1990


        ii        SCOTT THOMAS12, b 11 Nov 1954; d 28 May 1981.

        iii       STEVEN CARLOS12, b 18 Aug 1958



1045. OLIVER CLYDE11 BARBER (Oliver Perry10), b Laurel, Yellowstone Co MT 18 May 1923; m Caldwell, Canyon Co ID 8 May 1943 Mable SELLS; divorced.  [~ Corresp:Carol Barber; Corresp:Annabel Humphrey ~]

                 Children of Oliver and Mable:

        i         OLIVER CLYDE12, b 23 May 1934; d Oakland CA 22 Oct 1944.

        ii        DALE EUGENE12, b Nampa, Canyon Co ID 26 Nov 1946; m Carson City NV 11 Jan 1964 Linda DAVIS, b

                    Collinsville, Tulsa Co OK 3 Aug 1937.

                                           Children of Dale and Linda:

                           i                   ROBERT EUGENE13, b Modesto, Stanislaus Co CA 2 Sep 1964

                           ii                   VALERIE LYNN13, b Misquamicut RI 8 Feb 1969


        iii       SUSAN12, b Oakland CA 10 Apr 1948; m Eugene LAMB.

                                           Child of Susan and Eugene:

                           i                   Richard Eugene LAMB13, b Caldwell ID 25 Mar 1969


        iv       RAY12, b Oakland 8 May 1949

        v        JUDY12, b Hayward, Alameda Co CA 6 Apr 1950



1046. JAMES HENRY11 BARBER (James Henry10), b San Joaquin Co CA 23 Jun 1941; m 11 Apr 1962 Janice Elizabeth ROSSI, b Sacramento CA 27 Feb 1941.

  James attended San Joaquin Delta College, and is a farmer.   [~ Corresp:Lori Blixt Remington ~]

                 Children of James and Janice, born in San Joaquin Co:

        i         EDWARD JOSEPH12, b 27 Aug 1962. He is a cook in Santa Barbara CA.

        ii        JANICE ELIZABETH12, b 28 Sep 1963; m Solvang CA 24 Jun 1989 Clint Lewis CROSBY, b 7 Nov 1957. Clint is

                    self-employed in construction.

                                           Children of Janice and Clint, born at Santa Barbara:

                           i                   Carson James CROSBY, b 3 Jul 1991

                           ii                   Sawyer Hamilton CROSBY, b 16 Apr 1995



1047. WILLIS MURLIN11 BARBER (Walter Oran10), b 1933; m Barbra HAMILTON, b 1933.

[~ Corresp:Oran Barber ~]

                 Children of Willis and Barbra:

        i         KAY ELLEN12,  ; m Rich LAUX.

                                           Children of Kay and Rich:

                           i                   Heide LAUX13,  ; m Kary WALLS

                           ii                   Ben LAUX13

                           iii                   Travis LAUX13


        ii        MICHAEL12,  ; m Rebecca MILLER.

                                           Children of Michael and Rebecca:

                           i                   KRISTIE13

                           ii                   DAVID13


        iii       MARSHA12,   ; m Randy BREHM.

                                           Children of Marsha and Randy:

                           i                   Brooke BREHM13

                           ii                   Brittaney BREHM13


        iv       MARK12,   ; m Sandra RENFRO.

                                           Children of Mark and Sandra:

                           i                   JAKE13

                           ii                   JACKOLIN13

                           iii                   JESSICA13



1048. HAROLD LEROY11 BARBER (Harold Ivan10), b Forest City, Winnebago Co IA 14 Oct 1937; d 5 Jan 1999; m Galesburg, Knox Co IL 1 Dec 1962 Dorothy Irene CRADY, b Rock Island Co IL 17 Dec 1933, daughter of Fred L and Alice M (FUHR) CRADY.  [~ Corresp: Jessie Westfall ~]

                 Children of Harold and Dorothy:

        i         DORIS JEAN (adopted),  ; m 8 May 1971 David BONEY.

                                           Children of Doris and David:

                           i                   Jason Paul BONEY13

                           ii                   Erin Lyn BONEY13,  ; m --- GRUEBEN. 


        ii        DONA SUE (adopted),   ; m/1 Gary BOWER; divorced; m/2 Randall BIVENS.

                                           Child of Dona and Gary:

                           i                   Demitra BOWER13


                                         Child of Dona and Douglas:

                           ii                   Tyler Douglas BIVENS13


        iii       DIANE MARIE adopted),   ; m/1 Donald DOYLE; divorced; m/2 Marvin KELLER; divorced;                    m/3 Eric GEHN.

                                           Child of Diane and Marvin:

                           i                   Brandy Mae KELLER13


        iv       JESSIE LOUISE12,   ; m/1 25 Jun 1988 Robert NEWTON, b 30 Sep 1967; divorced 1991; m/2 15 Jan 1994 Luke

                    Allen WESTFALL, b 13 Nov 1968.

                                           Child of Jessie and Robert:

                           i                   Austin LeRoy NEWTON13, b 16 Aug 1990


                                           Child of Jessie and Luke:

                           ii                   Nicholas Anthony James WESTFALL13, b 9 May 1995


        v        ANTHONY JAMES12 (“Tony”), b 20 Jan 1971; m 6 May 1995 Lori June ZELLMER, b 28 Jun                    1960.

                                           Children of Tony and Lori:

                           i                   DAVID JAMES13, b 28 Feb 1996

                           ii                   MEGAN IRENE13, b 19 Nov 1998



1049. EUGENE H11 BARBER (Howard10), b Heron Lake, Jackson Co MN 29 Aug 1931; m there 28 Oct 1961 Iva Del SIEVE, b Nobles Co MN 1 Jul 1937, daughter of Louis and Angeline (BRUNS) SIEVE. [~ Corresp:Beth Meyer ~]

                 Children of Eugene and Iva, all born at Worthington, Nobles Co MN:

        i         LORI12, b 5 Feb 1964; m Worthington 3 Sep 1988 Gary BERES, b 6 Oct 1961, son of Donald and Shirley (LINDNER)


                                           Children of Lori and Gary:

                           i                   Ashley BERES13, b 10 Oct 1991

                           ii                   Kyle BERES13, b 2 Nov 1993

                           iii                   Daniel BERES13, b 17 Jan 1997


        ii         STEVEN12, b 8 Apr 1965; m Worthington 17 Aug 1991 Debra PEEL, b 28 Oct 1964, daughter of Wilburn and Irene

                      (HOFFERMAN) PEEL.

                                           Children of Steven and Debra:

                           i                   EMMA13, b Boone, Boone IA IA 21 Mar 1994

                           ii                   MADELYN13, b Ames, Story Co IA 10 Apr 1996


        iii         SCOTT12, b 17 Feb 1967; m Heron Lake MN 1 Aug 1998 Shelley LESCH, b 31 Mar 1966, daughter of Loren and

                      Mary Jean (GEHRIS) LESCH.

        iv         JEFFREY12, b 5 Jan 1972



1050. LYLE11 BARBER (Howard10), b Heron Lake, Jackson Co MN 14 May 1936; m there 8 Nov 1958 Darla Mea RADEMACHER, b Ewington, Jackson Co 18 May 1940, daughter of George and Ruth (VOLZ) RADEMACHER.   [~ Corresp:Beth Meyer ~]

                  Children of Lyle and Darla:

        i          RUSSELL12, b Lakefield, Jackson Co 12 Jun 1959; m Heron Lake 14 Oct 1995 Patricia (SCHRIEBER) MARANELLE, b

                      Lakefield 20 Jun 1953, daughter of Ed and Hattie (BARTHOLOMAUS) SCHRIEBER.

        ii          RANDALL12, b Lakefield 30 Mar 1961; d 11 Jun 1974 of bone cancer.

        iii         BETH12, b Lakefield 11 Feb 1965; m Heron Lake 12 Aug 1989 Mitchell Karl MEYER, b Valparaiso, Porter Co IN 21

                     Jul 1964, son of Robert and Mildred (GUTHMILLER) MEYER. Beth supplied most of the information for this part of

                     the Genealogy.

                                           Children of Beth and Mitchell, born at Ames, Story Co IA:

                           i                   Nolan Mitchell Robert MEYER13, b 5 Apr 1993

                           ii                   Mason Lyle MEYER13, b 27 Dec 1995


        iv          JULIE12, b Lakefield 7 Jan 1967; not married.

                                           Children of Julie BARBER and Craig BROOKS:

                           i                   ZACHARY BARBER13, b Sioux Falls SD 9 Jul 1993

                           ii                   CHANNING BARBER13, twin, b Sioux Falls 9 Jul 1993



1051. LAWRENCE EUGENE11 BARBER (Lawrence Foster10), b Portland OR 25 Sep 1932; m 31 Aug 1957 Joan SHERMAN, b 15 Sep 1934; r Portland.

  Lawrence is a retired Columbia River maritime traffic manager.  [~ Corresp:Thomas S Barber ~]

                 Children of Lawrence and Joan, born in Portland:

        i         CATHERINE MAE12, b 1 Jan 1959

        ii        DAVID EUGENE12, b 31 Dec 1959; m Rene ALWINE; divorced.

                                           Child of David and Rene:

                           i                   CHRISTOPHER THOMAS13, b 16 Jul 1988


        iii       MICHAEL JOHN12, b 8 Nov 1962; and Kari CHAVEZ.

                                           Child of Michael and Kari:

                           i                   JESSICA MARIE13, b 9 Jun 1998



1052. LEWIS CHARLES11 BARBER (Lewis Grosvenor10), b Detroit MI 12 Feb 1936; m 25 May 1956 Frances Mary STOLIKER, b 29 May 1939, d 18 Apr 1991; r Detroit.  [~ Corresp:Robert C Barber ~]

                 Children of Lewis and Frances, born in Detroit:

        i         MICHAEL LEWIS12, b 24 Dec 1956; m Redford, Wayne Co MI 20 Oct 1979 Patti Jean BAIER, b 12 Mar 1959.

                                           Children of Michael and Patti:

                           i                   THOMAS MICHAEL13, b Livonia, Wayne Co MI 26 May 1981

                           ii                   REBECCA LYNN13, b Farmington, Oakland Co MI 4 Mar 1986

                           iii                   MEGAN FRANCES13, b Livonia 1 Apr 1991


        ii        LOUANN RUTH12, b 20 Oct 1959; m Farmington 25 Mar 1979 Richard Lee LEWIS, b Highland Park MI 10 Feb 1957;

                    r Royal Oak, Oakland Co.

                                           Children of Louann and Richard, born at Royal Oak:

                           i                   Joseph Lee LEWIS13, b 16 Sep 1980

                           ii                   Kristine Nicole LEWIS13, b 10 Jun 1984

                           iii                   Kathryn Lynn LEWIS13, b 2 Jan 1986


        iii       SHERI RENEE12, b 11 Jan 1965; m Redford MI 3 Jun 1984 David DANIELS, b TN;                    divorced in August 1991.

                                           Children of Sheri and David:

                           i                   Christopher Ryan DANIELS13, b LA 25 May 1985

                           ii                   Kyle James DANIELS13, b Seoul, South Korea 1 Aug 1986.



1053. RALPH LOUIS11 BARBER (Ralph Harold10), b East St Louis, St Clair Co IL 1 Jan 1922; m Union, Franklin Co MO 5 Oct 1940 Helen Theresa ELCESER, b East St Louis 27 Oct 1921, daughter of William and Lottie (MILARSKI) ELCESER.   [~ Corresp:Robert C Barber ~]

                 Children of Ralph and Helen, born at East St Louis:

 1073 i       RONALD RAY12, b 6 Oct 1942; m/1 Myra HUDSON; m/2 Muriel Pauline PINKSTON.

          ii      KATHLEEN ANN12, b 16 Oct 1944; m Belleville. St Clair Co IL 20 Jun 1964 Richard Gary BADGLEY, b Belleville 20

                    Dec 1940, son of Cletus and Verona (---) BADGLEY.

                                           Children of Kathleen and Richard, born in Belleville:

                           i                   Bruce Ronald BADGLEY13, b 2 Apr 1967; m Amelia Ann BADGLEY; r Ocoee, Orange Co FL.

                           ii                   Renee Cheri BADGLEY13, b 10 Mar 1970



1054. WILLIAM JOHN11 BARBER (William Warren10), b 24 Dec 1925; m Piggott, Clay Co AR 29 May 1949 Phyllis Maxine BELL-COKER; later divorced. Phyllis previously had a child, Deborah Jean COKER, b Evansville, Vanderburg Co IN 10 Jun 1947.  [~ Corresp:Robert C Barber ~]

                 Children of William and Phyllis, all born at East St Louis, St Clair Co IL:         

        i         WILLIAM JOHN12, b 8 Apr 1950; m 1 Mar 1985 Connie KEMPER.

        ii        JUANITA KAY12, b 17 Aug 1953; m Carl JOHNSON; r Evansville.

                                           Children of Juanita and Carl, all born in Evansville:

                           i                   Kristi Talinea JOHNSON13,  ; m Scott LeVEQUE.

                           ii                   Jeremy Heath JOHNSON13

                           iii                   Carl JOHNSON13


        iii       BEVERLY SUE12, b 26 Sep 1956; m Evansville 15 May 1976 Glenn Alan HOUSTON, b there           12 Jan 1956.

                                           Children of Beverly and Glenn:

                           i                   Laura Ann HOUSTON13, b Evansville; m William E HOGAN, Jr.

                           ii                   Jennifer Lynn HOUSTON13, b Evansville

                           iii                  Matthew Todd HOUSTON13, b Jefferson City, Cole Co MO



1055. HAROLD LEE11 BARBER (William Warren10), b East St Louis, St Clair Co IL 8 Nov 1927; m 1961 Shirley Jean (ANDERSON) (DUNN) BURGOON, b 2 Feb 1935, d 25 Apr 1981. Shirley had 3 children by her prior marriages: Sandra Kay DUNN, b 14 Sep 1951; Mary Alice BURGOON, b 5 Sep 1956; and Debra Ann BURGOON, b 8 Dec 1958, who died with 2 half-sisters in a house fire in Collinsville, Madison Co IL 26 Feb 1966.

  Harold served in the Korean War, and fought in many battles against the North Korean and Chinese forces. He was lucky in that he was not seriously wounded.  [~ Corresp:Robert C Barber ~]

                 Children of Harold and Shirley, all born in East St Louis:

        i         HAROLD LEE12, b 25 May 1960

        ii        JANET ANN12, 25 May 1961; d 26 Feb 1966 in the house fire.

        iii       WILLIAM FRED12, b 2 Jul 1962; m/1 Granite City, Madison Co IL 8 Aug 1988 Sharon Kay UHLS; she had no

                    children; m/2 Granite City 11 Nov 1997 Tina Kay MEDLEY, b there 7 Dec 1971, daughter of Paul Diebert and

                    Sandra Lee Pearl Margaret (GRILL) MEDLEY.

                                           Children of William and Tina:

                           i                   ZACHARY PAUL13, b Clayton, St Louis Co MO

                           ii                   MARISSAH KAY13, b Wood River, Madison Co IL


        iv       TAMMY LEA12, b 15 Feb 1964; m/1 20 Jun 1987 Lawrence MARTIN; divorced; she m/2 22 Jun 1991 Edward

                      MOAD; divorced; m/3 --- WOODARD.

                                           Child of Tammy and --- WOODARD:

                           i                   Daniel Joseph WOODARD13


        v        SHARON ROSE12, b 25 Aug 1965; d 26 Feb 1966, the third victim of the house fire.

        vi       DAVID KEITH12, b 31 Jan 1967; he is the natural father of 2 children:

                                           Child of David and Leanna KAMP (not married):

                           i                   BRITTANI DEANN JOYCE13, b St Louis MO


                                          Child of David and Stefany AMELUNG (not married):

                           ii                   AVENUE NICOLE13, b St Louis


        vii      ROBERT CLARK12,   ; died in infancy.



1056. EDWARD LEWIS11 BARBER (William Warren10), b 29 Apr 1929; m St Johann, Austria 15 Nov 1952 Sophie PIMPER, b                    Bruck, Austria 13 Sep 1924, daughter of Johann and Anna (TRAXLER) PIMPER.

  Edward served in the US Army for almost 22 years, including service in Italy, Austria and Germany.

[~ Corresp:Robert C Barber ~]

                 Children of Edward and Sophie:

        i         SIGMUND JOHANN12, b Taxenbach, Austria 5 May 1948. He was a natural son of Sophie, adopted by Edward after

                    their marriage. Sigmund m Albany NY 5 Dec 1970 Judith BROWN. Sigmund teaches at Grinnell College.

                                           Children of Sigmund and Judi, born at Grinnell, Poweshiek Co IA:              

                           i                   MELISSA ANN13,

                           ii                   JESSICA13, b


        ii        MARIA ANNA12, b Nurnburg, Germany 6 May 1964



1057. LOUIS THOMAS11 BARBER (William Warren10), b East St Louis, IL 4 Jul 1931; m Centreville, St Clair Co IL 11 May 1959 Donna Maxine CLOSSEN, b East St Louis 26 Feb 1939, daughter of August Antone, Jr and Ruby Mae (RAINWATER) CLOSSEN.  [~ Corresp: Robert C Barber ~]

                 Children of Louis and Donna:

        i         CHARLES L12, b Belleville, St Clair Co 7 Aug 1956. He was a child of Donna, and was adopted by Louis after their

                    marriage; m 31 May 1975 Elaine Louella WURTH, daughter of Frank G and Annie Aurora (ROHMAN) WURTH;

                    divorced in 1980; he m/2 Murphysboro, Jackson Co IL 25 Nov 1990 Deborah Louise WILLIAMS, b Murphysboro 24

                    Jul 1973, daughter of Lewis and Helen (LIPE) WILLIAMS. 

                                           Children of Charles and Elaine, born at Belleville:

                           i                   CHARLES JEREMY13

                           ii                   RANDY LOUIS13  

                           iii                   CHRISTOPHER ROBERT13


                                           Child of Charles and Melenie WEYLAND (unmarried):

                           iv                   MARIAH LEE ALEXANDER13, ; lives with her mother.


                                           Children of Charles and Deborah, born in Murphysboro:

                           v                   KRYSTAL NICHOLE13

                           vi                   DAWNA L13


        ii        EVELYN MAE12, b Centreville 29 Jun 1960; m Willard BRADLEY; divorced Oct 1999.

                                           Children of Evelyn and Willard, born in DuQuoin, Perry Co IL:

                           i                   William Farrell BRADLEY13

                           ii                   Ashley Ann BRADLEY13


        iii       LOIS ANN12, b Centreville 15 Aug 1962; m Douglas HUGHES; divorced in Jan 1999.

                                           Child of Lois and Douglas:

                           i                   Christopher Douglas HUGHES13, b Belleville 22 Aug 1981


        iv       LOUIS THOMAS12, b Centreville



1058. BYRON JAMES11 BARBER (William Warren10), b 20 Mar 1939; m Waterloo, Monroe Co IL 15 Mar 1965 Lorilee Muriel BOWERS, b St Louis MO 25 May 1944, daughter of Walter Lee and Lorna Jean (GIDEON) BOWERS.  [~ Corresp:Robert C Barber ~]

                 Children of Byron and Lorilee, all born at Belleville, St Clair Co IL:

        i         VICTORIA LYNN12, b 19 Apr 1967; m Stephen Gerard NAST, b Belleville, son of Harold Edgar and Joyce Ann

                     (KEIM) NAST; r Belleville.

                                           Children of Victoria and Stephen:

                           i                   Amanda Marie NAST13, b Belleville

                           ii                   Courtney Lynn NAST13, b Belleville


        ii         KELLY JEAN12, b 9 Aug 1968; m Doe Run, St Francois Co MO 17 Mar 1990 Charles Eugene GRAHAM, b Bonne

                    Terre, St Francois Co 28 Mar 1970, son of Bobby Gene and Joann (WILSON) GRAHAM.

                                           Children of Kelly and Charles, born at Fredericktown, Madison Co MO:

                           i                   AMBER LYNN BARBER13

                           ii                   Brandon Charles GRAHAM13


        iii        JAMES LEE12, b 22 Aug 1970; m/1 Fredericktown, Madison Co MO 3 Jun 1991 Dawn Renee CALL; divorced 27 Oct

                    1996; he m/2 Potosi, Washington Co MO 29 Nov 1996 Shelly Ann NALLEY, b Leroy, McClure Co IL 23 Jan 1972,

                    daughter of Thomas Eugene and Via Elizabeth Beck (RUCK) NALLEY.  Shelly m/1 --- VERNON, and had 2

                    children: Eric Jay VERNON, b Perryville, Perry Co MO 19 Aug 1992, and Cody Lee VERNON, b Perryville 8 Dec


                                           Child of James and Dawn:

                           i                   BYRON JAMES13, b Fredericktown


        iv        THOMAS RAY12, b 31 Jan 1972; m Doe Run, St Francois Co MO 2 Oct 1999 Robin Joann TURPIN, daughter of

                      Robert Earl and Darlene Viola (PERKINS) TURPIN, and sister of Pattie who m Thomas’s brother Shannon (below).

        v         PENNY MARIE12, b 22 Aug 1973; m Fredericktown 27 Aug 1994 Vincent Angelo DeFLIPO-O’BRIEN II, b St Louis

                      MO 4 Jun 1961, son of Vincent Angelo and Billie Jeanne (RILEY) DeFLIPO. Vincent was adopted by Patrick

                      O’BRIEN. Vincent m/1 Kelly O’BRIEN; divorced; they had a son Samuel O’BRIEN, b Fredericktown 3 Mar 1991.

                      Both boys, Samuel and Vincent III are with Penny and Vincent.

                                           Child of Penny and Vincent:

                           i                   Vincent Angelo O’BRIEN III13, b Farmington, St Francois Co MO


        vi        SHANNON PAUL12, b 9 Jun 1975; m Doe Run, St Francois Co MO 16 Oct 1993 Pattie Earlene TURPIN, b St Louis

                    MO 4 Jan 1976, daughter of Robert Earl and Darlene Viola (PERKINS) TURPIN.

                                           Children of Shannon and Pattie:

                           i                   SHANNON PAUL13, b Fredericktown

                           ii                   CHAD JAMES13, b Fredericktown

                           iii                   ROBERT WADE13, b Fredericktown

                           iv                   TAYLOR RAYANN13, b Arnold, Jefferson Co MO



1059. RALPH HAROLD11 BARBER (William Warren10), b 9 Aug 1940; d in an auto accident near Greenville, Bond Co IL 8 Aug 1980; m Washington Park, St Clair Co IL 5 Oct 1963 Pamela FORTNER, b Anderson, Madison Co IN 8 Oct 1944, daughter of George and Juanita Judy FORTNER.  [~ Corresp:Robert C Barber ~]

                 Children of Ralph and Pamela:

        i        SHERRY LYNN12, b Centreville, St Clair Co 5 Jun 1964; m Thomas KOONTZ; divorced.

                                           Children of Sherry and Thomas:

                           i                   Mandy Marie KOONTZ13, b Breese, Clinton Co IL

                           ii                   Lauren Michelle KOONTZ13, b Breese


        ii       TINA MARIE12, b Centreville 13 Apr 1966; m Mulberry Grove, Bond Co IL 16 Mar 1985 Jeffery Thomas KOONTZ,

                    son of Thomas and Judy KOONTZ.

                                           Children of Tina and Jeffery:

                           i                   Robert Wayne KOONTZ13, b Mountain Home, Elmore Co ID

                           ii                   Tyler Jeffery KOONTZ13, b Greenville, Bond Co IL


        iii      WILLIAM WARREN12, b Belleville, St Clair Co 20 Sep 1967; m Lebanon, Laclede Co MO                    Lori THURMAN.

                                           Children of William and Lori:

                           i                   CHANDITY NICOLE13

                           ii                   HALEY13

                           iii                   MORGAN LEANN13


        iv      SCOTT ALLEN12, b Belleville 16 Nov 1970; m Greenville IL 18 Nov 1994 Shonda Lea SCOTT, b Greenville May

                    1971, daughter of Michael and Donna SCOTT.

                                           Children of Scott and Shonda, born at Breese IL:

                           i                   JACOB ALLEN13

                           ii                   SHELBY REED13



1060. OSCAR11 BARBER (John Chandler10),  ; m/1 Gracie ---; m/2 Judy MAILER.  [~ Corresp: Robert C Barber ~]

                 Children of Oscar and Gracie:

        i         PENNY ANN12,  ; m --- ROSE.

        ii        CHRISTOPHER JOHN12,  ; m ---.


                            i                   TRAVIS13


        iii       HELEN LOUISE12,  ; m/1 Mike McALLISTER; divorced: she m/2 Mark BURROUGHS.

                                           Child of Helen and Mike:

                           i                   Anna McALLISTER


                                           Children of Helen and Mark:

                           ii                   Mirissa BURROUGHS13

                           iii                   Miranda BURROUGHS13

                           iv                   Preston BURROUGHS13


        iv       JULIA LEE12,  ; m Alan FOSTER.

                                           Child of Julia and Alan:

                           i                   David FOSTER13



1061. THOMAS R11 BARBER (John Chandler10), b East St Louis, St Clair Co IL 13 Aug 1943; m 3 Jun 1966 Watie Bell BOLLINGER, b Silva, Wayne Co MO 26 Feb 1948, daughter of Garland Dalton and Abbe BOLLINGER. 

[~ Corresp:Robert C Barber ~]

                 Children of Thomas and Watie:

        i         JOHN THOMAS12, b St Louis MO 6 Jul 1967

        ii        HELEN MARIE12, b Poplar Bluff, Butler Co MO 28 Jun 1969; m --- WHITE; divorced.

                                           Children of Helen and --- WHITE, all born at Poplar Bluff:

                           i                   M Robert WHITE13, b 9 Nov 1994

                           ii                  V Joseph WHITE13, b 22 May 1996

                           iii                   Mary Margaret WHITE13, b 2 Sep 1998


        iii       MARY MAUDE12, b Poplar Bluff 2 Sep 1970; m Matt McFADDEN.

                                           Children of Mary and Matt:

                           i                   Malachi Neal MCFADDEN13, b Poplar Bluff 24 May 1992

                           ii                   Malarie Michelle McFADDEN13, b Poplar Bluff 22 Sep 1994


        iv       ROBERT WAYNE12, b Poplar Bluff 13 Jul 1972



1062. ROBERT HENRY11 BARBER (Kenneth Franklin10), b Johnson City, Broome Co NY 30 Jun 1928; m Binghamton NY 28 Jun 1952 Carlita Mae WILLIAMS, b Wilkes Barre PA 2 Oct 1932; r Binghamton NY, and later Chelmsford MA.   [~ Corresp:Robert H Barber ~]

                 Children of Robert and Carlita:

        i         BRIAN WILLIAM12, b 29 Jul 1955; m 14 Jul 1978 Kathlyen Marie SNYDER, b Binghamton 13 Jul 1956; r


                                           Children of Brian and Kathlyen, born at Binghamton:

                           i                   JARED WILLIAM13, b 5 Mar 1986

                           ii                   KAYLA MARIE13, b 15 Apr 1988


        ii         CHERYL ANN12, b 8 Dec 1957; m Tacoma WA 11 Apr 1986 Mitchell FORRY, b 19 Nov 1960.

        iii        TIMOTHY ROBERT12, b 15 Jun 1962; m St Petersburgh FL 13 Jun 1985 Deborah Frances KILBOURNE, b 18 May


                                           Children of Timothy and Deborah:

                           i                   MAXWELL TODD13, b 22 Nov 1993

                           ii                   MADISON CLAIRE13, b 5 Jan 1996



1063. DONALD WAYNE11 BARBER (Wayne10), b Marion, Polk Co OR 16 Apr 1934; m Mildred PATRICK.  [~ Corresp:Yvonne Recker ~]

                 Children of Donald and Mildred:

        i         DAROLD WAYNE12, b 19 Apr 1955; m Brenda BOOTH.

        ii        DEAN12, , b 1956; m Catherine DENDICK.

                                           Child of Dean and Catherine:

                           i                   JASON13


        iii       CHRISTINE MARIE12, b 21 Dec 1957



1064. MARION CALVIN11 BARBER (James Calvin10), b Dell, Mississippi Co AR 28 Feb 1938; m Booneville, Prentiss Co MS 15 Jun 1957 Joyce Dean GREENE, b Booneville 21 Jul 1940, daughter of Herman Lamar and Vivian (WILLIAMS) GREENE; r Booneville.   [~ Corresp:Keith Barber ~]

                 Children of Marion and Joyce:

        i        JIMMY ALLEN12, b Booneville 5 Jul 1959; m Verona, Lee Co MS 29 May 1981 Brenda Joyce SCHUMPERT, b

                    Tupelo, Lee Co 16 Apr 1962.

                                           Child of Jimmy and Brenda, born at Tupelo:

                           i                   KADIE LYNN13, b 24 Nov 1989

                           ii                   KACIE DAWN13, b 18 Oct 1995


        ii       NORA DEAN12, b Memphis TN 7 Oct 1964; m Tupelo 1 Jul 1983 Anthony Reece BROWN, b Kosciusko, Attala Co

                    MS 25 Jun 1962, son of Johny Reece and Mary Jenette (WHITFIELD) BROWN.

                                           Children of Nora and Anthony, born at Tupelo:

                           i                   Deana Marie BROWN13, b 26 Oct 1986

                           ii                   Andrew Calvin BROWN13, b 19 Jun 1990


        iii      EUNICE EASOLINE12, b Booneville 10 Dec 1966; m Hamilton, Monroe Co AL 10 Jun 1988 Barry Real FREDERICK,

                    b Hamilton 27 Nov 1967.

                                           Child of Eunice and Barry:

                           i                   Barry Real FREDERICK13, b Tupelo 15 Oct 1990

                           ii                   Cody James FREDERICK13, b 13 Mar 1992

                           iii                   Dalton Joe FREDERICK13, b 1997



1065. GARY MICHAEL11 BARBER (Joseph William10), b Kansas City MO 29 Jul 1950; m/1 there 3 Feb 1972 Bonnie Lou WAGGONER, b Carrollton, Carroll Co, MO 30 Sep 1953; r La Cygne, Linn Co KS.  

  Gary m/2 La Cygne, KS 4 May 1991, Carrie Fern (STANFILL) NELSON, b Bates Co MO 14 Jun 1940, daughter of Carl Walton and Francile (RUDDELL) STANFILL. Bonnie, his first wife, moved to Glade Valley, Alleghany Co NC, with the minor children. Gary is a welder for Kansas City Power and Light Company. [~ Corresp:Keith Barber ~]

                 Children of Gary and Bonnie, born at Kansas City MO:

        i         MARGARET SUE12, b 11 Apr 1971; not married; r Kansas City.

                                           Child of Margaret and Michael ANDERSON:

                           i                   Joshua Michael ANDERSON13, b Kansas City 24 May 1990.


        ii        KIMBERLY ANN12, b 10 Jul 1972; not married.

                                           Child of Kimberly and ‑‑‑ PALMYRE:

                           i                   Justin Lee PALMYRE13, b NC 1991


        iii       GEORGANNA IRENE12, b 9 Jun 1974

        iv       GARY JOSEPH12, b 28 Jun 1977



1066. WINSTON EUGENE11 BARBER (Leon Eugene10), b Signal Mountain, Hamilton Co TN 14 Nov 1934; m Ringold GA 14 Jun 1959 Dorothy Mae ROBERSON, b Sergent, Letcher Co KY 31 Aug 1938, daughter of James Tullens and Vesta (EARLS) ROBERSON; r Chattanooga TN.  [~ Corresp:T Andrew Barber ~]

                 Children of Winston and Dorothy:

        i         WINSTON EUGENE12, JR, b Chattanooga 15 Jul 1960; m there 2 Aug 1985 Melissa Diane McMILLAN, b Fort Worth

                    TX 15 Jun 1967; r Chattanooga.

                                           Children of Winston, Jr. and Melissa, born in Chattanooga:

                           i                   TIFFANY MARIE13, b 10 Apr 1988

                           ii                   HEATHER RENEE13, b 8 Nov 1990

                           iii                   JOSHUA BRADLEY13, b 27 Oct 1994


        ii        BARRY DELAND12, b Chattanooga 9 Feb 1962; m/1 Dunlap, Sequatchie Co TN 14 Apr 1985                    Marilyn ROSS, b

                    Jackson, Madison Co TN 20 Apr 1961; m/2 Dunlap 3 Jan 1993 Barbara Joyce MILLWOOD, b 1958; m/3 Signal

                    Mountain 9 Apr 1994 Lisa Diane MILLIGAN, b 1968.

                                           Child of Barry and Marilyn:

                           i                   RICHARD SHANE13, b 29 Apr 1987


                                           Child of Barry and Lisa:

                          ii                   SETH ALLEN13, b 18 May 1995


        iii       CAROL DIANE12, b 3 Jun 1970

        iv       TERESA GAIL12, b 2 May 1972



1067. RONALD SPAULDING11 BARBER (Leon Eugene10), b Signal Mountain, Hamilton Co TN 20 Jul 1943; m/1 Margaret Lenore LILLARD, b Chattanooga TN 22 Oct 1945, daughter of Cecil Abraham and Dorothy Dell (CORVIN) LILLARD.

  Ronald m/2 Nancy Virginia ANDERSON, b Chattanooga 3 Jun 1945, daughter of Peter Minor and Mary Lee (ABEL) ANDERSON.  [~ Corresp:T Andrew Barber ~]

                 Children of Ronald and Margaret, born in Chattanooga:

        i         CATHERINE MARIE12, b 7 Aug 1970

        ii        TIMOTHY ANDREW12, b 20 May 1974; m Chattanooga 13 Sep 1997 Rebecca Ann VARNELL, b Chattanooga 27 Jul

                    1976, daughter of Howard Douglas VARNELL. Andy has provided all the information for this branch of the family.

                                           Child of T Andrew and Rebecca:

                           i                    TAYLOR ANN13, b 22 Mar 1998



1068. JAMES ALLEN11 BARBER (Horace Martin10), b Bristol CT 25 Sep 1938; m/1 Nila ‑‑‑; they had no children; r Bristol, and in North Tarrytown NY.  They soon divorced.

  Jim m/2 Salisbury MD 8 Jul 1964 Sharon Mae “Sheri” RONAGHAN, b Hartford CT 29 Mar 1944, daughter of Edward Oliver and Sonia (ZARICK) RONAGHAN.

  Jim was in the Army, 1969‑72. He worked for a time at the General Motors assembly plant in Tarrytown. Jim and Sheri were divorced in Aug 1986. He now lives with Julie NEWLIN in Burlington CT. Sheri attended the University of Connecticut in Storrs CT, and had a Glass Etching business in Bristol. She now lives with Bryan Joseph PERRY, and works as a customer service representative at Stanley Works in New Britain CT.   [~ Barber family rec ~]

                 Children of Jim and Sheri, born at Bristol:

        i         DAWN SHERI12, b 4 Mar 1966; m/1 24 Jan 1986 Glen STONE, b Bristol 13 Apr 1964, son of Robert Ellsworth and

                    Beverly (BARTELL) STONE; divorced; she m/2 1997 John ROCANELLO; r Clinton CT. Dawn owns her own

                    business: Coogin’s Framing Gallery, where she also does some glass etching.

                                           Children of Dawn and Glen, born at Bristol:

                           i                   Candice Nichole STONE13, b 11 Aug 1986

                           ii                   Eric Robert STONE13, b 27 May 1988


        ii        DANA SHAY12, b 17 Oct 1970; m Douglas OLSEN; r Natick MA. Dana attended Northeastern University in Boston

                    MA, studying Business Administration.

                                           Child of Dana and Douglas:

                           i                   Tyler James OLSEN, b 28 May 1998



1069. MARSHALL FREDERICK11 BARBER (Marshall Hinsdale10), b Harwinton CT 12 Nov 1934; m 19 Nov 1955 Barbara WALTZ; r Watertown CT. Marshall works for the U S Post Office Department. [~ Vital rec:CT; Barber family rec ~]

                 Children of Marshall and Barbara:

        i         MARSHALL12, b 1958

        ii        PETER12, b 1960; m Watertown 21 Jun 1985 Patricia DONAHOE.

                                           Child of Peter and Patricia:

                           i                   ALYSSA M13, b 2 Jan 1988


        iii       KEVIN12, b 1963

        iv       HOLLY S12, b 1966; m Mar 1988 Michael BALZANO.



1070. FRED TIMOTHY11 BARBER (Marshall Hinsdale10), b Harwinton CT 15 Jul 1939; m Lois Smith; r Prospect CT.   [~ Barber family rRec; Vital Rec:CT ~]

                 Children of Fred and Lois:

        i         KATHY12,  ; m Robert HARVEY.

                                           Child of Kathy and Robert:

                           i                   Robert HARVEY13, Jr., b 11 Dec 1989


        ii        RICHARD12







1071. DUANE EDWARD12 BARBER (Duane Edward11), b 24 Jun 1954; m Cuba 5 May 1973 Pamela STOCKING, b Cuba 24 Jul 1953, daughter of Harold and Evelyn (GIBOO) STOCKING.    [~ Corresp:Carol Barber ~]

                 Children of Duane and Pamela, all born in Cuba:

        i         JASON EDWARD13, b 4 Apr 1974

        ii        JOSHUA CODY13, b 27 Sep 1976

        iii       ABIGAIL LYNN13, b 19 Feb 1980; met Phillip ROGERS.

                                           Child of Abigail and Phillip:

                           i                   Amanda Gail ROGERS14, b Olean, Cattaraugus Co NY 10 Dec 1999


        iv       LUCAS MATTHEW13, b 19 Nov 1982



1072. DOUGLAS EUGENE12 BARBER (Duane Edward11), b 7 Feb 1961; m/1 Letchworth, Livingston Co NY 7 Nov 1983 Beth SOLAT, b Williamsville, Erie Co NY, daughter of Alexander and Shirley (ROACH) SOLAT; divorced 1986; he met/2 1991 Judith DOMBEK; he m/3 Black Creek NY 15 Aug 1998 Carol Jean (LAFFERTY) DOWNEY, b Cuba 20 Nov 1954, daughter of Norman Lewis and Joyce Shirley (SANDERS) LAFFERTY.

  Carol was previously married to Keith Bernard DOWNEY, and had Jennifer Anne, b 25 Feb 1979, and Steven Christopher, b 12 Mar 1982. They divorced in May 1985. Carol then had a child, Erin Elizabeth, b 13 Feb 1986, whose father is James J ARMSTRONG. Carol provided the family information for this section of the book.  [~ Corresp:Carol Barber ~]

                 Children of Douglas and Beth:

        i         SHELLY RAE13, b Buffalo, Erie Co NY 16 Jul 1979; she met Jason DAVIS.

                                           Child of Shelly and Jason:

                           i                   Alexis Skye DAVIS14, b Fredericksburg VA 6 Apr 1998


        ii        CHAD DOUGLAS13, b Buffalo 10 Aug 1984


                 Child of Douglas and Judith:

        iii        NICOLE CHRISTINE13 DOMBEK, b 15 Dec 1991



1073. RONALD RAY12 BARBER (Ralph Louis11), b East St Louis, St Clair Co IL 6 Oct 1942; m/1 Myra HUDSON; divorced 30 Oct 1987.

  Ronald m/2 Belleville, St Clair Co 29 Sep 1995 Muriel Pauline PINKSTON, b St Louis MO 30 Oct 1946. 

[~ Corresp:Robert C Barber ~]

                 Children of Ronald and Myra, both born at Belleville:

        i         BRIAN LOUIS13, b 26 May 1970; m 6 Jun 1995 Sonya ---; later divorced.

                                           Child of Brian and Sonya:

                           i                   PHOENIX14, b La Mirada, Los Angeles Co CA 14 Aug 1996


        ii        CHRISTOPHER PARKS13, b 7 Jul 1976; m Waterloo, Monroe Co IL 6 Jun 1998 Aerica Susanne DREPS, b Belleville

                    12 Feb 1978, daughter of Mike and Sherry DREPS.

                                           Child of Christopher and Aerica:

                           i                   TRISTAN LOUIS14, b Belleville 17 Aug 1999









 If the reference stating Jonathan Barber was from Simsbury CT is correct, Jonathan must be a descendant of Thomas Barber of Windsor, since these were the only Barbers in Simsbury.   



Head of family, birth year, family number:

Alice, 187?, 10

Almon, 1833, 11

Bidwell J, 1880, 13

Caroline M, 1808, 3

Catherine P, 1924, 14

Cornelia, 1847, 8

David, 1763, 2

David, 1826, 5

David L, 1852, 7,10

David L, 1877, 10

David R, 1813, 6

Electa M, 1803, 3

George, 1817, 4

George S, 1911, 13

George W, 1816, 8

Harold G, 1901, 10

Hiram, 1800, 5

Hiram, 1835, 5

Hiram C, 1813, 7

James M, 1842, 6

Jane F, 1932, 14

John C, 1878, 12

John L, 1926, 14

Jonathan, 1740, 1

Linus G, 1905, 12

Loren, 1806, 9

Louise A, 1902, 12

Ralph B, 1901, 14

Ruby R, 1810, 3

Stephen, 1777, 4

Stephen C, 1827, 9

Virginia M, 1938, 14

Willard S, 1861, 11

William N, 1774, 3

William N, 1818, 3

William P, 182?, 5



Name, Birth year, Family Number

Baker, Hannah, 1771, 2

Castle, Ardella, 182?, 5

Clark, Lydia, 1780, 4

Cooper, Jabesh, 1801, 3

Cummings, Katherine, 1878, 12

Denio, Guy, 1801, 3

Doane, Louisa, 1836, 11

Dusenbery, John, 1829, 3

Griffen, 182?, 5

Hasbrook, Walter, 190?, 12

Hibbard, Stephen, 184?, 8

Hickok, Mary, 182?, 9

Kangas, Eleanor, 192?, 14

Mains, Mary, 188?, 13

Marseilles, Catherine, 191?, 13

Martin, Susan, 1869, 10

Morrison, Lillian, 1911, 12

Munger, Ellen, 1859, 10

Ouillette, Mildred, 1904, 10

Osborne, Olive, 181?, 7

Putnam, Forrest, 193?, 14

Rhodes, James, 192?, 14

Rice, Olive, 181?, 6

Rich, Margaret, 184?, 6

Root, Lucia/Jennie, 1863, 11

Rossman, Elizabeth, 1777, 3

Seelye, Salome, 180?, 5

Slattery, Julia, 1901, 14

Snoddy, Eliza, 1853, 10

Spink, Laura, 182?, 9

Ward, Harold, 193?, 14





1. JONATHAN1 BARBER, b ?Simsbury CT 1739/40; d Whitehall, Washington Co NY 16 Nov 1824 “age 84”; m Grace ‑‑‑, b 1743/4, d 18 Jun 1824 “age 80”; r Hebron, Washington Co in 1790, and Whitehall in 1800. Jonathan served in the Revolutionary War, in 1777, from Charlotte Co NY.

  They are buried on the Lulu and Gordon Gould Farm in North Whitehall. In 1790 they had two sons under 16, and one daughter with them. In 1800 they had 1 son and 1 daughter, b 1775-85.  [~ His Will, filed 1825; Betty Buckell Manuscript; "Settlers of the Beekman Patent",1993,Doherty; censuses ~]

                 Children of Jonathan and Grace:

 2     i         DAVID2, b ?Walloomsac or Loomschayk, Rensselaer Co NY 20 Mar 1763; m Hannah BAKER.

        ii        ?JONATHAN2, b 1790-95; m ---, b about 1795; r Whitehall in 1820,30; censuses show 3 sons and 1 daughter. In

                    1820 they lived next to Jonathan, Sr.

        iii       POLLY2,  ; living in 1825

        iv       ABIGAIL2,  ;  Either Polly or Abigail m Edward ROSSMAN.

 3     v        WILLIAM N2, b Hebron 1774; m Elizabeth ROSSMAN, sister of Edward.

        vi       ISAAC2, ; living in 1825.

        vii      DANIEL2, ; living in 1825.

 4     viii     STEPHEN2, b 1777; m Lydia CLARK.





2. DAVID2 BARBER (Jonathan1), b ?Walloomsac, Rennselaer Co NY 20 Mar 1763; d Fort Ann, Washington Co NY 9 Aug 1833; m Hannah BAKER, b about 1771, d 11 Mar 1839 at “age 68”; r Hebron, Washington Co. They moved to Ft Ann in 1801.

  David enlisted from Hebron in 1780, and served as a Private in the NY Militia during the Revolution. [~ Betty Buckell Manuscript; NY Revolutionary Pensioners ~]

                 Children of David and Hannah, born at Hebron NY:

        i         POLLY3, b 1793; d 1869; m Ransom OSGOOD; went west with her brother Hiram; r WI.

        ii        ?ANN3, b 1795/6; d 19 Jul 1839.

 5     iii       HIRAM3, b 25 Jan 1800; m Salome SEELYE.

 6     iv       ?DAVID R3, b 1813; m Olive S RICE.

        v        ?DELIA3,   ; m 1827 Calvin S WILSON, b Rupert VT 1806, son of Erastus and Theodosia (NOBLE) WILSON; r

                    Horicon, Dodge Co WI. [~ CT Hist Soc:Noble Gen ~]



3. WILLIAM N2 BARBER (Jonathan1), b Hebron, Washington Co NY 1774; d Chazy, Clinton Co NY 11 Jul 1825; m Elizabeth ROSSMAN, b Salem, Washington Co Feb 1777; d Chazy 10 May 1855; r Chazy, where they moved in about 1796.   [~ Betty Buckell Manuscript; Corresp:Thomas King; Corresp:Faith Cooper; History of Chazy; 1820,30 census:Chazy ~]

                 Children of William and Elizabeth, the first born at Hebron, the rest at Chazy:

        i         POLLY3, b 1799

        ii        ELECTA MARIA3, b 5 Sep 1803; d Chazy 13 Mar 1891; m there 1824 Jabesh COOPER, b Chazy 19 Feb 1801, d

                    there 29 Sep 1869, son of Thomas and Polly (---) COOPER; r Chazy.

                                           Children of Electa and Jabesh, born at Chazy:

                           i                   Charlotte Elizabeth COOPER4, b 4 Feb 1825; m Elbridge Gerry BORDWELL; r Chazy.

                           ii                   Cornelia COOPER4, 1831; m/1 Orange STAFFORD; m/2 Minos McROBERTS.

                           iii                   William Edwin COOPER4, b Mar 1836; m Julia A STODDARD; they had 6 children; r Chazy.

                           iv                   Edgar L COOPER4,  ; m/1 Edna GRAVES; m/2 Cecelia ROSSMAN; they had 5 children; r Chazy.

                           v                   George COOPER4, 1841; m Martha M SHUTE; r Champlain, Clinton Co, and Whallonsburg, Essex Co

                                                       NY; they had 2 children.

                           vi                   Ann Elizabeth COOPER4, b about 1843; m Guerdon E COOPER; they had 6 children; r Clinton Co NY.


        iii       DAVID C3, b 1805

        iv       JONATHAN L3, b 1806; m ---; 1830 Chazy census shows 1 girl b 1825-30.

        v        CAROLINE M3, b 16 Mar 1808; m John Benjamin DUSENBERY, b Addison or South Hero VT 1 Jun 1802, d

                    Oakland CA 10 Apr 1892, son of William and Ruth (ANDREWS) DUSENBERY.

                                           Children of Caroline and John:

                           i                   William Carey Nobles DUSENBERY4, b East Chazy, Clinton Co NY 10 Jun 1829; d Kankakee,

                                                     Kankakee Co IL 6 Jul 1900; m Helen M BARNES.

                           ii                   George A DUSENBERY4, b Chazy 16 May 1831; m Cordelia C ---.

                           iii                   Henry Phelps DUSENBERY4, b North Montreal QB 26 Feb 1834

                           iv                   Lydia M DUSENBERY4, b Montreal QB 20 Feb 1836

                           v                   Myron T DUSENBERY4, b Brunswick, Rensselaer Co NY 17 Jul 1838; d Oakland CA about 1928

                           vi                   John Benjamin DUSENBERY4, b Brunswick 10 Nov 1840; d 7 Jul 1842

                           vii                  John Benjamin DUSENBERY4, b Poestenkill, Rensselaer Co 14 Sep 1844; d 4 Oct 1852

                           viii                  Infant4, b Poestenkill 4 Jan 1847; d there 26 Jan 1847


        vi       RUBY R3, b 1810; m Chazy Oct 1828 Guy B DENIO, b Alburg VT 29 Mar 1801, d Chazy 2 Jul 1882, son of Eli and

                    Margaret (BURGHARDT) DENIO; r Canada, and Chazy.   [~ Lineages, Inc at ~]

                                           Children of Ruby and Guy:

                           i                   Caroline DENIO4, b 1833

                           ii                   Electa DENIO4, b 1835

                           iii                   Frances DENIO4, b 1837

                           iv                   William DENIO4, b Chazy 1838

                           v                   Albert DENIO4, b 1841


 7     vii      HIRAM CADY3, b 1813; m Olive OSBORNE

 8     viii     GEORGE W3, b 6 Aug 1816; m Hannah ---.

        ix       WILLIAM N3, b 18 Aug 1818; d Clinton Co NY after 1868; m Mary ---, b NY 1819.

                                           Child of William N and Mary:

                           i                   WEALTHY4, b Chazy 1846



4. STEPHEN2 BARBER (Jonathan1), b probably Washington Co NY 1777; d there 18 Jul 1825; m Wells VT 14 Feb 1805 Lydia CLARK, b about 1780; r Whitehall, Washington Co.     [~ Betty Buckell Manuscript ~]

                 Children of Stephen and Lydia, born at Whitehall:

        i         STEPHEN3, b 1800?; d Whitehall 18 Jul 1824 at “age 24”.

 9     ii        LOREN3, b 1806; m Betsy ‑‑‑.

        iii       BETSY3, b 1809; d Whitehall 22 Dec 1812.

        iv       GEORGE3, b 1817; ? m Mariah ‑‑‑; r Whitehall. [~ 1850 census:Whitehall ~]

                                           Children of George and Mariah, born in Washington Co:

                           i                   STEPHEN4, b 1845

                           ii                   MARTHA4, b 1847

                           iii                   MARY4, b 1847

                   1810 census shows another girl b 1800-10, and a girl b 1794-1800.







5. "JUDGE" HIRAM3 BARBER (David2), b Hebron, Washington Co NY 25 Jan 1800; d 23 Oct 1888; m 8 Apr 1824 Salome SEELYE; r Hebron, Queensburg, Warren Co NY, and Horicon, Dodge Co WI. Hiram went to Wisconsin with his 6 children after the death of his wife.  [~ Betty Buckell Manuscript; Godfrey Mem Lib:Historical Encyclopedia of IL,1920, byBateman et al: Biography of Reuben Seelye Barber ~]

                 Children of Hiram and Salome:

       i          DAVID4, b 1826; m/1 Lois GRIFFEN, who d 1871; m/2 Luzene ARNOLD, b NY 1845/6; r at Juneau, Dodge Co WI.

                    [~ History of Dodge County WI; DAR lineage; IGI:WI; 1880 census:Juneau ~]

                                           Children of David and Lois:

                           i                   LEILA5, b 1850; m John P EVERETT.

                           ii                   ANNA5, died young.

                           iii                   EMMA5, b 1855; d 1874

                           iv                   ISABELLE5, b 1857; m George Leverett DAY.

                           v                   GRIFFIN5, b 1859

                           vi                   FANNY S5, b 1861

                           vii                   DAVID5, b 1863; d 1867

                           viii                   ALICE5, ; died young.


                                           Children of David and Luzene, born in Wisconsin:

                           ix                   INA BLANCHE5, b 1877

                           x                   LENA5, b 1879/80


       ii         DANIEL4,  ; r Horicon WI

       iii        REUBEN SEELYE4, b 1828; m Sarah C EVANS.

       iv        HIRAM JUNIUS4, b 1830; d 1830.

       v         HANNAH4, b 1832; m Charles BILLINGHURST.

       vi        HIRAM4, b 24 Mar 1835; d Lake Geneva, Walworth Co WI 5 Aug 1924; m Mary Louise ‑‑‑, b VT 1839/40; moved

                    from NY to Horicon WI in 1846. Later they lived at Juneau, Dodge Co WI and Waukegan Harbor WI (?or

                    Waukegan, Lake Co IL), Maywood, Cook Co IL, and Lake Geneva WI. 

                     Hiram attended the University of Wisconsin, studied law in Albany NY; admitted to the bar 1856 and commenced

                    practice at Juneau WI. He was prosecuting attorney for Jefferson Co WI 1861-2. He was Assistant Attorney General

                    of WI 1865-6. He moved to Chicago IL in 1866 to practice law. He was elected as a Republican to the 46th U. S.

                    Congress, 1879-81. After that he was receiver of the land office of Mitchell, Davison Co SD, 1881-88. He returned to
                    Chicago to practice law. He became Master in Chancery of the Cook County Superior Court, 1891-1914. 
[~ 1880

                    census:Maywood; Biographies of American Congress ~]

                                           Children of Hiram and Mary:

                           i                   HELEN L5, b WI 1857/8

                           ii                   JESSIE H5, b 1861; d 1863

                           iii                   FLORENCE5, b IL 1868/9

                           iv                   SHERMAN5, b IL 1870/1

                           v                   CAMERON5, b IL 1876/7


       vii       ?WILLIAM P4, b 182?; m Ardella CASTLE; r Beaver Dam, Dodge Co WI.

                                           Child of William and Ardella:

                           i                   ELEANOR FRANCES5, b 1858



6. ?DAVID R3 BARBER (David2), b Hebron, Washington Co NY 1813; m Olive S RICE; r Perrysville, Ashland Co OH and Ellsworth ME. [~ Betty Buckell Manuscript; Vital rec:ME ~]

                 Child of David and Olive:

       i          JAMES M4, b 1842; m Margaret M RICH; r Ellsworth ME.

                                           Child of James and Margaret:

                           i                   JAMES F5, b 1861; m Cora E PAGE.



7. HIRAM CADY3 BARBER (William N2), b Chazy, Clinton Co NY 1813; m Olive OSBORNE, b QB; r Chazy, and probably moved to Old Chelsea or Hull, QB.  [~ Betty Buckell Manuscript; 1840 census:Chazy ~]

                 Child of Hiram and Olive:

 10      i      DAVID LUKE4, b Canada or Chazy NY 25 Jun 1851/2; probably m/1 Eliza Jane SNODDY; m/2 Ellen Rosiland




8. GEORGE W3 BARBER (William N2), b 6 Aug 1816; m Hannah ---, b Ireland 1821. George was a Sergeant in the Civil War. Descendants say he married twice.  [~ Corresp:Ora E Wry ~]

                 Children of George W and Hannah, born at Chazy, Clinton Co NY:

        i         GEORGE W4, b 1840

        ii        JANE4, b 1844

        iii       CORNELIA4, b 1847; d Glens Falls, Warren Co NY 1926; buried at Swanton VT; probably m Stephen Elbert Hibbard

                    about 1867 in Alburgh, VT. 

                                           Children of Cornelia and Stephen:

                           i                   Elizabeth W HIBBARD5, b North Hero VT 1 Nov 1873; d Feb 1874. According to family tradition she

                                            smothered on a trip to Chazy NY, during which she was wrapped in a blanket to protect her from the


                           ii                   Hollis R HIBBARD5, b 14 Mar 1880; d 22 Aug 1880.

                           iii                   Ora HIBBARD5, b 1875; m North Hero Ila Anthony WRY.


        iv       ALBERT4, b 1852

        v        JOSEPH4, b 1854

        vi       ANNETTE4, b 1855; d 1945. Annette Barber became a physician and managed a hospital in Glens Falls, NY from

                    around 1900 to 1940. She studied medicine in Philadelphia, because women were not then accepted at University

                    of Vermont.



9. LOREN3 BARBER (Stephen2), b Whitehall, Washington Co NY 1806; d 1846; m Betsy ‑‑‑, b 1803, d 1842; both are buried in Benson VT; r Whitehall NY, and Benson VT.  [~ Vital rec:VT; Cem:Westhaven and Benson; Betty Buckell Manuscript ~]

                 Children of Loren and Betsy, born at Whitehall NY:

        i         STEPHEN CLARK4, b 14 Mar 1827; d West Haven 11 Mar 1897; m/1 Mary A HICOCK; m/2 Laura C “Louisa”

                    SPINK, b Hampton NY 1827, d West Haven 9 Aug 1899; r Westhaven VT. [~ Vital rec:VT; Cem:Westhaven;

                    1860,1870,1900 censuses:Westhaven ~]

                                           Child of Stephen and Mary:

                           i                   FRANCIS RICE5, b 184?; d Fair Haven VT 15 Aug 1860.


                                           Children of Stephen and Laura, born at West Haven VT:

                           ii                   SHERMAN W5, b Jan 1850; d 1901; m 1882 Olive B YOUNG, b 1860, d 1891. Both are buried at West


                           iii                   LOUISA C5 (Laura), b 1861; m Gilbert H ROOT.


 11   ii        ALMON4, b 15 Feb 1833; m Louisa A DOANE.





10. DAVID LUKE4 BARBER (Hiram Cady3), b Chazy, Clinton Co NY or in QB Canada (either one is in various records; one record says “Rucord, NB”) 25 Jun 1851/2; d Benson VT 18 Dec 1930; probably m/1 Chelsea QB 3 Jun 1870 Eliza Jane SNODDY of Irish descent, b ON 1852/3, daughter of Matthew and Catherine SNODDY.

  David m/2 Orwell VT 7 Feb 1876 Ellen Rosiland MUNGER, b Sudbury VT 17 Oct 1859, d Benson 4 Jul 1850, daughter of John A and Emily (ROGERS) MUNGER; r Ottawa ON in 1871, where he was a mill-wright, and saw-mill operator; then Orwell and Benson VT. David was a farmer. [~ 1880,1900 census:Benson; VT Museum records of Dr Joseph Wheeler; Corresp:James Johnson ~]

                 Children of David and Eliza:

        i         MARY ANN5, b QB 3 May 1871.

        ii        ?ALICE5,   ; m --- TESKEY.

                                           Child of Alice and --- Teskey:

                           i                   May (or Mae) TESKEY6.


                 Children of David and Ellen:

        iii       DAVID LUKE5, b Orwell 3 Jun 1877; d 1966; m/1 Benson 10 Oct 1900 Susan Louise MARTIN, b Benson or West

                    Haven VT 7 Jan 1869, d Benson 11 Feb 1917, daughter of Madison Monroe and Olive (SISCO) MARTIN; m/2

                    Benson 11 Dec 1918 Mary HOWARD, b Benson 1 Aug 1884, daughter of Marshall and Hattie (GIFFORD)

                    HOWARD; r Benson VT.

                     David and a Clayton J Williamson were in business together for many years in a saw mill operation located on

                    route 22A between Benson and Orwell. Across the road were three homes of Barbers, namely David Jr, his brother

                    John, and Louise Barber Hasbrook, John’s daughter. [~ Vital rec:VT ~]

                                           Child of David and Susan:

                           i                   GIRL6, b Benson 5 Apr 1906; stillborn.


 12  iv        JOHN CADY5 (Birth record says John HENRY), b Orwell VT 9 Aug 1878; m Katherine Julie CUMMINGS.

 13  v         BIDWELL JAMES5, b Benson 27 Mar 1880; m Mary MAINS.

       vi,vii    TWIN BOYS5, b 13 Aug 1892

       viii       EMMA (EUNICE) MABEL5, b 29 Feb 1896; m Edward L AUNCHMAN.

       ix         MARIAN FLORENCE (MARY VIOLA)5, b Benson 3 Sep 1898; m Ernest A AUNCHMAN.

       x          HAROLD GUY5, b Benson 4 May 1901; m Orwell 4 Oct 1922 Mildred Evelyn OUELLETTE, b Orwell 1904, daughter

                      of L F A and Corinne (CHAQUETTE) OUILLETTE; r Orwell and  Benson VT. Guy was a farmer.   [~ Vital rec:VT ~]

                                           Children of Harold and Mildred:

                           i                   MARGUERITE JOYCE6, b Orwell 10 Jul 1923; m Edward Henry BARBER, son of Frederick S, a

                                                   descendant of Ralph BARBER of Washington Co NY, unrelated to the Jonathan BARBER family.

                           ii                   RUTH MARIE6, b Benson 5 Oct 1925; m Warren H LADD.

                           iii                   GERALD FRANCIS6, b Benson 25 Sep 1928

                           iv                   HAROLD PAUL6, b Benson 10 Apr 1933



11. ALMON4 BARBER (Loren3), b Whitehall, Washington Co NY 15 Feb 1833; d Benson VT 28 Feb 1921; m Benson 19 Apr 1859 Louisa A DOANE, b 26 Feb 1836, d Benson 20 Feb 1901, daughter of Sheldon and Fannie (---) DOANE; r Benson VT.    [~ Land rec:Westhaven; Vital rec:VT; 1900 census:Benson ~]

                 Child of Almon and Louisa:

        i         WILLARD SHELDON5, b Benson VT, or Sidney, Shelby Co OH 9 Sep 1861; d 1926; m Benson 4 Nov 1887 Lucia

                    Jane (Julia Jennie) ROOT, b Benson 15 May 1863, died a widow in Benson 4 Sep 1926; r Benson and Westhaven

                    VT.  Willard was a farmer.                     [~ Vital rec:VT; Cem:Benson; 1900 census:Benson ~]

                                           Children of Willard and Julia:

                           i                   LUCY ROOT6, b Benson VT or Scotia, Schenectady Co NY 1890; m Fred CHARLTON.

                           ii                   WILLARD ALMON6, b West Haven 7 Dec 1897; d 17 Dec 1897.





12. JOHN CADY5 BARBER (David Luke4), b Benson or Orwell, both in VT 9 Aug 1878; m Benson 19 Sep 1900 Katherine Julie CUMMINGS, b Shoreham or Bridport, both in VT 1878, daughter of William J and Alice (NEWMAN) CUMMINGS; r Benson and Hubbardton VT.

  John was a farmer.   [~ Vital rec:VT; Corresp:James Rhodes ~]

                 Children of John and Katherine:

 14   i         RALPH BENJAMIN OLIVER6, b Benson 21 Jul 1901; Julia Madeline SLATTERY.

        ii        LOUISE AGNES6, b 1902; m Walter A HASBROOK; she also ?m --- KONIG.

                                           Child of Louise and --- KONIG:

                           i                   Wayne KONIG,  ;  r Albany NY.


        iii       EULA ADELE6, b Benson 23 Mar 1903

        iv       LINUS GEORGE6, b Benson 2 Sep 1905; m Pittsford VT 29 Sep 1930 Lillian Cordelia MORRISON, b Pittsford 1911,

                    daughter of David and Elizabeth (CRIMMONS) MORRISON; r Wallingford VT. Linus was listed as a grocery clerk.

                    [~ Vital rec:VT ~]

                                           Child of Linus and Lillian:

                           i                   ROBERT7, b Wallingford VT 10 Apr 1934

                           ii                   BETTY7

                           iii                   CAROL7,  ; unmarried; r Upton MA, and Freedom NH.


        v        BOY6, b 5 Feb 1908; stillborn.

        vi       BENJAMIN HARLAND6, b 8 Oct 1909; m Susan ‑‑‑; divorced 9 Jun 1948.

        vii      BOY6, b Hubbardton 21 Apr 1918; stillborn



13. BIDWELL JAMES5 BARBER (David Luke4), b Benson VT 27 Mar 1880; m Mary MAINS, b Whitehall, Washington Co NY or West Haven VT; r Benson.   [~ Vital rec:VT ~]

                 Child of Bidwell and Mary:

        i         GEORGE SYLVESTER6, b Benson 31 Jul 1911; m Middlebury VT 1942 Catherine Mary MARSEILLES, b

                    Middlebury. George was a machine operator.

                                           Children of George and Catherine:

                           i                   LAWRENCE JAMES7, b Middlebury 18 Jun 1944; d same day.

                          ii                   SUSAN ANNE7, b Springfield VT 4 Sep 1946

                          iii                   RICHARD JAMES7, b 10 Oct 1947




14. RALPH BENJAMIN OLIVER6 BARBER (John Cady5), b Benson 21 Jul 1901; m Rockinhgham VT 5 Apr 1924 Julia Madeline SLATTERY, b Bellows Falls VT 2 Dec 1901, daughter of John E and Catherine (TEEFF) or (TAAFFE) SLATTERY; r Westminster and Bellows Falls, both in VT.

  Ralph was listed as a laborer and Railroad fireman. [~ Vital rec:VT; Corresp:James Rhodes ~]

                 Children of Ralph and Julia:

        i         CATHERINE PATRICIA7, b Benson 23 May 1924; m/1 James Allen RHODES; m/2 Robert Herman HUGHES, who d

                     Charleston SC 1978.

                                           Child of Catherine and James:

                           i                   James Michael RHODES8, b Bellows Falls VT 9 Apr 1945; m/1 Diane Marie LaVALLEY; m/2 Kathy

                                                    Louise SLACK; m/3 Ilene SCHAFFER; r Flat Rock, Henderson Co NC. James and Diane had 2    

                                                    children: James, Jr. and Scott Allen.

                                                    James supplied the information about these Barbers.


        ii         JOHN LAWRENCE7, b Westminster VT 4 Aug 1926; m Springfield VT Eleanor Jean KANGAS; r Bellows Falls.

                                           Children of John and Eleanor, born at Bellows Falls:

                           i                   JUDY ELLEN8

                          ii                   JAYNE8


        iii        MARY ANNE7, b 12 May 1930; m/1 Orrin Hiram RILEY; m/2 Edward Haven WILKINS; r South Attleboro MA.

        iv        JANE FRANCES7, b Bellows Falls 30 Sep 1932; m Forrest John PUTNAM; r Springfield.

                                           Children of Jane and Forrest:

                           i                   Deborah Jean PUTNAM8

                           ii                   Mark John PUTNAM8

                           iii                   Mary Ellen PUTNAM8

                           iv                   Nancy Jean PUTNAM8

                           v                   Stephen Forrest PUTNAM8

                           vi                   Jodi Elaine PUTNAM8


        v         VIRGINIA MARIE7, b Bellows Falls 31 Jan 1938; m/1 Harold Richard WARD; m/2 Brian RICKARD, b Dublin

                      Ireland; r Plainville MA.

                                           Children of Virginia and Harold:

                           i                   Darrel Richard WARD8

                           ii                   Dale Patrick WARD8

                           iii                   Julie Marie WARD8

                           iv                   Jane Anne WARD8

                           v                   Danny Michael WARD8