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Families 31-78



Heads of family; birth year; family number:

Abel, 1736; 47

Abel, 1765; 77

Abiah, 1784; 74

Abigail, 1758; 57

Abigail, 1767; 78

Abraham, 1746; 69

Achsah, 1793; 66

Alice, 1748; 31

Almira, 1793; 70

Alvin, 1786; 72

Amaziah, 1740; 52

Anna, 1750; 33

Anna, 1765; 46

Asahel, 1727; 34

Asahel, 1763; 65

Ashbel, 1738; 44

Austin, 1792; 74

Azariah, 1749; 70

Azubah, 1773; 37

Azubah, 1785; 71

Betsey, 1798; 60

Betty, 1771; 50

Bildad, 1745; 73

Catherine, 1827; 67

Charlotte, 1790; 70

Chloe, 1751; 41

Chloe, 1765; 42

Chloe, 1797; 77

Clarinda, 1789; 76

Cynthia, 1772; 45

Cynthia, 1779; 74

Daniel, 1732; 57

Daniel, 1796; 60

Daniel F, 1770; 37

David, 1733; 36

David, 1744; 54

David, 1746; 61

Delilah; 1796; 72

Deliverance, 1784; 68

Diadama, 1813; 67

Diana, 1810; 66

Elam, 1785; 70

Electa, 178?; 72

Elijah, 1745; 49

Elijah, 1748; 62

Elisha, 1742; 58

Eliza, 1806; 76
Ephraim, 1753; 55

Erastus, 1783; 56

Esther, 1769; 48

Eunice, 1763; 59

Eunice, 1772; 43

Eunice, 1773; 46

Ezekiel, 1750; 63

Freeman, 1768; 47

George, 1769; 47

Gideon, 1723; 33

Giles, 1769; 67

Hannah, 1758; 46

Hannah, 1763; 78

Hannah, 1767; 31

Hannah, 1785; 55

Harvey, 1790; 72

Hepzibah, 1763; 41

Hepzibah, 1790; 66

Isaac, 1768; 46

Jacob, 1738; 68

James, 1742; 48

James Noyes, 1748; 51

Jemima, 1763; 41

Jerijah, 1738; 39

Jerusha, 1779; 47

Jesse, 1766; 66

Job, 1756; 72

Joel, 1736; 38

Joel, 1757; 64

John, 1718; 32

John, 1747; 50

John, 1749; 74

John, 1883; 50

Jonathan, 1763; 76

Joseph, 1744; 60

Josiah; 1714; 40

Julia M, 1807; 67

Laura, 1800; 66

Lavinia, 1760; 31

Leah, 1797; 60

Levi, 1756; 35

Lina, 180?; 67

Loannah, 1768; 39

Lois, 1753; 41

Lois, 1775; 45

Lois, 1784; 73

Louise, 1766; 35

Lovisa, 1775; 31

Lucian, 1811; 67

Lucina, 1775; 39

Lucinda, 1765; 31

Lucy, 1757; 41

Lucy, 1762; 56

Lucy, 1784; 58

Luke, 1789; 74

Lurancy, 1783; 63

Luther, 1736; 78

Lydia, 1757; 31

Martha, 1760; 56

Mary, 1754; 42

Mary, 1768; 60

Mary, 1769; 31

Mary, 1776; 75

Mary, 1789; 52

Mary, 1803; 65, 67

Michael, 1754; 71

Moses, 1733; 46

Nancy, 1785; 50

Nancy, 1808; 76

Nathaniel, 1717; 41

Noah, 1735; 37

Norman, 177?; 58

Oliver, 1735; 43

Oliver, 1780; 48

Patience, 1770; 68

Percy, 1777; 73

Philo, 1771; 58

Rachel, 179?; 60

Rebecca, 1789; 50

Reuben, 1728; 35

Reuben, 1751; 75

Rhoda, 1769; 78

Rhoda, 1777; 74

Rhoda, 1783; 39

Rosetta A, 1758; 57

Roxanna, 1772; 39

Ruth, 1767; 59

Samuel, 1739; 59

Sarah, 1758; 35

Sarah, 1773; 50

Sarah, 1775; 57

Sarah, 1784; 60

Seth, 1742; 53

Sibbell, 1769; 37

Simeon, 1741; 45

Solomon, 1786; 72

Solon, 178?; 64

Stephen, 1724; 31

Susan, 1758; 41

Susannah, 1777; 68

Susannah, 1803; 76

Sybil, 1755; 31

Sylvia, 1787; 74

Theda, 1797; 66

Thomas, 1725; 42

Thomas, 1728; 56

Thirza, 1801; 76

Timothy, 1748; 41

Tryphena, 1753; 33

Tryphena, 178?; 60

Zilpha, 1772; 56


Spouses; family number:

Adams, Deborah; 54

Adams, Elizabeth; 58

Adams, Henry, 76

Allen, Ethan; 41

Allen, Lois; 45

Allen, Lucy; 74

Allyn, Esther; 48

Anderson, Betsey; 60

Arms, Mary; 65

Atwater, Lyman; 55

Atwater, Stephen; 71

Avery, Elias; 50

Avery, Robert; 33

Balcom, Abraham; 78

Barbee, Alice; 67

Barnes, Isaac; 76

Bird, Ebenezer; 73

Bissell, Daniel; 37

Blakesley, Matthew; 59

Booth, Sybil; 37

Bristol, Noah; 67

Brown, Azubah; 71

Brown, Mary; 36

Brown, William; 76

Burdick, Hannah; 50

Burr, Hannah; 78

Bushnell, Zerviah; 51

Carter, John; 77

Case, Alice; 31

Case, Chloe; 77

Case, Daniel; 74

Case, Darius; 68

Case, Dudley; 67

Case, Elisha; 74

Case, Elizabeth; 74,75

Case, Ezekiel; 67

Case, Manna; 72

Case, Martha; 56

Cass, Alice; 31

Chamberlain, Hannah; 63

Clark, Mary; 33

Clark, Oliver; 37

Collar, Mary; 65

Collier, Mary; 34

Cooley, William; 39

Cowles, Eunice; 59

Crane, Aaron; 42

Crane, Wareham; 43

Dean, David; 60

Denison, Elizabeth; 50

Dowd, Theodore; 78

Drake, Mary; 38

Drake, Sarah; 55

Ensign, Theodore, 39

Ewen, Abigail; 72

Filer, Gurdon; 31

Filley, Loannah; 39

Fisher, George; 57

Fitch, David; 46

Foote, Clara; 74

Foote, Miles; 76

Forbes, Sarah; 40

Foster, Timothy; 66

Frisbie, Isaac; 35

Gallup, Gardner; 50

Garrett, Mary; 67

Gaylord, Amos/Almon; 59

Gillett, Anna; 33

Goddard, Elizabeth; 63

Goodrich, Lucy; 72

Goodrich, Solomon; 48

Gray, Samuel; 78

Grover, Leah; 60

Hall, Philip; 66

Hinsdale, Jacob, 35

Holmes, James; 41

Holmes, Sarah; 41

Hosford, Benjamin; 68

Hoskins, Mary; 33

Hoskins, Orinda; 48

Humphrey, Elizabeth; 70

Humphrey, Hepzibah; 66

Humphrey, Lois; 73

Hurlburt, Gideon; 74

Isham, Jane; 42

Keeny, Mercy; 52

Kelsey, Flavia; 56

Jennison, Joseph; 66

Jones, Eliphaz; 31

Jones, Joel; 31

Judd, Solomon; 31

Lambert, Treat; 70

Latimer, Levi; 56

Lawrence, Prentice; 68

Lawrence, Sarah; 61

Lee, David; 52

Lemon, Samuel; 47

Lester, Henry; 50

Lewis, James; 33

Loomis, Abner; 41

Loomis, Benoni; 41

Loomis, Deborah; 32

Loomis, Hepzibah; 41

Loomis, Jonathan; 46

Loomis, Wait; 46

Marsh, Rebecca; 47

Mason, Christopher; 60

Mason, Nancy; 60

McLaughlin, Patrick; 66

McLeod, William; 67

Merriman, Comfort; 27

Merriman, Sarah; 35

Merrill, Abi; 76

Merritt, Mary; 53

Miller, Cyrus; 39
Mills, Augustus; 46

Mills, Lola; 72

Morgan, Christopher; 50

Morgan, Ira; 60

Morgan, Stephen; 50

Moses, Asa; 70

Moses, Roger; 68

Noble, Jonathan; 76

Noble, Silas; 66

Norton, Moses; 73

Osborne, Sarah; 44

Palmer, Benjamin; 56

Pettibone, Jacob; 57

Pettibone, Joseph; 56

Pettibone, Sarah; 62

Phelps, Cynthia; 72

Phelps, Martha; 57

Phelps, Mary; 64

Phelps, Oliver; 31

Phelps, Roger; 39

Phelps, Uzziel; 31

Pomeroy, Elihu; 31

Post, Phineas; 31

Richardson, Alexander; 45

Root, Anna; 43

Root, Rhoda; 44

Sadd, Chauncey; 74

Sadd, Elijah; 42

Scoville, Stephen; 65

Sheldon, Mercy; 52

Sherwood, John; 58

Skinner, Ira; 41

Smith, Erastus; 50

Spencer, Imri; 76

Thompson, Amasa; 60

Thompson, Timothy, 60

Thrall, Friend; 41

Towslee, Solomon; 60

Tyler, Noah; 57

White, James; 63

White, Selden; 67

Whiting, Erastus; 72

Wilcox, Violet; 70

Wood, Abigail; 49

Wood, Sarah; 69



31. Capt. STEPHEN4 BARBER (David3), b Hebron CT 4 Apr 1724; d there 22 Jul 1806; m there 12 Jan 1748/9 Alice CASE/CASS, b 5 Dec 1730, d Hebron 28 Oct 1814, daughter of Moses and Mary (HASKINS) CASE, and sister of Patience, wife of David BARBER, #30; r Hebron.

  Stephen chose Moses CASE as his guardian in 1739 (and 9 years later married Moses’s daughter).  Stephen served in the Revolution.  He was a Corporal in the Lexington Alarm in 1775.  The White‑Wilson Genealogy lists another daughter Abigail in the family of Stephen and Alice.  However, a family Bible at the CT State Library lists all of Stephen's children carefully, without mentioning Abigail. The Hebron birth records place her as David's daughter.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:Case Gen; CT State Lib:Bible rec; Buckell Manuscript; Corresp:Lois Barber Jizba; CT State Lib:Haskins Gen ~]

                 Children of Stephen and Alice, born at Hebron:

        i         ALICE5, b 13 Mar 1748/9; d Hebron 7 Jul 1848; m/1 Hebron (“both of Hebron”) 17 May 1770 Oliver PHELPS, b

                    there 22 Mar 1744/5, d 7 Jul 1800, son of Ashbel and Anna (PINNEY) PHELPS. Alice m/2 24 Dec 1802 Capt. Elias

                    BLISS, who died 1 Mar 1807.  She m/3 Joseph TAYLOR.  And at age 70 she m/4 3 Nov 1818 Capt. Hezekiah

                    BASSETT, who died 27 Sep 1821. Alice outlived four husbands, and lived on to the age of 100.

                    [~ Barbour Index; Phelps Gen ~]

                                           Children of Alice and Oliver:

                           i                Son, b 1771; d in infancy.

                           ii               Alice PHELPS6, b 15 Nov 1774; m Amasa HULL; r Easton, Northampton Co PA.

                           iii              Oliver PHELPS6, b 26 Oct 1777; m Nancy REDFIELD; r Hartford CT and                 

                                               Hebron, and also at Albion, Orleans Co NY.  [~ CT Hist Soc:Redfield Gen ~]

                           iv              Viola PHELPS6, b 8 Sep 1780; m/1 Enoch MANN; m/2 Joseph T BUNRHAM; r Hebron.

                           v               Lucinda PHELPS6, b 7 Oct 1785; m Elihu POST; r Hebron.


       ii        STEPHEN5, b 28 Sep 1751; d 5 Oct 1752.

 94  iii       STEPHEN5, b 12 Nov 1752; m Desire TARBOX.

       iv       SYBIL5, b 14 Sep 1755; d 2 Oct 1838; m Lebanon CT 12 May 1774 Phinehas POST, b          

                    Lebanon 3 Jan 1743;  d there 15 Oct 1814, son of Phineas and Anne (POST) POST; r Lebanon in

                    the part which became Columbia CT.  Phinehas fought with the British forces during the French and Indian War,

                    with Nathan Cushman, and returned home in 1759; he also served in the Revolution, in the 12th Connecticut

                    Regiment.  They lived and farmed in Lebanon and Coventry CT.  [~ Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:Post Manuscript. ~]

                                           Children of Sybil and Phinehas, born at Lebanon:

                           i                  Elihu POST6, b 10 Aug 1775; m Lucinda PHELPS; r Hebron.

                           ii                 Phineas POST6, b 24 Aug 1777; m Clarissa WRIGHT; r South Coventry CT.

                           iii                 Bela POST6, b 28 Aug 1779; m Lavinia JONES; r Columbia.

                           iv                 Sybil POST6, 13 Feb 1782; m Ralph Rodolphus ROLLO; r East Windsor CT.

                           v                  Abner POST6, b 1 Nov 1783; m Sarah GILBERT; r Westfield MA.

                           vi                  Anna POST6, b 6 Sep 1785; m Pierce DARROW; r Hebron.

                           vii                 Dudley Barber POST6, b 27 Nov 1788; m Cynthia FULLER; r Rodman, Jefferson Co NY.

                           viii                Erastus POST6, b 17 Aug 1791; m Lucy BISSELL; d Columbia 9 Aug 1863.

                           ix                  Augustus POST6, b 26 Jul 1793; m Betsey Gordon STRONG; died at Columbia.

                           x                   Ralph POST6, b 3 Jan 1795; m/1 Mary GARDNER; m/2 Sybil Huntington MAY;              

                                                     r Ravenswood, Long Island.

                           xi                  Charles POST6, b 2 Jul 1798; m Clarissa WAY; r Hebron.


        v       LYDIA5, b 20 Jul 1757; d Granville MA 25 Aug 1828; m Hebron (“both of Hebron”) 11 Feb 1776 Elihu POMEROY,

                    b Hebron 18 Aug 1755, d Enfield CT 17 Apr 1834, son of Rev. Benjamin and Abigail (WHEELOCK) POMEROY; r

                    Granville MA, and at Enfield and Hebron CT. 

                     Elihu was a Minuteman at the Lexington Alarm, in Capt. Worthy Water’s Company.

                    [~ Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:Pomeroy Gen; CT State Lib:Haskin Gen; DAR lineage ~]

                                             Children of Lydia and Elihu:

                           i                   Eleazer POMEROY6, b 13 Dec 1776; m Elois Anna "Zoe" CORNWALL.

                           ii                   Abigail Wheelock POMEROY6, b 17 May 1779; m Josiah Dwight GRAVES.

                           iii                   Elihu POMEROY6, b 1783; m ‑‑‑ HULL.

                           iv                   Benjamin POMEROY6, b Hebron 27 Mar 1787; m Jerusha WILLIAMS.

                           v                   Stephen Barber POMEROY6, b 1789; m Sarah DIMOCK; r Norwich CT.

                           vi                   Samuel POMEROY6, b 17 Feb 1793; m Mary COE; r Granville.

                           vii                  Rev. Augustus POMEROY6, b 2 Oct 1795; m/1 Susan LINCOLN; m/2 1845 Mrs.

                                                    Margaret (CRAWFORD) HAWLEY, widow of Samuel HAWLEY.


       vi       LAVINIA5, b 18 Feb 1760; d 20 Dec 1848; m 1777 Eliphaz JONES, b Hebron 30 May 1758, d 1796, son of Ezekiel

                    and Mindwell (BEACH) JONES.  Eliphaz was in the Revolutionary Army as a drummer in Captain Levi Wells

                    Company at the seige of Boston.   [~ DAR lineage; CT State Lib:Stebbins Gen ~]

                                            Children of Lavinia and Eliphaz:

                           i                   Ann JONES6,  ; m Henry STEBBINS; r Belchertown MA.

                           ii                  Eliza JONES6

                           iii                  Betsey JONES6

                           iv                  Hope JONES6

                           v                   Eliphaz JONES6, b Hebron; m/1 ‑‑‑; m/2 Eloise WARNER; r Southampton MA, at Enfield CT,

                                                   at Belchertown and Springfield MA.  [~ CT State Lib:Pickering Gen ~]


 95  vii      BELA5, b 23 Feb 1762; m Margaret JONES.

       viii     LUCINDA5, b 13 Feb 1765; d 4 Dec 1838; m Hebron (“both of Hebron”) 17 Oct 1782 Joel JONES, b Hebron

                    10 Sep 1757, son of Joel and Margaret (DAY) JONES.   [~ Barbour Index ~]

                                           Child of Lucinda and Joel:

                           i                  ?Dr. Bela Barber JONES6,   ; m Sabrina WHITE.  Lucinda’s older brother           

                                                   was Bela, and I believe Dr. Bela B Jones was probably Lucinda’s son.

                                                   [~ FamilyTreeMaker:Stearns Gen ~]


       ix       HANNAH5, b 18 Apr 1767; d 18 Dec 1841; m 28 Aug 1788 Gurdon FILER, b Hebron 17 Oct 1761, d Belchertown

                    12 Feb 1841, son of Samuel Jr. and Mary (WHITE) FILER.  Gurdon became a farmer at Belchertown. [~ Barbour

                    Index; Strong Gen; Fyler Gen ~]

                                           Children of Hannah and Gurdon:

                           i                   Samuel FILER6, b Hebron 31 Jan 1791; d 19 Mar 1812.

                           ii                   Josiah FILER6, b Hebron 8 Oct 1793; d 1 Oct 1813.

                           iii                  Abigail FILER6, b Granby MA 15 Dec 1796; m Horace WALKER; r Belchertown.

                           iv                  George FILER6, b Granby 25 Mar 1799; m Sophia BRIDGEMAN; r Belchertown MA and at Albany NY.

                           v                   Maria FILER6, b Belchertown 11 Nov 1802; m Adolphus STRONG; r Belchertown.


       x        MARY5, b 14 Jun 1769; d 19 Jun 1850; m Colchester CT (Mary “of Hebron”) 26 Nov 1789 Solomon JUDD of

                    Colchester, b 25 Sep 1767, d in Colchester, son of Daniel and Lydia (JONES) JUDD; r Colchester.

                    [~ Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:Judd Gen ~]

                                           Children of Mary and Solomon, born at Colchester:

                           i                   Solomon JUDD6, b 29 May 1791; m ‑‑‑; r Buffalo NY, and “in the South".

                           ii                   Mary JUDD6, b 24 Oct 1793; m Charles TAYLOR after her sister Emily died.

                           iii                  Emily Alice JUDD6 b 6 Jul 1803; m Charles TAYLOR. Charles m/2 Emily's younger sister Mary.


  96 xi       JOSIAH5, b 22 May 1771; m/1 Abigail GILBERT; m/2 Sophia LORD.

       xii      LOVISA5, b 23 Jan 1775; d 1 Sep 1853; m Uzziel PHELPS, b Hebron 1772, son of Capt. Josiah and Hannah

                    (TARBOX) PHELPS. [~ Phelps Gen ~]

                                           Children of Lovisa and Uzziel, born at Hebron:

                           i                   Laura M PHELPS6, ; m Elihu WRIGHT.

                           ii                   Abigail PHELPS6, ; she was married 3 times.

                           iii                  Ezekiel PHELPS6, ;  m/1 Sarah LANNING; m/2 Laura CAMP.

                           iv                  Calvin PHELPS6

                           v                   George PHELPS6

                           vi                   Polly PHELPS6

                           vii                  Susan C PHELPS6, b 17 Oct 1807; m/1 Seldon M SKINNER; he m/2 19 Nov 1835                              ‑‑‑.

                           viii                  Mary Ann PHELPS6, m Welch KNIGHT.



32. JOHN4 BARBER (John3), b Windsor CT 19 Jun 1718; John's Estate was probated 1794 at Harwinton CT; m (“John of Harwinton”) Harwinton 13 May 1742 Deborah LOOMIS of Windsor, b Windsor 10 Apr 1720, daughter of Aaron and Deborah (EGGLESTON) LOOMIS; r Harwinton.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Loomis Gen ~]

               Children of John and Deborah, born at Harwinton:

        i       DEBORAH5, b 28 Feb 1742/3; d 5 Mar 1742/3.

        ii      DEBORAH5, b 7 Apr 1744; d 9 Aug 1744.

 97   iii     ?JOHN5, b 16 Jul 1746; possibly the one who m Elizabeth CHENEY.

 98   iv     TIMOTHY5, b 9 Oct 1748; m/1 Anna PECK; m/2 Hannah PECK.

 99   v      BENJAMIN5, b 7 Oct 1753; m/1 Lydia MATTHEWS; m/2 Lydia TENANT.

        vi     JANE5, b 27 Feb 1759

        vii    LEMUEL5, b 18 Jul 1761; d 9 Aug 1761.

        viii   HANNAH5, b 28 Aug 1763

 100 ix     LEMUEL5, twin, b 28 Aug 1763; m Judith BARNES.

 101 x      ISAAC5, b 1 Jun 1769; ? m Elva ‑‑‑.



33. GIDEON4 BARBER (John3), b Windsor CT 26 Aug 1723; d Manchester VT 1787; m/1 Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 9 Nov 1744 Anna GILLETT, b Windsor 13 Dec 1726, d there 15 May 1768, daughter of Daniel and Anna (FILLEY) GILLETT.

  Gideon m/2 Windsor 17 Aug 1769, Widow Mary (CLARK) HOSKINS, b 1735, d Richmond VT 27 Dec 1818; r Windsor CT, Manchester and Richmond VT. Mary m/1 Thomas HOSKINS, who died in 1757-59.    Gideon was in Manchester VT by 1770.

  Gideon saw Revolutionary War Service during the first 3 years of the war, and also in December 1778, from Manchester, in Capt. Gideon Ormsby’s Company. Gideon and his brother David (#36) were volunteers to help build a "free bridge” across the Rivulet (Farmington River) in Windsor, at the ferry, in 1749.  

  After Gideon's death Elias Gilbert became guardian of two of Gideon's children, Abijah and Levi, minors, at Manchester 23 Feb 1788.  A court record in 1767 shows that Gideon appeared to complain of being beaten up by Augustin DRAKE, and to ask for 20 shillings compensation for this.  It was decided that Augustin DRAKE should be arrested. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; CT church rec; VT Barbers; Jerijah Barber Manuscript; Stiles:Windsor; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Vital rec:Manchester and Richmond VT;  Land rec:Manchester VT, 1787: Gideon to Martin; Gideon's Estate, 1787, Manchester; Bailey; Windsor Hist Soc:Filer Gen,1991,Arnold; Corresp:Judith Hutchinson; Barbour Index;  Avery Gen ~]

               Children of Gideon and Anna:

 102 i       DANIEL5, b Windsor 15 Jun 1745;  m Tryphena PHELPS.

 103 ii      SHUBAEL5, b Windsor 8 Sep 1747; m ‑‑‑.

        iii     ANNA5, b Windsor 27 Mar 1750; m there 6 Feb 1780 Robert AVERY, b Groton CT 27 Jan 1756, d 29 Aug 1780,

                    son of James and Elizabeth (ALLEN) AVERY. They had no children. Robert died only 6 months after their



        iv     TRYPHENA5, b Windsor Dec 1753; d Clinton Co NY about 1815; m 1773 James LEWIS, b     

                    Dutchess Co NY 1755, d Clinton Co about 1827, son of John and Bathsheba (---) LEWIS of Pittsfield MA; r

                    Manchester VT at the time of their marriage; then Plattsburg, Clinton Co NY.  After the death of Tryphena, James

                    LEWIS m/2 Mary ---, and had another child: Chester LEWIS. James served in the Vermont Militia during the

                    Revolution.  [~ 1810,1820 census:NY; Corresp:Dick Lewis; Genforum:Alvin Lewis ~]

                                           Children of Tryphena and James:

                           i                   Sylvia LEWIS6, b 1776; d Mooers NY; m Alanson J WALKER.

                           ii                   Calvin LEWIS6,  ; d ?Pike, Wyoming Co NY; m Lois or Louise ELDRIDGE of West Chazy, Clinton Co NY.

                           iii                  Anna LEWIS6, b 7 Aug 1780; d in Pike; m Abijah PROUTY of Granville, Washington Co NY.

                           iv                  James LEWIS6, b Manchester VT 23 Sep 1782; d Dannemora, Clinton Co NY; m                                                           

                                                  Chloe THOMPSON of Plattsburg.

                           v                  Eli LEWIS6, b Manchester VT 29 Jul 1784; m Hopeful FINCH of Mooers. Clinton Co.

                           vi                  ?Timothy LEWIS6, b Manchester 1785; d West Chazy; m Sophia BARNES.

                           vii                  Minor LEWIS6, b Manchester 14 Dec 1786; d Mooers NY; m Chloe WALKER of Shelburne VT.

                           viii                 Tryphena LEWIS6, b 1893; d West Chazy NY; m Judge William HEDDING of West Chazy.


 104 v      GIDEON5, baptised 11 Jul 1756; m Rhoda DRAKE.

 105 vi     MARTIN5, baptised 31 May 1759; m/1 Sarah HATCH; m/2 Sarah FARNSWORTH.

        vii    NAOMI5, baptised 12 Feb 1764; m/1 Horace FILER, b Windsor 19 Jan 1765, son of Jeremiah and Jerusha

                    (KELSEY) FILER. Naomi m/2 Joseph MATHER, probably the Joseph        b 1765, son of Joseph and Deborah

                    (HOLCOMB) MATHER, although he could be Joseph Sr, marrying Naomi as a second wife.  Deborah, Joseph Sr's

                    first wife, died in 1789. [~ Stiles:Windsor; Barbour Index ~]


               Children of Gideon and Mary, born in Manchester VT:

        viii    OLIVE5,  ; m Gideon WALMAN.

 106 ix      ELIHU5, b 1772; m Beulah FULLER.

 107 x       ABIJAH5, b 13 Feb 1775; m/1 Olive BENSON; m/2 Clarissa (CRANDALL) CARHART.

 108 xi      SHUBAEL5, b 12 Dec 1778; m Mary DENSLOW.

 109 xii     LEVI CLARK5, b 13 May 1780; m/1 Sally ROOD; m/2 Mrs Hannah BROWNWELL.



34. ASAHEL4 BARBER (John3), b Windsor CT 10 Aug 1727; d Harwinton CT 25 Dec 1762; m there 19 Jan 1756 Mary COLLIER, baptised 24 Jul 1720, d 20 Apr 1793, daughter of John and Elizabeth (HUMPHREY) COLLIER of Harwinton; r Harwinton, where he settled in about 1756, after leaving Windsor.

  Asahel served in the Revolution.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Asahel's Estate,Harwinton,1762; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Families of Hartford; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript ~]

                  Children of Asahel and Mary, born at Harwinton:

         i         ASAHEL5, b 12 May 1757; d 1775.         

 110  ii        ABNER5, b 20 Nov 1758; m Annie FRISBIE.

         iii       MOLLY5, b 16 Nov 1760; d Harwinton 20 Jul 1848; unmarried.

 111  iv       ASAHEL5, b 4 Sep 1762; m Dorothy LOOMIS.



35. "Rev." REUBEN4 BARBER (John3), b Windsor CT 26 Jan 1728/9; d Harwinton CT 28 Dec 1815; m there (“both of Harwinton”) 7 Aug 1751 Sarah MERRIMAN, b 16 Dec 1729, d 18 Jan 1819, daughter of Israel and Comfort (BENHAM) MERRIMAN of Wallingford CT.

  Reuben moved from Windsor to Harwinton in 1748‑1750, but became discouraged at the difficulty of clearing land, and returned to Windsor.  Soon he tried again with more success, and settled near the river in a better spot. In addition to working his farm, he became a tanner and shoemaker.  Reuben was one of the organizers of Litchfield County in 1751. 

  He volunteered to help in the relief of Boston in 1775, was in the Lexington Alarm under Capt Amos Wilcox. He served in the revolutionary Army again in 1780, “in the Levies”, as Captain of the Harwinton Company. He was a selectman of Harwinton, and a Militia Officer.  He was referred to as "Rev.", but I have seen no reference as to why.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Reuben's Will, Harwinton, 1815; Barber family rec; CT Hist Soc:Gertrude Barber Manuscript; CT State Lib:Merriman Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; DAR lineage ~]

                  Children of Reuben and Sarah, born at Harwinton:

 112   i        REUBEN5, b 26 Nov 1751; m Lydia GILLETT.

 113   ii       SIMEON5, b 13 Aug 1753; m Sarah PECK.

          iii      LEVI5, b 3 Jan 1756; d Harwinton 10 Oct 1776; m Elizabeth ‑‑‑, b 1761, d 1783, buried at Norfolk. Levi died at       

                    White Plains, Westchester Co NY while in the Revolutionary Army.

          iv      SARAH5, b 18 Feb 1758; d Braceville, Trumbull Co OH 10 Mar 1843; m Harwinton 16 Jan 1782 Jacob HINSDALE,

                    Jr, b 18 Apr 1759, d Braceville 26 Oct 1839, son of Capt. Jacob and Mary (BRACE) HINSDALE; r Canaan and

                    Harwinton, both in CT, and Braceville OH.   [~ Barbour Index; CT HIst Soc:Hinsdale Gen ~]

                                           Children of Sarah and Jacob, born at Harwinton:

                           i                   Sally HINSDALE6, b 1 Jul 1783

                           ii                   Jacob HINSDALE6,  ; d Lorain Co OH.

                           iii                  Abel HINSDALE6

                           iv                  Almira HINSDALE6


         v       JUDAH5, b 24 Jun 1760; d 14 Jun 1848; m Hannah WOODRUFF, b Harwinton 12 Aug 1762, d Butternuts,

                     Otsego Co NY 12 Sep 1845, daughter of Jesse and Hannah (BRACE) WOODRUFF. Judah moved to

                     Butternuts before 1800 and spent his life there. Censuses show no children for this couple.

                     [~ Woodruff Gen; 1800,1810,20,30 census:Butternuts ~]


 114  vi      ISSACHAR5, b 26 Jun 1763; m/1 Ruth Perce TURNER; m/2 Caroline BAKER.

         vii     LOUISE5, b 14 Aug 1766; d Harwinton 28 Feb 1855; m 1782 Isaac FRISBIE, b Northford CT 2 Jan 1764, d 17

                    Jan 1826, son of John and Freelove (ROGERS) FRISBIE.  Isaac's sister Annie married Abner BARBER (#109),

                    who was Louise's                    first cousin.  Louise and Isaac lived in Harwinton.  [~ CT HIst Soc:Frisbie Gen ~]

                                           Children of Louise and Isaac:

                           i                   Isaac FRISBIE6, b 14 Jul 1783; m/1 Cynthia Rossiter BRADLEY; m/2 Alice TOMKINS; r Harwinton.

                           ii                   Louise FRISBIE6, b 28 Nov 1789; m Col. Jeremiah HOLT; r Harwinton.

                           iii                  Orton FRISBIE6, b 8 Jan 1794; d Liberty, Adams Co OH 1824; unmarried.

                           iv                  Levi Lester FRISBIE6, b 23 Aug 1801; m Harriet THORP; r Harwinton.


 115  viii    ZEBULON5, b 2 May 1769; m Amy OSBORNE.



36. DAVID4 BARBER (John3), b Windsor CT 31 Mar 1733; d 30 Oct 1795;  m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 12 Feb 1754 Mary BROWN, b there 23 Apr 1737, d 1808, daughter of Samuel and Mary (PHELPS) BROWN;  (John and Mary (EGGLESTON) BROWN had no daughter Mary, as is proposed in some references); r Poquonock section of Windsor.

  David was commander of a military company at Poquonock. He was detailed by General Washington to go with Major Kent of New Hampshire to watch the movements of the British. In 1777 Ensign David Barber led a detachment of 11 men to Peekskill NY for this purpose.          

  David was one of the 31 builders of "a good cart bridge" across the Rivulet, now known as the Farmington River, at the ferry site, in 1749.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Stiles:Windsor; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; CT Hist Soc:Brown Manuscript; Jerijah Barber Manuscript; Hartford County:Beers; Estate of Samuel Brown:Distribution, 1791 ~]

                 Children of David and Mary, born at Windsor:

 116   i       DAVID5, b 15 Jan 1755; m Jane FILLEY.

          ii      CHESTER5, b 20 Nov 1764; d 16 Jun 1799; ?married.

          iii     CLARISSA5, b 18 Sep 1772; d 24 Nov 1795; m Windsor (Bloomfield Church) (Clarissa “of South Windsor”) 5

                    Oct 1792 Samuel BURR Jr. of Wintonbury (now Bloomfield), b 4 Oct 1761, son of Samuel and

                    Christian (CADWELL) BURR of Winchester CT. 

                    [~ Jerijah Barber Manuscript; CT church rec; IGI:CT; CT Hist Soc:Burr Gen ~]



37. Capt. NOAH4 BARBER (John3), b Windsor CT 8 May 1735; d East Windsor 13 Mar 1822; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 28 Oct 1761 Sybil BOOTH, b East Windsor 1733/4, d 16 Aug 1815, daughter of Joshua and Ruth (GRANT) BOOTH; r East Windsor. 

  Noah was one of the first members mentioned in the Wapping Parish Church, which was built in 1765.

  Noah was one of those impressed into service in Capt. Nathaniel Hayden's Train Band, 13 Apr 1759. At that time 46 influential men of Windsor paid money which was given to enlistees and impressed men to encourage them to be in military service, and kept their sons and servants  from serving. This was during the French and Indian Wars.

  Noah took part in the Boston Tea Party in 1773.  It is related that a judge, whose home the group was passing after the "party", stuck his head out the window, and said "well, boys, you will have to settle tomorrow for your Indian caper".  To this Noah replied "we will settle with you now, squire, if you will come out here".  The offer was declined.

  Noah was a sergeant in the Lexington Alarm in 1775, and took part in the “march to the relief of Boston” in that year.  In appreciation for this service he was granted a piece of woodland as a bounty. Timber from this woodland was used in the initial building of Dartmouth College.  Noah also went with the Army on the campaign to Quebec, under Benedict Arnold, later in 1775.  He was a Lieutenant in the 11th Company, or Trainband, in 1777, and became a Captain in 1778. The gun that he carried has been passed down in the family, to Edward W (see #561), and then Charles H (see #563). [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Noah Barber Gen; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; CT State Lib:Booth Gen; Tolland & Windham Co; Noah Barber's will:Azubah (Barber) Clark is his daughter; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; DAR lineage; Jerijah Barber Manuscript; CT Hist Soc:Francis Manuscript; Stiles:Windsor; CT State Lib:Bissell Gen ~]

                 Children of Noah and Sybil:

          i       TIRZAH5, b Windsor 9 Jul 1762; m Reuben BARBER (#130).

 117   ii       NOAH5, b 22 Jul 1764; m/1 Temperance WISE; m/2 Phebe BROWN. 

 118   iii      GEORGE5, b 12 Oct 1766; m Elizabeth (“Betsey”) WOLCOTT.

 119   iv      ELDAD5, b 1767/8; m Lois BISSELL.

          v       SIBBELL5, b 1769; d Windsor 4 Dec 1812; m 7 Jan 1796 Daniel BISSELL, b 1770/1, d  Windsor 29 Oct 1812, son

                   of Daniel and Beulah (ROCKWELL) BISSELL. Sibbell probably had no children who lived, for she was not mentioned

                    in Noah’s will.       

          vi      ?DANIEL F5, b about 1770; m ‑‑‑.  Daniel is not mentioned, nor his heirs, in Noah’s will of 1822.

                                           Children of Daniel F:

                           i                  NOAH6, b about 1795 in CT.

                           ii                  PHOEBE6

                           iii                 CHARLES6

                                           Daniel F reportedly had 6 children.


          vii     AZUBAH5, b 1773; d Windsor 25 Mar 1843; m Capt. Oliver CLARK, b 1765/6, d Windsor April 1840.

                    [~ Stiles:Windsor; Gravestone; Corresp:Frances M O'Brien; Corresp:Gary Walker; Corresp:Lois Clark Griswold;

                    OBIT:Hartford Courant; CT Hist Soc:Webster Gen ~]

                                           Children of Azubah and Oliver:

                           i                   Lampson Wells CLARK6, b 1792/3; d 8 Dec 1812 “at age 19".

                           ii                   Azubah CLARK6, b East Windsor 19 Jun 1796; m Harvey BUCKLAND. They had 4 children. 

                           iii                  Sybil CLARK6, b 23 Mar 1798; m Horatio THRALL; they had 7 children.

                           iv                  Charles CLARK6, b Jan 1800; m Chloe SADD.

                           v                   Norman CLARK6, b 2 May 1802; m Emily LOOMIS.

                           vi                   Emeline CLARK6, b 1803; m John SADD; they had 2 children.

                           vii                  Noah Barber CLARK6,  ; m Mary CLARK. Noah was a teacher, and went "South".

                           viii                  Rachel CLARK6, b 1807; m Warren FITCH; d Coventry CT.

                           ix                   ?Oliver CLARK6

                           x                    Henry Stiles CLARK6, b 27 Jan 1810; m/1 Lucy FOWLER; m/2 1837 Cynthia WELLS.  

                           xi                   Roderick CLARK6, b 28 Jan 1812; m Amelia Eaton BELKNAP; r Hartford CT; they had 6 children.

                           xii                  Aurelia CLARK6, b May 1814; d 30 Nov 1814.


 120  viii     JONATHAN5, b Wapping, East Windsor CT 17 Jul 1774; m Martha FOSTER.

          ix      ANNA5, b 1776/7; d 11 Dec 1829; buried at Wapping; unmarried.



38. JOEL4 BARBER (John3), b Windsor CT 22 Oct 1736; m there (Bloomfield Church) (Joel “of Windsor”) 23 Nov 1758 Mary DRAKE, b Windsor 31 Dec 1736, d 1824, daughter of Enoch and Mary (BARBER) DRAKE (see #15); r Harwinton CT.

  Joel was in Capt. Mills' Company of Militia in the Revolution. He was a private in Enos’s First Connecticut Regiment. For his service, Joel was eventually awarded a grant of land in Linesville, Crawford Co PA or the adjacent town of Conneaut, in the “Western Reserve”, where his grandson Bethuel Merriman later lived in 1830, and his grandson Elijah A in 1840. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Vital rec:CT; Stiles:Windsor; Barber family rec; Drake Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; National Register,SAR; Corresp:Karin Knutsen ~]

                  Children of Joel and Mary, born at Harwinton:

 121   i        JOEL5, b 1 Jul 1760; m/1 Rosetta CASE; Joel ?m/2 Rebeckah FRISBIE.

 122   ii        WILLIAM5, b 1762; m/1 Mary THOMPSON; m/2 ‑‑‑.

          iii       AARON5, b 1764.  He went "South" about 1815 with Theophilus DYER.

 123   iv       BETHUEL5, b 1768; m Mary THORP.

 124   v        JOAB5, b about 1770; d about 1806; m Editha MOSES.

          vi       MARY5, m Elisha FLINT

          vii      ROSALYNDY5,  ; m Torrington (“both of Torrington”) 17 Oct 1793 Joseph PRESTON, Jr. 

          viii     ELIZABETH5, m Darius SIGOUR.

 125   ix       ELIJAH5, b 21 Jun 1779 m Rachel HILL.



39. JERIJAH4 BARBER (John3), b Windsor CT 26 Dec 1738; d there 7 Feb 1792; m there (“both of Windsor”) 5 Dec 1765 Loannah FILLEY, b Windsor 19 Oct 1744, d there 9 Jul 1793, daughter of Amos and Eda (COOK) FILLEY; r Windsor, on Shady Lane (now Pleasant Street). 

  Jerijah and 4 others from Windsor were drafted and served in the Revolutionary War at New York City and Westchester in August and September of 1776. This put him in the disastrous Battle of Long Island, 27 Aug 1776, then White Plains and the subsequent retreat through Westchester. After that he found it preferable to pay someone else to serve in his place.

  After the War he founded a tannery at Mill Brook near Poquonock Avenue, and near his home, where he was in business for many years. Here skins of horses, cattle and sheep were brought for processing into leather for boots, saddles, etc. In addition to the tannery, Jerijah had a sizeable farm.   [~ 1909 Barber Gen;  Barbour Index; Jerijah Barber Manuscript; Stiles:Windsor; Hartford County:Beers ~]

                   Children of Jerijah and Loannah, born at Windsor: 

 126   i         JERIJAH5, b 23 Aug 1766; m/1 Deborah DEXTER; m/2 Anna HAYDEN.

          ii        LOANNAH5, b 9 Mar 1768; d 31 Mar 1813; m Jan 1789 Capt. William COOLEY Jr, b East Granville MA 19 Dec

                    1763, d 27 Jul 1845, son of Capt. William and Sarah (MATHER) COOLEY; r Granville.  [~ Godfrey Mem Lib:Cooley

                    Gen; LBBarbour Manuscript ~]

                                           Children of Loannah and William, born at Granville:

                           i                   Loanna Barber COOLEY6, b 19 Dec 1789; m Reuben ENO of Simsbury CT;                  

                                                   r Granville MA, and also at Homer and Granville, both in Licking Co OH.  [~ CSL:Eno Gen ~]

                           ii                   William Henry COOLEY6, b 13 Jan 1792; ?married .

                           iii                  Amanda COOLEY6, b 14 Apr 1794; m Heaton GRANGER of Granby CT.

                           iv                  Sophia COOLEY6, b 8 Mar 1796

                           v                   John COOLEY6, b 10 Jan 1798; m Persis MORGAN; r Brimfield MA, and in New York State.

                           vi                  Rhoda Augusta COOLEY6, b 26 Jan 1800

                           vii                 Sally Maria COOLEY6, b 12 May 1802

                           viii                 Abby Laurinda COOLEY6, b 25 Mar 1804

                           ix                   Charlotte Lucina COOLEY6, b 30 Dec 1805; d 20 Mar 1838.

                           x                   Cotton Mather COOLEY6, b Mar 1808; m Palmer MA Eunice TINKER.

                           xi                   Timothy Franklin COOLEY6, b 23 Aug 1810; d 28 Mar 1813.


 127   iii       JOHN5, b 19 May 1770; m/1 Ann NEWBERRY; m/2 Ursula CATLIN.

          iv       ROXANNA5, b 17 Aug 1772; d 10 Dec 1823; m 9 Feb 1795 Cyrus MILLER of Hartland CT, b Farmington CT 16 Feb

                    1770, d Hartland 1 Oct 1849, son of Jonathan Allen and Sarah (WOODRUFF) MILLER; r Hartland, and possibly

                    Hartford CT. After Roxanna died, Cyrus moved to Ohio. Cyrus m/2 Canton, Stark Co OH 1825 Damaris MILLS and

                    had 7 more children, in addition to the many that Roxanna had.

                    [~ Barbour Index; CT bible rec;Bushnell Gen; Humphrey Gen; CT State Lib:Miller Manuscript ~]

                                           Children of Roxanna and Cyrus:

                           i                   Roxanna MILLER6, b 24 Feb 1796; m Lester HUMPHREY.

                           ii                   Fanny MILLER6,  ; died young.

                           iii                  Rhoda B MILLER6,  ; m Schyler BANNING.

                           iv                  Fanny Moriah MILLER6,  ; died young.

                           v                   Sarah Ann MILLER6, b at Hartland 21 Apr 1808; m Asa BUSHNELL; r                          

                                                   Wilbraham MA, and Watertown, Jefferson Co NY.

                           vi                   Infant6,  ; died young.

                           vii                  Cyrus MILLER6,  ; died young.

                           viii                  Lucina M MILLER6

                            ix                  Julina K MILLER6,  ; m Whitehead MUNSON.


         v         LUCINA5, b 17 Nov 1775; d at Claridon, Geauga Co OH 21 Apr 1848; m Windsor CT (Lucina “of Windsor”) 17 Jun

                    1799 Theodore ENSIGN of Hartland CT, b there 9 Sep 1775, d 23 Jul 1860, son of Eleazer and Lydia (BUSHNELL)

                    ENSIGN.  Lucina and Theodore had their children in Windsor, and later moved to Claridon.

                    [~ Barbour Index; CT church rec; CT Hist Soc:Ensign Gen; Jerijah Barber Manuscript ~]

                                           Children of Lucina and Theodore, born at Windsor:

                           i                   Jerijah Barber ENSIGN6, baptised 10 Nov 1799; m in New York, ‑‑‑ BEACH.

                           ii                   Joanna F ENSIGN6, b 11 Jan 1801; m Harmon Neven HEWELL; r Claridon.

                           iii                  Diodate Johnson ENSIGN6, b 25 Apr 1805; m Minerva COWLES.

                           iv                  John ENSIGN6, b about 1811; d 10 Jan 1811.

                           v                   Fanny ENSIGN6,  ; died young.

                           vi                  Theodore Woodbridge ENSIGN6, b 4 Apr 1813; m Melissa BRADLEY; r Claridon.

                           vii                  Ammi Emory ENSIGN6, b 10 May 1816; m Mercy Rebecca CHASE; r Claridon, and Rock

                                                   Creek, Ashtabula Co OH.  Mercy m/2 1860 Jacob GATES; she m/3 Hymeneus BUNDY.


         vi        RHODA5, b 20 Apr 1783; d Windsor 31 Mar 1864; m 31 Oct 1803 Roger PHELPS, b Windsor 22 Mar 1780,

                    d there 28 Mar 1854, son of Roger and Deborah (FILLEY) PHELPS; r Windsor.  Roger was a farmer there.

                    [~ CT Hist Soc: Phelps Gen; Jerijah Barber Manuscript; Windsor Hist Soc:Filer Gen,Arnold ~]

                                           Children of Rhoda and Roger:

                           i                   Mark Tully Cicero PHELPS6, b 4 May 1805; m Betsey CRANE; r Windsor CT and at Milo, Bureau Co IL.

                           ii                  Daniel Buckland PHELPS6, b 25 Dec 1807; m/1 Delia DRAKE, who died 2 May            

                                                    1846; m/2 1848 Phoebe Ellsworth; r Windsor.

                           iii                 Rhoda Barber PHELPS6, b 28 Jan 1810; m John W DUNLAP; r South Hadley MA.

                           iv                 Amelia PHELPS6, b 23 Feb 1813; d 14 Mar 1840; unmarried.

                           v                  William Roger PHELPS6, b 12 Sep 1815; m/1 Sarah P RANKIN; m/2 1851 Margaret THOMPSON; r

                                                   Peoria IL.

                           vi                  Catherine PHELPS6, b 15 Sep 1818; m/1 Rev. Austin CAREY; r Sunderland                        

                                                    MA. Catherine m/2 1853 Rev. Matthew KINGMAN and lived at Amherst MA.

                           vii                  Timothy Samuel PHELPS6, b 30 Oct 1820; m/1 1843 Elizabeth S LOOMIS, who died d 30 Oct 1852;

                                                    he m/2 1859 Ellen ELLSWORTH.

                            viii                  Mary Jane PHELPS6, b 1 Aug 1823; d 13 May 1851; unmarried.

                           ix                   Jennette Lucina PHELPS6, b 5 Nov 1827; d 25 Jun 1830.



40. JOSIAH4 BARBER (Nathaniel3), b Windsor CT 6 Mar 1714/5; d there 27 Apr 1801; m there (Josiah “of Windsor”) 28 Jun 1745 Sarah FORBES “of Hartford”, b Scotland CT 1725/6, d Windsor May 1801, daughter of James and Sarah (WILLIAMS) FORBES; r in the Wilson section of Windsor.    

  Josiah and his brother Nathaniel became proprietors of the town of Torrington. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Map:Windsor,1798; Hartford County:Beers; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Kindred Konnections: Fred Jones ~]

                   Children of Josiah and Sarah:

          i         SARAH5, baptised 8 Jun 1746; died young.

 128   ii        JOSIAH5, b 9 Oct 1747; m Naomi WILLIAMS.

          iii       SARAH5, b 6 Feb 1749/50; probably the Sarah who d Windsor 6 Oct 1828, “age 80”.

          iv       ASAHEL5, b 8 Apr 1753; probably the Asahel who was at the Relief of Boston, from Windsor in

                      1775 at the start of the Revolution. He may have married Jerusha MARSH, daughter of Jesse and Lucy (---)

                      MARSH. His niece, Josiah’s daughter Naomi, married Jerusha MARSH’s brother Nathaniel.  



41. Col. NATHANIEL4 BARBER (Nathaniel3), b Windsor CT 5 Dec 1717; d Torrington CT 8 Mar 1788; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 13 Sep 1739 Hepzibah LOOMIS, b there 5 Jul 1722, d Torrington 26 Mar 1793, daughter of Ichabod and Hepzibah (LOOMIS) LOOMIS.

  Nathaniel was a proprietor and among the first settlers of Torrington, in about 1741, when he and his wife were among the original members of the Congregational Church there. They lived in the southwest part of the town. His will, Torrington 1788, named children including Eli, "if he returns" (he did!).  I notice that this couple had two sets of twins. 

  Nathaniel served in the Revolutionary Army as Captain of the Torrington Company, and his rank eventually rose to Colonel.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Loomis Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills ~]

                   Children of Nathaniel and Hepzibah:

         i          HEPZIBAH5, b Windsor 9 Mar 1739/40; d 2 Jan 1760.

         ii         NATHANIEL5, b Torrington 11 Jul 1742; d there 9 Mar 1743.

 129  iii        NATHANIEL5; b Torrington 5 Feb 1744/5; m Mercy SPAFFORD.

 130  iv        ELIJAH5, baptised Torrington 11 May 1746; m Mary HILLS.

         v         TIMOTHY5, b Torrington 23 Oct 1748; d Goshen CT 1790; m Sarah HOLMES, b Salisbury CT 16 Mar 1756, d

                      Vernon, Oneida Co NY, daughter of Asa and Sarah (JEWELL) HOLMES; r Torrington.  Sarah m/2 Asa EDDY. She

                      was the sister of James HOLMES who m                    Timothy’s sister Lucy BARBER (see below). 

                       Timothy served under his father in the Torrington Company, and later in Capt. Griswold’s Company in the

                      Revolutionary Army. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Timothy's Estate, Goshen,1790:to Sarah, widow; Holmes Gen ~]

                                           Children of Timothy and Sarah (a guardian, their step‑father Asa Eddy,       

                                             was appointed for them in 1791):

                           i                   SARAH6, b 1783

                           ii                  DAVID6, b 1788


        vi        URIAH, b 1749/50; baptised Torrington 22 Oct 1769; d Canton CT 13 Jun 1817, “age                    67”.

        vii       CHLOE5; b Torrington 21 Mar 1751/2; d 3 Dec 1836; m Torrington (“both of Torrington”) 9 Jun 1785 Abner

                     LOOMIS, b Torrington 26 Nov 1727, d there 18 Jan 1809, son of Aaron and Deborah (EGGLESTON)


                       Abner m/1 Sarah GRANT, who died in 1784, daughter of William and Sarah (MOORE) GRANT; Abner lived in

                     Torrington, where he erected a brandy still in about 1775. This place where his house and the still stood became

                     known as "Brandy Hill".  Nathaniel was a Torrington selectman from 1778 to 1783.

                     [ ~ Barbour Index; Cem:Litchfield County; Loomis Gen ~]

                                           Children of Chloe and Abner, born at Torrington: 

                           i                   Chloe LOOMIS6, b 14 May 1788; d 9 Sep 1816; unmarried.

                           ii                   Julia LOOMIS6, b 20 Dec 1790; d 6 Jul 1817; unmarried.


        viii     LOIS5, b Torrington 2 Jun 1753; d 5 Jul 1773; m Torrington (“both of Torrington”) 27 May 1773 Friend THRALL,

                    b 9 Jun 1752, son of Joel and Margaret (HODGE) THRALL; r Torrington. Lois died, apparently from

                    complications of childbirth, just 9 days after the birth of her daughter, and 5 weeks after marriage.  And the

                    little girl died only 3 months later. Friend m/2 23 Nov 1774 Sarah AGARD, and had 2 children by her.

                    [~ CT Hist Soc:Thrall Gen; Hodge Gen ~]

                                           Child of Lois and Friend:

                           i                   Lois THRALL6, b 26 Jun 1773; d 17 Oct 1773.


        ix       KEZIAH5, b Torrington 16 Nov 1755; d there 22 May 1774.

        x        LUCY5, b Torrington 18 Dec 1757; d 4 Sep 1812; m Salisbury CT (Lucy “of Torrington”) 21 Jun 1780 James

                    HOLMES, 3rd of Salisbury, b there 14 Feb 1758, son of James and Sarah (JEWELL) HOLMES; James m/2

                    6 Dec 1812 Lucretia WRIGHT and had one son, William. Lucretia died 21 Dec 1825, and James m/3 10 Oct

                    1826 Rhoda J ANABLE, b 1779/80; r Salisbury, and at Durham NY and Albany NY.

                     James was a Revolutionary Soldier from Connecticut.

                    [~ Barbour Index;  Godfrey Mem Lib:Holmes Gen; CT Hist Soc:Ancestral Notes,1954; Abstracts of Rev War ~]

                                           Children of Lucy and James, born at Salisbury:

                           i                   Byron HOLMES6, b 7 Nov 1781

                           ii                   Levi HOLMES6, b 31 Dec 1783; died young.

                           iii                  Lucy HOLMES6, b 19 Dec 1787

                           iv                  Levi HOLMES6, b 16 Jul 1790; m Phebe ADAMS.

                           v                   James HOLMES6, b 14 Aug 1792

                           vi                  John HOLMES6, b 12 Feb 1795

                           vii                  Lois HOLMES6, b 1 May 1797

                           viii                 Augustus HOLMES6, b 31 Aug 1800


        xi       SUSAN5, baptised Torrington 19 Feb 1758; died in NY; m/1 Aug 1778 Ethan ALLEN, b Torrington about 1755,

                    d of an accident in Vermont before 1790; Susan m/2 John P GOULD.  Susan and Ethan lived in Torrington;

                    about 1782-1784 they moved to Vermont.  At some time after 1790 she moved again, to New York State.  

                     I am not sure how this Ethan Allen is related to the famous Ethan ALLEN, born in 1738 in Litchfield CT, close by.

                    [~ Corresp: Nancy Burton; LDS Fam Search:Emmet W Heath; Corresp:Gail Bono; Corresp:Mike Gregory ~]

                                           Children of Susan and Ethan:

                           i                   Susan ALLEN6, b Torrington 19 Jul 1780; m 1799 Doctor John WEBSTER.                         

                                                  Both are buried in Spencerport, Monroe Co NY.

                           ii                   Ethan ALLEN6, b Torrington 31 Jul 1782; m Charlotte PIERSON; r Genesee         

                                                   Co NY; buried at Jamestown, Chautauqua Co NY.

                           iii                   John ALLEN6, b VT about 1784; m Ursula McCURDY; r Litchfield CT.

                           iv                   Barber ALLEN6, b 1786; m/1 about 1812 Eunice WOODWORTH; m/2 about 1813               

                                                    Mary PERRY, b Fairfield CT; m/3 1832 Cynthia ---; r LeRoy and Pavilion, Genesee Co NY.  Barber

                                                    and Mary had 10 children, b 1813-1831. I am not sure when the marriage to Eunice Woodworth took

                                                    place, and if she was Barber’s first wife or not.


 131 xii      ELI5, b Torrington 9 Feb 1761; m Hannah DRAKE.

        xiii     HEPZIBAH5, b Torrington 20 Jul 1763; m Harwinton (“Hepzibah of Torrington”) 6 Oct 1788 Ira SKINNER of

                    Harwinton, b there 16 Mar 1761, son of Ashbel and Marah (HOLCOMB) SKINNER.

                    [~ Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript ~]

                                           Children of Hepzibah and Ira:

                           i                   Anna SKINNER6, b 14 Jun 1789

                           ii                  Ira SKINNER6, b 14 May 1791

                           iii                  Ashbel SKINNER6, b 13 Dec 1792

                           iv                  Ryla B SKINNER6, b 2 Nov 1794; d 26 Feb 1799.

                           v                   Hepzibah SKINNER6, b 23 Apr 1797

                           vi                  Lois SKINNER6, b 22 Sep 1799

                           vii                  Ryla B SKINNER6, b 9 May 1801

                           viii                 Achsah SKINNER6, b 19 Apr 1803


       xiv      JEMIMA5 (twin), b Torrington 20 Jul 1763; d 6 Oct 1828; m Torrington (“both of Torrington”) 9 Mar 1786 Benoni

                    LOOMIS, b Torrington 27 Feb 1758, d there 20 Feb 1820, son of Abraham and Mary (TAYLOR) LOOMIS; r

                    Torrington.  In 1787 Benoni was a signer of a declaration forming a society called the “Strict Congregationalists”.

                    [~ Barbour Index;  Loomis Gen ~]

                                           Children of Jemima and Benoni, born at Torrington:

                           i                   Warren LOOMIS6, b 9 Nov 1787; m Esther SUTLIFF; r Torrington.

                           ii                   Roxalena LOOMIS6, b 27 Mar 1791; m 1828 Horace LOOMIS as his second      

                                                  wife, after her sister Pamela died; r Torrington.

                           iii                  Horace Allyn LOOMIS6, b 3 Aug 1793; m Hannah JUDSON; r Summit Co OH.

                           iv                  Elisha LOOMIS6, b 27 Jul 1798; m Ophelia LEACH; r Torrington.

                           v                   Pamela LOOMIS6, b 18 Jan 1804; d 23 Sep 1824; m 21 Apr 1824 Horace  LOOMIS; r Torrington.



42. THOMAS4 BARBER (Nathaniel3), b Windsor CT 1 Oct 1725; d there 31 Dec 1802; m there (“both of Windsor”) 10 Jan 1748/9 Jane ISHAM b Edgartown MA 1727/28, d Windsor 1 Aug 1804, daughter of John and Deborah (DAGGETT) ISHAM; r Windsor. Thomas served in the Revolutionary War at the seige of Boston, 1775. 

  The 1909 Barber Genealogy said that the children of Thomas were born in Harwinton, but that is not the case. The birth records available show Windsor.

[~ 1909 Barber Gen; Godfrey Mem Lib:Isham Gen; CT church rec; Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript ~]

                Children of Thomas and Jane:

       i         JANE5, b Windsor 12 Oct 1749; d 19 Nov 1749.

       ii         THOMAS5, b Windsor 13 Nov 1750; d Windsor 15 Feb 1816, "age 65".  Thomas was a                     

                    soldier in the Revolution in 1780, in the 5th Connecticut Regiment. Probably this Thomas is the one who lived in

                    Wilson, on the road to Hartford, next to his uncle Josiah BARBER. 

       iii        JACOB5, b Windsor 16 Jun 1752; probably died young.

       iv        MARY5, b Windsor 14 Aug 1754; m Bloomfield (part of Windsor until 1835) (Mary “of Windsor”) 16 Jun 1778

                    Aaron CRANE of East Windsor, b 8 May 1756, d 3 Jul 1826, son of Hezekiah and Rachel CRANE.  Aaron m/2

                    17 Apr 1817 Widow Dorcas MUNN of Springfield MA.

                    [~ Barbour Index;  CT church rec; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; CT Hist Soc:Crane Gen ~]

                                           Children of Mary and Aaron:

                           i                   Polly CRANE6, b 10 May 1779; m Ebenezer McGREGORY of Longmeadow MA.

                           ii                   Aaron CRANE6, b 24 Mar 1781; m Lodice ‑‑‑; r Longmeadow.

                           iii                  Timothy CRANE6, b 28 Jan 1783; m Matilda NEEDHAM; r Stafford CT.

                           iv                  Ziba CRANE6, b 16 Apr 1785; m Mercy KIBBEE; r Longmeadow.

                           v                   Eli CRANE6, b 3 Aug 1787; m Sarah ‑‑‑; r Longmeadow and Wilbraham MA.

                           vi                  Jane CRANE6, b 24 Dec 1789

                           vii                  Lucinda CRANE6, b 19 Aug 1792

                           viii                 Elihu CRANE6, b 17 Nov 1794; r Longmeadow.

                           ix                   Hezekiah CRANE6, b 1 Feb 1797; m Mary HEATH; r Longmeadow MA and Albion, Oswego Co NY.

                           x                    Almira CRANE6, b 18 Jul 1799; d 6 Sep 1808.


        v        JANE5, baptised 4 Sep 1757

        vi       ABIGAIL5, baptised 5 Oct 1759

 132 vii      REUBEN5, baptised 12 Dec 1762; m Tirzah BARBER (see #37).

        viii     CHLOE5, baptised 12 May 1765; d 31 May 1849; m Windsor 8 Nov 1785 Elijah SADD, b probably East Windsor

                    3 Mar 1766, d 9 Feb 1843, son of John and Content (ELMORE) SADD; r East Windsor. Chloe joined the

                    Windsor Church 1787.

                    [~ Barbour Index; CT church rec; CT Hist Soc:Sadd Manuscript; CT State Lib:Sadd Gen ~]

                                           Children of Chloe and Elijah:

                           i                   Abigail SADD6, b 14 Feb 1788; m Timothy MUNSELL.

                           ii                   Harvey SADD6, b 21 Jan 1790; m Polly SPEAR.

                           iii                  Chloe SADD6, b 6 Sep 1792; m Charles CLARK.

                           iv                  Laura SADD6, b 6 Feb 1798; d 19 Feb 1799.

                           v                   John SADD6, b 10 Sep 1800; m Emeline CLARK; r East Windsor.


 133 ix       ELI5, b about 1767; m/1 Mary FORBES; m/2 Ann BIDWELL. 

 134 x        NATHANIEL5, baptised 24 Jun 1768; m/1 Sally BISSELL; m/2 Margaret (BISSELL) SAUNDERS.



43. Dea. OLIVER4 BARBER (Jonathan3), b Windsor CT 29 Jan 1735/6; d 8 Oct 1820; buried at East Windsor; m East Windsor (“Oliver of Windsor, now of East Windsor”) 30 Jan 1766 Anna ROOT of Westfield MA, b 16 Oct 1743, d 16 Sep 1825, daughter of John and Anna (LOOMIS) ROOT; r Scantic Parish section of East Windsor.

  Oliver served in the Revolution.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Lure of the Litchfield Hills ~]

                 Children of Oliver and Anna Barber, born at East Windsor: 

 135   i       OLIVER5, b 3 Mar 1767; m Sarah CHAPIN.

 136   ii      GROVE5, b 19 Jul 1769; m Mary ALLEN.

          iii     EUNICE5, b 6 Jul 1772; d East Windsor 23 Oct 1854; m there 1792 Wareham CRANE, b     

                    1770, d East Windsor 21 Jan 1835, son of Hezekiah and Sybil (LAMPHIRE) CRANE.        

                    Eunice and Wareham resided at East Windsor, where he was a farmer.

                    [~ IGI:CT; CT Hist Soc:Crane Gen ~]

                                           Children of Eunice and Wareham:

                           i                   Clarissa CRANE6, b 15 Jul 1792; m Parley GREEN.  They had no children.

                           ii                   Sybil CRANE6, b 2 Jan 1794; m James ROCKWELL; r MI.

                           iii                   Eunice CRANE6, b 3 Jan 1796; m Joshua WELLS of East Windsor.

                           iv                  Wareham Barber CRANE6, b 27 Jan 1798; d 6 May 1842.

                           v                   Anna CRANE6, b 30 Oct 1799; d 1886.

                           vi                  Russell Willis CRANE6, b 31 Jan 1802; m Lydia PARMLE; r East Windsor.

                           vii                  Sophronia CRANE6, b 14 Feb 1804; m Hiram WOLCOTT of East Windsor.

                           viii                 Oliver Root CRANE6, b 6 Dec 1806; m Annie Rebecca LEWIS; d Waterford CT.

                           ix                   Electa B CRANE6, b 25 Aug 1809; m Elisha W HICKERSON; r Detroit MI.

                           x                    Hezekiah Backus CRANE6, b 12 Sep 1811; m Angeline GOWDY.

                           xi                   Charles Reynolds CRANE6, b 26 Feb 1817; m Mary WEST.  They had no children.

                           xii                   Lorenzo Bliss CRANE6, b 21 Nov 1818; m Emeline GOWDY; r South Windsor.


 137   iv     HORACE5, b 2 Oct 1776; m/1 Lydia PHELPS; m/2 Mabel S ---.

          v      ANNE5, b 22 Mar 1778; d Scantic CT 11 Dec 1829; m ‑‑‑.

          vi     ELECTA5 "Lecty", b 25 Apr 1782, d 12 Jul 1804; m East Windsor 27 Nov 1800 Timothy CHAPIN, b Enfield CT 12

                    Apr 1772, d there 30 Jun 1858, son of Ebenezer and Mehitable (BARTLETT) CHAPIN.  Electa died a month after

                    delivering her second son.  Timothy m/2 1806 Susanna Terry and had 5 children by her.

                    [~ CT Hist Soc:Chapin Gen ~]

                                           Children of Electa and Timothy:

                          i                   Reuben CHAPIN6, b 7 Dec 1801; m ‑‑‑; r OH.  They had no children.

                          ii                  Timothy Barber CHAPIN6, b 16 Jun 1804; d 5 Nov 1881.


                   Henry Barber, b 2 Jul 1796, listed by White‑Wilson as a son of Oliver Barber and Anna, is actually a son of Oliver

                    Barber and Sarah CHAPIN, and grandson of Oliver and Anna. 



44. ASHBEL4 BARBER (Jonathan3), b Windsor CT 22 Jul 1738; d 22 Mar 1812; buried at East Windsor; m/1 Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 1 Aug 1765 Sarah OSBORNE, b Windsor 20 Jun 1739, daughter of John and Sarah (STILES) OSBORNE.

  Ashbel m/2 Rhoda ROOT, b 28 Oct 1745, d 23 Feb 1829; buried at East Windsor, daughter of John and Anna (LOOMIS) ROOT, and sister of Anna ROOT, his brother Oliver's wife. 

  Ashbel marched to the relief of Boston in 1775 to start the Revolution, and later transferred to Col. Phelps’s Regiment for special service on coast defense.  In East Windsor they were members of the Scantic Church.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Stiles:Windsor; CT Hist Soc:Root Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Corresp:Elizabeth Simpson ~]

                 Child of Ashbel and Sarah:

         i        ASHBEL5, b about 1765; m ‑‑‑; r East Windsor. The censuses of 1790‑1810, show he probably had 4 children.



45. SIMEON4 BARBER (Jonathan3), b Windsor CT 17 May 1741; d 7 Oct 1808; buried in East Windsor CT; m East Windsor (“both of East Windsor”) 26 Sep 1771 Lois ALLEN, b 13 Sep 1751, d 29 Jul 1814, daughter of Joseph and Lois (BURNHAM) ALLEN; r East Windsor. 

  Simeon served in the Revolution. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Vital rec:East Windsor ~]

                 Children of Simeon and Lois, born at East Windsor:

         i        CYNTHIA5, b 20 Oct 1772; d Portland CT 8 Mar 1837; m East Windsor 16 Feb 1792 Ebenezer OSBORNE, b

                    16 Aug 1767, d 21 Mar 1806, probably the son of Samuel and Hepzibah (LORD) OSBORNE; r East Windsor.

                                           Children of Cynthia and Ebenezer, born at East Windsor:

                           i                   Julius OSBORNE6, b 3 Aug 1794; m Ann E MARSH.

                           ii                   Cynthia OSBORNE6, b 3 Mar 1800; m Rev. Harvey TALCOTT; r Portland CT.


 138  ii       SIMEON5, b 17 Mar 1774; m Martha POTWINE.

         iii      LOIS5, b 16 Oct 1775; d 22 Jan 1806; m 18 Jun 1798 Alexander RICHARDSON, b probably Coventry CT 17 Jun

                    1772, d at Ithaca, Tompkins Co NY 3 Oct 1859, son of Stephen and Mabel (MARSH) RICHARDSON; r East

                    Windsor.   He is supposedly the Alexander who m/2 Hannah DRAKE, b 1776.  He had 2 children by his 2nd wife.

                    When Lois died, she left 5 children, the youngest of which was 12 days old.  [~ CT Hist Soc:Richardson Gen ~]

                                           Children of Lois and Alexander:

                           i                   Harlan Page RICHARDSON6, b 14 Dec 1799; d East Windsor 17 Oct 1801.

                           ii                   Daniel M RICHARDSON6, b 8 Apr 1801; m Lavinia A McINTYRE.

                           iii                  Harlan Page RICHARDSON6, b 22 May 1803; d East Windsor 6 Oct 1806.

                           iv                  Horace W RICHARDSON6,  ; d 26 Jan 1848.

                           v                   Lois Barber RICHARDSON6, b 10 Jan 1806; d 22 Jan 1882; unmarried.


         iv      RACHEL PHEBE5, b 25 Sep 1781; d East Windsor 19 Aug 1854; unmarried.

         v       HADASSAH5, b 22 Dec 1784; d East Windsor 26 Feb 1864; unmarried.



46. MOSES4 BARBER (Aaron3), b Windsor CT 2 Nov 1733; d there 12 Aug 1818; m Wait LOOMIS, b 14 Aug 1732, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (HIGLEY) LOOMIS; r Windsor.  Moses may also have married Mary ‑‑‑).

  Moses was one of those impressed into service 13 Apr 1759, in Capt. Nathaniel Hayden's Company, during the French and Indian War. 46 subscribers paid money to be divided among those serving, to encourage them, and kept their own sons and servants from having to serve.

[~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Lure of the Litchfield Hills ~]

                 Children of Moses and Wait:

 139    i      BENONI5, b 14 Aug 1758; m Patty GOODWIN.

           ii     HANNAH5, twin, b 14 Aug 1758; d 1 Mar 1840; m 2 Mar 1802 Jonathan LOOMIS, b Windsor 25 Mar 1757,

                    d there 23 Oct 1814, son of Joseph and Kezia (LOOMIS) LOOMIS; r Windsor.

                     Jonathan Loomis served in the first call for troops in the Revolution, in Capt Clark’s 6th Company, 3rd Regiment,

                    CT Line.  He was at the Battle of Bunker Hill.  Later he was in Col. Sage’s Regiment, reinforcing the army in NY,

                    which lost heavily in retreat, and fought at White Plains, Westchester Co NY.  Jonathan became a corporal.

                    [~ Loomis Gen ~]

                                           Children of Hannah and Jonathan, born at Windsor:

                           i                   Moses LOOMIS6, b 13 Aug 1805; m Nancy C LOOMIS; r Windsor and Hartford CT.

                           ii                   Timothy LOOMIS6, b 17 Nov 1808; d 23 Jul 1829.

                           iii                  Jonathan LOOMIS6, b 6 Aug 1811; unmarried.


          iii     MOSES5, b 10 Oct 1762; d Windsor 10 Aug 1805; m Kezia ?DENSLOW, who d Windsor 27 Sep 1805. They

                    apparently had no children.

          iv     ANNA5, baptised 31 Mar 1765; m Windsor 15 Oct 1783 Augustus MILLS of East Windsor, baptised 20 Feb 1763,

                    d 11 Jun 1850, son of Roswell and Elizabeth (PORTER) MILLS.

         v       ISAAC5, b about 1768; m ‑‑‑.

                                           Child of Isaac and ‑‑‑:

                           i                   HIRAM6, b 1820; m ‑‑‑; Hiram had a child born Nov 1845, that died at Windsor 15 Mar 1846.


         vi      EUNICE5, b 14 Feb 1773; d 22 Feb 1853; m Windsor 2 Aug 1790 David Yeomans FITCH, b 27 Mar 1769, d 6 Sep

                    1849, son of James and Anne (HULBERT) FITCH; r at Jefferson Co NY.

                    [~ Corresp:Fred Payne; CT church rec; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript ~]

                                           Children of Eunice and David:

                           i                   Eunice FITCH6, b 31 Dec 1790

                           ii                   Lura FITCH6, b 12 Jan 1794

                           iii                  John M FITCH6, b 4 Dec 1796, m Rhoda ‑‑‑.

                           iv                  Aluryia FITCH6, b 14 Jun 1800

                           v                   Henry FITCH6, b 3 Jun 1803; r probably VanBuren Co MI.

                           vi                  James L FITCH6, b 27 Oct 1807, d 1857.

                           vii                  Morgan Lewis FITCH6, b 2 Feb 1810; m Amanda ROBERTS; r Lima, Livingston  

                                                    Co NY, then at Honeoye Falls, Monroe Co NY, and lastly at VanBuren Co MI.

                           viii                 Mari FITCH6, b 13 Oct 1812

                           ix                   Lyman Augustus FITCH6, b 21 Oct 1814, m Caroline M ROBERTS; r Van Buren Co.

                           x                   Willice O FITCH6, b 24 Mar 1818



47. ABEL4 BARBER (Aaron3), baptised Windsor CT 11 Apr 1736; d 1785; m 1763 Rebecca MARSH, daughter of Lemuel and Bathsheba (BARRET) MARSH of Hartford CT; r Windsor.  Rebecca m/2 Hezekiah LATIMER; r Windsor and Canton CT.

  Abel served with his brother Moses in his cousin Captain Nathaniel Barber’s Company in the Revolution.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Families of Hartford; Lure of the Litchfield Hills ~]

                 Children of Abel and Rebecca:

 140  i        ABEL5, baptised Windsor 18 Nov 1764; m Mary “Polly” MATHER.

         ii       FREEMAN5, baptised Windsor 26 Oct 1766; probably died young.

 141  iii      FREEMAN5, baptised Windsor 24 Jan 1768; m Mabel PALMER.

         iv      GEORGE5, b 1769/70; d Windsor 2 Mar 1805; m ‑‑‑; r Windsor.

                                           Children of George:

                           i                   GEORGE6, b about 1785.

                           ii                   AMANDA6

                           iii                  CATHARINE6

 142  v       THADDEUS5, baptised Windsor 29 Mar 1772; m Polly (“Patty”) (HOSKINS) EGGLESTON.

 143  vi      MICHAEL5, b Canton 1774/5; m/1 Elizabeth Hall WOODRUFF; m/2 Mary EMBRY.

         vii     JERUSHA5, b 30 Jun 1779; d Ware MA 26 Jan 1865; m Windsor (Bloomfield Church) 24 Apr 1808 Samuel

                    LEMON, b Montague MA 29 Nov 1780, d Ware 28 Sep 1855, son of Samuel and Jennet (HOLMES) LEMON.

                    They lived in Ware, on the farm which had been in the Lemon family for almost 100 years.

                    [~ CT church rec; Genforum:Luanne Chapin; IGI:CT ~]

                                           Children of Jerusha and Samuel:

                           i                   Cordelia LEMON6,   ; m John FLETCHER.

                           ii                   Eliza A LEMON6,   ; m Orusmus ALDEN of Ludlow MA.

                           iii                  Samuel M LEMON6, b Windsor CT 1810; m/1 --- GOULD; m/2 1873 Mary       

                                                    BABBITT, who d 27 Apr 1877; m/3 Jane D LINDSEY.

                           iv                  Henry P LEMON6,   ; m Mary H ---.

                           v                   Sidney B LEMON6,   ; m Almira and Martha SNOW; which was his first wife I don’t know.

                           vi                  Melissa Jane LEMON6,   ; m in Ware, John HOWE.

                           vii                 Emily LEMON6,   ; m in Ware, David DAVIS. 


         viii    ABIJAH5, twin of one of the above; baptised 14 Nov 1779; d Avon CT 1808 (the death record says "born 1782");

                    m Cynthia THOMPSON, b 1781/2, d Avon 5 Jun 1808; r Farmington CT.  [~ CT church rec; Barbour Index ~]



48. JAMES4 BARBER (Aaron3), b Windsor CT 22 Mar 1742/3; d Bloomfield CT 2 Jan 1802; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 17 Jul 1768 Esther ALLYN, b Windsor 9 May 1747, d Bloomfield 12 Dec 1805, daughter of Matthew and Dorcas (FILLEY) ALLYN; r Windsor and Bloomfield. 

  James served in the Continental Army for 3 years.  [~ Barbour Index; 1909 Barber Gen; Stiles:Windsor; CT church rec; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Jerijah  Barber Manuscript; James' will, 1802: To Allyn, James, Russell, Henry, Esther (wife of Solomon Goodrich), Alson, Oliver, and Candace; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Corresp:Cassandra Luce; IGI:CT ~]

                Children of James and Esther, born at Windsor (the part to become Bloomfield):

         i       ESTHER5, baptised Bloomfield 10 Sep 1769; d 3 Aug 1825; m Solomon GOODRICH, b 11 Oct 1761, d 2 Jan 1844,

                    son of Elijah and Margaret (GILLETT) GOODRICH of Windsor; r Hancock MA.

                     The Barber Genealogy of White‑Wilson says that Esther married Aaron FOOTE, but James' will proves otherwise.

                    The Esther who married Aaron FOOTE did so in 1799, and died in 1820.  [~ CT Hist Soc: Goodrich Gen ~]

                                           Children of Esther and Solomon:

                           i                   Esther Barber GOODRICH6, b 8 Feb 1795; m Lemuel CHESTER.

                           ii                   Chloe M GOODRICH6, b 17 Jul 1797; m Benjamin PALMER.

                           iii                   Joel GOODRICH6, b 19 Feb 1799; d 10 Aug 1849; unmarried.

                           iv                   Clarissa M GOODRICH6, b 16 May 1801; m Moses COLES.

                           v                    Tryphena GOODRICH6, b 12 Mar 1803; m Prentice JOHNSON.

                           vi                   Orrin GOODRICH6, b 27 Jul 1805; d 6 Jan 1859; unmarried.

                           vii                   Philena GOODRICH6, b 27 Mar 1808; m Russell PALMER.

                           viii                  Nelson L GOODRICH6, b 13 Oct 1810; m/1 Ruth PEASE; m/2 Cornelia PARSHALL.

                           ix                   Solomon P GOODRICH6, b 26 Apr 1813; m Minerva D COLEMAN; r Stephentown,

                                                     Rensselaer Co NY.


         ii      JAMES5, b 19 Nov 1771; d 20 Sep 1776.

 144  iii     ALLYN5, b 14 May 1774; m/1 Asenath ALLEN; m/2 Charlotte CASE.

         iv     ASA5, b 12 Apr 1776; d Bloomfield 30 May 1814; unmarried. 

         v      JAMES5, baptised Bloomfield 7 May 1778; ?m Elizabeth ---; r Windsor CT with 3 persons in the household in the

                    1820 census.  There is a James Barber in the 1820 census of Verona, Oneida Co NY, living near Russell Barber

                    (see #145).  

         vi     ROGER5, b 3 Jun 1780; baptised Bloomfield 9 Jun 1780; probably died young.

         vii    OLIVER5, twin, b 3 Jun 1780; d Bloomfield CT 4 Nov 1830; m at Hartford CT, "both of Windsor", 15 Jan 1809

                    Orinda HOSKINS; r Bloomfield CT.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index ~]

                                           Children of Oliver and Orinda:

                           i                   HIRAM KELLOGG6, b Jun 1809; d 20 Aug 1811.

                           ii                   CHILD6, b 1811/12; d Bloomfield 30 Aug 1814.

                           iii                  CHILD6, d Bloomfield Sep 1824.


 145  viii   RUSSELL5, b 11 Jan 1783; m Patience LEACH.

         ix     HENRY5, b 1 Jul 1785; d Windsor 1835.

         x      CANDIA5, b 5 Jun 1788; m Bloomfield 7 Mar 1811 Joseph WILLSON.



49. ELIJAH4 BARBER (Aaron3), b Windsor CT 11 Jan 1745/6; d Tolland CT 22 May 1825; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 29 Dec 1768 Abigail WOOD, b 17 Oct 1744, d Tolland 26 Nov 1820, daughter of Robert and Abigail (BARBER) WOOD (see #15); r Windsor in 1790; East Hartford CT in 1810. 

  Elijah served as a private in the Revolution, in the Connecticut Regiment of Col. Jedediah Huntington.  Elijah bought land in East Hartford in 1810 from his son Abner, who went to East Hartford before Elijah did. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Vital rec:Tolland; Land rec:East Hartford; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; DAR lineage ~]

                Children of Elijah and Abigail, born at Windsor: 

 146   i      ELIJAH5, b 24 Oct 1769; m Mary (“Polly”) WARNER.

 147   ii     ABNER5, b 18 Sep 1772; m Hepzibah BOWERS.

 148   iii     ROGER5, b 29 Jan 1775; m Martha KILBOURNE.

          iv     ABIGAIL5, b 18 Aug 1778; m Windsor 22 Aug 1799 Thomas BOARDMAN of Torrington CT.






50. JOHN5 BARBER (Jonathan4), b Oyster Ponds, Southhold, Long Island NY 11 Jun 1747; d Groton CT 22 Mar 1816; m Groton (“both of Groton”) Nov 1770 Elizabeth DENISON, b 19 Nov 1748, d 1 Dec 1822, daughter of Daniel and Rachel (STARR) DENISON; r Groton.

  John was a farmer and tavern‑keeper. He lived in the old home of his father in Groton Center.  [~ CT Hist Soc:Barber‑Morgan Bible; Barbour Index;  Gen & Biog of New London ~]

                 Children of John and Elizabeth, born at Groton:

         i        BETTY6, b 12 May 1771; d Colchester CT 15 Dec 1812; m Gardner GALLUP, b at Groton 5 Mar 1765, son of

                    Joseph and Mary (GARDNER) GALLUP. Gardner m/2 1821 Phebe SILL of Lyme CT.

                    [~ Barbour Index; CT State Lib:Gallup Gen ~]

                                           Children of Betty and Gardner:

                           i                   Gardner GALLUP7

                           ii                   Noyes GALLUP7

                           iii                  Betsey GALLUP7

                           iv                  Mary GALLUP7

                           v                   Sarah GALLUP7


         ii       SARAH6, b 6 Nov 1773; d Aurora, Cayuga Co NY 8 Jan 1837; m/1 Stephen MORGAN, b 19 Nov 1768, d 1797, son

                    of John and Dorothy (AVERY) MORGAN. Sarah m/2 28 Sep 1800 E1ias AVERY, b Groton 6 Apr 1768, d Aurora 31

                    Jul 1837, son of Daniel and Deborah (AVERY) AVERY.   [~ Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:Avery Gen ~]

                                           Child of Sarah and Stephen:

                           i                   Albert MORGAN7, b about 1786; m Lucy MINER; r Springfield MA.


                                           Children of Sarah and Elias:

                           ii                   Maria Barber AVERY7, b 30 Dec 1801; m William SMITH.

                           iii                   Elizabeth Denison AVERY7, b 19 Jul 1803; m Joseph RIDGEWAY.

                           iv                  William Eldridge AVERY7, b 19 Jul 1805; d at Aurora 14 Jul 1826.

                           v                   John Barber AVERY7, b 9 Aug 1808; m Elizabeth STARKWEATHER.

                           vi                   Latham Noyes AVERY7, b 19 May 1811; d 26 Jan 1812.

                           vii                  Nancy Morgan AVERY7, b 15 Apr 1813; d 9 Apr 1815.

                           viii                 Noyes Latham AVERY7, b 11 Dec 1815; m/1 Hester Ann OSBORN; m/2 1851 Elizabeth DOUGHERTY.


 149  iii      THOMAS6, b 11 Mar 1776; m Mary PALMER. 

 150  iv      DAVID WHITE6, b 20 Sep 1778; m Elizabeth BILLINGS.

 151  v       NOYES6, b 28 Apr 1781; m/1 Catharine BURDICK; m/2 Mary (CHESTER) SMITH.

         vi      JOHN6, b 25 Aug 1783; d Philadelphia PA Aug 1840; m Hannah BURDICK, b Groton CT 26 Feb 1786, d 16 Feb

                    1875; buried at Canterbury CT, daughter of Walter and Elizabeth (FRANKLIN) BURDICK; r Philadelphia.

                                           Children of John and Hannah:

                           i                   JOHN WALTER7

                           ii                   AMANDA7

                           iii                  HANNAH7

                           iv                  THOMAS7, b 23 Jul 1808;   d 16 Dec 1808.

                           v                   ?MARIAH H7, b 1824; d 9 Nov 1869; unmarried; buried at Canterbury CT.


        vii      NANCY6, b 29 Aug 1785; m Christopher MORGAN, b Groton 15 Oct 1777, d 4 Oct 1834,                

                     son of Christopher and Deborah (LEDYARD) MORGAN; r Aurora NY.  Christopher was a merchant in Aurora.  

                     [~ Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:Morgan Gen ~]

                                           Children of Nancy and Christopher:

                           i                   Edwin Barber MORGAN7, b 2 May 1806; m Charlotte Fidelia WOOD.

                           ii                   Christopher MORGAN7, b 4 Jun 1808; m Mary Elizabeth PITNEY.

                           iii                  Henry MORGAN7, b 22 Aug 1810; m Mary PLATT.

                           iv                  John MORGAN7, b 1 Sep 1812; m Mary Briggs BROWNELL.

                           v                   George Pearson MORGAN7, b 29 May 1815; m Maria Miller TALLCOTT.

                           vi                  Richard MORGAN7, b 21 Mar 1818; m Eliza Wattles AVERY.


        viii     REBECCA6, b 6 May 1789; d South Hadley MA 11 Nov 1839; m/1 Henry LESTER, b Groton 30 Jan 1772, d 20 Feb

                    1810, son of David and Elizabeth (STREET) LESTER; Rebecca m/2 2 Feb 1812 Erastus Tenant SMITH, b Groton

                    24 Jun 1789, d Rochester 14 May 1863, son of Gilbert Jr and Prudence (MORGAN) SMITH; r Groton until about

                    1832, when they moved to Rochester NY. Erastus m/2 1839 Lucia MILLS; he m/3 1862 Emily PERKINS.      

                     Erastus and his brother Gilbert kept a store in Groton.  Later he was a State Representative in Connecticut. 

                    [~ Barbour Index; CT State Lib:Smith Gen ~]

                                           Child of Rebecca and Henry:

                           i                   Emily Malvina LESTER7,  ; m Elijah Frederick SMITH; r Rochester.


                                           Children of Rebecca and Erastus, born at Groton, except the last:

                           ii                   Erastus Barber SMITH7, b 27 Nov 1812; m Margaretta CASE.

                           iii                   Frances Rebecca SMITH7, b 13 Mar 1815; m/1 Isaac LYON; m/2 1840 Wells               

                                                    SOUTHWORTH; r Rochester NY, and at New Haven CT.

                           iv                   Gilbert Morgan SMITH7, b 15 Mar 1818; m Eliza R ELY; r South Hadley MA.

                           v                    Elizabeth Prudence SMITH7, b 9 May 1820; m Dr H W DEAN of Rochester.

                           vi                   Byron SMITH7, b 16 Jul 1825; m Nancy DWIGHT; r South Hadley MA.

                           vii                   Henry Walworth SMITH7, b 6 Jun 1827; m Mary A HOOKER; r St Thomas,             

                                                     Virgin Islands, and at Cincinnati OH and Evansville IN.

                           viii                  William Avery SMITH7, b 14 Sep 1829; d Rochester 6 Jan 1833.

                           ix                   Helen Frederica SMITH7, b Rochester 6 Apr 1833; unmarried.


        ix       EDWIN6, b 6 May 1793; d 24 Aug 1804; buried at Groton.  



51. Capt. JAMES NOYES5 BARBER (Jonathan4), b Oyster Ponds, Long Island NY 8 Mar 1748/9; d Cooperstown, Otsego Co NY; m Lebanon CT 6 Jan 1771 Zerviah BUSHNELL, b 9 Feb 1750/1, d at Lebanon 1795, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (HEWETT) (FRENCH) BUSHNELL of Lisbon CT; r Lebanon.

  James was a Captain in the Revolutionary Army, and also in the War of 1812, during which his son James N also served.  Sons Jonathan, David, James N, and Aaron were all apparently in Herkimer Co NY, just above Cooperstown (see below).   [~ Barbour Index; CT church rec; Bushnell Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; 1810,20,30,40 census:Herkimer Co ~]

                 Children of James and Zerviah:

 152  i        SANFORD6, b probably Lebanon about 1771/2; m Bela ‑‑‑.

         ii       JONATHAN6, b Lebanon 3 May 1773; m ---, b before 1786; r Warren, Herkimer Co NY (there was also a Jonathan

                    in Groton CT in 1810). In 1810 his brother Aaron was also in Warren, and David was nearby in German Flats.

                    In 1820 and 1830 Jonathan lived in Frankfort, Herkimer Co, but no wife was apparent in 1820. In

                    1830 he apparently was married again; his 2nd wife was born in the 1780’s.  Another brother, James N,

                    lived in nearby Little Falls in 1830.

 153  iii      DAVID6, b Lebanon 22 Nov 1775; m Chloe BARKER. 

 154  iv      JAMES NOYES6,  ; m Hannah BILLINGS.

         v       BELA6

         vi      AARON6, is likely the one b after 1784; m ---; r Warren NY in 1810, with wife and

                   girl under 10. 



52. AMAZIAH5 BARBER (Isaac4), b Simsbury CT 5 Aug 1740; d Townsend, Huron Co OH Nov 1829; m/1 Mary ‑‑‑, who d Simsbury 1 Mar 1773.

  Amaziah m/2 Simsbury (“both of Simsbury”) 9 Dec 1778, Widow Mercy (KEENY) SHELDON, b Hartford CT 1742, d before Oct 1820.  Mercy m/1 1762 Remembrance SHELDON. 

  Amaziah served in the French and Indian War, after enlisting in August 1759, and again in 1761 in the Connecticut Militia. He also was in the Lexington Alarm of 1775, and also probably was in the 7th Continental Regiment in the Revolutionary Army in 1775, and again in 1781 in the Second Continental Light Dragoons, known as “Sheldon's Horse”. He enlisted as well in the War of 1812, at age 72, but was sent home, the feeling being that his former services were sufficient. 

  After 1783, when he was formally discharged from military service, Amaziah left Connecticut, and the family was in Harpersfield, Delaware Co NY by 1790, in Delhi, Delaware Co (15 miles SW of Harpersfield) in 1800, and by 1810 in Boyle, Ontario Co, in the part which later became Penfield, and after 1821 was in Monroe Co NY. 

  Amaziah was primarily a farmer. He was one of the organizers of the Baptist Church in Penfield, and was its first deacon. In 1816 there was a split in this church, and a second Baptist congregation, the “Peace Baptist Church” was the result, with Amaziah and family in it. Partly because of this in 1817 Amaziah and his family moved to Townsend, Huron Co MI with the rest of the members of the new church, just a few families. Amaziah and his sons and their families, and the other families of the Peace Baptist Church were a close-knit group, living in what was called “The Barber Settlement”, in western Townsend, near the Norwalk line.  In bargaining for their land, they tried to get a pledge from Kneeland Townsend, the proprietor, that so-called “worldly people” be kept from settling in that part of town.  There was almost no communication between the Barber group and other settlers who were not in the Peace Baptist Church. The children were kept away from the other children. Cousins married cousins. A double wedding of Barbers once took place, the notice of which was published in the Norwalk Reporter, headed “Barber-ous Times in Townsend”.   [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Corresp:Marjorie Lawrence; Corresp:Gregory W Mason; Rev War Pension File; 1790 census Delaware Co:2-2-2; 1800 census:Delhi; 1810 census: Boyle; Hist of Huron and Erie Co OH, 1879, by W W Williams ~]

                 Children of Amaziah and Mary:  (all three baptised in the St Andrews Episcopal Church, Simsbury CT, on 24 Feb


 155  i        AUGUSTUS6, b about 1760; m/1 Lois ‑‑‑.

         ii       GEORGE6,  ; m ‑‑‑; d after Oct 1820; r Penfield (formerly part of Boyle, Ontario Co); this section became Monroe

                    Co NY by 1810. George had a family. The 1810 census of Boyle, Ontario Co NY, shows 2 boys and 3 girls

                    under 10.   [~ 1810 census:Boyle; 1820 census:Bloomfield; Corresp:Kathleen D Ward ~]

 156  iii      WILLIAM N6, b Simsbury CT 18 Dec 1774; probably m Rebecca MILLS.


                 Children of Amaziah and Mercy:

 157  iv      ABIJAH6, b Simsbury 10 Nov 1779; m Delilah ---.

 158  v       AMAZIAH6, b 178l; m Phebe ‑‑‑.

 159  vi      HEZEKIAH6, b Simsbury 16 May 1784; m/1 Ruth DEWEY; m/2 Ann HUGGETT.                              

         vii     MARY6 (PHEBE), b about 1789; d after 1830; m David LEE; r Townsend, Huron Co OH.

                    [~ 1820 census:Townsend: shows 1 boy age 10-16, 3 girls under 10 ~]

                                           Child of Mary and David:

                           i                   Amanda LEE7, b Penfield Aug 1812; m Chester BARBER, her first cousin,                        

                                                   son of Amaziah and Phebe (see #363).


         viii    ?ABEL,   ; m/1 Townsend OH 30 May 1830 Paloma BARBER, sister of Matilda M (see 157). Abel m/2 Huron Co 28

                    Oct 1838, Mary Jane PEARL.  [~ IGI:OH; Marriages of Huron Co ~]


                   1800 census of Delhi shows a boy born 1790-1800, perhaps Abel.



53. SETH5 BARBER (Isaac4), b Simsbury CT 25 Dec 1742; d Middletown CT; m Simsbury (“Seth of Simsbury”) 29 May 1767 Mary MERRITT of Middletown, b Killingworth CT 30 Mar 1743, daughter of James and Katherine (ROGERS) MERRITT; r Simsbury. Seth died by 1785, when Mary m/2 28 Sep 1785 Jabez HARGER of Hartland CT, and lived in Hartland and Barkhamsted CT and Granville MA. 

  Seth fought in the French and Indian War. The parents of the boys Seth and Samuel, below, are uncertain. Seth is placed here because of the name being the same, mainly, and Samuel because of his association with Seth in Hartland.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Gen of Adam Rogers and James Merritt ~]

                Children of Seth and Mary, born at Simsbury:

 160   i      ISAAC6, b 8 Apr 1768; m Canton CT 1796 Mrs Rhoda (CASE) WELLS.

 161   ii     ?SAMUEL6, b 176?; m Ruth BUSHNELL.

          iii    JOHN6, b 20 Aug 1772

 162   iv    ?SETH6, b 1774; m Dorcas HOWE.



54. DAVID5 BARBER (Isaac4), b Simsbury CT 3 Nov 1744; d 1 Jan 1837; buried in Barkhamsted CT; m Simsbury (“both of Simsbury”) 12 Dec 1772 Deborah Adams, b 1744 or 1746, d 18 Dec 1834, probably the Deborah, b Simsbury, daughter of Joseph and Penelope (ROBERTS) ADAMS; r Barkhamsted. 

  David was a Revolutionary War soldier.

  I am not at all certain to which son the grandsons of David belong.  More information is needed. [~ David's Will, Barkhamsted, 1807:to David Jr, Sham?, grandsons Spaulding and Grove Barber; 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Vital rec; Cem:Barkhamsted; Barbour Index; 1790‑1830 censuses: Barkhamsted ~]

                Children of David and Deborah, born at Barkhamsted:

          i      DEBORAH6, b 30 Oct 1773

 163   ii     CLARRY6 (son), baptised at Scotland CT (not today’s Scotland) 23 Oct 1774 (recorded at St Andrews Church,

                    Simsbury); m ‑‑‑ ?

 164   iii    DAVID6, b 2 Jul 1778; m Rebecca ‑‑‑.

          iv    BIDKAH6 (son), b 19 Apr 1782



55. EPHRAIM5 BARBER (Isaac4), b Simsbury CT 1 Feb 1753; d Barkhamsted CT 4 Aug 1813; m Sarah DRAKE, baptised Wintonbury (now Bloomfield) CT 1 Feb 1755, d 4 Sep 1832, daughter of Enoch and Mary (BARBER) DRAKE (see #11); r Barkhamsted.

  Ephraim was a Revolutionary War soldier.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index;  CT church rec; Vital rec; Cem rec; CT Hist Soc:Drake Gen; Humphreys Gen ~]

                Children of Ephraim and Sarah, born at Barkhamsted:

      i          EPHRAIM6, b 11 Nov 1781; d 9 Jan 1852; buried at Barkhamsted; r Barkhamsted.  Ephraim was a farmer there.  I

                    saw no record of a wife or children.  [~ Will,1852 ~]


      ii         CHILD6

      iii        SARAH DRAKE6 ("Celia"), b 1 Dec 1783; m Barkhamsted (Sarah “of Barkhamsted”) 19                

                    Feb 1811 Augustus HUMPHREY of Canton CT, b Simsbury 4 Sep 1771, d 1859, son of Solomon and

                    Naomi (HIGLEY) HUMPHREY. Sarah and Augustus had no children. 

      iv        HANNAH6, b 17 Dec 1785; baptised with Sarah and Ephraim, at Barkhamsted, 3 Aug 1788; d Aug 1884; m

                    Barkhamsted (Hannah “of Barkhamsted”) 1808 Lyman ATWATER of Canton, son of Ichabod and Bethia

                    (RICHARDS) ATWATER; r Barkhamsted.  Hannah reached the age of 96!  [~ Godfrey Mem Lib: Atwater Gen ~]

                                           Children of Hannah and Lyman:

                           i                   Sherman ATWATER7,  ; died young.

                           ii                   Josiah Wolcott ATWATER7, b 8 Apr 1814; m/1 Fannie BLANNOTT; he m/2 Clara CASE;

                                                   he m/3 Mahala CASE, sister of Clara; he m/4 Sarah (BARNES) DOWD.  [~ Case Gen ~]

                           iii                  Laura ATWATER7,  ; m Eli BARNES.

                           iv                  Lucina ATWATER7,  ; m Martin RUST.

                           v                   Sara Louise ATWATER7,  ; m Martin RUST.  This may be a duplicate entry.              

                                              Sara Louise and Lucina may be the same person.  [~ Atwater Gen ~]


      v         ALVIN6, b 24 Apr 1789, d Barkhamsted 13 Jan 1820.

      vi        ROZILLA6, b 7 Oct 1792; d 27 Jun 1818; unmarried. 

      vii       ABIRAM6, b 1 Mar 1796; d Barkhamsted 11 Jul 1820.



56. THOMAS5 BARBER (Thomas4), b Simsbury CT 5 Sep 1728; d Wyoming, Luzerne Co PA 8 Jun 1794; buried at Simsbury; m there 16 Jul 1752 Martha CASE, b 31 Jul 1735, d 29 Mar 1809, daughter of John and Abigail (HUMPHREY) CASE; r Simsbury, and at Ashford CT. 

  Thomas brought goods to Detroit MI as early as 1763, hauling them from Hartford to Schenectady with oxen, freighting them by boat up the Mohawk River, via Wood Creek to Oneida Lake, to Oswego, then by Lakes Ontario and Erie, to Detroit. In Detroit he stayed while trading with the Indians, disposing of his goods for furs, which he then brought back to Hartford.  Each venture proved successful. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:Case Gen; Biographies of MI ~]

                Children of Thomas and Martha, born at Simsbury: 

        i        MARTHA6, b 22 Jan 1754; d 19 Mar 1758.

 165 ii       THOMAS6, b 26 Jan 1756; m/1 Mrs. Achsah PETTIBONE; m/2 Ruth PETTIBONE.

        iii      DAUGHTER6, b 10 Jan 1758; probably died young.

        iv      MARTHA6, b 27 Oct 1760; m Jun 1784 Benjamin PALMER, b Ashford 26 Mar 1759, son of Benjamin and Esther

                    (HAYWARD) PALMER; r Ashford. [~ Palmer Gen; Barbour Index ~]

                                           Children of Martha and Benjamin, born at Ashford:

                           i                   Benjamin PALMER7, b 30 Jan 1785

                           ii                   Friend PALMER7, b 14 Mar 1787; m ‑‑‑; r Canandaigua NY and Detroit MI.

                           iii                  Thomas PALMER7, b 4 Feb 1789

                           iv                  Chauncey PALMER7, b 19 Jun 1792; m Hannah P DEAN of Ashford.

                           v                   Catherine PALMER7, b 1 Sep 1794

                           vi                   Laura PALMER7, b 21 Oct 1796; m Horace SHIPPEE of Ashford.

                           vii                  Titus PALMER7, b 4 Aug 1799

                           viii                  George PALMER7, b 1 Aug 1801; m Deborah BICKNELL.

                           ix                   Son7, died young.


        v       LUCY6, b 10 Jun 1762; d 24 Aug 1807; m Joseph PETTIBONE, b 26 Jun 1759, son of           

                    Abel and Elizabeth (CASE) PETTIBONE. Joseph m/2 Elizabeth DENSLOW. 

                    [~ CT Hist Soc:Pettibone Gen; Corresp:June Domanowski; Corresp:Donald Preston ~]

                                           Children of Lucy and Joseph:

                           i                   Lucy Barber PETTIBONE7, b 1786; m/1 --- ADAMS; m/2 Harvey STRATTON. 

                           ii                   Rhoda PETTIBONE7,   ; m Culver MALLERY, who changed his name from                   

                                                    Culpepper to MALLERY.  

                           iii                  Polly PETTIBONE7

                           iv                  Joseph PETTIBONE7


        vi      ASA6, b 5 Jun 1764; d Baltimore MD 11 Oct 1798; buried at Simsbury; unmarried.

 166 vii     CHARLES6, b 14 Jul 1767; m Dolly NEWBERRY.

        viii    ZILPHA6, b Jun 1772; d 2 Aug 1826; m Levi LATIMER, who d 13 Jul 1849; r Simsbury.

                                           Children of Zilpha and Levi:

                           i                   Romola LATIMER7

                           ii                   Milo LATIMER7,  ; d 26 Jul 1843.

                           iii                  Erastus LATIMER7, b 20 Mar 1802; m Phebe ELLIS.


 167 ix      TITUS6, b 14 Dec 1774; m Jemima HOLCOMB.

        x       RHODA6, b 27 Nov 1778; d 24 Jun 1779.

        xi      RHODA6, baptised 13 Feb 1780; m Ashford (Rhoda “of Ashford”) 15 Jan 1798 Lemuel BROOKS of Montpelier VT,

                    baptised Ashford 23 Jul 1769, son of Abijah and Lucy (KNOWLTON) BROOKS. [~ CT church rec; CT State

                    Lib:Brooks Gen ~]

       xii      ERASTUS6, b 6 May 1783; d Bloomfield 2 Jul 1824; m Flavia KELSEY; r at                         

                    Simsbury or Bloomfield.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen ~]

                                           Child of Erastus and Flavia:

                           i                   ERASTUS ASA7, baptised Bloomfield 13 Oct 1822


       xiii     MARTHA6, b 26 Apr 1784



57. DANIEL5 BARBER (Thomas4), b Simsbury CT 14 Feb 1732/3; d there 18 Apr 1779; m Simsbury (“both of Simsbury”) 6 Jul 1755 Martha PHELPS, b 1739, d Windsor VT 15 Dec 1821, daughter of Jonathan and Martha (LOOMIS) PHELPS; r Simsbury.

  According to a DAR lineage, Daniel served in the Revolution, as a fifer in Lt Job Case’s Co, 18th Regiment, CT Militia, under Col. Jonathan Pettibone in an expedition to NY in 1776.  Another source says Daniel served in the Revolution under Col. Spencer.  He was fond of literature, and "his friends were all people of piety and elevating conversation".  This description doesn't sound very exciting today.

[~ Barbour Index; Corresp:Nancy D Kridel; VT Barbers; Loomis Gen; Hartford County;Beers; Corresp:Clint Swalley ~]

               Children of Daniel and Martha, born at Simsbury:

 168  i      DANIEL6, b 2 Oct 1756; m Mrs Chloe (OWEN) CASE.

         ii     ROSETTA AMANDA6, b 5 May 1758; d Simsbury 18 Apr 1810; m 13 Jan 1778 Capt. Jacob PETTIBONE, b

                    20 Dec 1751, d Granby 18 Oct 1807, son of Jacob and Jemima (CORNISH) PETTIBONE (see #23);

                    r Simsbury.  Rosetta died at the home of her brother Calvin.

                    [~ Pettibone Gen; CT State Lib:Goddard Gen; Barbour Index; LDS Fam Search:June B Bartholemew ~]

                                           Children of Rosetta and Jacob:

                           i                   Rosetta Lenora PETTIBONE7, b Simsbury 22 Oct 1778; d Walnut Grove, Knox           

                                                  Co IL 12 Oct 1846; m Becket MA Oliver Snow.

                           ii                   Jacob PETTIBONE7, b about 1782

                           iii                  Mary PETTIBONE7, b about 1784

                           iv                  Percy Amanda PETTIBONE7, b Simsbury 13 Jan 1787; m Daniel GODDARD;                        

                                                    r CT, and in Schuylkill Co PA.

                           v                   Harry PETTIBONE7, b about 1789


         iii    MARTHA6, b 8 Jun 1760; d 1830; m Capt. Asahel HOLCOMB, b East Granby CT 22 Nov 1742, d there 1 Jun 1816,

                    son of Asahel and Thankful (KENT) HOLCOMB, as his 3rd wife; r East Granby. Asahel m/1 Sarah Eno, and had a

                    son, Luther, b 1774. 

                     Asahel was a Captain in the Revolutionary War, and later was overseer of Newgate Prison in East Granby. 

                    [~ Holcomb Gen ~]


         iv    SARAH6, b 14 May 1763; d Simsbury 1763

 169  v     JARED6, b 29 Feb 1764; m Eunice BISSELL.

 170  vi    ISRAEL6, b 12 May 1765; m ‑‑‑.

 171  vii   RUSSELL6, b Jul 1767; m Lucilda CASWELL.

 172  viii  ROSWELL PHELPS6, b 20 Aug 1770; m/1 Elizabeth (Betsey) BARBER; m/2 Sophronia CASE.

 173  ix    CALVIN6, b 15 Sep 1772; m/1 Rowena HUMPHREY; m/2 Harriet HURLBURT.

         x     SARAH6, b 31 Mar 1775; d Derby VT before 1846; m George FISHER.

                   Sarah and George lived in Derby until about 1837, at which time they moved to Beloit WI.  [~ Loomis Gen; Letter of

                    Lucius I Barbour; LDS Fam Search ~]

                                           Children of Sarah and George:

                           i                   Lucius G FISHER7, b about 1797. He became the sheriff of Rock Co WI.

                           ii                   Emeline FISHER7, b about 1799

                           iii                  Amanda FISHER7, b about 1801  

                           iv                  Rosetta FISHER7, b about 1803

                           v                   Jane FISHER7, b about 1805


         xi    ABIGAIL6; b 13 Sep 1778; d Elgin, Kane Co IL 18 Apr 1857; m Claremont NH about 1797 Noah TYLER, b

                    Claremont 16 Apr 1773, d Elgin 23 Apr 1845, son of Col. Benjamin and Mehitable (ANDREWS) TYLER. 

                     They were in Claremont where all their children were born, and then moved before 1840 to Elgin, where they both

                    died. Abigail's family must have been strongly influenced by her brother Daniel, who with some of his children and

                    grandchildren, became Catholic Priests and Nuns. Abigail and her eldest daughter Rosetta were converted along

                    with Abigail’s brother Daniel. [~ Corresp: Frank E Hild ~]

                                           Children of Abigail and Noah, all born in Claremont NH:

                           i                   Rosetta TYLER7, b 29 Nov 1798; became a Catholic Nun, sister "Genevieve",                                                     

                                                 and died in Frederick MD 2 Jul 1839.

                           ii                   George Noah TYLER7, b 28 Nov 1800; m Margaret McCARTNEY.

                           iii                  Sarah Maria TYLER7, b 16 Apr 1804; became a Catholic Nun, sister "Mary de                                                               

                                                  Sales", and died at Emmitsburg, Frederick Co MD 13 Aug 1899.

                           iv                  William Barber TYLER7, b 6 Jun 1806; became a Catholic Bishop, and was the first bishop

                                                   of the Hartford CT Diocese.

                           v                   Martha Leonora TYLER7, b 1 Mar 1809; became a Catholic Nun, sister "Beatrice".

                           vi                  Catherine TYLER7, b 7 Jun 1812; became a Catholic Nun, sister "Mary James"

                           vii                  Israel Barber Joseph TYLER7, b 19 Aug 1814; d Kane Co IL 9 Sep 1844

                           viii                 Calvin Ignatius TYLER7, b 11 Aug 1816; m Sarah McCARTNEY; r Elgin, Kane Co IL, then

                                                      later at Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co CA.



58. "Judge" ELISHA5 BARBER (Thomas4), b Simsbury CT 21 Aug 1742; d Fairfield VT 30 Nov 1806; m Simsbury (“both of Simsbury”) 3 Jun 1764 Elizabeth ADAMS, b there 4 Feb 1744/5, d Fairfield 20 Dec 1833, daughter of Daniel and Lucia (SAXTON) ADAMS.

  On 27 Apr 1773 a newspaper announcement appeared: “Ephraim Welch, age 17, ran away from Elisha Barber of Simsbury”, followed by a description.  A $3.00 reward was offered for this apprentice.

  Elisha served as a sergeant in the American Revolution, in Lt. Job Case’s Company, 18th Regiment, Connecticut Militia.  Later he was a surveyor in Pownal VT during 1778 to 1790, where he received land confiscated from the convicted Tory Benjamin GARDNER, after Elisha gave a deposition against Gardner.  He farmed in Simsbury CT, then moved to Hinesburg VT in 1786, where he was town clerk in 1787, and a State Representative in 1789.   While in the Hinesburg area he helped to lay out several other towns, including Westford and Jericho.

  Elisha and his family moved to Fairfield by 1798. In Vermont he was called “Judge”.    [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Land rec:Pownal; Land rec:Hinesburg, 1790, said he was "of Williamstown MA"; Fairfield:Congregational Church rec; Barbour Index; Elisha's Estate 1807; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; CT State Lib:Buell Gen #2; Corresp:Paul S Boyer; National Register, S.A.R.; Apprentices of CT; DAR Lineage ~]

  Also listed in the 1800 Fairfield VT Census are: Hiram Barber 01010‑00010, and Isaac Barber 31010‑22010; I can't place these families.

               Children of Elisha and Elizabeth:

         i      LAVINIA DORINDA6, b Simsbury 19 Aug 1765.

         ii     WARNER6, b about 1765; m ‑‑‑. The 1810 Fairfield census indicates 2 sons.

 174  iii    ELISHA WESTOVER6, b Simsbury 27 May 1767; m probably Abigail ---. 

 175  iv    HORACE6, b Simsbury 20 Jul 1769; m/1 Lucy (SHERWOOD) GILBERT; m/2 Clara SHERWOOD.

         v     PHILO6, b Simsbury 26 Feb 1771; m ‑‑‑, b about 1780. r Hinesburg VT in 1793‑4, and Fairfield in 1800. The first

                    death recorded at Chase Mills, St Lawrence Co NY, which must have been shortly after 1800, was a Philo

                    BARBER, perhaps a son, because Philo shows up alive in 1840 in Norfolk, St Lawrence Co.

                    [~ Land rec:Hinesburg; NY Gazetteer; 1840 census:Norfolk: 000010001 101120010 ~]

                                           Children of Philo:

                           i                   ?PHILO7, b before 1800. Philo d soon after 1800.

                           ii                   ?ALFRED7, b 1810-20; m ---; lived near to Philo in 1840, with wife and 1

                                                   young son.  Also with him were a boy age 15-20, and a man over 20.

                           iii                  ?SON7, b 181?; m ---, b 181?; had a son b 1835-40.

                           iv                  ?3 DAUGHTERS7, b 1810-20       


        vi     CONWAY6, b CT 16 Sep 1773; d Fairfield VT 11 Sep 1857; m Elizabeth ‑‑‑, b VT 1778/9; d Fairfield 23 Jun 1861;

                    r Fairfield.  An 1847 land record in Fairfield: Polly G BARBER to Conway and Elizabeth, in 1847, with a

                    "lifetime lease". Polly G is unidentified. Perhaps she is the wife of Norman or Warner?

       vii     NORMAN6,  ; d Fairfield 1815; m ‑‑‑.  Settled in Fairfield along with his brother Elisha Westover.

                    [~ 1810 census:Fairfield 00210‑00011; Estate of Truman Barber,1807,Fairfield; Norman's Estate 1815;

                    Lure of the Litchfield Hills ~]

                                           Possible children of Norman:

                           i                   ?TRUMAN7,  ; r Fairfield in 1836; Norman was named his guardian in 1807.

                           ii                   ?NORMAN7,   ; was a doctor, and practiced medicine in Fairfield until about 1858.  He died there,

                                                      accidently killed during a hunting party.   [~ Hemenway:VT Gazeteer ~]

                           iii                   ?ALLEN7,   ; was a lawyer, and practiced law in Fairfield until about 1858. Allen was Franklin County

                                                     Registrar, 1834 to 1836.


 176 viii   ?FRANCIS6, b 1775-80; m Amy ---. 

        ix     ELIZABETH6, b 1780; d Fairfield 23 Jun 1861; unmarried.

        x      LUCY6, b Simsbury 18 Sep 1784; d Shelby, Orleans Co NY 9 Oct 1872; m Fairfield VT 14 Jan 1808 John

                    SHERWOOD, b New Fairfield CT 19 Mar 1782, d Shelby 19 Mar 1862, son of Nathan and Johanna (NOBLE) SHERWOOD; r Fairfield, and

                    also at Phelps, Ontario Co NY, and Shelby.[~ CT State Lib:Sherwood Gen; Corresp:Paul S Boyer; LDS Fam Search:William H Sherwood ~]

                                           Children of Lucy and John:

                           i                   Emeline SHERWOOD7, b Fairfield 7 Dec 1808; d Shelby; m Austin S FOOT.

                           ii                  Rev. Elisha Barber SHERWOOD7, b Fairfield 15 Apr 1810; m/1 1837 Aurelia Munson BALDWIN; m/2 1

                                                  1884 Susan Bates BEALS; m/3 1894 Clementine A HUMSTON; r Wilson, Niagara Co NY, Liverpool,

                                                  Onondaga Co NY, also in Michigan and St Joseph MO.

                           iii                   Jane Sexton SHERWOOD7, b Fairfield 25 Dec 1811; m John C CHEESEMAN, M.D.                                           

                                                    He d Silver Creek, Chautauqua Co NY.

                           iv                   Charles Westover SHERWOOD7, b Fairfield 15 Oct 1813; d West Gaines, Orleans Co NY, m Marietta


                                           Guy SHERWOOD7, b Fairfield 9 Jan 1815; m/1 1835 Electa ZUILLER; m/2 1846                                                                                              Maria HAYDEN; m/3 Maria SANFORD; r Millville, Orleans Co NY.

                           vi                   Norman Barber SHERWOOD7, b Phelps 6 Oct 1816; d Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co NY; m Orilla


                           vii                  Dr. Willis Marshall SHERWOOD7, M.D, b Phelps 15 Nov 1818; m Charlotte Churchill HALL.

                         viii                 Elizabeth F SHERWOOD7, b Shelby 9 Jun 1820; d Elkland, Tioga Co PA; m                                                                                                                 Harris Tubbs RYON; r Lawrenceville, Tioga Co.

                            ix                  Mary Ann SHERWOOD7, b Shelby 21 Jun 1822; m/1 1842 Alvin F FRYE; m/2                              

                                                     Jesse W HATCH; r Rochester NY.



59. SAMUEL5 BARBER (Samuel4), b Simsbury CT 6 Mar 1740/1; buried at Norfolk CT Jan 1779; m Norfolk 24 Mar 1762 Eunice COWLES, b Hatfield MA 2 Aug 1745, d Norfolk CT 1799, daughter of Samuel and Abigail (‑‑‑) COWLES; r Norfolk.  After her husband died, Eunice accompanied her children first to Hartland CT and then on to German Flats, Herkimer Co NY.

  Samuel received land in Norfolk from his father in 1764, described as "land on which Samuel Jr's house now stands".  He bought more land in Norfolk in 1767.  His Will, Norfolk 1779, names wife, also Heman, Amos, Timothy, Martin, Eunice, Ruth, and Keturah.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:Cowles Gen; Land rec:Norfolk; Corresp:Oran Barber, with genealogy by Janice Reddin ~]

               Children of Samuel and Eunice, born at Norfolk:

        i       EUNICE6, b 19 Apr 1763; m 26 Jul 1787 Amos (also seen as Almon) GAYLORD, b Norfolk 28 Aug 1766, d      

                    Stephenson Co IL about 1855, son of Edward and Wealthana (HOPKINS) GAYLORD; r Norfolk CT and NY and IL.

                                           Children of Eunice and Amos:

                           i                   Ahiram(?sp) GAYLORD7, b 11 Nov 1787; d IL 17 Jun 1846.

                           ii                   Candace GAYLORD7, b Cooperstown, Otsego Co NY about 1790; m Daniel PIER,   

                                                    who is buried at Fredonia, Chautauqua Co NY.

                           iii                   Louisa GAYLORD7,   ; m --- SAXTON.

                           iv                   Eveline GAYLORD7,   ; m --- MORREY.

                           v                   Harriet GAYLORD7, b Oneida Co NY; d Perrysburg, Cattaraugus Co NY 1828; m James EELLS.

                                                      [~ Genserv of Steven Higley ~]


        ii      SAMUEL6, b 23 Dec 1764; living, not married in 1790 and 1793 in Hartland CT. 

                  [~ 1790 census:Hartland shows 3 males over 16(Samuel, Heman and Amos), one male under 16 (Martin), and one  female (their mother)                    ~]


        iii     RUTH6, b 8 Mar 1767; m 29 Dec 1785 (recorded in Norfolk and Cheshire CT) Matthew BLAKESLEY, b 16 Jul 1762,

                    son of Matthew and Rhoda (BEACH) BLAKESLEY; r Norfolk. [~ CT Hist Soc:Blakesley Gen ~]

                                           Children of Ruth and Matthew, born at Norfolk, except the last:

                           i                   Betsey BLAKESLEY7, b 13 Jul 1789

                           ii                   Anson BLAKESLEY7, b 5 Sep 1791

                           iii                  Amos BLAKESLEY7, b 2 Jul 1793

                         iv                  Levi BLAKESLEY7, b 31 May 1795; adopted 27 Oct 1796 by Owen BROWN (a 4th                                                                                         cousin); m Abigail PATCHEN; r Wadsworth, Medina Co OH.  [~ CT State Lib:Patchen Gen ~]

                           v                   Polly Barber BLAKESLEY7, b 8 Aug 1797

                           vi                  Lydia BLAKESLEY7, b 11 Apr 1801

                           vii                 Laury M BLAKESLEY7, b Hartland CT 25 Jul 1804 


 177  iv    HEMAN6, b 1 May 1769; m Almira BRACE.

 178  v     AMOS6, b 17 Apr 1771; m Margaret McLALAN.

         vi    TIMOTHY6, b 16 Aug 1773; buried at Norfolk Jun 1780.

         vii   KETURAH6, b 27 Jun 1775; buried at Norfolk May 1783.

 179  viii  MARTIN6, b 11 Jul 1777; m Elizabeth BROWN.      



60. JOSEPH5 BARBER (Samuel4), b West Simsbury CT 14 Aug 1744; d Pownal VT 31 Dec 1806;  m/1 Betsey ANDERSON, probably daughter of Benjamin ANDERSON.

  Joseph m/2 Leah GROVER, b Coventry CT 1757/8, d Cambridge VT 5 Jan 1811, probably daughter of Benjamin and Mary (BARRETT) GROVER.

  As a Sergeant in the Vermont Minutemen, Joseph took part in the battle of Bennington. He was in Capt. Seelye’s Company in 1780. He did 2 terms of service in 1781, from Pownal. He lived in Bennington VT in 1765, where he ran a sawmill. He settled on what was later known as the "Barney Stock Farm" in Bennington. He was in Pownal by 1776, where he again had a sawmill. Joseph's death was caused by a fall from his horse.

  Leah went to live with one of her children in Cambridge, after the death of Joseph.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Vital rec:Pownal and Cambridge; Joseph's Distribution 1808; Leah's Distribution, 1812, both in Pownal; 1790 census:Pownal; Corresp:Barbara M Adams; Gen & Family Hist of VT; Families of Mass; National Register,S.A.R.; Kindred Konnections:Jeffrey Grieves; LDS Fam Search:Franklin N Horton; Ancestry World ~]

               Children of Joseph and Betsey, probably born in Bennington:

         i      MARY6 (MOLLY), b 1768; m Ira MORGAN, b 15 May 1773, d Cambridge VT 7 Nov 1848, son of Joseph and

                    Anna (THORP) MORGAN.

                                           Children of Molly and Ira:

                           i                  Joseph MORGAN7, b Cambridge 8 Aug 1804; m/1 Caroline MELENDY; m/2                                                                                                                       Mariah BLAISDELL; m/3 Mary RICE.  [~ CT State Lib:Melendy Gen ~]

                           ii                   Hiram MORGAN7

                           iii                  William MORGAN7

                           iv                  Charlotte MORGAN7,  ; m Charles MELLEDAY (?MELENDY).


 180  ii     JOSEPH6, b 1769; m Marinda OVIATT.


               Children of Joseph and Leah, those from Timothy on, born at Pownal:

 181  iii    BENJAMIN6, b Bennington 14 Oct 1777; m/1 Sybil ANDREW; m/2 Tamezin Rosetta LEACH.

 182  iv    SAMUEL6, b 28 Dec 1778; m/1 Nancy ANDREW; m/2 Polly ANDREW; m/3 Azubah KIMBALL.

 183  v     TIMOTHY6, b Pownal 19 Feb 1783; m Phebe THOMPSON.

         vi    SARAH6, b 1784; d 1853; m Amasa THOMPSON, b 1789; d 1840, son of Benoni and Abigail (THAYERTHOMPSON; r Cambridge. 

                Amasa was the brother of Phebe THOMPSON who married Sarah’s brother Timothy, above.

                                           Children of Sarah and Amasa:

                           i                   Joseph THOMPSON7,  ; m Polly WELCH.

                           ii                   Lyman THOMPSON7,  ; m Tryphosa PARKER.

                           iii                   Phebe THOMPSON7,  ; m ‑‑‑ HOMER.

                           iv                  Barber THOMPSON7,  ; m Sarah BROWN.

                           v                   Sally THOMPSON7,  ; m Abiah GARDNER.


 184  vii   DAVID6, b 1784; m Sally BAMFORD.  

 185  viii  JEREMIAH6, b about 1788; m/1 Huldah GRISWOLD; m/2 Martha ---.

         ix    TRYPHENA6,  ; m 27 May 1804 Timothy THOMPSON.

                                           Children of Tryphena and Timothy:

                           i                   Jeremiah THOMPSON7

                           ii                   Amasa THOMPSON7

                           iii                  Orsamus THOMPSON7

                           iv                  Judson THOMPSON7

                           v                   Timothy THOMPSON7,  ; m Ruth BUSHNELL.

                           vi                   Leah THOMPSON7

                           vii                  Betsey THOMPSON7

                           viii                 Sarah THOMPSON7


         x     DANIEL6, b 21 Feb 1796; d Pownal 16 Apr 1821; m Pownal 12 Mar 1820 Nancy MASON, b Pownal 5 May 1795,

                    daughter of Allen and Bethiah MASON; r Pownal. Nancy may be the Nancy BARBER who m 1830 Hiram PARKER.

                    [~ Vital rec:Pownal; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Daniel's Estate, 1823: distributed to his brothers ~]

                                           Child of Daniel and Nancy:

                           i                   INFANT7, d 17 Dec 1820.


 186  xi    ELIJAH6, b 11 Nov 1797; m Electa BUSHNELL.

         xii   LEAH6, twin, b 11 Nov 1797; d 27 Apr 1871; m Pownal 1 Oct 1818 Christopher MASON, b North Adams MA

                    10 Sep 1797, d Pownal 5 Dec 1854, son of Allen and Bethiah MASON, and brother of Nancy, who married

                    Daniel BARBER, above. [~ CT State Lib:Buell Gen #2 ~]

                                           Children of Leah and Christopher, born in Pownal:

                           i                   Benjamin MASON7, b 12 Jan 1820; m Catherine WALKER.

                           ii                   Sally MASON7, b 11 Mar 1822; m Stephen BEERLESON.

                           iii                  Nancy MASON7, b 25 Dec 1823; m Henry AMIDON.

                           iv                  Elijah B MASON7, b 27 Oct 1825; m Sarah A GILLMORE; r Pownal VT and MO.

                           v                   Phebe MASON7, b 15 Feb 1828; m Norman OVIATT.

                           vi                  Eliza MASON7, b 23 May 1830; m Frank AMIDON.

                           vii                  Henry P MASON7, b 10 Sep 1833; died young.

                           viii                 Delia MASON7, b 20 Nov 1835; m James NOBLES.

                           ix                   Ruth MASON7, b 1 Jan 1838; d Brookfield, Linn Co MO; m Harvey BUSHNELL.

                           x                    Laura O MASON7, b 21 Oct 1839; m Rev. Simeon KNAPP.


         xiii  BETSEY6, b ?1798; d before 1817; m Solomon TOWSLEE, b Nine Partners NY 30 Oct     

                    1783, d Pownal 18 Dec 1856, son of Gideon and Anna (MOORE) TOWSLEE. Solomon m/2 Pownal 28 May 1817,

                     Melissa BARBER, daughter of Joseph Jr, and niece of his first wife. (see #180).  [~ Corresp:Barbara M Adams ~]

                                           Child of Betsey and Solomon:

                           i                   Samantha TOWSLEE7, b Pownal 26 Jan 1810; m Henry BABCOCK.


        xiv   RACHEL6,  ; m at Adams MA 9 Nov 1817 David DEAN; r Adams, and later Pownal.

                                           Children of Rachel and David:

                           i                   Elsie DEAN7,  ; m Erastus JENKS; r Adams. [~ LDS Search:Hope Foundation ~]

                           ii                   Asa DEAN7,  ; m Lillis MYERS.

                           iii                  Sally DEAN7,  ; unmarried.

                           iv                  Joseph DEAN7

                           v                   Mary DEAN7, b South Adams 9 Apr 1824; m Daniel RICHMOND. [~ LDS Fam Search:Betty Paulsen ~]

                           vi                  Daniel DEAN7,  ; m/1 Selina BABCOCK; m/2 Ruth BROOKS.

                   According to family tradition, Joseph Barber had 3 more children, bringing the  grand total to 17.


  Also in Pownal in the 1790 Census are: William BARBER, (1‑4‑4); and Samuel BARBER (2‑1‑4); I don't know where these families fit in.



61. DAVID5 BARBER (Samuel4), b Simsbury CT 12 Jul 1746; d 2 May 1783; m 1769 Sarah LAWRENCE, b 31 Jul 1750, daughter of Samuel and Patience (BIGELOW) LAWRENCE. Sarah was a sister of Patience LAWRENCE who married David’s first cousin Jacob BARBER (see #68). David was killed en route to Castleton VT, when after his team became stalled, he tried to assist them by lifting a wheel of the wagon, with fatal results. He was trying to move his family from Simsbury to Vermont. The rest of the family completed the trip.

  David lived in Norfolk CT in 1767 when he received land there from his father. David and Sarah first lived in West Simsbury CT. Sarah and her children reached Castleton in 1783, and moved to Hubbardton VT in 1784. Sarah m/2 William DYER of Hubbardton, and had 2 sons.

  David was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and was at the Battle of Bunker Hill. He “left the field where he was plowing and responded to the first call for troops.” [~ 1909 Barber Gen; CT church rec; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Rutland Co Gazeteer,Child; Land rec:Norfolk; DAR lineage ~]

               Children of David and Sarah, born at West Simsbury:

 187  i      DAVID HUMPHREY6, b 15 Mar 1770; baptised Avon Church CT 14 Jun 1772; m Clarissa WHELPLEY; m/2 Mrs

                    Phebe (DYER) RICH.

         ii     TRYPHENE6, b 1773; d 1802; m Elisha WHIPPLE; r Hubbardton.

 188  iii    DANIEL6, b 1 Apr 1775; m Hannah COBB.

 189  iv    LEVI6, b 16 Oct 1777; m Elizabeth ROUSE.

 190  v     TIMOTHY6, b 1780; m Abigail CLARK.

         vi    LUTHER6, b 1783; died young.



62. ELIJAH5 BARBER (Samuel4), b Simsbury CT 25 Jul 1748; d 13 Dec 1820; m about 1774 Sarah PETTIBONE, b CT 18 Mar 1755, d 3 Dec 1842, daughter of Abel and Sarah (CASE) PETTIBONE; r Simsbury, Avon, and Canton, all in CT. 

  Elijah enlisted from Torrington CT for 6 months in 1775. He also served in 1780 in seacoast and frontier defense.    [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Humphreys Gen; DAR lineage ~]

               Children of Elijah and Sarah:

        i       SARAH6, b 1774; baptised 2 Sep 1777, “dangerously sick”; d 1777.

        ii      SARAH6, b 1777; m Canton 1804 William BARBER (see #208).

        iii     ANNIS6, b 28 Feb 1780; m Ruluff BARBER (see #220).

        iv     LODAMA6, b 1782; d Canton May 1796.

        v      ELIJAH6, b 1785; d 1786.

        vi     ELIJAH6, b 1787; baptised Canton 31 Mar 1799; d there 14 Jul 1804.

 191 vii    DANIEL6, b 1789; m Anna BETTS.

        viii   INFANT6, b 1792; d 1792.

        ix     JOSEPH6, b 1794; d Canton 19 Jan 1804.



63. EZEKIEL5 BARBER (Samuel4), b Simsbury CT 12 Apr 1750; d IL 1806; m/1 Lourancy ‑‑‑; he m/2 Barkhamsted CT 15 Jan 1779 Elizabeth GODDARD, b Simsbury 20 Mar 1747/8, d at Ellis Grove, Randolph Co IL, daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (‑‑‑) GODDARD; r Barkhamsted CT, by 1802 in Adams Co OH, and later in Ellis Grove IL where his son Alexander went in 1804. 

  Ezekiel served in the Revolution, from Connecticut, in the 22nd Regiment, Foot Soldiers, Capt. Abel Pettibone's Company.   [~ 1909 Barber Gen; CT State Lib:Goddard Gen; Corresp:Sharon Barber ~]

               Children of Ezekiel and Elizabeth, born at Barkhamsted:  [~ Barbour Index ~]

 192 i       ALEXANDER6, b 8 Sep 1780; m/1 Nancy DENNIS; m/2 Magdalen (KNOX) ARMSTRONG. 

        ii      LURANCY6 (Luraney), b 7 Oct 1783; d Commerce, Hancock Co IL 24 Dec 1834; m Adams Co OH 26 Sep 1802

                    James WHITE, b VA 10 Jun 1782, d Commerce 17 Jan 1836, son of Alexander WHITE; James m/2 Hancock Co 15

                    May 1835 Mrs. Martin CRENSHAW; r St Charles MO in 1812, and Hancock Co IL by 1822.

                     James, called Capt. and Sergeant, fought in the War of 1812 and in the Black Hawk Wars of 1832. He and

                    Lurancy settled near Commerce, now known as Nauvoo. He owned the land which eventually was the site of the

                    Mormon Temple in Nauvoo.  He built White’s Fort in Hancock Co. 

                    [~ Corresp:Lloyd White; Corresp:Nedra Fortune ~]

                                           Children of Lurancy and James:

                          i                   Sarah Ann WHITE7, b OH 7 Aug 1803; m Isaac Richard CAMPBELL; r Commerce, Hancock Co IL.

                          ii                   Nancy WHITE7, b 11 Feb 1805; d 4 Oct 1827; buried at Commerce.

                          iii                  Alexander WHITE7, b Lower Cuivre, St Charles Co MO 8 Aug 1807; d 4 Oct                     

                                                 1836 by falling off a fence; m Lorinda BURBANKS.                          ---.

                          iv                  Hugh L WHITE7, b Lower Cuivre 30 Jan 1810; m/1 Emeline HIBBARD;      

                                                    divorced; he m/2 Eliza GALLAND; m/3 Mary ---.

                          v                   Joseph WHITE7, b St Charles Co 10 Jun 1811; m/1 1834 Sarah MILLER, who d                

                                                   1860/61; he m/2 1865 Sarah HEATH, who d 1882/3; he m/3 1884 Martha Ann                        

                                                   ADAIR; he m/4 1885 Martha Jane IRYL; r Lancaster, Ellis Co TX.

                          vi                   William WHITE7, b Lower Cuivre 24 Apr 1812; d Galena, Daviess Co IL; m/1            

                                                   1838 Achsa GOLDEN; m/2 1852 Mary A DAVIS.

                          vii                   Elizabeth WHITE7, b Lower Cuivre 23 Aug 1814; d 10 Oct 1827.

                          viii                  Mary Ann WHITE7, b Lower Cuivre 10 Mar 1818; d Hamilton, Hancock Co IL; m                

                                                    Isaac Newton WAGGONER.

                           ix                   Laurancy WHITE7, b Palmyra, Marion Co MO 21 Jul 1822; d St Louis MO 1848;                                                                 

                                                     m John J SMITH.  He later married her sister Paulina.

                           x                    Paulina WHITE7,   ; m/1 Peter BRADY; m/2 John J SMITH.



64. JOEL5 BARBER (Samuel4), b Simsbury CT Mar 1757; d St Remi, Quebec Canada about 1834; m/1 1775/6 Mary PHELPS, b at Simsbury 20 Jul 1754, d May 1784, daughter of Thomas and Margaret (WATSON) PHELPS.

  Joel m/2 Sarah ‑‑‑.      

  Joel served in the Revolution from Connecticut, in Capt. Mills’ Company, 1778, under Col. Roger Enos, at Robinson Farms and West Point NY.  He fell ill at West Point, and was carried by his friends all the way home to Simsbury, where his wife Mary was staying with his father.   He lived at West Simsbury and Bloomfield CT, and in about 1792 moved to Georgia VT, and later Fairfield VT. Still later, just before the War of 1812, he moved to Lower Canada, where he stayed. He practiced law with his son Joel in Georgia and Fairfield. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Franklin Co Gazeteer,Child; Land rec:Cambridge 1802 "Joel and Sarah of Fairfield"; Letters regarding Joel's Estate list heirs; CT Hist Soc:Phelps Gen; Rev War Pension File ~]

               Children of Joel and Mary:

 193  i      JOEL6, b West Simsbury CT 17 Feb 1776; m Asenath MELVIN.

 194  ii     Dr. ALLEN6, b 1778; m ‑‑‑.

         iii    LOIS6, b 1779/80; d Lancaster, Grant Co WI 8 Oct 1871; m Nehemiah HOYT, who d Franklin Co VT at age 92,

                    son of                    Benjamin and Patience (SMITH) HOYT of Ridgefield CT. At the time of Nehemiah's death, he

                    had no children living. 

                    He and Lois lived in Vermont, and for the latter part of their lives in Lancaster.   [~ CT Hist Soc:Hoyt Gen ~]

        iv     CLEMENTINE6, b 1783; m Gershom RAMSDELL. Clementine remained in Connecticut when the rest of the family      went to Vermont, when she was 12. She was brought up in the family of Dea. Andrew Mills.


                   Children of Joel and Sarah:

        v      SOLON6,  ; d before 1840; probably is the one who m Hannah ?CHAMBERLAIN, b in Canada 1801/2, probably

                    daughter of Anson and Betsy CHAMBERLAIN. They moved back from St Remi QB to the United States, and were

                    in Louisville, St Lawrence Co NY by 1840. [~ 1840,1850 censuses:Louisville; this show George living with Charles

                    Chamberlin, age 46 and Lucia M Chamberlain, age 31; Hannah and her family living with Anson Chamberlin and

                    Betsy ~]

                                           Children of Solon and Hannah, born in Canada:

                           i                   LUCIA7, b 1818/19

                           ii                   SON7, b 1820-25

                           iii                  SON7, b 1825-30

                           iv                  DAUGHTER7, b 1825-30

                           v                   GEORGE7, b 1831/2

                           vi                   SOLON7, b 1835/6

                           vii                  ELIZABETH7, b 1838/9


        vi     NUMA6,   ; r St Remi Quebec.



65. ASAHEL5 BARBER (Samuel4), b Simsbury CT 1763; d Sutton, Brome Co QB 11 May 1851; m Mary ("Polly") ARMS (also seen as COLLAR), b Worthington MA 1777, d St Armand, Brome Co 16 Feb 1856, daughter of Thomas and Martha (RHODES) ARMS. They are buried in Abercorn QB. 

  Thomas ARMS was the son of Thomas PERKINS of London England, who deserted from an English man-of-war, and landed at Boston 1765.  To avoid recapture he assumed the name ARMS, m Patty RHODES and lived in Clarendon and Swanton, both in VT, and finally St Armand. Asahel lived in Fairfield VT from 1794 to 1798, and later at Berkshire and Richford VT, and in 1833 was in Lower Canada. Sutton is just over the border from Richford VT. Asahel is probably the same Asahel who was in the 6th Brigade, from Simsbury, in the Revolution, until March 1780.   [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Vital rec:Richford; Land rec:Fairfield; Corresp:Charles R Smith; Gen of Arms Family; 1851 census:St Armand ~]

                Children of Asahel and Mary, born at St Armand:

        i       ASENATH6, b 1798; m John BRESEE.

        ii      MARY6 (Polly), b 1803; d Scotsmore QB 11 Mar 1898; m Sutton 28 Apr 1833 Stephen SCOVILLE, Jr, b Sutton

                    9 Jul 1808, d there 7 Nov 1847, son of Stephen and   Rebecca (GILMAN) SCOVILLE.

                           Polly Barber Scoville held the mortgage on the J W Hurlburt CARR property, Richford VT.  She was a great help to his widow Cynthia                          (BLAKE) CARR and her five children after he died in

                         November 1859. She boarded some of the children, purchased their sheep, gave the 11 & 12 year old boys

                         employment in the early 1860s according to the estate papers.  The connection with the CARRS is unknown. 

                         [~ Corresp: Caroline Haley ~]

                                           Children of Mary and Stephen, all born in Brome Co QB:

                          i                   Uriah Smith SCOVILLE7, b Abercorn or Sutton 2 Feb 1835; m/1 Alvira                                                                                         JACOBS, who d 1892; he m/2 widow Mattie BINKLEY; r TX, and Alhambra, Los Angeles Co CA.

                           ii                   William SCOVILLE7 (twin), b 2 Feb 1835; d Abercorn QB May 1837

                           iii                   Job SCOVILLE7, b Apr 1839; d 3 Oct 1841.

                           iv                   Liberty SCOVILLE7, b Oct 1842; d Abercorn or Sutton 11 Feb 1843.

                           v                    Judith SCOVILLE7, b Sutton 10 Jul 1844; d there 10 Mar 1909; m Abram Nelson SMITH.

                           vi                   Julia SCOVILLE7,   ; m George SCOTT.

                           vii                   Mary SCOVILLE7


        iii     ROXY L6, b 6 Aug 1808; d Richford VT 21 Aug 1840; unmarried.

        iv     BARNEY6, b 1812

        v      ZEDDE H6, b 1813

 195 vi     ASAHEL B6, b Canada, May 1814; m Mary HEFLIN.

        vii    JESSE6, b 1814

                   The censuses show 9 children, which is 2 more than are listed here.



66. JESSE5 BARBER (Samuel4), b West Simsbury CT 16 Jan 1766; d Swanton VT 1832; m West Simsbury 1787 Hepzibah HUMPHREY, b there 1767, d Swanton 21 Jan 1848, daughter of Theophilus and Hepzibah (CORNISH) HUMPHREY; r West Simsbury.  About 1790 they moved to Fairfield VT, and later by 1806 to Swanton. 

  Jesse was a carpenter. He served in the War of 1812, in 1813 in Capt. Wilkins’ Company.  Hepzibah probably m/2 T CHAPIN, (from her tombstone, where she is his wife). Jesse joined the Swanton Congregational Church in 1810 followed in 1811 and 1813 by others in his family. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Vital rec:Fairfield and Swanton; Cem:Swanton; Land rec:Fairfield; Jesse's Estate 1813; CT Hist Soc:Humphreys Gen; Windsor Hist Soc:DFAW; Hemenway:VT Gazeteer; Corresp:Holly McKenzie ~]

               Children of Jesse and Hepzibah:

 196  i      ROSWELL6, b West Simsbury 26 Sep 1788; m/1 Mary “Polly” ROBINSON; m/2 Polly GREEN.

         ii     HEPZIBAH6, died young, scalded by boiling water.

         iii    HEPZIBAH6, b 6 Dec 1790; d 6 Feb 1874; m Timothy FOSTER of Swanton, b 1787/8, d 9 Aug 1854; both

                    buried in Swanton.

                                           Children of Hepzibah and Timothy:

                           i                   Horace B FOSTER7, b 14 Jan 1815, d Swanton 7 Nov 1888.

                           ii                   George W FOSTER7, b 8 Dec 1818; d 6 Nov 1885; m Catherine SHIPPEN; r St Albans VT.

                           iii                  Lucia FOSTER7, b 12 Mar 1821; m Hiram ROBERTS of Brandon VT.

                           iv                  Lura FOSTER7, b 4 Apr 1823; m Theodore M BARBER of Lancaster, Grant Co WI. (see #193).

                           v                   Eunice FOSTER7, b 25 Feb 1825; m Moses CATLIN; r Swanton.

                           vi                  Sarah FOSTER7, b 1826/7; d 9 Dec 1849.

                           vii                 Dudley H FOSTER7, b 12 Mar 1832; d Swanton 28 Mar 1870; m Fanny BEALS.


         iv    ACHSAH6; b 25 Jan 1793; d Swanton 1 Sep 1884; m there 30 Mar 1810 Philip HALL, b 1789, d Swanton 2 Mar

                    1830; r Swanton.

                                           Children of Achsah and Philip:

                           i                   Ruth G HALL7, b 1 Oct 1810; m Asa G BENNETT; r Swanton.

                           ii                   Mary Ann HALL7, b 11 June 1813; m Amasa FARNHAM; r Simsbury.

                           iii                  Jesse P HALL7, b 29 May 1818; m Sophronia WORDEN; r Phelpstown, Leland Co MI.

                           iv                  Jane E HALL7, b 9 Dec 1822; m Hiram LOMRIN (or LOUVERIN).


         v     GILES6, b 2 Dec 1795; d Swanton 1883; unmarried; r Swanton.

        vi     THEDA6, b Fairfield VT 19 Oct 1797/8; d Howard Co IA 6 Jun 1889; m 8 Mar 1819 Joseph Sumner JENNISON, b                    Southboro MA 15 Mar 1791, d East Swanton VT 15 Jan 1856, son of William and Sarah (SUMNER) JENNISON; r                    Swanton. Joseph was a farmer.  Theda and her children moved to Howard Co IA after the death of Joseph.  [~                    Corresp:Mary C Crittenden ~]

                                           Children of Theda and Joseph, born at Swanton:

                           i                   Caroline Eliza JENNISON7, b 4 Mar 1821; d Swanton 13 Jan 1842; unmarried.

                           ii                   Humphrey Sumner JENNISON7, b 15 Jun 1823; m Calista  Olds, daughter of Dea. Elias OLDS

                                                   of Swanton; r Fort Wayne IN, and Laona IL.

                          iii                  Samuel Williams JENNISON7, b 16 Oct 1825; m/1 14 Dec 1848 Emily JANES                                                                 

                                                   1826-1857, daughter of Dr. Lewis JANES of Swanton. Samuel m/2 Lucia CATLIN of Burlington VT;

                                                    r Highgate VT.

                           iv                  Sarah S JENNISON7, b 26 Dec 1827; m George S HASTINGS; r St Armand, QB.

                           v                   Lucy W JENNISON7, b 15 Jul 1830; m James CRITTENDEN; r at Oakdale, Johnson Co IA.

                           vi                  Allen B JENNISON7, b 23 Feb 1832; r in Iowa.

                           vii                  Charles Horace JENNISON7, b 5 Nov 1834; m Sarah Alice BENNETT of Swanton; r Oakdale IA.

                           viii                 Sanford JENNISON7, b 1838; m Martha BALLARD.


        vii     LAURA6, b 1800; d Berkshire VT 10 Jun 1863; m 1820 Silas Watson NOBLE, b Swanton 24 Nov 1795,

                    d Berkshire 13 Jun 1886, son of Eli and Eunice (WILCOX) NOBLE of Franklin VT; r Berkshire.

                    Both are buried at Enosburg Falls                     VT.  [~ Corresp: Nancy Noble ~]

                                           Children of Laura and Watson:

                           i                   Silas NOBLE7, b 7 Aug 1821; m Matilda KENDALL; r Berkshire.

                           ii                   Chester W NOBLE7, b 9 Sep 1823; m Sabrina TAYLOR; r Berkshire.

                           iii                   Charles Buckley NOBLE7, b Swanton 3 Jul 1835; m Dolly SWEET; r Broom, ON Canada.


 197 viii    THEOPHILUS6, b 22 Apr 1803; m Amanda WARNER.

 198 ix      JESSE6, b 23 Oct 1806; m/1 Harriet S ROBINSON; m/2 Elvira (POPPLE) LASELL.

        x       DIANA6, b 2 Feb 1810; d Warden, QB, Canada 1871; m 1827 Patrick McLAUGHLIN, b Ireland 1802,

                    d Warden 26 Apr 1879; r Warden.  [~ Corresp: Holly McKenzie ~]

                                           Children of Diana and Patrick:

                           i                   William McLAUGHLIN7, b 27 Feb 1827; m Jane CURTISS; r Warden QB.

                           ii                   Hepzibah McLAUGHLIN7, b 1830; m Elijah MARTIN; r Shefford QB.

                           iii                   Mary Ann McLAUGHLIN7, b 1835

                           iv                   Martha McLAUGHLIN7, b 1838; m C B MARTIN; r Shefford QB.

                           v                   Albert McLAUGHLIN7, b 1840; m Carrie TODD; r Shefford.



67. GILES5 BARBER (Samuel4), (later spelled Barbour: see the reason for this under his son Lucian Barbour, below), b Simsbury CT 22 Sep 1769; d Canton CT 19 Jan 1826; m 3 Apr 1796 Mary GARRETT, b 13 Sep 1776, d 20 Dec 1860, daughter of John Waitt, Jr and Rachel (HINMAN) GARRETT. John GARRETT, Jr was a French Huguenot who probably came to America in the Revolution with General Lafayette; r Canton from the time of their marriage until 1830 or later. She moved to Wakeman, Huron Co OH in 1850.

  Giles was apprenticed at a young age to a book binding company in Hartford CT, but quit after 2 months. Nevertheless he learned the bookbinding trade.  He was a prominent man in Canton affairs, where he was a farmer and stock‑raiser. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Dryden Barber Gen; Barbour Reminiscences; Case Gen; Hartford County:Beers; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Sons & Daughters of Pilgrims ~]

                Children of Giles and Mary, probably all born at Canton:

 199 i        JESSE LYSANDER6, b 1796/7; m Melissa Case ANDRUS.

        ii        FLAVIA ANN6,  ; d 1858; m Canton (Flavia “of Canton”) 1822 Anson WHEELER of Winsted, b Winchester CT

                    3 Feb 1796, d 25 Jun 1857, son of Nathan and Mary (DOOLITTLE) WHEELER; r Barkhamsted CT.

                     Anson was a farmer and sawmill operator.  Flavia and Anson had no children.


        iii       CORYDEN6, b 1800/1; d Canton 22 Jan 1804.

        iv       LINA6,  ; d Barkhamsted 1848; m Dudley CASE, b Canton 6 Jul 1787, d Texas 13 Aug 1852, son of Elias

                    and Lucretia (FOOTE) CASE; r Barkhamsted.

                                           Children of Lina and Dudley, born at Canton:

                           i                   Elias CASE7, b 4 Feb 1810; m Emeline LUDINGTON.

                           ii                   Mary Ann CASE7, b 27 Nov 1812; m Sedgwick SEYMOUR.

                           iii                  Sherman CASE7, b 1814; m Rachel McLAUREN.

                           iv                  Amarilla CASE7, b 1 Jun 1815; m Elijah WHITE.

                           v                   Lucia C CASE7, b 29 May 1821; m William W SWEET.

                           vi                  Quincy CASE7, b 24 Jun 1826; m Elizabeth Ann PELHAM.

                           vii                 Julia Maria CASE7, b Aug 1828; m Harvey STANNARD.


        v        MARY6, b 5 Jun 1803; d 4 Sep 1887; m Canton (“both of Canton”) 21 Jan 1829 Noah Russell Lyman BRISTOL, b

                    Southbury CT 9 Jun 1797; d 8 Sep 1861, son of Philo Riggs and Nabby (LYMAN) BRISTOL.

                     Noah taught school in New York State for several years, but soon returned to Canton.  He took up the cooper's

                    trade there for a time, but then bought a farm, and settled down to farming. He served as a representative to the

                    State Legislature, and as Selectman and Town Clerk of Canton.  [~ Barbour Reminiscences ~]

                                           Children of Mary and Noah:

                           i                   Volney R BRISTOL7, b 22 Dec 1829, d Aug 1887; unmarried.

                          ii                   Kezia M BRISTOL7, b 5 Nov 1832, m George L WHITE; r Barkhamsted, and                                                                                                                      later Kezia lived in Bristol.

                           iii                  Burton H BRISTOL7, b 26 Sep 1835, d 6 Feb 1872; unmarried. Burton was killed in a mine in Idaho.    

                           iv                  Anson Wheeler BRISTOL7, b 9 Jun 1840, m Sarah E WILLIAMS; r Canton.


 200 vi       VOLNEY GILES6, b Canton 1805; m Ellen A ATKINS.

        vii      JULIA MARIA6, b Canton Center 3 May 1807; d Sutton, Clay Co NE 19 Nov 1886; m Canton (Julia “of Canton”) 1

                    Jan 1832 Ezekiel Thrall CASE of New Hartford, b Barkhamsted CT 12 Dec 1806, d Baton Rouge LA 12 Oct 1872,

                    son of Japhet and Chloe (THRALL) CASE; r Canton until 1850 when they moved to Wakeman, Huron Co OH, and

                    subsequently to Iowa, Nebraska, and still later Ezekiel went on to East Baton Rouge.

                    [~ CT Hist Soc:Case Manuscript ~]

                                           Children of Julia and Ezekiel:

                           i                   Lucian Barbour CASE7, b Collinsville, part of Canton, 27 Apr 1833; m                                                                      

                                                  Martha M HOLMES; r Richmond, Wayne Co IN.

                           ii                   Howard Ernest CASE7, b 5 Oct 1834; m Ruth VAN VASTINE; r Newton,

                                                   Jasper Co IA and at DesMoines IA.

                           iii                   Hobart H CASE7, b 29 Aug 1836; m Martha GILBERT. Hobart had

                                                   rheumatism, and for this reason moved to San Diego CA.

                           iv                  Edwin Phillip CASE7, b 8 Sep 1838; m Julia L GROUT.

                           v                   Mary Maria CASE7, b 12 Dec 1840; m Rev. Abram STONER; r East Baton Rouge.

                           vi                  Samuel John CASE7, b 17 Nov 1842; m Mary P HORTON; r Sutton, Clay Co NE.

                           vii                 Julia Kezia CASE7, b 13 Jun 1847; d 1904 East Baton Rouge. Julia lived with her brother Howard.


        viii     QUINCY6, b 1808/9; d Canton 18 Feb 1826.

        ix       LUCIAN6 BARBOUR, b Canton 4 Mar 1811; d Indianapolis IN 19 Jul 1880; m 11 Oct 1842 Alice Thomas

                    BARBEE, daughter of Dr Thomas and Alice Bickerton (WINSTON) BARBEE of Paris, Bourbon Co KY

                    (not far from Madison, Jefferson Co IN). Another source states that she was the daughter of General

                    Philip E and Elizabeth Branch (HOPKINS) BARBOUR of Kentucky, a native of Virginia.

                     General Philip Barbour was a first cousin of James BARBOUR, Governor of Virginia (1812), United States

                    Senator, and later Secretary of War under President J Q ADAMS (1825‑29). James’s brother Philip Pendleton

                    BARBOUR served as a US Supreme Court Justice, 1836‑1842. It seems unlikely that Alice was a Barbour,

                    because Lucian did not meet the Virginia‑Kentucky Barbours until he went to Washington in 1855. Alice’s

                    mother Alice lived with the family in 1850.

                     Lucian received a BA degree from Amherst College in Amherst MA in 1837, and an MA from Amherst in 1843.

                    He studied law in Madison, Jefferson Co IN 1837‑1839.  Lucian and his family then lived in Indianapolis, where

                    he became a prominent lawyer. He was several times the arbiter between the State of Indiana and private corporations.  Lucian

                    served as U.S District Attorney in Indianapolis, 1848 to 1850.  He was elected by a coalition

                    of Free Soil, Temperance, and Know-Nothing Parties to the United States Congress from Indiana, 1855 to 1857.

                    He became a Republican in 1860. After his term in Congress he practiced law until his death.   

                     In Washington, Lucian was introduced to the famous Virginia Barbour family.  He became friendly with Senator

                    James Barbour, while they were both there.  It was because of these associations that he changed the spelling

                    of his name to Barbour, and persuaded his brothers to do the same, so that since then, BARBOUR has been the

                    spelling in this branch of the Thomas Barber family. [~ James Barbour Gen; Corresp:Diane Graham; Amherst

                    College Biog Rec; 1850,80 census:Indianapolis; Biog  Dir  of Am  Congress; DAR lineage ~]

                                           Children of Lucian and Alice Barbour:

                           i                   MARY G7, b IN 1844/5; m --- JACKSON

                           ii                   WILLIAM W7, b IN 1845/6

                           iii                  LINUS LINCOLN7, b Indianapolis 11 Dec 1849; d there 16 Mar 1875.  Linus    

                                                   graduated from Amherst College in 1874, but died in less than a year,               

                                                   and so did not get established in any work. 

                           iv                 SALLIE WINSTON7, b Indianapolis 1859/60

                                            Also in 1880 a Jennet FERGUSON was living with them (age 12, born in TN).


        x       DIADAMA HANNAH6, b Canton 2 Mar 1813; d 1902; m there (Diadama “of Canton”) 30 Aug 1836 Selden WHITE

                    of Barkhamsted, b New Hartford CT 2 Jan 1809, d Canton Center 7 Sep 1868, son of Friend, Jr and Roxanna

                    (HAMLIN) WHITE; r Canton, and later Didama was at Warren, Warren Co PA.

                     Selden was a State Representative in 1863. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War.  [~ Dryden Barber

                    Gen; CT State Lib:Hamlin Gen; Corresp:Diane Graham ~]

                                           Children of Didama and Selden:

                           i                   Dryden Philip WHITE7, b 15 Jan 1838, d 28 Dec 1866; unmarried. He served in  the Civil War.

                           ii                   Martha WHITE7, b 8 Nov 1839; m Edwin R PIERCE; r Warren PA and in Iowa.

                           iii                  Willard WHITE7, b 30 May 1844; m Emma Frances NIGHTENGALE; r MA and at Boise ID.

                           iv                   Mary Jane WHITE7, b 28 Jan 1846; m John Edwards WHEELER; r Warren.

                           v                   Wilbur Jerome WHITE7, b 6 Jun 1850

                           vi                   Helen Marie WHITE7, b 2 Feb 1852; unmarried; r Warren.

                           vii                  Nellie M WHITE7,  ; m --- WRIGHTMAN. [~ FTM:Mona R Hura, ~]


 201 xi      DRYDEN6, b 4 Apr 1815; m/1 Keturah Ann BARBER; m/2 Jane WILCOX.

        xii     CATHARINE KETURAH6, baptised Canton “for widow Mary Barber” 16 Sep 1827; m there

                    (Catherine “of Canton”) 28 Oct 1840 William McLEOD of Hartland CT; r Keokuk Co IA. William became a judge.

                                           Children of Katharine and William:

                           i                   Mary McLEOD7,  ;   d at age 14 while visiting at Wakeman, Huron Co OH.

                           ii                   Ellen McLEOD7, ; m Percy FARLEY, r Melvern, Osage Co KS, and in Oregon.

                           iii                  Jennie M McLEOD7, b Keota, Keokuk Co IA 6 Jun 1860; d Redwood Falls, Redwood Co MN;

                                                   m Chalmers Hardin ROBINSON.   [~ LDS Fam Search:James B Robinson ~]


        xiii    LINNAEUS6 (Linus), b 1816/17; d Derby 20 Dec 1848; unmarried.  Linus ran a gristmill in Canton.  He was

                    instrumental in planting shade trees along the highway north of Canton.  He lived in Ansonia late in his life.

                    [~ Barbour Reminiscences ~]



68. JACOB5 BARBER (Thomas4), b Simsbury CT 23 Sep 1738;  d Cazenovia, Madison Co, NY 1817; m Barkhamsted CT 24 Jan 1765 Prentice ("Patience") LAWRENCE, b Simsbury about 1746, d Barkhamsted 6 Mar 1809, daughter of Samuel and Patience (BIGELOW) LAWRENCE; r Litchfield CT in 1790, Barkhamsted in 1800 and 1810; at Nelson, Madison Co NY in 1812, and moved to Cazenovia in 1815.

  Jacob fought in the Revolutionary War, in Captain Doolittle’s Company.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Corresp:Ann Barber; Corresp:Beverly Lancaster; Lure of the Litchfield Hill; 1790,1800,1810 censuses:CT ~]

                Children of Jacob and Prentice, born at Barkhamsted:

 202  i      ZIMRI6, b 24 Mar 1766; m Thanks WILCOX.

 203  ii     JAMES6, b 16 Feb 1768; m Lovina HUMPHREY.

         iii    PATIENCE TABITHA6, b 17 Mar 1770; m Barkhamsted 9 Feb 1792 Roger MOSES, who d 1828, son of Daniel

                    and Mary (WILCOX) MOSES.  [~ CT Hist Soc:Moses Gen ~]

                                           Children of Patience and Roger:

                           i                   Salmon MOSES7, b 10 Aug 1792; m ‑‑‑; r OH.

                           ii                   Almira MOSES7, b 14 Jan 1795; m/1 Cromwell PAINE; m/2 Eben C PAYNE.

                           iii                   Mary MOSES7, b 13 Jul 1797; m Newton CASE.

                           iv                   Matthew MOSES7, b 17 Jul 1799; m Malista WILCOX.

                           v                    Ruth MOSES7, b 29 Sep 1801; m Hiram PIKE.

                           vi                   Hannah MOSES7, b 4 Mar 1804; m William T ANDREWS.

                           vii                   Lois MOSES7, b 12 Jan 1806 ; m Noah HART.

                           viii                  Mark MOSES7, b 18 Jan 1808; m Eliza ‑‑‑. They had no children.


         iv    EZEKIEL6, b 1770/1; died young.

 204  v     THOMAS6, b 13 Apr 1773; m Percy MERRILL.

 205  vi    PETER6, b 6 Mar 1775; m Hannah TAYLOR.

         vii   SUSANNAH6, b 9 Jan 1777; d 20 Jun 1857; m/1 Benjamin HOSFORD, b Farmington CT 22 May 1767, d 23

                    May 1808, son of Ezekial and Mercy (MILLER) HOSFORD. Susannah m/2 ‑‑‑ WHAPLES; r Farmington.

                    [~ CT Hist Soc:Horsford Gen; Windsor Hist Soc:Hosford Gen ~]

                                           Children of Susannah and Benjamin:

                           i                   Reuben S HOSFORD7, b 1795/6; d 2 Mar 1820.

                           ii                   Benjamin Correll HOSFORD7, b about 1800 ; m Alma JOHNSON of Southington CT; r Farmington.

                           iii                  Henry B HOSFORD7,  ; he "went West".

                           iv                  Damaris Corinthia HOSFORD7, b about 1806; m Dr. Julius WILLARD of Farmington.


        viii   CANDACE6, b 30 Sep 1779; m Naaman PHELPS, b at Hebron CT 17 Jun 1772, son of Abijah and

                    Huldah (HUTCHINSON) PHELPS; r OH. Naaman's brother Nathaniel PHELPS moved to Barkhamsted

                    from Hebron, which helps to establish the connection of Naaman to the Hebron Phelps's. 

                    [~ CT Hist Soc:Phelps Gen ~]


        ix     DANIEL6, b 18 Dec 1781; m Hartland CT (“Dan of Barkhamsted”) 30 Apr 1804 Sally BISHOP of Hartland,

                    baptized Hartland 21 Apr 1782, daughter of Abraham and Mary (‑‑‑) BISHOP; r Barkhamsted.

                    The Barkhamsted Census of 1810 shows 5 in Daniel's family. In 1820 there was a “Dan” in Nelson,

                    Madison Co NY, with 1 boy 10-15, 3 boys and 2 girls under 10.  So Daniel was probably living in Nelson

                    where his brother Peter was.  And he and Sally apparently had at least 6 children.


        x      DELIVERANCE6, b 21 Feb 1784; m Darius CASE, b Simsbury 28 Mar 1783, d 1868, son of Darius and Mary

                    (GIDDINGS) CASE.   [~ CT Hist Soc:Case Gen ~]

                                           Children of Deliverance and Darius:

                           i                   Barbara CASE7, b 4 Aug 1812

                           ii                   Laura CASE7

                           iii                  Jerome Bonapart CASE7, b 2 Sep 1816

                           iv                  Anson CASE7, b 25 Nov 1817

                           v                   Romeo Hays CASE7, b 16 Sep 1821

                           vi                  Addison CASE7, b 22 Feb 1826

                           vii                 Judson Darius CASE7


        xi     MERCY6, b 11 Oct 1787; m A M JOHNSON.

        xii    INFANT6, b 1790; died 1790.



69. Sgt. ABRAHAM5 BARBER (Thomas4), b Simsbury CT 12 Feb 1746/7; d Hamden, Delaware Co NY 2 May 1829; m at New Hartford CT 20 Nov 1766 Sarah WOOD, b CT 1746/8, d Hamden 27 Jul 1841 “at age 95”.

  Abraham served as a private in Capt. Pettibone’s Company, at the Lexington Alarm, and later in the Revolutionary Army, where he attained the rank of Sergeant. He and Sarah lived first at Simsbury. He was a farmer. Abraham bought land in New Hartford in 1779 and sold it in 1781. They moved to Barkhamsted in 1786, and out of Connecticut in 1794 to Catskill, Greene Co NY for 2 years. Next they were in West Stockbridge MA, and in 1825 they sold land there to Orlando Edwards. In 1830 Sarah was in Hamden, Delaware Co NY, with 1 female b 1780-90, probably Penelope.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Land rec:New Hartford; Corresp:Robert H Barber; Cem:Delancey NY; Rev War Pension File; 1830,40 census:Hamden ~]

               Children of Abraham and Sarah:

 206 i       ABRAHAM6, b Simsbury 1767; m Hannah HIGLEY.

        ii      LUMAN6, b 1770; d 1796 of an accident; m about 1791 Mehitable LILLEY, probably the Mehitable baptized

                    Simsbury 19 Jan 1772, daughter of Moses and ‑‑‑ LILLEY. Luman was a farmer.


        iii     JOB6, b 1775

        iv     JOSEPH6, b 1777

        v      PENELOPE6, b 1785; d Delancey/Hamden, Delaware Co NY 1852; unmarried.

        vi     GIRL6, b Simsbury CT 1789



70. AZARIAH5 BARBER (Thomas4), b Simsbury CT 8 Mar 1749/50; d 13 Jun 1817; m Elizabeth HUMPHREY, b Simsbury 21 Dec 1751, d Canton CT 9 Jan 1826, daughter of Noah and Elizabeth (BUTTOLPH) HUMPHREY; r Simsbury, in the western part which became Canton in 1806. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Humphreys Gen ~]

               Children of Azariah and Elizabeth:

 207  i      AZARIAH6, b 1776; m Anna BACON.

 208  ii     WILLIAM6, b 1778; m Sarah BARBER, daughter of Elijah (see #62).

         iii    INFANT6, b 1781; died young.

         iv    ELIZABETH6, b 1782/3; d Canton 26 Apr 1796.

         v     ELAM6, b 1785; m Franklin Co OH 3 Feb 1814 Violet WILCOX, daughter of Simeon WILCOX and his first wife, of

                    Sharon, Franklin Co; r Perry, Franklin Co in 1830, and later in IL.   [~ Corresp:Josefa Lee Hammond; IGI:OH; CT

                    State Lib:Wilcox Family,Osborne 1997; OH vital records; 1830 census:Perry ~]

                                           Child of Elam and Violet:

                           i                   JEROME7


        vi     CHARLOTTE6, b Milford CT 19 Nov 1790; d 11 Nov 1845; m (Charlotte “of Canton”) Canton 28 Oct 1824 Treat

                    LAMBERT, b 8 Jul 1791, d 1863, son of Nehemiah and Sarah (GALPIN) LAMBERT.   [~ Barbour Index; CT church

                    rec ~]

                                           Children of Charlotte and Treat:

                           i                   Child7, b 24 Oct 1825; died young.

                           ii                   Julius Nehemiah LAMBERT7, baptised 30 Sep 1827; d 25 May 1828.

                           iii                   Julius Treat LAMBERT7, baptised 25 Sep 1829; m Charlotte M BARBER,

                                                     daughter of Vincent (see #298).


 209 vii     NOAH6, b 4 Dec 1791; m Eliza Jane DRAKE.

        viii    ALMIRA6, b 1793; d 8 Nov 1853; m Canton 11 Nov 1819 Asa MOSES, b there 25 Apr 1791, son of Martin and

                    Lydia (HALE) MOSES; r Canton and Rootstown, Portage Co OH. 

                    [~ CT Hist Soc:Moses Gen; Corresp:Patrick J Eagan ~]

                                           Children of Almira and Asa:

                           i                   Asa Lorenzo MOSES7, b 20 Oct 1820; m Elizabeth HERIFF.

                           ii                   James Edwin MOSES7, b 21 Nov 1822; d about 1872.

                           iii                   Lauren Newton MOSES7, b 15 Jan 1825

                           iv                   Jane Elizabeth MOSES7, b 5 Jan 1827; m Andrew JONES; r Williamstown,                   

                                                     ?Hancock or Defiance Co OH.

                           v                   Hector MOSES7, b 17 Oct 1828; d about 1885.

                           vi                   Harvey W MOSES7, b 29 Jan 1830; d about 1860.

                           vii                  Henry MOSES7, b 29 Nov 1832

                           viii                 Francis Hiram MOSES7, b 23 Mar 1835; m Clara REAM.



71. MICHAEL5 BARBER (Thomas4), b Simsbury CT 3 Mar 1754; d Canton CT 25 Jun 1836; m Azubah BROWN, b 7 May 1760, d Canton 24 Nov 1812, daughter of Capt. John and Hannah (OWEN) BROWN; r Simsbury in 1790, and at Canton from 1810 on. (West Simsbury became Canton in 1806).  Both are buried in Canton.  

  Azubah was an aunt of John BROWN of Harper's Ferry fame. Michael was a farmer in West Simsbury. He served as a private in the Revolution, and received a pension in 1833.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; CT church rec; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Lyman Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Rev War Pension File ~]

               Children of Michael and Azubah:

        i       SOPHIA6 ("Viah"), b West Simsbury 9 Mar 1779; d Canton 22 Oct 1871 "single".  [~ Vital rec:Canton ~]

                     Lewis S Mills, in "The Lure of the Litchfield Hills" states that Loin Harmon HUMPHREY married her, but gives her

                    birth 1799, and death 1890. The Humphrey Genealogy says Loin married Sophia CHIDSEY, which seems more

                    likely from the date we have in the vital records. [~ Lure of the Litchfield Hills, Humphrey Gen ~]


 210 ii      MICHAEL6, b probably West Simsbury 1780; d 1810; m West Simsbury 1801 Anna TAYLOR. 

 211 iii     LEVI6, b 1781/2; m Mrs. Ruth TAYLOR.

        iv     AZUBAH6, b 1785; d Mar 1866; m Canton (“both of Canton”) 16 Sep 1819 Stephen Harris ATWATER of Canton,

                    b Russell MA 15 Nov 1787, d 15 Nov 1865, son of Benjamin and Mary (HARRIS) ATWATER; r Canton. Stephen

                    m/1 Canton 16 Oct 1811, Keziah HUMPHREY, who died in 1818. Stephen was a farmer in Canton. 

                    [~ Barbour  Index; CT church rec; CT State Lib:Atwater Gen ~]

                                           Children of Azubah and Stephen:

                           i                   James ATWATER7, b 8 May 1824

                           ii                   Elizabeth ATWATER7, b Aug 1826; d 6 Feb 1879, unmarried.


 212 v      LYMAN6, b West Simsbury 10 Jun 1790; m Huldah SANFORD.

 213 vi     MARTIN6, b Nov 1794; m Anna CHURCH.

 214 vii    SALMON6, baptised West Simsbury 11 Jun 1801; m/1 Betsey WILCOX; m/2 Ann RICHARDSON.



72. JOB5 BARBER (Thomas4), b Simsbury CT 10 Mar 1756 (also seen 1753/4); d Marcellus, Onondaga Co NY 11 Jan 1846; m 1776 Lola MILLS, b West Simsbury 5 Apr 1761, d Marcellus 13 Apr 1818, daughter of Col. Amasa and Lucy (CURTISS) MILLS.

  Job served three enlistments as a private in the Revolutionary Army, first in 1775, in Capt. Pettibone’s 7th Company, 3rd Regiment; second in 1777 under Capt Benjamin Mills of Simsbury; third in 1779 under Capt. Steel of New Hartford CT. The family lived first in West Simsbury for 19 years, then in Hartland CT for 6 years, including 1800, then in Becket MA for 3 years, and finally to Marcellus NY in 1804. Job bought land in Hartland in 1795, sold in 1801. He "of Simsbury") and Jared Mills also of Simsbury bought land in Hartland in 1804.

[~ 1909 Barber Gen; Godfrey Mem Lib:Mills Gen; CT Hist Soc:Case Gen; West Hartland Church rec.;Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Rev War Pension File; 1810,1840 census:Marcellus ~]

               Children of Job and Lola:

        i       ALVIN6, b before 1786; m Hartland 29 Sep 1800 (“both of Hartland”) Lucy GOODRICH, b before 1786;

                    r Marcellus NY by 1810, Cicero, Onondaga Co in 1820. 1830 found the family in Onondaga town. 

                    [~ 1810 census:Marcellus; 1820 census:Cicero; 1830 census:Onondaga ~]

                                           Child of Alvin and Lucy (1810 census shows 1 boy and 3 girls under 10;                        

                                            1820 census shows another 1 boy and 4 more girls under 10):

                           i                   INFANT7, died Hartland 17 Mar 1801  [~ CT Church Rec ~]               


        ii      SOLOMON6, b Simsbury before 1786; d Aug 1839; m/1 1805 Jemima PHELPS. Solomon m/2 1807

                    Cynthia PHELPS, b Becket MA 16 Jan 1787, daughter of Nathan and Abigail (FULLER) PHELPS; r

                    Becket, where they were admitted to the Congregational Church 4 Sep 1808. Later they were at Marcellus and

                    Skaneateles, Onondaga Co NY.  [~ CT Hist Soc:Phelps Gen; Becket Congregational Church rec; 1820

                    census:Marcellus; 1830 census:Skaneateles ~]

                                           Children of Solomon and Cynthia (1820 census shows 1 boy and 3 girls                 

                                            under 10, and 1 girl 10-15; 1830 census shows another boy and girl 5-10):

                          i                   ORSON7, b after 1810; d Becket age 63.

                          ii                   DAUGHTER7, m ‑‑‑ CLARK; r Becket.


        iii     ELECTA6 (PHILETA), b 178?; m 24 Dec 1801 Manna CASE, b Canton 4 Feb 1782, d Hartford CT 10 Aug 1854, son

                    of Ozias and Mary (HILL) CASE; r Canton until 1791, then in MA, and by 1810 at Hartford. Manna m/2 Hartford 20

                    Jun 1843, Abigail L DAVIS.  [~ CT Hist Soc:Case Gen ~]

                                           Children of Electa and Manna:

                           i                   Orson CASE7, b 180?; m Mary BEEBE of Hartford; m/2 Eliza CROSBY.

                           ii                   Alvira CASE7, b 1804/5; d 21 Oct 1822.

                           iii                   Mary CASE7

                           iv                   Harvey CASE7, b 180?; m 1831 Widow Mary McINTIRE, a widow.

                           v                    Susan Amelia CASE7, b 18 May 1812;  m John WING Jr. of Hartford; r at West Winsted CT.

                           vi                   Adeline CASE7, b Jan 1814; d 25 Mar 1816.

                           vii                  George CASE7, b 1816/17; d 24 Sep 1834.

                           viii                 William H CASE7, b 1820/1; d 18 Oct 1825.

                           ix                   William CASE7, b 1823/4; d 25 Oct 1826.

                           x                    Jane Elvira CASE7, b 1826/7; d 12 Aug 1835.


        iv     HARVEY6, b NY 29 Apr 1790; m/1 26 Dec 1813 Abigail EWEN, b 179?, d before 1850, “of Scipio, Cayuga Co NY”.

                    He m/2 after 1840 Charlotte ---, b NY 1803/4.  Harvey was in Phelps, Ontario Co NY in 1830, 40 and 50, with wife

                    and probably 3 sons and 3 daughters. He was a farmer.  [~ 1830,40,50 census:Phelps ~]

                                           Children of Harvey and Abigail:

                           i                   JAMES7, b NY 1827/8

                           ii                   HARRIET7, b NY 1834/5


 215 v      ZENAS6, b West Simsbury about 1790; m Lima ROBERTS.

        vi     LUNA6, m --- ADAMS of Onondaga Co.

 216 vii    ALLEN6,  ; probably the one who married Susan B TAPPAN.

        viii   DELILAH6, b 1796/7; d 13 Oct 1833; m Erastus WHITING, who d 29 Jan 1843; Erastus m/2 Roxanna ‑‑‑;

                    r Marcellus.

                                           Children of Delilah and Erastus, born at Marcellus:

                           i                   Gordon G WHITING7, m ‑‑‑.

                           ii                   Delia Ann WHITING7; m/1 Arid MAFFIN; m/2 before 1845 ‑‑‑ CHAFFEE.

                           iii                   Emily Augusta WHITING7; b 1824/5; m ‑‑‑ PLATT.