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A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Conn.


A list of references and abbreviations is given on a separate page.


 Part 1

Families 1-30



Heads of family; birth year; family number:

Aaron, 1697; 17

Aaron, 1728; 17

Abiel, 1730; 25

Abigail, 1678; 5

Abigail, 1706; 8

Abigail, 1720; 15

Abigail, 1730; 20

Abigail, 1733; 25

Abigail, 1749; 30

Abigail, 1758; 22

Ann, 1728; 16

Ann, 1736; 27

Anne, 1671; 3

Azubah, 1725; 15, 16

Benjamin, 1690; 13

Benjamin E, 1760; 24

Charity, 1748; 27

Comfort, 1741; 27

Daniel, 1719; 28

David, 1686; 12

David, 1716; 30

Elijah, 1731; 25

Elizabeth, 1690; 4

Elizabeth, 169?; 5

Elizabeth, 1731; 17, 26

Elizabeth, 1749; 28

Esther, 173?; 25

Hannah, 1712; 12

Hannah, 1725; 13

Hannah, 1739; 17

Huldah, 1756; 29

Isaac, 1711; 19

Jane, 1720; 14

Jemima, 1741; 23

Joanna, 1667; 2

Joanna, 1670; 3

John, 158?; A

John, 1642; 2

John, 1664; 7

John, 1696; 14

John, 1719; 24

Jonah, 1723; 29

Jonathan, 1694; 16

Jonathan, 1712; 18

Jonathan, 1717; 23

Joseph, 1681; 11

Joseph, 1708; 26

Josiah, 1653; 5

Lucy, 1726; 16

Lucy, 1734; 26

Lucy, 1742; 22

Lydia, 1738; 26

Lydia, 1763; 30

Martha, 1752; 28

Mary, 1651; 1

Mary, 1677; 2

Mary, 1680; 4

Mary, 1708; 7

Mary, 1713; 15

Mary, 1714; 11

Mary, 1726; 12, 17

Mary, 1735; 20

Mary, 1743; 30

Mary, 1758; 28

Mercy, 1721; 9

Mercy, 1748; 22

Mindwell, 1716; 11

Naomi, 1743; 28

Nathaniel, 1691; 15

Patience, 1740; 27

Patience, 1757; 30

Prudence, 1743; 27

Rebecca, 1687; 5

Rebecca, 1752; 18

Rhoda, 1773; 28

Ruth, 1683; 4

Ruth, 1740; 14

Samuel, 1648; 4

Samuel, 1673; 4, 9

Samuel, 1710; 27

Samuel, 1713; 21

Sarah, 1646; 1

Sarah, 1698; 4

Sarah, 1722; 9

Sarah, 1726; 20

Sarah, 1746; 28

Sarah, 1761; 21

Stephen, 1724; 31

Tabitha, 1757; 29

Temperance, 1718; 12

Thomas, 1612; 1

Thomas, 1644; 3

Thomas, 1671; 8

Thomas, 1700; 20

Thomas, 1716; 22

Thomas, 1742; 18

Tryphene, 1755; 21

William, 1678; 10

William, 1701; 25

William, 1727; 25


Spouses; family number:

Adams, Elizabeth; 22

Adams, Martha; 19

Adkins, Josiah; 3

Alvord, Jane; 14

Ball, Sarah; 6

Bancroft, Hannah; 2

Bandell, John; 21

Barber, Jerusha; 29

Barber, Naomi; 28

Bill, Elijah;27

Blodgett, Ebenezer; 16

Bristol, Reuben; 27

Brittain, William; 26

Brown, Abigail; 25

Brown, Cornelius; 5

Brown, Esther; 10

Brown, Hepzibah; 4

Brown, Peter; 4

Buel, Abigail; 8

Buell, Ephraim; 9

Buell, Peter; 7

Burnham, Thomas; 15

Burr, Titus; 14

Butler, Isaiah; 28

Case, Alice; 31

Case, Jacob; 7

Case, John; 9

Case, Lydia; 24

Case, Mercy; 20

Case, Nathaniel; 17

Case, Patience; 30

Case, Zaccheus; 20

Cass, Alice; 31

Cheseborough, Peleg; 18

Coggin, Bathsheba; 2

Coggin, Mary; 4

Colt, Benjamin; 3

Connolly, Michael; 28

Cook, Elizabeth; 26

Cooke, Daniel; 29

Cornish, Jemimah; 23

Cowles, Ebenezer; 22

Darrell, Mary; 18

Douglas, Mary; 17

Drake, Enoch; 5, 11

Drake, Joseph; 26

Drake, Nathaniel; 5

Drake, Ruth; 4

Drake, Sarah; 5

Eaton, Aaron; 26

Filley, Mary; 15

Filley, Oliver; 29

Frost, Isaac; 2

Gaines, Moses; 22

Gardner, Hannah; 2

Gaylord, Rachel; 16

Gilbert, Sylvester; 30

Gillett, Anna; 27

Gillett, John; 1

Hale, Timothy; 1

Higley, Jonathan; 3

Hinckley, Nathaniel; 28

Holcomb, Mary; 7

Holcomb, Sarah; 9

Humphrey, Hannah; 21

Humphrey, Tryphena; 21

Johnson, Nathaniel; 21

Lewis, Hannah; 13

Loomis, Abigail; 5

Loomis, Benjamin; 17

Loomis, Daniel; 4

Loomis, Isaiah; 25

Loomis, Mary; 11

Lumley, Elizabeth; A

Marshall, Elizkim; 17

Marshall, Seth; 20

Merriman, Comfort; 27

Messenger, Joseph; 23

Moore, Simeon; 13

Moses, Elisha; 20

Newcomb, Abigail; 30

Noyes, Sarah: 18

Oviatt, Elisha; 28

Palmer, Stephen; 4

Phelps, Aaron; 30

Phelps, Mary; 3

Phelps, Samuel; 27

Phelps, Sarah; 28

Phelps, Solomon; 12

Phelps, William; 4

Ponder, Martha; 4

Porter, Sarah; 5

Post, Hannah; 12

Post, Levi; 30

Powers, Lawrence; 30

Preston, Jonathan; 27

Reed, Lydia; 24

Richards, Pelatiah; 22

Rockwell, Ebenezer; 16

Scoville, Ezekiel; 11

Skinner, Gideon; 28

Smith, Benjamin; 12

Smith, Thomas; 2

Strong, Asahel; 28

Sutliff, Abel; 27

Thrall, David; 14

Treat, John; 25

Webster, Jacob; 16

Westland, Amos; 17

Williams, Joseph; 12

Wood, Jemima; 17

Wood, Robert; 15







This section is based on my original 1996 entry in The American Genealogist: vol 71,No 2, p 111.


It has long been known that Thomas1 Barber, with several others, was apprenticed to Francis Stiles, who was paid to bring them

to Windsor CT. 

  Francis Stiles was a carpenter and London freeman, so it seemed reasonable to search in the appropriate guild records in London. The following entry was found in the records of the Worshipful Company of Carpenters at the Guildhall, in the minutes of a meeting held on 18 December 1634: "Received of Francis Stiles for apprenticing Thomas Barber son of John Barber of Stamford in the County of Lincoln, yeoman, deceased, from St Thomas's day next for 9 years. 2s 2d". (which is 2 shillings, 2 pence).

  In the parish registers in Stamford and the adjacent parish of Uffington is the following information: [~ Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Films ~]

                   St George Parish, Stamford, Lincoln County

                   Rebecca, daughter of John Barber, labourer, baptised 17 April 1609

                   Rebecca, daughter of John Barber, buried 6 Aug 1609

                   Sara, daughter of John Barber, labourer, baptised 16 Sept 1610

                   Thomas, son of John and Elizabeth Barber, baptised 25 Dec 1612


                   All Saints Parish, Stamford

                   Elizabeth LUMLEY, daughter of Thomas LUMLEY, baptised 4 August 1597 (How related?)

                   Elizabeth, daughter of John Barber, baptised 10 or 11 Nov 1616

                   John, son of John Barber, baptised 4 Aug 1620

                   John Barber, buried 21 Apr 1620

                   Elizabeth Barber, widow, buried 8 Mar 1632

                   John Barber, son of Widow Barber, buried 22 Mar 1632


                   Uffington Parish, Lincoln County  

                   Elizabeth Barber m William FOWLER, 8 Jun 1590   (? related)

                   Margaret Barber m John PREESTE, 2 Oct 1607     (? a sister of JohnA)

                   John Barber m Elizabeth LUMLEY, 17 Oct 1608


  From the above records the English family of Thomas1 BARBER appears to be as follows:


A. JOHNA BARBER, b probably in the early or middle 1580s; buried at All Saints, Stamford, Lincoln County 21 April 1620; m Uffington, Lincoln County 17 October 1608 Elizabeth LUMLEY, who was buried at All Saints, Stamford on 9 March 1632/3.  

  John is called a "labourer" in 1609, and a "yeoman" later. Yeomen were small land owners, a step up from labourers, but below “gentry”.  John and Elizabeth lived first in St George Parish, Stamford, Lincoln County,  which is the part of Stamford adjacent to Uffington, and later in All Saints Parish on the other side of Stamford.  Stamford is about 80 miles north of London.

                   Children of John and Elizabeth, baptised in Stamford: 

      i                   REBECCA1, baptised St George Parish 17 Apr 1609; buried there 6 Aug 1609

      ii                   SARAH1, baptised St George Parish 16 Sep 1610

 1   iii                   THOMAS1, baptised St George Parish 25 Dec 1612; died in Windsor Connecticut 11 September 1662.  

      iv                   ELIZABETH1, baptised All Saints Parish 10 or 11 Nov 1616

      v                   JOHN1, baptised All Saints Parish 4 Aug 1620; buried there 22 Mar 1632/3.


  It seems likely that Thomas1 BARBER was born 21 December 1612, which is St Thomas's Day, and baptized 4 days later.  He was still 21 years old on the date of his apprenticeship (18 December 1634). And this figure (21) was perhaps carried over mistakenly by Francis Stiles when reporting it less than 3 months later for the shipping list of 16 Mar 1634/5, by which time Thomas was 22 years old.

  The Elizabeth LUMLEY who was baptised in 1597, daughter of Thomas LUMLEY, is probably not the same person who married John Barber, since her baptism was only 9 years before this marriage, and baptisms at that time almost always took place soon after birth. No other LUMLEYS were found in Stamford or Uffington.

  I notice that John1 Barber was born 3 months after his father JohnA died. 








1. Sgt. THOMAS1 BARBER (JohnA) baptised at St George Parish, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England 25 Dec 1612; b probably 21 Dec 1612 (St Thomas’s Day); d Windsor CT 11 Sep 1662; m Windsor 7 Oct 1640 Jane ‑‑‑, b  ; d Windsor 10 Sep 1662; r Windsor.

  Before coming to New England Thomas was apprenticed on 18 Dec 1634 for a period of 9 years (until December 1643) under Francis STILES, a master carpenter from Millbrook, Bedfordshire, England.  Stiles was contracted by Sir Richard SALTONSTALL to bring apprentices to Windsor, and to build houses in America for Englishmen who were to follow. Thomas Barber at the age of 21 was among the twenty apprentices plus others who sailed with Stiles for New England in the ship "Christian" (John White, Master), which left London 16 Mar 1634 (Julian Calendar), and arrived 3 months later in Boston June 1635.  Each of the passengers had a certificate which read in part: "with certificate from St. Mildred, Bread Street, London, and having taken the oaths, to be transported to New England from London in the "Christian".  [~ from the Public Record Office, Westminster Hall, London ~]

  After 10 days at Boston the Christian sailed up the Connecticut River to Windsor, arriving there on the first of July 1635. That same year Thomas was granted a lot of a few acres, extending from Mill Brook, near the old Warham gristmill, north along both sides of Poquonock Avenue.  The author's father was born on this same land, and my brother, sister, and I were brought up on this, the original land grant.  After 330 years of continuous Barber ownership, the land has now all been sold.

  The Pequot War in 1637, which according to the settlers was precipitated by the Pequot Indians and their continual harassment of the settlers, the friendly Mohegan Indians, and sometimes the Narragansetts, found Thomas a Sargeant, one of 30 soldiers from Windsor who were enrolled under Major Stoughton for 3 weeks and 2 days. Under the leadership of Captain John MASON, the May 26 1637 night attack on the Pequot fort was a complete surprise to the sleeping Pequots, and a large percentage of the tribe was massacred.  Thomas Barber's bravery (he was inside the Pequot Fort at Mystic during the attack, and along with Edward Pattison, “having no time to reload their muskets, slew seven fleeing Indians with axes and knives”), gained him honorable mention from Capt. Mason, and in return for this service, in 1641 he was granted 600 acres of land in Massaco, in the western part of Windsor. Massaco became Simsbury in 1669.

  On March 28, 1637 Francis Stiles (master carpenter) was ordered to teach his servants, George Chapple, Thomas Cooper and Thomas Barber in the trade of carpentry.  The year 1645 found Thomas still an apprentice carpenter. Stiles apparently was slow to finish Thomas's apprenticeship, and needed a court order to force him to do so.  Shortly after that Thomas was a free man.   At the time of his death in 1662, Thomas may have been making preparations to move to Northampton MA, where he was offered a home lot and 20 acres.

  Life was apparently not completely peaceful for Thomas1 BARBER.  Court records in 1649 show that he was found liable for a debt to William FRANKLIN.  Thomas claimed that he had given the money to Thomas FORD to pay to Franklin.  Then in 1650 Sargeant Barber was fined 5 pounds and forced to surrender his rank, for the disorderly striking of Lt. COOKE in an argument over church matters; Thomas believed that the church had no right to interfere in temporal matters. This penalty was later canceled when apparently Thomas apologized: "he is affected with his great evil and rash passionate carriage in striking the Lt." 

  Thomas left an estate appraised at over 132 pounds.

  A deep mystery surrounds Jane, wife of Thomas.  He married her in 1640, but the written record by Matthew Grant gives only the name Jane or Joan.  Two of Thomas's sons married COGGIN ladies, but there is little sign that Jane was a Coggin, as some have suggested.  One report (LDS record) has it that Jane COGGIN, b Bedfordshire ENG 1619 was daughter of John COGGIN, b in Bedford, Bedfordshire about 1593.

  It has also been suggested that Thomas BARBER married Jane BANCROFT, widow of John BANCROFT who died in 1637. Jane Bancroft had ties to Windsor thru her daughter Anna, b 1627, who married 1647 John GRIFFIN of Windsor and Simsbury, and her son John, born about 1620, who married in 1650 Hannah DUPPER and had a family in Windsor. But Jane BONYTHON who married John BANCROFT was born in 1573, and would have been way too old to have borne Thomas BARBER’s children.  This theory against the wife being Jane Bancroft was written up in The American Genealogist, Vol 37, p 164, in 1961 by George E McCracken  and more or less disproved at that time. He points out that she would have had to have borne children for too long a time span - highly unlikely, and also she would have had 2 sons named John and 2 named Thomas - also unlikely.  Another account has John BANCROFT born about 1596, died 1637, m. Jane about 1622.  That would have meant she was born about 1606 or before, making her about 47 in 1653 when Thomas’s youngest child Josiah Barber was born - not impossible, but very unlikely. 


  It has been said by some that Thomas may have married the daughter of one of the Dutch traders at Old Saybrook, or Hartford, and also that the one he married was “the first white woman to land in Connecticut”.

  One of Francis STILES' sisters was named Jane, born 1605.  She married in England and presumably remained there.  There was a Jane MORDEN or WORDEN, age 35 (in 1635), on the passenger list of the Christian; however I know nothing further about her.  It seems she was too old to have borne all of Thomas's children. 

  There seems as yet no way of knowing who Jane was (an all too frequent problem in genealogy). [~ Windsor Hist Soc:Jay Mack Holbrook, 1992; 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Lyman Barber Gen; Stiles:Windsor; Lure of the Litchfield Hills ~]

                   Children of Thomas and Jane, born at Windsor:

 2   i             JOHN2, baptised 24 Jul 1642; m/1 Bathsheba COGGIN; m/2 Mrs. Hannah (GARDNER) BANCROFT.

 3   ii            THOMAS2, baptised 14 Jul 1644; m Mary PHELPS.

      iii            SARAH2, baptised 19 Jul 1646;  m Windsor 26 Nov 1663 Timothy HALE, b about 1642, d Suffield CT 26 Jul 1689,

                       probably son of John and Dorothy (ROYLE) HEALD of Concord and Springfield MA. John HEALD came from

                       Berwick-on-Tweed, Cheshire Eng to Concord MA. It is also possible that Timothy was son of Thomas and Jane

                       (LORD) HALE of Hartford.  Timothy and Sarah lived at Windsor and Suffield.

                       [~ Barbour Index; Hale,House;Corresp:Angela Cosby ~]    

                                      Children of Sarah and Timothy:

                           i            Sarah HALE3, b 9 Apr or Aug 1665; m John RISING, b Salem MA 1660, son James and Elizabeth

                                            (HINSDALE) RISING; r Suffield.  They had 9 children.  A son of Sarah and John, John RISING, was

                                            taken as a child  from Deerfield MA during the Deerfield Massacre in 1704, and brought to Canada.  He

                                            married another English captive there in 1715, and they had a large family that married into the French

                                            community there.

                           ii           Timothy HALE3, b 12 Dec 1667; m Hannah BARBER, daughter of John Jr and     

                                             Joanna (MILLER) BARBER of Springfield.  This Springfield John BARBER                     

                                             family was not related to the Windsor Barbers.

                           iii          John HALE3, b 24 Aug 1670; d Windsor 1708/9.

                           iv          Thomas HALE3, b 26 Aug 1672; m/1 Experience BURT; m/2 Mrs Abigail (WARNER) FERRY; r Springfield


                           v           Samuel HALE3, b 3 Jan 1673/4; d Suffield 1748; unmarried.

                           vi          Daughter3, b 28 Nov 1675; died young.

                           vii          Josias HALE3, b 22 Sep 1678; m/1 1705 Sarah HARMON; m/2 1713 Hannah (SEYMOUR) POMEROY; r


                           viii         Hannah HALE3, b 14 Sep 1680; m John REMINGTON; r Suffield.


 4   iv            SAMUEL2, baptised 1 Oct 1648; m/1 Mary COGGIN; m/2 Ruth DRAKE.

      v             MARY2 (Mercy), baptised 12 Oct 1651; d Suffield CT 29 Mar 1725; m/1 Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 8 Jul 1669 John

                       GILLETT, b Windsor 5 Oct 1644, d there 1682, son of Jonathan and Mary (DOLBERE) GILLETT, the Emigrant. 

                       Mary m/2 14 Jun 1683 Capt. George NORTON of Suffield, baptised Salem MA 28 Mar 1641, d 15 Nov 1696, son of

                      George and Mary (MACHIAS) NORTON;  (George was first married to Sarah ‑‑‑, who d in 1682).

                       After her parents' death when she was 9 years old, Mercy was placed by the court (4 Feb 1662/3) in the home of

                      Walter FYLER until age 18, unless she were married sooner (which she was).  [~ Corresp:Betty Simonson; IGI:CT;

                      CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscripts; CT Hist Soc:Fellows Gen; CT Hist Soc:Norton Manujscript; Barbour Index;

                      Stiles:Windsor; Windsor Hist.Soc:DFAW ~]

                                       Children of Mary and John, born at Windsor:

                           i            Thomas GILLETT3, b 7 Jan 1671/2; died before 1676.

                           ii            John GILLETT3, b 6 Aug 1673; d 4 Jul 1699; unmarried.

                           iii           Thomas GILLETT3, b 18 Jul 1676; d Suffield 11 Jun 1708; m/1 1700 Martha MILLS; m/2 1704 Hannah

                                            CLARK (d 1798).

                           iv           Samuel GILLETT3, b 16 Feb 1677/78; d Suffield 1739; m Rebecca BANCROFT.

                           v            Benjamin (or Nathaniel) GILLETT3, b 3 Oct 1680; m Elizabeth AUSTIN; r Suffield.

                           vi           Mercy GILLETT3, b 31 Jan 1683/4; d Suffield 1756; m Jacob ADAMS Jr.


                                        Children of Mary and George NORTON:

                          vii            Mary NORTON3, b 18 Jan 1684/5; m Jared HUXLEY.

                          viii           Abigail NORTON3, b 14 Dec 1686; d 21 Oct 1705.

                          ix             Freegrace NORTON3, b 1 Jan 1688/9; m Sarah MARTIN; r Suffield.

                          x              Johanna NORTON3, b 17 Mar 1692/3; m Abraham ADAMS.

                          xi             Elizabeth NORTON3, b 31 Aug 1695; d 1 Aug 1697 (?).

                          xii            Elizabeth NORTON3, b 19 Mar 1696/7. She was born 4 months after her father died.    


 5   vi            JOSIAH2, baptised 15 Feb 1653/4; m/1 Abigail LOOMIS; m/2 Sarah (PORTER) DRAKE.








2. Dea. JOHN2 BARBER (Thomas1), baptised Windsor CT 24 Jul 1642; d 17 Jan 1711/12; m/1 Windsor 2 Sep 1663 Bathsheba COGGIN, b probably Taunton MA about 1645, d Springfield 1688, daughter of Thomas and Joan (...) COGGIN of Taunton. Bathsheba was sister of Mary COGGIN, who married John2 BARBER’s brother Samuel.  

  John m/2 2 May 1689 Hannah (GARDNER) BANCROFT, widow of Thomas BANCROFT, and probably the daughter of Samuel GARDNER of Hadley MA.


  The following is an attempt to clarify some relationships between COGGINS and BARBERs:

The above mentioned Joan (---), b England; d Springfield MA Nov 1695; m 1641 Thomas COGGIN, b England, died Taunton MA in 1653/4. Joan (---) COGGIN m/2 1654 Obadiah MILLER of Springfield

                   Children of Joan and Thomas COGGIN:

      i                   Bathsheba COGGIN, b Taunton about 1645; m John BARBER.

      ii                  Mary COGGIN, b Taunton about 1647; m Samuel BARBER.

      iii                  Martha COGGIN, b Taunton about 1648; m Peter BUELL.

      iv                  Ruth COGGIN, b Taunton about 1650; m Samuel TAYLOR.


                   Children of Joan (---) and Obadiah MILLER:

      i                   Lazarus MILLER, b Springfield MA 23 Sep 1655; m Mary BURBANK.

      ii                  Obadiah MILLER, b Springfield 26 Mar 1658; m Benedicta LAWTON.

      iii                  Joanna MILLER, b Springfield MA or Windsor CT 6 Jul 1659; d Springfield 3 Nov 1713; m 27 Jan 1677/8 John

                              BARBER, Jr. of Springfield.

                     John Barber, Jr of Springfield is not apparently related to John of Windsor, son of Thomas.   From the above, it is

                    apparent that Joanna MILLER was a younger step-sister of Bathsheba and Mary COGGIN, all 3 being daughters of

                    Joan (---) COGGIN MILLER.   [~ Corresp:Rich Raney ~]


  John lived in Windsor on the original homestead, which was left to him by his father.  When he moved his family to Springfield MA in 1671 the Windsor home was transferred to his brother Samuel.  John lived in Springfield from 1671 to 1684, during which time he served as Deacon in Christ Church in Springfield, and also as one of the Springfield Selectmen.

  The year 1684 found the restless John and his family in Suffield CT, where he remained for a time, after which he returned to finish his days in Springfield. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Barber‑Morgan Bible; Early Coggins, English and American, by Geo. E McCracken, in NEHGR, series 2, Vol 1.; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscripts ~]

                   Children of John and Bathsheba:

      i              JOANNA3, b Windsor (recorded at Suffield CT) 8 Apr 1667; d 25 Jun 1688; m Suffield 18 Mar 1684/5 Thomas

                       SMITH, probably the one born Ipswich MA 7 Jun 1661, d 2 Dec 1726, son of John and Elizabeth SMITH.  Joanna

                       died just 1 week after the birth of her first child.  Thomas m/2 1689 Mary YOUNGLOVE.

                       [~ Barbour Index; Savage ~]

                                      Child of Joanna and Thomas, born at Suffield

                         i            John SMITH4, b 18 Jun 1688; m/1 Elizabeth LANE.  He may be the John SMITH who m/2 1718 Widow

                                         Hannah TRUMBULL.


      ii             JOHN3, b Windsor 14 Jul 1669; d 21 Oct 1690.  

      iii            RETURN3, b Springfield 29 May 1672; d there 17 Dec 1673.

  6  iv            THOMAS3, b Springfield 4 Feb 1674/5; m Sarah BALL.

      v             MARY3, b Springfield 13 Feb 1677/8; d 29 Dec 1758; m Springfield 27 Jul 1696 Isaac FROST, b Cambridge MA 21

                       Oct 1666, d 30 Sep 1757, son of Dr Samuel and Mary (COALE) FROST; r West Springfield MA.  Isaac was one of

                       the proprietors of West  Springfield.  [~ CT Hist Soc:Frost Gen ~]

                                      Children of Mary and Isaac, born at West Springfield MA:

                         i             Mary FROST4, b 1 Jan 1697/8; m Ebenezer SCOTT; r Brimfield MA.

                         ii            John FROST4, b 24 Jan 1700/1; m Damaris HOWARD; r Springfield.

                         iii            Bathsheba FROST4, b 16 Apr 1702; m Benjamin BEDORTHA.

                         iv            Joanna FROST4, b 3 May 1704; died the same day.

                         v             Isaac FROST4, b 22 Apr 1705; m Mary BROWN of Coventry CT.

                         vi            Joanna FROST4, b 1 Jul 1707; m Jonathan BEDORTHA.

                         vii            Elizabeth FROST4, b 3 Apr 1709; m Ebenezer FROST; r Brimfield.

                         viii           Mercy FROST4, b 21 Aug 1711; m Nehemiah LEE.

                         ix             Return FROST4, b 15 May 1714; died on the same day.

                         x              Ruth FROST4, twin, b 15 May 1714;  died on the same day.

                         xi             Abraham FROST4, b 13 Jul 1715; m Sarah ‑‑‑; r Springfield.



3. Lt. THOMAS2 BARBER (Thomas1), baptised Windsor CT 14 Jul 1644; d Simsbury CT 10 May 1713; m Windsor 17 Dec 1663 Mary PHELPS, b 2 Mar 1644/5, d 13 Feb 1725/6, daughter of William Sr and Mary (DOVER) PHELPS.  After Thomas and Mary were married, they lived in a house built by Thomas in Windsor, on a lot he purchased in 1664. About 1670/71 he moved his family to Simsbury along with his brother Samuel and family.

  On March 3, 1676/7 during the so‑called "King Phillip's War", Lieutenant Thomas Barber of the original military company of Simsbury was instrumental in saving the Simsbury residents, according to an old tradition.  Some of Phillip's Wampanoag Indians threatened to attack the town. Thomas "ascended the roof of his house, in the place called Hopmeadow, and beat an alarm on his drum.  The wind being favorable, the alarm was heard in Windsor, some seven or eight miles off".  The Windsor militia, hearing the alarm, quickly assembled, rushed to Simsbury and were able to evacuate safely the people of Simsbury to safety in Windsor, where they stayed for several months.  King Phillip burned and destroyed everything on March 26th, 1676.  Eventually they returned to their community and began the task of rebuilding. Once the town was rebuilt life in Simsbury was due to change.  

  Up to this point the grain grown by the farmers had to be hauled to the Warham Gristmill in Windsor. This was no easy task, due to weather conditions not always being favorable, the roads leaving much to be desired even for the oxen, and the lessening danger of attacks by Indians or wild animals. Thomas Barber had proven his leadership ability during the King Phillip's War, and now his skills, along with those of 3 other men, were contracted by the town for a more peaceful pursuit, that of building and running a sawmill and gristmill.  The Simsbury gristmill built by these men in about 1680 was still in operation until the early 1950's, when the mill was operated as a Jute Yarn factory under the ownership of R H ENSIGN.  After that the mill was idle for about 30 years.   

  In 1985 major renovations took place. The Ensign‑Bickford Company dismantled the entire building board by board and reassembled it. The present‑day building is beautifully restored, winning for the owners the Greater Hartford Architecture Conservancy Award.  The Hop Brook Restaurant was recently located for a time in the present structure. This was an absolutely delightful place beside the brook, for lunch or dinner. 

  Thomas Barber's carpentry skills, passed on from his father, were much in demand, and he later built the first church in Simsbury, in 1683.  He was hired by the town in 1671 to build “a meeting house for public worship”, but for 12 years there was a bitter argument over which side of the river it would be built on. Finally 2 slips of paper were placed in a hat, and one was drawn, in favor of the West side of the river. Once it was completed, the new building was used for 60 years. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Barbour Index; Lyman Barber Gen; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscripts ~]

                    Children of Thomas and Mary:

 7   i              JOHN3, b Windsor 1 Nov 1664; m Mary HOLCOMB.

      ii              MARY3, b Windsor 11 Jan 1666/7  

      iii             SARAH3, b Windsor 2 Jul 1669; d 31 Mar 1748; m Simsbury 26 Nov 1701 Andrew ROBE, b 30 May 1662.  Sarah

                       had no children. 

      iv             JOANNA3, b 1670(?); m/1 Simsbury 3 Jan 1710/11 Josiah ADKINS, baptised 16 Jan 1686/7, d Hartford CT 25 Jun

                       1713, son of Thomas and Jane (WILLIAMS) ADKINS.  Joanna and Josiah had no children.

                        Joanna m/2 Benjamin COLT, born about Apr 1669, died at Hartford May or June 1739, son of John and Hester

                       (EDWARDS) COLT. Benjamin m/1 ‑‑‑, and had John COLT, b 1703, m Mercy HIGBY; and Anna COLT, m

                       Jonathan HOPKINS. Benjamin r Windsor 1710, East Windsor in 1722, and later in Hartford. [~ Benjamin's

                       Will; Godfrey Mem Lib:Adkins Gen;  CT Hist Soc:Colt Gen; CT Hist Soc:Colt Ms; CT State Lib:Elmer Gen;

                       NEHGR:145:326 ~]

                                      Child of Joanna and Benjamin:

                         i             Lucy COLT4, b 1718; m Josiah GILMAN; r Hartford.


      v              ANNE3, b Simsbury 1671; d there 15 Nov 1722; m Simsbury (“both of Simsbury”) 4 Dec 1701 Jonathan HIGLEY,

                        b Windsor 16 Feb 1675/6, d May 1716, son of Captain John and Hannah (DRAKE) HIGLEY. [~ Barbour Index;

                        CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscripts ~]

                                      Children of Anne and Jonathan:

                         i             Mercy (Mary) HIGLEY4, b 1 Nov 1712; m Jonathan COLT; r Harwinton CT.


                                      Anne had other children who died in infancy.


 8   vi             THOMAS3, b Simsbury 7 Oct 1671 (?confused with birthdate of Thomas3, son of Samuel, below); m Abigail


       vii            SAMUEL3, b Simsbury 17 May 1673; m Sarah HOLCOMB.

      viii           CHILD3, b Simsbury 1677; died young.



 4. SAMUEL2 BARBER (Thomas1), baptised Windsor CT 1 Oct 1648; d there 12 Mar 1708/09; m/1 there 1 Dec 1670 Mary COGGIN, b Taunton MA about 1647, d Windsor 19 May 1676, daughter of Thomas and Joan (...) COGGIN, and sister of Bathsheba who m Samuel’s brother John2 BARBER. (see Thomas2 Barber for further relationships). 

  Samuel m/2 Windsor 25 Jan 1676/7 Ruth DRAKE, b 1 Dec 1657, d Windsor 13 Nov 1731,  daughter of John and Hannah (MOORE) DRAKE.

  After his parents' death just after his 14th birthday, Samuel was placed (4 Feb 1662) in the home of his brother Thomas until age 21. At about the time of his marriage, Samuel apparently went with his brother to Simsbury, but must have returned to Windsor soon, because all of his family's vital records were recorded in Windsor.  He lived in a house on the original Barber tract, nearly opposite the Windsor Cannery on Poquonock Ave.  This house was first occupied by his brother John, but was transfered to Samuel when John moved to Springfield. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscripts; Early Coggins, English and American, by Geo. E McCracken ~]

                   Children of Samuel and Mary, born at Windsor:

      i             THOMAS3, b 7 Oct 1671; buried 31 Oct 1673.

      ii            SAMUEL3, b 26 Jan 1673/4; d Windsor 1 Feb 1722/3; m/1 Hepzibah "Ziba" BROWN, b Windsor 19 Nov 1664,

                    d 20 Dec 1711, daughter of Peter and Mary (GILLETT) BROWN.                               

                      Samuel m/2 Windsor 18 Jun 1713, Martha PONDER of Westfield MA, b 1677/8, d Windsor (Blooomfield

                    Church rec) 6 Aug 1758.  Samuel lived in Poquonock (in the northwest part of Windsor), one mile north

                    of the Baptist Meeting House. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; CT Church rec; Stiles:Windsor; Jerijah Barber Manuscript ~]

                                      Children of Samuel and Hepzibah:

                         i             MARY4, b 25 Sep 1704

                         ii            WILLIAM4, b 17 Jul 1704; died young. (There is a discrepancy in the birth dates of these first two

                                            children in the Barbour Index)


                                      Children of Samuel and Martha:

                         iii            MARTHA4, b 1 May 1714;  died young.

                         iv            HEPZIBAH4, b 8 Apr 1716; unmarried.

                         v             SAMUEL4, b Poquonock CT 28 Aug 1717. In 1732 he requested his uncle Joseph to be his guardian.

                         vi            THOMAS4, b 5 May 1720; d 1745; unmarried. Thomas went with 500 Connecticut men, joined by

                                            3500 others from New England, to take Louisburg, Nova Scotia from the French, so that New

                                            England fishing could resume; he died there in 1745 during that venture. 

                         vii            EZEKIEL4, b 25 Sep 1721; his uncle Joseph Barber was made his guardian 1735, at the request of

                                            Martha his mother.   He was in active service in the Revolutionary War, and marched to the

                                            Relief of Boston 1775.

                         viii           BENJAMIN4, b 1723; the L B Barbour Manuscript says a Benjamin Barber m Mary LOOMIS of

                                            Windsor.  Benjamin settled in Harwinton.   He served in the Revolutionary Army.

                         ix             JAMES4, b Poquonock 172?


                   Children of Samuel and Ruth, born at Windsor:

      iii           JOHN DRAKE3, b ??25 Jan 1676/7; died young  This birth date is probably incorrect, since it is the same as the

                    marriage date of Ruth to Samuel.  Probably John Drake was born a bit later, and was the first child of Ruth, and was

                    named for her father John DRAKE.


 10 iv           WILLIAM3, b 1678; m Esther BROWN.

                 MARY3 "Mercy", b 1680; d 27 Aug 1719; m Windsor 22 Jul 1696 Peter BROWN, b Windsor 12 Mar 1666/7,

                    d there 6 Mar 1739, son of Peter and Mary (GILLETTE) BROWN; r Windsor. Mary died on the day her twins were

                    born. Peter was perhaps a grandson of Peter BROWN of Plymouth MA, and of the Mayflower; however, the

                    Mayflower Society thinks there is not enough proof to allow this connection, and will not allow this to be a valid

                    connection. [~ Corresp:Arthur K Gibson; CT Hist Soc:Brown Manuscript; Corresp:Carl Jordan; Corresp:Bob Seger ~]

                                       Children of Mary and Peter, born at Windsor:

                         i              Peter BROWN4, b 28 Jan 1699/1700; probably the Peter BROWN who m 14 Aug 1722 Rachel

                                            SCOTT; r Windsor.

                         ii              Dinah BROWN4, b 4 Jan 1701/2; m Dea. Thomas POST; r Hebron.      

                         iii             Samuel BROWN4, b 28 Aug 1705; m Mary PHELPS; r Windsor.

                         iv             Mary BROWN4, b 28 Aug 1708; m Joseph SEGER III.  Joseph m/1 Mehitable PARSONS. 

                         v              Benjamin BROWN4, b 11 Aug 1711; m/1 Hannah GRANT; m/2 1760 Widow Mary BROWN (probably the

                                           widow of Daniel BROWN); m/3 Hannah ‑‑‑; r Windsor.

                         vi             Ebenezer BROWN4, b 27 Aug 1719

                         vii            Mindwell BROWN4, twin, b 27 Aug 1719; d Springfield MA 25 Feb 1758; unmarried.


      vi           HANNAH3, b 4 Oct 1681; died before 1708.

 11 vii          JOSEPH3, b 1681(?); m/1 Hannah ‑‑; m/2 Mary LOOMIS.

      viii         RUTH3, b 24 Jul 1683; d 2 Aug 1747; m Windsor 18 Apr 1706 William PHELPS, b 4 Feb 1668/9, d 1733, son of

                    Timothy and Mary (GRISWOLD) PHELPS; r Windsor.  William m/1 7 Dec 1699 Abigail MUDGE, who d 24 Apr

                    1705, and had 2 children by her.  [~ Stiles:Windsor; Windsor Hist Soc:Filer Gen,1991,Arnold ~]

                                       Children of Ruth and William:

                         i              Caleb PHELPS4, b 11 Jan 1708/9; m/1 Mary MOORE, who d 20 Apr 1747; m/2                 

                                            Mary (LATHROP) HENDERSON. r Windsor.

                         ii              Jacob PHELPS4, b 18 Jun 1711; m Abigail ALVORD; r Windsor.

                         iii             Ruth PHELPS4, b 23 Jan 1713/4; m Samuel PHELPS.


 12 ix           DAVID3, b 12 May 1686; m Hannah POST.

 13 x            BENJAMIN3, b about 1690; m Hannah LEWIS.

      xi           ELIZABETH3, b about 1690 (Barbour Index states 9 Feb 1684/5; m Windsor 10 Nov 1709 Daniel

                    LOOMIS, b 15 Nov 1682, d 1754, son of Daniel and Mary (ELLSWORTH) LOOMIS.  Elizabeth and Daniel

                    lived 2 1/2 miles south of Windsor Center which would place them in the Deerfield section of present day

                    Windsor Samuel’s will of 21 Feb 1708/9 left 25 pounds each to Elizabeth, Mindwell, and Sarah, when they

                    become 18 years of age.  This would mean Elizabeth was born after 1689.

                      [~ Barbour Index; Jerijah Barber Manuscript; Loomis Gen; Windsor Hist Soc:Filer Gen,1991,Arnold ~]

                                       Children of Elizabeth and Daniel:

                         i              Daniel LOOMIS4, b 2 Nov 1710; m/1 Sarah GROVER; m/2 Sarah ENOS; r Union CT.

                         ii             Elizabeth LOOMIS4, b 20 May 1712;  m Daniel EGGLESTON; r Bloomfield CT.  He m/2 Mary


                         iii             Mary LOOMIS4, b 10 May 1714; m Joseph HOSKINS.

                         iv             Elisha LOOMIS4, b 6 Jun 1716; d Colchester CT 11 Nov 1758.

                         v              Dorothy LOOMIS4, b 21 Jun 1718; m Ichabod LOOMIS; r Torrington CT.

                         vi             David LOOMIS4, b 13 Mar 1719/20, d before 1752.

                         vii            Sibel LOOMIS4, b 18 Sep 1727; m William ALLEN.


      xii          MINDWELL3, b 3 Dec 1691; d 3 Dec 1712.

 14 xiii         JOHN3, b 1696; m Jane ALVORD.

      xiv         SARAH3, b Windsor 28 Aug 1698; d Westfield MA 4 Jan 1741/2; m/1 Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 17 Oct 1717

                    Stephen PALMER, b Windsor 20 Jan 1686, d there 17 Nov 1720, son of Timothy and Hannah (BUEL) PALMER.

                    Sarah m/2 5 Oct 1729 Isaac PHELPS III, b Westfield MA 26 Jan 1692/3, son of Isaac and Mary (MAUDSLY)

                    PHELPS. Sarah lived in Poquonock with her first husband Stephen, and at Westfield with Isaac. Isaac m/2

                    8 May 1755 Joanna ADAMS. [~ Jerijah Barber Manuscript; Corresp:Nancy J Pennington; Phelps Gen ~]

                                       Children of Sarah and Stephen:

                         i              Stephen PALMER4, 18 Jan 1718/19, m Lydia ‑‑‑.

                         ii             Timothy PALMER4, 28 Jun 1720; d Windsor 1745/6.


                                       Children of Sarah and Isaac:

                         iii             Sarah PHELPS4,  b Westfield MA 31 Jul 1730, m Thomas MOSELEY.  They had no children.

                         iv             Rebecca PHELPS4, b Westfield 22 Jul 1732, m David DEWEY.  They had no children.

                         v              ?Isaac PHELPS4, b Westfield 16 Apr 1734; he probably died 13/14 Oct 1753,         

                                            unmarried, or possibly he could be the Isaac who m/1 Jemima HOLCOMB; m/2 widow Anna

                                            (BROWN) PALMER; m/3 Joanna HATHAWAY; r Windsor.

                         vi              Mary PHELPS4, b Windsor 12 Jul 1736; perhaps m/1 Artemus EASTMAN; and                 

                                            she perhaps m/2 Michael GRIFFIN; r Simsbury CT.

                         vii             ?Bathsheba PHELPS4, b Windsor; m Samuel HOLCOMB.

                         viii            ?Theodosia PHELPS4, b Windsor 7 May 1738; m Micah GRIFFIN.

                         ix              ?Lucy PHELPS4, b Windsor 9 Dec 1739; m Stephen GRIFFIN.


                                           There are conflicting accounts of these last 3 children, and of the marriages of Isaac and Mary.



5. Lt. JOSIAH2 BARBER (Thomas1), baptised Windsor CT 15 Feb 1653/4; d there 14 Dec 1729; m/1 there 22 Nov 1677 Abigail LOOMIS, b Windsor 27 Mar 1659, d there 19 Feb 1700/1, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (MOORE) LOOMIS.  

  Josiah m/2 Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 5 Nov 1701, Sarah (PORTER) DRAKE, b 5 Sep 1655; d Windsor 13 Dec 1730, daughter of John and Mary (STANLEY) PORTER, and widow of Enoch DRAKE.  After his parents' death, Josiah at age 9 was placed (4 Feb 1662/3) in the home of Dea. John MOORE  until age 21. 

  After their marriage Josiah and Abigail lived in the south part of Windsor, near the Connecticut River, in the section of Windsor which is now called Wilson.  Josiah was a wheelwright.  He was captain of a military company and did some “Indian fighting”.  In his will when the inventory was taken in 1729 Josiah left an estate of 817 pounds. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Stiles:Windsor; Jerijah Barber Manuscript; Lure of the Litchfield Hills ~]

                  Children of Josiah and Abigail, born at Windsor:

      i            ABIGAIL3, b 12 Mar 1678/9; m Windsor 4 Dec 1701 Cornelius BROWN, b at Windsor 30 Jul 1672, d there

                    26 Jan 1747/8, son of Peter and Mary (GILLETT) BROWN.  Josiah's first cousin Samuel Barber

                    (see #4) married Hepzibah BROWN, Cornelius' sister.   [~ CT Hist Soc:Brown Manuscript ~]

                                         Children of Abigail and Cornelius:

                         i                Abigail BROWN4, b 6 Sep 1702; m William BARBER (see #25).

                         ii               Rachel BROWN4, b 21 Nov 1704; m Capt. Benjamin PHELPS; r Windsor, Hebron, Goshen and

                                            Coventry, all in CT.

                         iii               Mabel BROWN4, twin, b 21 Nov 1704; d 8 Dec 1704.

                         iv               Cornelius BROWN4, b 1 May 1707; m Abigail TURNER; r Windsor and                    Norfolk CT.

                         v                Huldah BROWN4, b 17 Nov 1709; m 1731 David GRISWOLD; r Windsor. 

                                              [~ CT Hist Soc:Loomis Gen ~]

                         vi                Hepzibah BROWN4, b 19 Jan 1712/3; m Ebenezer BURR; r Norfolk.

                         vii               Titus BROWN4, b 11 Nov 1714; m Rachel MARSHALL; r Norfolk.

                         viii              Elizabeth BROWN4, b 1 Oct 1717; m Joel LOOMIS; r Torrington CT.

                         ix                Rev. Aaron BROWN4, b 31 May 1725; m Mrs. Damaris (CADY) HOWE, widow of Rev. Perley HOWE; r

                                              Pomfret CT.


      ii           ELIZABETH3,   ; d 2 Apr 1717; m Windsor 20 Apr 1704 Enoch DRAKE, b 5 May 1683, d Bloomfield CT 17

                    Nov 1776, son of Enoch and Sarah (PORTER) DRAKE; r Wintonbury (now Bloomfield).  Enoch m/2 Lydia

                    COOK, who d 16 May 1718; he m/3 1719 Dorcas EGGLESTON, daughter of John and Esther (MILLS)

                    EGGLESTON  [~ Barbour Index; Stiles:Windsor; Drake Gen; Josiah's will of 1727 gives money to

                    grandchildren Elizabeth and Hannah Drake, minors; Windsor Hist Soc:Filer Gen, 1991, Arnold;

                    Windsor Hist Soc:DFAW; Corresp:Stephen W Harter ~]

                                          Children of Elizabeth and Enoch:

                         i                 Enoch DRAKE4, b 12 Jan 1705/6; m Mary BARBER (see #11).

                         ii                Elizabeth DRAKE4, b 3 Feb 1707/8; m John GILLET of Windsor; r Windsor.

                         iii                Eunice DRAKE4, b 1709; m Isaac HAYDEN.

                         iv                Lois DRAKE4, b 15 Jun 1710; m Matthew HOLCOMB of Windsor; r Windsor.

                         v                 Noah DRAKE4, b 13 Jun 1714; m Hannah SKINNER; r Windsor.

                         vi                Hannah DRAKE4, b 29 Mar 1717; m Rev. Daniel MARSHALL of Windsor; r Windsor.


      iii          JOSIAH3, b 1685; d Dec 1729.

      iv          REBECCA3, b 11 Apr 1687; d 22 May 1768; m Windsor 23 Jan 1706/7 Nathaniel DRAKE, b 1685, son of Enoch

                    and Sarah (PORTER) DRAKE; r Windsor. Rebecca's sister Elizabeth, above, married Nathaniel's brother Enoch.

                                           Children of Rebecca and Nathaniel:

                         i                   Nathaniel DRAKE4, b 4 Jun 1708; m Elizabeth WARNER; r East Windsor.

                         ii                  Josiah DRAKE4, b 18 Apr 1711; m Hannah WILSON; r Windsor.

                         iii                  Samuel DRAKE4, b 6 Sep 1713; m Amy KENT; r Windsor.

                         iv                  Rebecca DRAKE4, b 30 Dec 1715; m John FILLEY; r Windsor.


 15 v           NATHANIEL3, b 6 Apr 1691; m Mary FILLEY.

 16 vi          JONATHAN3, b 4 Jun 1694; m Rachel GAYLORD.

 17 vii          AARON3, b 20 Jul 1697; m Mary DOUGLAS.








6. THOMAS3 BARBER (John2), b probably Springfield MA 4 Feb 1674/5; d there 16 Jan 1714/15; m 17 Feb 1704/5 Sarah BALL, b 6 Aug 1685, d 3 Nov 1744, daughter of Jonathan and Susannah (‑‑‑) WORTHINGTON BALL; r Springfield.  Sarah m/2 1717 John WHITE of Hatfield MA, and then lived at Hatfield.    [~ 1909 Barber Gen; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Barber‑Morgan Bible ~]

                   Children of Thomas and Sarah:

 18 i             JONATHAN4, b Springfield 31 Jan 1712/3; m Sarah NOYES.

      ii            THOMAS4 , b about 1713; d Dec 1714. He died "one month before his father died."



7. JOHN3 BARBER (Thomas2), b Windsor CT 1 Nov 1664; d 1 Mar 1711/12; m Simsbury CT 26 Feb 1701/2 Mary HOLCOMB, b 1676, d 14 Jul 1745, daughter of Joshua and Ruth (SHERWOOD) HOLCOMB; r Simsbury.  Mary m/2 at Simsbury (“both of Simsbury”) 16 Oct 1713 Ephraim BUEL, son of Peter, and had 2 children, Mindwell and Ephraim, by him. 

  Ephraim died 16 Jan 1718/9, when he and his step‑son John BARBER went into the hills to hunt for horses that got loose, and they both perished in the deep snow and cold. In his will John Barber supposedly left his entire estate to his wife, with power to dispose of same in the best interest of herself and children. However there must have been something fishy about the will, because the Probate Court record in 1712 states “the pretended will of John Barber, deceased, was exhibited in court, and was disallowed and disapproved.”  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Corresp:Carol McCarthy; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Stiles ~]

                  Children of John and Mary, born at Simsbury:

      i            MERCY4, b 22 Nov 1703; d Simsbury 14 Sep 1722.

      ii           JOHN4, b 9 Apr 1705; d 16 Jan 1718/9.  He died of exposure, with his step‑father (above).

      iii          WILLIAM4, b 25 Nov 1706; d Simsbury 10 Jul 1761; m Simsbury Mar 1746  Margaret ORTON,

                    baptised Farmington CT 31 Mar 1712, daughter of Thomas and Anna (BUCKINGHAM) ORTON.  William and

                    Margaret had no children.

      iv          MARY4, b 27 Nov 1707; died young.

      v           MARY4, b 4 Jan 1708/9; d 2 Feb 1745/6; m Simsbury 20 Jun 1734 Peter BUELL, b 1711, son of Samuel and

                    Hannah (HOLCOMB) BUELL.  [~ CT Hist Soc:Buell Gen ~]

                                           Children of Mary and Peter, born at Simsbury:

                         i                   Solomon BUELL5, b 22 Aug 1734; m Lydia CASE.

                         ii                   Peter BUELL5, twin, b 22 Aug 1734; died young.


 19 vi          ISAAC4, b 2 May 1711; m Martha ADAMS.



8. Lieut. THOMAS3 BARBER (Thomas2), b Simsbury CT 7 Oct 1671(?); d Windsor CT 17 Jul 1714; m Simsbury (“both of Simsbury”) 25 May 1699 Abigail BUELL, b 17 May 1673, d Simsbury 30 Aug 1727, daughter of Peter and Martha (COGGENS) BUELL; r Simsbury and Windsor.   [~ Barbour Index; 1909 Barber Gen; CT HIst Soc:Case Gen; Stiles; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscrip ~]

                  Children of Thomas and Abigail, born at Simsbury:

 20 i            THOMAS4, b 19 Jan 1700/1; m Mercy/Marcy CASE.

      ii           SARAH4, b 1703; d Simsbury 22 Oct 1725.   

      iii          MARTHA, b 7 Apr 1704; baptised there 13 Apr 1707.

      iv          ABIGAIL4,b 1706; d 8 Jan 1779; m Simsbury Oct 31 1728 Jacob CASE, b Windsor 19 Mar 1702/3; d 23 Jul 1763,

                    son of Joseph and Ann (ENO) CASE; r Simsbury. Both deaths are recorded in Windsor. Graves are in Simsbury.  [~

                    Barbour Index ~]

                                           Children of Abigail and Jacob, born at Simsbury:

                         i                   Abigail CASE5, b 12 Jan 1730/1; m Daniel HOSKINS.

                         ii                  Sarah CASE5, b 5 Jun 1733; m Elijah TULLER.

                         iii                  Jacob CASE5, b 19 Jun 1735; m Elizabeth HOSKINS.

                         iv                  Jesse CASE5, b 19 May 1738; m Sarah HUMPHREY.

                         v                   Anna CASE5, b 7 Apr 1740; m Solomon CASE; r Simsbury.

                         vi                  Martha CASE5, b 21 May 1743; d 13 Oct 1748.

                         vii                  Moses CASE5, b 8 Sep 1746; m/1 about 1770 Lucy WILCOXSON; m/2 1781 Abigail WILCOX.

                         viii                 Martha CASE5, b 12 Apr 1748/9; d Apr 1834.



9. SAMUEL3 BARBER (Thomas2), b Simsbury CT 17 May 1673; d there 18 Dec 1725; m there 17 Dec 1712 Sarah HOLCOMB, b 1691, d West Simsbury 14 Dec 1787, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (BLISS) HOLCOMB. 

  In 1738, twelve years after Samuel's death, Sarah moved with her family from their home in Simsbury to a log cabin that her sons Samuel, Thomas, Jonathan and John built near Barber Brook in West Simsbury.  The sons purchased adjacent farms.  Many of her descendants have lived in this area, West Simsbury, which became Canton in 1806.   The area where many of the Barbers lived was known later as "Barberton", and lies just above Canton Center.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Barbour Index; Corresp:Carol McCarthy; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Lyman Barber Gen; Stiles:Windsor ~]

                  Children of Samuel and Sarah, probably all born in Simsbury:

 21 i            SAMUEL4, b 1713/4; m/1 Tryphena HUMPHREY; m/2 Hannah HUMPHREY.

 22 ii           THOMAS4, b 1716; m Elizabeth ADAMS.

 23 iii           JONATHAN4, b 1717; m Jemimah CORNISH.

 24 iv           JOHN4, b 14 Dec 1719; m Lydia REED.

      v            MERCY4, b 1721; d 14 Jul 1745; m Simsbury 7 Jul 1742 Ephraim BUELL Jr, b 24 Nov 1717, d 1745, son of

                      Ephraim and Mary (HOLCOMB) BUELL; r Simsbury.

                            Mercy died on the same day that her second child was born.  [~ Buell Gen #1 ~]

                                            Children of Mercy and Ephraim, born at West Simsbury CT:

                         i                   Mary BUELL5, b 20 May 1743; d 2 Feb 174 ?5.

                         ii                  Mindwell BUELL5, b 14 Jul 1745; m Roger CASE; r Canton.


      vi           SARAH4, b Windsor 1 Apr 1722; d Simsbury 19 Dec 1785; m there 7 Nov 1745 Capt. John CASE, b Windsor

                    19 Feb 1718/9, d Simsbury 24 May 1776, son of John and Abigail (HUMPHREY) CASE. 

                    [~ CT Hist Soc:Case Gen ~]

                                           Children of Sarah and John:

                         i                   John CASE5, b 10 Oct 1746; m Chloe OWEN (Chloe m/2 Daniel BARBER (see #168).

                         ii                   Giles CASE5, b 20 Feb 1747/8; d 15 Feb 1754.

                         iii                  Seth CASE5, b 24 Sep 1749; m Eunice FILLEY.

                         iv                  Sarah CASE5, b 27 Jul 1751; m Elisha CORNISH Jr.

                         v                   Asa CASE5, b 11 Jan 1753; m Sarah ROBE.

                         vi                  Mary CASE5, b 2 Jan 1755; m/1 Silas CASE; m/2 Uriah CASE.

                         vii                 Giles CASE5, b 24 May 1757; m Dorcas HUMPHREY.

                         viii                 George CASE5, 4 Mar 1759; m Electa MOORE.

                         ix                   Levi CASE5, b 14 Dec 1760; m Polly HUMPHREY.

                         x                    Judah CASE5, twin, b 14 Dec 1760; m Ruth WYLEY.

                         xi                   Abigail CASE5, b 8 Nov 1763; m Asa HOSKINS.



10. WILLIAM3 BARBER (Samuel2), b Windsor CT 1678; d 17 Jul 1704?; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 5 Nov 1700 Esther BROWN, b Windsor 22 May 1673, d there 27 Oct 1732, daughter of Peter and Mary (GILLETT) BROWN; r Poquonock (part of Windsor), near William's brother Samuel.  

[~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Stiles:Windsor; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Jerijah Barber Manuscript ~]

                   Child of William and Esther:

 25 i             WILLIAM4, b Windsor 31 Dec 1701, “son of William, deceased”; m Abigail BROWN.



11. JOSEPH3 BARBER (Samuel2), b Windsor CT 1681(?); d 1748; m/1 Hannah ‑‑‑, who d 1705.

  Joseph m/2 Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 6 May 1707/8 Mary LOOMIS, b 5 Jan 1680/1, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (MOORE) LOOMIS. Mary was the younger sister of Abigail LOOMIS who married Joseph BARBER's uncle Josiah BARBER. Joseph lived in Windsor.  He acquired large tracts of land in Windsor, Harwinton and Barkhamsted, all in CT. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Loomis Gen; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Windsor Hist Soc:Nancy N Evers Manuscript ~]

                   Children of Joseph and Hannah, born at Windsor:

      i             MINDWELL4,  ; d 3 Dec 1712.

      ii            HANNAH4, ; d 1705.


                   Children of Joseph and Mary, born at Windsor:

 26 iii           JOSEPH4, b 28 Jan 1708/9; m Elizabeth COOK.

 27 iv           SAMUEL4, b 6 Aug 1710; m/1 Anna GILLETT; m/2 Comfort MERRIMAN.

      v            DANIEL4, b 2 Jul 1712; d 27 Jun 1714.

      vi           ABIGAIL4, b 1713; d 11 Jul 1714.

      vii          MARY4, b 24 Mar 1714/5; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 1 May 1735 Enoch DRAKE, b Windsor 12 Jan 1705/6, d

                     Wintonbury (now Bloomfield) CT 4 Jan 1782, son of Enoch and Elizabeth (BARBER) DRAKE.

                      The Burnham and Loomis Genealogies both say that this Mary BARBER was the daughter of Nathaniel

                      BARBER, but the will of Nathaniel (#15) shows that his daughter was Mary (BARBER) BURNHAM, and thus the

                      Drake Genealogy is correct that Joseph is the father of Mary BARBER (DRAKE).  [~ CT Hist Soc:Drake Gen ~]

                                           Children of Mary and Enoch:

                         i                   Mary DRAKE5, b 31 Dec 1736; m Joel BARBER, #38.

                         ii                  Elizabeth DRAKE5, b 14 Nov 1738

                         iii                  Enoch DRAKE5, b 24 Aug 1741; m Sybil GRISWOLD.

                         iv                  Elijah DRAKE5, b 20 Jun 1744

                         v                   Eunice DRAKE5, b 22 Jun 1749

                         vi                  Joseph DRAKE5, b 22 Aug 1752; probably died young.

                         vii                 Sarah DRAKE5, baptised Wintonbury CT 1 Feb 1755;  m Ephraim BARBER, #202.


      viii         MINDWELL4, b 8 Oct 1716; m Harwinton (“Mindwell of Windsor”) 23 Oct 1740 Ezekiel SCOVILLE of Harwinton, b

                     probably East Haddam CT 12 Jan 1712/3, d Harwinton 5                    Aug 1791, son of Stephen and Sarah

                     (CHAMPION) SCOVILLE; r Windsor and Harwinton.   [~ CT State Lib:Scovill Gen; Barbour Index ~]

                                           Children of Mindwell and Ezekiel:

                         i                   Mindwell SCOVILLE5, b 26 Sep 1741; m Eli WILSON.

                         ii                   Ezekiel SCOVILLE5, b 5 Jan 1744/5; m/1 Rebecca THOMPSON; m/2 Elizabeth ALFORD; r Harwinton.

                         iii                   Keziah SCOVILLE5, b 28 Feb 1746/7; probably died young.

                         iv                   Asa Fitch SCOVILLE5, b 10 Oct 1748; probably died young.

                         v                    Joseph SCOVILLE5, b 21 Jul 1751; m Abigail WILSON.

                         vi                   Sarah SCOVILLE5, b 6 Aug 1754

                         vii                   Mary SCOVILLE5, b 1 May 1757

                         viii                  Hannah SCOVILLE5, b 7 Oct 1762


 28 ix           DANIEL4, b 23 Apr 1719; m/1 Naomi BARBER; m/2 Sarah PHELPS.

      x            ELIZABETH4, b 25 Feb 1721/2; d 1 Jun 1722.

 29 xi           JONAH4, b 9 Jan 1723/4; m Jerusha BARBER (see #14).



12. DAVID3 BARBER (Samuel2), b Windsor CT 12 May 1686; d Hebron CT 7 Nov 1729; m Hebron Hannah  POST, b Saybrook CT 29 Mar 1693, d 7 May 1759, daughter of Stephen and Hannah (HOSMER) POST of Hebron. Hannah m/2 Hebron 14 Dec 1732 Rev. John BLISS, son of Samuel and Ann (ELDERKIN) BLISS, and had two children by him: Ellis, b 25 Sep 1733, and Neziah, b 21 Mar 1737/8. 

  John BLISS was the first pastor of the Hebron Congregational Church.  However he developed "dissenting views", and was dismissed by the church in 1734, and fined by the court. He started an Episcopal Church in Hebron in 1734, which he served as lay minister until his death in 1741.  Hannah m/3 27 Oct 1742 Capt. Benoni TRUMBULL. 

  David and Hannah lived on a farm in Hebron that he received from his father, where in addition to farming, David found time to become a Justice of the Peace, a Representative in the Connecticut General Assembly, and Captain of a military company, as well as bing active in church affairs.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen.; Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:Post Manuscript; Hosmer Gen; Bliss Gen ~]

                   Children of David and Hannah, born at Hebron:

      i             HANNAH4, b 9 Feb 1712/3; m Hebron 14 May 1731 Benjamin SMITH of Hebron (d 21 Aug 1751).  

                    [~ Corresp:Louise D Marsh; CT Hist Soc:Smith Manuscript ~]

                                            Children of Hannah and Benjamin, born at Middletown CT:

                         i                   Andrew SMITH5, b 29 May 1733; d 21 Aug 1751.

                         ii                   David SMITH5,  ;  perhaps he is the David SMITH who m Widow Lydia KNOWLES 1766 in


                         iii                   Elijah SMITH5, b 16 Apr 1736; m Mary MACOR.

                         iv                   Benjamin SMITH5, b 25 Mar 1738

                         v                   Israel SMITH5, b 21 Dec 1739; m Jemima PAYNE.

                         vi                   Ephraim SMITH5, b 14 Sep 1742

                         vii                  Frederick SMITH5, b Dec 1744; m at Colchester CT Abigail PAYNE.

                         viii                  Stephen SMITH5, b 20 Mar 1745/6

                         ix                   Timothy SMITH5, b 23 Jan 1746/7

                         x                    Waitstill SMITH5, b 13 Oct 1748

                         xi                   Content Hannah SMITH5, b 23 May 1750; m Nathan BRAINARD; r Middle Haddam CT.


      ii            GIRL4, b 26 Apr 1715; d there 10 May 1715.

 30 iii           DAVID4, b 17 Feb 1716/17; m/1 Patience CASE; m/2 Abigail NEWCOMB.

      iv           TEMPERANCE4, b 8 Aug 1718; d Hebron 15 Aug 1798; m there 10 May 1738 Capt. Solomon PHELPS, b Hebron 29

                    Jul 1716, d there 8 Apr 1796, son of Nathaniel and Hannah (BISSELL) PHELPS; r Hebron. Temperance chose

                    Joseph PHELPS as her guardian in 1733, 4 years after her father died.  [~ Barbour Index; Holcomb Gen ~]

                                             Children of Temperance and Solomon:

                         i                    Temperance PHELPS5, b 3 May 1739; m Ezra STRONG Jr.

                         ii                   Child5, b 26 Dec 1741; d at birth.

                         iii                   Solomon PHELPS5, twin, b 26 Dec 1741; d Jul 1742.

                         iv                   Solomon PHELPS5, b Oct 1743; m Lucy LORD.

                         v                    David PHELPS5, b 3 Oct 1746; m Damise PRATT.

                         vi                   Hannah PHELPS5, b 29 May 1749; d 6 Oct 1749.

                         vii                   Bissell PHELPS5, b Feb 1754; m/1 Lovina SKINNER; m/2 Sally WATERMAN.

                         viii                   Delight PHELPS5, b 17 Apr 1756; m ‑‑‑ FINLEY.

                         ix                    Hannah PHELPS5, b Mar 1758/9; m/1 Joel PORTER; m/2 ‑‑‑ GREER.


      v            SAMUEL4, b 10 Jul 1722; d there 23 Jul 1722.

 31 vi           STEPHEN4, b 4 Apr 1724; m Alice CASE or CASS.

      vii          MARY4, b 25 Jun 1726; d Hebron 21 Nov 1753; m there 7 May 1747 Joseph WILLIAMS, b about 1721; r Hebron.

                    Joseph m/2 about 1754, Sarah ‑‑‑.  Mary chose Israel POST as her guardian in 1739, 7 years after the death of her

                    father.  Mary died just a week after the birth of her third child.

                                             Children of Mary and Joseph, born at Hebron:

                         i                    Mary WILLIAMS5, b 25 Aug 1748; m Bille BASCOM.

                         ii                   Joseph WILLIAMS5, b 29 Apr 1751

                         iii                  Thomas WILLIAMS5, b 14 Nov 1753



13. BENJAMIN3 BARBER (Samuel2), b Windsor CT 1690; m there (“both of Windsor”) 30 Jun 1720 Hannah LEWIS; r in the Poquonock section of Windsor. According to the L B Barbour Manuscript at CT Historical Society, a Benjamin Barber of about the same date married a Mary LOOMIS.  Perhaps Mary was the second wife of Benjamin3, married after 1732 when the last child of Hannah was born. According to the Loomis Genealogy, and the will of Sgt Daniel LOOMIS, Mary LOOMIS, b 15 Jan 1690/1, daughter of Sgt Daniel and Mary (ELLSWORTH) LOOMIS, m --- “BARBOUR”.  Note that Benjamin3’s sister Elizabeth BARBER married this Mary LOOMIS’s brother Daniel. 

  Benjamin took part in "Training Day", 6 Jul 1711, and became one of 7 men from Windsor who went in Col. Allyn's Company to "take Canada". This expedition was from 10 Jul 1711 to 12 Oct 1711.  [~ Barbour Index: CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; 1909 Barber Gen; Stiles:Windsor; Drake Gen ~]

                   Children of Benjamin and Hannah, born at Windsor:

      i             BENJAMIN4, b 11 Jul 1721; d 12 Jul 1759; m Elizabeth DRAKE. She may be the Elizabeth DRAKE b 4 May 1721,

                    daughter of Jeremiah and Hannah (BURNHAM) DRAKE.      

      ii            ELDAD4, b 23 Jan 1723/4; the Barbour Manuscript says he married Lois ‑‑‑.

      iii           HANNAH4, about 1725; m Windsor 22 Nov 1753 Simeon MOORE, b Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 6 Jan 1732,

                    d there 1789, son of Benjamin and Eunice (PHELPS or OWEN) MOORE; r Windsor and Torrington CT.

                    [~ Barbour Index; Manuscript:Thomas H Roderick; Andrew Moore & Desc ~]   

                                           Children of Hannah and Simeon:

                         i                   Hannah MOORE5, b Windsor 28 May 1754; m Timothy COOKE.

                         ii                   Benjamin MOORE5, b Torrington 1 Mar 1756; d Westerville, Franklin Co OH; unmarried.

                         iii                  Chloe MOORE5, b 17 Aug 1757; m Abiel GRISWOLD.

                         iv                  Philander MOORE5, b Torrington 18 Feb 1759; m Sarah Theda HOLCOMB.

                         v                   Simeon MOORE5, b 20 Mar 1761; m/1 Hannah COOKE; m/2 Elizabeth ANDREWS;     

                                                 m/3 Widow Roxana (PHELPS) MEACHAM.

                         vi                   Eldad Barber MOORE5, b Torrington 10 Oct 1762; m Mary BARNES; he died in Becket MA.

                         vii                  Azubah MOORE5, b 13 Feb 1765; m Edward PHELPS.

                         viii                  Lucinda MOORE5, twin, b 13 Feb 1765; m Dr. Timothy MATHER.


      iv           SIMEON4, b 6 Jan 1732/3.



14. JOHN3 BARBER (Samuel2), b Windsor CT 1696; d there 29 Mar 1767; m there (“both of Windsor”) 24 Jul 1717 Jane ALVORD, b Windsor 14 Jan 1698/9, d there 21 Dec 1770, daughter of Jeremy and Jane (HOSKINS) ALVORD.

  They lived on the original Thomas Barber property on Poquonock Avenue in Windsor.  The author has the original deed showing this property being passed from John to his son Jerijah.    John had a "swelled leg" for 16 years, which eventually caused his death.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Jerijah Barber Manuscript ~]

                   Children of John and Jane, born at Windsor:

 32 i             JOHN4, b 19 Jun 1718; m Deborah LOOMIS.

      ii            JANE4, b 16 Jun 1720; d 9 Feb 1789; m about 1738 David THRALL, b 1710; d 22 Mar 1772, son of Thomas

                    and Elizabeth (HOSKINS) THRALL.   [~ CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; CT Hist Soc:Thrall Manuscript ~]

                                            Children of Jane and David:

                         i                   Jane THRALL5, b 27 Jan 1739/40; m Joshua MATSON.

                         ii                   Sarah THRALL5, b 3 Feb 1741/2; m Edward THOMPSON.

                         iii                  Mary THRALL5, b 28 Feb 1747/8; drowned 13 Aug 1768.

                         iv                  David THRALL5, b 23 Sep 1749; m Zulima DENSLOW.

                         v                   Elizabeth THRALL5, b 5 May 1751; drowned 13 Aug 1768.

                         vi                  Jesse THRALL5, b 8 Aug 1754; m Mehitable ‑‑‑.

                         vii                  Hannah THRALL5, b 7 Jul 1757

                         viii                 Martha THRALL5, b 17 Sep 1760


      iii           NAOMI4, b 17 Jan 1721/2; m Daniel BARBER (see #28).

 33 iv           GIDEON4, b 26 Aug 1723; m/1 Anna GILLETT; m/2 Mary (CLARK) HOSKINS.

      v            ASAHEL4, b 6 Dec 1725; d 6 Nov 1726.

 34 vi           ASAHEL4, b 10 Aug 1727; m Mary COLLIER.

 35 vii          REUBEN4, b 26 Jan 1728/9; m Sarah MERRIMAN.

      viii         JERUSHA4, b 26 Sep 1730; m Jonah BARBER (see #29).

 36 ix           DAVID4, b 31 Mar 1733; m Mary BROWN.

 37 x            NOAH4, b 8 May 1735; m Sybil BOOTH.

 38 xi           JOEL4, b 22 Oct 1736; m Mary DRAKE.

 39 xii          JERIJAH4, b 26 Dec 1738; m Loannah FILLEY.

      xiii          RUTH4, b 10 Nov 1740; d Wintonbury (now Bloomfield) CT 8 Dec 1814; m/1 Titus BURR of Bloomfield (probably

                    the one b Hartford CT 16 Oct 1737, d 26 Jun 1799, son of  Noadiah and Hannah (GILBERT) BURR). 

                     Ruth m/2 Ebenezer BURR, b 1740/1, d Wintonbury 3 May 1811, son of Ebenezer and Hepzibah (BROWN) BURR;

                       r Wintonbury.

                     Titus was a cousin of Aaron BURR of Revolutionary War, Vice-Presidential and dueling fame. Aaron spent the

                    winter of 1775 with Titus and family. [~ CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Stiles:Windsor; Windsor Hist

                    Soc:Filer Gen,1991,Arnold; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; Barbour Index ~]

                                           Children of Ruth and Titus:

                         i                   Sarah BURR5, ; m John BEACH.

                         ii                   Anna BURR5, ; m Isaac BALCOM.

                         iii                  Lucy A BURR5, ; m William LAWRENCE.

                         iv                  Ansel BURR5, ; m ‑‑‑ STANLEY.

                         v                   Pamela BURR5, ; d unmarried.

                         vi                   Pasley BURR5

                         vii                  ?Submit BURR5, b Windsor 28 Feb 1772.



15. NATHANIEL3 BARBER (Josiah2), b Windsor CT 6 Apr 1691; d there 6 Aug 1768; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 2 Jul 1711 Mary FILLEY, b there 14 Dec 1683, daughter of Samuel and Anna (GILLETT) Filley; r Windsor.

  Nathaniel was one of the original proprietors of Torrington CT, but never moved there.   [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Stiles:Windsor; CT Hist Soc:Burnham Gen; Nathaniel's will 1748 lists: wife Mary, and Josiah, Nathaniel, Thomas, Mary (wife of Thomas Burnham), and Abigail (wife of Robert Wood) ~]

                   Children of Nathaniel and Mary, born at Windsor:

      i             MARY4, b 26 Aug 1713; d 7 Nov 1803; m 20 Apr 1737 Thomas BURNHAM, b 24 Jul 1712, d 1802, son of Thomas

                    and Elizabeth (STRONG) BURNHAM; r Windsor.

                                           Children of Mary and Thomas:

                         i                  Reuben BURNHAM5, b 22 Jun 1742; m Chloe FITCH, sister of John FITCH, famous inventor

                                              of the Steamboat.

                         ii                  Phineas BURNHAM5, b 1753; d 22 Dec 1776; unmarried.

                         iii                 Mary BURNHAM5, b 1766 (?error); m Capt. Zebulon BIDWELL.


 40 ii            JOSIAH4, b 6 Mar 1714/5; m Sarah FORBES.

 41 iii           NATHANIEL4, b 5 Dec 1717; m Hepzibah LOOMIS.

      iv           ABIGAIL4, b 11 Dec 1720; d 1790; m Robert WOOD of East Windsor. [~ CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour

                   Manuscript ~]

                                            Children of Abigail and Robert:

                         i                   John WOOD5, b 22 Oct 1743; m Ursula LOOMIS.  They had no children.

                         ii                  Abigail WOOD5, b 17 Oct 1744; m Elijah BARBER, (see #49).

                         iii                  Robert WOOD5, b 2 Feb 1747/8; d 6 Feb 1833.

                         iv                  Obadiah WOOD5, b 19 Aug 1749; m Roxa BURNHAM.

                         v                   James WOOD5, b 22 May 1752; m Susannah ELMER.

                         vi                  Jemima WOOD5, b 14 Sep 1754; m Aaron BARBER (see #17).

                         vii                  Mary WOOD5, b 2 Jan 1757; m Oliver BURNHAM of Windsor.

                         viii                 Chloe WOOD5, b 19 May 1763; m Oliver LOOMIS, as his 2nd wife.


      v           ?AZUBA4, b 31 Oct 1725; d 9 Jan 1758; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 19 Jan 1748/9 Jacob WEBSTER, baptized

                    Hartford CT 14 Apr 1723, d Windsor 21 Dec 1813, son of Jacob and Elizabeth (NICHOLS) WEBSTER. Azuba may

                    not exist. She may be the Azuba listed as a daughter of Jonathan3, (see #16). If she does exist, Azuba is the

                    only child of Nathaniel3 not included in his will of 1748. She should be present, unless she died young. There

                    is no birth record, and her birth date conflicts with that of Thomas4, her supposed brother.

                    [~ CT HIst Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; CT HIst Soc:Webster Gen ~]

                                           Child of Azubah and Jacob, called "Only child":

                         i                   Hezekiah Wood WEBSTER5, b 23 Oct 1749; d 16 Dec 1749.


 42 vi          THOMAS4, b 1 Oct 1725; m Jane ISHAM. The 1909 Barber Genealogy of White/Wilson says that this Thomas is

                    Samuel’s (see #4) son, but I believe that Samuel's son Thomas died in 1746, unmarried. There is no further data on


                     Thomas, the son of Nathaniel, left a will in 1803, in Windsor, listing wife Jane, children Thomas, Reuben, Nathaniel,

                    Eli, and Mary, wife of Aaron CRANE. To them he left "land received from my father Nathaniel BARBER."



16. JONATHAN3 BARBER (Josiah2), b Windsor CT 4 Jun 1694; d 2 Nov 1772; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 4 Aug 1720 Rachel GAYLORD, b 1 Jan 1704/5, d 28 Mar 1778, buried at East Windsor, daughter of Nathaniel and Abigail (BISSELL) GAYLORD; r Windsor.  One of Jonathan's daughters married a BROWN, and another married a GRISWOLD.  There are 2 daughters listed below, and I have not been able to find who married whom.   [~ Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; 1909 Barber Gen; Root Gen; CT State Lib:Bissell Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills ~]

                  Children of Jonathan and Rachel, born at Windsor:

      i            RACHEL4, b 6 Sep 1721.

      ii           KEZIAH4 (son), b 25 Jan 1722/3; he marched to the Relief of Boston in 1775.

      iii          AZUBA4, b 20 Dec 1724.  See Azuba, daughter of Nathaniel, (see #15); there may be        a duplication here.

      iv          LUCY4, b 26 Dec 1726; d 13 Apr 1755; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 16 Aug 1749 Ebenezer ROCKWELL, b 27

                    Sep 1728, son of James and Abigail (LOOMIS) ROCKWELL; r East Windsor (part of Windsor until 1768). Lucy died

                    10 days after the birth of her second child.

                                            Children of Lucy and Ebenezer:

                          i                  Ebenezer ROCKWELL5, b 5 Jul 1752

                          ii                 Azubah ROCKWELL5, b 3 Apr 1755


      v           ANN4, b 2 Dec 1728; d 25 Mar 1779 "age 41"; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 15 Nov 1758 Ebenezer

                    BLODGETT, b Enfield CT 1 Apr 1733, son of Benoni and Abigail (BOOTH) BLODGETT.  [~ Stiles:Windsor; CT State

                    Lib:Blodgett Gen; CT State Lib:Bissell Gen; Lure of the Litchfield Hills ~]

                                            Child of Ann and Ebenezer:

                         i                   Ann BLODGETT5, b Windsor 2 Mar 1760; m Justus BISSELL; r Middlefield MA, and Aurora,

                                               Portage Co OH and Bainbridge, Ross Co OH. 


      vi          JONATHAN4, b 3 Dec 1731; d 19 Jul 1820; m Windsor (“both of Windsor” 17 Apr 1760 Elizabeth OSBORNE,

                    b Windsor 5 Jul 1732, d 1763, daughter of Benjamin and Mary (PHELPS) OSBORNE.

                     Jonathan took part in the Lexington Alarm, the march to the relief of Boston in 1775, with his brother Ashbel.  After

                    the Bunker Hill Battle and the retirement of the British from Boston, he entered Col. Webb’s Regiment, in the

                    Continental Line. 

      vii         SHADRACK4, b 28 Jan 1733/4; m Lucy BROWN, b 1 Oct 1739, daughter of Samuel and                         

                    Mary (PHELPS) BROWN; r East Windsor.  Shadrack served in the Continental Army, with his brothers Keziah,

                    Jonathan, Oliver, Ashbel and Simeon.   [~ Distribution of Estate of Samuel Brown, 1791 ~]

 43 viii        OLIVER4, b 29 Jan 1735/6; m Anna ROOT.

 44 ix          ASHBEL4, b 22 Jul 1738; m/1 Sarah OSBORNE; m/2 Rhoda ROOT.

 45 x           SIMEON4, b 17 May 1741; m Lois ALLEN.



17. AARON3 BARBER (Josiah2), b Windsor CT 20 Jul 1697; d 1769; m Windsor 2 Feb 1724/5 Mary DOUGLAS “of Windsor, late of New London CT”. Mary may be the one born "Mercy" at New London 4 Nov 1705, daughter of William and Hannah DOUGLAS; she may be the one who d ?(Bloomfield Church) 7 May 1786. Aaron and Mary lived in Windsor, on the home farm which he inherited from his father.  [~ Barbour Index; CT church rec; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Douglas Gen; 1909 Barber Gen ~]

                  Children of Aaron and Mary, born at Windsor:

      i            MARY4, b 13 Sep 1726; m Amos WESTLAND, b 30 Jul 1723, son of Robert and Thankful (ADAMS) WESTLAND. 

                     Mary m/2 1745 Eliakim MARSHALL, b Windsor 15 Jul 1720, d 16 Jun 1791, son of Eliakim and Sarah (LEETS)

                    MARSHALL. He m/1 10 Nov 1743 Sarah HODGE. The Filer Genealogy does not mention Amos WESTLAND as

                    husband of Mary BARBER. Perhaps Amos did not live long after Mary's marriage to him, or the marriage data is in

                    error.  [~ Windsor Hist Soc:Filer Gen,1991,Arnold; Humphrey Gen; Barbour Index ~]

                                           Children of Mary and Eliakim:

                         i                   Eunice MARSHALL5, b 14 Jan 1745/6

                         ii                  Rhoda MARSHALL5, b 22 Jul 1747

                         iii                  Dinah MARSHALL5, b 1 Apr 1749; m John PHELPS.

                         iv                  Elisha MARSHALL5, b 31 Dec 1750

                         v                   Elijah MARSHALL5, b 9 Sep 1752; m Mary ---; served in the Revolutionary War.

                         vi                  Eliakim MARSHALL5, b 28 Oct 175?; m Ann ---.

                         vii                  Rachel MARSHALL5, b 13 Jun 1756

                         viii                 Asenath MARSHALL5, b 9 Jul 1758

                         ix                   Lucy MARSHALL5, b 18 Jul 1760; m Rev. Frederick CHAPMAN.

                         x                   Tryphena MARSHALL5, b 31 Mar 1762

                         xi                   Daniel MARSHALL5, b 18 Mar 1766


                                             The Humphrey Genealogy, which seems likely to be in error in this case, gives the following

                                            children of Mary and Eliakim:

                         i                   Sarah MARSHALL5,   ; “of Avon”, m 1 Jun 1774 Noah HUMPHREY; r Goshen CT

                         ii                   Lois MARSHALL5, b 13 Jan 1765; m 9 Aug 1784 Simeon HUMPHREY, nephew of Noah; r Norton OH.

                         iii                   Lucy MARSHALL5,   ; “of Avon”, m 1784 David HUMPHREY, brother of Simeon; r Braceville OH.


      ii           AARON4, b 16 Oct 1728; m Jemima WOOD, b East Windsor (part of Windsor until 1768) 14 Sep 1754,

                    daughter of Robert and Abigail (BARBER) WOOD (see #15); r Windsor.  It seems possible that Aaron BARBER

                    (b 1728) had a son Aaron who married Jemima WOOD and had the children listed below. In that case the children

                    would be grandchildren of Aaron (b 1728), and be in the 6th generation. [~ 1790 Windsor census shows 1 male

                    over 16, one male under 16, and 4 females; 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Stiles:Windsor ~]

                                            Children of Aaron and Jemima, born at Windsor:

                         i                   AARON5, baptised 16 Dec 1780

                         ii                   ELIZABETH5, baptised 18 Jan 1784

                         iii                  LEVI5, baptised 9 Aug 1799


      iii          ELIZABETH4, b 20 May 1731; d 12 Jul 1759; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 3 Feb 1751 Benjamin LOOMIS, b

                    Windsor 19 Apr 1732, d 5 Dec 1781, son of Benjamin and Joanna (ALVORD) LOOMIS; r Windsor. Benjamin m/2

                    27 Apr 1760 Lydia DRAKE, and had 2 daughters: Elizabeth, b 1760, and Ann, b 1762.    [~ Loomis Gen ~]

                                            Child of Elizabeth and Benjamin, born at Windsor:

                         i                   Benjamin LOOMIS5, b 27 Nov 1757; m Chloe BROWN; r Windsor.


 46 iv          MOSES4, b 2 Nov 1733; m Wait LOOMIS.

 47 v           ABEL4, baptised 11 Apr 1736; m Rebecca MARSH.

      vi          HANNAH4, b 17 Jun 1739; d before 1763; m Nathaniel CASE, b Wintonbury CT (now Bloomfield) 11 Feb 1738, d 15

                    Dec 1763, son of Nathaniel and Miriam (BURR) CASE.                     [~ CT Hist Soc:Case Gen ~]

                                            Child of Hannah and Nathaniel:

                         i                   Nathaniel CASE5, baptised 1 Feb 1761, d 13 Nov 1762.


 48 vii         JAMES4, b 22 Mar 1742/3; m Esther ALLYN.

 49 viii        ELIJAH4, b 11 Jan 1745/6; m Abigail WOOD.

      ix          ANN4, b 10 Mar 1748/9; died young.








18. Rev. JONATHAN4 BARBER, (Thomas3)  b Springfield MA 31 Jan 1712/3; d Groton CT 8 Oct 1783;  m New York City 2 Nov 1740 Sarah NOYES, b Westerly RI 17 Nov 1714, d 30 May 1761, daughter of Dr. James and Anna (SANFORD) NOYES. Both Jonathan and Sarah are buried at Groton.

  Jonathan attended Yale College, New Haven CT, in the class of 1730. He studied theology, and was licensed to preach in Hampshire Co MA in 1732.  He began in Agawam, preaching mainly to Indians. Later he was sent to preach to the Mohegans north of New London CT. He lived at Oyster Ponds on Long Island from 1735 to 1740.

  The year 1740 was an eventful one for Jonathan. In September he met Rev. George WHITEFIELD, evangelical preacher visiting from England during that year in “The Great Awakening”, who upon hearing of Jonathan's success in revival meetings on Long Island that summer, persuaded him to accompany him to Georgia to be superintendent and chaplain of his Orphan‑House in Bethesda, Chatham Co GA, just below Savannah. On the way Jonathan married Sarah in New York City.

  After 7 years in Georgia, Jonathan returned to Long Island, where he remained until 1758.  In that year he was installed as the 4th pastor of the Congregational Church at Groton CT, where he served until 1765.  From that point on he lived in a weakened, dejected state, until his death, which occurred suddenly, but not until 18 years later.  [~ CT Hist Soc:DLJacobus Manuscript; CT HIst Soc:Barber‑Morgan Bible; Yale College Biog ~]

                  Children of Jonathan and Sarah:

      i            SARAH5, b Bethesda GA 9 Sep 1741; d there 15 Nov 1742.

      ii           DR. THOMAS5, b Bethesda 9 Sep 1742; d Middletown Pt, Monmouth Co NJ 9 Feb 1805; m Stonington CT (Dr.

                    Thomas “of Middletown NJ”) 23 Feb 1777 Mary DARRELL of Stonington, b 1751/2, d 3 Mar 1788; r Middletown

                    Point (now Matawan NJ).

                     Thomas graduated from Yale College in 1762, and studied medicine. About 1765 he settled in Middletown Point,

                    and practiced medicine as the only physician in town.  In 1774 he received an MA degree from the College of NJ. In

                    1776 he was commissioned Surgeon of the lst Regiment from Monmouth Co.  At his death, Thomas was a man

                    of considerable property.  [~ CT church rec; Yale College Biog; Corresp:Jeffrey Owens ~]

                                            Children of Thomas and Mary:

                         i                   NATHANIEL EELS6, b 13 Sep 1779; d 20 Feb 1780.

                         ii                   JONATHAN6, b 1781; died young.

                         iii                  MARIA6,  ; died young.

                         iv                  NATHANIEL EELS6,  ; died early. Nathaniel studied medicine with his                                      

                                            father, and began to practice, but soon died of consumption (tuberculosis).

                         v                   SARAH6, b 11 Oct 1787; died 13 Jan 1788.


      iii          JONATHAN5, b Bethesda 11 Oct 1744

 50 iv          JOHN5, b Oyster Ponds, Southhold, Long Island NY 11 Jun 1747; m Elizabeth DENNISON.

 51 v           JAMES NOYES5, b Oyster Ponds 8 Mar 1748/9; m Zerviah BUSHNELL.

      vi          SARAH5, b Oyster Ponds 2 Sep 1750; d Groton CT 26 Mar 1800; unmarried.

      vii         REBECCA5, b Oyster Ponds 17 May 1752; d Albany NY Jun 1801; m Stonington CT 27 Feb 1772 Peleg

                    CHESEBOROUGH, b 16 Jan 1736/7, d Fishkill, Dutchess Co NY 30 Oct 1793, son of Capt. Nathan and Bridget

                    (NOYES) CHESEBOROUGH. [~ CT Hist Soc:Cheseborough Gen ~]

                                            Children of Rebecca and Peleg:

                         i                    Rebecca CHESEBOROUGH6, b 7 Mar 1773; m Izrahian WETMORE.

                         ii                   Clarissa CHESEBOROUGH6, b 12 Feb 1775; m John R TODD.

                         iii                   Betsey CHESEBOROUGH6, b 9 May 1777; m/1 William FREEMAN (d 1818); m/2 Judge Henry Spencer.

                         iv                   Peleg CHESEBOROUGH6, b 27 Aug 1779; m Sally MOORE; r NYC and Ithaca, Tomkins Co NY.

                         v                    Benjamin Franklin CHESEBOROUGH6, b 1 Oct 1781; m ‑‑‑; r NYC.

                         vi                   Jabez CHESEBOROUGH6, b 23 Nov 1783; d Tobago, West Indies 1802.

                         vii                   Sarah Barber CHESEBOROUGH6, b 26 Feb 1786; m Lewis NEWMAN of Glens Falls, Warren Co NY.

                         viii                  Maria CHESEBOROUGH6 b 9 Apr 1788; m Alanson FOX; r Warren Co NY.

                         ix                   Lucy CHESEBOROUGH6, b 6 Nov 1790; m/1 Lt. Lewis GERMAIN (d 1818); m/2 James Babcock



                         x                   Nancy (Anna) CHESEBOROUGH6, b 9 Dec 1792; d Albany NY 1799.


      viii        DAVID5, b Oyster Ponds 8 Nov 1753; d there 19 May 1754.

      ix          Col. DAVID WHITE5, b Oyster Ponds 29 Feb 1755; d White Plains, Westchester Co NY 6 Dec 1777.  David was

                    an Army Colonel at the time of his violent death during the Revolution.  This apparent murder, which occurred

                    while he was walking unarmed with friends, was believed to have been the work of Tories.



19. ISAAC4 BARBER (John3), b Simsbury CT 2 May 1711; d before 1761; m Simsbury 17 Apr 1735 Martha ADAMS, b 30 Sep 1713, d Barkhamsted CT 16 Feb 1794, daughter of Thomas and Martha (BUTTOLPH) ADAMS; r Simsbury, and later Bloomfield CT. [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Isaac's Will of 1756;

Corresp:Robert L Barber ~]

                  Children of Isaac and Martha, all born at Simsbury (data also recorded in Bloomfield Congregational Church):

      i            ISAAC5, b 25 Feb 1735/6; alive in 1756.

      ii           JOHN5, b 22 Jul 1737; alive in 1756.

      iii          MARTHA5, b 23 Jun 1739; d Simsbury 11 Nov 1739.

 52 iv          AMAZIAH5, b 5 Aug 1740; m/1 Mary ---; m/2 Widow Mercy (KEENY) SHELDON.

 53 v           SETH5, b 25 Dec 1742; m Mary MERRITT.

 54 vi          DAVID5, b 3 Nov 1744; m Deborah ADAMS.

      vii         MARY5, b 1 Jun 1747; ?d (Bloomfield Church) 3 Mar 1813.  [~ CT Church rec ~]

      viii        MARTHA5, b 10 Jul 1749; d Simsbury 20 Jun 1780; m 29 Dec 1777 William CASE, son of Jonathan and Mary

                    (BEAMAN) CASE.  William m/1 1765, Sarah PHELPS, daughter of David and Abigail (PETTIBONE) PHELPS, and

                    had at least 2 children, Abel and William CASE.

      ix          HANNAH5, b 8 Apr 1751; alive in 1756.

 55 x           EPHRAIM5, b 1 Feb 1753; m Sarah DRAKE.



20. Lieut. THOMAS4 BARBER (Thomas3), b Simsbury CT 19 Jan 1700/1; d ?Windsor CT (recorded in Simsbury) 16 Jun 1775; m Simsbury 16 Jan 1725/6 Mercy/Marcy CASE, b Windsor 12 Jan 1699/1700, d there 1793, daughter of Samuel and Mary (WESTOVER) CASE.  Thomas lived in Simsbury before moving late in life to Windsor.

  Lt. Thomas was active in the Lexington Alarm at the start of the American Revolution in 1775. (If this is the right Thomas Barber, he was aged 75 at the time!).  He had a love of the Bible and great faith that he practiced faithfully with daily morning and evening prayers.  He followed the doctrines of John Calvin and attended public worship twice on the Sabbath.       [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Hartford County:Beers ~]

                  Children of Thomas and Marcy, born at Simsbury:

      i            SARAH5, b 8 Jan 1726/7; m Farmington CT 19 Jan 1749/50 Seth MARSHALL, b Northampton MA about 1724, d

                    before 1777 in Farmington, son of Preserved and Mary (BURT) MARSHALL.  There are 2 conflicting sets of records

                    of children.   [~ Website of Dee Floyd-Pavey ~]    

                                             Children of Sarah and Seth, born at Farmington, except the last:

                         i                    Sarah MARSHALL6, b 19 Jan 1750/1; m Noah HUMPHREY.

                         ii                   ?Lucy MARSHALL6, b 1753

                         iii                   Seth MARSHALL6, b 1 Dec 1754; m Ruhama ---.

                         iv                  ?Lois MARSHALL6, b 1755

                         v                   ?Mercy MARSHALL6, b 1756

                         vi                   Oliver MARSHALL6, b 31 Oct 1756; m Charlotte WOODFORD.

                         vii                  ?Hester MARSHALL6, b 1757

                         viii                  Lydia MARSHALL6, b 11 Feb 1759; m 21 Jan 1778 Zebulon LEAVENWORTH.

                         ix                   Preserved MARSHALL6, b Avon CT 10 Jul 1761; m Apphia WOODFORD.


 56 ii            THOMAS5, b 5 Sep 1728; m Martha CASE.

      iii           ABIGAIL5, b 10 Feb 1730/1; d 1798; m Capt. Zaccheus CASE, b 1728, d Whitestown or Whitestone NY 1812,

                    son of Sgt. Daniel and Penelope (BUTTOLPH) CASE; r Simsbury CT and Whitestown of Whitestone NY.  They

                    came to Whitestown in 1792.

                     Zaccheus CASE was a Revolutionary soldier. He first served at the Lexington Alarm in 1775. Next he enlisted in

                    the 18th Regiment of Militia in 1776, which was ordered to NY.  Lastly he was Captain in Colonel Wolcott’s Brigade

                    in 1777.    [~ Stiles:Wethersfield; Case Gen; Corresp:Debbi Geer ~]

                                            Children of Abigail and Zaccheus:

                         i                   Caleb CASE6, b 24 Jul 1754; m/1 Sarah CASE; m/2 Mrs. Ruth MERRILL, widow of Pliny MERRILL; he

                                                m/3 Charlotte ‑‑‑.

                         ii                   Zaccheus CASE6, b 1756/7; died young.

                         iii                  Abigail CASE6, b 1759; m Charles WILCOX.

                         iv                  Mary (Mercy) CASE6, b 1761; m William WILCOX.

                         v                   Sarah CASE6, b 1766; m/1 Job (or Jedediah) WILCOX; she m/2 Frederick                     

                                                 HUMPHREY; m/3 Ward MUNSON.

                         vi                   Theda CASE6, b 1766; m/1 Benjamin HUMPHREY; m/2 Asa CASE.

                         vii                   Rhoda CASE6, b 1769; m/1 Elkaniah ("Como") WELLS; m/2 1796 Isaac6 BARBER, son of  Seth5 (see


                         viii                  Ruth CASE6, b 1771; m Daniel ALBERTSON.


 57 iv           DANIEL5, b 14 Feb 1732/3; m Martha PHELPS.

      v            MARY5 (Mercy), b 25 Jun 1735; d 1815; m Simsbury (“both of Simsbury”) 21 Jun 1759      

                    Elisha MOSES, b 25 Feb 1735/6, son of Timothy and Sarah (PHELPS) MOSES; r Canton            

                    CT (which was West Simsbury until 1806).  [~ Barbour Index; Mills Gen; CT Hist Soc:Case Gen; CT HIst

                    Soc:Moses Gen ~]

                                             Children of Mary and Elisha:

                         i                    Mercy MOSES6, b 22 May 1760; m Elihu BEACH.

                         ii                   Elisha MOSES6, b 8 Nov 1761; d Mt Morris NY 1847.

                         iii                   Infant6, b 1764; d 1764.

                         iv                  Frederick MOSES6, b 31 May 1770; m Delilah MILLS, r West Simsbury.


 58 vi           ELISHA5, b 21 Aug 1742; m Elizabeth Adams.



21. Dr. SAMUEL4 BARBER (Samuel3), b probably Simsbury CT 1713/14; d 14 Jan 1797; m/1 Simsbury 11 Jun 1739 Tryphena HUMPHREY, b 29 Jan 1722/3, d Simsbury 2 Mar 1752 (the first burial in south burying ground, Simsbury), daughter of Samuel and Lydia (NORTH) HUMPHREY; r Simsbury.

  Samuel m/2 Hannah HUMPHREY, daughter of Noah and Hannah (CASE) HUMPHREY, b 8 Jun 1728, d Canton 28 Jul 1819 at the home of her son Giles. Hannah m/1 John ?CASE.

  Samuel's expertise with herbs and roots and his good fortune and ability in healing with them earned him the title of "Doctor" with no formal training. A well‑known hunter and certainly an eccentric, he was welcome I'm sure in any home where disease brought despair to its occupants.

  Although he lived in Simsbury, Samuel bought 2 lots in Norfolk CT, and lived there for a time.  The History of Norfolk gives an account of a hunting trip by Samuel and 2 of his sons, former residents of Norfolk, who came into Norfolk from Simsbury to wander around.  They startled a panther up into a tree, and were obliged to shoot it to escape harm, and “to rid the world of a frightful monster.” The Pownal VT 1790 Census lists a Samuel Barber, with 2 males over 16, 1 male under 16, and 4 females.  Was this Dr. Samuel's family? [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Humphreys Gen; CT Hist Soc:Case Gen; Barber family rec; Land Rec:Norfolk; CT State Lib:Buell Gen ~]

                   Children of Samuel and Tryphena, born at Simsbury:

 59 i             SAMUEL5, b 6 Mar 1739/40; m Eunice COWLES.

      ii            TIMOTHY5 (called Capt. Timothy), b 21 Mar 1741/2; d Norfolk CT 12 Apr 1817; m Keturah RILEY, b 1744, buried

                    at Norfolk 14 Feb 1814; r Norfolk. Timothy and Keturah had no children.  

                     Timothy received land in Norfolk from his father and built a home on it in 1764.In 1811 a new meeting-house was

                    built with money subscribed by townspeople.Timothy was listed as a subscriber.  [~ Timothy's will, 1817, Norfolk: to

                    brother Elijah, and also to Frederick, Samuel, Elizabeth and Sarah Bandell ~]

 60 iii           JOSEPH5, b 14 Aug 1744; m/1 Betsey ANDERSON; m/2 Leah GROVER.

 61 iv           DAVID5, b 12 Jul 1746; m Sarah LAWRENCE.

 62 v            ELIJAH5, b 25 Jul 1748; m Sarah PETTIBONE.

 63 vi           EZEKIEL5, b 12 Apr 1750; m/1 Lourancy ---; m/2 Elizabeth GODDARD.

      vii          DANIEL5, b 7 Jan 1752; died while in the Revolutionary Army in 1776 near New York City; unmarried.


                  Children of Samuel and Hannah, born at Simsbury:

      viii         TRYPHENE5, b 6 Dec 1755; m Nathaniel JOHNSON, b 5 Nov 1752, d Simsbury 6 Sep 1783, son of Samuel and

                    Martha (HARRIS) JOHNSON.  Nathaniel served in the Revolution.  Not long after arriving home from the dangers

                    of war, he met his sudden death when he fell into a well and "suffocated".   [~ Godfrey Mem Lib:Johnson Gen ~]

                                             Children of Tryphene and Nathaniel:

                         i                    Chloe JOHNSON6, b 1777; m Charles ADAMS; r Simsbury.

                         ii                   Samuel JOHNSON6, b 1779; m Elizabeth STEELE; r Simsbury CT and Marcellus NY.

                         iii                   Olive JOHNSON6, b 1781; m Medad Warner MERRILL. 

                         iv                  Child6, b 1783; d 1783.


 64 ix           JOEL5, b Mar 1757; m/1 Mary PHELPS; m/2 Sarah ---.

      x            HANNAH5, b 1759; m Aaron RAWLS; r Vermont.

      xi           SARAH5, b 1761; d Canton CT 22 May 1829; m John George BANDELL, b Germany 1754, d Canton 8 Apr 1832; r

                    Canton.  John was a Hessian soldier who came to America during the Revolution.   [~ CT HIst Soc:Case Gen;

                    Windsor Hist Soc:DFAW ~]

                                            Children of Sarah and John:

                         i                   Alana BANDELL6, b 1781; m Grove CASE, who d IL 1864.

                         ii                   George BANDELL6, b 1782; d 1846.

                         iii                  Daniel BANDELL6, b 1784; m Lucy JONES.

                         iv                  Frederick BANDELL6, b 1786; m/1 Susan BUNCE; m/2 Tirzah EATON.

                         v                   William BANDELL6, b 1788; m Lydia ANDRUS.

                         vi                   Keturah BANDELL6, b 1791; m Levi CASE.

                         vii                  Asahel BANDELL6, b 1794; m Emily CARRIER.

                         viii                  Mercy BANDELL6, b 1796; m Bishop NICHOLS.

                         ix                   Samuel BANDELL6, b 1799; m/1 Amelia HART; m/2 Tirzah RUSSELL.

                         x                    Olive BANDELL6, b 1802; m Levi GRIDLEY.

                         xi                   Roxy BANDELL6, b 1804; m Roswell RUSSELL.

                         xii                  Roxana BANDELL6, b 1807; m Eli CASE, who d 1893 at Orwell, Bradford Co PA.


 65 xii          ASAHEL5, b 1763; m Mary “Polly” ARMS/COLLAR.

 66 xiii         JESSE5, b 16 Jan 1766; m Hepzibah HUMPHREY.

 67 xiv         GILES5, b 22 Sep 1769; m Mary GARRETT.



22. Sgt. THOMAS4 BARBER (Samuel3), b probably Simsbury CT 1716; d 1792; m Simsbury 8 Dec 1737 Elizabeth ADAMS, b Simsbury 5 Sep 1715, d Canton CT 19 Feb 1809, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (REED) ADAMS; r Simsbury. 

  Thomas was one of the men who marched from Simsbury at the time of the Lexington Alarm in 1775. Like his brother, Dr Samuel, Thomas was fond of hunting, and was considered by his neighbors to be a peacemaker.  [~ CT church rec; 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; DAR lineage ~]

                  Children of Thomas and Elizabeth, born at Simsbury:

 68            JACOB5, b 23 Sep 1738; m Prentice LAWRENCE.

      ii           ELIZABETH5, b 11 Jun 1740; d 1825; m Samuel LEETE (as his third wife), b Guilford CT 25 Jun 1726, d West

                    Simsbury 14 Apr 1799, son of Samuel and Hannah (GRAVES) LEETE. Samuel m/1 1752 Jane McNEMOR, who

                    died in 1761. Samuel and Jane had 1 child; he m/2 1761 Widow Mary KELLY, who died in 1771. With her Samuel

                    had 3 more children.  Elizabeth had no children.    [~ GML:Leete Gen ~]

      iii           LUCY5, b 17 Oct 1742; d 1831; m 1761 Moses GAINES, b Simsbury 1735, d New Hartford CT 12 Jan 1821, son of

                    Daniel and Eunice (GILLETT) GAINES; r West Simsbury.     [~ Windsor Hist Soc:DFAW; Corresp:John Alpheus

                    Gaines ~]

                                             Children of Lucy and Moses, all born in Simsbury:

                         i                    Lucy GAINES6, b 1762; m Elijah SIMMONS.

                         ii                   Moses GAINES6, b 1764; m Hannah MILLER.

                         iii                  Lois GAINES6, b 1766; m/1 James SIMONS; m/2 ‑‑‑ LOOMIS.

                         iv                  Eunice GAINES6, b 1769; m/1 Jeremy GRAHAM; m/2 Daniel PETTIBONE.

                         v                   Elizabeth GAINES6, b 1772; m Levi HART.

                         vi                  Alpheus GAINES6, b 1774; m Susan MILLER; r New Hartford CT.

                         vii                  Enoch GAINES6, b 1777; m Anna WARNER.

                         viii                 Theresa GAINES6, b 1779; m Richard CASE.

                         ix                   Ruth GAINES6, b 1781; m Jehiel WILCOX.


      iv           EZEKIEL5, b 8 Dec 1744; d 15 Dec 1744.

 69 v            ABRAHAM5, b 12 Feb 1746/7; m Sarah WOOD.

      vi           MERCY5, b 11 Feb 1748/9; d Norfolk CT (incorporated in 1758) 28 Oct 1787; m Ebenezer COWLES, b Norfolk

                    7 Nov 1750, d there 16 Aug 1827, son of Samuel and Abigail (‑‑‑) COWLES.  Ebenezer m/2 widow Eunice

                    (CASE) CASE, who bore him one child; r Norfolk.  [~ Godfrey Mem Lib:Cowles Gen ~]

                                             Children of Mercy and Ebenezer, born at Norfolk:

                         i                    Ebenezer COWLES6, b 13 Aug 1768; m/1 Lucretia WILCOX; m/2 Clarissa CASE; r Litchfield,

                                                 Herkimer Co NY.

                         ii                    Israel COWLES6, b 4 Jan 1771; m Ruth HOYT; r Sharon CT.

                         iii                   Marcia COWLES6, b 23 Aug 1773; m Daniel CASE; r Syracuse NY.

                         iv                   Child6,  ; d 2 Apr 1787.

                         v                   Abigail COWLES6, b 1776; d 25 Aug 1777.

                         vi                   Solomon COWLES6, b 19 Jun 1779; m Keturah CASE; r Norfolk.

                         vii                  Moses COWLES6, b 2 Apr 1782; m Hannah BETTS; r Norfolk and Winsted CT.

                         viii                 James COWLES6, baptised 29 May 1785; d 14 Jan 1788.


 70 vii          AZARIAH5, b 8 Mar 1749/50; m Elizabeth HUMPHREY.

      viii         TRYPHENE5, b 1752; d 1824; m/1 Meekham McFARLAND; m/2 ‑‑‑ CASTLE.

 71 ix           MICHAEL5, b 3 Mar 1754; m Azubah BROWN.

 72 x            JOB5, b 10 Mar 1756; m Lola MILLS.

      xi           ABIGAIL5, b Aug 1758; d 6 Jan 1814; m 1779 Pelatiah RICHARDS b 3 or 5 Sep 1759; d Feb 1827, son of

                    Samuel and Lydia (BUCK) RICHARDS; r New Hartford CT, and Schroon Lake, Essex Co NY.  Pelatiah m/2 ‑‑‑. 

                     He first settled in New Hartford, where he purchased of Samuel Deming of Farmington CT a fulling-mill, from which

                    it is inferred that he was by trade a clothier. About 1800, he sold this mill and lands in New Hartford and shortly

                    after that moved to Schroon Lake where he is supposed to have died. [~ Godfrey Mem Lib:Ancient Puritans ~]

                                             Children of Abigail and Pelatiah:

                         i                    Nancy RICHARDS6, b 7 May 1780.

                         ii                   George RICHARDS6, b 12 Apr 1782; d 1 May 1825.

                         iii                   Edmund B RICHARDS6, b 2 Mar 1784; m Maria MARTIN.

                         iv                   Pelatiah RICHARDS6, b 19 Feb 1786; m Sally WHEELER.

                         v                    Mercy RICHARDS6, b 19 Mar 1789

                         vi                   Salmon RICHARDS6, b 5 Sep 1791

                         vii                   Percis RICHARDS6, b 1 Apr 1793; m/1 ‑‑‑ CHAFA; m/2 Ezra GRAY.

                         viii                  Sally RICHARDS6, b 5 Jun 1795

                         ix                   Samuel RICHARDS6

                         x                    Betsey RICHARDS6



23. JONATHAN4 BARBER (Samuel3), b probably Simsbury CT 1717; d 1745; m Simsbury 28 May 1740 Jemima CORNISH, b 20 Nov 1718, d Simsbury 1791, daughter of James and Hannah (HILLYER) CORNISH; r Barberton Road in Simsbury.  Jemima m/2 Jacob PETTIBONE, and had 4 more children:  Jacob, David, Martha and Susannah PETTIBONE.

  Jonathan Sr. died at the siege of Louisburg, Nova Scotia in 1745. This happened when the New England colonists were trying to gain back control of the fishing industry from the French.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT State Lib:Cornish Gen; Corresp:Virginia Edmunds ~]

                 Children of Jonathan and Jemima, born at Simsbury:

      i           JEMIMA5, b 31 Mar 1741; m Joseph MESSENGER, b Simsbury 1741, d 1816, son of Isaac and Hannah (ALFORD)

                    MESSENGER. Joseph was killed by a wagon

                     Joseph was a carpenter, and built a house on Barberton Road in Canton Center CT, which later became known as

                    the “Herb Richardson Place”. In 1782 they moved to Otis MA, where they lived for 9 years. Then for a

                    few years they were at Delaware Co PA.  Next, in 1795 they moved to the DeRuyter, Madison Co NY area. In

                    DeRuyter the First Baptist Church met at their home in 1797, and also this house became the first tavern in town.

                    They were in Chenango Co in 1800, and finally back in Madison Co in 1810. Joseph served in the Revolutionary

                    War, Captain Brown’s Company, 18th Regiment, for about 6 weeks, in New York, starting in August 1776. [~ CT

                    HIst Soc:Messenger Gen; Ancestry World Tree; 1820 census:Cortland Co ~]

                                            Children of Jemima and Joseph Messenger:

                         i                   Joseph MESSENGER6, b about 1763; lived in Chenango Co in 1800, Madison          

                                                Co in 1810, and Truxton, Cortland Co NY in 1820.

                         ii                   Jediah MESSENGER6, b 16 Aug 1765; d 16 Jul 1766.

                         iii                   Cornish MESSENGER6, b about 1766; m Patty FINCH of Loudon MA. They were in Scott, Cortland Co

                                                  in 1820.

                         iv                   Jemima Barber MESSENGER6, b about 1769

                         v                   ?Heman MESSENGER6, b about 1771

                         vi                   Zebina MESSENGER6, b about 1772

                         vii                  Ebenezer MESSENGER6, b about 1774

                         viii                  Elva MESSENGER6, b about 1775

                         ix                   Herman MESSENGER6, b about 1777; d 10 Mar 1857. In 1820 he was in Truxton.

                         x                    Keziah MESSENGER6, b Simsbury CT 4 Dec 1779; m Benjamin BENSON; r Steuben Co NY, Clarke

                                                 Co IN, Nauvoo, Hancock Co IL, and Springville, Utah Co Utah.  They were Mormons.

                         xi                   Polly MESSENGER6, b 1781

                         xii                  Chloe MESSENGER6, b 1783

                         xiii                  Rhoda MESSENGER6, b 1785


      ii          MARY5, b 29 Nov 1742

      iii         JONATHAN5, b 1743; d 1762. He died in the Havana Expedition and siege.


                   A Jonathan BARBER, who appears in Washington County NY in about 1775, born about 1740 supposedly in

                    Simsbury CT, died at Whitehall, Washington Co NY 16 Nov 1824, married Grace ‑‑‑.  He had numerous

                    descendants in upper New York State.  I have been unable to place him in the Thomas Barber family.  His family

                    genealogy appears at the end of the book). [~ Buckell Manuscript ~]


 73 iv         BILDAD5, b 1745; m Lois HUMPHREY.



24. JOHN4 BARBER (Samuel3), b probably Simsbury CT 14 Dec 1719; d Canton CT 27 Dec 1797; m Simsbury 21 Jan 1746/7 Lydia REED, b 18 Nov 1726, d Canton 11 Oct 1806, daughter of Jacob and Mary (HILL) REED.

  John was the first Barber to settle, with his mother, in what is now "Barbertown" in Canton Center, in a log cabin in 1740.  At that time it was West Simsbury.  Later he built a frame house there.     [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; CT church rec; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; CT HIst Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript ~]

                 Children of John and Lydia, born at Simsbury:

      i           LYDIA5, b 26 Dec 1747; d 1783; m Samuel OLCOTT.

 74 ii          JOHN5, b 29 Nov 1749; m Elizabeth CASE.

 75 iii         REUBEN5, b 7 Dec 1751; m Elizabeth CASE (not the same Elizabeth CASE who married John, above).

      iv         SARAH5, b 1 Jul 1754; d Simsbury 15 Apr 1761.

      v          RHODA5, b 25 Apr 1757; d Simsbury 1 Jun 1761.

      vi         BENJAMIN E5, b Simsbury CT 3 Mar 1760; d Otis MA 3 Feb 1836; m Lydia CASE, b 25 Aug 1761, d Otis 10 Nov

                    1843, daughter of Hosea and Mary (CASE) CASE; r Simsbury and Colebrook CT, and at Otis MA, Becket, MA, and

                    Loudon MA by 1790, where the  census shows: 2 males 16+, 1 young male, 2 females),

                    and also at Otis and Becket MA.  They joined the Otis Congregational Church 31 Aug 1791, with his brother Abel.

                   In 1793 Benjamin "of Colebrook" bought land in Colebrook.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; CT State Lib:LBBarbour

                    Manuscript; Vital rec:Otis; Land rec:Colebrook; Otis Congregational Ch  rec ~]

                                            Possible children of Benjamin and Lydia: (placed here because of proximity to Benjamin in


                         i                   ?RUBY6,  ; m 3 Sep 1795 Lemuel EAMES.

                         ii                   ?LYDIA6, baptised 4 Oct 1795 "under the care of Benjamin"; m Otis 13 Sep     

                                                1812 Alvah KINGSBURY; "both of Otis".  Lydia is probably daughter of Benjamin, and named for her

                                                mother Lydia. I don’t know why the birth was entered in that manner.


                         iii                   Adopted: Leonard Barber JONES, son of Miles JONES, deceased; baptised Otis 17 Apr 1814.


 76 vii        JONATHAN5, b 1763; m Abi MERRILL.

 77 viii       ABEL5, b 1765; m Chloe CASE.



25. WILLIAM4 BARBER (William3), b Windsor CT 31 Dec 1701; d Norfolk CT 14 Sep 1783; m Windsor (recorded also at Branford CT) (“both of Windsor”) 10 Mar 1725/6 Abigail BROWN, b Windsor 6 Sep 1702, buried at Norfolk 7 Oct 1767, daughter of Cornelius and Abigail (BARBER) BROWN (see #5); r Windsor, New Hartford, and Norfolk, all in CT.

  William was one of the original proprietors of Norfolk, and purchased rights in 1744 when the town was laid out.  In 1758 there were 43 families in Norfolk, and the legal voters included William and his sons Elijah and Luther.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Stiles:Windsor; Hist of Norfolk; Willilam’s Will, 1773, probated 1783) ~]

                Children of William and Abigail, born at Windsor:

      i          WILLIAM5, b 19 Sep 1727; d Norfolk Feb 1796; m/1 ‑‑‑; he m/2 Norfolk 16 Jun 1768 Widow BROWN; r Norfolk in


                   The census indicates there were 2 sons and 2 or 3 daughters. William received land in Norfolk from his father in

                    about 1760. He bought land in New Hartford in 1742.  [~ IGI:CT; Land rec:Norfolk and New Hartford ~]

                                            Child of William and his first wife:

                         i                   WILLIAM6, b about 1765; m ‑‑‑; r Litchfield Co in the 1790 census only.


      ii          ABIEL5, b 8 Apr 1730; m ‑‑‑; r New Hartford and Farmington CT.   [~ Land rec:Farmington ~]

                                            Child of Abiel and ‑‑‑:

                         i                   ABIEL6, b Farmington 21 Mar 1754. 


      iii         ELIJAH5, b 1 Feb 1731/2; d Norfolk Aug 1789; m ‑‑‑.

                     Elijah received land in Norfolk from his father in 1760.  Elijah's Will, Norfolk 1789, names his brother William of

                    Norfolk; the heirs of his brother Luther, deceased: Hannah, Eunice SCOTT, Abigail B, Rhoda BENTON; Elijah's

                    sons Martin L and John C; Elijah's daughter Freelove.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Land rec:Norfolk ~]

                     The 3 children, Martin L, John C and Freelove are listed in the Norfolk vital records as having been born to Elijah's

                    brother Luther.  Probably they were adopted by Elijah and his wife after Luther died in 1777. It is also possible that

                    Elijah married Hannah, Luther's wife, and assumed responsibility for the whole family. Either that or perhaps after

                    Hannah's death before 1789, Elijah and his wife (name unknown) adopted Luther's 3 youngest children.


      iv         ABIGAIL5, b 23 Mar 1733/4; m Harwinton CT 14 Nov 1755 Isaiah LOOMIS, b Windsor 28 Jun 1730, d Harwinton

                    1811, son of Noah and Sarah  (MORTON) LOOMIS; r Harwinton. After Abigail's death, Isaiah married again (wife's

                    name unknown).    [~ Loomis Gen; Barbour Index ~]

                                            Children of Abigail and Isaiah:            

                         i                   Elisha LOOMIS6, b 14 Apr 1758

                         ii                   Isaiah LOOMIS6, b 10 Dec 1759; m Jerusha TAYLOR.

                         iii                  Abigail LOOMIS6, b 18 Oct 1761

                         iv                  Esther LOOMIS6, b 20 Sep 1765; m ‑‑‑ GILLETT; r Troy NY.

                         v                   Isaac LOOMIS6, b 20 Nov 1767; d 23 Dec 1769.

                         vi                   Mehetebel LOOMIS6, b 4 Jun 1774; m Stephen MATHER; r Utica NY.

                         vii                  Sarah LOOMIS6, b 18 Oct 1776

                         viii                  Rachel LOOMIS6, b 24 Nov 1777

                         ix                   Elisha LOOMIS6, b 17 Jun 1780; m Eliza MILLS; r Twinsburg, Portage Co OH.

                         x                    Lucretia LOOMIS6, twin, b 17 Jun 1780; m Benjamin COWLES; r OH.


      v          ESTHER5,  ; m Norfolk (also recorded at Coeymans, Albany Co NY) 27 Oct 1771 John TREAT, who d 1801, son of

                    Rev. Richard and Susannah (WOODBRIDGE) TREAT; r Lenox MA and at Coeymans NY.  [~ Barbour Index;

                    Godfrey Mem Lib:Treat Gen ~]

                                             Children of Esther and John, born at Lenox:

                         i                    Esther TREAT6, b 2 Jul 1775; m Mosman AYERS of Coeyman. They had no children.

                         ii                   Elijah TREAT6, b 27 Jun 1777; m Lois Ruth MUDGE.

                         iii                  John TREAT6,  ; m 1807 Charlotte FORMAN.


 78 vi         LUTHER5, b 1 Oct 1736; m Hannah BURR.



26. JOSEPH4 BARBER (Joseph3), b Windsor CT 28 Jan 1708/9 (Barbour Index states 28 Dec 1708); d 1795; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 18 Jun 1728 Elizabeth COOK, b there 3 Oct 1707, daughter of Nathaniel and Lydia (VORE) COOK; r Windsor.

  Joseph became a proprietor of the town of Torrington CT.   [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Stiles:Windsor; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; CT Hist Soc:Akerly Manuscript ~]

                 Children of Joseph and Elizabeth, born at Windsor:

 79 i           JOSEPH5, b 6 May 1729; m Zain ‑‑‑. Joseph chose Capt. Peletiah MILLS for his guardian in March 1748/9.

      ii          ELIZABETH5, b 18 Jul 1731; m (recorded at Torrington 7 Mar 1751 (“Mary of Windsor, Joseph of Torrington”)

                    Joseph DRAKE, b Windsor, d Torrington Jul 1795, son of Joseph and Sarah (EASTON) DRAKE; r Torrington.

                    Joseph m/2 16 Aug 1775 Olive BRONSON, and had at least a son John Easton DRAKE. He m/3 7 Oct 1793 Abigail

                    GLEASON.  [~ Barbour Index; Drake Gen; Joseph Drake Will ~]

                                            Children of Elizabeth and Joseph, born at Torrington:

                         i                   Ursula DRAKE6, b 21 Jan 1752

                         ii                   Elizabeth DRAKE6, b 1 Feb 1754; m Gideon SMITH.

                         iii                  Sarah DRAKE6, b 13 May 1756; m Noah GLEASON.

                         iv                  Joseph DRAKE6, baptised 6 Dec 1758; probably died young.

                         v                  Hannah DRAKE6, b 12 Mar 1761; m Eli BARBER. (see #131 Lovina DRAKE6, b 15 Aug 1764; m

                                                James GLEASON.)

                         vi                  Lorinda DRAKE6, b 18 Nov 1765; m Isaiah HUMPHREY.

                         vii                 Julianna DRAKE6, b 28 Mar 1769


      iii         LUCY5, b 11 Jul 1734; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 13 Oct 1755 William BRITTAIN; r Windsor.  Lucy chose

                    Eliakim MARSHALL Jr as her guardian in 1752. [~ Barbour Index; Loomis Gen ~]

                                           Children of Lucy and William:

                         i                   William BRITTAIN6, b 11 Mar 1756

                         ii                   Lucy BRITTAIN6, b 26 Feb 1760

                         iii                  Gilbert BRITTAIN6, b 27 Feb 1764


      iv         ASENAH5, b 1736

      v          LYDIA5, b 1738; d Stafford CT 30 Jul 1790; m Windsor (“both of Windsor”) 21 Oct 1762 Aaron EATON, b Tolland

                    CT 8 Mar 1737/8, d 25 May 1815, son of Samuel and Jemima EATON; r Stafford. Lydia chose Eliakim MARSHALL Jr

                    as her guardian in 1752, as did her sisters Lucy and Mary. 

                     At age 52, Lydia had the misfortune to be struck and killed by a well‑sweep which fell at her front door‑step. Aaron

                    m/2 1790 Mrs Abigail (ALDEN) CONVERSE, and had 3 children by her:  Joshua Willis EATON, b 1791/2; Luther

                    EATON, b 1792/3; and Sarah EATON, b 1795. [~ CT State Lib:Eaton Gen; CT State Lib:Fenn Gen ~]

                                           Children of Lydia and Aaron:

                         i                   Roxana EATON6, b 19 Sep 1763

                         ii                   Col. Aaron EATON6, b 1766; m Polly DOUNE.

                         iii                  Lydia EATON6, b 3 Jun 1769

                         iv                  Lucinda EATON6, b 26 Jul 1772; m Eleazer HORTON.

                         v                   Joseph Barber EATON6, b 1775; m Jemima ‑‑‑.


      vi         ?SAVANNAH5, b 1738

      vii        ?ELISHA5, b 1740

      viii       MARY5, b 1741; Mary was made a ward of Eliakim MARSHALL Jr in Nov 1752, along with her sisters.



27. SAMUEL4 BARBER (Joseph3), b Windsor CT 6 Aug 1710; d Tyringham MA 29 Mar 1797; m/1 Ann GILLETT, b Windsor 12 Mar 1710/11, d about Mar 1736/7, daughter of Daniel and Mary (ENO) GILLETT; r Windsor, Harwinton and Norfolk, all in CT. 

  Samuel m/2 Harwinton 14 Aug 1738, Comfort MERRIMAN, b Wallingford CT 3 Oct 1720, d Tyringham 15 Sep 1801, daughter of Israel and Comfort (BENHAM) MERRIMAN.   

  Samuel was one of the proprietors of Harwinton (incorporated in 1737). Alexander is placed here as a probable son because of his being in Tyringham at the same time as Samuel and Comfort.    [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Stiles:Windsor; Barbour Index; Vital rec:Tyringham ~]

                Children of Samuel and Ann, born at Harwinton:  

      i          ANN5, b 2 Mar 1736/7; d Harwinton 24 May 1817; m there (“both of Harwinton”) 17 Oct 1754 Samuel PHELPS, b

                    Harwinton 15 Sep 1736, d there 28 Jul 1805, son of Lt. Samuel and Ruth (PHELPS) PHELPS; r Harwinton.  [~

                    Phelps Gen ~]

                                           Children of Ann and Samuel:

                         i                  Samuel PHELPS6, b 20 Jul 1755; m/1 Ruth ‑‑‑, who d 1784; m/2 Jemimah ‑‑‑, who d 1798); Samuel

                                               m/3 ‑‑‑.

                         ii                  Hezekiah PHELPS6, b 6 Jan 1758; m ‑‑‑; r Harwinton and at Sackett's Harbor, Jefferson Co NY.

                         iii                 Silas or Giles PHELPS6, b 13 Dec 1759; m ‑‑‑; r Harwinton and at Elizabethtown, Essex Co NY.

                         iv                 Ira PHELPS6, b 30 May 1763; m ‑‑‑; r Harwinton CT, Elizabethtown NY, and Troy, Miami Co OH.

                         v                  Uri PHELPS6, b 15 Jul 1765; m Abigail TULFORD; r Harwinton.

                         vi                  Anna PHELPS6, b 8 Nov 1767; m Reuben BRISTOL.

                         vii                  Evans PHELPS6, b 6 Apr 1770;  m Sabra BARBER (her parentage is unknown); r

                                                 Harwinton CT and at Oswego, Oswego Co NY.


      ii         PATIENCE5, twin, b 2 Mar 1736/7; died young.


                Children of Samuel and Comfort, born at Harwinton: 

      iii        CHILD5, b (?6 Apr) 1739

      iv        PATIENCE5, b 20 Jun 1740; m Elijah BILL, b Lebanon CT 1 May 1736, son of John and Mary (‑‑‑) BILL. Elijah

                    moved in early adulthood to Harwinton.  [~ CT State Lib:Bill Gen ~]

                                            Children of Patience and Elijah:

                         i                   Elijah BILL6, b Dec 1762; m Nancy SCOTT.

                         ii                   Eliphalet BILL6

                         iii                  Comfort BILL6, ; m Hezekiah HUBBARD.

                         iv                  Mehitable BILL6

                         v                   Roswell BILL6

                         vi                  Mary BILL6

                         vii                 Sarah BILL6


      v         COMFORT5, b 5 Dec 1741; m Harwinton (“both of Harwinton”) Mar 1762 Reuben BRISTOL, b Harwinton 21 Sep

                    1738, d there 23 Aug 1828, son of Aaron and Abigail (‑‑‑) BRISTOL.

                     Reuben's powder horn is still in the possession of his descendants, and is inscribed: "Lake George 1758 Reuben

                    Bristol, his horn. Steal not this horn for fear of shame, for on it is the owners name. I powder with my brother Ben."   

                    [~ Barbour Index; CT State Lib:Bristol Gen ~]

                                            Children of Comfort and Reuben:

                         i                   Isaac BRISTOL6, b 21 Oct 1762; m Chloe BARBER (Ancestry not found); r Lewis, Essex Co NY.

                         ii                   Reuben BRISTOL6, b 3 Apr 1764; m Anna PHELPS.

                         iii                  Silas BRISTOL6, b 1769; m Nancy THORP.

                         iv                  Comfort BRISTOL6, b 1772; m/1 Abner SCOVILLE; m/2 Nehemiah BRADLEY.

                         v                   Richard BRISTOL6, b 8 May 1779; m/1 Polly BIRGE; m/2 Roxy BISSELL; r Torrington CT.

                         vi                   Abigail BRISTOL6,  ; m 3 Dec 1799 Henry MILLER of Torrington.

                         vii                  Chester BRISTOL6,  ; m ‑‑‑ PHELPS of Torrington.


      vi        PRUDENCE5, b 12 Nov 1743; m Harwinton (“both of Harwinton”) 9 May 1765 Jonathan PRESTON, b Ashford CT

                    10 May 1746, son of John and Eleanor (STILES) PRESTON; r Harwinton CT and by 1772 New Canaan,

                    Albany Co NY.    [~ IGI:CT; Barbour Index: CT Hist Soc:Preston Gen ~]

                                           Children of Prudence and Jonathan, born at Harwinton:

                         i                   Child6, b 21 Jan 1766; d same day.

                         ii                   Eleanor PRESTON6, b 21 Apr 1767

                         iii                   Benham PRESTON6, b 25 Sep 1770.


      vii       CHARITY5, b 6 Jun 1748; d 26 Sep 1837; m/1 Litchfield Co (recorded at Waterbury) CT 15 Nov 1770 Abel

                    SUTLIFF, b Thomaston CT 23 Aug 1751, d Luzerne Co PA 15 May 1799, son of Abel and Sarah (FORD)

                    SUTLIFF; Charity m/2 a SCOTT, probably Jesse, who lived in Huntington, Luzerne Co; r Litchfield Co CT,

                    and at Wyoming Valley, Luzerne Co PA.   [~ Corresp:Leo Lemonds; Corresp:Tyrone Hemry; Barbour Index; CT Hist

                    Soc:Sutliffe Gen ~]

                                            Children of Charity and Abel:

                         i                   Barnard SUTLIFF6, b Waterbury CT 16 Jan 1772, m Sarah EVANS; r Morgan Co OH.

                         ii                   Miles SUTLIFF6, b 29 Jul 1773; m Phebe CULVER. 

                         iii                  Sarah SUTLIFF6, b 27 Mar 1776; d 26 Jul 1777.

                          iv                 Sarah W SUTLIFF6, b 21 Feb 1778; m Elijah ROOD.

                         v                   Laby SUTLIFF6

                         vi                  Darius SUTLIFF6, b 11 Dec 1784; m Rosanna HUNGERFORD.

                         vii                  Hannah SUTLIFF6, b CT 14 Feb 1787; m Timothy HOPKINS; r Huntingdon,                       

                                                 Huntingdon Co PA and at Chesterfield, Morgan Co OH.  [~ CT State Lib:Hopkins Gen ~]

                         viii                  Lacy SUTLIFF6

                         ix                   Sabra SUTLIFF6


 80 viii      SAMUEL5, b 22 Apr 1750; m Hannah (DAVIS) HEATH.

      ix                   AMY5, b 23 Nov 1752

      x                   GITTING5(or Gilling), a girl, b 8 Nov 1761



28. DANIEL4 BARBER (Joseph3), b Windsor or Harwinton CT 23 Apr 1719; d probably at Westport, Essex Co NY; m/1 1741 Naomi BARBER, b Windsor 17 Jan 1721, daughter of John and Jane (ALVORD) BARBER (see #14). 

  Daniel m/2 about 1760, Sarah PHELPS, daughter of Daniel and Sarah (STRONG) PHELPS of Harwinton. Daniel and Naomi lived in Windsor (the first 3 births were registered there) until about 1750, when they moved (before 1757) to Amenia, Dutchess Co NY. They had 6 children baptised at Amenia on 5 Jun 1757, namely: Martha, Mary, Elizabeth, Ruth, "Jooloomis", and Joseph.    

  Later, about 1770, the family returned to Harwinton. Daniel and Sarah were living in Litchfield CT in 1772, when Daniel's brother Jonah transferred land in Barkhamsted that he had received from his father, to Daniel's "minor sons": Joseph, Job, Hezekiah, Stephen, Chauncey, and Wareham.

  Daniel was a private early in the Revolution, in Capt. Pettibone’s 7th Company, 3rd Regiment, along with his son Daniel. Later he comanded a company in the Continental Army.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Hezekiah Barber Gen; Land rec:Barkhamsted; Windsor Hist Soc:Nancy Evans Manuscript; Lure of the Litchfield Hills ~]

               Children of Daniel and Naomi:

      i         NAOMI5, b Windsor 20 Jul 1743; d (recorded in Windsor) 11 Feb 1819; probably is the Naomi who married

                    Michael CONNOLLY, b Ulster Ireland, d Northeast, Dutchess Co NY 1806; r Milan, Dutchess Co.

                    [~ Barbour Index; Newspaper Notice; Corresp:Debra L Wiley; Corresp:Calvin Fenton ~]

                                            Children of Naomi and Michael:

                         i                   William CONNOLLY6, b NY 1769; m Lydia MERIHEW.

                         ii                   Richard CONNOLLY6, b NY 2 Jun 1773; m Mary CANTINE.

                         iii                  Margaret CONNOLLY6, b about 1775; m James WILDE.

                         iv                  Naomi CONNOLLY6, b Milan 13 Oct 1776; m Richard TRAVIS.

                         v                   Martha CONNOLLY6, b about 1780; m Gilbourd TRAVIS.


  81 ii        DANIEL5, b Windsor 8 Nov 1744; m Susannah WILLIS.  

       iii       SARAH5, b Windsor 19 Jul 1746; d by 1778; m Amenia NY 1 Nov 1764 Gideon SKINNER, b Litchfield CT 12 Feb

                    1738/9, d Vernon Center, Oneida Co NY 26 Mar 1813, son of Gideon and Dorcas (STRONG) SKINNER. Gideon

                    m/2 17 Mar 1778 Abigail RAWSON.   [~ IGI:NY; Vital rec:Amenia; Corresp:Myrle D Jacobson; Skinner Gen; Gen

                    Hist of Western NY; Corresp: Glenna P Merrill ~]

                                            Children of Sarah and Gideon:

                         i                   Rhoda SKINNER6, b 3 Aug 1765; d Great Barrington MA; m Tyringham MA Paul CHAPIN.

                         ii                   Chloe SKINNER6, b 17 Apr 1767; m Torrington CT Phineas NORTH.

                         iii                   Dorcas Margaret SKINNER6, b 17 Apr 1769; d Antrim Co MI or Alger Co MI; m Daniel HARMON.

                         iv                   Sarah SKINNER6, b 1 Jan 1773; d Westfield, Chautauqua Co NY; m Jonathan HARMON.

                         v                   Gideon SKINNER6, b 23 Sep 1775; d Vernon Center, Oneida Co NY; m Lucy DEALING.


       iv       ELIZABETH5, b 1749; baptised Amenia NY 5 Jun 1757; d Zoar MA 29 Apr 1789; m Harwinton CT (“both of

                    Harwinton”) 27 Feb 1771 Rev. Isaiah BUTLER, Jr., b Branford CT 23 Oct 1750, son of Isaiah and Rebecca (FOOT)

                    BUTLER. Isaiah m/2 ‑‑‑ HILL.  He and his families r Harwinton CT, Green Bush‑on‑the‑Hudson, NY, and Zoar MA.

                    Later in life he moved to Schroon Lake, Essex Co NY. [~ Barbour Index ~]

                                            Children of Elizabeth and Isaiah:

                         i                   Lucilda BUTLER6, b Harwinton 3 Aug 1771; d about 1786.

                         ii                   Asaph BUTLER6, b Harwinton 27 Jan 1773.

                         iii                  Isaiah BUTLER6, b probably Green Bush‑on‑the-Hudson.

                         iv                  Deborah BUTLER6, b 1779; m Samuel PIERCE.

                         v                   Rebekah BUTLER6, twin, b 1779; m Moses6 BARBER, son of John5 and                       

                                                Patience (Gleason) BARBER, (Ancestry is John4, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1                        

                                                BARBER of Dorchester MA.)  The daughter of Rebekah, named Rebecca          

                                                BARBER, b 1807, m John WHITE, b 1805, and had a son John Barber WHITE, b                

                                                1847, the publisher of the 1909 Barber Genealogy. That book contains both  

                                                his fathers and his mother’s Barber families, who are not related to each other.

                         vi                   Phineas BUTLER6

                         vii                  Timothy BUTLER6


       v        MARTHA5, b 13 Jun 1752; d Chesterfield, Clinton Co NY 21 Jul 1820; m 5 Feb 1776 Asahel STRONG Jr, b

                    Torrington CT 28 Apr 1750, d Peru, Clinton Co 6 Jan 1831, son of Asahel and Hannah (LYMAN) STRONG; r

                    Torrington CT, Charlotte VT, and at Chesterfield NY. 

                     Asahel served in the Connecticut Light Horse troops in 1776 during the American Revolution, under Major Elisha
[~ Strong Gen; DAR lineage ~]

                                            Children of Martha and Asahel:

                         i                   Philo STRONG6, b 26 Nov 1776; m Annis WOODRUFF; r Bloomingdale, Essex Co NY.

                         ii                  Erastus STRONG6, b 24 Dec 1778; m Abigail Wright HARRISON; r Chesterfield NY.

                         iii                 Theodosia STRONG6, b 5 Aug 1781; m Thomas ARTHUR; r Peru NY.

                         iv                 Sophia STRONG6, b 23 Feb 1785; m Thomas ARTHUR; r Elizabethtown, Essex              

                                               Co NY and Hamilton, Madison Co NY.

                                                 Apparently Thomas ARTHUR married first one sister, and then after her death, the other.

                         v                  Selima STRONG6, b 7 Jan 1787; m Rev. Zaccheus Marshall PALMER; r Jay,                        

                                                 Essex Co NY and at Jamestown, Chautauqua Co NY.

                         vi                   Mary Young STRONG6, b 22 May 1793; m Hiram FOOTE; r Smyrna, Chenango Co  

                                                 NY, and at Maple Grove, Edwards Co IL. Hiram was a farmer.


  82 vi       JOSEPH5, b 1753/4; m Abigail COE.

  83 vii      JOB LOOMIS5 also called "Joel Loomis" and Joolumis", b Nine Partners, Dutchess Co NY, baptised Amenia 5 Jun

                    1757; m Sarah ---.


       viii     RUTH5, baptised 5 Jun 1757

       ix       MARY5, baptised 5 Jun 1757

       x        MARY5, b 12 Oct 1758 (if the birth date is in error there may be only one Mary); d Scio, Allegany Co NY 27 Jan                         1833; m ?New Milford CT 27 Jan 1777 Elisha OVIATT, b 3 Aug 1752, d Scio NY 3 Apr 1831, son of Benjamin and

                    Frances (WARNER) OVIATT; r Stephentown and Berlin, Rennselaer Co NY, from where they moved to Peterboro,

                    Madison Co before 1806. Later they were members of the Baptist Church in Cazenovia, Madison Co. Still later, in

                    1827 they moved to Friendship, Allegany Co NY. They both died in nearby Scio.    [~ Corresp:Maurine E Hyde;

                    USGenWeb Archives; Fam of Early Milford ~]

                                            Children of Mary and Elisha, all born in NY State:

                         i                   Frances OVIATT6, b 22 Feb 1780, m William DAVIS.

                         ii                  Sally OVIATT6, b 13 Oct 1781; d Hornell, Steuben Co NY 11 Jan 1867.

                         iii                  Benjamin Franklin OVIATT6, b 15 Aug 1783; d Hornellsville, Steuben Co 18                   

                                                Jul 1864; m/1 Frances SWEET, m/2 Sally BAGLEY.

                         iv                  Naomi OVIATT6, b 9 Sep 1785, m David EYMER.

                         v                   Daniel Barber OVIATT6, b 28 Mar 1787; d Amity, Allegany Co NY 15 Aug                     

                                                  1859; m/1 Betsey SMITH, m/2 Sally ‑‑‑.

                         vi                   Elisha OVIATT6, b 19 Jul 1789, m/1 Abigail PEARR, m/2 Mary PEARR.

                         vii                  William OVIATT6, b Berlin, Rennselaer Co NY 21 Dec 1791; m Betsy LaSHURE.

                         viii                  Mary (Polly) OVIATT6, b 13 Sep 1794; m Jesse EDDY.

                          ix                   Martha (Patty) (Sally) OVIATT6, b 19 Apr 1797; m Willett HAKES.

                          x                   Japheth Zophar OVIATT6, b 29 Apr 1799; m Abraham MILLER.


                Children of Daniel and Sarah:

       xi       JEMIMAH5

 84  xii      HEZEKIAH5, b probably Amenia 1763/4; m Huldah FRISBIE.

 85  xiii     STEPHEN5, b probably Amenia before 1765; m Sarah BLAKE.

 86  xiv     CHAUNCEY5, b probably Amenia 1767; m Elizabeth  ‑‑‑.

       xv      WAREHAM5, b probably Harwinton 1770; m ‑‑‑; r Elizabethtown, Essex Co NY after 1792.   He was one of the

                    first settlers of New Russia in Essex Co. He later moved from New Russia to Oneida Co NY. The 1810 Census

                    of Elizabethtown shows 3 boys and 3 girls, all under 10 years old, in his family.  There was a Warham BARBER

                    in Kendall, Orleans Co NY in 1840, with wife and 1 son in his 20’s.   

                    [~ NY Gazetteer; 1810 census:Elizabethtown; 1840 census:Kendall ~]

       xvi      ?RHODA5, b CT 3 Feb 1773; d Willsboro, Essex Co NY Aug 1839; m Panton VT 29 Dec                

                    1791 (she "of Elizabethtown NY") Nathaniel HINCKLEY, b Harwich MA 17 Jul 1769, d     

                    Port Jackson NY 22 May 1849, son of Nathaniel and Mary Nathan (CROWELL) HINCKLEY.

                     It is not certain that Rhoda belongs in Daniel's family.  It is thought that she does, since she was in

                    Elizabethtown at the time of her marriage.  [~ Hezekiah Barber Gen; CT State Lib:Hinckley Gen; Genserv:Eric

                    Hayward; Kindred Konnections:Ralph E Coleman ~]

                                             Children of Rhoda and Nathaniel, most born in Vermont:

                         i                    Silas HINCKLEY6, b 1 Jun 1793; d 22 Mar 1807.

                         ii                   Erastus Nathaniel HINCKLEY6, b 5 Dec 1794; m Lois JUDD; r Bastard, Leeds Co, Upper Canada.

                         iii                   Levi HINCKLEY6, b 4 Apr 1797; d 1863; m Christeen SHELDON; r Westport, Essex Co NY.

                         iv                   Rhoda HINCKLEY6, b 12 Oct 1799; m Calvin LEWIS.

                         v                   Polly HINCKLEY6, b 6 Dec 1802; d 8 Sep 1831; m 1829 Calvin LEWIS.

                         vi                  Harvey HINCKLEY6, b Willsboro 6 Nov 1804; d there 17 Jun 1875; m Martha ESMOND.

                         vii                  Silas HINCKLEY6, b Westport 6 Dec 1811; d Burlington VT 15 Dec 1859; m Mary A O'GRADY.



29. JONAH4 BARBER (Joseph3), b Windsor CT 9 Jan 1723/4; d there 26 Jun 1795; m there  (“both of Windsor”) 10 Jul 1747 Jerusha BARBER, b 26 Sep 1730, d Windsor 6 Feb 1781, daughter of John and Jane (ALVORD) BARBER (see #14); r Windsor, Harwinton, and Bloomfield, all in CT.

  Jonah was a Revolutonary War soldier, along with his son Benjamin.  [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Jerijah Barber Manuscript; Jonah's Will, 1795:to son Benjamin, daughters Tabitha (wife of Oliver Filley), Huldah (wife of Daniel Cook), and Esther Barber; Lure of the Litchfield Hills; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript ~]

                 Children of Jonah and Jerusha, born at Windsor:

        i        JERUSHA5, b 12 Jul 1751; d Windsor 11 Sep 1795; unmarried.

  87 ii         BENJAMIN5, b 6 Aug 1753; m Mrs. Ruth BOLES.

       iii        JONAH5,  ; d 3 Oct 1777.      

       iv        TABITHA5, b 6 May 1757; d 13 Oct 1842; buried at Bloomfield; m/1 28 Nov 1782 Oliver FILLEY, b 1 Aug 1757,

                    d 6 Mar 1796, son of Nathaniel and Hannah (MOORE) FILLEY; r Bloomfield. Tabitha m/2 13 Aug 1800 Isaac

                    BURR, b 1756/7, d 6 May 1833.   [~ Barbour Index; CT Bible rec; CT Hist Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Loomis

                    Gen; Windsor Hist Soc:Filer Gen,1991,Arnold ~]

                                             Children of Tabitha and Oliver:

                           i                  Oliver FILLEY6, b 26 Jun 1784; m Annis HUMPHREY; r Bloomfield.

                          ii                   Jerusha FILLEY6, b 19 Jul 1788

                         iii                   Amelia FILLEY6, b 20 Sep 1792; m Augustus FILLEY.

                          iv                  Harvey FILLEY6, b 30 Jun 1794; m/1 Laura MARSHALL; m/2 1831 Chloe CALDWELL; r Philadelphia



       v         HULDAH5, b 4 Jan 1766; m Windsor 16 Mar 1784 Daniel COOKE, b 10 Apr 1763, d Harwinton 1831, son of Abner

                    and Ann (HOSKINS) COOKE. [~ Barbour Index; CT church rec; CT HIst Soc:LBBarbour Manuscript; Windsor Hist

                    Soc:Filer Gen,1991,Arnold ~]

                                            Children of Huldah and Daniel:

                         i                   Daniel COOKE6,  ; m Esther WRIGHT, baptised 23 Aug 1795, daughter of                        

                                                Moses and Chloe (NEAL) WRIGHT; r Colebrook CT, and had 2 children.

                         ii                   Levi COOKE6,  ; m Permilia ROWLEY of Albany NY; r Winchester CT.

                         iii                  Nama COOKE6,  ; died unmarried.

                         iv                  Esther COOKE6,   ; m --- PERRY; had 2 children.

                         v                   Huldah COOKE6,   ; married, but died soon after.


       vi        ESTHER5, b 5 Jun 1773; d 3 Aug 1820; m Windsor (Bloomfield Church) 7 Apr 1799 Aaron FOOTE, b Simsbury CT

                    10 Apr 1769, d 8 Dec 1842, son of Joseph and Azuba (GRISWOLD) FOOTE; r Simsbury CT, and later Northampton


                     Esther and Aaron had no children.  Aaron m/2 13 May 1822 Ruhamah SCRIBNER.  In                      

                    his notebook, Jerijah Barber, first cousin of Esther, confirms that Esther married Aaron FOOTE.  [~ CT church rec;

                    Vital rec:Simsbury; Godfrey Mem Lib:Foote Gen; Loomis Gen ~]



30. Capt. DAVID4 BARBER, “Esquire” (David3), b Hebron CT 17 Feb 1716/7; d there 14 Jan 1801; m/1 Hebron 8 Mar 1738/9 Patience CASS, b Hebron 19 Apr 1723, d there 18 Jul 1748, daughter of Moses and Mary (HASKINS) CASE or CASS; r Hebron. The generations before Moses CASE spelled the name CASS. 

  David m/2 1749 Abigail NEWCOMB, b 1726/7, d Hebron 22 Mar 1805, daughter of Obadiah and Abigail ‑‑‑ NEWCOMB.  Abigail m/1 27 Feb 1745/6 Aaron HORSFORD, who lived only until 1746.   

  David was an inn‑keeper, and a well‑to‑do merchant in Hebron, but lost his fortune in the Revolution, when he held a wealth of continental currency, which became worthless. He was a Deputy to the Connecticut General Assembly 1769‑72. 

  He also was a Captain in the Militia.  David enlisted for 15 days in the Lexington Alarm, and also joined Capt. James CLARK's Company, 1775, to march to Boston, where they were at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Later he was stationed at Peekskill NY, and participated in the Battle of Saratoga. In 1778 he was appointed Captain in the 8th Company of the 1st Connecticut Regiment.  He was a Justice of the Peace from 1777 on.   [~ 1909 Barber Gen; Barbour Index; Buckell Manuscript; Holcomb Gen; CT Hist Soc:Case Manuscript; Corresp:Jane E Palmer; CT State Lib:Haskins Gen; Founders and Patriots; Lure of the Litchfield Hills ~]

                 Children of David and Patience, born at Hebron: 

       i          DAVID5, b 30 Mar 1740; d 20 May 1760.  He served in the Lake George and the Louisburg Campaigns of the

                    French and Indian Wars.

  88 ii         OLIVER5, b 2 Jun 1742; m Mary (or Mercy) SMITH

       iii        MARY5, b 1 Mar 1743/4; m Hebron 13 Feb 1765 Levi POST, b Bolton CT 16 Nov 1740, son of Gideon and Mary

                    (CHASE) POST.  Levi served in the Revolution.

                                             Children of Mary and Levi, b at Hebron, and recorded at New Marlboro MA:

                           i                   Mary POST6, b 18 Sep 1765; m Aaron SEARLES; r Bridport VT, and                 

                                                   Alexander OH.   Aaron served in the Revolutionary Army.

                           ii                   Levi POST6, b 27 Jan 1768

                           iii                  Hannah POST6, b 29 Sep 1771

                           iv                  Lydia POST6, b about 1778


       iv        LYDIA5, b 26 Mar 1746; d 31 Dec 1749.

       v         CHILD5, b 18 Jul 1748; d at birth.


                 Children of David and Abigail, born at Hebron:

       vi        ABIGAIL5, b 5 Jan 1749/50; d Hebron 29 Jun 1791; m Hebron 8 Apr 1767 Aaron PHELPS, b there 31 Mar 1743,

                    son of John and Anna (HOSFORD) PHELPS. Aaron served in the Lexington Alarm from Hebron, in Capt Ellis’s

                    Company, Col. Sage’s Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Wadsworth’s Brigade. 

                     The Newcomb Gen says Abigail is the first daughter of David and Abigail (NEWCOMB) BARBER.  I believe

                    Abigail's birth date should read 5 Jan 1749/50, and not 5 Jan 1749, since David and Abigail married in 1749.   [~

                    Phelps Gen; Godfrey Mem Lib:Newcomb Gen; Vital rec:Hebron; DAR lineage ~]

                                              Children of Abigail and Aaron:

                         i                     Aaron PHELPS6, b 22 Apr 1768; m Eunice GURLEY; r Hebron.

                         ii                    Abigail PHELPS6, b 21 May 1770; m Hezekiah GOLT; r Hebron.

                         iii                   Amelia PHELPS6, b 1775; m Samuel GOLT; r Hebron; he m/2 Mindwell PHELPS (below).

                         iv                   Alpheus PHELPS6, b 1776; died young.

                         v                    Alfred PHELPS6, b 1777; died young.

                         vi                   Alpheus PHELPS6, b 10 May 1778; m Hannah PORTER; r Lockport, Niagara Co NY.

                         vii                  Alfred PHELPS6, b 8 May 1780; m Clarissa WALDEN; r Lockport.

                         viii                  Mindwell PHELPS6, m Samuel GOLT (as his 2nd wife); r Hebron CT and in New York and Indiana.


 89  vii       AARON5, b 16 Jan 1752; m Rachel JONES.

 90  viii      OBADIAH5, b 29 Mar 1754; m Wealthy Anne PHELPS.

       ix        PATIENCE5, b 27 Apr 1757; d Hebron 14 May 1838; m there (“both of Hebron”) 25 Oct 1774 Sylvester GILBERT,

                    B in the Gilead section of Hebron 20 Oct 1755; d there 2 Jan 1846, son of Samuel and Abigail (ROWLEY)

                    GILBERT; r Hebron.

                     Sylvester graduated from Dartmouth College in 1775.  He then became a lawyer.  He was elected a member of the

                    Connecticut General Assembly for 32 sessions.  He was town clerk of Hebron. [~ Barbour Index; Godfrey Mem

                    Lib:Gilbert Gen ~]

                                            Children of Patience and Sylvester:

                         i                   Samuel GILBERT6, b 13 Jan 1775; m Anna GOODSPEED; r Hebron.

                         ii                   Abigail GILBERT6, b Hebron 4 Apr 1776; m Josiah BARBER  (see #96).

                         iii                  Theodora GILBERT6, b 19 Nov 1777; m George Oliver GILBERT; r Hebron and at Tolland CT.

                         iv                  Sophia GILBERT6, b 23 Sep 1779.

                         v                   Arethusa GILBERT6, b 13 Apr 1781; d same day.

                         vi                   Sylvester GILBERT6, b 18 Nov 1782; m Eunice CARTER.

                         vii                  Patience GILBERT6, b 15 Mar 1785; m Reuben LANGDON; r New London and at Hartford, both in CT.

                         viii                 William Pitt GILBERT6, b 6 Feb 1787; d 8 Nov 1861.  William could neither hear nor speak.

                          x                   Lewis GILBERT6, b 19 Dec 1788; m Sally WARD; r Hebron.

                          x                   Ralph GILBERT6, b 12 Sep 1790; m Sarah B NICHOLS of Providence RI.

                          xi                  Clarissa GILBERT6, b 30 Dec 1793; m Ebenezer FORCE of Mansfield CT.

                          xii                  Mary GILBERT6, b 14 May 1796; d 5 Apr 1867, unmarried.  (This Mary may                        

                                                   have been the one who married Ebenezer FORCE.)

                          xiii                  Abigail Eliza GILBERT6, b 25 Oct 1799; d 9 Sep 1801 from the bite of a rabid dog.


  91 x         DAVID5, b 16 or 18 Aug 1760; m Lois DUTTON.

       xi        LYDIA5, b 1763; m Hebron CT (“both of Hebron”) 20 Sep 1781 Lawrence POWERS, b Hebron 1757, d Pownal VT

                    1811; r Bennington VT.  Lawrence served in the Revolution in 1776 as a private in Capt.

                    David Tarbox’s Company.  Lydia later lived in Sullivan, Madison Co NY.  [~ DAR lineage ~]

                                             Child of Lydia and Lawrence:

                          i                   Anson L POWERS6,   ; m Harriet WOODHULL.


 92  xii       BILDAD5, b 30 Oct 1765; m Eleanor CUTTING.

 93  xiii      ELIHU5, b 17 Mar 1768; m Hannah GOTT.