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(10) JOHN BARBER of West Virginia and Meigs Co OH

(11) JOSEPH T BARBIER of FRANCE, Knox Co IN, and Perry, Brown Co OH








References: family trees: awebendorfer and ricdotmercier and JohnCorreia86



A. ---A and Jemima BARBER, b England c 1786; came to America before 1860.  Lived with her son Rockley in Conchohocken, Montgomery Co PA in 1860; and lived with John and Mary Ann Cooper in Union, Warren Co OH in 1870.

  1        ALLEN1, b England 1814/5; m Mary Lippincott.

  2        ROCKLEY1, b England 1814/5; m Sarah A ---.

            ?MARY ANN1, b England 1825/6; m John Cooper; r Union, Warren Co OH.  Jemima, age 85, lived with them in 1870.


1. ALLEN1 BARBER, b England 1814/5; d before 1860; m Mary Lippincott; r Union, Warren Co OH in 1850 and 1860.  Deborah Lippincott, b NJ 1780/1 lived with them in 1860.  In 1870 Mary was in Sidney, Shelby Co OH, with Milton, George and Mary.

            WILLIAM H2, b OH Feb 1841; d Shelby Co OH; m Catherine Shellabarger; r Sidney, Shelby Co OH.  In 1900 they were in

                 Jefferson, Preble Co OH.   [censuses]

                        MAY3, 1864/5

                        JENNIE3, 1868/9; m --- Epler; r with her parents in 1900 Jefferson.

                        JOHN, 1869/70; not in 1880 census.

                        LIZZIE3, 1871/2

                        NELLY3, 1873/4

                        ROLLA3, 1877/8

            JEMIMA2, 1845/6; m --- Dunn.

  3        MILTON S2, Jul 1848; m Sarah E Poast.

  4        GEORGE L2, Nov 1850; m Hannah Herstine, who d Dayton OH.

            LYDIA2, 1853/4

            MARY2, 1855/6

2. ROCKLEY1 BARBER, b England 1814/5; m Sarah A ---; r Conchohocken, Montgomery Co PA in 1860, and Union, Warren Co OH in 1870.  In 1880 they were in Nishnabotany, Crawford Co IA.

            EDWARD W2, b OH 1854/5; m Ella M ---; r Avoca, Pottawattamie Co IA in 1880.

                        MARY E3, Aug 1878

                        ALICE3, Feb 1887

                        ROCKLEY3, Mar 1892

            ALLEN2, b OH 1856/7; m Addie V ---; r Nishnabotany IA in 1900.

                        MYRTLE H3, Mar 1892

                        MABLE B3, Mar 1892 (twin)

            CAROLINE2, b 1859/60

            MARY2, 1865/6

            GREELEY E2, 1867/8; single in 1900, Laramie WY.


3. MILTON S2 BARBER, Jul 1848; m Sarah E Poast.

            W ALLEN3, b OH Nov 1882

            MENTE PETER3, 13 Jul 1892

                        DONALD R4, b OH 1913

                        LOIS L4, b 1914

                        GEORGE R4, 1915

  5        JOHN ROCKLEY3, 31 Jan 1895; m Ethel May Evans.

4. GEORGE L2 BARBER, Jul 1848; m Hannah Herstine, who d Dayton OH (parents b Wurtenberg Germany).

  6        MILTON A3, b OH Sep 1876; m Edith ----.

            EDWARD/EDMUND A3, Jul 1877; m Blanche W Hale, who d Dayton OH.

                        ALBERTA4, b OH c 1904

                        EDWARD4, c 1915

            STELLA G3, Dec 1885

            LEONA3, Oct 1889

            MARY3, Jul 1891


5. JOHN ROCKLEY3 BARBER, 31 Jan 1895; m Ethel May Evans.

            DOROTHY C4, b OH 1912; m --- Keller.

            JOHN ROCKLEY4, b Dayton OH 1 May 1913; m Virginia Lee Booth. ?m Dorothy Sarber.


                        JOHN ROCKLEY5

                        JUDY KAY5, m Darell Seale.

                        PEGGY LEE5, m Robert Roark.

            ROBERT E4, 1917; m Irene Sweeney.


            MARJORIE D4, 1918; m Charlie Fox.

            WILLIAM M4, 1921

6. MILTON A3 BARBER, b OH Sep 1876; m Edith ----.

            CLINTON M4, b OH c 1905; m Esther L Rawson.

                        RICHARD ALLEN5, b Greene Co OH 4 May 1929; d Spring Valley, Greene Co 2000.












Becky Schultz:

Torie Bowers:

Harold Bower: Rootsweb Worldconnect Stories: Karen McGahan


Index of Heads of Family (Barber); family number:
Augustus Allen, 1758; 1
Augustus S, 180?; 4
Benjamin Smith, 1800; 3
Benjamin Smith, 1861; 8

Charles Frederick, 1880; 9
Edwin Eugene, 1859; 5

Europe Mahlon, 1852; 7

Francis Marion, 1904; 9
Henry C, 1831; 6
John, 1798; 2

John Charles, 1863; 5

John Elmer, 1895; 10
John Wesley, 1828; 5
Morris Fowler, 1898; 5

Robert E, 1921, 9

Spouses; Family number:
Blaker, Ella M; 5

Bridwell, Melissa; 7

Coffey, Gladys O; 10
Hendershot, Emma M; 5

Langford, Clarissa; 4
Murray, Susannah; 2
Norris, Jane; 5

Roberts, Gertrude; 9
Rutherford, Eleanor; 6
Smith, Elizabeth; 1

Stevens,Rosana L; 3

Volk, Elvira; 9

Worley, Mary; 9




1. AUGUSTUS ALLEN1 BARBER, b NY 1758 or RI 1763; d Stafford, DeKalb Co IN; m Elizabeth Smith; res Whitby, ON from 1796, and later York, Sandusky Co OH, and Plymouth, Wayne Co IN.              [Ref: Godfrey Mem. Lib: "PA Genealogies"; Rev. Pension File; Lt: Becky Schultz; Lt: Torie Bowers]

            ELIZABETH, 1792; d 1793.

 2         JOHN2, 1798; m Susannah Murray

 3         BENJAMIN SMITH2, b ON 1800; m Rosana Louisa Stevens.

            SILAS2, 1804

 4         AUGUSTUS S2, 1804/5; m/1 ----; m/2 Sarah Alexander; m/3 1845 Clarissa C Langford.

            LOUISA2 , 1808; m William Limon; William prob. m/2 Catherine ---.

            HENRY2, 1812

            SARAH2, b after 1812 ; m Michael Coffin.



2. JOHN2 BARBER, 1798; m Susannah Murray (she m/1 William Cazier); res Ashland Co and Sandusky OH, and DeKalb Co IN.                 [Ref: GML:"PA Genealogies"; IGI:IN; 1850 CS: Stafford, DeKalb Co; 1860 CS: DeKalb Co]       

            ALICE ANN3, 1825; m Jonas H Roe      

            LEVISA3, 1826; m William Webster

5          JOHN WESLEY3, 1828; m Mary Jane Norris                  

JULIA3, 1830; m Norman Smith

LEVINA MURRAY3, 1835; d young.      

SARAH ELLEN3, 1838; res Ft Wayne IN

3. BENJAMIN SMITH2 BARBER, b Eastern Can.1800; m Rosana Louisa Stevens; res York, Sandusky Co OH; Moultrie Co IL; Story Co IA.      [Lt: Becky Schultz; Lt: Torie Bowers]

            ?J E3, 1824

 6         HENRY C3, 1830; m Eleanor Rutherford.

            HANNAH3, 1834; m Fred Casner; res Wyandotte Co OH, Story Co IA, and DesMoines.

            SUSAN3, b OH 1836; m George W Sebastian; r IA, IL, OH.

            ELIZABETH B3, 1838; m Robert Humphrey Robison; r IA, KS.

            GILBERT3, 1840; m Rhoda Bates; no ch; r IA, OK.  He and brother Henry were in Civil War, got typhoid, and Henry died.

            CATHERINE3, 1844; m Rev. Joseph O Elwell, Jr. ; r. Afton, Union Co IA; IL.

            LORENZO3, 1844/5; ?d young.

            MARY3, 1846/7; ?d young.

4. AUGUSTUS2 BARBER, 1804/5; m/1 ----; m/2 1843 Sarah Alexander; m/3 1845 Clarissa C Langford. r. PA, then OH, then East Nelson, Moultrie Co IL.   [Lt: Becky Schultz; 1850 CS: Moultrie Co]

            First wife:

            SYLVESTER D3, 1827

            LOUISA3, 1831/2; handicapped, lived with her father.

            Second wife:

            HENRY3, 1844

            Third wife:

            AUGUSTUS ALLEN3, 1846; d Moultrie Co 1881.

            CELESTIA SAMIRA3, 1848; m James Edward Smith; r IL, Rozel KS.

            RACHEL CLARISSA3, 1849; d Mattoon, Coles Co IL; m --- Cline.

 7         EUROPE MAHLON3, 1852; m Melissa Bridwell.

            GEORGIA ANN3, 1856; d Moultrie Co; m William Kepler.

            CHARLES TRUMAN3, 1861-1879

            SOLOMON STORY3, 1863; m/1 Rebecca ---; m/2 Elsie ---.



5. JOHN WESLEY3 BARBER, 1828; m Jane Norris; res Stafford, DeKalb Co IN     [Ref: GML:"PA Genealogies"; IGI:IN; 1850 CS: Stafford; 1860 CS: DeKalb Co]

            ALICE ANN4, 1848; m James Gaby; res Noble Co IN      

            LEVISA ANN4, 1848; m William Henry Wickard; res Noble Co                  

            JEREMIAH AUGUSTUS4, 1851

            CATHARINE4, 1854      

            SUSANNAH4, 1856

            EDWIN EUGENE4, 1859; m Emma Matilda Hendershot; r IN.

                        MABLE5, 1889

            GEORGE ELLSWORTH4, 1861

            JOHN CHARLES4, 1863; m/1 Ella Mabelle Blaker; m/2 Wilhelmina ---; r Stafford, DeKalb Co IN.

                        MORRIS FOWLER5, 1898; m Celeste ----.



                        ALICE E5, 1901

                        HILDA E5, 1904

6. HENRY C3 BARBER, 1830; m Eleanor Rutherford; r Allenville, Moultrie Co IL.   [Lt: Torie Bowers]

 8         BENJAMIN SMITH4, 1861; m ?

            PAULINA4, 1864; m James B Coughenour.

7. EUROPE MAHLON3 BARBER, 1852; m Melissa Bridwell. (also seen Melissa Hayes);  r East Nelson and Yates Center, Moultrie Co IL.  [Lt: Becky Schultz]

            LILLIAN STELLA4, 1877; m Tipton Palo England.

            ARTHUR ALLEN4, 1879

  9        CHARLES FREDERICK4, 1880; m Mary Worley.

            LENA MAY4, 1883; m Richard Anderson Reid.

            CARRIE EFFIE4, 1884; m Charles Hyatt.

            MELVINA IRENE4, 1889; m Henry Boyda Burtcheard.

            CLARISSA FERN4, 1892; m William Kenneth Briscoe.

  10       JOHN ELMER4, 1895; m Gladys Opal Coffey.


8. BENJAMIN SMITH4 BARBER, 1861; m ?     [Lt: Torie Bowers]

            KATIE5, b IA 1885

            JAMES5, b NE 1887

            CHACEY5, b NE 1889

            JOHN5, b NE 1891

            LUCY5, b NE 1893

            WALTER5, b KS 1895

            RUTH5, b KS 1898

9. CHARLES FREDERICK4 BARBER, 1880; m Mary Worley.  [ OneWorldTree]

            LETTA5,   ; m Horace Cook.

            FREDA5,   ; m Clay Scudder.

            MARY NELL5,   ; m Elmer Claus.


             FRANCIS MARION5, 1904; m Gertrude Roberts.

                        BEVERLY6,  ; m Stanley L Weber.

                        CHARLES EUGENE6,   ; m Leona Elizabeth Wente.

                                    PAULA7,   ; m Frederick Eugene Boll.

                                    MARSHA ANN8

                                    DAVID ALAN8,   ; m Kelly Annette Ryle.

                                                KELSEY TAYLOR9


                                    CARLA7,  ; m Charles Atwood.

                                    LAURA LEE7,   ; m Robert Frawley.                     

                        GAIL6, 1927; m Dolores Wente.

                                    SUE E7,  ; m Mike Joseph Ramage.

                                    JULIA A7,  ; m Vince Holtkamp.

                                    MELISSA L7,  ; m Daniel P Kelly.

                                    STEVE E7,  ; m/1 Sue Harper; m/2 Bessie Haukos; m/3 Diana Keller.

                                                Children with second wife:



                                                Child with third wife:

                                                JASON T8

                                    MARY7,   ; m Ben A Reynolds.

                                    JERRY GAIL7,   ; m --- Duncan.

                                                COLLEEN ELISE8           

            CHARLES FREDERICK5, 1909; d 1910.

            JOHN EDWIN5, 1911; d 1925

            DORIS PAULINE5, 1916; d 1924

            ROBERT E5, 1921; m Elvira Volk.

                        RANDALL E6

                        VICTORIA A6

10. JOHN ELMER4 BARBER, 1895; m Gladys Opal Coffey.   [ OneWorldTree]

            JOYCE LORRAINE5,  ; m/1 Marvin Oakley; m/2 Armand Whitley.

            RICHARD KEITH5,  ; m Mary Lou Wente.

                        KENNETH EUGENE6, m/1 Linda ---; m/2 Alma ---.

                        SHARON KAY6, m Terry Eugene Holderfield.

                        RONALD6,  ; m Anna Maria Heise.

                        LINDA SUE6,  ; m/1 Thomas Dickermon; m/2 James Shafer.

            GLEN CAROL5, m Lucille Margaret Hoehn.

                        PATRICIA ANN6

                        GLEN CAROL6,  ; m Teresa Lynn Cole.

            MARVIN WAYNE5,  ; m/1 Myrna Hatton; m/2 Leatha Lindley.

                        Children of Marvin and Myrna:


                        PEGGY SUE6, m David Meagher.

                        LARRY STEVEN6,  ; m Michele Suzanne Knowe.

                                    THOMAS JOSHUA7

                                    NATALIE LOUISE7

                                    CALEB WAYNE7,  ; m Barbara Anne Lanier.

                                    RACHEL LEE7

                        Children of Marvin and Leatha:



                        DAVID6,  ; m --- White.

            ANDREW MARTIN5

            JOHN ELMER5







Ref: “Desc. of John Barber” in FTM

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        La Vera Barber Last

       4446 W Ruth Ave

       Glendale, AZ 85302

       Lavera at

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Heads of family; birth year; family number:

Albert Charles, 1848; 3

Benjamin, 1820; 1

Benjamin Franklin, 1878; 8

Albert Lee, 1888; 17

Charles Camp, 1886; 12

Chester Ira, 1893; 13

Clyde B, 1885; 11

Elmer Mathew, 188?; 14

Frank Clifford, 1892; 18

Frederick John, 1861; 6

Howard Dwight, 1898; 15

James, 1886; 10

Jesse Reuben, 1884; 16

John, 1886; 9

Oscar, 1875; 7

Samuel, 1856; 5

William Moses, 1853; 4


Spouses; family number:

Andrews, Jennie 16

Bowers, Elizabeth 1

Burbaker, Maude 12

Camp, Hattie 4

Cathey, Mildred Jane 14

Cole, Mary E; 9

Dusenbury, Florence 11

Elliott, Rebecca 5

Fiene, Reithe 15

Firestone, Gertrude 11

Foy, Susie 5

Grace, Wile 12

Hazel, M 17

Johnson, Della 17

Keith, Arilda; 7

Kufus, Grace M 15

Marlett, Mary Ellen 8

Miller, Mary N; 10

Nehring, Eva 18

Norris, Grace 11

Peters, Louisa A; 3

Turner, Hazel F; 17

Wessling, Bertha E 13

Wright, Ella Dora 6


1. BENJAMIN1 BARBER, June 20, 1820 in Bossum, Norfolk, ENG, and died August 10, 1902 in Mahomet, Champaign, IL, son of John and Lydia (Bottrem) BARBER.  He married ELIZABETH BOWERS 1884 in Laken Health, Sulfolk, ENG, daughter of CHAS BOWERS and ELIZABETH WINTERS.

            i.            THIRZA E2, b. 1846, ENG; m Freeman E Adams; r IL.

 3         ii.            ALBERT CHARLES2, 1848, ENG; d. 1936, IL; m Louise Alice Peters.

            iii.            ROSINA B2, b. 1849, ENG; d. 1936, FL; m Albert Raymond Pratt; r IL.

 4         iv.            WILLIAM MOSES2, b. May 18, 1853, Cleveland, Orange, OH; d Anthony, KS; m Hattie Camp.

            v.            SARAH2, b. 1854, ENG; d. 1936, FL; m Samuel L Fox; r Caldwell, Sumner Co KS.

 5         vi.            SAMUEL2, b. 1856, Cleveland, Orange, OH; d South Haven, Sumner Co KS; m/1 Rebecca

       Elliott; m/2 Susie Foy.

 6         vii.            FREDERICK JOHN2, b. 1861, Cleveland, Orange, OH; d 1928, Champaign, IL;

       m Ella Dora Wright.

           viii.            MARY MARTHA2, b OH 1863; m Asa Franklin; r KS.



3. ALBERT CHARLES2 BARBER, was born 1848 in ENG, and died 1836 in IL. He married Louise Alice Peters March 30, 1870 in IL; r Honey Creek, Adams Co IL and Colfax, Champaign Co IL.

            i.            WILLIAM3, b. 1858.

            ii.            LAURA F3, b. 1871; d 1882.

            iii.           MOLLIE3, b. 1872; m Zell Hubert Fisher.

 7          iv.          OSCAR3, b. 1875; m Arilda (Rilla) Keith.

            v.            JOSEPHINE3, b. 1876; m Layton Arthur Snider; r Boone IN.

 8         vi.           BENJAMIN FRANKLIN3, b. 1878; m Mary Ellen Marlett.

            vii.          NELLIE MAY3, b. 1880; m John Leach.

            viii.         EMMA ELLEN3, b. 1882; d. 1963,Bendville, IL; m Corelli Jonas Foster.

            ix.           CORA3, b. 1882; d 1887.

 9         x.            JOHN3, b. 1886; m Mary Emma Cole.

 10       xi.            JAMES3, b. 1886; m Mary Nellie Miller.

           xii.           BERTHA3, b. 1890; m. CARL KINNISON.

           xiii.          FANNY SARAH3, b. 1892; m/1 JAMES TED AUSTIN, August 16, 1924; m/2 HANLY O HANSEN3.

           xiv.          ETHEL3, b. 1894; m --- Burton.

4. WILLIAM MOSES2 BARBER, was born 1853 in Cleveland, Orange, OH, and died 1932 in Anthony, KS. He married HATTIE CAMP, 1881 in Pleasent Valley, KS.

           i.            OSCAR3 , b. 1882, Anthony, KS; d. 1942, Anthony, KS.

 11       ii.           CLYDE B3, b. 1885, Anthony, KS; d. 1960, Bluff City, KS; m/1 Grace

     Norris; m/2 Gertrude Firestone; m/3 Dessie Florence Dusenbury.

 12       iii.            CHARLES CAMP3, b. 1886, Anthony, KS; m/1 Wile Grace; m/2 Maude Burbaker.

           iv.            FLORENCE MAE3, b. 1888, Anthony, KS; d Anthony, KS; m Fred Wright Dusenbury.

 13       v.            CHESTER IRA3, b. 1893, Anthony, KS; m Bertha E Wessling.

           vi.            GRACE MARIE3 , b. 1901, Anthony, KS; d Granda Hills, CA; m Ray C Mullin.

5. SAMUEL2 BARBER, was born May 11, 1856 in Cleveland, Orange, OH, and died August 23, 1923 in South Haven, Sumner, KS. He married (1) REBECCA ELLIOTT September 23, 1885 in Drury, Sumner, KS. He married (2) SUSIE FOY March 10, 1918 in South Haven, Sumner, KS

 14        i.            ELMER MATHEW3, d. 1956; m Mildred Jane Cathey.

            ii.            EFFIE MABLE3, b. 1886, Drury, Sumner, KS; d. 1966, Ellinwood, KS; m Charles Leslie Logan.

            iii.           LAURA BELLE3, b. 1888; m Claude E Blue; r KS.

            iv.           ROXIE ELIZABETH3, b. 1890; m Robert Lewis McManis.

            v.            EDITH PEARL3, b. 1891; m Carl Hutchinson.

 15       vi.            HOWARD DWIGHT3, b. 1898, Drury, Sumner, KS; d. 1980, South Haven,

       Sumner, KS; m/1 Grace Myrtle Kufus; m/2 Reithe Fiene.

6. FREDERICK JOHN2 BARBER, was born 1861 in Cleveland, Orange, OH, and died 1928 in Champaign, IL. He married ELLA DORA WRIGHT in Champaign, IL.

 16         i.            JESSE REUBEN3, b. 1884, Champaign, IL; d Jolly, IA; m Jennie Andrews.

             ii.            ORVILLE WILLIAM3, b. 1886; m. Averta Haines.

 17        iii.            ALBERT LEE3, b. 1888; m/1 Hazel Faye Turner; m/2 Della Johnson.

             iv.           MABLE CARRY3, b. 1890; m. Donald J. McDaniel.

 18         v.           FRANK CLIFFORD3, b. 1892; d 1967, Estherville, IA; m Eva Nehring.

             vi.           ETTA ANN3, b. 1896; m Guy Warner.

             vii.          REETHE MARIE3, b. 1900; m Walter R Breternitz; r Champaign Co IL.


7. OSCAR3 BARBER, was born 1875. He married Arilda (Rilla) KEITH.

            i.            MURIEL FLORENCE4 b 1898.


            i.            GUY FRANCIS4, b. 1902.

            ii.           PEAL4, b. 1904.

            iii.          LOUISA ELIZABETH4, b. 1906.

9. JOHN3 BARBER, was born 1886. He married MARY Emma COLE October 18, 1905.

            i.            JULIA BERNICE4, b. 1912.

10. JAMES3 BARBER, was born 1886. He married Mary Nellie Miller.

            i.            OLETA MAE4, b. 1911.

11. CLYDE B3 BARBER, was born 1885 in Anthony, KS, and died 1960 in Bluff City, KS. He married (1) GRACE NORRIS in Amarillo, TX. He married (2) GERTRUDE FIRESTONE. He married (3) DESSIE FLORENCE DUSENBURY April 22, 1908; he m/4 in 1921 ---.

           i.             FRANCES4, b. 1909, Anthony, KS; m. JOHN ROBERT STUMP, September 23, 1929.

           ii.            NADINE4, b. 1916, Lubbock, TX; m. EDWARD F. MACZKO.

12. CHARLES CAMP3 BARBER, was born 1886 in Anthony, KS, and died 1961 in Anthony, KS. He m/1 WILE GRACE. He m/2 MAUDE BURBAKER 1907 in Anthony, KS.

            i.            HAROLD LAWRENCE4, b. 1908, Anthony, KS (near Shook, KS); m. HELEN MAURINE GRISBY.

            ii.           DOROTHEA4, c 1906

13. CHESTER IRA3 BARBER, was born 1893 in Anthony, KS, and died 1949 in Anthony, KS. He married BERTHA E. WESSLING.

            i.            RICHARD PHILLIP4, b. 1927; d. 1981, Anthony, KS; m. JEAN MARIE DRESSLER.


            i.            SAMUEL MATHEW4, b. 1923; m. PEGGY ANN CORBUS, December 03, 1943.

            ii.           WILLIAM EUGENE4, b. 1925, Canadian, TX; m. VELDA RAE LUALLEN, Blackwell, OK.

            iii.          ROZELLA4, b. 1927, Blackwell, OK; m. WARD R CLEMENTS, Braman, OK.

15. HOWARD DWIGHT3 BARBER, was born 1898 in Drury, Sumner, KS, and died February 21, 1980 in South Haven, Sumner, KS1. He m/1 GRACE MYRTLE KUFUS 1919 in South Haven, Sumner, KS. He m/2 REATHE FIENE November 20, 1971 in South Haven, Sumner, KS.

            i.            GLENN HOWARD4, b 1919, South Haven, Sumner KS; m GENEVIEVE L JONES, Athony,Harper,KS.

            ii.           BENNY EARL4, b. 1922, South Haven, Sumner, KS.

      Wellington, Sumner, KS; m. IRENE GRAHAM, November 20, 1946, Paducah, McCracken, KY.

            iii.          ROGER ELDON4 I, b. 1928, South Haven, Sumner, KS; m/1 ROWENA LAWANDA

     ARMSTRONG, 1948; m/2 ROWENA JESSICA BEACH, 1948, Wellington, Sumner, KS.

            iv.          CONRAD NILES4, b. 1930, South Haven, Sumner, KS; m. MARY JUNE WHITE

            v.           PAUL ARLAND4, b. 1932, South Haven, Sumner, KS; m. DOROTHY ANN CRAWFORD,

            vi.          WARREN K4, b. 1934, South Haven, Sumner, KS; m. SUSAN STOKES.

16. JESSE REUBEN3 BARBER, was born 1884 in Champaign, IL, and died 1966 in Jolly, IA. He married

JENNIE ANDREWS in Champaign, IL.

            i.            ORVAL (STUB) VERNE4, m. UNKNOWN.

            ii.           WAYNE FREDRICK4, b. 1909; d 1962, Jolly, IA.

            iii.          THELMA MAXINE4, b. 1915.

            iv.          WILLIAM JAY4, b. 1924; m. HILDA MAVIS HAYES.

17. BERTIE LEE3 BARBER, was born 1888. He m/1 M. HAZEL; m/2 DELLA JOHNSON December 14, 1911.

            i.            ELAINE GERTUDE4, m. DELLA SVPDEEN.

            ii.           DONALD4.

            iii.          FREDRICK I4.

18. FRANK CLIFFORD3 BARBER, was born 1892, and died 1967 in Estherville, IA. He married EVA NEHRING January 04, 1922.

            i.            FLORENCE4, b. 1914; m. CLYDE RICHARDS.











References: family trees: craftychick5069

Rootsweb Worldconnect: Melissa Ward





1. CHARLES WESLEY1 BARBER, b OH 1823; d Chickamunga GA (Civil War) 1863; m Lillis Weaver; r Morrow Co OH.

            LORRINDA M2, 1849; m Langdon Bentley Longwell; r Pine River, Gratiot Co MI.   [~ 1900 census ~]

  2        HORACE WANTON2, 1850; m Martha Collins.

  3        JOHN WESLEY2, 1853; m/1 Elizabeth Witham; m/2 Sapphira G ---.

            JOHN ALLEN2, 1855

            MARY CATHERINE2, 1857; m Montgomery Strouse.

  4        FRANK WRIGHT2, 1859

  5        DAVID REESE2, 1862: m Ida Bisbee.

  6        CHARLES HENRY2, 1862


2. HORACE WANTON2 BARBER, b OH 1850; m Martha Collins; r Democrat, Carroll Co IN in 1900.  [~ census ~]

            FREDERICK H3, b IN 1876

            ARTHUR G3, b IN 1880

3. JOHN WESLEY2 BARBER, b OH 1853; m/1 Elizabeth Witham; m/2 1883/4 Saphira G ---; r Hartford, Licking Co OH in 1900.  [~ census ~]

            LOUIS ERNEST3, b OH 1876; m Elnora ---; r Renssalaer IN; r Marion, Jasper Co IN in 1920, with no children.   [~ census ~]

4. FRANK WRIGHT2, BARBER, b OH 1859; m 1880/1 Martha Cochran; r Sylvan, Osceola Co MI in 1900, and in Chippewa, Isabella Co MI in 1910. [~ censuses ~]

            FREDERICK3, b MI 1894

            PEARL3, not in censuses, apparently died young.

5. DAVID REESE2 BARBER, b b OH Morrow Co OH 1862: m Ida Bisbee; r St Louis, Gratiot Co MI.  Ida m/2 1893/4 John Glassford, and had Kenneth Glassford, b 1900.  In 1900 she lived in Mount Pleasant, Isabella Co MI.

            LESLIE TREMAIN3, b OH 1886; d Edmore MI; m Lula Mae Newberry.

            HOWARD LYLE3, b OH 1889; m Marybelle Petre; r Merrill, Saginaw Co MI.

                        HAROLD LYLE4, 1918

                        DOROTHY4, 1920

                        KENNETH CHARLES4, 1922; m --- Whelton.

                        LUCILLE M4, b 1925; d 1929.

6. CHARLES HENRY2 BARBER, b OH 1862; m Anna Glassford.


            WILLIAM E3














Ref: Karen Barber Hills

Joe Meade: joefaith at


Head of family; birth yr; family number:

Edward, 1793; 1

George Atkins, 1856; 5

Howard B, 1898; 6

Hugh Florian, 1891; 5

Jason A, 1855; 2

Jasper Maltby, 1868; 6

LaFoy Carde, 1869; 4

Milan Austin, 1833; 4

Perry Kenyon, 1825; 2

Samuel G, 1827; 3



Brown, Alice M; 5

Foster, Mary N; 4

Gregory, Ann; 4

Hull, Ida M; 2

Kenyon, Desire; 1

Maltby, Lydia E; 2

Maltby, Matilda R; 3

Pratt, Maud L; 5

Willoughby, Clara B; 6


1. EDWARD1 BARBER, b CT 1793; m c 1818 Desire Kenyon; r Schenectady NY, and Wales, Erie Co NY, and Huron Co OH.

            RHODA L2, 1819; m Barber Williams; r Huron Co OH.

            ALFRED G2, 1824; m Jane Odell.

  2        ?PERRY KENYON2, c 1825; m Lydia Elizabeth Maltby

  3        SAMUEL G2, 1827; m Matilda Rachel Maltby.

            J SMITH2, b NY 1831; d 1851; r Huron Co OH.

  4        MILAN AUSTIN2, b OH 1833; m Ann Gregory; to Manchester CT.

            JOHN M2, 1836

            WILLIAM M2, 1838; m Damarais ---.


2. ?PERRY KENYON2 BARBER, c 1825; m Lydia Elizabeth Maltby

            JASON A3, 1855; m Ida May Hull.

                        JOHN EDWARD4, 1886

                        HELEN4, 1888

                        ALICE4, 1890

                        MAURICE COMPTON4, 1893

                        WILLIAM MALTBY4, 1894

            DRAPER W3, 1856

            ROSA3, 1866; m --- Beck.

3. SAMUEL G2 BARBER, b 1827; m Matilda Rachel Maltby; r Huron Co and d Centerton, Lorain Co OH.

            DORA V3, 1854; d Centerton OH; m Ragan Mehrling.

  5        GEORGE ATKINS3, 1856; m Maud L Pratt.

            BAYARD B3, 1858; m Arabelle Hartman.

  6        JASPER MALTBY3, 1868; m Clara Belle Willoughby.

            EMMA GRACE3, 1873; m Mason D Smith; r Elyria, Lorain Co OH.

4. MILAN AUSTIN2 BARBER, 1833; m Ann Gregory; r OH, and Manchester CT.

            LaFOY CARDE3, 1869; m Mary Naomi Foster.

                        DWIGHT MILAN4,  ; m Olive McCarty.

                        EDWIN DONALD4

            GAYETTA3, 1871; m Harry M Baker; r Fremont, Sandusky Co OH.

Third Generation

5. GEORGE ATKINS3 BARBER, 1856; m Maud L Pratt; r Huron Co OH.

            HUGH FLORIAN4, 1891; m Alice Mae Brown; r North Fairfield, Huron Co OH; r Northfield

    and Willard, Huron Co OH.

                        HELEN G5, 1914; m Robert G Murray.

                        HAROLD GEORGE5, 1917; m Marjorie Bobel.

                        MILDRED IRENE5, 1920; m/1 John Andrews; m/2 Kenneth Sutton.

                        CHARLES ROBERT5, 1922; d Jackson, Madison Co TN; m Rosemary George.

                                    PATRICIA JEAN6, 1945; m/1 Boyd Creveling; m/2 Gary Roland Wheeler.

                        WILLARD RAY5, 1925; d Spring, Harris Co TX; m Martha Jean Stout.

                        RICHARD LEE5, 1928; m Rosalie Hegedusic.

6. JASPER MALTBY3 BARBER, 1868; m Clara Belle Willoughby; r Norwich, Huron Co OH and Mellen, Ashland Co WI.

BRAYTON SANIL4, 1896; d Hendersonville, Sumner Co TN 1981.

HOWARD B4, 1898; m ---.

            MURRAY5, c 1928















Dorothy Case: dotcase at


Head of family; birth yr; family number:

Frederick, 1870; 4

Harrison Allyn, 1866; 4

Henry, 1772; 2

James, 1741; 1

James, 1761; 1

James, 1794; 1

Marshall C, 1847; 4

Orrin W, 1855; 3

Preston, 1843; 4

William, 1814; 3

William Abel; 1879; 4



Allyn, Adelaide; 4

Eldridge, Bais Louisa; 1

Houk, Fredericka; 3

Qualman/Jualman, Caroline; 4

Rowland, Mary; 1

Saxton, Mary B; 5

Smith, Clara B; 4

Stengel, Johanne; 4


1. JAMES1 BARBER, 1741; m ---; r Winchester, Frederick Co VA.  It has been suggested that James may be a son of George of Augusta Co VA. (see George and Plyer Barber)

            JAMES2, 1761; m Mary Rowland.

                        MARY3, 177?; m Abraham Stevens.

                        SARAH3, c 1781; m James F Leonard.

                        JOHN3, c 1790; m Judith Hall; r Tuscarawas, Stark Co OH in 1830, with 2 sons, 3 daughters.

                                      ?SOLOMON4, 1828; m Harriet Jane Wright.; r Jackson, Stark Co in 1850 (single); Bedford, Cuyahoga Co OH 

                                            in1860,1870; Granger, Medina Co OH 1880.

                                                    WILLIAM HENRY5,1855; m May Alberta Munger; r Minneapolis MN.

                                                                   MARTY BEATRICE6, 1889; m J S Thompson.

                                                                   JESSICA ANN6, 1906; m Russell C Froemke.

                                                    SYLVANUS5, 1856-1881.

                                                    LEONARD E5, 1858

                                                    ELTA LOVINA5, 1859; m James Albert Smith; r Summit Co OH.

                                                    BELMONT5, 1859-1870.

                                                    ARABELL5, 1864; m DeForest Richards.

                                                    THERON5, 1867; m Cora A ---, b Canada.

                                                                   JESSIE M6, 1889

                                                                   ROY6, 1891

                                                                   GRACE G6, 1896

                                                                   EDITH P6, 1898

                                                    MINNIE5, 1869; m Peter Hanson.

                                                    JAMES FINLEY5, 1871

                                                    EMILY5, 1874; m Louis Molton.

                                                    THOMAS5, 1876

                                                    PAUL5, 1878

                        JAMES3, c 1794; m Bais Louisa Eldridge; r Stark Co OH.

                                    JUDY H4

                                    ADALINE4, 1822

                                    MARY4, 1823; m Lawrence Baker; r Youngstown OH.

                                    JOSEPH4, 1828

                                    LEONARD4, 1834

                        ANNY3, b OH c 1800; m Thomas Porter.

  2        HENRY2, 1772; m Mary ---.



2. HENRY2 BARBER, b Winchester VA 1772;  m Mary ---; r Tuscarawas Co and Canton, Stark Co OH.  Henry was son of James Barber, and had a brother James.

            JAMES3, 1797

            HARRY3, 1798

            LEONARD3, 1800

            JOHN3, 1807

  3        WILLIAM3, 1814; m Frederick Houk.


3. WILLIAM3 BARBER, 1814; m Fredericka Houk; r Canton, Stark Co.

            MARY ANN4, 1838; m George Buckins; r Canton.

  4        PRESTON4, 1843; m Adelaide Allyn.

  5        MARSHALL C4, 1847; m Mary B Saxton.

            LAVENIA E4, 1849; m John G Yost.

            EMMA4, 1854; m Charles Pense.

            ORRIN W4, 1855; m Ella M.

                        VICTOR5, 1884; d 1912

                        CLYDE5, 1888

                        MABEL V5, 1892

            EDWARD M4, 1861


4. PRESTON4 BARBER, 1843; m Adelaide Allyn; r Coventry, Summit Co OH.  [Dorothy Case at Rootsweb Worldconnect]

            HARRISON ALLYN5, 1866; m Clara Belle Smith.

                        GERTRUDE MAY5, 1889; m George William Ley.

                        LEORA ETTIE5, 1895; m Charles Roscoe Kent.

            FREDERICK5, 1870; m Caroline Jualman/Qualman; d Los Angeles CA.

                        MADELINE6, 1895

                        RALPH PRESTON6, 1898

                        VERA HAZEL6, 1910; m Frank Faria.

            EVA MAY5, 1873; m William Sherbondy; d Los Angeles.

            MARTHA VALENTINA5, 1876; m William Fairway Ridge.

            WILLIAM ABEL5, 1879; m Johanne Stengel; d Akron OH.

                        ADELAIDE MILDRED6, 1901; m Sidney E Sueoff.

                        ETHEL MAY6, 1906, m Lincoln Stueland.

5. MARSHALL C4 BARBER, 1847; m Mary B Saxton; r Canton OH.

            JAMES S5, 1874; m Florence Whiley. He died in Hong Kong 1900.

            MARY BELINDA5, 1876; m Ralph Hartzell; ?m --- Goodman.

            GEORGE S5, 1878

            JOHN D5, 1879; m Helen Deneufrille.

            IDA5, 1881; m Luther Day.

            ?WILLIAM McKINLEY5, 1882; m Helen Deneufrille Powelson.

            CATHERINE5, 1884; m Henry Seymour Belden.











Dina Louise Barber McAfoose: dmjj at

Sally Richmond:  NetterKLR at


Head of family; birth yr; family number:

Bernard Raymond, 1875; 6

Henry, 1799; 1

Henry W, 1861; 2

Leonard, 1825; 2

Levi, 1827; 3

Shelby W, 1888; 5

Verdis Doyle, 1900; 7

William M, 1852; 4

Wilsey, 1856; 5



Bailey, Rebecca; 1

Coffield, Julia A; 5

Greggs, Elizabeth; 4

Hensel, Evelyn M; 7

Miller, Sarah E; 5

Myers, Nellie E; 6

Sills, Phebe A; 3

Wells, Mary J; 2



1. HENRY1 BARBER, b NY 1799; d Van Wert Co OH; m Rebecca Bailey; res. NY ?Westchester Co, and Spencer, Medina Co OH.   [Lt: Dina Louise Barber McAfoose; 1850 CS: Spencer; John Ott at Rootsweb Worldconnect]

  2        LEONARD2, 1825; m Mary Jane Wells.

  3        LEVI2, 1827/8; m/1 Catherine A---; m/2 Phebe Ann Sills.

            SARAH A2, 1830; m Elias Youmans.

            MARY JANE2, 1833; m Jacob John Smith.

            HARRIET CATHERINE2, 1836; m Abijah Goodwin; r York, VanWert Co OH.

            CHARLOTTE2, 1839; m Benjamin Goodwin.

            CHRISTOPHER K2, 1843/4 - 1860.


2. LEONARD2 BARBER, b NY 1825; m Mary Jane Wells; r NY State; and Mercer and VanWert Co OH.  [Lt: Dina McAfoose]

 4         WILLIAM M3, 1852; m Elizabeth A Gregg; she m/2 Amos Fairchild.

            JULIA E3, 1855

            ADIA or ADIN J3, 1857

            FRANKLIN3, 1859

            W HENRY3, b NY 1861; m Carrie ---; d in Converse and Jennings, VanWert Co OH

                        IVY F4, 1889

                        EVA A4, 1891

            MARY3, b Mercer Co OH 1863; m --- Trippey.

            THEODORE3, b OH 1866; d WA; m ---.

                        IRA L4, c 1905

            CHARLES3, b OH 1869; r Converse, VanWert Co.

3. LEVI2 BARBER, 1827/8; m/1 Catherine A---; m/2 Phebe Ann Sills; r OH.

            JANE A3, 1854

  5        WILSEY3, 1856; m Sarah Elizabeth Miller.

            MARY REBECCA3, b Mercer Co c 1858; m Milton Boroff; r OH.


4. WILLIAM M3 BARBER, b NY 1852; m Elizabeth Greggs; r Jennings, VanWert Co OH   She m/2 Amos Fairchild.  [1880 CS: Jennings; Lt:Dina McAfoose]

  6        BERNARD RAYMOND4, 1875/6; m Millie C Myers.

            LEONARD4, 1878-1900.

            CORA BELL4, 1879; m Charles Elmer Mumma; r Warren, Trumbull Co OH.

            GERTRUDE4, 1882; r Fort Wayne IN.

            ADA F4, 1886  ; m Frank Sylvester Brandeberry; r Decatur IN.

            ESTELLA J4, 1889; m Charles Andrews; r Decatur, Adams Co IN.

5. WILSEY BARBER3, 1856; m Sarah Elizabeth Miller; r Mercer and Mendon Co OH.

            FRANKLIN W4, 1883

            SHELBY W4, 1888; d Blufton, Wells Co IN; m Julia Ann Coffield.

                        MARCUS SHERMAN5, b Monroe Co MI 1916; m Esther Leona Tatman; r Blufton IN.

                                    JOHN A6, 1936-1936.

                                    MARCUS SHELBY6, 1938; m ---- Austin.

                        RUSSELL SHELBY5, 1923; m Avis Ross.

                                    BURNS CLIFFORD6, 1951

            OLA M4, 1889; m Fred W Hume.

            ROBERT LEVI4, 1891

            CLARA4, 1893

            SHERMAN4, 1896; d Columbus Grove, Putnam Co OH.

            JOSEPH THOMAS4, 1899

            HAZEL L4, 1902; m --- Schramm.

            LEOTA4, 1904; m Alfred R Hohenbrink.

            FLORA M4, 1907; m Wilbur Clark.




6. BERNARD RAYMOND4 BARBER, b OH 1875/6; m Nellie Elsie Myers; r Decatur, Adams Co IN, and Hazelwood OH.   [Lt: Dina McAfoose]

            AMY CLOW, 1898-1898.

  7        VERDIS DOYLE5, 1900; m Evelyn Marie Hensel.

            THELMA CHARITY5, 1902; m Delos W Reeves.       

MERLIN E5, 1904; m Gladys L Mobly.

HERMAN5, 1906; m Ruth Norman.

ELDON CURTIS5, 1912-1920.

DOROTHY ELLEN5, 1916; m Charles Richard Britton.


Fifth Generation

7. VERDIS DOYLE5 BARBER, 1900; m Evelyn Marie Hensel.   [Lt: Dina McAfoose]

            ELDON LEROY6

            MARY ONEITA6

            DONALD LEWIS6, b Warren OH 1931; d Herrick IL.



            SAMUEL EARL6

            LINDA LOU6

            DAVID GARY6











(8) HENRY BARBER of Summit Co OH

Ref: David Mason: Rootsweb Worldconnect


1. HENRY1 BARBER, b NY 1811; m/1 Juda Stevens; m/2 Mary Vallen; r Summit Co OH.

            THEODINA2, 1834; m --- Brown.

            LUCINDA2, 1840

  2        ISAAC PHILEMON2, 1843; m Alice Clara Hoffine.

            WILLIAM2, 1844

            AMANDA2, ; m --- Compton.



2. ISAAC PHILEMON2 BARBER, 1843; m Alice Clara Hoffine; r Bath, Summit Co OH and Osceola Co MI.

            ROBERT H3, b Bath 1880; m Letta Jane Smith; r Muskegan Co MI.

                        LAUREL4, 1901






            GEORGE ELMER3, b Reed City, Osceola Co MI 1881; m Sarah Ann Wilson; r Benzie Co MI.

                        PAUL ELLSWORTH4, 1913; m Lyma Rushlow.

                        MARY THEODA4, 1918

                        CARL ELMER4, 1921; m Eileen M Erickson.










(9) JOHN and JAMES BARBER, Virginia to Licking Co OH

References: family trees: rshawver1041



1. JOHN1 BARBER, b VA 1801; m Eliza ---; r Liberty, Licking Co OH in 1850, 1860.  He lived next to James Barber, who I assume is his brother.

            JEFFERSON2, 1835; m Nancy ---; r Liberty.

                        EMMA J3, 1859

            PERCY2, 1837

            EMELINE2, 1841

            CAROLINE2, 1841

            MARIAH2, 1842

            WESTLEY LEWIS2, 1844; m Mary E ---; r Liberty in 1880.

                        JOSEPH W3, 1869/70

                        J SYLVESTER3, 1872/3

                        OLDEN3, 1875/6


2. JAMES1 BARBER, b VA 1806; m Muskingum Co OH 1830  Anna Williams; r Liberty, Licking Co OH, next to John Barber.

            SARAH ANN2, 1832; m James Suel Baldwin; r Delaware Co OH.

            JAMES RILEY2, 1833; m Margaret ---; r Liberty in 1870, 1880.

                        EMMA V3, c 1858; m Leroy Barber.

                        EMMARILLIS3, 1859

                        CHARLIE3, c 1863

            THOMAS S2, 1835

            ISABEL2, 1837; m Lysander T Baldwin; r Licking Co in 1880.

            WILLIAM2, 1839

            LUTHER2, 1841

            ARDEN2, 1843; m Angie M ----.

  3        OSCAR2, 1845; m Matilda Anna Brooks.

            MARY E2, 1847; ?m Allen H Pease.

            DAVID2, 1850; m Eva Margaret Bilbo.

            MARGARET JANE2, 1855


3. OSCAR2 BARBER, 1845; m Matilda Anna Brooks; r Liberty, Licking Co OH in 1880.

            CORA3, 1876

            RAYMOND O3, 1878; m Clara E ---; r OH.

                        RALPH T4, 1905

                        ARDEN R4, 1908

                        KEITH O4, 1909

                        RUTH M4, 1012

            EARL STANLEY3, 1879; m Iva R Artz; r Licking Co OH.

                        LUCILE4, 1903

                        LOIS4, 1908; m --- Harris.












(10) JOHN BARBER of West Virginia and Meigs Co OH

From OneWorldTree

Patricia Grimm at Rootsweb Worldconnect


1. JOHN1 BARBER, b WV 178?; m ?Mary ---; r WV and Meigs Co OH.     In the Barber DNA project of Family Tree DNA, the family of a descendant of John Scott Barber is an exact y-DNA match to a descendant of John Barber, b about 1738, in the family of John and Rezin Barber in the Maryland Barbers.

  2        JOHN SCOTT2, 1814; m Hester Rose.

  3        SAMUEL2, 182?; m Mary Catherine ?Pike.

            ?WILLIAM2, 1820; m Phebe Benedict.

                        WILLIAM3, 184?; m Lucy Ann Gleason.

                                    BARTLEY S4, 1862; m  ---.


2. JOHN SCOTT2 BARBER, 1814; m Harriet Hester Rose; r Lebanon, Meigs Co OH.

            SAMUEL LEWIS3, 1840; m Virginia Sayre; r Jackson Co WV.

                        LAURA4, 1864; m James B Stone.

                        ?VIRGINIA4, 1864

                        JOSEPH J4, 1866; m Maryetta Fraser.

                        ?DILMAN4, 1866

                        RACHEL A4, 1867; m H E Kessell.

                        ?GEORGE4, b Union, Jackson Co WV 1868

                        HILEY L4, 1869; m William Cunningham.

                        ELVIRA E4, 1870

                        DORA B4, 1872

                        ADRA A4, 1873

                        MARY E4, 1876; d 1877.

                        TENNESSEE C4, 1877

                        FLORA JANE4, 1879; m Elmer Ellsworth Conrad.

                        JOHN L4, 1881

                        MARTHA E4, 1883

            AMELIA3, 1842; m Asa C Newlun.

            MALINDA3, 1843

            REBECCA3, 1846; m Daniel N Hanmon.

            ANNA3, 1847; m William McMurray.

            RACHAEL3, 1849

            ?JOHN SCOTT3, 1855; m Sabre May.

                        GEORGIANA4, b Ripley, Jackson Co WV 1890

            ALICE ROSENA3, 1859

            BARTLEY3, 1867

3. SAMUEL2 BARBER, 182?; m Mary Catherine ?Pike or Heiney; r VA.

            SAMUEL3, 185?


            ELLEN LUCETTA3

  4        JOHN F3, 1853; m Alice Drusilla Blake; r Reedsville, Meigs Co OH.


4. JOHN F3 BARBER, 1853; m Alice Drusilla Blake; r Reedsville, Meigs Co OH.

            CHARLES4,   ; m Emma Jane Grimm.


            LEWIS4, 1873; d Meigs Co;  m Minnie Rood.

            JOHN SCOTT4, 1874; m Mary Lovinia Grimm; r Meigs Co OH; d Belpre, Washington Co OH.

                        WALLACE5, 1904-1923.

                        GOLDIE5 (f), 1901; d Meigs Co; m Tona Heyes Boring.

                        KATHERINE JANE5, 1907; m David Liel Owens; r Belpre.

                        MAUD5, 1911; m Ben Wilcoxen; r Belpre.

                        EARLY ARVEL, 1914; d Belpre; m Ruth Helen Dovenberger.

            CHARLES CLINTON4, 1875; m Lou Buchanian.

            FRANKLIN R4, 1879; d Meigs Co;  m Alma Deeter.

            MARTINA FEDOCIA4, 1881; m Marshall Evans Rockhold; r Meigs Co, and Wood Co WV.

            ETHEL4, 1884; m Sanford P Grimm; r Jefferson Co OH.

            EDITH SEVENIA4, 1886; m David Albert Grimm; r Bellevue WV.

            ARCHIE BASIL4, 1888; d Meigs Co; m Emma Randolph.

            ROY IVAN4, 1890; d Meigs Co; m Addie Ellen Baker.

                        DOROTHY5,  ; m Raymond Carpenter.

                        ALICE LIDDIE5,  ; m Herbert Rood.

                        WALTER5,   ; m Martha Johnson.





                        ROXIE,  ; d Meigs Co.

                        RAYMOND RUBEN5,  ; m Francis Thantory.

                                    RAYMOND AUTHOR6



                                    JO ELLEN6

                                    JOYCE RITA6

                                    VICKIE LOUISE6

                                    SANDRA MAE6

                                    KIMBERLY SUE6

                                    SHIRLEY JEAN6

                        LYDIA5, 1913; d Meigs Co; m Ivan Isaac Chevalier.

                        ANCIL5, 1915; m/1 Wanitia Knox; m/2 Sarah Gertrude Smith.


                                    DONNA LOUISE6

                        VELMA5 GERTRUDE, 1916; m James Lowers.

                        ALBERTA5, 1918; d Meigs Co; m Harley Linthicum.

                        RUTH MILDRED5, 1924; d Meigs Co; m James Orville Barringer.

            BERTHA4, 1892; m William Russell Reed.

            LEONARD LYNN4, 1894; d Meigs Co; m Blanch Pullens.

                        CARL5, 1929; d 1949.

            DELBERT OKIE4, 1897; d Meigs Co; m Lola Reed.

                        KATHLEEN VIRGINIA,   ; m Oscar Miles.

            MARTHA ELLEN4, 1899; m Alva Holsinger.













(11) JOSEPH T BARBIER of FRANCE, Knox Co IN, and Perry, Brown Co OH

Ref: Paul George Stadler at WorldConnect –



Head of family; birth yr; family number:

Clarence Joseph, 1887; 11

Claude Joseph, 1790; 1

Edward Augustus, 1886; 8

Elmer Augustus, 1893; 9

Francis Otto, 1904; 14

John, 1847; 3

Joseph L, 1900; 13

Joseph Augustus, 1849; 4

Joseph Augustus, 1882; 7

Joseph Toussaint, 1816; 2

Lawrence Michael, 1888; 12

Michael Lawrence, 1859; 6

William, 1853; 5

William, 1875; 10


Spouses, Family #

Aubry, Rose; 4

Costet, Francoise L; 1

Dean,Nora May; 9

Duggan, Mary Bridget; 12

Eshe, Lillie; 11

Farquer, Lou Ella; 5

Good, Mary Ann; 3

Noland, Mary Ann; 2

Ridout, Carrie Edith; 14

Roellig, Evelyn; 13

Snyder, Mary Jane; 6



1. CLAUDE JOSEPH1 BARBIER, b: ABT. 1790; m Francoise Louise Costet; r Moselle France, Vincennes, Knox Co IN, and ?Perry, Brown Co OH.

  2               JOSEPH TOUSSAINT2, b: 1816; m Mary Ann Noland.


2. JOSEPH TOUSSAINT2 BARBIER, b 1816; m Mary Ann Noland; r Vincennes, Knox Co IN, and Perry, Brown Co OH.

               First wife:

               INFANT3, 1845; d 1845

               CHILD3, 1846; d 1847

  3           JOHN3, 1847; m Mary Ann Good.

  4           JOSEPH AUGUSTUS3, 1849; m Rose Aubry.

               MARY BELL3, 1852

  5           WILLIAM3, 1853; m Lou Ella Farquer.

               JOSEPHINE3, 1855; d young.

               LENORA3, 1857

  6           MICHAEL LAWRENCE3, 1859; m Mary Jane Snyder.

               MARGARET F3, 1864; m Joseph S Berger; r Brown Co OH.


3. JOHN BARBER3, 1847; m Mary Ann Good; r OH, KS.

               WILLIAM HENRY4, 1871; m Mary ---

               HENRY4, 187?

               ?VERA4, 1875

               JOHN HENRY4, 1879

               MYNA M4, 1885; d before 1910.

4. JOSEPH AUGUSTUS3 BARBER, 1849; m Rose Aubry; r Chasetown, Brown Co OH.

               MARY TERESA4, 1879; m Charles Emery McCarren.

  7               JOSEPH AUGUSTUS4, 1882; m Myrtle ---

  8               EDWARD AUGUSTUS4, 1886; m Stella May Minnie.

  9               ELMER AUGUSTUS4, 1893; m Nora May Dean.       

               LOUIS C4, 1896; d 1897

5. WILLIAM3 BARBER, 1853; m Lou Ella Farquer; r Georgetown, Brown Co  OH and Wamego, Pottawatomie Co KS.

  10          WILLIAM4, 1875; m Millie ---.

               MARY LENORA4, b OH 1877; m Charles Dronberger.

               JAMES EDMEN4, b OH 1879; m Blanche ---.

               ANTHONY4, b OH 1882; m Rose Flower.

               MAGGIE MAE4, b KS 1885; m Thomas Burgess.

  11          CLARENCE JOSEPH4, b KS 1887; m Lillie Eshe.

               LULA4, b KS 1890; m Thomas Norman. 

               LESTER EARL4, b KS 1893; m/1 Mabel Watson; he m/2 after 1930 ---;d Placerville CA.

6. MICHAEL LAWRENCE3 BARBER, 1859; m Mary Jane Snyder; r Perry, Brown Co OH.

               GEORGE B4, 1886

  12          LAWRENCE MICHAEL4, 1888; m Mary Bridget Duggan.

               CHARLES JOSEPH4, 1890; m Florence Mae Sheehan.

               MARY BELL4, 1892; d 1892.

               MICHAEL FRANCIS4, 1894; m Cecilia Edna Muel.

               STELLA MARIE4, 1896; m Michael Brownfield Vance.

  13               JOSEPH LAWRENCE4, 1900; m Evelyn Roellig.

  14               FRANCIS OTTO4, 1904; m Carrie Edith Ridout.


7. JOSEPH AUGUSTUS4 BARBER, 1882; m Myrtle ---; r Brown Co OH.

               ROBERT5,   ; m Matilda Taylor.

8. EDWARD AUGUSTUS4 BARBER; m Stella May Minnie W ---; r Brown Co OH.

               ARTHUR AUGUSTUS5, 1909; d 1910

               GLADYS LUCILLE5, 1911; m George Phillip Stephan.

               CLARENCE AUGUSTUS5, 1912; m Millie Oleta Sovine.

                               ANTHONY LEE6, 1952; m --- Eversole.

                                           ANGELA SUE, 1970-1985.  

               FLORENCE AGNES5, 1914; m Floyd Herschel Adams.

               WALTER JOSEPH5, 1916; d 1927

               MILDRED LAVERNE5, 1918; m John Hurst.

               CHARLES BERNARD5, 1919; m Martha Jane Smith.

               VIRGIL GALE5, 1921; m Betty Jean Griffith.

               RAYMOND FRANCIS5, 1923; m Rosetta Dean.

               PAUL EDWARD5,   ; m Marian Rozella Smith.

               EUGENE JOHN5, 1927; m Margaret Angeline Scott.

               STILLBORN5, 1929

               STILLBORN5, 1930

               ALBERT FRANCIS5, 1933; m LaVerne Marie Lochbrunner.

9. ELMER AUGUSTUS4 BARBER, 1893; m Nora May Dean.

               HARRY JOSEPH5, 1916; m/1 Minnie Chappelle; m/2 Betty Louise Prather Purdin.


10. WILLIAM4 BARBER, 1875; m Millie ---; r Georgetown, Brown Co OH.

               MARION SCOTT5, c 1889

               GUY5, c 1895

11. CLARENCE JOSEPH4 BARBER, 1887; m Lillie Eshe.

                 GEORGE5,  ; m Elizabeth

                 DOROTHY5,  ; m Howard Glover.

12. LAWRENCE MICHAEL4 BARBER, 1888; m Mary Bridget Duggan; r Brown Co OH.

               ANNA B5, 1906; m/1 Louis Snider; m/2 Loran Standford.

               MARY LOUISE5,   ; m Charles Guildford Urlage.

               FRANCIS BERNARD5, 1915; m Mary Louise Yahn.

               MARGARET THERESA5,   ; m Lawrence John Shrope.

               ALBERT JOSEPH5, 1918; d 1918,

               LAWRENCE MICHAEL5, 1919; m Ruth Rosemond Carrey.

13. JOSEPH LAWRENCE4 BARBER, 1900; m Evelyn Roellig.

               MARY E5, 1926; m/1 --- Galbreath; m/2 Willie L Reeves; m/3 Lee Norton.

14. FRANCIS OTTO4 BARBER, 1904; m Carrie Edith Ridout; r Cincinnati OH.

                 FRANCIS CLIFFORD5,  ; m Shirley McCormick.

               WILLIAM ANTHONY5,   ; m Darlene Delores Fairbanks.

               ROSE MARIE5, 1941; d 1941.

               CLARENCE PAUL5,  ; m Evelyn Joan Carter.

               ROMAINE THERESA5,   ; m Robert Junior Rose.

               DENNIS MICHAEL5,   ; m Flora Ann Smith Mullins.

               ELWOOD LAWRENCE5, 1848; d 1949

               KENNETH ROBERT5,   ; m Toomthong Musikaboonlert.









George Dwight Barber, Jr:  540 Helman St, Ashland OR 97520

Baunita Nixon:  PO Box 3, Lyons KS

Rebecca Barber:  beccab at


Heads of Family; Birth year; Family number:

A H C, 1832; 3

Albert James, 1874; 11A
Charles Clyde; 1875; 11
Charles Joseph; 1889; 10
Harold Milton; 1902; 12
Henry Theodore; 1843; 7
Isaac; 1796; 5
James; 1798; 6

James Albert, 1894; 11A
James F; 1846; 8
John; 1785; 3
John Milton; 1832; 9
Joseph T; 1824; 2
Michael; 1813; 7
Nathaniel; 173?; 1
Nathaniel; 1825; 3
Ray Moulton, 1885; 7

Samuel; 1787; 2
Thomas James, 1835; 9A

Uriah; 1761; 2
Uriah; 1815; 8
William; 1824; 6

William, 1857; 10
William Everett; 1817; 2

Spouses; Family number:
Beard, Mary; 6
Beard, Rachel; 2
Browning, Sophia; 10
Burkhardt, Clara Jane; 11
Clingman, Barbara; 2
Cole, Caroline; 2
Conklin, Sarah; 2
DeLong, Mary E; 9A

Dennis, Lucy; 5

Goddard, Grace H; 11A
Hammitt, Lucy; 5
Isham, Sarah Elizabeth; 7

James, Edna M; 11A

Leeds, Darthula; 3
Linsey, Maria; 6
Long, Mariah Henrietta; 7
Mitchell, Sarah J; 9
Queen, Mary Ann; 6
Revare, Margaret Mary; 12
Robinson, Anna; 10

Robinson, Anna E; 2
Shoemaker, Ann E; 3

Steele, Amelia E; 7

Swords, Violet; 3
Tomlinson, Nancy; 2
Turner, Rebecca; 6
White, Elizabeth; 1

Worley, Rebecca J; 2



1. NATHANIEL1 BARBER, 173?; m ? Elizabeth White; she m/1 Joseph Bonser; res Philadelphia, and Northumberland Co PA.    [Ref: DAR Lineage]

 2         URIAH2, 1761; m/1 Barbara Clingman; m/2 Rachel Beard



2. URIAH2 BARBER, 1761; m/1 Barbara Clingman; m/2 1806 Rachel Beard; res Philadelphia and Northumb. Co PA, Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH.    [Ref:Lt:G Dwight Barber; IGI:OH; Lt:Baunita Nixon; Lt:Rebecca Barber]                                                        First wife:      

            HANNAH3, 1783; m John Miller

 3         JOHN3, 1785; m Violet Swords

            SAMUEL3, 1787; m/1 Nancy Tomlinson; m/2 Sarah Conklin; res Green and Wheelersburg, Scioto Co OH.  [Ref: 1850

      CS:Green; Lt:G Dwight Barber; CEM]      

                        Second wife:      

                        SARAH A4, 1822     

                        ABIGAIL4, 1826

ANDREW J4, 1829                   

            MARIA T4, 1834; m George W Cole      

                        MARINDA B4, 1834; m John Shope      


            JOSEPH L3, 1789; m Mahala Colley      

            NATHANIEL3, 1792

            NANCY J3, 1794; m William Raynor; res Scioto Co OH

 5         ISAAC3, 1796; m Lucy (Hammitt) Dennis

 6         JAMES3, 1798; m/1 Mary Ann ?Beard; m/2 Maria Linsey      

            MARY K3, 1803; m/1 ---; m/2 William Raynor      

            WASHINGTON3, 1803; m Razilla Gillam      

            Second wife:       

            SARAH3, 1808; m Samuel Clingman Briggs; she m. and died in 1843      

            MARINDA3, 1811; m 1843 Samuel Clingman Briggs, who m/1 Sarah Barber

 7          MICHAEL3, 1813; m Mariah Henrietta Long

             WILLIAM EVERETT3, 1817; m/1 Caroline Cole; m/2 Anna E Robinson; res Jackson Co OH.      

            First wife:      

                        EMMA4,   ; m Albert H McFadden      

                        IDA FRANCES4,   ; m William O McColm      

                        JESSIE E4

                        Second wife:      

                        JESSE STEWART4      

                        MARIA LOUISE, 1853; m Thornton B Burke.   [Walter B Shively: wshi12184 at]

            NANCY J3, 1820; m Anthony Hill      

            LAURA3, 1822; m Ezra H Noel

            JOSEPH T3, 1824; m Rebecca J Worley; res Nile, Scioto Co OH.       [Ref: 1880 CS:Nile]      

            URIAH JOSEPH4, 1861      

                        EZRA E4, 1863      

                        LOUISA M4, 1865      

                        FRANK K4, 1867     

                        CHARLES W4, 1870      

                        AARON E4, 1873      

                        EARNEST W4, 1879

            ?JANE3,  ; m Galbraith Patterson.



3. JOHN3 BARBER, 1785; m Violet Swords; res Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH.  [Ref: 1850 CS:Portsmouth; Lt:G Dwight Barber; Lt:Rebecca Barber]

 8         URIAH4, 1815; m Rachel ---

             NATHANIEL4, 1825; m 1850 Ann Eliza Shoemaker ; res Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH.            [Ref: 1880 CS:Portsmouth]      

            OSCAR5, 1854      

                        HENRY5, 1858      

                        EMMA5, 1860      

                        JENNIE5, 1862      

                        CHARLES5, 1864      

                        GRACE5, 1870      

                        VIOLET5, 1871      

                        IDA5, 1874      

                        an older daughter m --- Smith.

            A H C4, 1832; m Darthula Leeds; r Clinton, DeWitt Co IL.  [William A Brobst at Rootsweb Worldconnect]






                        ADA LETA5, 1888; m Harry Daniel Breighner.

                        GILBERT          5          

            CATHARINE4, 1833; m Jesse England.

            JOHN C4, 1836; m ---; had 12 children.  Res. Portsmouth.      

            SAMUEL4, 1838      

            EMILY4, 1842     possibly there were 12 children.

5. ISAAC3 BARBER, 1796; m Lucy (Hammitt) Dennis (his second wife); res Scioto Co OH.       [Ref:Lt:G Dwight Barber; Lt:Rebecca Barber]      

            HANNAH AMANDA4,   ; m --- White      

            ISAAC N4

 9         JOHN MILTON4, 1832; m Sarah J Mitchell

6. JAMES3 BARBER, 1798; ?m/1 Mary Beard or Mary Ann Queen; m/2 Maria Linsey; ?res Philadelphia, and Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH.                   [Ref:IGI:PA]

            WILLIAM4, 1824; m Rebecca Turner; res Philadelphia PA.       

            MARY5, 1853       

                        CASSANDRA TURNER5, 1854       

                        ELIZABETH YARDLEY5, 1857       

                        ANNA BEARD5, 1861       

                        EMMA5, 1862       

                        CORNELIA NEEDLES5, 1862       

                        REBECCA SINCLAIR5, 1868

  9a            THOMAS JAMES4, 1835; m Mary Elizabeth DeLong.

7. MICHAEL3 BARBER, 1813; m Mariah Henrietta Long; res Union, Scioto Co OH.    [Ref: 1850 CS:Union; Lt:G Dwight Barber]

  9b       HENRY THEODORE4, 1843; m Sarah Elizabeth Isham; res Deerwood, Crow Wing Co MN.     [Ref:Lt:G Dwight

            MARY LOUISE4, 1849       

            ROBERT W4, 1847-1848



8. URIAH4 BARBER, 1815; m Rachel ---; res Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH.            [Ref: 1850 CS:Portsmouth]      

            MARY5, 1844; ? d yg

            JAMES ?F5, 1846; ?m Bell ---; res Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH.            [Ref: 1880 CS:Portsmouth]      

            NELLIE6, 1871     

                        THOMAS6, 1873

            EMILY5, 1848       

            MARY5, 1854

 10        WILLIAM5, 1857; m Anna Robinson      

            KATIE5, 1860      

            LUCY5, 1864

9. JOHN MILTON4 BARBER, 1832; m Sarah J Mitchell; res Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH.         [Ref: 1880 CS:Portsmouth; IGI:OH; Lt:Rebecca Barber]                   

            ELLA H5, 1863; unm.      

            LUCY E5, 1864; unm.      

            ROBERT L5, 1867; m Clara Gifford      

            RUTH B5, 1869;  unm.      

            ALBERT M5, 1871; m Ann Fulmer; 3 children.

 11        CHARLES CLYDE5, 1875; m Clara Jane Burkhardt

9A. THOMAS JAMES4 BARBER, 1835; m Mary Elizabeth DeLong; r Creston, Union Co IA.  [Linda Cuff-Cornett:]

  11a     ALBERT JAMES5, 1874; m Grace Henrietta Goodard; r Creston.

            LILLIAN MAY5, 1885

            THOMAS5, 1887

            URIAH5, 1891

9B. HENRY THEODORE4 BARBER, 1843; m Sarah Elizabeth Isham; res Deerwood, Crow Wing Co MN.     [Ref:Lt:G Dwight

Barber; family trees: kenholly2002]

MARIE G5, 1869/70

            MAE LAURA5, 1870/1; m John T Burch; res Freedom, Republic Co KS.

            MICHAEL S5, 1872/3

            FLORENCE M5, 1874/5

            MILLIE W5, 1877/8

            NORA H5, 1879/80

            RAY MOULTON5, 1885; m Amelia Elvira Steele.

                        GEORGE DWIGHT6, 1920; m Miriam Alberta Hanson.

                                    DEWAIN7,   ; m Susan Prince.




10. WILLIAM5 BARBER, 1857; m Anna Robinson.   [Lt: Jack Barber, Sr.]

            JESSE6, 1883

            CHARLES JOSEPH6, 1889; m Sophia Browning; res Scioto Co OH.

                        GEORGE MARTIN7, 1912; m Velma I Shear.

                                    JACK8, b Dayton OH 1946; m Debra Harper.

11. CHARLES CLYDE5 BARBER, 1875; m Clara Jane Burkhardt; res Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH.              [Ref:IGI:OH; Lt:Rebecca Barber]

 12.       HAROLD MILTON6, 1902; m Margaret Mary Revare      

            MARGARET ELIZABETH6, 1904; m John Reeves Thompson; 1 child

            ROBERT CLYDE6, 1906; m Muriel Judith Wheeler.         

11A. ALBERT JAMES5 BARBER, 1874; m Grace Henrietta Goddard; r Creston.

JAMES ALBERT6, 1894; m Edna Maude James; r Billings MT, Conway Springs, Sumner Co KS, Sheridan WY.

                        LILLIAN MAE7, 1919; m Russell Lowell Cornett; r Twin Falls ID.

                        AVIS MAXIN7, 1915


                        VIRGINIA LUCILLE7, 1925



                        CLIFTON PAUL7, 1939-1940.

            CLARA LILLIAN6, 1898

            ROBERT6, 1900











(13) NELSON BARBER of Erie Co OH

Ref: Rebecca Pachasa, Kathryn Rudes: Rootsweb Worldconnect



1. NELSON1 BARBER, b NY 1812; m Phoebe House; r Margarette, Erie Co OH in 1840, in Groton, Erie Co in 1860, in Oxford, Erie Co in 1870.   In 1840 there were 2 other Barber families in Margaretta, not living close to each other or to Nelson: David and James Barber, with families, both in their 30’s, as Nelson was listed.   ??brothers?  Edgar, b 1832, lived with Nelson in 1870.

            ? EDGAR2, 1832

            JOSEPH2, 1840/1

  2        DAVID HENRY2, 1840; m Elsie Amelia Tillotson.

            CHARLES2, 1845

         HARRISON2, 1845; m Lena H Kriss.

            JEROME JAMES2, c 1852; m Ellen Brownell.

            GEORGE2, c 1854

  4        IRA BENEDICT2, 1856; m Emma Henrietta Kriss.

            ERNEST/EMMETT2, 1857

            MARY2, 1858; m --- Downing.

         COURTLAND2, 1859; m Eva Gertrude Golden.


2. DAVID HENRY2 BARBER, 1840; m Elsie Amelia Tillotson; r York and Clyde in Sandusky Co, and in Luckey, Wood Co OH.

            HARRY CORTLAND3, 1874; m Ruby Chase.

            FRANKLIN VALENTINE3, 1876

            ROY WILFRED3, 1878; m Jessie Rankin; r Detroit MI in 1910, 1920.

                        DONA4, 1907/8

                        WILLARD4, 1910/11

            CORA JANE3, 1879

            EARL JOSEPH3, 1881

            ARTHUR CECIL3, 1883

            JESSE OSMAN3, 1887

            MILO EMMETT3, 1889; unmarried.

            DAVID LESTER3, 1891-1893

3. HARRISON2 BARBER, 1845; m Lena H Kriss; r Clyde, Green Creek, Sandusky Co.

            ZELMA R3, 1888

            FRANKLIN H3, 1891; d Huron Co OH.

            ALMA LENA3, 1893; m William Wilson Billman; r Sandusky Co.

4. IRA BENEDICT2 BARBER, 1856; m Emma Henrietta Kriss; r Vickery, Sandusky Co OH.

            IDA MAE3, 1888; m Earl L Greenman.

            LEO KRISS3, 1890

            RUSSELL RAY3, 1891

            MAYE3, 1893; m Grover Gerding.

            EDGAR WILLARD3, 1896; m Augusta A ---; r Painesville, Lake Co OH.

                        EDGAR W4, 1924

                        DOUGLAS M4, 1926

                        EVELYN M4, 1928

            EMMA HENRIETTA3, 1898; m Garnet Eugene Batesole.

            RUTH FERN3, 1901; m/1 William Root; m/2 Albert William Bahnsen.

            CHESTER IRA3, 1903

            HELEN LUCILLE3, 1905

            DONALD3, 1908


5. COURTLAND2 BARBER, 1859; m Eva Golden; r Castalia, Erie Co OH.

            VERNA3, 1888

            ROLLIE CORTLAND3, 1892

            EVA3, 1897


1. NELSON E1 BARBER, b NY 1816; m ??; r Perry, Lake Co OH.   This was actually Nelson BAKER.   Listed as Barber in 1850, lived next to Elijah Baker, whose wife was Roxy L ---.   In 1860 Nelson was listed as Baker.

            DAVID2, 1841

            ROXY L2, 1846

            PARKMAN2, 1847

            LAFAYETTE2, 1849













John F Barber: 


Head of family, birth yr; family number:

David, 179?; 3

David Lawrence, 1894; 3A

David Steele, 1826; 3A

Francis Granville, 1841; 4

James McClanahan, 1822; 2

John, 178?; 2

John Alexander, 1823; 2

John Francis, 1919; 6

Robert Benton, 1861; 3A

Samuel Gamble, 1818; 2

William, 176?; 1

William Chauncey, 1878; 5

William Martin, 1820; 2



Bickett, Mary; 2

Bratton, Katherine R; 3A

Gallloway, Eliza A; 2

Haynes, Dorothy E; 6

Jackson, Mary; 3A

Kyle, Sarah G; 2

Martin, Sarah; 2

McClanahan, ---; 1

McClellan, Sarah; 3

McCoy, Hazel; 3A

Mead, Mary; 2

Ramsey, Anna; 4

Redfield, Flora M H; 5

Townslee, Nancy; 2

Townslee, Sarah G; 2



1. WILLIAM1 BARBER, 176?; m --- McClanahan.  Immigrated from Ireland to near Pittsburgh PA.  Moved to Xenia, OH, in 1811.  [Lt:John F Barber]

            ELLEN2, 178?; m Alexander Foster.

  2        JOHN2, m Sarah Martin.

  3        DAVID2, m Sarah McClellan.

            MARGARET2,  ; m Thomas Townsley; moved to IN.

            SARAH2; never married.

            ELIZA ANN2, m John McConnell; 1 ch.

            THURZA2,  ; never married.



2. JOHN2 BARBER, 178?; m 1817 Sarah Martin; res Xenia, Greene Co OH after 1809.   [1850 CS: Xenia]

            SAMUEL GAMBLE3, 1818; m Sarah G Kyle; res. Xenia, Greene Co; 9 children.

                        SARAH MARTIN4, 1845; m George W Kiler; 3 ch.

                        JANE GOWDY4, 1847; m James Fred Smith; 1 ch.

                        JOHN A4, 1849; never married.

                        MARY ABIGAIL4, 1852; m A F Andrews; no ch

                        JOSEPH KYLE4, 1854; m Nettie McClain; 3 ch.

                        CATHERINE4, 1856; m William Friedo.

                        MARTHA IDA4, 185?; m John Furle.

                        ROBERT WILLIAM4, 1861; never married.

                        SAMUEL DEPEW4, 1868; never married.

            WILLIAM MARTIN3, 1820; m/1 Nancy Townsley; m/2 1861 Mary Mead; res Xenia.

                         First wife:

                        EMMA ZETTA4, 1849; m Lancaster G Bull; 3 ch.

                        MARY JOANNA4, 1850; m Charles Crouse of Fredericksburg MD; no ch.

                        HENRY MARTIN4, 1852; never married.

                        NANCY4, 1855; m James Harvey Andrew; no ch.

                        Second wife:

                        CARRIE JANE4, 1863; m William Louis Marshall; 4 ch.

                        LUELLA ANN4, 1866; m Robert Carruthers Watt; no ch.

            JAMES MCCLANAHAN3, 1822; m Mary Bickett; res Cedarville, Greene Co

                        JOHN CALVIN4, 1856; m/1 Josie Frazier; 1 ch.; m/2 1893 Anna McMillan; 1 ch.

                        ROBERT LEE4, 1858; m Alva Snodgrass.

                        HULDAH J4, 1860; m Charles Rice; 7 ch.

                        CHARLEY M4, 1862; m Fannie Turnbull; 2 ch.

                        ALICE T4, 1863; m Robert Anderson; 4 ch.

                        LAURA HETTY4, 1864; m Dinsmore Sma Collins; 2 ch.

                        EFFIE M4, 1866; never married.

                        ALBERT D4, 1868

                        NORA A4, 1870; m Dr Baldridge; 2 ch.

                        ISA M4, 1872; m Edwin Leggett; 3 ch.

                        LUNA L4, 1874; m Paul Stiles; 2 ch.

                        JESSIE P4, 1877; m Franklin Dawes of Boston MA.

            JOHN ALEXANDER3, 1823; m/1 Eliza Ann Galloway; m/2 1868 Sarah Townsley.

                        First wife:

                        JOHN A4, 1851; m Sarah Townsley (?a daughter of Sarah, above?); 2 ch.

                        WILLIAM HARRISON4, 1866; m Lucy Tarbox.

                        ELIZA GALLOWAY4, 1866-1866.

                        Second wife:

                        EVA4, 1871; m Charles Ervin.

                        FLORENCE4, 1875; m Jesse C Townsley.

  3a       DAVID STEELE3, 1826; m  Mary Jackson.

            HESTER MARTIN A3, 1828; m James Townsley; no ch.

            ALBERT GALLENTINE3, 1831; m Sarah J Humphrey; 1 child.

            SARAH JANE3, 1833; m Alexander Turnbull; 5 children.

            ROBERT BATES3, 1835

            ISAAC3, 1838

  4        FRANCIS GRANVILLE3, 1841; m Anna Ramsey; res Garnett KS; 2 ch.

3. DAVID2 BARBER, 179?; m Sarah McClellan.  Res late in Princeton, Gibson Co IN.  [1850 CS: Columbia, Gibson Co]



            MARGARET3, 1826/7

            JAMES3, 1829/30


            ELIZA ANN3

            JOSEPH3, 1834/5


3A. DAVID STEELE3 BARBER, 1826; m  Mary Jackson; res. Cedarville, Greene Co; 6 children. [Rich. Gess:]

            MARTHA D4, 1854; m/1 William E Elrick; m/2 Carl Swander; res Cedarville.

            INFANT4, 1857-57

            ESTELLA4, 1858; m Thomas L Moore.

            ROBERT BENTON4, 1861; m Katherine R Bratton; 3 ch; res Cedarville.

                        MARY LOUISE5, 1888; m Charles Douglas Coulter.

                        EDITH JEANETTE5, c 1892; m John Oliver Job.

                        DAVID LAWRENCE5, 1894; m Hazel McCoy.

                                    SON6,   ; m --- Watson: 1 child.

                                    SON6,  ; m --- Stebbins: 1 child.

            LYDIA L4, 1865; m Charles Walker Dean; 2 ch; res Cedarville.

            DAVID WALLACE4, 1868; m/1 Sarah Gillaugh; m/2 Nelly Wise. Res Xenia.

            GEORGE HALL4, 1871; never married.

4. FRANCIS GRANVILLE3 BARBER, 1841; m Anna Ramsey; res Garnett KS; 2 children.

            BLANCHE4, 1872; m Harry J Brown; 1 ch.

  5        WILLIAM CHAUNCEY4, 1878; m Flora Mae Hamby Redfield.


5. WILLIAM CHAUNCEY4 BARBER, 1878; m Flora Mae Hamby Redfield.

 6         JOHN FRANCIS5, 1919; m Dorothy Emma Haynes.