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(1) WILLIAM of NC, and MOSES EDWARD of GA and FL

(2) WILLIAM and JOHN of Anson Co


RICHARD and MICAH BARBER, Onslow Co NC -The descendancy for this family is found under the file of Andrew Barber in North Carolina Barbers (A)






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Head of family; birthyr; family number:

Andrew Jackson, 1839; 18

Archibald Aaron; 1833; 14

Benjamin Austin, 1840; 10

Benjamin Judson, 1862; 4

Charles Farmer, 1859; 27

Charles Franklin, 1861; 25a

Charles Monroe, 1886; 33

David L, 1817; 4

Durant Clay, 1898; 12

Edmond B, 1823; 11

Edmond Obadiah, 1867; 29

Edward Albert, 1877; 28

Francis Champion, 1827; 6

Foster Bates, 1871; 12

George William, 1836; 17

George Washington, 1856; 25

Green W/B, 1819; 10

Harry Monroe, 1880; 25

Henry James, 1888; 29

Henry Obadiah, 1825; 19

Henry William, 186?; 26

Horace Douglas, ; 35

Isaac, 1802; 7

Isaac Joseph, 1835; 15

Isaiah, 1827; 13

Israel, 1827; 5

Israel M, 1827; 20

Ivey Monford, 1897; 25A

Jack, 183?; 3

Jacob Bates, 1832; 12

Jacob Grady, 1890; 22

James Edward, ; 36

James Edward, 1836; 16

James John, 1810; 9

James Israel, 1852; 28

James John, 1853; 22

James Madison, 1863; 23

James Madison, 1884; 21

Jasper Newton, 1850, 24

John, 180?; 3

John Benjamin, 1878; 25

John J, 1838; 6

John L, 1855; 9

John P, 1859; 9A

John Robin LeVert; 23

John William, 1866; 12

John William, 1891; 34

Joseph Andrew, 1820; 3

Joseph Andrew, 1860; 18

Joseph H, 1860; 15

Joshua, 1895; 32

Josiah, 1831; 4

Louis Jackson, 1903; 23

Marion Washington, 1851; 11

Martin Moses, 1859; 14

Moses, 176?; 3

Moses, 1788; 3

Moses B F, 1833; 3

Moses Edward, 1800; 5

Moses Edward, 1833; 5

Nathan N, 1875; 14

Norval R, 1812; 9a

Obadiah, 1825; 4

Oscar Franklin, 1887; 4

Perry, 1876; 19

Richard, 1807; 10A

Robert B, 1887; 25

Samuel, 179?; 2

Samuel, 1800; 3

Samuel Jeremiah, 185?; 5

Thomas MacDuff, 1862; 13

Walter Theodore, 1871; 18

Warren Henry, 1890; 26

Will B, 186?; 10A

William, 170?; 1

William, 1824; 3A

William, 174?; 2

William, 1789; 4

William Albert, 1857; 28A

William Daniell, 1811; 4

William Glover, 1886; 24

William Isaac, 1887; 15

William Jasper, 1842; 3

William Loveless, ; 30

William Warren/Wright, 180?; 6

William W, 1833; 6


Alexander, Elizabeth A; 24

Alexander, Penelope; 5

Alexander, Rachel; 3A

Alexander, Sarah; 17

Blackburn, Mary A; 28

Britt, Merniole; 22

Bryan, Arie M; 12

Bryant, Eula; 18

Casey, Nancy M; 11

Cason, Mary A; 28

Chesser, Alice C; 25

Chesser, Della; 25

Chewing, Martha E; 14

Clayton, Susie B; 34

Clements, Mary; 3

Clements, Rebecca E; 5

Clements, Virginia; 5

Cook, Susan L; 5

Corbett, Nancy J; 28

Daniell, Bettie; 4

Daniell, Rachel; 4

Davis, Mary L; 5

Davis, Mary; 11

Davis, Rachel; 4

Davis, Rhoda; 2

Dennis, Martha; 9

Dennis, Nancy A J; 22

DeVaughan, Mary; 9A

Dixon, Ida; 25

Douglas, Mary A; 28A

Durden, Jennie L; 9A

Ellison, Ruthie; 3

Ennis, Nancy; 6

Evans, Detha; 10A

Exum, Bessie; 21

Gable, Lucille; 30

Gann, Elizabeth; 4

Gann, Nellie L; 24

Garrett, Pearl; 33

Geiger, Harriet C; 15

Geiger, Martha B; 14

Goodgame, Sarah A; 10

Goodwin, Nettie L; 35

Hamilton, Bertha; 21

Hendrix, Margaret V; 36

Hodges, Laura; 29

Howard, Nancy E; 10

Hull, Nancy A; 18

Johnson, Minnie M; 4

Jones, Stella B; 12

Justice, Mary J; 29

Kight, Martha A; 19

King, Ida; 25

Land, Beulah; 25A

Loveless, Louisa J; 23

Mayo, Nancy C; 9

McDowell, Evie L; 23

Mikell, Ella; 14

Mitchell, Addie E; 11

Motes, Della; 25

Mounds, Elizabeth; 2

Nummy, Mary E; 9A

O’Neal, Georgia E; 19

Padgette, Elizabeth V; 26

Patterson, Mae; 15

Poore, Albie; 25A

Puckett, Sybil; 10A

Reed, Kizziah; 4

Reed, Minnie E; 12

Roberson, Violet S; 18

Roberts, Alice A; 4

Rowe, Mary E; 27

Sikes, Catherine F; 7

Simmons, Maggie; 17

Smith, Mary J; 12

Smith, Veaurnal; 18

Spears, Ruthie; 3

Steedley, Ellen; 29

Stevens, Nancy; 19

Stiles, Catherine F; 7

Stratton, Mamie; 32

Strickland, Minnie L; 29

Swain, Susan M; 13

Tanner, Cornelia; 25

Tatum, Matilda; 19

Thomas, Nancy B; 26

Thompson, Elizabeth A; 13

Thompson, Victoria W; 16

Wesley, Mary; 3

Westley, Mary; 3

White, Mary E; 15

Whiddon, Minnie; 33

Wilkinson, Sarah R; 25

Yates, Mary; 6

Young, Harriet; 10



1. WILLIAM1 BARBER, 170?; m ?Ann ---. Some think William is descended from Dr. Luke Barber of Maryland. He may be the same William who was in Anson Co NC with brother John, and had children Kezia and Cassandra. (See Family of John and William Barber of Anson Co). [Ref: Lt Dick Wilson - quotes IGI of NC; Gene Barber]

2 WILLIAM2, 174?; m Sythe ---.

According to another source, William2 is the son of MOSES, b Perquimanx Co NC 1729; and Elizabeth (Jones) BARBER. [Lt: Jack Thompson]

?KEZIAH2, 1750; m William Henry Cone.

?CASSANDRA2, ; m Matthew Carter.



2. WILLIAM2 BARBER, 174?; m Sythe ---; r NC, GA. William was in Rev War, from NC. Went from Lt to Private. Received land in GA.

3,3a MOSES3, 176?; m Mary Westley; m also ---.

AARON3, 178?; m Elizabeth Mounds.

RUTH3, 178?; m --- Bishop.

SUSANNAH3, 178?; m Peter Yates; res. Montgomery GA

MARY3, 178?; m John Taylor; r Montgomery Co.

NANCY3, 178?; m Steven Stanford; res. Columbia Co FL

TAMAR3, 178?; m --- Roberts.

4 ?WILLIAM3, 1789; m Rachel Daniell (or Davis)

RICHARD3, 179?

SAMUEL3, 179?; m Rhoda Davis.

NANCY4, ; m Silas Covington.



3. MOSES3 BARBER, 176?; m Mary Westley; also m ---; r Liberty Co GA. Most of the children moved from Southeast GA to FL in 1829. There is confusion with Moses b 1788, (see below) who m Mary Wesley. [Gene Barber; Lt:W Arnold; Lt: Charles H Jones; Gene Barber]

Children of Moses and Mary:

5 ?MOSES EDWARD4, b 1800; m/1 Mary Leah Davis; m/2 Rebecca E Clements; m/3 Susan Letitia Cook.

6 WILLIAM WARREN or WRIGHT4, ; m Susan ---; ?killed by Indians.

SAMUEL4, 1799/1800; m Mary ?Clements.

VICEY E5, 1840/1

JOHN4, ; m ---; If this is the right John, he and all except his wife were massacred in Seminole War

in 1830.


?MOSES BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5 – a deserter in Civil War. He was once fined $6000 for adultery.

?WILLIAM JASPER5, 1842; prob m/1 ---, had family which was wiped out by disease; he m/2 ---

Second wife:



LEVICEY4, 1812; m Daniel John Mann.

JOSEPH ANDREW4 “General”, 1820; m/1 Mary ---; m/2 Ruthie (Spears) Ellison.; r. near Jacksonville FL




Children of other wife:

7 ISAAC4, ?1802; m Catherine Frances Stiles/Sikes.

8 SON4, m ---

?OBADIAH4, ; m ---.


3A. Another MOSES3 BARBER, 1788; m Mary Wesley; r Clarke Co GA, Columbia Co FL, Lowndes Co GA. Could this be the same Moses Barber who was supposedly b 176?, m. Mary Westley? (above) I don’t know how to fit this Moses into the family. Possibly a later appearance of the same Moses as in 3?? [Ref: Lt:Barbara Goodson; Gene Barber]

9 JAMES JOHN4, c 1810 GA; m Martha Dennis.

9a NORVAL R4, c 1812 GA; m Fayette Co GA Mary DeVaughan; res Autauga Co AL.

MARTHA4, c 1814 GA; m Henry Booth

ELIZABETH4, c 1815 GA; d Chilton Co AL; m James R Mims

10 GREEN W or B4, 1819; m/1 Harriet Young; m/2 Sarah Ann Goodgame; m/3 Nancy Emily Howard.

WILLIAM4, c 1824 GA; ?m Rachel P Alexander. [1880 census: Paulding Co GA.





KNIGHT5, 1865/6

ELIZABETH5, 1869/70

JOHN J5, 1872/3

LOULA5, 1875/6

4. WILLIAM3 BARBER, 1789 NC; m Rachel Daniell; to Athens, Clarke Co GA and Marietta, Cobb Co GA. Possibly son of George and Margaret (Watkins) in George and Plyer Barber of NC.

[Ref: GENDEX, Daniell; Dale Harris: dharrise at; OneWorldTree]

10a RICHARD4, 1807; m Sybil Puckett.

PAULINE4, 1808; m --- Truman.

WILLIAM DANIELL4, 1811; m Kizziah Reed; he d Roane Co TN.

DANIELL5, m Rebecca West.

LEACY OLIVIA5, 1849; m John Thornton Glore; d Cobb Co GA.

DAVID5, 1853

MARY5, 1855

JESSE5, 1857

DELILAH ANN4, 1814; m Nathan Cicero Alexander; r Cobb and Cherokee Co GA.

DAVID L4, 1817; m Elizabeth Gann

NANCY5, 1836

RACHEL5, 1840; m George W Ray.

WILLIAM5, 1842-186? (CivWar)

NATHAN5, 1842-186? (Civil War)

ELIZABETH5, 1844; m John B Ray.

SUSANNAH5, 1847; m Joseph Bell.

SARAH5, 1850; m S B Thackson.

ELEANOR5, 1852; m R Delong.

DAVID S5, 1857; m/1 Georgia Ann Ray; m/2 Eliza Quinn.

First wife:



GEORGE5, 1858; m Lucinda Lawson.

BENJAMIN JUDSON5, 1862; Allice Alfreda Roberts.

OSCAR FRANKLIN6, 1887; m Minnie Mae Johnson.


WINNIE MABLE7, ; m Millard Lee Patterson.

SIDNEY RALPH7, 1911; m Nellie Jane Reid.

BEULAH ELIZABETH6, 1892; m George Harley Patterson.

11 EDMOND B4, 1823; m Mary Davis

ELIZABETH4, 1827; m Dock Ron Alexander.


JOSIAH4, 1831; m Bettie Daniell.




?CAMPBELL5, ; m Saphronia Hogan.

?MATTIE ELIZABETH5, 1866; m Newton Columbus Adams.

12 JACOB BATES4, 1832; m Mary Jane Smith.

MARY4, 1834



5. MOSES EDWARD4 BARBER, b 1800; m/1 Maria Leah Davis (d 1862); had at least 9 children by her; m/2 Rebecca E Clements (commonlaw?); had 5 children by her; had 2 children with Margaret Cook of New Smyrna; he m/3 Susan Letitia Cook. She m/2 William Preston DeRuss. Moses E supposedly had many children by several women. Moses was shot in the shoulder during the Indian trouble. He was a known stealer of Indian cattle. Also he stole Mizell cattle, and they stole from him, in GA and FL, which eventually led to a feud between the two families. Moses d. poisoned by a girlfriend and her husband; or this may have been a ruse, and he went on living elsewhere.. His home was on the St Mary’s River, at “Barber’s Station”. A skirmish during The Battle of Olustee took place there. In 1860 he owned 100 slaves. Also in 1864 the property was taken over for a few days by Yankee Troops. [Lt: Thomas Lindsay; Eugene Barber: “The Way It Was”; Kathy Carroll at WorldConnect:]

?JOHN5, early

13 ISAIAH5, 1827; m/1 Elizabeth Ann Thompson; m/2 c 1855 --- Alexander.

MARY ELLEN5, b GA c 1828; m Joseph Hale. She d Bradford, now Union Co FL.

MARGARET E5, b FL c 1831; d Union Co FL; m Durham Hancock.

14 ARCHIBALD AARON5, 1833; m Martha Belle Geiger.

15 ISAAC JOSEPH5, 1835; m Harriet Christina Geiger.

16 JAMES EDWARD5, 1836; m Victoria Eugenia Thompson.

17 GEORGE WILLIAM5, 1836; m/1 Sarah ?Alexander; m/2 Mary ---.

MOSES EDWARD5, c 1833; m Penelope Alexander. Moses fought in the Civil War. He was killed (drowned and

shot) by the Mizzells in 1870 (Feuding enemies);. Penelope m/2 --- Osteen; m/3 William Conklin.

MERCY L6, 1853

MOSES W6, 1854; m Jennie King. He shot 1 or 2 Mizell enemies, after they killed his father.

Then he fled, permanently.

MARTHA C6, c1856


ISAAC6, 1861


OLA6, ; m Lee Andrews.

ELIZABETH E5, b FL c 1840; d Jacksonville FL; m Alexander Blum. ?also m Robert Belonia Dinkins.



Children of Moses E and Rebecca:

SAMUEL JEREMIAH5 Clements, changed to Barber; m 1881 Virginia Clements: m/2 1885 Nathan Americus

“Callie” Calhoun.. She m/2 Lige Byrd.

First wife:



Second wife:

MOSES EDWARD6, ; r near O’Brien FL.

TALMADGE6, ; m Mary ---; r High Springs FL.

VIRGINIA E5 Clements, changed to Barber; m W A (Sam) Clark.

JULIA H5 Clements

ALLEN5 Clements

MARY5 Clements


Children of Moses E and Susan Letitia:

MEDDIE5, ; m --- Wilson.

WILLIAM JAMES5, ; an architect, he d young. Fought in Civil War.

One daughter of Moses E probably married --- Surles.

6. WILLIAM WARREN or WRIGHT4 BARBER; m Susan ---. He was killed by Indians. [Gene Barber]

FRANCIS CHAMPION5, b GA 1827; m Nancy Ennis; r Orange Co FL. He fought in the Seminole War, 1856-57. Probably

killed in the Barber-Mizell Feud. [1880 census]

SAMUEL6, 1862-1888; m Nancy Ennis or Hurst.

WILLIAM FRANCIS6, 1853; m Civility Beatty.

SUSAN6, 1858; m George Sullivan.

JOHN6, 1860; m Mrs. M E Westcott.

FRANCES6, 1867/8; m Clement Sullivan.

SAMUEL G5, c 1829

RHODA5, c 1831; m Daniel Clifton.

WILLIAM W5, c 1833; m Rebecca ---. Res Orange Co FL.

WILLIAM W6, 1854; m M. P.

MOSES B F, 1880

JOHN R6, 1857

NANCY5, b FL 1835; m Marion Platt.

JOHN J5, c 1838; m Mary Yates; r St Cloud, Osceola Co FL.

ANDREW JACKSON6, 1857; m Liza Padgett; r Orange Co FL.

MOLLIE7, 1880

RHODA6, 1859; m Ceef? Cook.

MARTHA ELLEN6, 1862; m John Padgett.

JOHN FRANK6, c 1865; m/1 Aggie Yates; m/2 Malintha Lee.

AGGIE6, 1867/8; m ---- Simmons.

MARY JANE6, 1869/70

18 ANDREW JACKSON5, c 1839; m/1 Violet Sophrone Roberson; m/2 Nancy A Hull.

LIDEA5, 1842; m James Jefferson Patrick.

7. ISAAC4 BARBER, 1802; m Catherine Frances Stiles/Sikes; res Hinesville, Liberty Co, and Bryan Co GA.

[Ref: 1850 CS:Bryan Co; Lt:W Arnold; Lt: Charles H Jones; Lt: Cindy Swords]

EMALINE5, 1821; m James H Johnson; r Camden Co GA.

SUSAN5, b 1823; m Richard Barlow Jones.

19 HENRY OBADIAH5, b 1825; m/1 Martha Ann Kight; m/2 Nancy Stevens; m/3 Matilda Tatum; m/4 Nancy ---.

20 ISRAEL M5, 1827; m Edy M ---

ANNA5, 1831-1890.

MARTHA5, 1833; m/1 --- Campbell; m/2 --- Walbert.

MARY ANN5, 1835; ?m George Campbell.

CAROLINE5, 1838; m Isaac Lightsey.

ANGELINE LYDIA5, 1843; m/1 Jesse L Lanier; m/2 Jeremiah Smith Baden.

8. SON4 BARBER, ; m ? (may be one generation off?)

21 JAMES MADISON5, 1884; m/1 Bessie Exum; m/2 Bertha Hamilton.

9. JAMES JOHN4 BARBER, c 1810 GA; m Martha Dennis; res Autauga Co AL [Wm G Cassady]

MARY A5, 1844; m John R Vinson.

MARETTA5, 1845

MALINDA5, 1846

MATILDA5, 1846; m Marion Austin Barber.

MALISSA5, 1847; m Jesse M Dennis.

SARAH5, 1848

HARRIET5, 1850; m William T Bulliard.

MARTHA5, 1852

22 JAMES J5, 1853; m Nancy Ann Josephine Dennis.

JOHN L5, 1855; m Nancy C Mayo. [Lt: Margaret Taylor; William Cassady]

JAMES ?RUSSELL6, 1878; m Leola Viola Post.

MARTHA ANN NE OMA6, 1879; ?m --- Conger or James Chavers.

LAFAYETTE6, 1882; m Emma D.

NANCY LEOLA6, 1885; m Joe Cook.

ELIZA C6, 1888; m Claud D Wilson.

9A. NORVAL R4 BARBER, c 1812 GA; m Fayette Co GA Mary DeVaughan; res Autauga Co AL.

MAHALY5, c 1835

ADELINE E5, 1840; m Levy Jarrett Dennis.

CAROLINE ELLIE5, 1841; m James Soards Jones.

MARY ETTA ELIZABETH5, c 1845; m/1 Benjamin Nummy; m/2 James Durden; r Autauga Co.

GEORGE5, c 1845

SARAH5, c 1851

HARRIET T5, c 1852; m William T Bulliard.

ANGELINA5, c 1853; m Burrel Bazzel.

MARION AUSTIN5, c 1855; m Matilda Barber.

JOHN P5, 1859; m/1 Mary E Nummy; m/2 Jennie Lind Durden; r Autauga Co AL.

EMMA D6, 1883

LELA A6, 1885; m J D Hampton.

MARY J6, 1890; m William A Patrick.

MARTHA F6, 1893

JENNY L6, 1897

OLIVE5, c 1864

10. GREEN W or B4 BARBOUR, 1819; m/1 1840 Harriet Young; m/2 1845 Sarah Ann Goodgame; m/3 1867 Nancy Emily Howard; r Autauga Co AL. [Lt: Margaret Taylor; Wm G Cassady]

First wife:

BENJAMIN AUSTIN5, 1840; m Sarah Jane ---; r Autauga Co. [William Cassady]

LORDGEN6 (?), 1867

MARY A6, 1869

B F6, 1871

I H6, 1873

I O6, 1876

W C6, 1880

JOHN GREEN5, 1843; m Mariah Louisa ---.

?First or second wife:


Second wife:

SARAH5, c 1866

MARY ELIZABETH5, 1851; m Alphonzo Cooper; r AL.

23 JAMES MADISON5, 1863; m Louisa Jane Loveless.

10A. RICHARD4 BARBER, 1807; m/1 Sybil Puckett; m/2 Delilah ---.

WILL B5, 186?; m Cobb Co GA Detha Evans.



11. EDMOND B4 BARBER, b Clarke Co GA 1823; m Mary Davis; r Dallas, Marietta , Cobb Co GA. [Worldconnect]

JULIANN5, 1848

24 JASPER NEWTON5, 1850; m Elizabeth Annette Alexander

MARION WASHINGTON5, 1851; m/1 Nancy Mary Casey; m/2 Addie E Mitchell; r Haleyville AL.

First wife:


WILLIE LOUISA6, 1875; m James A Chambers.

ALBERT L6, 1877

LEOLA AMANDA6, 1879; m --- Jordan.

MINNIE LILLA6, 1882; m John S Brisco.


JOHN6, 1887

Second wife:

NOAH6, 1891

NORA6, 1896

ELIJAH6, 1899



MARTHA DRUSILLA5, 1859; m John M Hill.

AMANDA J5, 1861

MARY ELDER5, 1864; m Charles A Fleming.

EDMUND B5, 1866; ?m --- Davis.

12. JACOB BATES4 BARBER, 1832; m Mary Jane Smith; res Marietta, Cobb Co GA.

SARAH LOUISE EMMA5, 1864; m Henry J Walker.

JOHN WILLIAM5, 1866; m Minnie Emmaline Reed.

DURANT CLAY6, 1898; m Stella Blanche Jones.

SARAH JONE7, ; m Eugene D Chalin.

STELLA BLANCHE7, ; m Corbet Clark LOCKE, Jr.



HOWARD DURANT5, 1869; m Cora L Horne.

FOSTER BATES5, 1871; m Arie May Bryan; res Marietta.

ELBA MAY6, 1896; m L N Hansell; no children.

RAYMOND V6, 1901; m Ruth Hackney. 2 ch.

NONA LEE6, 1899; m William Henry Whitaker.




13. ISAIAH5 BARBER, 1827; m/1 Elizabeth Ann Thompson; m/2 c 1855 Elizabeth Alexander; res Macclenny. Elizabeth ran the Macclenny Hotel. Isaiah was lost in 1864 in the Civil War in SC. [Gene Barber]

First wife:

JAMES EDWARD6, c 1853; prob. to TX.



ISAAC C6, c 1855; put in a mental institution.

Second wife:

25 GEORGE WASHINGTON6, c 1856 (he may be of first wife); m Cornelia Tanner.

?MARY LEAH (Cissy) 6, 1858; m Asa William Rowe. {FTM: Anc. of Joshua Barber]

THOMAS MacDUFF (Duff) 6, 1862; m Susan Madonna Swain.

KATHLEEN7, ; d young.

GEORGE CURTIS7, ; m ---. Had a daughter Elizabeth Ann.

CARMETA7, ; m --- Champion.

HARRIETT6, 1864; m Samuel Blair; r MacClenny.

14. ARCHIBALD AARON5 BARBER, 1833; m Martha B Geiger; r Lafayette Co FL. Fought in the Civil War. Arch was tried for murder 3 times and acquitted. He shot a law officer during the Reconstruction Days. [Lt: Thomas H Lindsay; Lt: Thomas Parker; Lt: Martin Barber, Gene Barber]

ELIZABETH D6, c 1855

MARGARET E6, c 1857; m John Cason

MARTIN MOSES6, 1859; m Martha E Chewing; r Cross City, Dixie Co FL. [James A Chewning, 1380 Girard

Blvd, Merritt Island, FL 32952, at LDS FamilySearch]

CHARLES M7, 1900

BELLE7, 1902

PEARL B7, 1906; m --- Tripp.

MARTIN EUGENE7, 1917-1936; m Retha Jones.



BELLE6, ; m John McCullars

25a CHARLES FRANKLIN6, 1861; m Albie Poore.


EMMA NORA6, 1866; m John J Robinson.

NATHAN N6, 1875; m Ella Mikell. [Lt: Thomas Parker]

ERNIE DREW7, 1895-1895

LEMUEL L6, 1898; m Idell Lindsey. He was a Dixie Co FL official.

ARCH HAMPTON7, 1900; m Lyndal Allen; r Dixie Co F

15. ISAAC JOSEPH5 BARBER, 1835; m Harriet Christina Geiger. Isaac died in 1870 in a shootout, in the “Barber-Mizzell Feud”. Res. Baker Co FL. [Gene Barber]

JOSEPH H6, 1860; m Mary Eliza White; r Peg Horn, Osceola Co FL.

LEAH7, 1889

WILLIAM ISAAC7, 1887; m Mae Patterson. He was Tax Collector, Osceola Co FL.


HATTIE PEARL7, 1885; m Sion Henry Fertis/Fertic.

THOMAS HENRY7, 1893; m Carolyn Ruth Mills. Res. Palmetto FL.

MAY CLYDE7, 1891; m Lewis Lafayette Fertis/Fertic.

MARY6, 1862-1862.

26 HENRY WILLIAM6, 1863; m Nancy Belle Thomas.

ELLEN CHRISTINE6, 1866; m John R Capes. Res. Tampa FL.

ROSWELL/ROSEWELL C6, 1869; m Maggie Ferrell.

16. JAMES EDWARD5 BARBER, 1836; d Baker Co FL; m Victoria Eugenia Thompson; had children. He died after trying to swim the Savannah River after a night of drinking, in 1868.

27 CHARLES FARMER6, 1859; m Mary Elizabeth Rowe.

FLORIDA PAULINE6, 1861; m/1 Leon David; m/2 David Knapp.


17. GEORGE WILLIAM5 “Mean Bill” BARBER, 1836; m/1 Sarah ?Alexander; He m/2 Mary ---; Sarah m/2 Andrew Haught; r FL. Bill was a crook, according to the family. He bullied his way into receiving much of his father’s estate, ignoring the other heirs. [Kathy Carroll at WorldConnect:]

FRANCIS G6, c 1854

GEORGE WILLIAM6, ; this George is confused with 17. George Washington Barber, son of Isaiah.


18. ANDREW JACKSON5 BARBER, c 1839; m/1 Violet Sophrone Roberson; m/2 Nancy A Hull. An Indian fighter. [Gene Barber; 1880 census: Orange Co]

JOSEPH ANDREW6, 1860; m Maggie Simmons.

CARLE7, ; m Mary Jane Hodges.

JEAN6, 1864; m --- Holliman.

WILLIAM JEFFERSON6, 1865; m Julia McKee.

SUSAN ELIZABETH6, 1867; m Albert Thomas Hughey.

MARY ELLEN6, 1869; m James Harvey.

WALTER THEODORE6, 1871; m/1 Eula Bryant; m/2 Veaurnal Smith.


ALICE ISABEL6, 1871/2; m Frank Landing.

DELINA BLANCHE6, 1872/3; m Gordon Lawson.

HENRY6, 1875

ALEXANDER6, 1878/9

19. (Henry) OBADIAH5 BARBER, b 1825; d Ware Co GA 1909; m/1 Martha Ann Kight; m/2 Tatnall Co GA 1 Feb 1849 Nancy Stevens; m/3 Matilda Tatum; m/4 Nancy ---; res. in Bryan Co GA until at least 1852, then in Ware Co, except that they showed up in the 1860 Pierce Co GA Census.

Obadiah was known as the “King of the Okefenokee”. His log cabin has been preserved, and can be seen at the Okeefenokee Homestead, about 8 miles southwest of Waycross GA. Obadiah was supposedly married 3 times, and had 20 children. He was very tall, and known for his hunting and trapping skills. According to legend, he killed a great black bear with a piece of firewood when attacked. He fought in the Civil War. [Ref: 1850 CS:Bryan Co; 1860 CS:Pierce Co; IGI:GA; Early Am. Marriages:GA; Larry R Youmans]

Children of Obadiah and Nancy Stevens:

JULIA ANN6, b Bryan Co 1850; Noah Altman.

28 JAMES ISRAEL6 (or Isaac), b Bryan Co 1852; m Mary Ann Blackburn or Cason.

LAURA EMILY6, b Ware Co 1855; m James Daniel Sweatt. [Lt: Earl R Bates]

ELIZABETH ISABELLE6, b Ware Co 1856; m Daniel Johnson Blackburn.


28a WILLIAM ALBERT6, 1857; m Mary Ann Douglas.

MARY MARJORIE6, b Ware Co 1860; m Thomas Matthew Tatum.

NANCY ANGELINE6, b Ware Co 1862; m Moses W Melton.

LYDIA LAVINA6, b Ware Co 1865; m Henry J Walden.

29 EDMOND OBADIAH6, b Ware Co 1867; m/1 Ellen E Steedley; m/2 Minnie Laura Strickland.

CHARLOTTE6, b Ware Co 1868; died young.

ELLA6, 1870; m Littleton T Capps.

Children of Obadiah and Matilda, born in Ware Co:


PERRY6, b 1876; m Georgia Elizabeth O’Neal. [ OneWorldTree]


OMAN7, 1910

MERIEL7, 1913

RABY M7, 1916

WILLIAM CALVIN7, 1921; d Duval FL.

DORIS7, 1923

PARRY7, 1928

ROSA VERBER6, b 1877; d 1900; m Joseph R Youmans; r Pierce and Ware Co GA.

CHARLES F6, 1879; m Rosa (Thigpen) Howard.

GEORGE CLEVELAND6, 1882; m Annie Laurie Smoak.

VIRGINIA6, 1884; m Noel Strickland.

SAMUEL JACKSON6, 1888; m Gertrude Robinson.

LUCINDA6, 1889; m Noel Strickland, after her sister Virginia died.

HENRY LEE6, 1891-1909.

JOHN H6, 1893-1905.

20. ISRAEL M5 BARBER, 1827; m Edy M ---. [Ref: Lt:W Arnold]

JAMES B6; 1851; he may be the father of James Madison Barber, just below.

SARAH6, 1854


ANN F6, 1862

21. JAMES MADISON5 BARBER, b Ware Co GA 11 Jun 1884; d 6 Aug 1952; m/1 Bessie Exum, b GA 14 Feb 1888; m/2 Bertha Hamilton (div.); he m/3 Sally Young (div.). buried in Berrien Co GA. He was born near the Okeefenokee Swamp. James Madison Barber is placed here, since he is known to be a cousin of Obadiah Barber, above. James was a sharecropper, and a deacon or officer in the Southern Baptist Church. [Ref: Lt:Diane Barber McColl]

Children of James and Bessie:

COLA6, ; m --- Wallace



VERSIE6, ; m --- Becton



ADDIE6, ; m --- Noles


DIANE7, ; m --- McColl.

Children Clio6, Abram6 and Jack6 died in infancy.

Children of James and Bertha:

DOROTHEA6, ; m --- Cochrane


DAUGHTER6, ; m --- Harrington. Had 2 children.


22. JAMES JOHN5 BARBER, 1853; m Nancy Ann Josephine Dennis; r Chilton Co AL. [William Cassady]

JACOB GRADY6, 1890; m Merniolle Britt; r AL.

JESSIE MARIE7, 1907; m/1 ??; m/2 Dunley Lebanon Tatum; r Montgomery AL.

23. JAMES MADISON5 BARBOUR, 1863; m Louisa Jane Loveless; r McCalla AL. [William Cassady]

LILLIAN PEARLE6, 1893; m Robin Adair Wade; d Bessemer AL.

SARA ELIZABETH6, 1895; m James Monroe Vance; r Bessemer AL.


30 WILLIAM LOVELESS6, 1900; m Lucille Gable.

THOMAS ROSS6, 1902-1902.

LOUIS JACKSON6, 1903; m Polly ---; d Bessemer AL.


EARLYNE JANE6, 1905; m John DeMoville Kirby.

FAIRRIE MAE6, 1907; m Willie George Cassady.

BONNIE HAZEL6, 1910-1910.

JOHN ROBIN LeVERT6, 1912; m Evie Lorraine McDowell.

CAROL CECEIL7, ; m Roy Morris Dowdy.

JOHN ROBIN LeVERT7, ; m Gloria Jean Arnold.

24. JASPER NEWTON5 BARBER, 1850; m Cobb Co GA Elizabeth Annette Alexander




HENRY CLIFORD6, 1879-1894



WILLIAM GLOVER6, 1886; m Nellie Louise Gann





25. GEORGE WASHINGTON or WILLIAM6 BARBER, c 1856; m Cornelia Tanner; r Macclenny, Baker Co FL. [Kathy Carroll at WorldConnect:]

JOHN BENJAMIN7, 1878; m/1 1895 Alice Charity Chesser; m/2 Ida King or Dixon.

First wife:


FRANCIS PONS8, ; m ---

Second wife:

EARNIE8, ; m Grady --- of LA.

MILDRED8, ; m --- Bartee.

GEORGE ISAIAH7 ”Buddy”, 1879; unmarried; shot and killed 1902.

WADE HAMPTON7, 1879; m Stella ---.

HARRY MONROE7, 1880; m Sarah Rachel Wilkinson; r Hollister, Putnam Co FL.

MABEL8, 1900; m Kirby Washington Cannon.

EDWARD8, 1906; m Naomi Williams.

ESTON8, 1908; m --- Stanley.


DORIS8, 1911; m --- Johntrey.

DAVID BURTON7, 1882; m Pearl Smith.

ALONZO S7, 1884; m Rachel Osteen.

ROBERT B7, 1887; m Delia Motes or Chesser. Res. Palatka, Baker Co FL.

SIDNEY C8, c 1909; m Jessie Johnson.

OCIE E8, c 1912; m --- (Heirs) Heisler. Res. Palatka. Ocie was a bootlegger among other things, and

sported bullet wounds.

BELLE E8, c 1915; m --- Champion.

AMOS J8, c 1920

HARRIET ELIZABETH7, 1888; m John Hampton Smith.

THOMAS McDUFFY7, 1890; m Helen Plymel.

GRACE7, 1892; m --- Futch.

PEARL7, 1895; m Harrell Motes.

MOSES EDWARD7, 1899; d 1925.

RED7, ; m Emma S Hicks; he was sent to FL State Hospital for Criminally Insane after killing his wife and

her lover.

25A. CHARLES FRANKLIN6 BARBER, b 1861; m Albie Poore. [ OneWorldTree]

IVEY MONFORD7, 1897; m/1 Beulah Land; m/2 Mrs. Clifford Futch Hines; m/3 Beulah Land again; r Cross City FL.

LOUISE LAND8, 1923; m Harley Daniel Holcomb; r FL and OK.

DONALD THOMAS8, 1922; m Francis Murdoch.


SHARON9, b Bartow FL 1954; m/1 Eric Michael Clanton; m/2 George David Greear.

MARLOWE FRANKLIN8, ; m Colleen Clapp. He married twice.




JOAN8, ; ?m/1 Bernie Womble; m/2 Raymond West.


ORRIE CASON7, ; m Tom Green.

26. HENRY WILLIAM6 BARBER, ; m Nancy B Thomas. res. Kissimmee, Osceola Co FL. [Lt: Jacki Barber]

MOSES DAN7, 1886

ROSIE A7, 1888

WARREN HENRY7, c 1890; m Elizabeth Viola Padgette. Res Kissimmee FL. [Lt: Jacki Barber]

HENRY WARRE8, c 1920





HAROLD GUIDON8, ; b Kissimmee FL.

JOHN7, 1891

JOSEPH7, 1891

MARY/MAY7, 1893

32 JOSHUA7, 1895; m Mamie Stratton. [Kimberly B Gaylord]

CARRIE7, 1899

27. CHARLES FARMER6 BARBER, b Baldwin, Nassau Co FL 1859; m Mary Elizabeth Rowe. Res. in Macclenny, Baker Co FL. His house became the home of the Baker Co. Historical Soc. [Gene Barber; Verna M Campbell, worldconnect: VernaC at]

OLLIE FRANCES7, 1881; m/1 Cornelius B Drawdy; m/2 Frank F Dorman. He was a state senator. Cornelius

had a misunderstanding at a store, and this led to a fight in which he was shot and killed.

JAMES EDWARD7, 1882; m Winona Godwin.

MARY MAGDALENE7, 1884; m Newton Eldred Andreu.

33 CHARLES MONROE7, 1885; m/1 Pearl Inez Garrett; m/2 Minnie (Bullard) Whiddon.

34 JOHN WILLIAM7, 1891; m Susie Belle Clayton.

MAMIE7, 1893


28. JAMES ISRAEL6 (or Isaac) BARBER, b Bryan Co 1852; m Mary Ann Blackburn; res Ware Co GA. [David W Dorsey at WorldConnect]

NANCY ELIZABETH7, 1875; m Willliam Bartow Thigpen.

EDWARD ALBERT7, 1877; m Nancy Jane (Mamie) Corbett.

CORBETT8, 1918

ANABEL7, 1879; m Benjamin Westberry Holt.

MARY ETTA7, 1882; m Alfred L Kirkland.

MARTHA LAVINIA7, 1884; m William Jones Sanders.

ZEYPHA LEE7, 1887; m Leon T Henderson.

MARGARET MAE7, 1889; m Benjamin Franklin Corley.

ESTELLA HORTENSE7, 1891; m Richard Crum James.

JAMES IRA7, 1896

28A. WILLIAM ALBERT6 BARBER, 1857; m Mary Ann Douglas. [Raymond Stephens, Worldconnect: rstephen at]

JULIA7, c 1878; m Beverly ---.

WILLIAM P7, 1880; m Mae Steedley.

MOSES7, 1881; m/1 Florence ---; m/2 Mary Aubry.

CHUB7, c 1882

HURD7. C 1884

JESSE JAMES7, 1891; m Minnie Ida Hodges.

MARY EMMA7, 1893; m Edward Lightsey.


29. EDMOND OBADIAH6 BARBER, b Ware Co 1867; m/1 Ellen Steedley; m/2 Minnie Laura Strickland; m/3 Laura Hodges. [David W Dorsey at WorldConnect; Raymond Stephens, worldconnect: rstephen at; OneWorldTree]

First wife:

AMY ELLEN7, 1886; m William Farley Justice.

HENRY JAMES7, 1888; m Mary Jane Justice.

JAMES EDWARD8, ; m Carolyn Jordan Smith.

DAVID CORTELL, ; m Patricia Evans.

HENRY JAMES, ; m Sylvia Rivers.

ELLEN GENEVA8, ; m Jerome Arnold.




WILBUR ESTELLE9, 1927; d 1927.

SARA LaFAY9, 1934; d 1936.

CARRIE MAE8, 1911; m G D Odom.

ROBERT LEO8, 1913; m Lila Mae Jackson.


GUY NATHANIEL, 1920; m Mary Brigenti.


RICHARD FRANK7, 1892; m Irene Elizabeth Strickland.

LONNIE7, 1896; m Macie Strickland.

JOSIE RENA7, 1900; m William Ephrem Cox.

WALTER J7, 1902

ROBERT LESTER7, 1907; m Mamie Robertson.



Second wife:

JESSE MAE7, ; m Julian Walker.

EMMETT7, 1912; m --- Lee.

Third wife:

DORIS7, ; m William Spence Steedley.

HAMPTON7, 1919-1920.

EDMOND OBADIAH7, 1921; m Gertrude Strickland.

ELLIS ALDINE7, 1921; twin.

30. WILLIAM LOVELESS6 BARBOUR, 1900; m Lucille Gable; r Bessemer AL. [William Cassady]

WILLIAM GREEN7, 1925; m Betty Jean Winslett.

BETTY JANE7, 1927; m Jack McDonough.


35 HORACE DOUGLAS7, ; m Nettie Lee Goodwin; r Bessemer AL.

36 JAMES EDWARD7, ; m Margaret Viola Hendrix.



32. JOSHUA7 BARBER, 1895; m Mamie Stratton; r Okeechobee FL.

DONALD7, c 1918; killed in WW II.

37 FRANK ROGER7, 1919; m/1 ---; m/2 Denise ----.



33. CHARLES MONROE7 BARBER, 1886; m Pearl Inez Garrett; r Baker Co FL. Charles got into a rough group, and shot and killed 3 black men. His father put him quickly onto a train for VA. While on the way he got into a fight and shot and killed 2 men. He was imprisoned, but his father spent a fortune bribing officials in both states to get Charles off. He succeeded by borrowing much money from a friend, but Charles had to marry the man’s daughter. [Gene Barber]

CHARLES EDWARD8, 1911; m Floy Elizabeth Estes.

WILLIAM MONROE8 ”Dub”, 1915; m/1 Pearl Chesser.; m/2 Willa Jean Mallona Walker.

EDWARD ROWE9, 1943-43

1 living

GEORGE FRANCIS8, 1919; m Dorothy Virginia Hawes.

CARY ALFORD8, 1921; m Helen Elene Thrift.

JOE BRYANT8, ; m Evelyn Thrift.

DOROTHY8, ; m/1 Bodie Jerdon; m/2 Walter Gill; m/3 Eldon Spence.

2 others living.

34. JOHN WILLIAM7 BARBER, 1891; m Susie Belle Clayton.

MARY VIRGINIA8, ; m/1 Eddie Carson; m/2 Leo “Jack” Dugger.

JOHN WILLIAM8, ; m/1 Edith Barber; m/2 Betty Nettles.

CHARLES FARMER8, ; m/1 ---; m/2 Kitty Johns.

ANNETTE8, ; m/1 Jess McCracken; m/2 ---.

35. HORACE DOUGLAS7 BARBOUR, ; m Nettie Lee Goodwin; r Bessemer AL. [William Cassady]

SHERRY ANN8, ; m Gordon Alvern Bell.

GINA LEE8, ; m/1 --- Wallace; m/2 Barry Simon.

KELLY DOUGLAS8, 1964; m Tina ---



36. JAMES EDWARD7 BARBOUR, ; m Margaret Viola Hendrix. [William Cassady]

JAMES DOUGLAS8, ; m Nancy Johnson.


RICHARD HANK8 m Lisa Nichols.








William and John are probably brothers, and have been shown by DNA to be not sons of George Barber and Elizabeth (Moore) of VA and NC. They are linked by DNA to the Moses Barber family of RI.


Betty Barber:

Elise Johnson: R1, Box 179B, Lobelville TN 37097

Terry Sutton:

Dan Sullivan at WorldConnect,

Elaine K Kubinski at WorldConnect - <>

David McKerchen at WorldConnect - <>

Lacey Sparks at WorldConnect - <>

Nancy Hart Servin –

Daniel K Edwards: 1237 Ocotillo Dr, El Centro CA 92243

Lynn Dawson:

Glenn Spradley: Rootsweb Worldconnect

Paul Barber at Barber Family Genealogy Forum #6181

Heads of Family (Barber); Birth year; Family number:
Abraham; 1755; 3
Abraham; 1782; 6

Abraham, 1819; 18a
Abraham, 1826; 6

Abraham Calvin; 1812; 21

Abraham Levi, 1849; 28
Allen, 1763; 2

Allen; 1795; 11

Allen William, 1847; 34

Allen H, 1826; 18

Allen Melvin, 1872; 21

Allen Wayne, 1956; 53

Amos A, 1845; 12A

Amos Reynold, 1857; 25A

Anderson Levine, 1873; 37

Andrew D J, 1820; 22
Andrew Francis, 1860; 23

Andrew J, 185?; 14

Andrew J, 1892; 23

Andrew Jackson, 1853; 21a

Billy Gene, 1932; 49

Billy Joe, 1938; 48

Calvin, 1817; 15
Calvin Caine; 1863; 30

Charles Thomas, 189?; 50
Charley; 1849; 27

Charlie Oscar, 1891; 37A

Chester Jackson, 1908; 41

Daniel, 1844; 24

David L, 1839; 12A

David Lewis, 1894; 39

David Wilson, 1849; 35

David Wilson, 1894; 44

Doyle Julius, 1927; 32

Earl, 1889; 37B

Elida, 179?; 12

Elijah Jasper, 1883; 30B

Elijah Thomas, 1853; 23

Elijah Thomas, 1886; 35

Elijah Warren, 1840; 30b

Elijah Casper, 1883; 30B

Elisha Casper, 1883; 30B

Enoch, 1804; 13

Enoch W, 1829; 14

Floyd William, 1899; 28A

Frank D, 1899; 25A

General Simpson, 1871; 24

George Lewis, 1873; 31

Haden Pearless Levi, 1892; 28A
Henry C, 1854; 14

James; 1790; 9

James, 1793; 4

James, 1821; 16

James, 1853; 36A

James, 1911; 45
James A, 1834; 13

James Anderson Franklin, 1874; 32A

James Arthur, 1886; 37B

James C, 1843; 10

James Francis; 1827; 19

James Jackson, 1859; 37A

James Jefferson, 1850; 9A

James Merrill, 1838; 30a

Jeremiah C, 1846; 29
Jeremiah Taylor, 1858; 28A

John; 1738; 2
John; 1761; 5

John, 1826; 23

John Andrew, 1867; 18

John Lewis, 1855; 36B

John M, 1833; 21b

John Calvin, 1835; 21
John E; 1809; 14

John Lewis, 1855; 36B
John M, 1870; 12A

John Richardson; 1806; 8

John Riley, 1871; 44

John Taylor, 1890; 24

John William, 1874; 17

Jordan, 1833; 14

Jordan, 1849; 23

Joshua Kinsey, 1876; 42

Julius Garris, 1883; 8

Justin Burley, 1955; 52

Lewis Winford, 1954; 51
Martis Davenport, 1877; 30A

Noah C; 1793; 7

Philip Ernest, 1907; 21

Phillip P, 1848; 21

Riley Britten, 1841; 16

Robert Riley, 1865; 25A

Rufus, 1859; 26

Sarah L, 1881; 10

Sidney R, 1845; 8

Simeon James, 1854; 17

Stephen T, 1874; 30C

Thomas, 1807; 12a

Thomas Jefferson, 1849; 30C

Thomas Jefferson, 1925; 47
Walter J; 1848; 20

Walton I, 1887; 21
William; 172?; 1
William, 1850; 18

William; 1757; 4

William Abraham, 1883; 30C

William Allen, 1847; 34

William Amos, 1891; 25A

William David; 1862; 37B

William E, 1868; 38

William Franklin, 1875; 36

William Jordan, 1833; 14

William Lanier, 1879; 20

William Merrill, 1871; 30A

William Thomas, 1835; 25

William W, 1836; 26

William Worth, 1851; 21

Wilson E, 1887; 43

Winford Burley, 1931; 46

Yancy Jefferson, 1885; 32

Ziba J, 1823; 17
Ziba Daniel, 179?; 9a

Ziba David, 1828; 25a

Ziba Jefferson, 1904; 40

Zibary, 1784; 10

Zibary Andrew, 1870; 10

Spouses; Family number:

Allen, Jenny; 16
Allen, Mary; 2

Ammons, Louisa; 18
Barber, Sarah; 5

Batterton, Sandy; 53

Baucom, Dolly; 6

Baucom, Nancy Leona; 44

Beckham, Rhoda S A; 23

Belcher, Bertha Christine; 40
Bennett, Rebecca 21

Berry, Annice M; 17

Boatman, Victoria M; 32A

Braswell, Rhodah; 3

Bruce, Sarah E; 8

Chessor, Sarah; 18

Clark, Amanda; 25A

Clark, Marie; 32

Clark, Myrtle; 25A

Cowan, Mary B A; 23

Cox, Ollie M; 30C

Cromwell, Bertha E M; 28A

Crowell, Margarette; 23

Davenport, Bethany; 21

Davis, Martha S; 10

Dean, Mary 21

Dobbs, Sarah; 10

Dowdy, Jane B; 12

Dowdy, Nancy; 15

Edwards, Harriet; 36B

Edwards, Martha; 12a

Edwards, Sarah; 6

Everett, Cynthia Jane; 38
Ferguson, Ruth; 30B

Fuller, Mary A; 36A

Gardner, Arilla C; 2

Garris, Nancy A; 8

Goldston, Mary; 8
Grady, Sinthy Ann; 21a

Gray, Annie; 28A
Gray, Margaret Elizabeth; 43

Hagar, Mary; 48

Hamilton, Zillie; 27

Hargrove, Golda; 30C

Harper, Alice; 21

Harper, Margaret; 18

Harris, Minnie M; 17

Henry, Martha; 18a

Hickerson, Mary A; 24

Hillburn, Mary Elizabeth; 17

Hillburn, Jane; 16

Hinson, Sarah; 14
Hinson, Susan; 13

Huffman, Vica J; 37B

Jones, Lottie Lorene; 39

Kennedy,Sarah Anne; 30C

Keys,Billei; 46
Kilpatrick, Martha; 11

Kilpatrick, Mary Ann; 24

Kilpatrick, Sarah; 24

Kindricks, Ola; 43

Lamon, Ada; 32

Land, Sarah; 14
Lanier, E Cornelia; 20

Lile, Levera M; 21

Limbough, Kathy; 25A

Linebaugh, Julia H; 37A

Locke, Eliza J, 25A

Luna, Eliza F; 37B

MacCallister, Ellender P; 25

Marshall, Rose E; 25A

McAllister, Susannah C; 14

McCoy, Willie L; 37A

McDonald, Sarah C; 21B

Monroe, Deborah Dianne; 52
Moore, Mary S; 7

Morgan, Mary Elizabeth; 30a

Morgan, Sarah Elizabeth; 37
Newcomb, Lena; 30

Newton, Flora J; 35

Nuckolls, Amanda F; 34

Nuckolls, Elizabeth; 35

Odem, Mary; 30C

Osborn, Martha Wilson; 50

Parkerson, Bamma; 39

Perry, Jessie M; 44

Pittman, Ealy J; 9A

Prewitt, Alice; 21
Puckett, Sarah; 19

Qualls, Geneva; 45

Qualls, Georgianna A; 36
Raley/Railey, Alice; 30A

Ramsey, Dora; 37B

Richardson, Sarah; 9

Richmond, Christine; 47

Rout, Mabel; 21

Samuels, Ida Mae; 42
Sellers, Rebecca Jane; 21A,32

Sisson, Martha Emily; 29

Smith, Amarenthia Mary; 5

Smith, Carrie; 30b

Smith, Connie Lou; 51

Smith, Tabitha Deliah; 22

Smith, Willie K; 30B

Sprinkle, Minnie M; 21

Stephens, Nancy J; 14

Stewart, Rebecca 21

Stone, Lelitia; 39

Strother, Sarah Adeline; 31

Thomas, Cora David; 39

Waits, Lettie; 37B

Warren, Caledonia; 28A

Warren, Maggie M; 23

Warren, Nancy Adeline; 28

Week, Martha Lovetta; 49

Wilcox, Amanda F Knuckolls; 34

Wilson, Fay O L; 23

Wisdom, Ruby; 41

Wyatt, Arilla C; 25a



1. WILLIAM1 BARBER, 172?; m ?; res Anson Co NC. [Ref: IGI:NC]

KEZIA2, 1750; m William Henry Cone; d Camden or Bullock Co GA.

CASSANDRA2, ; m Matthew Carter.

2. JOHN1 BARBER, 1738; m Mary Ann Allen; res Anson Co NC. [Ref: IGI:NC; Lt:Betty Barber;(John was likely a brother of William; John has been proven by DNA to be NOT related to George Barber of Augusta Co VA. Website: Dan Sullivan, including work of Eleanor Barbour; FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

3 ABRAHAM2, 1755; m Rhodah ?Braswell.

NICEY2, 1755; ?m John Davis

LIDDY2 (ELYDA), 1756; m ?John ?Davis

4 WILLIAM2, 1757; m Mary ---; d NC.

ARBY2, 1758; m ---; had ch.

ZIBARY2 (ZIBY), 1759; m ---; had ch.

JAMES2, 1760; was in Anson Co.

5 JOHN2, 1761; m Mary Amarenthia Smith.

NANCY2, 1762; m John Davis; had ch.

ALLEN2, 1763; m ---; had ch.






ANDREW3, 1820

JOHN3, 1830

GATSEY/GATSBY2, 1765; m ---; had ch.

MARY B2, 1767; ?m John Curlee; d Rutherford City TN. ?? See NC2, family of Richard Barber, son Thomas D’s


SIDNEY2, 1769


3. ABRAHAM2 BARBER, 1755; m Rhodah ?Braswell; res Anson Co NC. [Ref: IGI:NC; Lt:Elise Johnson; Virkus:Compend,Vol.7; Gendex; Lt: Terry Sutton]

ELIZABETH3, 1777; m Richard Sasser.

MARY POLLY3, 1779; m Uriah Tyson; r Montgomery Co TN.

6 ABRAHAM3, c 1782; m Sarah Edwards.

9 JAMES3, 1790; m Sarah Richardson.

7 NOAH C3, 1793; m Mary Susannah Moore

ANNA3 (?same as DANE M), 1793; m Thomas Hemby.

9a ?ZIBA DANIEL3, ; m Permelia ---

8 JOHN RICHARDSON3, 1806; m Mary Goldston. (maybe son of a John3, Abraham2, John1)

4. WILLIAM2 BARBER, 1757; m Mary ---; d NC; r Anson Co NC. [FTM: Agnes Marie DePriest]

ABRAHAM3, 1780

10 ZIBARY3, 1784; m Sarah Dobbs.

JOHN E3, 1790; m Sarah ---

ENOCH3, 1791

JAMES3, 1793; m Ann ---; r Hickman and Perry Cos, TN.

BENJAMIN4, c 1826

ANN4, c 1832

MARTHA4, c 1833

MARY4, c 1834

LUVINA4, c 1837


ALLEN4, c 1841

11 ALLEN3, 1795; m Martha Kilpatrick.

12 ELIDA3, c 1806; m Jane B Dowdy.

5. JOHN2 BARBER, 1761; m Mary ?Amarenthia Smith; res Anson Co NC. [Ref: IGI:NC; Lt:Elise Johnson]

12a THOMAS6, 1807; probably m Martha Edwards.





6. ABRAHAM3 BARBER, c 1782; m Sarah Edwards; res NC, TN, and Hale or Choctaw Co AL. [Ref: Lt:Elise Johnson; FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

FANNIE4, 1800 or 1815; m Richard Campbell

13 ENOCH4, 1804; m Susan Hinson

14 JOHN E4, 1809; m/1 Sarah ?Hinson; m/2 Sarah Land.

JENNIE4, ; m Cyrus Campbell

NANCY4, 1811; m Tubal Campbell

MICHEL4, 1815; m Richard Henderson Campbell; r Perry Co TN.

15 CALVIN4, 1817; m Nancy Dowdy.

16 JAMES4, 1821; m Jane Hilburn

17 ZIBA J4, 1823; m Mary Elizabeth Hilburn

SUSAN A4, 1824; m Simon Campbell.

18 ALLEN H4, 1826; m Margaret Harper

ABRAHAM4, c 1826; m Dolly Baucom.

JAMES H5, b MO c 1854

JOHN5, b MO c 1856

MARY M5, b TN c 1857; m James Delefate Henson; r TX, and Beckman Co OK.

ABRAM L5, b TX c 1862

DOLLY5, b TN c 1867

THOMAS5, b TN c 1871

WILLIAM5, b TX c 1874

7. NOAH C3 BARBER, 1793; m Mary Susannah Moore; res NC, Hale or Choctaw Co AL, and Jasper Co MS. [Ref: IGI:NC; Virkus:Compend,Vol.7; Dan Sullivan at WorldConnect,]




18a ABRAHAM4, b NC 1819; m Martha Henry.



LURINEY V4, 1825/6; m William L Brock.

19 JAMES FRANCIS4, 1827; m Sarah Puckett

ALEX M4, 1829

ALMIRA LOU COLSON4, b NC 1832; m Seth Granberry Travis; r Jasper Co MS.

RHODA4, b bef. 1832; m Alfred Edwards.



WILLIAM A4, 1835

ENOCH N4 b AL 1836

JULIA A4, 1838

CALVIN M4, b AL 1839

EMELINE4, 1840

8. JOHN RICHARDSON3 BARBER, b NC 1806; m Mary Goldston; res Anson Co NC. [Ref: Gendex; Laura Buckmaster, Worldconnect: laurabuckmaster at]

LYDIA ANN4, 1834; m Willis Hertley Mills; r Anson Co.

ROBERT4, 1836-63

SARAH4, 1838; m James R Briley; r Anson Co.

JAMES4, 1840-72

GEORGE4, 1842-64

SIDNEY R4, c 1845; m Nancy Anne Garris; r Caliborne Parish LA and Stamps AR.

ANN VADER5, 1867

ROBERT E5, 1870

JOHN BENJAMIN5, 1872; m Sarah Hurst.

WALTER J5, 1875

WILLIAM E5, 1877; m A L Wedgworth.

JAMES S5, 1880

JULIUS GARRIS5, 1883; m Sarah Elizabeth Bruce; r Stamps, Lafayette Co AR.



THELMA6, 1912; m Earle Haynes Fischer.

HUGH P5, 1886


20 WALTER J4, 1848; m Eliza Cornelia Lanier

MARY ADELINE4, 1853; m James Franklin Ross

9. JAMES3 BARBER, 1790; m Sarah Richardson; res Anson Co NC; late in Stewart Co GA. [Lt: Terry Sutton]

21 ABRAHAM CALVIN4, b NC 1812; m Bethany Davenport.

LLOYD4, 1816


JAMES C4, 1822; m Catherine ---.

NANCY4 (Nicey), 1825; m 1850 --- Austin; to LA.

ELLENA4, 1827; d Millican TX; m Solomon Bartholomew Scrimshire; r Montgomery Co AL.

NOAH W4, 1830; m Celia ---.

POLLY4, b NC ; m Cana Everett. (or Averett); to LA.

9A. ?ZIBA DANIEL3 BARBER, ; m Permelia ---. [FTM Website; Ziba C Barber]

MARY LUCINDA4, 1843; m William Curtis.

KIZZIAH4, 1849

JAMES JEFFERSON4, MO 1850; m Ealy Jane Pittman.










21a ANDREW JACKSON4, c 1853; m/1 Sinthy Ann Grady; m/2 Rebecca Jane Sellers.

SOPHRONIA4, b Independence Co AR 1859; m Drewery Bird James.

AMELIA4, 1860

10. ZIBARY3 BARBER, 1784; m Sarah Dobbs; r Perry Co TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones; Website of David Kircher at Rootsweb World Connect; Glenn Spradley at Rootsweb Worldconnect]

AMANDA4, 1832; m Eli Brison; r TN.

21b JOHN M4, 1833; m Sarah C McDonald.

SARAH L E4, 1835; m William Baucom; r TN and Perry Co AR; d in AR.

MARTHA PATRICIA4, 1837; m/1 Isham Quarles; m/2 Anthony Henry Baucom; r Perry Co; d in AR.

ISABELL JANE4, 1841; m Dennis Baucom; r TN and Newton Co AR.

JAMES C4, 1843; m Mary ---; r Newton Co AR.

ZIBARY ANDREW5, 1870; m Martha S Davis; r Newton Co AR.

WILLIAM A6, c 1906

MARY E6, c 1913


MILDRED G6, c 1920

CUTELLA F6, c 1927

SARAH L5, 1881; r AR.

WALCY M6 BARBER, 1899; m James Kirwin; r Johnson Co AR.

NANCY CAROLINE4, 1846; m Frederick J Clayborn; r Perry Co; d Johnson Co AR.

ALSEY B4, 1848; m Noble L Stone; r Johnson Co AR.

11. ALLEN3 BARBER, 1795; m Martha Kilpatrick. r. Perry Co TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

22 ANDREW D J4, 1820; m Tabitha Deliah Smith.

MARY4, 1822; d Perry Co AR; m/1 Jordon Dowdy; m/2 Alvin or Allen Warren; m/3 Elijah Warren.

GATHASA4 (GATSEY), 1824; m Elijah Warren, Sr; d Perry Co TN.

23 JOHN4, 1826; m Rhoda S A Beckham.


NANCY ANN4, 1833; m Rufin Sanders Stephens; r Perry Co.

JOSEPH4 *1839; d yg.

24 DANIEL4, 1844; m/1 Mary Ann Kilpatrick; m/2 Martha ---; m/3 Sarah Kilpatrick; m/4 1897 Nora Neumigah


MARTHA E4, 1846

12. ELIDA3 BARBER, ; m Jane B Dowdy; r Perry Co TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

FRANCES B4, 1825; m Roberson Warren.

NANCY B4, 1830; m Elkanah Anderson Land.

25 WILLIAM THOMAS4, 1835; m Ellender Phinetta McCallister.


12A. THOMAS3 BARBER, b VA 1805; m Martha Edwards; res Perry and Hickman Cos TN, and Independence Co AR. Thomas, Martha, and youngest daughter Martha were killed about 1863. [Lt: Daniel K Edwards; OneWorldTree]

ALLEN4, 1826

25a ZIBA DAVID4, 1828; m Arilla Caroline (Gardner) Wyatt.

NANCY4, 1830; m A B Duff.

ALSEY4, 1832; m J B Henderson.

FRANCIS4, 1834; m Patrick Mayhan.

DAVID L4, 1839; m Francis M ---; r AR.

MARTHA I5, 1864; m L C Phillips.

THOMAS G5, 1867

MARY F5, 1870; m --- Magness.

JOHN M5, 1870; m Dora ---.

EDITH LORAS6, 1903; d 1903.

ARTHUR C6, 1904; d 1912.

MYRTLE VELMA6, 1914; d 1918.

PAUL L6, 1921; m Alverta Murphee.

WILLIAM D5, 1875

SARAH F5, 1880

TENNIE5, 1880; m John Hurt.

JAMES E5, 1883; d 1901.

MARTHA P4, 1842

AMOS A4, 1845; m S A ---.

G L5, 1873

MARY S5, 1875

L E5, 1879

JOHN J4, 1849


13. ENOCH4 BARBER, 1804; m Hickman Co TN Susan Hinson; r TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones; Cathy Cagle –]

SARAH5, 1832

JAMES A5, 1834; m Nancy ---; r Hickman Co TN.

A G6, 1856

JAMES H6, 1857

SPARK W6, 1858; m Mary E--; d Hickman Co.

William A6, 1860

26 WILLIAM W5, 1836; m Rachael ---.

HENRIETTA (RITTA)5, 1836; m Balam Barham.

MARY5, 1840

NANCY JANE5, 1841; m Stephen B Johnson.

?MANDY5, 1842

LOUISA C5, 1848; m Linden, Perry Co TN Andrew Jackson Kilpatrick.

14. JOHN E4 BARBER, 1809; m/1 Sarah ?Hinson; m/2 Sarah Land; res NC ?Johnston Co and Linden, Perry Co TN. [Ref: IGI:NC; FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

First wife:

ENOCH W5, 1829; ?m Susannah Caroline McAllister; r Perry Co TN.

ANDREW J6, b Perry Co 1876; m Nancy Jane Stephens.

EVA7, ; m Rushton Hinson.

EVERT7, 1904

WILLIAM CLAUDE7, 1905; m Isabelle Warren.

DOCHIA MAGILINE7, 1909; m Sam James.

ISAAC7, 1914

MELVIN7, 1918

MARY MELINDA5, 1831; m David Andrew Lancaster.

WILLIAM JORDAN5, 1833; m Elsie Dobbs; r TN. [Elizabeth Barber Bohannon: elizabeth.bohannon at]

HENRY C6, b TN 1854; m Mima French; r Hohenwald, Hickman Co TN.

ESCAR7, b TN 1906; m Laura Estelle Duncan; r Hohenwald.

MARVIN C8, b TN 1930; m ---.

ABRAM E5, 1836; m Margaret Edwards.

IBBY E5, 1837

JOHN H5, 1839; m Mary Cochran.

SARAH ELIZABETH5, 1841; m Reuben Murphy Copeland; r Caldwell Co TX.

LARKIN ZIBE5, 1847; m Sarah Edwards.

INFANT6, ; d 1887

?JAMES R5, c 1847

27 ?CHARLEY5, 1849; m Zillie Hamilton

RETTA C5, 1853

AMANDA F5, 1855 ?same as Amanda, below?

Second wife:

RACHEL L ELIZA5, 1865; m Levi W Baucom; r Perry Co TN.

AMANDA FREDONIA5, 1866; m Milton Brown Copeland; r Lavaca and Caldwell Co TX.

15. CALVIN4 BARBER, 1817; m Nancy Dowdy.; r TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

ELIZABETH JANE5, 1841; m Hiram C Campbell.

RICHARD A5, 1843

WILLIAM5, 1846

28 ABRAHAM LEVI5, 1849; m Nancy Adeline Warren.

28a JEREMIAH TAYLOR5, 1858; m Caldonia Alice Warren.

JOSEPH H5, 1859; m Parley Tucker.

16. JAMES4 BARBER, 1821; m Jane Hilburn; Jane was murdered along with 2 of her sons, in Atacosta Co TX, 1899; r TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

RILEY BRITTEN5, 1841; m Ginney/Jenny Allen.

WILL R, 1869

BARBARA ALLEN6, 1873; m Jesse Cass Gipson, Jr.




WILEY A5, 1843; murdered in Pleasanton, Atacosa Co TX, 1899.

BETTY5, 1845; m William Frederick Jenkins; she died in DeWitt Co TX. William F was the murdered, with

his son John.

SARAH5, 1846

ZIBA LEVI5, 1849; murdered.

LEVI5, 1862

17. ZIBA J4 BARBER, 1823; m Mary Elizabeth Hilburn; r Perry Co TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

MARY5, 1841

LUCINDA5, 1843

KEZIAH5, 1844

WILLIAM A5, 1849

SIMEON JAMES5, 1854; m Annice Madora Berry. [ OneWorldTree]

JOHN WILLIAM6, 1874; m Minnie May Harris; r Dale TX.

SIMEON HENRY7, 1899; d 1899.

CHARLES IVAN7, 1902; m Ruth Armettie Clifton.




MARGIE8, 1926

RUDELLA7, 1905; d 1907.

EMITT ALVIN7, 1908; m Vella Ada Pritchard.

AMIE RUTH7, 1911

WILLIAM ALBERT7, 1913; m Mavis Oleta Bridgewater.

MARY ALICE7, 1916; m Clarence Albert Pritchard.

18. ALLEN H4 BARBER, 1826; m Margaret Harper; r TN.

WESLEY D5, 1844

WILLIAM5, c 1850; m Louisa Ammons; r Perry Co TN.

JOHN ANDREW6, 1867; m ---; r Perry Co.

DOUGLAS AUSTIN7, 1891; m Bessie Lee Breece.

OMAR ZENAS7, 1893; m Nannie Witherspoon.

DONNIE ESTHER7, 1896; m Fred Bates.

GRADY THOMAS7, 1900; m Jeanette Clementine Dudley.

ROY MEEKS8, 1919; m Mary Kathryn Johnston.

VERA LOUISE8, 1921; m Heldis Brown Chessor.

MATTIE P8, 1825; m Charles J Cagle.

BROWN8, 1827

JOHN NOLESS7, 1903; m Mary Lowe.

JASPER B6, 1872; m Sarah Cagle.

WESLEY W6, 1875; m/1 Anna Chessor; m/2 Ollie Daniel.

JIM HURT6, 1880; m Eliza Chessor.

SARAH5, c 1851; m James R Ammons.

18A. ABRAHAM4 BARBER, b NC 1819; m in AL Martha Henry.



ELIZA5, 1841

29 JEREMIAH C5, b 1846; m Martha Emily Sisson.

LELITHA5, 1848

FRANCES5, 1855

SARAH5, 1860

19. JAMES FRANCIS4 BARBER, 1827; m Sarah Puckett; res Butler AL. [Ref:Virkus:Compend.Vol.7]


30 CALVIN CAINE5, 1863; m Lena Newcomb

20. WALTER J4 BARBER, 1848; m Eliza Cornelia Lanier; res Anson Co NC. [Ref: Gendex]

WILLIAM LANIER5, 1879; m Selean Martin.




VIRGINIA5, 1881; m Lotte W Humphrey.

KATE JONES5, 1892-1906

21. ABRAHAM CALVIN4 BARBER, b NC 1812; m Bethany Davenport; res. Stewart Co GA; Summerfield, Claiborne Parish LA. [Lt: Terry Sutton; Nancy Hart Servin – nharts at; Elaine Kubinski, Rootsweb Worldconnect]

JOHN CALVIN5, 1835; m Rebecca Stewart/Bennet. He d. 1862, in Civil War; r LA.

ALBERT6, died young


SARAH ELIZABETH5, 1836; d Pearsall, Frio Co TX; m/1 James F Skinner; m/2 James Farmer Hightower; r Claiborne Parish

30a JAMES MERRILL5, 1838; m Mary Elizabeth Morgan.

NANCY CAROLINE5, 1839; m James Marion Bridges; r Claiborne Parish.

30b ELIJAH WARREN5, 1840; m Carrie J Smith.

MARY ETTA5, 1842; m William Riley Kennedy II; r Claiborne Parish.

LUCINDA CATHERINE5, 1844; bur. Salesville TX; m William Parsons Bethell.

MELITA5, 1847; bur Hopkins Co TX; m Sidney Columbus Harper; r Hopkins Co TX.

PHILLIP P5, 1848; m Alice Merrill Harper; r LA; r Hopkins Co TX.

ALLEN MELVIN6, 1872; m Levera Maude Lile.

F MILDRED7, 1898-98.

ALICE A7, 1900-00

ALINE7, 1900-00

VIOLET E7, 1903

OMIE LOU7, 1904

MARY7, 1908

?WILSON6, 1872


FLORENCE6, 1876; m --- Chawning.

ANNIE VIOLA6, 1878; m F J Ovid Moore; r TX.

ORA M6, 1880; m Robert H Mason; r Hunt Co TX.


PHILIP ERNEST6, 1884; m Mabel Rout; r Alexandria, Rapides Co LA.

PHILIP ERNEST7, 1907; m Jessie C ---.

ROSA LEE7, 1913

JAMES7, 1916

WALTON I6, 1887; m/1 1910 Alice Prewitt; m/2 1925 Minnie M Sprinkle; r Hunt Co TX.

First wife:

WALLACE7, 1911


30c THOMAS JEFFERSON5, 1849; m Sarah Anne Kennedy.

WILLIAM WORTH5, 1851; m Mary Dean; r Claiborne Parish LA.

LELA GERTRUDE6, 1874; m Merideth Fledwood Home/House.

LULA CATHERINE6, 1876; m George Lee Scott.

WILLIE6, ; m --- Crowder.

OPHELIA B5, 1853; m Leonidas Thurman; r Claiborne Parish.

GEORGE WALTON5, 1854; d 1883; unmarried.

HENRY ARTHUR5, 1857; d 1858.

KATURA B5, 1858; bur Stephens Co TX; m George Alexander Dean.

BOY5, twin; 1859

BOY5, twin; 1859.

BOY5, 1860

GIRL5. 1863

21A. ANDREW JACKSON4 BARBER, c 1853; m/1 Sinthy Ann Grady; m/2 Rebecca Jane Sellers; r Melbourne AR.

[FTM Website: Ziba C Barber; OneWorldTree]

First wife:

31 GEORGE LEWIS5, 1872; m Sarah Adeline Strother.


LUCINDA JANE5, 1880; m David Perry Strother.

PARALEE CINTHIA5, 1881; m William Hardy Coker.

Second wife:

32 YANCY JEFFERSON5, 1885; m/1 Rebecca Jane Sellers; m/2 Ada Aldona Lamons.

21B. JOHN M4 BARBER, 1833; m Sarah C McDonald; r Pleasant Hill, Newton Co AR. [Glenn Spradley at Rootsweb Worldconnect]

ALCEY T5, 1855

WILLIAM R5, 1857

NANCY E J5, 1859; m Joseph Edwards; r Newton Co AR.

MARTHA A T5, 1860; m/1 John H Thomas; m/2 Ambrose William Davis; r Newton Co.

MANDA J5, 1862

MARY MALINDA5, 1864; m William Morrison Spradley; r Johnson Co AR.

LOUISE ELIZABETH5, 1868; m Thomas Joseph Tripp; r Newton Co AR.

32a JAMES ANDERSON FRANKLIN5, 1874; m Victoria Mahala Boatman.

22. ANDREW D J4 BARBER, 1820; m Tabitha Deliah Smith; r Perry Co TN and Newton Co AR. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

NANCY J5, 1841; m Thomas Benton Nuckolls.

JOHN5, 1843

AMANDA5, 1844; m/1 --- Nuckolls; m/2 William Washington Nuckolls; r Newton Co AR.

MARY5, 1847

LOUISA5, 1849; d Newton Co AR; m James Franklin Brison; r TN, AR.

JAMES5, 1852; m Mary ---.

MARTHA5, 1854; d Little Rock AR; m Jesse Cowan.

GATSEY5, 1859; m John Thomas Brisson.

23. JOHN4 BARBER, 1826; m Rhoda S A Beckham; r Perry Co TN. [FTM: Anc. of David Earl McKercher]

34 ALLEN WILLIAM or WILLIAM ALLEN5, 1847; m Amanda Frances (Nuckolls) Wilcox.

JORDAN5, 1849; m Margarette Crowell.

ISAAC6, 1875

CORA6, 1878

CALLIE6, 1883; m Jonathan Harvey Hinson; r Perry Co TN.

CARRY M6, 1878

JAMES A6, 1892

35 DAVID WILSON5, 1849; m Elizabeth Nuckolls.

ELIJAH THOMAS5, 1853; m Mary Bell Arizona Cowan; r AR.


JOHN TAYLOR6, 1890; m Maggie May Warren; r Ft Douglas AR.






ANNA BELL, ; m Earl Freeman.

WANDA JEAN, ; m --- Crumrine.


FLORA BERTHA, 1922; m Gorman Wilson.

JASPER A6, 1892


JAMIE E6, 1900

JOSHUA F5, 1856

ANDREW FRANCIS5, 1860; m/1 Elizabeth J ---; m/2 Fay O Lee Wilson; r AR.

First wife:


CHARITY E6, 1890

ANDREW J6, 1892; m ---.

LENA7, c 1913

HUGH7, c 1914

CHARLES S6, 1895

C I “IKE” 6, 1896; m Stella M ---.

Second wife:

IDA M6, 1898; m/1 Bill Roland; m/2 Hugh Wyrick.

FRED R6, 1905; d Crawford Co AR.

JAMES TROY6, 1907; m Grace H ---.

ROBERT ROY6, 1907 (twin); m Stella A ---.

CONSOILAR F6, 1909; m John Henry Ritchie.

NELLY A5, 1863

JOSEPH DANIEL5, 1867; d MO; m Clara Ann Moore.

24. DANIEL4 BARBER, 1844; m/1 Mary Ann Kilpatrick; m/2 Martha ---; m/3 Sarah Kilpatrick; m/4 1897 Nora Neumigah Duncan; r Lewis Co TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones; Website of David Kircher at Rootsweb World Connect]

Children of First wife:

ROBERT ALLEN5, 1868; m Donna Brown.

GENERAL SIMPSON5, 1871; m Mary A “Polly” Hickerson; r TN.


NARCISSA6, 1893; m George Washington Dobbs; r Trenton TN.



GILBERT6, 1906

BEULAH6, 1908

36 WILLIAM FRANKLIN5, 1875; m Georgianna Alice Qualls.

Third wife:

DAVID6, ; d 1990.

Fourth wife:

MARY5, ; m --- Harder.

25. WILLIAM THOMAS4 BARBER, 1835; m Ellender Phinetta McCallister; r Perry Co TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]


36a JAMES5, 1853; m Mary Ann Fuller.

36b JOHN LEWIS5, 1855; m Harriet Edwards.

SARAH JANE5, 1856; m George Thomas Rogers; r Napier, Lewis Co TN.

ROBERT5, 1858; m Martha Warren.

MARTHA5, 1860; m William Allen Trull; r Perry Co.

JOSEPH5, 1865; m Mariah Ann Fuller.

MARY5, 1868; m Pete Beasley; r Perry Co.

FANNIE5, 1870; m Rufford Gibbons.

37 ANDERSON LEVINE5, 1873; m Sarah Elizabeth Morgan.

?25A. ZIBA DAVID4 BARBER, 1828; m Arilla Caroline (Gardner) Wyatt (her 1st husb. was --- Wyatt); res Decatur Co TN and Newark, Independence Co AR. [ OneWorldTree]

AMOS REYNOLD5, 1857; m/1 Eliza J Locke; m/2 Amanda Clark.

Second wife:



TROY6, 1888

WILLIAM AMOS6, 1891; m Rose Etta Marshall.







MARSHALL REED7, ; m Sarah Ann ---.




LILLY6, 1894

JAMES T6, 1905

37a JAMES JACKSON5, 1859; m Julia Hannah Linebaugh.

37b WILLIAM DAVID5, 1862; m/1 Vica Jane Huffman; m/2 Lettie Waits.

ROBERT RILEY5, 1865; m Kathy Limbough.


FRANK D6, 1899; m Myrtle Clark.




ALBERT A5, 1869


26. WILLIAM W5 BARBER, 1836; m Rachael ---; r TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

ELIJAH6, 1855

ALVIN6, 1857

RUFUS6, 1859; m Alice ---; r TX.

LIGE7, c 1884

FANNY7, c 1890

ORA7, c 1892

PAUL7, c 1894

FLORENCE7, c 1897

LOTTE6, c 1861

NANCY J6, c 1863

MAMIE6, c 1864


MARY6, c 1870

MARTHA6, c 1874

27. ?CHARLEY5 BARBER, 1849; m Zillie Hamilton; res Johnston Co NC. [Ref: IGI:NC]

WILLIAM B6, 1875; m Maggie Jones

SARAH6, 1880

28. ABRAHAM LEVI5 BARBER, 1849; m Nancy Adeline Warren; r TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

IZORA6, 1878; m/1 Joseph T Lewis; m/2 Joe Beasley.

WILLIAM KINCHEN6, 1884; m Edna Hinson.

MARY NANCY6, 1886; m J C Devore.

CALVIN D6, 1888; m Jessie Lewis.

MARTHA JANE6, 1890; m Eli Thomas Qualls; r Perry Co TN.

28A. JEREMIAH TAYLOR5 BARBER, 1858; m/1 Caldonia Alice Warren; r Hohenwald, Lewis Co TN; d Ethridge, Lawrence Co TN. [Patricia Wright:]

First wire:

LULA M6, 1882; m Taylor Chandler.

BRADEN6, 1885; m Ruth Ann Pitts; 4 children.

JESSE CASEY6, 1887; m Jennie Pitts.

BULAH LEONA6, 1889; m Wesley Tharp.

HADEN PEARLESS LEVI6, 1892; m Annie Gray.

DAUGHTER7, ; m --- Payne.

CASRLEE6, 1893

EARLESS6, 1896; m Delia Susan Holland; 4 children.

FLOYD WILLIAM6, 1899; m Bertha Elizabeth/Melissa Cromwell; r Weirton, Hancock Co WV.

DAUGHTER7, ; m/1 Richardson; m/2 Bartholomew.

FLOYD ANCIL7, ; m --- Neverly; 4 children.

SON8, ; m ---

SON8, ; m --- Quigley.

DAUGHTER8, ; m --- Hinds.

SON8, ; m --- Olmstead.

MARY ELLEN7, 1928; m/1 Horace Hubert Skinner; m/2 Albert Rufus Webb.

DAUGHTER7, ; m --- Saunders.

LLOYD6, 1902; m/1 ---; m/2 Thetis ---. He bur. In Odenville, St Clair Co AL.

DAUGHTER6, ; m --- Fields.

29. JEREMIAH C5 BARBER, b GA 1846; m Martha Emily Sisson.

38 WILLIAM E6, 1868; m Cynthia Jane Everett.

30. CALVIN CAINE5 BARBER, 1863; m Lena Newcomb; res Butler AL, and MS. [Ref:Virkus:Compend.Vol.7; David McKerchen at WorldConnect - <>]

INFANT6. 1884

LENA ORA6, 1886; m/1 Clayton Myers; m/2 Allen Fountain

WILLIAM LEE6, 1887; m Callie Daniels


IDA VARY6, 1892; m John Thrower.

FRANK PUCKETT6, 1894; m Laurette Shaw.

CALVIN CAINE6, 1899; m Lida Lovett.

30A. JAMES MERRILL5 BARBER, 1838; m Mary Elizabeth Morgan; r Claiborne Parish LA. [Elaine K Kubinski; Nancy Hart Servin –]

WILLIAM MERRELL6, 1871; m Alice Raley/Railey.





HOWARD7, 1907

FRED7, 1913

CARRIE O6, 1873; m J Ernest Glover.


MARTIS DAVENPORT6, 1877; m Nancy Ellen ---.

HERBERT M7, 1905

RACHEL7, 1913; m --- Taylor.

MILDRED6, 1882; m Oscar I Tanner.

J RANDALL6, 1879-1889.

EMILY EDNA6, 1884-1889.

PEARL6, ; m --- Tanner.




30B. ELIJAH WARREN5 BARBER, 1840; m Carrie J Smith; r Claiborne Parish LA. [Nancy Hart Servin – nharts at; OneWorldTree]

FANNIE O6, 1866; m W Taylor.

MATTIE C6, 1867; m Will Brown.

VIRGINIA V6, 1869; m Tom Waller.

BETTIE6, 1871, twin; m --- Teekle.

HENRIETTA6, 1871, twin; d 1871.

KATHRON6, 1874

CORINTHIA LUCINDA6, 1876; d 1883.

OPHELIA6, 1878; m Cicero Davidson.

LAURA6, 1880; m --- Wages.

ELISHA CASPER6, 1883, twin; m Ruth Ferguson; r Claiborne Parish LA.

ALVERNE7, 1909

J WARREN7, 1912

VERNON7, 1914-1915.

J DURELL7, 1916

EDWIN WILLARD7, 1919; m Ruby Brown.

JOHN8, ; m Sandy Jacobs.

WAYNE8, ; m Carol Finklea.

PENNY8, ; m Johnny Culpepper.

BETTY8, ; m Ralph McKarkie.

PATSY8, ; m Roger Barton.

FRANCES8, ; m Gene Sweat.

REGGIE LOU8, ; m Dalton Box.

MALCOLM O7, 1924

ERNIE R7, 1929

ELIJAH JASPER6, 1883, twin; m Willie K Smith; r Claiborne Parish LA.

ESTELLE7, 1905

AGNES7, 1908

INEZ7, 1911

WALTER W7, 1914-1936.

30C. THOMAS JEFFERSON5, BARBER, 1849; m Sarah Anne Kennedy; r Summerfield, Claiborne Co LA. [Ronald Grames: gramesronaldl at]

FRANCES MARTHA ETTA6, 1872; m John Thomas McBride.

STEPHEN T6, 1874; m/1 Mary Odem; m/2 Golda Hargrove.

Children by first wife:

THEO7, 1900

MAUD7, 1903

LULA7, 1908

Second wife:

MATTIE L7, 1914

CARMELO7, 1916

LAURENDA6, 1875; m James A Peevy; r LA.

LOUISA6, 1878; m Hampton Franklin Bush.

MARY B6, 1879; m/1 Ike S Crouch; m/2 R F Grider.

SARAH ELIZABETH6, 1881; m Thomas Edmon Teekell.

WILLIAM ABRAHAM6, 1883; d Winfield, Winn Co LA; m Ollie Maybell Cox.

ELVIN BRODIE7, c 1906; d Many, Sabine Co LA 1993; m Vendora Celia Grames.

MERTIE7, ; m --- Bartley.

BERTIE7, ; m --- Green.

CATHERINE7, ; m --- Apel.


BERNETTE7, ; m --- Duke.

ELVIN BROLIE7, 1906; m Vendora Celia Grimes.

JAMES THOMAS6, 1885; d infancy.

JOSEPH J6, 1886; d infancy.

M OLIVER6, 1887-1907.

ADA AMANDA6, 1889; m/1 James Leo Vickery Black; m/2 Torrence T Chubb; r LA and OK.

BRODIE EDGAR6, 1892; m/1 Lula Chandler; m/2 Clyde Spence Coiv; d Winnfield LA.

31. GEORGE LEWIS5 BARBER, 1873; m Sarah Adeline Strother. [FTM Website: Ziba C Barber]

39 DAVID LEWIS6, 1894; m/1 Lelitie Stone; m/2 Bamma Parkerson; m/3 Lottie Lorene Jones; m/4 Cora David


BESSIE CLEMENTINE6, 1895; m William Harve Jones.

CLARA ELIZABETH6, 1898; m/1 Jim Dillard; m/2 John Neal; m/3 Steve Tooley.

HESTER IZORA6, 1901; m Clifton Armstrong.

40 ZIBA JEFFERSON6, 1904; m Bertha Christine Belcher.

41 CHESTER JACKSON6, 1908; m Ruby Wisdom.

32. YANCY JEFFERSON5 BARBER, 1885; m/1 Rebecca Jane Sellers; m/2 1907 Ada Lamon; r Independence Co AR.

[FTM Website: Ziba C Barber; OneWorldTree]

Second wife:

ODENE6, ; m Harry Clanton.

ZELLA MELISSA6, 1909; m Homer Richmond Goodman.

ARLENE6, 1913; m/1 T J Clark; m/2 Borden Finney; m/3 Hugh Finney.

DELBERT HENRY6, 1916; m Gladys S Mary Gorman.

GENITA MAYE7, ; m --- Spain.



RAYMOND HENRY7, 1953; m Sindra Ann Manchester.

LOUIS EUGENE6, 1921; m Pansy Finster.

LARRY GENE7, ; m Diane Johnson.

ANGELA DIANE7, ; m John Richardson.

ELVIN EMMIT6, ; m Ethel Leora Creech; d Independence Co AR.

WILLIAM DARREL, ; m Marjorie Jane Salter.

SHERRY GAIL, ; m Michael Everett Todd.

VIOLA MAY, ; m John Everett Via.

LANNIE ROSS, ; m Cynthia Bennett Britton.

LOIS JANE, ; m Arthur Leroy Weakley.

GERALD WAYNE, ; m --- Haegele.

BERNICE LEE, ; m Anna Zaremba.

REGINALD DALE, ; m Janie Inman.

DONNA FAYE, ; m John Wesley Ramsey.

CHARLES LYNN, ; m Carol Ann Brown.

TERREL MARLIN, 1944; d 1944.


BETTY CAROL, 1954; m Danny Knatcal.

DOYLE JULIUS6, 1927; m Easter Marie Clark.


32A. JAMES ANDERSON FRANKLIN5 BARBER, b Pleasant Hill, Newton Co AR 1874; m Victoria Mahala Boatman. [Glenn Spradley at Rootsweb Worldconnect]

ROXIE GERTRUDE6, 1900; m/1 Tom Dyer; m/2 James E Clark; r OK.

WILLIAM LESTER6, 1902; d Bakersfield, Kern Co CA; m/1 Delilah Foster; m/2 Bertha Leola Ishmael.

First wife:



Second wife:

WILLIAM LESTER7, b Trinity Co TX 1926

DOROTHY7, b Trinity Co TX 1929

DAUGHTER7, ; m Kenneth Clark.

NAOMI TENNESSEE6, 1903; m Marvin Lee Jernigan; r Checotah, McIntosh Co OK.

JOHN WILLIS, 19056; m/1 Lela Cordelia Borum; m/2 Mozelle Shastid; r Checotah.

First wife:

NEVA7, 1927; m Alvie Bookout.

NEDA RAE7, 1928; , John Henry FARRAR.

SON7, ; m/1 Alma Lou Stone; m/2 --- Kerbow.

Second wife:

JOHN WILLIS7, 1945; m --- Akins.

MINNIE ARKIE6, 1906; m/1 Fred Crawford; m/2 Jesse Floyd Thompson; they d Tulare Co CA.

ANNIE MAE6, 1907; m John Harry Ford; they d KS.

VIRGIL FRANKLIN6, 1908; d Riverside Co CA; m/1 Bessie Hill; m/2 Ethel Lawham.

JAMES MONROE6, 1910; m Faye Martin; r Bakersfield CA.

BETTY LOU7, 1933; m James Vershall Hall.

RUSSELL HOMER6, 1912; d Contra Costa Co CA; m Loy Martin.

MALINDA BERTHINIA6, 1913; d Visalia CA; m/1 Luther Richard Jennings; m/2 Fate Dudley Head.

PERSHING “DICK” 6, 1917; d Contra Costa Co; m/1 Verda Francis Cutler; m/2 Bettie ---.

ORLANDO CECIL6, 1919; m/1 --- McComas; m/2 Hazel Karr.

DENNIS ROSS7; d Modesto CA.

RUBY VICTORIA6, 1921; m/1 C W Swift; m/2 Eugene E Jones.

VICTOR IVIS6, 1923; d Topeka, Shawnee Co KS; m --- Payton.

ORA LEE6, 1926-1932.

34. ?ALLEN WILLIAM or WILLIAM ALLEN5 BARBER, 1847; m Amanda Frances (Nuckolls) Wilcox; TN, AR. [FTM: Anc. of David Earl McKercher]

MIRANDA F (AMANDA) 6, c 1869

ZIBARY6, ; m Sarah Dobbs.

JOHN H6, 1869-69

SUSAN E6, 1870-187?

K H L6, 1870-187?

SARAH J6, 1872-99

42 JOSHUA KINSEY6, 1876; m Ida Mae Samuels.

LUCY ANN6, 1879

MARY M6, 1881

43 WILSON E6, b AR 1887; m/1 Margaret Elizabeth Gray; m/2 1923 Ola Kindricks.

THEOPHILUS B J6, 1890-90

LEVI THOMAS6, 1891-1905

35. DAVID WILSON5 BARBER, 1849; m Elizabeth Nuckolls; he d Madison Co AR. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

44 JOHN RILEY6, 1871; m Nancy Leona Baucom.

RHODA A6, 1873; m William Wilson.

WILLIAM T6, 1875; m Tennie B ---.

DAVID W6, 1880

ELIJAH THOMAS6, 1886; m Flora Jane Newton; r AR.


IDA7, c 1911

OLIVER7, c 1913

OLLIE7, c 1919

36.WILLIAM FRANKLIN5 BARBER, 1875; m Georgianna Alice Qualls; r TN. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

LILLIE6, ; m George Treadway.

DANIEL6, 1896

GEORGE D6, 1899

36A. JAMES5 BARBER, 1853; m Mary Ann Fuller. [Rhonda Cravins, Worldconnect: RC373 at]









WILLIAM6, c 1890


36B. JOHN LEWIS5 BARBER, 1855; m Harriet Edwards. [Rhonda Cravins, Worldconnect: RC373 at]

IDA MARIER BIRTHLEE6, ; m Richard Tyler Qualls; r Perry Co TN.

SARAH MARY CELINE HEITIRE6, ; m William Arthur Qualls.

ERA ELISE6, ; m Bud Black McAllister.

JOHN CHESLEY EDWARD6, 1891; m Ola Mathis.

JESSIE JOE6, 1896; m Virginia Staggs.

SALLY LENORA DAISY6, ; m Cecil Chandler.



WILLIAM ROBERT6, 1888; m Lena Eva Barber; r Perry Co TN.

37. ANDERSON LEVINE5 BARBER, 1873; m Sarah Elizabeth Morgan. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]

CLAGETT6, 1900; m Gertie Qualls.

EVE6, 1902; m William Barber.

FLOYD6, 1905; m Lillian Rogers.

45 JAMES6, 1911; m Geneva Qualls.

EARLINE6, 1913; m Kent Warren.

37A. JAMES JACKSON8 BARBER, 1859; m Julia Hannah Linebaugh; d Jonesboro, Craighead Co AR; res Newark, Independence Co AR. [Lt: Lynn Dawson]


CHARLIE OSCAR9, 1891; m Willie Lee McCoy; res Newark, Independence Co AR.

WREATHA ELLAREE10, 1916; m Sherrod Magness.

OPAL PAULINE10, 1918; m Fred B Smith.

CHARLES EUGENE10, 1919; m Winnie Lou Sneed.

FORREST GLYNN10, 1921; m Geraldine Gardner.

GLINDA SUE11, ; m Jimmy Neal Austin.

LYDA ANN11, ; m James Larry Harris.

FREDDIE MACK11, ; m Linda Sue Liles.

HOMER VON10, 1924; m Annie Mae Jenkins.

SHARON LYNN11, ; m John Wyatt.

DONALD GENE11, ; m Brenda Glover.

DEBORAH GALE11, ; m John Morris Ross.

BRENDA KAY11, ; m David Schaufler.

FANNY LOUISE10, 1925; m Ben A Joyce.

ERMA10, 1928; m Robert V Barnes.

JIMMY DEAN10, 1931; m Carroll Walker.



LYNN10, 1933; m Barbara Broadwater.

DONALD RALPH10, 1936; m Jane Wilson.


MELINIE11, ; m James Atwell.

MELINDA11, ; m Rusty Wyatt.


ROSA ETHEL9, 1896; m --- Michaels.

FRANK D9, 1899

TINA MAY9, 1902; m Hubert Edgar Brightwell.

JEFFERSON DAVIS9, 1904; m Hattie Prater.



GINA LEE10, ; m Joe Riccio.

RETHEL MYRON10, ; m Elise Jane Holt.

JUSTIN WAYNE11, ; m Summer Delaney.

JENNIFER JANE11, ; m Byron Geoffrey Cook.

JEFFERY LEE11, ; m Debra Lou Scheele.

ALETHA9, 1911; m James R Marshall.

37B. WILLIAM DAVID8 BARBER, 1862; m/1 Vica Jane Huffman; m/2 Lettie Waits; res Ozark Co MO; Newark, Independence Co AR.

First wife:

JAMES ARTHUR9, 1886; m Eliza Fidella Luna; r Newark, Independence Co AR; d Jonesboro, Craighead Co AR.

RAEL SAMPSON10, 1909; m ---.

EVERETT TALMADGE10, 1910; m ---.

COYE ESTER10, 1913; m James Tracy Clark; r Newark.

JAMES DEE10, 1915; m ---.

ANNIE OCTAVIA10, 1917; m ---.

VIRGIE LOUVICY10, 1920; m ---.

ROBERT LUNA10, 1923; m ---.

LUTHER9, 1888; m Katie ---.

EARL9, 1889; m Dora Ramsey.






CHARLES J9, 1893

Second wife:



CECIL9, c 1894

HUGH9, ; m Elma ---.

FLOYD9, c 1895


DARRELL9, c 1896

CLIFFORD9, c 1898

LAWRENCE9, c 1899

CARL9, c 1900


38. WILLIAM E6 BARBER, 1868; m Cynthia Jane Everett.






JERRY C7, 1888; m Minnie Lee.

WILLIAM E7, 1894

NATHAN CLARK7, b Chunky MS 1896; m Ida Belle McGee.


39. DAVID LEWIS6 BARBER, 1894; m/1 Lelitie Stone; m/2 Bamma Parkerson; m/3 Lottie Lorene Jones; m/4 Cora David Thomas. [FTM Website: Ziba C Barber]

Third wife:

GERALD DEAN7, 1925-1935

GRACE ADELINE7, 1926; m Murrel Eugene McDaniel.

WINFORD BURLEY7, 1931; m/1 Billei Keys.

BONNIE LEE7, 1933; m Elmer Earl Belcher.

CHESTER LEE7, 1933; m Madeline Simpson.

HILDA L7, 1938; m/1 Dewayne Thomason; m/2 James Glen; m/3 ----; m/4 Bill Webb.

40. ZIBA JEFFERSON6 BARBER, 1904; m Bertha Christine Belcher. [FTM Website: Ziba C Barber]

SARAH DORIS EVELYN7, 1924; m Jack Whitt Harrison.

THOMAS JEFFERSON7, 1925; m Christine Richmond.

DOLLY BEATRICE7, 1930; m/1 James Bolding; m/2 Roy Carter; m/3 Eugene Hale.

JOHNNIE BERTHA7, 1934-1938

BILLY JOE, 19387; m/1 Mary ---; m/2 Mary Hagar.

ZIBA JAMES7, 1947; m Shelley Inez Fuller.

41. CHESTER JACKSON6 BARBER, 1908; m Ruby Wisdom. [FTM Website: Ziba C Barber]

BILLY GENE7, 1932; m Martha Lovetta Week.

NORMA RUTH7, 1934; m Iran Leonard Bare.

CAROLYN SUE7, 1940; m Ronald GlynnCooley.

42. JOSHUA KINSEY6 BARBER, 1876; m Ida Mae Samuels; r AR. [Website of David Kircher at Rootsweb World Connect]

HENRY7, c 1901

SAMUEL C7, c 1906; m Olga Tolsch.

WILLIAM F7, c 1909; m Dorothy Music.

JAMES WILSON7, 1912; m Betty Rook.

AMANDA HESTER7, c 1915; m Max C Downing.

ELMER7, c 1916

ANNA AMELIA7, ; m/1 Valney Boyd; m/2 Laurence Bema; m/3 Edward Hall.

43. WILSON E6 BARBER, b AR 1887; m/1 Margaret Elizabeth Gray; m/2 1923 Ola Kindricks; r Franklin Co AR.

[FTM: Anc. of David Earl McKercher]

First wife:



MARY ELLEN PEARL7, 1922; m/1 Tilman Russell Wolfinbarger; m/2 Walter Earl McKaercher; m/3 John Parker.

Second wife:


EFFIE INEZ7, 1928; m Jeff J.----


LUCY ANN7, 1933

LINNIE7, 1935


OPAL JUNE7, 1939; m William A Miller.

DOLLY ROY7, 1941; m Robert L H(K)esterson


44. JOHN RILEY6 BARBER, 1871; m Nancy Leona Baucom; r Clarksville, Johnson Co AR. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones; Website of David Kircher at Rootsweb World Connect; Lacey Sparks, Worldconnect: ccsparks at]

WILLIAM RILEY7, 1890; d Bannock Co ID.

HENRY ANTHONY7, 1892-1910.

DAVID WILSON7, 1894; m Jessie May Perry.

VIRGINIA HELEN8, ; m Joseph Daniel Baker.


CHARLES THOMAS7, 1899; m Martha Wilson Osborn.


MARTHA ELIZABETH JANE7, 1905; m Clayton C Cowan; r Sequoyah Co OK.

45. JAMES6 BARBER, 1911; m Geneva Qualls. [FTM: “Luersen Family”, by Betty Joan Jones]


BROWNIE SUE7; m Roger I Barber.

ROGER DANIEL8 BARBER; m/1 Lisa Carter; m/2 Lisa Shelton.













and of RICHARD and WILLIAM BRYWOOD BARBER of North Carolina

[This part from L Irene Barber Biddlecome: Rootsweb worldconnect]


1 A brother of Henry1: BENJAMIN F1, b 1839; m Pennie ---; r Jamesville, Martin Co NC. A Baptist minister.

KATHIE2, 1806

ROENA2, 1862

JULIA2, 1866



1 HENRY BARBER1, b NC Abt 1819; d Lynchburg VA 1863; r Jamesville, Martin Co NC; m Emely ---

Sarah Jane2 b: 1847 d: Aft 1910; + ---- Dorey d: Bef 1910

2 Benjamin F2, 1848; ?m/1 Margaret Beacham; m/2 1874 Emmerline L Gardner.

Martha2, 1850

Ann2, b 1852; ?m ---; ?parents of William Brywood Barber, below. A different Ann Barber is indicated below as the correct

mother of William Brywood Barber.

Hernie2, 1860


2. BENJAMIN F BARBER2 , b 26 Dec 1848 d: prob 1904; ? m/1 Margaret Beacham; m/2 1874 Emmerline L

GARDNER b: 1855 d: 1923; r Jamesville.

Sarah C3 b: 28 Jul 1875 d: 24 Sep 1875

Lula V3 b: 7 Oct 1876

William Franklin3 b: 27 Dec 1877 d: 4 Mar 1968; r Williamston, Martin Co NC. He m 4 times.

m/1 Jessie b: May 1874 d: prob 1901

M/2 Lizzie Rowena SIMPSON b: 12 Sep 1882 d: 22 May 1931

Lula Simpson4 b: 11 Jun 1902 d: 30 Apr 1977; r Martin Co + Charles W BEMBRIDGE b: Abt


Dennis Roosevelt4 b: 25 Oct 1903 d: Feb 1967; r Martin Co. + Essie Mae PERRY b: Abt 1908

Louis F5

Dennis Hubert5

Grover L5

Carroll5 b: Aft 1929

Garland5 b: Aft 1930

Tillie4 b: 12 Oct 1904 d: 25 Jan 1994; r Martin Co. + James Walter BARNES

Maggie May4 b: Abt 1906 d: 3 Apr 1934; r Martin Co.

Herbert5 b: 24 Nov 1924 d: Aft 1980 ?Father?

She m/2 Joseph F DAVENPORT b: Bef 1877

Chrish Malcolm4 b: 16 Sep 1907 d: 15 May 1980; r Martin Co. + Della Mae STEVENSON

James5 b: Aft 1927

Kenneth5 b: Aft 1929 d: Bef 1980

Douglas W5 b: May 1933 d: Bef 1980

Thurman5 b: 28 Mar 1944 d: 28 May 2006

Marvin Lee5 b: 7 May 1947 d: 9 Feb 2007

Effie Mae4 b: 12 May 1910 d: 1 Apr 2000; r Martin Co.; m/1 Harvey Lee PERRY; m/2 George


Mary4 b: Abt 1913

William Harry4 b: 12 Mar 1915 d: 18 Jul 1994; r Martin Co.; m Kathleen BAILEY

Sammy d: 2003; m --- JONES

Lizzie Margaret4 b: 1915 d: 1919

Benjamin Franklin4 b: 25 Oct 1919 d: 18 May 1977

William Major4 b: 25 Oct 1919 d: 4 May 1989 + Francis WILLIAMS b: 10 Jun 1933

Clyde4 b: 3 Jan 1921 d: 30 Dec 1992 + Mildred Irene MOORE b: 27 Sep 1924 d: 31 Mar 2007

Emeline4 b: 21 Apr 1923 d: 27 Jun 1973 + Leroy KNOW

Twin 24 b: 2 Aug 1923 d: 2 Aug 1923

Henry Hoyt4 b: 24 Feb 1926 d: 21 Oct 1974 + Gertrude C SIMPSON b: 16 Sep 1891

James Arthur4 b: 28 Dec 1909 d: 5 Dec 2004 + Rena ---

Robert Clifton4 b: 16 Jul 1912 d: 20 Sep 1994 + Elinor TRENT b: 6 Jan 1914 d: Abt 1987

Robert C5 + Icelene DAVENPORT b: 9 Sep 1902 d: 24 Mar 1967

Lester Harrell4 b: 16 May 1940 d: 16 May 2003 + Rebecca TUCKER d: Abt 2001

Emma Della3 b: 15 Nov 1879

Henry Wilmer3 b: 27 Sep 1883 d: 9 Mar 1945; r Martin Co NC. + Annie M HARDISON

Annie4 , m James HARDISON

Emma Belle4 b: 1909 + Henry LILLIE b: 1910

George Benjamin b: 4 Jan 1913 d: 25 Jul 1984 + Daisy JACKSON b: 31 Jul 1915

Ella Daisy5 d: Bef 1980

Archie Woodrow4 b: 19 May 1915 d: 6 Aug 2005

Elbert Wilmerv b: 1919 d: 1984 + Idell JACKSON b: 1919 d: 1979

Rob C5 d: Bef 1980

Llewelyn4 b: 1922


Mary Ruth4 b: 1928

Alonzo M3 b: 28 Aug 1885 d: 28 Jan 1925; m Ola LILLEY b: 1897; r Jamesville, Martin Co.

William A4 b: Abt 1912

Elmer E4 b: Abt 1914 d: Bef 1980


Warren S3 b: 9 Jan 1887 d: 2 Nov 1934 + Martha LILLEY b: 17 May 1889 d: 24 Feb 1981

Jake4 + Peggy PARKER

Lydia4 m/1 Clifton MATTHEWS; m/2 Horace COLTRAIN

Bertie I4 b: 1915 + James WILLIAMS

Katherine M4 b: 5 Mar 1917 d: 22 Jul 1980; m Milton FINE d: Bef 1980

Simon J4 b: 1920

Ella Mae4 b: 1922 + Arnold MODLIN d: Bef 1980

Doris L4 b: 1923; m Church MODLIN


Sylvester Clyde3 b: 9 Feb 1888 + Halley ---

Della4 + Joseph SHAKEFORD

Nathan4 + Kay ---

Eva4 + Lawrence GOFF

Perlie Clarence3 b: 13 Dec 1890 d: 30 Apr 1966; r Martin Co NC. + Beulah Mae SIMPSON

Macon Dewitt4 b: 10 May 1920 d: 2 Dec 1993 m/1 Elaine JACKSON ; m/2 Rita HARDISON


Mary Elizabeth4 b: 19 Jan 1932 d: Bef 1980

Essie Gray4 b: 17 Sep 1913 + Eddie MODLIN b: 11 Nov 1911 d: 8 Mar 1963

Major Octaves4 b: 17 Sep 1915 d: 8 Jan 1973 + Florice Younger HEATH b: 11 Feb 1918

Cushion H4 b: 22 Jul 1917 d: 12 Jan 1990 + Ruth LILLEY b: 5 Apr 1919 d: 6 Oct 2005

Pearl J4; m/1 Albert WILLIAMS; m/2 Joe HOLLIDAY

Maebelle4 b: 20 Dec 1926 + Durham DAVIS

Leland Marvin4 b: 24 Apr 1928 d: 11 Feb 1995

Horton4 b: Abt 1929

May E4 b: 1 Jan 1931 d: 1 Jan 1931

Arnold C4 b: 9 May 1933 d: 26 Feb 1936

James Hill4 b: 17 May 1947 d: 27 Jul 1947

Martha Gertrude3 b: 13 May 1894 + Charles Benjamin ORCUTT b: Aft 1886

Lusian M3 b: 13 Mar 1896

Hoyt Benjamin3 b: 28 Aug 1881 d: 25 Nov 1933; r Jamesville, Martin Co NC. + Ludie Arbelle

SIMPSON b: 1889 d: 23 Jan 1978

Marion Benjamin4 b: 1908 + Ollie Ruth GARDNER

Vivian Ruth5 , m James GUYNN

Robert Clarence4 b: 5 May 1909 d: 12 Mar 1971 + Mertie WATSON b: 24 Mar 1918

James Hoyt4 b: 1912 d: Abt 2002 + Kathleen MODLIN

David Wesley4 b: 1914 d: 1929

Dalmer Huese4 b: 1 Apr 1916 d: 6 Oct 1972 + Doro Francis WEAVER b: 21 Jan 1918

Paul Mayo4 b: 28 Mar 1918 d: 13 Feb 1989 + Grace Elizabeth MARTIN b: 19 Jun 1915

Ludie Arbelle4

Lushan Edwin4 b: 30 Jan 1920 d: 1 Jul 1920

Stella Gray4

Myrtle Marie4

Ethel Mae4 + Ray HAVEY d: Bef 1980

Vivian Grace4 b: 1928 d: 1929

Martha2, 1850

Ann2, b 1852; ?m ---; ?parents of William Brywood Barber, below. A different Ann Barber is indicated below as the correct mother of William Brywood Barber.

Hernie2, 1860



According to another website: [from Vergie Barber DeAntonio: http//

1. Richard1 Barber, b circa 1831; son of --- and Etnay --- (b c 1814, possibly Native-American) m + Louisa R Barber, b circa 1841.
John2 , c 1861
Ann2, c 1862; m ? Barber (according to Y-DNA test, he had to have also been a Barber maybe cousin: They were not

Sarah Elizabeth3 "Sallie"; 1886; m Thomas Acie Carawan.
WILLIAM BRYWOOD BARBER3, b Martin Co NC about 1884, m/1 Della Hardison from Martin County; m/2 Mae

Wynn Spruill. r Washington Co NC.
Children of 1st wife:

Ethel Virginia4, c 1901?; d Washington Co NC; m Clyde Lee Sitterson.
Beulah Louise4, b c 1906; d Washington Co; m Joshua Thomas Griffin, III.
            Archie Gray4, b Washington Co NC 23 Sep 1906, d 1969.
            William Asa4, b 23 Sep 1906; d Washington Co; m Virginia Odell Jones.
William O5 (Billy), Sr.,  c 1930, m Mildred Ruth Ambrose
            Mahlon Lugene5, 1934; m Janice Wright.                     Donna Ruth6, b Jan 30, 1954; m Paul David Crockett, (now divorced).

Kenneth Ray6, 1959; m Andrea Lynn Burdette.

Kenneth Ray II7, 1988

Mahlon Lynn6, 1961; m Angela Carolipo (now divorced).

Mahlon Lynn, Jr7, 1981
Maybel4, 1909; William Earl Sitterson.
Cora Odell4, b Washington Co 1911; d there 1982; m Wesley William Frank Hardison.
Gladys Marie4, b Wash. Co 1917, d there; m William Frank Tarkington
            Raymond Lloyd4, m Beulah Mae Ange, Nov 10, 1916,d Wash. Co 1992
            Robert  G5, 1939; m Greta H. Barber
                          Robert G6 II, 1961; Jo Winesett
                          Raymond Andrew6
                          Wendy6, m John Modlin
Lynette5, m Omega Wells Rodgers
Joseph Edgar4, b Wash. Co 1915; d there; m Esther Nona Spruill.

Vergie Esther5; m George John DeAntonio
            Joseph Edgar5, II, 1958; m Lena Tarkington.
Joseph Edgar6, III, 1983; Donna Bivens
Krissi6, 1986; m Lu Ann Lewis
Leland4, b c 1925, died in Lousiana, car accident; m Johnnie Oschner.
Jack Daniels Leland5

Children of William’s 2nd wife:

Stella Spruill (stepchild to William Brywood Barber); m Paul Gurganus
Gilbert Fousteen Spruill, Sr. (stepchild to William Brywood Barber); m Louise Walker
Muriel Spruill (stepchild to William Brywood Barber), m R. B. Cooke
      Clarence Julian4, b Washington Co NC; m Lessie Kathleen Harris
Carolyn5; m Rod Holt
                            Barry5; m Theresa Hooks
Nellie4, b Wash. Co; m Kale Wilson

Margie4, 1923; d Chesapeake VA 2000; m Alva L. Daughtrey

Etnay2, c 1864

Nancy2, c 1866