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MOSES BARBER of Rhode Island, Part 2 (105-238)


INDEX: See Part 1

105. WILLIAM5 BARBER, b 1755-65 (Land records mention William and Rowland R to gether, and they are the only Barbers in the area that I can find); res Arlington, Shaftsbury VT.[Ref:LS; VR:VT; LR:Arlington; 1790,1800,1810,1820 CS:Arlington; Knapp Gen,1953,Alfred A Knapp M.D.; Lt: W T Collins]

242 JESSE6 (Ezekiel), 1793; m Polly Woodward

243 JAMES6, b 1793; m Lucy Sawtell

CS indicates 4 sons, 3 dau, by 1810

?LUCY6, ; m Gideon Knapp; res Ledyard NY

106. ?JAMES5 BARBER, 1795; m Ontario Co NY 1816 Antha Jane Fox; res Cambridge, Washington Co, and Pompey and Camillus, in Onondaga Co NY. In 1870: Berlin, St Clair Co MI. [Ref:Lt:June S Barber; Sandy Kelster at Rootsweb Worldconnect]

GIRL6, 1815

243a WILLIAM E6, b Pompey NY 1818; m Maria Ann Berringer.

ELIZABETH6, 1819; m David Croset.

FRANCIS F6, 1820; m Eliza Street; r St Clair Co MI.

MARY7, 1849

ELLEN7, 1851

JOSEPHINE7, 1853; m Marshall Shover; r St Clair Co MI.


JAMES M7, 1858; m Mary ---; r St Clair Co.


HENRY P6, 1822

STEPHEN6, 1824

JAMES R6, 1826; m Mary Margaret Smith; r Ovid, Clinton Co MI in 1870.

ADELIA7 (Dolly), 1858

EARL7, 1861; d OR 1961; m Ida A ---; r Ithaca, Gratiot Co MI in 1900.

LAURA8, 1895/6

INEZ E8, 1897/8

WILLIAM J8, 1899/1900

EMILY6, 1830; m Joseph Walker.

GEORGE H6, 1832; d MI; m Amy ---.

JENNIE7, 1865

JAMES7, 1869

?ARTHUR7, Stepson, 1888

ANTHEA JANE6, b Norwich, Oxford Co ON 1837; m/1 --- Putnam; m/2 Walter James Slingerland; r St Clair Co MI.

JERUSHA6, b Norwich ON 1839; m Garret Slingerland Berringer; r St Clair Co.

107. JAMES CHAPMAN5 BARBER, 1809; m Elizabeth Sherman; res S Kingston, Richmond RI.[Ref:IGI:RI; VR:No Kingston, Voluntown CT; 1850 CS:Exeter; 1860 CS:Hopkinton]

244 PARDON D S6, 1830; m Deborah V T

ELIZABETH A6, 1838; ?m Charles A Slocum

LYMAN6, 1847

245 GEORGE WASHINGTON6, 1842; m Mary E Green

EBER L6, 1842; prob m Catherine Moore, and div. 1869; res Coventry CT and OH

AMY6, 1843

SARAH C6, ; m -- Foote; res OH

CAROLINE6, ; m Samuel Place

PATIENCE A6, ; m James H Cahoon; res CT

MARY E6, 1844; m Benjamin T Adams

108. MOSES5 BARBER, 1812; m Margaret (Judy) McGaughey; she m/1 John McGaughey); res Madison Co IL. [Ref:LS]

ELIZABETH ANN6, 1842; m Samuel V Roseberry; res Pana IL

SARAH MARGARET6, 1844; m James P Chapman; res Lamb's Point IL

MARY ELIZA6, 1846-1872; m James N Sandbach; r Madison Co.

NOAH DYER6, 1847-1847

MARTHA JANE6 1849-1851

109. LYMAN5 BARBER, 1817; m/1 Olive Slocum; m/2 Elizabeth Ann Judy; res Ontario Co NY, Warsaw, Wyoming Co NY, and Madison Co IL. [Ref:LS; RIGR; GML:Slocum Gen]

Second wife:

246 MOSES6, 1846; m Cynthia Grace McClanahan

247 SAMUEL STILLMAN6, 1848; m Elizabeth Adeline Brown

SARAH ELIZABETH6, 1851; m Rufus Lilbern Johnson; r Madison and Moulton Co IL.

MARY ANN6, 1854; m Robert Murphy Jr; r Cerro Gordo.

248 THOMAS SOLOMON6, 1856; m Sarah Olivia Hughes

MARTHA JUDY6, 1858; m/1 Henry Clay Herrin; m/2 Henry Esmond; m/3 Rufus Lilbern Johnson

249 GEORGE A6, 1860; m Mary Ann Varner

250 LYMAN JESSE6, 1862; m/1 Mamie Congdon; m/2 Mrs Lillian Virginia (Grimstead) Froman

HATTIE BELCHER6, 1865-1867

110. STILLMAN5 BARBER, 1821; m Mary Ann (Clark) Murphy, who m/1 Robert P Murphy; res RI, Madison Co IL. [Ref:LS]

MARY ANN6, 1850-1851

SARAH CATHERINE6, 1852; m Thomas Wheatly East; res Milmine IL


MARGARET6, 1856; m Brandt Badger; res Austin TX

251 MOSES LYMAN6 ,1858; m Dixie Wyant

IDA6, 1860; m Uriah Collins; res Fisher Co TX, Abilene TX

GARDNER CLARK6, 1862; m Betty Burchard

111. SOLOMON5 BARBER, 1823; m Ellen M Dye; res Richmond and So Kingston RI, and S Coventry and No Stonington CT.[Ref:LS; IGI:RI; CEM:Coventry; 1850,1900 CS:Richmond; 1860 CS:So Kingston; 1870 CS:Coventry; 1880 CS:No Stonington; VR:Coventry, No Stonington; Newsp.,Westerly P.L.]

252 RENSELLEAR WILBUR6, 1845; m Catherine Louisa Lander.

HARRIET BELCHER6, 1846; m George A Wallen; res Springfield MA

ANNIE ELIZABETH6, 1848-1871 d S Coventry CT

253 MOSES6, 1850; m/1 Maria A Edgerton; m/2 Harriet Main

ELLEN MARIA6, 1855; m John Stephen Cole; res Hopkinton

SOLOMON6, 1857-1858

SARAH STANTON6, 1859; m A Frank Knight; res KS, AL

EDWIN STILLMAN6, 1864-1866

JOHN FRANCIS6, 1865-1866

ASA DEAN6, 1869-1869

JOSEPH BELCHER6, 1871-1878

112. HIRAM5 BARBER, 1825; m/1 Susan E Sherman; m/2 Mary F Briggs; res So Kingston RI, and Milmine, Piatt Co IL.[Ref:LS: 1850 CS:So Kingston]

First wife:

254 MATTHEW STILLMAN6, 1846; m/1 Algenia Elivis Stanton; m/2 Ida May (Scammahorn) Brooks

SUSAN ADELAIDE6, 1851; m William Briggs; res Decatur IL

113. GARDINER SMITH5 BARBER, 1827; m/1 Lucretia Elizabeth Knowles; m/2 Sarah E Spencer (d 1899); m/3 1899 Alcey Frances (Barber) Arnold (#1637), dau of Benjamin); res S Kingston RI.[Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; 1850,1860,1865,1870,1900 CS:So Kingston; Newsp.,Westerly P.L.; VR:S Kingston]

EMMA LAFOREST6, 1850; m John Allen Woodmansee; res W Kingston RI

SUSAN ELLA6, 1854; m William Eugene Moore


STILLMAN HAZARD G6, 1861; m Sarah Jane Kenyon; res So Kingston RI.

114. JESSE5 BARBER, 1829; m Harriet Dawley Sherman; res S Kingston and E Greenwich RI.[Ref:LS; 1860 CS:So Kingston; 1865 CS:E Greenwich]

255 MOSES JESSE6, 1851; m Mary Arnold Houghton

ELLA MARIA6, 1854; m Thomas M Wheeler; res E Greenwich RI

115. JOHN A5 BARBER, 1823; m Deborah Tefft (or Shepardson); m Richmond, Hopkinton RI. [Ref:1860,1865 CS:Hopkinton]

JOHN T6, 1851; ?d yg

HAPPY A6, 1852; m John H Searles

EDWARD D6, 1854; ?d yg

MARY E6, 1859; m --- Young

116. HENRY5 (Harry) BARBER, 1810; m Elizabeth Ennis; res S Kingston RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; GML:Babcock Gen; CEM:No Stonington, Plainfield; 1850,1860,1865 CS:So Kingston; Lt: Ann Hartley]

SARAH EMELINE6, 1841; m John F Walker; bur Plainfield CT

MARY J6, 1842; m Samuel Avery Babcock; bur. No Stonington CT

?NANCY J6, 1843

AMIE E6 (or Annie Elizabeth), 1847; ?m Charles F Latom

HENRY THOMAS6, 1853-1854

GEORGE HENRY6, 1855-1864

HATTIE MARIA6, 1858; m Clarence Henry Rockwell; r New Britain CT.

117. WILLET ANTHONY5 BARBER, 1818; m/1 Lucy Ann Austin; m/2 1886 Ruth E (James) Johnson-Knight; res Exeter, So Kingston RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; 1850 CS:Exeter; 1865,1870 CS:So Kingston; VR: S Kingston]

First wife:

JAMES A6, 1842-1856

ISRAEL A6, 1843-1863

CHARLES WILLET6, 1845; m/1 Sarah Elizabeth Wilcox; m/2 1879 Sarah Kate Williams; res Griswold CT

SABRA E6, 1849-1858

MAY ANN6, 1847; m Charles H Palmer

LUCY ANN6, 1852

SON6, 1854-1854

EDWIN6, 1859; m Bertha Jane Tefft; res Griswold (1900 CS) and Plainfield CT (1910 CS).

118. JOSEPH DENNISON5 BARBER, 1820; m/1 Sarah White (d 1867); m/2 1867 Hannah M (Partelo) Maine; res So Kingston RI, No Stonington CT. [Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; CEM:No Stonington; 1850 CS:So Kingston; 1870 CS:No Stonington; VR:No Stonington; Newsp.:Westerly P.L.]

RUTH6, 1846; m Albert C Hilliard

SUSAN ELIZABETH6, 1847; m Charles Dexter Miner; bur. No Stonington

JOSEPHINE6, 1849; m Joseph Royle; r Stonington.

HERBERT LAVALL6, 1850; d 1871 Atchison KS

256 DENNISON PELEG6, 1851; m Laura L Speck

257 CHARLES WHITE6, 1853; m Annie Bradley

SARAH ADELLA6, 1856; m Cyrus H Stewart

ELBERT L6, 1857-1877; d Atchison KS

258 HORACE FRANK6, 1858; m Susan Gavit

ELLEN W6, 1861-1883

259 EDWIN6, 1863; m Peggy W Wood

MARY RUSSELL6, 1866-1867

119. ALBERT STANTON5 BARBER, 1822; m/1 Waity Peckham; m/2 Eliza Peckham; res So Kingston RI, and Lebanon CT.[Ref:LS; RIGR; VR:Lebanon; 1850,1860 CS:So Kingston]

260 WILLET PECKHAM6, 1846; m/1 Sarah M Peckham; m/2 Sarah N Payne

ALBERT6, 1848-1848

HANNAH6, 1850

120. SANFORD S5 BARBER, 1825; m/1 Susan H O Clarke (who prob. m/1 Davis G5 Barber, son of Rhoda4; Sanford m/2 1856 Elizabeth Webster; res S Kingston RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; Ms:Betty Buckell; 1860,1865 CS:So Kingston]

First wife:

DAUGHTER6, d yg.

Second wife:

261 ORRIN SNOW6, 1856; m Samantha Jane Wright

262 JOHN WEBSTER6, 1858; m Amy Adelaide Briggs

121. ELISHA POTTER5 BARBER, 1827; m Mary Candy; m Stonington CT. [Ref:LS; VR:Stonington]



BOY6, 1855

122. MOSES HAZARD5 BARBER, 1833; m Mary Jane Hubbard; res RI, and Atchison KS. [Ref:LS; RIGR; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

ABIGAIL6, 1868; m Lewis Brayman; res RI.

263 HERBERT JONATHAN6, 1871; m Eva Wertz

123. JESSE5 BARBER, 1815; m Mary Bliss; res Eagle, Wyom. Co NY. [Ref:CHS:Bliss Gen,1982,A T Bliss; GML:Foote Fam; 1850 CS:Eagle]

JESSE, 1843; d 1902.

264 SYLVESTER BLISS6, 1840; m Martha M Burr

265 LYSANDER LEROY6, 1841; m/1 Helen Burr; m/2 Louise Adelphia Russell; m/3 Emma Adell Barber (see 124A).

LYDIA ANN6, 1845; m William Foote; res Gainesville, Wyom. Co NY.

CHILD6, 1847-84.

MARY OCTAVIA6, 1850-81

124. JOHN H5 BARBER, 1820; m Martha Bliss; res Eagle, Wyoming Co NY. [Ref:CHS:Bliss Gen; IGI:NY; 1850 CS:Eagle;]

266 LEVI H6, 1841/2; m Martha J ---

267 HARTWIN6, 1844; m Alma ---

LUCY ANN6, 1846; m James Shaw.

268 CORTLAND DEWEY6, 1848; m Elvira Angeline Woodworth

124A. GEORGE BARBER, 1827; m Celia Dennis. [Lt: Gerald Wade;]

268a LYMAN J6, 1854; m Addie Irene ---; had ch.

POLLY6, 1856; m Adelbert Jay Haskins.

STILLMAN6, 1858; m Mary E ---.

EMMA ADELL6, 1861; m Lysander Leroy Barber (see 123).


DENNIS E6, 1869 – 1887.

JOHN FREEMAN6, 1873; m Helen M ---.

268b ALMOND JESSE6, 1875; m Mary E ---.

MABLE6, 1878; m William Osgood.

125. ELIPHALET5 BARBER, 1765; m Susannah Bishop; res NJ, Overton Co TN; Andersonville, Franklin Co IN.

[Ref: Lt:Berry; Settlers of Beekman Patent,1993, Doherty]

SUSANNAH6, 1797; m John Lewis; res Franklin and Rush Co IN

JOHN6, c 1799; d Franklin Co IN 1824.

269 SIMEON6, 1800; m Deborah Eels

ANNE6, b 1804; m Archbald Miller; res Rush Co IN

SARAH ELLEN6, ; m 1823 Allen R Jackman; r Rush Co IN

ELIZABETH6, ; m Aaron Ramsey

HANNAH6, 1810-1828.

MARY6, ; m Christopher Mismer

SAMUEL6, ;to IL by 1844.

ABIGAIL6, 1818; m Ezekiel Bailey; res IN

126. MOSES5 BARBER, 1778; m Eleanor Lewis; res NC; Logan, Dearborn Co IN. [Ref:Lt:Berry; Lt:Hanly; Settlers of Beekman Patent,1993, Doherty]

JOHN SALE6, 1804-1847

270 SAMUEL DOUTHET6, 1804; m Elizabeth Neff

271 WILLIAM6, 1806; m Maria Hinkston

MARY6, 1807; unmarr.

272 ELIPHALET6, 1809; m Ann Chappelow

JEMIMA6, 1811; unmarried; d IL

BENJAMIN6, 1812-1815; d IN

DAVID6, 1815; m Ann Sydney Purcell; res Lasalle Co IL

273 GEORGE6, 1816; m/1 Jane Hutchinson; m/2 Emeline Kersey

SARAH6, 1819; m Charles Burk

274 JONATHAN6, 1820; m/1 Maria C Cotrell; m/2 Rebecca Harley; m/3 Ruth Jackman.

127. JOHN B5 BARBER, 1789; m Mary Lewis; res Logan and Harrison (1850 census), Dearborn Co IN. [Ref:IGI:IN; Lt:Berry]

CLARISSA6, 1816; m William B Cox; res New Trenton, Franklin Co IN

JULIA6, 1820

ELIZA6, 1821; m David Kennedy; res New Trenton, Franklin Co IN

HULDAH6, 1822

MARY6, 1826

JOHN6, 1828; d 1881 unm.

127A. LAWRENCE5 BARBER, 1777; m Anna Dibble; r Hadley and Corinth, Saratoga Co NY. [Leo Ingmanson: Leoandrita at]

ISAAC6, 1800; m Lucinda Eggleston; r Hadley.

ELIZA7, ; m James Carleton.

JANE7, ; m Gilbert Peck.

OLIVE7, ; m John Wallace.

HANNAH7, ; m Tyler Austin.

LAWRENCE7, ; m Lefa Ann ---.

RACHEL7, 1838

ORING7, 1847

HANNAH6, 1804; m Schoharie Co NY Cornelius Potter.

POLLY6, m Daniel Randall.

RACHEL6, ; d Luther IA; m Joseph Poyer Ostrander.

WEALTHY ANN6, m Azra Norton.

ZINA6, 1809; m/1 Sarah Ann Potter (d 1836); m/2 Huldah P Dean; r Hadley.

First wife:

EMILY ELIZABETH7, 1832; m Lewis Long. Died Marseilles IL.

CHARLES WESLEY7, 1834; m Adeline Olivia Harris; r IL.

MARY E8, 1858

ROSALIE J8, 1860

EMMA JANE8, 1863; m Charles Burk; d Foster Co SD.

HARVEY C8, 1867; m Ella M Porter.

CHARLES W9, 1896

FANNY B8, 1869

MABEL ADDIE8, 1872; m Elias Palmer Church.

NELLIE L8, 1875; m Carl Jacobson.

SARAH ANN7, 1836; m Mallory Morgan.

Second wife:

CAROLINE7, 1838; m Warren Clark Massey; d CA.

JOHN LAWRENCE7, 1840; m Amanda Brodbeck; d Marseilles IL.

ALDEN CICERO8, 1872; d Harrah OK; m Grace Dora Sumney; r Edwards Co KS and Grady Co OK.

AGNES AMANDA9, 1902; m/1 Oscar Anderson; m/2 Garland Justin Stansbury; r Grady Co


ESTHER ELIZA9, 1902; d Minco, Grady Co OK; m/1 Walter Donald Ray; m/2 Oscar Locke.

JOHN ALDEN9, 1904; m Mellie Marie Mackey; d Grady Co OK.

LLOYD GEORGE9, 1906; m Lena May Denwalt; r Grady Co OK.

GERTRUDE BARBARA9, 1908; d OK; m Miles E Branson.

LULA MAY9, 1911; m Wilbur W Olney; d OK.

ROBERT CHARLES9, 1914; m Elsie Inez Ladd; r OR and OK.

LORA ESTELLE8, 1874; m Leroy Elmer Bentley; d Marseilles IL.

LUCIA MAY8, 1875; m Chester Coles Parr; d Marseilles IL.

GERTRUDE MAUDE8, 1878; m Otho Allen Latimer; d Marseilles IL.

EDITH ANNIE8, 1879; m Francis Edwin Youmans; d Marseilles IL.

CARRIE ELIZABETH8, 1881; m Isaac Gaige Drackley; r IL.

GEORGE ZINA8, 1884; m Julia Louise Thomas; r IL.


CICERO7, 1843; d 1862 in Civil War.

ALDEN7, 1846; d 1864 in Civil War.

RUTH B7, 1849; m Alonzo E Edson; r MI.

ROZELLE7, 1852-1853

SALLY6, 1810-1827

128. ABRAHAM5 BARBER, 1779; m Patience Powell; res Stillwater, Saratoga CO NY. [Ref:Ms:Betty Buckell; Lt:Hanly; 1850CS:Stillwater]

WILLIAM6, 1805; m Jeanette ---; both d 1836

275 RENSSELAER6, 1807; m Eliza A Briggs

EMELINE6, 1809; m --- Ingham

ENOS T6, 1810-1833

ABRAHAM6, 1812

ANNE6, 1814; m Thomas Morris

SARAH6, 1816; m George Perkins

276 LEWIS6, 1818; may have m. Sally ---. Or died 1818.

CHARLES6, 1820

277 REUBEN H6, 1822; m Elizabeth Caldwell

GEORGE P6, 1824

129. Dr. ISAAC5 BARBER, 1781; m Mary Hunting; res Schoharie Co NY; Frankfort, Will Co IL; a physician.

[Ref: Barber Gen,White/Wilson; DAR Lineage; IGI:NY; family trees: rosa275]

278 ISAAC I6, 1807; m Mary M Dominick

279 CICERO6, 1810; m/1 Caroline Watson; m/2 Martha Graves

ANNA MARIA6, 1812; m Henry Swan; r Berne, Albany Co NY.

280 JOSEPH6, 1814; m/1 Elizabeth Carter; m/2 Sarah Elizabeth Hoke: res IL

LOUISA6, 1816; m Griffin Whipple; r Albany Co NY.

GLOVINA6, 1818; m John Gardner

281 HIRAM6, 1820; m Rebecca Gibbs

HARRIET6, 1822; m Abner Gardner; r MA.

282 DEWITT C6, 1824; m Nancy Sams.

283 JOHN H6, 1826; m Malinda C Rowley

RACHEL C6, 1832; m Dr. John W Cameron; r IL.

AMELIA A6, 1834; m Jacob Becker; r NY.

129A. JACOB (JOSEPH5) BARBER, 178?; m Elizabeth McCarthy; res Ontario, and Rochester NY. [Ref: SP = Sprague Gen, at CHS]

284 LAWSON6, 181?; m Pamelia Crittenden

129B. CAPT. JEREMIAH5 BARBER, b prob. Greeene Co NY c 1773; ?m/1 Elizabeth Calon; ?m/2 Sarah A ---. r Benton, Yates Co NY. [Ref: Lt:Paul L Bumber; 1820,25,30 CS: Benton; Lt: Lyn Wilson]

VALENTINE, ; d young.

CHRISTIANA6, ; m James Brown.

EUNICE6, ; m/1 John Watson; m/2 David Herrington.

285 JEREMIAH6 (AARON), b Greene Co NY 1795; m/1 Anna VanZant; m/2 Margaret VanZant.

IRA6, ; m 1829 Lydia Belknap.

?JULIAN/GILLIAN V(?VALENTINE)6, ; r Yates Co, in Benton, Jerusalem, and ?Italy.

RICHARD M7, 1815/6; m Charlotte ---; r Potter, Yates Co. [1850 census ]

RICHARD M8, 1847/8; m Sarah R ---; r Albany NY. [1880 census]


ESTEL9, 1873

MAY9, 1874

MAUDE9, 1875

CLARA9, 1878

JONATHAN6, ; m ---.

SOLOMON6, ; m ---.

129C. ?MOSES5 BARBER, ; ?m Fanny Mapes; had 2 ch in Coxsackie, 1810. [Lt: Charles N Barber]



MARY ANN6, ; m James Parish.

STEPHEN6, ; m ?; r Auburn, Cayuga Co NY

STEPHEN7, 1809


Another Moses BARBER, b 1793, in Rondout, Ulster Co NY had children: [Lt: Paul L Barber ]


JOHN STEWART2, 1816; b Roxbury, Delaware Co NY; m Elizabeth Davis.

JAMES3, 1847

CHARLES3, 1848; m Anna Radbone.

JOHN CALVIN4, 1874; m Myrtle Maude Tanner.

HUBERT CALVIN5, 1900; m/1 Leona Shillins; m/2 Esther Lehman; r Toledo.

First wife:


WILLIAM5, 1901

IRVIN E5, 1902; m Mary Barber.


CHARLES STEWART4, 1877; m Minnie Koester.

RUTH5, 1904; m Clayton Sheperd.

CHARLES H5, 1920; d Toledo 1995.


MARY3, 1849

130. SAMUEL5 BARBER, 1786; m Sarah Kent; res Johnsburg, Warren Co NY. [Ref:Ms:Betty Buckell; 1850 CS:Johnsburgh; FTM: Desc. of Samuel E Barber]

286 ?NELSON6, 1810; m Polly ---

287 ?SAMUEL E6, 1813; m Esther A Cameron

288 ?JOSIAH K6, 1823; m Susan ---

289 DARIUS B6, 1828; m Mary F Barton; ?m/2 Sybil ---

290 PHINEAS TYLER6, 1831; m Phebe Lusina Washburn

Angeline Farnham6, 1833 (adopted daughter)

131. Rev. PHINEAS BARKER5 BARBER, 1793; m/1 Orpha Morse; m/2 1837 Roxana S Heath; r Brownhelm, Lorain Co OH in 1830; r Berlin, Erie Co OH. [Ref:IGI:OH; Ms:Betty Buckell; DAR Lineage; Virkus:Compend.,Vol 7; 1830 census: Brownhelm; 1850 CS:Berlin; FTM: Desc. of Samuel Barber]

First wife:

ABISHAL MASON6, probably b 1817, and m Harriet ---; r Flint, Genesee Co MI.

SETH M6, 1820

EMILY6, 1822

291 GERSHOM MORSE6, 1823; m Huldah Lavinia Seeley


ORPHA6, 1829

JULIA AMANDA6, 1834; m/1 Henry Blanchard; m/2 1880 James C Duncan in Redwood Falls, Redwood Co MN. res.

Farmington, LaCrosse Co WI.

Second wife:



131A. BENJAMIN R5 BARBER, m Margaret Hatch. [FTM: Desc. of Samuel E Barber]

CHARLES OSCAR6, b Chenang (?) NY 1834

132. DYER5 BARBER *6190*, 1786; m Eunice Yerrington; res Linklaen, Chenango Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Linklaen]

292 ORRIN COTTON6, 1814; m Hannah ---

293 GEORGE F6, 1823; m Philanda ---

BETSY6, 1828

CHARLES6, 1831

133. WIGHTMAN5 BARBER, 1789; m Ruth ---; res Smyrna, Chenango Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Smyrna]

ADELIA6, 1832

134. BENJAMIN5 BARBER, 1789; m Agnes ---; res Smyrna, Chenango Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Smyrna]

MARY6, 1825


GEORGE6, 1830

AGNES6, 1835

135. ALSBRO5 BARBER, 1796; m Betsey Estes; res Cape Vincent and Hamilton, Madison Co NY. [Ref:CHS:Estes Gen; 1850 CS:Hamilton; IGI:NY]

SARAH6, 1817

296 ELY6, 1819; m Harriet ---

LUCINDA6, 1821; d yg

AMANDA6, 1823

297 LORENZO A6, 1826; m Cornelia ---

HARRIET6, 1828

PATIENCE6, 1830 – 1855

298 CALVIN6, 1832; m Charlott ---


LUCY A6, 1840

136. JOSEPH MAXSON5 BARBER, 1788; m/1 c 1815 ---; m/2 1823 Esther Terry; res Poland, Chautauqua Co NY, and Little Sioux Twp, Harrison Co IA. [Ref:1850 CS:Poland; Lt:Margaret Brennan; FGS of Joseph M Barber]

First wife:

EUNICE M6, 1816; m Charles Bennett; res Buchanan Co IA

299 AVERY WALTON6, 1819; m Mary C Noyes

Second wife:

ALTA6, 1824; m William D Hoag; res Harrison Co IA

ALMEDA J6, 1826; m Samuel Phillips; res Poland, Chautauqua Co NY

300 ELNATHAN6, 1829; m/1 Alma ---; m/2 Martha or Alma ---.

ALMA T6, 1830

136A. ?CALEB5 BARBER, 1796; m Lovina Lyon; res Chenango Co and Allegany Co and Franklin and Cattaraugus Co NY. [Res: Lt: Phyllis Beebe]


301 HENRY L6, 1832; m/1 Rachel Whitlock; m/2 Grace ---.

CAROLINE6, 1836; m/1 Orsamus M Myrick; m/2 Alpheus Marshall Trowbridge; r Ischua, Cattaraugus Co NY.

ALMA6, 1838

ELIAL6, 1840; m Laura Bozard; res Humphrey, Cattaraugus Co NY

CELESTIA6, 1844; m Isaac T Hollister

LUCINA6, 1846/7

137. BENJAMIN W(?)5 BARBER, 1801; m Elsa Sweet; res Norwich, Chenango Co NY. [Ref:DAR Lineage; 1850 CS:Norwich]

302 ?WILLIAM6, 1825; ?m Mary Pickard.

?JEROME6, 1827

CHARLES E6, 1829; m Mary A Brooks; r Norwich.

ELMORE7, 1859; probably died young.


HARRIET6, 1831

HENRY6, 1832-1840

DANIEL6, 1835

LUTHANA6, 1836; m John A Day

ROSINA6, 1837

MARY6, 1838

BETSY6, 1839


SALINDA6, 1842

MARIA E6, 1843; m Henry H Bowen; res Guilford NY

HENRY6, 1844

WHITMAN6, 1845

SEREPTA6, 1846

JANE6, 1847

304 JOHN6, 1848; ?m Sarah L

GEORGE6, 1850

EDWARD6, 1852

SARAH A6, 1853

2 infants6

138. JARED5 BARBER, 1788; m Waity Moore; res Richmond RI. [Ref:RIGR; IGI:RI; 1860 CS:Richmond; 1865 CS:Hopkinton]

ALANSON6, 1810; m Sarah H Baker

JOANNA6, 1812/3-1831

SARAH6, 1816; m James C Baker

139. ARCHIBALD5 BARBER, 1799; m Nancy Card; res So Kingston, Charlestown RI.[Ref:VR:Voluntown CT; 1850 CS:So Kingston; 1860,1865 CS:Charleston]

JOANNA T6, 1828; m John W Hoxsie of Exeter

MARY CARR6, 1824; ? unm

140. EDWARD DOWNING5 BARBER, 1806; m Lucy Wainwright; res Middlebury and Salisbury VT. [Ref:VR:Hinsdale NH]

HELEN6, 1832; m John Howe; res Salisbury

305 EDWARD DOWNING6, 1837; m Emma M Bishop.

MARY6, 1839; m Albert Sabin; res Rockingham VT

KATE WAINWRIGHT6, 1846; d 1847

141. HENRY EDWARD5 BARBER, 1798; m Betsey Glaspie (she prob is the one who res Highland, Oakland Co MI. A Henry was in Marcellus, Onondaga Co NY 1820 with 1 boy under 10. [Census] [Ref:Ms:Betty Buckell; Family Trees: dobphilmech]

LOREN6, b Marcellus 1820; m Elizabeth F Arnold; r Oakland, Oakland Co MI, and Mt Vernon, Macomber Co MI.

JOSEPH HENRY7, 1843; m/1 1866 Fannie Sophia Fernald; m/2 1869 Mary A McLellan; m/3 1889 Emma Dale

Bradsby; r MI, ME, LA, CA.

First wife:


Second wife:

MERTIE S, b 1870

JOSIE R, 1873


FRANK E F, 1877

Third wife:



JOSEPHINE B7, b Mt Vernon 1843


JULIUS E7, 1848

JULIA PAULINE7, 1848 (twin)


306 JAMES C6, b Sweden, Monroe Co NY 1822; m Abigail ---

POLLY6, b Wilson, Niagara Co NY 1824

BENJAMIN J6, 1827; m Eliza Phoebe Hill; r Champaign Co IL and Empire, Ellsworth Co KS.

ANGELINE7, 1850; d 1868.

ARTEMIO7, 1853

HENRY7, 1855

BYRON7, 1857

HENRY6, b Oakland MI 1830; m Ada ---; r Quincy, Adams Co IL and Gallatin, Daviess Co MO.

EDWARD HENRY6, b Oakland, Oakland Co MI 1833; m/1 ?; m/2 Catherine U Dappling.

JOSEPH HENRY7, b Rantoul, Champaign Co IL 1861; m Henrietta F Noyes; r Detroit and Bay City MI.

JAMES HENRY8, 1884; m Jessie Blanche Dodge.


CHARLES C8, b Clio MI 1886

EDWARD G8, b Bay City MI 1888

FRANCES L8, 1890; m Julius C Lowry; r Detroit.

LEROY E8, 1892

RAYMOND WALKER8, 1894; m/1 Jennie; m/2 Zdenka ---; r Detroit, IL, LA.

Second wife:


LUCILLE8, 1896; m Roland DeYoung; r Detroit.

JOSEPH HENRY8, 1898; m Stella ---; r Detroit.

LEO MILLER8, 1900; m Helen Wanda Tomas; r Detroit

RICHARD A9, 1929; d OR; m Katherine Faye.

CHESTER VERNON8, b Bay City 1902; m Edith L Rimmington.

FRED CHESTER9, b Detroit 1925; m Laverne Marjorie Owens.

THOMAS A8, b Detroit 1905; m Mildret R Earls.

WILLIAM M8, 1907; m Louise ---; r Detroit.

HENRIETTA8, 1909; m Donald Hopkins.

ADORINAM JUDSON6, 1839; m/1 1858 Emily Cynthia Frost; m/2 Harriet Holcomb; m/3 1873 Olive Kittle; m/4 1910

Georgiana ---; r Saginaw and Monroe Co MI.

First wife:


EDISON N7, 1861; r Livingston Co MI.

BENNETT7, 1865

Second wife:



JEAN7, 1872

Third wife:

JUDSON ROBERT7, 1875; d Turner MT; m Ida Louise Austin.



142. AZARIAH5 BARBER, 1806; m Eliza Phoebe Sheldon; res Sweden, Harmony NY; Clear Creek, Medina, Medina Co, Brunswick OH and Peru IN. [Ref:1850 CS:Medina; Lt:Margie Bearss; CHS:Sheldon Gen. Mag.,1855,H O Sheldon]


ANN FRANCES6, 1835; m Robert Patterson Effinger

BENJAMIN SHELDON6, 1838; m Henrietta Mary Black Tedford

WILLIAM H6, 1840-42

EDWARD A6, 1843-63

143. JOSHUA5 BARBER, 1809; m/1 Nancy --; m/2 Lucy Ann --; res Westerly RI, and Renssalaer Co NY.[Ref:IGI:RI; VR:Stonington; 1850,1860,1870 CS:Westerly]

307 JOSHUA F6, 1834; m Susan Harriet --

SUSAN WEALTHY6, 1837; m George V West

ANNA MARIA6, 1835; m Samuel Mitchell

HANNAH P6, 1842; m William Button (or Bulton)

144. MOSES5 BARBER, 1794; m Mary Crandall; res Barberstown, Portville, Cattaraugus Co NY. [Ref:CSL:Wellman Gen; GML:Crandall Gen; IGI:NY]

IRENE ANN6, 1818-73; unm

ESTHER S6, 1820; m Enos G Fisher

MARTHA MARIN6, 1821; m James Bowen

WILLARD CRANDALL6, 1822; m Fidelia Chandler

WILLIAM R6, 1824; m Mary Plum


308 BLANCHARD AZARIAH JENKS6, 1827; m Olive Amelia Hamilton

DAVID SMITH6, 1829; m Laura Maria Wellman; res IA

LAURA LOUISE6, 1832; m Frederick Clinton Holmes

309 THOMAS FRANKLIN6, 1835; m Martha Prudence Barber

CYRUS NOYES6, 1836; m Elsie Emily Crandall

NELSON JAMES6, 1840; m Sarah Antoinette Crandall (sister of above)

145. ROBERT NILES5 BARBER, 1796; m Lydia A Tefft; res Hopkinton,Exeter, Richmond RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; 1850 CS:Richmond; 1860,1865 CS:Exeter]

LUCY A6, 1821; m Amos P Barber, son of Sheffield and Mary (Palma) Barber.

310 BENJAMIN T6, 1823; m Maria M Champlin

HANNAH T6, 1831; m George P Tefft.

?GARDINER6, 1837

SUSAN CAROLINE6, 1841; m Edward Martin Lonejay

HARRIET F6, 1847

146. THOMAS CLARKE5 BARBER, 1798; m Susan Congdon; res Exeter RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; 1850,1860,1865,1870 CS:Exeter]

311 HENRY CLARK6, 1825; m/1 Hannah Elizabeth Clarke; m/2 Amy Louise Kenyon

312 CLARKE6, 1826; m Almira Andrews

MARY ANN6, 1838-42

147. AARON5 BARBER, 1800; m Susan Diana Bitgood; res Exeter RI, Plainfield, Voluntown CT. [Ref:LS; RIGR; VR:Voluntown; 1860 CS:Exeter; Lt: Lorna Dorr]

313 THOMAS JEFFERSON6, 1846; m Sarah L Rhodes

314 SILAS BITGOOD6, 1848; m Susan A Bitgood


NELSON6, 1858-1867

MARY ALICE6, 1844; m/1 John Clarke; m/2 1866 --- Barber; m/3 1868 Ezekial James. [Lt: Lorna Dorr]

148. SAMUEL ANDREW5 BARBER, 1803; m Nancy Irene Crandall; res Ceres, McKean Co PA. [Ref:1850 CS:Ceres]

MARY ANN6, 1824; m Enoch Ira Maxson.

315 ROWLAND ANDREW6, 1827; m/1 Sylvia Main; m/2 Julia A Hull; ?m also Julia Lucinda Stillman.

MARTHA PRUDENCE6, 1833; m Thomas Franklin Barber, son of Moses and Mary (Crandall) Barber.

SUSAN E6, 1836; m George Cummings.

149. JEFFERSON5 BARBER, 1807; m ? Sarah Ann DeWolfe (census has Ann);res Ceres, McKean Co PA. [Ref:1850 CS:Ceres]


PUTNAM6, 1841

LYDIA6, 1843

ORVILLE6, 1846

MARTHA JANE, 1853; m Israel Woodruff.

150. GEORGE WASHINGTON5 BARBER, 1807; m Mary Scranton; res Griswold, Voluntown CT. [Ref:1850 CS:Griswold; 1870 CS:Voluntown]

SUSAN6, 1835

316 GEORGE W6, 1839; m Maria Spaulding

317 SILAS L6, 1842; m Harriet Spaulding

MARY A6, 1845

THOMAS J6, 1847; res Voluntown [1900 CS:alone]

151. EDWARD5 BARBER, 1796; m/1 Diana Wilcox (d 1842); m/2 Sally B Rathbun; m/3 Abby Brown; res Exeter RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; VR:Richmond; 1850,1865,1870 CS:Exeter]

First wife:

ELIZABETH6, 1817; m Maxson Barber (son of Peter B)

318 RUSSELL J6, 1819; m Martha Andrews

319 WILLIAM A6, 1820; m Edith Austin

320 HIRAM CLARKE6, 1822; m Amey A Tanner


152. SILAS B5 BARBER, 1795; m Lydia Lewis; res W Greenwich RI.

321 SAMUEL6, 1826; m Lydia Lillibridge

153. THOMAS5 BARBER, 1783; m Eunice Babcock; res Westerly RI, Granville MA, Salisbury CT. [Ref:LS; VR:Granville, No Stonington, Salisbury; Burdick Gen; CSL:Drake Gen; CSL:Babcock Gen,1903; Lt:Eleanor Scott; CEM:Salisbury;Virkus:Mag. of Am. Gen]

322 THOMAS ?JAMES6, 1809; m Sarah Breed Stanton; ?also m/2 Roxie Amy Lewis - (a different Thomas?)

SARAH6, 1810; m Birdsey N Burch; res Salisbury CT

PHEBE6, 1812; m Martin Decker; d Salisbury CT

323 JOSEPH BABCOCK6, 1814; m Sarah Ann Drake

EUNICE6, 1819-44; unm

324 WILLIAM DENNISON6, 1821; m Henrietta Taft

CAROLINE6, 1823-60; unm

SUSAN ESTHER6, 1826; m Thomas Peckham; res Westerly RI

154. PELEG SHERMAN5 BARBER, 1785; m Louisa Gavitt; ?m/2 Martha ---; res Richmond RI. [Ref:1865 CS:Richmond; GML:Babcock Gen]

324a CHARLES PELEG6, 1817; m/1 Elizabeth ---; m/2 Henrietta S Easton.



A daughter6, m John Tefft

155. ABIAL5 BARBER, 1789; m Betsey Brown; m/2 1833 Nancy Brown; res No Kingston, Hopkinton RI, Stonington CT. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1850,1860 CS:Hopkinton; 1870 CS:Stonington; VR:Hopkinton; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

325 JOHN B6, 1821; m Sabra Anne Barker

326 PELEG S6, 1823; m Mrs Sarah (Gardner) Brown

327 ABIAL6, 1825; m Katherine Kenyon

CHARLES D6, 1830-1870; res Boston MA


156. MERCHANT5 BARBER, 1791; m/1 Alice R Lawton; m/2 Mercy R Lawton; res Exeter, W Greenwich RI.[Ref:LS; IGI:RI; VR:Exeter; 1850,1865 CS:W Greenwich; VR:So.Kingston]

First wife:

MARY C6, 1824; m/1 William R Potter; m/2 George W Holberton.

328 CLARK S6, 1828; m Mary Esther Slocum

SARAH H6, 1830; d 1830

TWINS6, 1833-1833

Second wife:

MERCHANT6, 1836-1857

SUSAN F6, 1837; m John Davis

PHEBE A6, c 1835; m Daniel Rose

156A. ISAAC5 BARBER, 1800; prob. m Olive Snow; r MA, NY, and Bradford Co PA. [Brec Humber: Rootsweb Worldconnect]

JESSE6, b MA 1829; m Sarah E ---; r PA.

JESSE7, 1879

ISAAC6, b NY 1831; m Olive A ---.

AMOS6, b NY 1834

PHEBE ANN6, b PA 1842; m Jacob Harrison Allis.

157. CHARLES HOLDEN5 BARBER, 1795; ?m Mary ---; res Mansfield, Cattaraugus Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Mansfield]

GEORGE6, 1838


LUCY6, 1841

158. WILSON5 BARBER, c 1790; m Polly Whitacker; res Chautauqua Co NY. [Ref:"Early Settlers of NY",Foley]

329 NELSON6, 1812; m Cornelia J Nye

329a ADDISON G6, 1819/20; m Cornelia ---.

159. NATHAN5 BARBER, 1784; m Eunice Way Marsh; res Greenbush and Sand Lake, Saratoga Co NY. [Ref:CHS:Marsh Gen,1895,Dwight W Marsh; GML:Wellman Gen; 1810 CS: Greenbush; 1820,30 CS: Sand Lake;1850 CS:Poestenkill; IGI:NY]

330 SAMUEL6, ; m Olive S ---

?AMASA M6, 1812-32

331 ISRAEL6, 1814; m Amanda M ---

ELIZABETH W6, 1817; m John B Knapp; res Rochester NY, Wayne CO MI

PERMELIA6, 1828; m Oliver Wellman, Jr; res Clarkson, Monroe Co NY; no ch

?RICHARD6, 1829

EUNICE6, ; m Sylvester Burnett

160. THOMAS5 BARBER, 1788; m Lydia S; res Poestenkill Renssalaer Co, and Sand Lake, Saratoga Co , NY. [1820,30,40 CS: Sand Lake]

THOMAS6, 1826-29

332 ?ISRAEL F6, 1822; m Mary ---

160A. ISRAEL BARBER, 1795; m Catherine ---; r Lansingburg, Rennselaer Co NY.


CELIA6, 1831

ISRAEL6, 1833; m Agnes ---; r Lansingburg.

ERNEST7, 1856; m Ida ---; r Lansingburg.

CHARLES8, 1886

HERBERT8, 1890

AGNES8, 1891


WALTER8, 1896

THELMA M8, 1899


161. WILLIAM5 BARBER, 1805; prob. m Asenath Post; res Pomfret, Chautauqua Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Pomfret]

PHILANDER6, 1830; m Carolina; r Pomfret.

HARRIET6, 1834

SARAH ANN6, 1839

LAVANTIA6, 1841; m William Philbrook Starrett

162. DAVID L5 BARBER, 1799; prob. m Merintha ---; res Pomfret, Chautauqua Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Pomfret]

MARY6, 1835

163. BENJAMIN5 BARBER, 1802; m Selissa Sayles; res Sand Lake and Poestenkill, Renssalaer Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Poestenkill; Ms:Betty Buckell]

333 GEORGE6, 1827; m Alzina Brunson

JANE6, 1832

MARTHA A6, 1835

MARTIN N6, 1840

164. MARTIN5 BARBER, 1806; m Julia F; res Poestenkill NY.

SELISSA JANE6, 1862-63

165. JOHN5 BARBER, 1810; m Eunice Austin; res Poestenkill NY. [Ref:CHS:Austin Gen; 1850 CS:Poestenkill]

334 CHARLES6, 1840; m Pamelia Horton

LUCINDA6, 1844; m George Cottrell of Troy NY

JOHN6, 1840-1892; unm.

166. SAMUEL5 BARBER, 1800; m Abigail S Gilbert; res Broadalbin, Fredonia, and Pomfret, Chautauqua Co NY.[Ref:1850 CS:Pomfret; IGI:NY; Lt:Mary Barber Walsh]

335 CHARLES W6, 1829; m/1 Elizabeth ---; m/2 Lydia ---.

ROSANA6, 1832-50

FRANCES6, 1836; m Stratton B Wheeler

336 MILTON S6, 1839; m Elizabeth Arnold

337 HARVEY PAYSON6, 1842; m Henrietta Arnold

ELLEN S6, 1844; m/1 Francis C Edmonds; m/2 John W Voorhies

MARY6, 1851

169. WILLIAM BEATON5 BARBER, 1800; ?m Catherine ---; res Springport, Cayuga Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Springport]





ELLEN P6, 1845; m George Washington Warner; they d Sheboygan Co WI.

170. THOMAS5 BARBER, 1804; m Mercy Ann ?Keech; res Springfield, Williams Co OH. [Ref:Lt:William J Barber]

ELIZA ANN6, 1825; m Addison Witt; res Springfield OH

339 BRADFORD ALFRED6, 1833; m Jane E Richards

171. BRADFORD KENYON5 BARBER, 1815; "Baptist Clergy"; m/1 Rowena Ann West; m/2 Mary Brumley; res Galway, Saratoga Co NY; later at Lincoln, Monroe Co WI. [Ref:GML:Bromley Gen; Lt:France Stenberg; 1850 CS:Galway; 1880 CS: Lincoln]

WILLIAM ALONZO6, 1843; m 1867 Mary V Lawton; r Marquette Co and Monroe Co WI.

[Ref: William J Barber: apbarber at]

SON7, ; d 1867

DAUGHTER7, ; d 1869

FREDERICK RULAND7, 1869; m 1898 Adele Wetherby; r Monroe Co WI.

RULAND WEATHERBY8, 1899; m Susan ---; r AZ.

FREDERICK WEATHERBY8, 1900; m Lucy Daniels; r WI.



ISADORE ADELE8, 1904; m Dr. Irwin Krohn; r WI. He and his father Eugene Krohn founded the Krohn


WILLIAM ALONZO8, 1910; m Betty Sceffelblein; r CA.


JOHN WILLIAM9, 1941; m Carol Conway.



MARY AGNES8, 1915; unmarried; r IL.

EMMA MAY7, 1872; d 1873.

EDITH M7, 1875

CORDELIA CALISTA E6, 1845; m James Gamble; res Warrens, Monroe Co WI

340 OSCAR BRADFORD6, ; m Jennie H Hamilton.

172. ALONZO C5 BARBER, 1817; m Nancy Ann Partee; res Springfield OH. [Ref:Lt:William J Barber]

AUSKER V6, 1849-1849

341 ORLANDO V6, 1850; m Rosanna I Kindig

MARIAH T6, 1854; d 1855

172A. DANIEL5 BARBER, b 179?; m ---. This Daniel is likely the one who is the head of the family of Solomon, Daniel and William

Barber. DNA evidence shows a descendant of Daniel and son Solomon to be nearly identical to known members of the Moses Barber family of RI. (a 26 site y-dna match with 1 exception).; family trees:

KERMIT FOLVEN; Story section of; Censuses

SOLOMON6, b NY or OH 1823; d 1862; m PA 1840 Mary Parker, b Center Co PA 1821; r Bradford, Lee

Co IL (1850 census) and Olive, Clinton Co IA [1860 census;; Betsy Barber: BBruere at]

First wife:

WILLIAM HILLARY7, b Williams Co OH 1842; m Frances ?Mills; r Bradford, Lee Co IL and Olive (1870) and

Calamus (1880), Clinton Co IA. In 1870 there were Mills teenagers present. [census]

FREDERICK8, b IA 1865; m ---

AVIS9, ; m --- McKenna.

DORIS9, ; m --- Anderson.

MILDRED9; m --- Brown.


CORA8, 1868; m --- Natress.

AVIS8, 1874/5

EARL8, 1875/6

PHEBE LEUCINA7, b Lee Co IL 1844; m W A Judson.

MARY EMELINE7, Lee Co 1845; m Henry DuBois.

OPHELIA ADDLINE7, Lee Co 1848; m Meryl Holdridge.

ORLANDO WESLEY7, b Lee Co IL 1850; m/1 Mary Elise Boylan; m/2 1893 Flora Bell Giltner. In 1910 they lived in Rock, Woodbury Co IA. In 1930 they were in Correctionville, Woodbury Co.

First wife:

WILLIAM ORION8, 1872-1892

DENNIS ALVIN8, b IA 1877; m/1 Clara Viola Matlack, b PA 1876/7; m/2 1943 Jennie Logan Matlack; r Logan, Beadle Co SD 1910; Iroquois, Beadle Co 1920; in 1930 they were divorced, and Clara lived in Sioux Falls SD. [census; Rootsweb Worldconnect: Arlen Clark]

FLORENCE E9, b IA 1899; m James H Dickey, b SD 1889/90; r Sioux Falls 1930 with her husband and her parents.

ELMER GRANT9, 1902; m Alice M Cummings; r Minnehaha Co SD.

ELIZABETH MARIE9, 1904; m/1 Thomas Noel Butler; m/2 1921/2 Clarence Everett

Whyte; r Sioux Falls 1930 with her parents.

LEROY P9, b SD 1908; m Lena ---

MARY E9, 1911; m Harry Lawrence Clark.

LILLIAN GERTRUDE9, 1916; m LaVerne Kilbane.

WALTER CARL8, b IA 1882; m/1 1906/7 Rosetta Mae Coulter, b WI 1882/3; m/2 Mary Clasen. In 1910 Walter and Rose were in Allen, Mesa Co CO, running a fruit farm. In 1920 they were in Iroquois, Kingsury Co SD.

LYLE ELWOOD9, b SD 1908; m/1 1931 Cynthia Elizabeth Kellogg; m/2 1979 Leona

Snyder; r SD.

PHYLLIS JEAN10, 1932; d 1932.

JOYCE ELAINE10, 1941; m --- Leach.

GLENN WESLEY9, 1911-1914

RAY MELVIN9, 1915; m Marjorie Ellis Barker; r Pueblo CO.


WAYNE MARVIN9, 1918; m Thelma Irene Boese; r SD.

RITA ROSE9, 1922; m Ernest Jay Hafner; d IA.

HARRY CARSON8, b IA 1887; m Pearl Edith Perkins, b IA 1888/9; r Clifton, Mesa Co CO in 1910; r Rock, Woodbury Co IA after that.

LELIA M9, b CO 1909; m/1 Ross Cloyd; m/2 1928 Harry Hanson; r IA.

ELVA9, b IA 1913; m Harry Hummel.

Second wife:

EDNA G8, 1896; m Harry DuBois.

WILLIAM ALLEN8, 1900; m Dorothy Leone Clausen; r IA.


DANIEL LESLIE7, b Lee Co IL 1852; m Julia Etta Merritt, b OH 1852/3. In 1880 they were in Ellis, Hardin Co IA. In 1900 they were in Parker, Turner Co SD. In 1920 Julia, widow, lived with her son Jessie. [census]

FRANK8, b IA 1872/3; ? d young

CHARLES HAMILTON8, 1875; m Josephine Mae Hatfield. Lived in Rock, Woodbury Co IA in

1900 next to his cousin Dennis Barber.

HAROLD HATFIELD9, 1902; m Louella Virginia O’Hora; r Turner SD.

CHARLES JAMES10, 1938; m --- Johnson.

VIOLET AMY9, 1903; m Henry Frederick Darrow.

MINNIE LEOLA9, 1904; m Harry Krumbach; r Parker SD.

INEZ EVELENE9, 1906; m Ralph McKercher.


MILDRED LEONE9, 1916; d in Parker SD; m Bert Joseph Plucker.

LOWELL HARRISON9, 1918-1919.

JESSIE J8, b IA 1877/8; m Helen Brown, b Scotland 1885/6. In 1920 they were in Parker, Turner Co SD. In 1930 in Monroe, Turner Co. In 1930 Helen‘s father, Roderick Brown was with them. [census]

ROBERT9, b SD 1903/4. In 1930 he was boarding in Jennings, Decatur Co KS, single.

ROSS9, 1905/6; m 1925/6 ---.

FRANK ELMER8, 1883/4; m Marie A Anderson.

PERLE L8, b IA 1888/9; m Inga ----, b Norway.

RHODA JANE7, b Clinton Co IA 1854; d young.

SOLOMON7, 1856; d young.

HORACE PARKER7 (“H.P.”) b IA 1858; m Maria E Olson, b IA 1864/5 (parents b Norway). In 1900 thru

1920 they lived in Rock, Woodbury Co IA where his brother Orlando was. In 1930 they were in Correctionville, Woodbury Co. [census]

GUE E8 (“G.E.”), b IA 1889; m Anna B Lahann, b IA 1890/1 (father b Germany); r Sioux Falls SD. [1920, 30 census]

RAY EDWIN9, b IA 1911/2; m/1 --- Gifford; m/2 Helen Jeanette Chase.

WAYNE E9, 1913/4; m Margie Fran Currier; r Sioux Falls SD.

IVAN WESLEY8, b 1892; m 1912/3 Mable H ---, b IA 1893/4 (father b Ireland). In 1920 they

lived with Ivan’s father in Rock. In 1930 they were in Sioux Falls SD. [census]

DOROTHY9, b IA 1914/5

FRANK ELLSWORTH7, b IA 1860; d young.

IDA ELLEN7, b IA 1862; m William J Harris; r Comanche IA and Montrose SD.

DANIEL6, b NY or OH 1825/6; m Rhoda Yale, b NY 1829/30; r Bradford, Lee Co IL. In 1850 they lived next to Solomon’s family in Bradford. Between 1870 and 1880 they moved to Liscomb, Marshall Co IA, to a farm down the street from where his brother William lived. [Roberta Jacobs, Rootsweb Worldconnect; 1850, 60, 70,

80 census ]

MARCUS JEROME7, b IL 1850/1; m Emma ---, b IL 1856/7; r Union, Hardin Co IA (1880), Worthington, Nobles Co MN (about 1892 thru 1910. In 1920 they were in Long Beach CA. Emma, widow, lived in Long Beach in 1930. [1880, 1900, 10, 20,30 census]

LOTTIE M8, 1874/5; died before 1910.

LEROY J8, 1878/9; died before 1910.

INEZ8, 1884

FLORENCE8, b IA 1890; m --- Dryden; r Long Beach CA in 1930 with her mother. Both widows.

MAHLON L8, b MN 1892; m Pearl ---, b MO 1898/9; r Long Beach CA. No children by 1930.

WALTER7, 1852/3; m/1 ----; m/2 1895/6 Kate E ---, b IL 1865/6 (parents b NJ) Her 2nd marriage. In 1900 Walter and Kate were in Topeka KS. Kate had 2 children by her first husband: Beatrice V

Myers, b 1890/1, and Frank Myers, 1891/2. [census]

First wife:

LaVERNE L8, b IA 1886/7; m Mabel ---, b IA 1886/7; r Liscomb, Marshall Co IA in 1910, and in

Marshall 1920. No children by 1920.

Second wife:

WALTER C8, b KS 1898/9


FREDERICK/FORD E7, IL 1858; m Emma ---, b IL 1859/60. In 1880 they were in Union, Hardin Co IA next to his brother Marcus. In 1900 in Felix, Grundy Co IA. In 1910 in Marshalltown, Marshall Co IA (Fred a widower). [census]

DANIEL L/S8, b IA 1882; d 1913/14 while felling a tree; m Effie M Bueghty, b IA 1881/2. In

1910 they were in Felix; in 1920 Effie, widow, was in Liscomb, Marshall Co IA, and in 1930 she

was in Ames, Story Co IA.

CLARENCE G9, b IA 1904/5; m Gladys C ---, b SD 1906/7; r DesMoines IA in 1930

ELIZABETH M10, 1926/7

LAURA I9, 1907/8

ELIAS F9, 1909/10

BERNICE L9, 1912/3

CLARENCE V8, 1884; m Anna ---, b Germany 1887/8; r Cedar Rapids IA. No children by 1930.

[1920, 30 census]

WILLIAM F8, b IA 1888; m Emma ---, b IA 1889/90 (parents b Germany); r Waterloo, Black Hawk Co IA in 1920. [census]

BEULAH9, b IA 1912/3

CLIFFORD9, 1914/5

WILMA9, 1917/8

MILO Y8, 1894; m Ruth Myrtle ---, b IA 1894/5. In Marshall, Marshall Co IA in 1920, and in Long Beach CA in 1930. [census]

GERTRUDE9, 1916/7

DELLAPHINE7, 1860; m G L Bosworth.



OLIVE MAE7, 1868

WILLIAM6, b OH 1830/1; m Loretta Tripp, b NY 1831/2. In 1850 he was single, living with his brother Daniel. [1880 census ]

FRANK E7, b IL 1855/6; m Mary L ---, b IA 1859/60; r Liscomb and Marshall, Marshall Co IA. [1880, 1900, 10 census]

IDA8, 1878/9

GUY J8, b IA1880/1; m Bertha B ---, b IA 1883/4; r Marshall 1910. In 1920 they were in DesMoines IA. In 1930 Guy was alone in DesMoines. [censuses]


VERA9, 1911/2

LEE L8, 1886/7; m Daisy M Detrick, b IA 1900/1. Lee lived in Lincoln, Tama Co IA in 1910, single. In 1920 he lived in Providence, Hardin Co IA, with his mother and her mother Sophronia

Detrick. Also his brother Roy was there, single. In 1930 Lee was in Union, Hardin Co IA.


MARJORIE J9, b IA 1923/4

ONA M8, 1887/8

ROY F8, 1892/3; r Providence, Hardin Co IA in 1920, single, lived with his brother Lee.

MARY V7, 1857/8; m William Henry Miller.

WILLIAM D7, 1859/60

CARIE L7, 1862/3

NETTIE M7, 1867/8; m Julius E Smith; r with her husband and her mother in Marshall, Marshall Co IA in 1900. No children then. [census]

FREEMAN A7, 1870/1

EDGAR L7, 1876/7


173. PRESTON5 BARBER, 1800; m Anna (---) Cook (she m/1 --- Cook); res Williams Co OH. [Ref:Lt:William J Barber]

342 ESQUIRE6, 1824; m Sarah Swank

174. JOSHUA5 BARBER, 1803; m Anna ---; res Providence, Saratoga Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Providence]

WILLIAM6, 1828

JOHN6, 1830

ANNA6, 1835

ALMIRA6, 1837

343 JAMES E6, 1839; m Saraph ---

175. ALONSON5 BARBER, 1809; m Emeline Child of Greenfield, Saratoga Co NY, or Milton, Ulster Co NY; r No Hammond, St Lawrence Co NY. [Ref:"Henry Child & Desc.",1881,Elias Child]

POLLY6, 1835-1835


MARIAN E6, 1839; m John Hillsmade of Sedalia MO


WARREN GOULD6, 1842-1863

344 JOHN CHILD6, 1844; m Mary Frances Craig

345 LYMAN WOOSTER6, 1845; m ---.

345a JOSEPH LAURENCE6, 1847; m ?


176. ASA THOMAS5 BARBER, 1812; m Amanda ---; res Hammond, StLawrence Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Hammond]


CHARLES6, 1843

POLLY6, 1845

177. JOHN L5 BARBER, 1808; m Phanella W Matteson; res N Kingston, Providence RI.[Ref:1865 CS:Providence; CHS:Burdick Gen,1937,N Johnson]

FRANCES ABBY6, 1842; m James Burdick (his 2nd wife)

178. WEEDEN5 BARBER, 1802; m Tacy Card; res Hopkinton, Westerly RI.[Ref:IGI:RI; 1850 CS:Hopkinton; 1860,1865 CS:Westerly; Newsp;Westerly P.L.]

MARY FRANCES6, 1836; m J Tilden Butts

ALFRED C6, ; d CivW

HANNAH MOORE6, 1844-1908; unm


JOHN W6, 1842

HARRIET N6, 1845

179. WILLIAM5 BARBER*, 1788; m Olive ---; res Petersburg, Renssalaer Co NY. [A William and Olive are bur. Ledyard, Cayuga Co NY.]

WILLIAM D6, 1828

BETSEY M6, 1831

180. WILCOX5 BARBER, 1774; m Patience Tefft; res Exeter RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; Lt:John L Lillibridge; 1800 CS; VR:W Greenwich, Sterling]

SARAH6, 1799; m Nathaniel Gallup of Sterling CT

ALICE6, 1801; m Jeremiah Fenner

MARY6, 1803; m Chester Gallup

346 TEFFT LILLIBRIDGE6, 1805; m/1 Deliverance Huling; m/2 Sarah Winterbottom; m/3 Lovancy A Taylor

SUSAN6, 1808-1809

347 JOSEPH POTTER6, 1810; m Sarah Huling

PATIENCE ANN6, 1813; m Charles Stone

ALVIRA6, 1816; m Benjamin N Healy

181. EDWARD5 BARBER, 1779; m Phebe Tillinghast; res Hopkinton RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; DM = CSL:"Anc. & Desc. of Edward Barber and Phebe Tillinghast",1892,D Matteson; IGI:RI; Lt:John L Lillibridge; Virkus:Mag. of Am. Gen; CEM:Griswold CT; Newsp;Westerly P.L.]

348 JOSEPH TILLINGHAST6, 1802; m Nancy James

MARY HIMES6, 1804; m Whitmar R Kenyon

SUSAN6, 1806; m William H Dye

ALICE6, 1806; m Benoni Matteson

ANNA JAMES6, 1809; m/1 Benjamin Kenyon; m/2 Bradford Bliven

REBECCA6, 1811; m John Phillips; bur. Griswold CT

349 THOMAS TILLINGHAST6, 1813; m Angeline P Richmond

350 LILLIBRIDGE6, 1815; m Thankful Lillibridge

351 EDWARD6, 1817; m Susan Card

HANNAH6, 1823; m Peleg Matteson

352 WELCOME6, 1825; m Polly Matteson

PHEBE CAROLINE6, 1830-1837

?JAMES T6, 1831/2; m Mary ---; r Hopkinton RI in 1850, lived with Hannah and Peleg Matteson *(above; ?his sister); r

Jersey City NJ in 1870, and his widow lived in NYC 1880.

LOUISA7, 1857/8

WILLIAM7, 1860/1

THOMAS7, 1861/2

LOUISA7, 1863/4

JAMES7, 1865/6

WALTER AMOS7, b NJ 1867/8; m Annie T Shea; r Stonington CT.

LILLIAN J8, 1888/9

WALTER W8, 1893/4

ELLA M8, 1896/7

EVELYN M8, 1898/9

ELIZA7, 1869/70

182. LEONARD E5 BARBER, 1787; m Phebe Brown Rathbun; res Norwich CT. [Ref:VR:Norwich; CEM:Norwich; LS; RIGR; Lt:John L Lillibridge; Estate:Phebe, Norwich, 1872; 1850 CS:Norwich]

353 ROWLAND RATHBUN6, 1817; m Mary L Browning

SALLY6, 1824; m Zacheus Armstrong

183. JARED5 BARBER, 1790; m Sally N Kenyon; res Hopkinton, Richmond RI. [Ref:VR:Voluntown; 1850,1865 CS:Hopkinton]

354 GILBERT MATTHEW6, 1815; m Dency Young

AVIS M6, 1817; prob m Elijah Greene

355 MATTHEW STILLMAN6, 1817; m Martha Dye

356 JOHN K6, ; m Betsey Tabor

357 EDWARD S6, 1825; m Annetta A Coon

358 JESSE WILBUR6, 1833; m Mary Ann Lewis

184. GEORGE5 BARBER, 1799; prob. is the George who m Fanny Kenyon; res Hopkinton RI.[Ref:VR:Voluntown; 1850,1860,1865 CS:Hopkinton]

GEORGE W6, 1828; ?m Voluntown CT 1851 May A Simpson

MARY A6, 1836

359 ISAAC K6, 1830; m Mary E Crandall; ?m Nancy Barber.

360 JOHN NELSON6, 1832; m Clarinda Perry Burdick

RAY L6, 1844

360a JOHN THOMAS6, 1849; m Eliza Ann Segar

185. NATHAN5 BARBER, 1785; m Dorcas Babcock; res Westerly RI.[Ref:GML:Babcock Gen; LS; RIGR; 1850 CS:Westerly; VR:New London CT; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

NANCY6, 1806; unm

CATY ANN6, d 1820

MARY6, 1808; m William York

361 CHARLES P6, ; m Celestina Lucy Ann

SUSAN B6, 1814; m Ellery Nash

362 NATHAN6, 1811; m Sarah Frances Dickens

CAROLINA P6, 1822-1895; unm; d New London CT

363 ALBERT D6, 1823; m Eunice Ann Hall

364 GEORGE H S6, 1824; m Maria Frances Hall (sis of Eunice)

186. ARNOLD B5 BARBER, 1785; m Amy Tefft; res Hopkinton RI. [Ref:1850,1860,1865 CS:Hopkinton]


365 SAMUEL KENYON6, 1824; m Hannah Tillinghast

SUSAN B6, 1830; m William Day

NANCY6, 1831

ELIZA A6, 1836

MARY C6, 1838; m -- Barber

187. ?BENJAMIN5 BARBER, 1789; m Nancy Brand; res Hopkinton RI. [Ref:VR:Hopkinton]

366 BRADFORD A6, 1816; m Fanny Matteson

IRA S6, 1820; m Charity Williams

367 BENJAMIN M6, 1823; prob. m Martha A Burdick

188. HENRY MERRIOT5 BARBER, 1827; m Eliza M Beebe; res Westerly RI, Stonington CT. [Ref:VR:Stonington; 1860 CS:Stonington]

?EMMA J6, 1846; ?m James D Larkin?

368 WINTHROP WARREN6, 1852; m Mary Gray Swaney


ERMIE ELIZA6, 1867-1870

189. CHARLES W5 BARBER, 1840; m 1860 Sarah J Lamb; she m/2 1873 William L Burton; res Groton CT.[Ref:VR:Groton,Stonington; 1870 CS:Groton; Newsp;Westerly P.L.]

CHARLES D6, 1863

369 WILLIAM HERBERT6, 1864; m/1 Abbie Chipman; m/2 Eliza May Wheeler

JENNY6, 1867

190. HORACE GREENMAN5 BARBER, 1842; m Mary Maloy; res Westerly RI and Stonington CT.[Ref:IGI:RI; VR:Westerly,Stonington; 1880,1900,1910 CS:Westerly]

JAMES M6, 1872; m Mary Fleck of Germany

ELLEN6, 1874


KATE6, 1878

HORACE C6, 1880; d yg

370 HORACE GREENMAN6, 1887; m Bernice Gertrude White

HENRY M6, 1892

HARRY L6, 1900; m Jane McShane

191. EDWARD PERRY5 BARBER, 1845; m/1 1867 Alice Bliven (she m/1 --- Dewey); m/2 Eliza G; res Westerly RI, Lenox MA; d Stonington CT. [Ref:VR:Stonington; 1880 CS:Lenox MA; 1900,1910 CS:Westerly]


192. JAMES COURTLAND5 BARBER, 1852; m Louise J (Burdick) Chester; res N Stonington CT, Westerly RI.[Ref:CHS:Burdick Gen; 1880,1900 CS:Westerly; VR:No Stonington; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

EFFIE EMELINE6, 1880; m Claude Hopkins of Rockville CT

EVELYN LOUISE6, 1887; m Clarence Alvah Burdick

193. JAMES ALBERT5 BARBER, 1840; m Hannah Josephine Tourgee; res Westerly RI.[Ref:IGI:RI; Ms:Westerly P.L.; 1865,1880 CS:Westerly; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

371 JAMES FREDERICK6, 1866; m Ellen “Nellie” Schofield.


ELMER6, 1873-1891.

HOWARD R6, 1870

372 RAYMOND6, 1875; m Mary Ethel Longworthy

372a HERMAN6, 1877; m Melanie Wiseman.

WILLIAM E6, 1879

194. ELLERY E5 BARBER, 1843; m Fanny Emeline Hall; res Westerly RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; 1900,1910 CS:Westerly]

FANNY NINA6, 1889; m/1 John Perry Ingham; m/2 Robert P Clark

MERCIE ANNA6, 1891-1918, unm

RHODA MARION6, 1895; m Donald M Ferguson

195. ISAAC GAVITT5 BARBER, 1849; m/1 1880 Henrietta F Greene; m/2 1888 Mary Tefft; res Westerly RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1900 CS:Westerly; VR:New London CT; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

First wife:

ETTA MAY6, 1881; m New London CT Charles S Taylor

196. EDWIN B5 BARBER, 1853; m/1 Ida Bliven; m/2 1897 Nora Barry Coleman; m/3 Clara Ellis;

res Stonington CT and Westerly RI. [Ref:VR:Stonington; 1880,1910 CS:Westerly; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

First wife:

HARRY EDWIN6, 1875; m Rosina Katerina Kraft; res. Boston and Needham MA. [Lt: William Daniel Barber]

Second wife:

IDA MAY6, 1899/1900; m --- Smith

EDWIN M6, 1901/2; m ---

197. WILLIAM AMOS5 BARBER, 1857; m Ida F Murphy; res Westerly RI and Stonington CT.[Ref:IGI:RI; VR:Groton CT; 1900,1910 CS:Westerly]

373 BERNARD S6, 1886; m Alma Paul

374 JOHN ROLAND6, 1892; m Jeanette E Miner

374a EARL W6, ; m ---

LILA6, 1894; m William Clark

198. JOHN C5 BARBER, 1839; ?m Cynthia A Bennett; res Westerly RI, Stonington CT. [Ref:VR:Stonington; IGI:RI; 1865,1870,1900,1910 CS:Westerly; 1880 CS:Stonington; IGI:RI; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

EDGAR CALVIN6, 1868-1885

GEORGE H6, 1870-1899; res Providence

JENNIE A6, 1872; m William S Eaton

IDA M6, 1874

199. ROYAL P5 BARBER, 1808; m Lydia Baker; res Greenwich NY, Sandgate VT. [Ref:Lt:John Warner; Ms:Betty Buckell; VR:VT; 1840,1850,1880 CS:Sandgate; Lt: Doris Saunders]

SUSAN A6, 1836; m Willis S Bently

375 HENRY O6, 1843; m Envira F ---

ROYAL HARVEY6, 1844-1864

CORNELIA6, 1847; m George W Curtis; res Syracuse

JANE ELIZA6, 1838; m James S Warner; she bur. Redwood Falls MN.

376 JOHN FRANCIS6, 1841; m Hattie Torrance

MARY E6, 1849; m James Madison

EVA6, 1856; m Jerome Fones; he d Fulton, Oswego Co NY

LEONA POLLY6, 1859; m Edward G Wells; he d Fulton, Oswego Co NY.

HATTIE J6, 1851; m Orin Eugene Mears

377 HERBERT R6, 1853; m Flora Mears

199A. ?JOHN R5 BARBER, b RI 1799/1800; m Clarissa ---; res Truxton, Cortland Co NY. John R is placed here as a son of Moses because he and Clark are here together. [Ref: 1850 CS:Truxton]

JULIA6, b 1830/1

LEWIS6, b 1836/7

199B. CLARK5 BARBER, b Oneida Co NY 1805; m Lucina Blowers; res. Truxton, Cortland Co NY. [Ref: Lt: Robert Reynolds; 1850 CS: Truxton]

MARY6, b 1833/4

ROSWELL S6, b 1838; m Bridgett Murphy; res. Georgetown, Madison Co. [Ref: 1880 CS: Georgetown]

ROSWELL7, b 1875/6

ROSY7, b 1877/8

AMELIA6, b 1842/3; m James vanHovenburgh.

199C. EPHRAIM C5 (?Codder) BARBER, b ?RI 1803; m Elizabeth D Stewart; res. McDonough, Chenango Co NY.

[Ref: Lt: Robert Reynolds; 1850 CS: McDonough]

MARY ANN6, ; m --- Holmes.

NANCY6, ; m --- Alexander.

SENECA6, 1833; m Maryette Kingsbury.

LUCY A6, b 1836/7


JOHN6, 1839

MELISSA A6, b 1839/40

FANNY M6, b 1842/3

SUSAN6, 1845

199E. VanRENSSALAER5 BARBER, b NY 1809; m Amy Warren (prob. his 2nd wife); res. Georgetown, Madison Co NY.

[Ref: Lt: Robert Reynolds at Worldconnect; 1850 CS: Georgetown; IGI:Madison Co]

ADELBERT FRANCIS6, b 1845; m Amanda L Franklin; res. Georgetown, Madison Co NY. [Ref: 1880 CS:


MARTHA A7, b 1879/80


AVIS MARTHA6, b 1847/8

199F. FREEBORN F5 BARBER, b NY 1819; m/1 Hannah Wilcox; m/2 Calista ---; res Georgetown, Madison Co NY

[Ref: Lt: Robert Reynolds; 1850 CS: Georgetown]

First wife:

ADELAIDE E6, b 1846/7; m Henry R Ames.

PATIENCE A6, b 1848/9; m Pardon Haskins.

Second wife:

EUGENE F6, 1853/4; m/1 Julia M---; m/2 Emma S ---; res DeRuyter, Madison Co NY. [Ref: 1880 CS:


Child: JULIA7, 1880

200. GEORGE TEFFT5 BARBER, 1819; m/1 Sally H Tuthill; m/2 Mary Anna ---; res DeRuyter, Madison Co NY. [Ref:1880 CS:DeRuyter]

First wife:

CHARLES M6, 1860

Second wife:

GEORGE F6, 1871

AMASA6, 1872


JEROME6, 1879

201. MOSES D BELA5 BARBER, 1826; m Mary Jane Frink; res DeRuyter, Madison Co NY. [Ref:1880 CS:DeRuyter]

377a LEROY L6, 1860; m Carrie A Whaley

LUTHER6, 1863

LUCINDA6, 1878

202. JEROME BOUNIPART5 BARBER, 1831; m Delina A Peavy; res Georgetown, Madison Co NY. [Ref:1880 CS:Georgetown]

GEORGE N6, 1856

NETTIE M6, 1864


DELLIE E6, 1875

CLINTON D6, 1877






202A. J CLARK5 BARBER, 1838; m Sarah Austin; r DeRuyter, Madison Co NY. [Lt: Dee Dee Chavez]

CORA V6, 1866; m Clifton Lavern Marvin

LOTTIE6, 1872

377b THOMAS CLARK6, 1875; m/1 Olive Kellogg; m/2 Eva E Rice

203. LEROY5 BARBER, 1820; m Electa A Griffin; ares Bolton, Warren Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Bolton]

ALANSON6, 1847

204. OTIS H5 BARBER, 1838; ?m Caroline ---; res Bolton, Warren Co NY.

LINUS6, 1877

204A. PALMER PHINEAS5 BARBER, 1811; m Louisa Allen; res Napoli, Cattaraugus Co NY. [Corresp: Jacob G Barber; 1850 CS:Napoli]

SUSAN A6, 1844; m Levi Ely Fuller.

SAMUEL6, 1847

205. RUSSELL WEBSTER5 BARBER, 1812; m/1 Constant --; m/2 Eliza Watson Potter; res S Kingston RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1850,1860,1865,1870 CS:So Kingston; Heather Anderson:]

First wife:

CHARLES6, 1833

LOVISIA6, 1835

Second wife:


378 EZEKIEL EDWARD6, 1855; m Rebecca Bartlett Brown

379 HENRY RUSSELL6, 1856; m/1 Anne E Taylor; m/2 Almira Arnold

HARRIET ADELAIDE6, 1857; m Walter Hicks

CAROLINE I6, 1859; m James Palmer

MARY A6, 1863

ELLEN ELIZABETH6, 1863; m Charles C Armstrong

SARAH P6, 1865

205A. BENJAMIN5 BARBER, 1819; ?the same who m. Mary (Mercy) Barber; res Napoli and Otto, Cattaraugus Co NY.[1870 CS:Napoli; 1880 CS: Otto]

?WILLIAM H6, 1844/5

BENJAMIN FRANK6, 1850; m Jennie Thoma; res Otto.

GRACE7, 1873

MARY7, 1875

JESSIE7, 1878

HELEN7, 1880

?CHARLES P6, 1854/5

?MARY A6, 1858/9

ELLA6, 1865

205B. SOLOMON5 BARBER, 1825; m Dorcas Armstrong; res Nantucket MA, died at Napoli, Cattaraugus Co NY. [Corresp: Jacob G Barber; IGI: MA; Rootsweb:worldconnect]

SARAH ELIZABETH6, 1850; m Ira Freeman; res CT.

GEORGE6, 1852; m Mary Kuhn; res Coldspring, Cattaraugus Co NY.

EDWIN6, 1856; m Lorraine Hitchcock; res Randolph, Cattaraugus Co.

380 FRANK EUGENE6, 1858; m Lillian Lydia Seeker.

LOYD O6, c 1861; m Lettie I ---; r NY.

ARTHUR B7, c 1895

ABBIE UNDERWOOD6, 1862; m Everel Burdick; res Napoli, Cattaraugus Co.

AUSTIN S6, 1865; m Sarah McKeever; res Napoli.

RAYMOND S7, 1890

ANNA L7, 1893

PAUL A7, 1897

HOWARD J7, 1904

SUSAN A7, 1906

HERBERT J7, 1909

HOYT J6, 1867; m Flora Brightman; m/2 Hattie N ---; res East Randolph, Cattaraugus Co.

Children of Hoyt and Hattie:

HENRY, 1894


206. BENJAMIN HAZARD5 BARBER, 1827; m Melissa Adelina Cole; res Richmond, Cranston RI. [Ref:VR:Stonington CT; 1865 CS:Richmond; IGI:RI; Lt: Glenn King,]

HENRY6, 1852; m Mary Abby; bur. Voluntown CT.

SUSAN A6, 1853

ABIGAIL FRANCES6, 1856; m Ichabod Dawley

EDNA A6, 1858

381 JOHN BENJAMIN6, 1860; m Ellen C McClean

ROSABELL6, 1860; ?m Daniel Angus Murray

ELNORA ZENOBIA6, 1863; m James Edward King. [Lt: Glenn King ]

GIRL6, 1864

207. SMITUM POTTER5 BARBER, 1815; m Phebe Lewis; res Richmond, Exeter RI. [Ref:1860,1865 CS:Exeter; 1870 CS:Richmond]

HENRY, 1835

381a MOSES P6, 1851; m Hannah G Barber

208. PETER CLARKE5 BARBER, 1830; m Sophia A Barber, dau. of Gilbert Matthew and Dency (Young) Barber; res Exeter, Charleston RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1860 CS:Exeter; 1865 CS:Richmond; 1880,1910 CS:Charleston; Newsp:Westerly P.L.; VR:So Kingston]

LUCY ANN6, 1857

SUSAN E N6, 1859; ?m Walter W Nichols (see Susan W6 below)

FRED C6, 1864; m Emma C; res Charleston [1910 CS]

HATTIE MAY6, 1867; m William A Pollock

382 GEORGE EDWIN6, 1870; m Jane Elizabeth Hall

JOSEPH ?HAZARD6, 1873; m Georgianna Estelle Burdick; res So Kingston [1910 CS]

209. JESSE CRANDALL5 BARBER, 1827; m Sarah Tefft; res Richmond, Charlestown RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1860 CS:Richmond; 1865 CS:Charlestown]

EMMA C6, 1848

CLARA6, 1854

MARIAN A6, 1857

383 ALBERT C6, 1856; m Abbie E Cook

JAMES C6, 1861

MARY G6, 1865

210. BENJAMIN POTTER5 BARBER, 1832; m/1 Susan Johnson (d 1865);m/2 Martha E Johnson; res Westerly RI, Stonington CT. [Ref:LS; RIGR; 1860,1865 CS:Westerly; VR:Stonington; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

First wife:

HENRY WILSON6, 1856-1873

Second wife:



211. MANLY PECKHAM5 BARBER, 1834; m Hannah M Wells; res Westerly RI. [Ref:VR:No Stonington; IGI:RI]

MARIAN I6, 1859

JENNETT6, 1861

212. JOB HAZARD5 BARBER, 1836; m Mary J Cottrell; r Exeter RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; CHS:Rathbone Gen,1898,John C Cooley; 1865,1870 CS:Exeter]

383a CHAUNCEY C6, 1858; m Henrietta M Whitman

SUSAN W6, 1859; m Walter Nichols

213. HENRY CLAY5 BARBER, 1844; m Harriet C Holland; res Richmond, No Kingston RI. [Ref:1870 CS:Richmond; 1880,1910 CS:No Kingston]

JAMES B6, 1873; m Edna ---; res No Kingston [1910 CS]

214. WEST5 BARBER, 1781; m Thankful ---; res Mina, Chautauqua Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Mina]

384 HIRAM6, 1816; m Parthena ---

385 WILLIAM P6, 1823; m Lucretia ---

215. ?JAMES LEWIS5 BARBER, c 1800; m Susan --- (also seen Lois ---); res Hopkinton, Richmond RI.

CALVIN R6, 1819; m Eliza A (or Susan ---); d Plainfield CT 1899

386 AZARIAH F6 (Ezra), 1828; m Lucy Ann Richmond

216. JOSIAH5 BARBER, 1803; m Sarah Kelley; res Killingly CT. [Ref:VR:Hartford CT, Killingly; 1850,1860,1880 CS:Killingly]

THIRZA L6, 1829; m Leonard Bartlett

EZRA N6, 1831; m Mary E Wilbur

387 HIRAM E6 (or G), 1835; m Ann Eliza Mathewson

388 WILLIAM J6, 1837; m Angenette Leach

ADON H6, 1841; m Sarah A Wilson

ADELAIDE L6, 1844-1925; unm

NELLIE6, 1854

?HENRY6, 1859

217. JABEZ5 BARBER, 1795; m Thankful Lewis; res Stonington, Sprague CT.[Ref:Estate:Jabez, Sprague, 1878; VR:Stonington, Voluntown; 1850 CS:Stonington]

389 CALEB6, 1815; m Mary Ann Douglas

CALISTA6, 1828; m Daniel M Larkham; he m/1 1818, Voluntown CT, Lydia Barber

MARGARET S6, 1832; m Orrin B Larkham

389a JOHN AVERY6, 1838; m Deborah Lillibridge

218. Dr. SMITH5 BARBER, 1799; m Mary James; res Voluntown, Canterbury, Griswold CT. [Ref:CHS:Bible; 1850 CS:Griswold; Virkus:Compend,Vol 4; CEM:Brooklyn CT; VR:Canterbury]

390 WILLARD6, 1824; m Elizabeth Spencer

WILLIAM6, 1824

391 AMENZER6, 1825; m Mary Matilda Buck

392 THOMAS ALLEN6, 1827; m --

219. EASON5 BARBER, 1803; m Eliza Barber, ?daughter of Gardiner Barber (see #98); res W Greenwich RI. [Ref:1850 CS:W Greenwich; VR:Norwich CT]

COMFORT6, 1825; m Albert C Nichols

SALLY6, 1828

LYDIA M6, 1830; m Henry Matteson

393 HORACE M6, 1832; prob m/1 ---; m/2 1879, Norwich CT, Elizabeth Cameron

LUCY D6, 1836

220. RUSSELL5 BARBER, 1807; m/1 Mary Matteson; m/2 1862 Mary (Barber) Adams, dau. of James4, #39; m/3 Mary Reynolds Dawley; res Westerly, W Greenwich, So Kingston RI. [Ref:1850 CS:W Greenwich; 1865,1870 CS:So Kingston; VR:So Kingston]

First wife:

394 HENRY G6, 1832; m/1 Mary A ---; m/2 Martha M Green

221. HENRY M5 BARBER, 1810; m Mary Ann Palmer; res Hopkinton, Westerly RI, Delavon WI.[Ref:LS; RIGR; 1850 CS:Hopkinton; 1860 CS:Westerly; Newsp:Westerly P.L.; Jon Barber:]

394a JOHN A6, 1836; m Martha Cornelia Teachout.

AMY B6, 1841; m Chester Rewey; r Estherville.

ALBERT H6, 1843; m Clara Ames.

395 NELSON TURNER6, 1849; m Lottie Alice Austin

396 WARREN CONGDON6, 1850; m Frances Watkins.

GEORGE J6, 1852; d WI.


CHARLES SAFFORD6, 1855; m/1 Lydia Patten; m/2 Helene Knoop; r Estherville.

MARY ANN6, 1833-1833.

JOEL PALMER6, 1834-1840.

PHOEBE6, 1838; d in infancy.

RUSSEL6, 1840-1840.

LYDIA JANE6, 1847-1848.

222. PELEG5 BARBER, 1820; ?m Sarah Nye; res Exeter RI. [IGI:RI; 1850,1860 CS:Exeter]

?SARAH M6, 1839

397 SILAS E6, 1847; m Frances M Barber

EUNICE A6, 1850

398 HERBERT L6, 1852; m Janette Lillian Jordan

223. ?HAZARD5 BARBER, 1793; m Lydia ---; res Warwick and Coventry RI. [Ref:1850 CS:Warwick]

MARIA6, 1825

HARRIET6, 1829

LOUISA6, 1833

DORCAS P6, 1837; m Henry W Potter

399 HENRY H6, 1840; m Julia A F Arnold

224. JOHN5 BARBER, 1797; ?m Waity ---; res Warwick RI. [Ref:1850 CS:Warwick]

JOHN6, 1837; m Ruth Briggs

JAMES D6, 1843

225. AMOS PALMER5 BARBER, 1821; m Lucy A Barber, dau. of Robert Niles Barber); res Hopkinton RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1860,1865,1870 CS:Hopkinton]

400 AMOS P6, 1843; m Susan E Carpenter

EMMA A6, 1848

ADDIE ESTHER6, 1849; m Israel Otis Taylor


401 FREDERICK O6, 1856; m Mary F.

CHARLES S6, 1864

226. JOHN HENRY5 BARBER, 1826; m Mary A James; res Exeter, Hopkinton RI; bur. Plainfield CT.[Ref:CEM:Plainfield; 1850,1865,1870 CS:Exeter; 1880 CS:Scotland CT]

MARY ELIZABETH6, 1844-1845

HANNAH MARIA6, 1846; ?d yg

402 WILLIAM H6, 1850; m Sarah M Sherman

227. WILLIAM ALBERT5 BARBER, 1832; m/1 ---; m/2 Elizabeth E James (b 1843); r Exeter RI.[Ref:1860,1865CS:Exeter]

403 CHARLES J6, 1855; ?m Almina ---

228. RATHBURN5 BARBER, 1807; m Julia Ann Harris; res Spafford, Onond. Co NY. [Ref: 1850 CS:Spafford]

403a WILLIAM ADDISON6, 1835; m Juliette Serven.

403b FREDERICK PETER6, 1837; m Lucy Elvira Serven.

403c FRANKLIN6, 1839; m/1 Mary Augusta Olin; m/2 Samantha Sharzetta Belknap.

404 BRADFORD6, 1841; m Phebe Ann Cox.

404a NANCY JANE6, 1843

EDWARD6, 1847

JOHN6, 1850

ALICE6 MARIE, 1853; m/1 John Randall; m/2 1924 Adelbert Craig.

MARY ROSETTA6, 1855; m Harrison Morris.

404b LEWIS6, 1857; m Emma Johnson.

229. DANIEL5 BARBER, 1808; m Cornelia Belknap; res Spafford, Onondaga Co NY. [Ref:1850 SC:Spafford]

ANDREW6, 1836

DORBETA6, 1837

SARAH6, 1840



229A. CHARLES5 BARBER, 1819; m Betsy Randall.

MERCY ANN6, ; m Vinal Gifford.

229B. JEREMIAH5 BARBER, 1814; m Rachel Serven; r Junius NY. [Record of Dora Barber Horle, from Tatiana Barber]

M JANE6, 1834; m Guernee ---.

PETER6, b 1837

404c CHARLES HENRY6, ; m Sarah Fay.

ANN MARIE6, ; m/1 James Johnson.

CORDELIA6, ; m D J Burleson.


CHARLES JUDSON6, b 1848; m Charlotte E Briggnall.

FRANCES C SALOME6, b 1855; m John Bacon.

WILLIAM J6, 1857; m Lottie ---.


230. MYRON HAWLEY5 BARBER, 1819; m/1 Frances ---; m/2 (prob) 1855 Emeline B Richmond; res Spafford, Onondaga Co NY, and Annawan and Alba, Henry Co IL. [Ref:IGI:IL; Lt:Jean Barber Foster; 1850 CS:Spafford]

First wife:

FRANKLIN6, 1849; ?d yg

Second wife:

404d FRANKLIN GAY6, 1857; m/1 Martha Mellisa Graham; m/2 Mary Ann Murray.

FLORENCE EUGENIA6, 1859; m John Doan Harritt; res Caldwell, Canyon Co ID

NEWTON CECIL6, 1861; m Mary Jane Graham; r Utica, Seward Co.


EMIL R7, 1892

EMMALINE A7, 1893; m Henry Andrew Hayes; r Utica NE.

JENNIE LYNN ORA7, 1895; d 1900.

RUPERT I7, 1898; d 1899.


NETTIE VIRGINIA6, 1863; m Holbert Caughey; d Seward Co NE

MARY A6, 1865; d yg

LINCOLN GRANT6, 1867; d Seward Co NE

ANNA MARY6, 1869

FREDERICK W6, 1873; m Elizabeth Euphemea Beebout; he d Caldwell, Canyon Co ID

CLINTON7, 1902; m Josephine Wave.


LORENA7, 1904; m --- Skidmore.

VERNA ADNORA7, 1908; m Herbert Johanson.

EARL RICHMOND6, 1874; d Seward Co NE

CELIA A6, 1877; m John William Gleason; res Seward Co NE.

MARTHA M6, 1879; r Utica, Seward Co NE

231. REUBEN W5 BARBER, 1824; m Paulina Morris (d 1857); m/2 1859 Celestia Preston (she m/2 ---- Comstock); res Spafford, Onondaga Co NY. [Ref:1850 CS:Spafford]

First wife:

JANE6, 1844; m Newton Whitlock of Morgan MI.

EMILINE6, 1847; m Frank Sutherland of Irving MI.

MARY6, 1849; m John H Dennis of Hastings MI.

WILLIAM, ; d 1857.

Second wife:


232. ?CHARLES W5 BARBER, 1821; m Killingly CT Wealthy Ann Victory; res W Green wich, Hopkinton, Richmond RI.[Ref:VR:Killingly CT; 1850 CS:W Greenwich; 1860,1865 CS:Hopkinton; 1870 CS:Richmond; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

JAMES H6, 1847; m Lovinia Palmer


405 DAVID WHITMAN6, 1852; m Julie Ann (Angie) Lewis

CHARLES W6, 1867

233. NOYES WILLIAM5 BARBER, 1824; m/1 Lucinda S Lillibridge; m/2 1866 Phebe A Burton; res N Kingston RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1860 CS:No Kingston]

ELIZA A G6, 1853

ALVIRA S H6, 1859-60

234. GEORGE5 BARBER, 1810; m Hannah Merris; res Exeter RI. [Ref:LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; Lt:William H Heath; CEM:Plainfield CT; VR:Plainfield]

ROXANNA6, 1834; m William H Holland

ABBY E6, 1836; m Albert C G Slocum

406 GEORGE FRANK6, 1838; m Mary Frances Lewis

ELIZABETH6, 1839; unm

AMY M6, 1842; m William Matteson

407 WILLIAM ELLERY6, 1844; m/1 Celia A Palmer; m/2 Augusta Palmer

HANNAH JANE6, 1845; m William M Dean; bur. Plainfield CT

CHARLES EDWARD6, 1848; m/1 Marion E Olney; m/2 1900 Hattie I Tiffany; bur Plainfield CT; no ch

408 ALBERT TAYLOR6, 1850; m Mary Eunice Wright.

409 GARDNER REYNOLDS6, 1852; m Mary ---

PHEBE ANN6, 1857; unm

235. EASON5 BARBER, 1812; m Rachel Pollard; res Richmond RI. [Ref:VR:Stonington CT; LS; RIGR; IGI:RI; 1850,1860,1865,1870 CS:Richmond; Newsp:Westerly P.L.]

EDWIN6, 1846-1846


ALBERT TAYLOR6, 1849-1850

MARY CATHERINE6, 1850-1873; m Giles H Wilcox, Jr of Stonington CT

ABBY ESTHER6, 1853; m Charles D Wilcox (he ?m/1 Avis M Barber )

BYRON6, 1857-1857

410 HERBERT LINCOLN6, 1858; m Evelyn Amelia Gates

SUSAN RICHMOND6, 1861-1863

INFANT6, 1864-1864

411 ALBERT ELLERY6, 1864, m Hattie I Place

OSCAR EDMOND6, 1865; m Edna Winfield Bates; res Richmond RI [1910 CS]

412 GRANT COLFAX6, 1867; m Elsie Jeanette Lewis

236. CHARLES C5 BARBER, 1812; m Hannah M Stanton; res Lebanon 1850, Hebron 1840, CT. [Ref:CEM:E Haddam CT; VR:Lebanon; 1850 CS:Lebanon]

SARAH M6, 1840

MARY N6; 1847; m Albert E Olmsted; res Moodus, E Haddam CT

237. WILLIAM MC5 BARBER, 1824; m Colchester CT Julia R Chapman; res New London, Hamden, Hebron CT. [Ref:CHS:Chapman Gen; CEM:Hamden; VR:Hebron; 1850 CS:New London]

JULIETTE E6, 1845-1860

ELLEN R6, 1850

HERBERT W6, 1851-1854


238. GARDINER5 BARBER, 1837; m Eunice Roxanne Tanner; res Hopkinton, Exeter, RI. [Ref:IGI:RI; 1865,1870 CS:Hopkinton; 1880,1900 CS:Exeter; Lt: Joe DeTata]

ADDIE MAY6 (Hattie), 1864; m Herbert Edward Lewis

JOHN RAY6, 1868; m Mrs. Abbie Aurilla (Fiske) Smith. No ch.

GARDNER CLAY6, 1877; m Mrs. Nellie May (Walsh) Rockwell. No ch.