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(1) ISAAC BARBER of PA, IN, Fulton Co IL

(2) THOMAS and JAMES BARBER of England and Fulton Co IL

(3) WILLIAM BARBER of Ireland and Carroll Co IL

(4) WILLIAM BARBER/BARBOUR of Ireland and Clark Co IN



Censuses Family Trees

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1. ISAAC1 BARBER, b PA c 1779; m Catherine Sontag; r OH, Warren Co IN, and Marietta, Waterford and Lewistown, Fulton Co IL.

2 SAMUEL2, b PA c 1810; m Warren Co IN 1832 Mary Ann Coons; m/2 1860 Sophia Stickler.

3 ELIJAH2, c 1820; m Susannah Coons.

4 WILLIAM A2, 1820/1; m Mary Ann Parker.

NANCY2, b IN 1826; m Matthew Himegarner; r Fulton Co IL.

CATHERINE A2, b IN 1833; m Joseph Jackson; r Fulton Co.


2. SAMUEL2 BARBER, b PA c 1810; m Warren Co IN 1832 Mary Ann Coons; m/2 1860 Sophia Stickler.

SALLY A3, 1835/6

5 WILLIAM CALENDAR3, 1838/9; m Sarah Candus Savell.

SARAH3, 1839/40

MARTHA J3, 1840/1; m William A Dobbins.

JULIA3, 1842/3

6 ELIAS3, 1844/5; m Jenett Wilson.


3. ELIJAH2 BARBER, c 1820; m Susannah Coons; r Warren Co IN; Lewistown and Waterford, Fulton Co IL.

MATILDA3, 1840/1; m William Thomas Scott.

SARAH3, 1844/5; unmarried in 1900.

JULIA3, 1846/7; unmarried in 1900.

4. WILLIAM A2 BARBER, b OH 1820/1; m Mary Ann Parker; r Marietta, Waterford and Lewistown, Fulton Co IL.

LOUISA3, 1850/1

MARY C3, 1851/2

7 SAMUEL H3, 1854/5

ELIZABETH E3, 1856/7

MARIA3, 1858/9

JOHN3, 1865/6


5. WILLIAM CALENDAR3 BARBER, 1838/9; m Sarah Candus Savell; r Lincoln Co OK.

TENA G4, 1882

MARY C4, 1885

NORA E4, 1890-1909.

HATTIE E4, 1893

ADDA C4, 1893

LILLIE E4, 1896

6. ELIAS3 BARBER, 1844/5; m Jenett Wilson; r Lincoln Co OK.

WARD4, b IL 1879

WILLIAM J or G4; 1881

LEVI MORTON4, b IL 1888; m Lula E Couch.

GEAS M4, b KS 1888

7. SAMUEL H3 BARBER, 1854/5; m Juliette Payne; r Waterford, Fulton Co IL.

ZOLANA4, 1875/6

LAURA BELL4, 1877/8

RUTH J4, 1879/80











1. THOMAS1 BARBER, b Lancashire England 1831; m/1 Nancy Motrom (or Mary ---); m/2 1866/7 Phoebe (Humphrey) Moore; res. England until 1857, then Orion, Fulton Co IL. [Ref: Lt: Michael Compton; 1880 CS: Orion; IGI:IL]

First wife:

HARRIET ANN2, b 1852; m Alexander Madearis.

3 JOSEPH N2, 1855; m Ann Eliza Newlan.

Second wife:

CLARA B2, 1866; m/1 Frank Daly; m/2 Daniel A Wolf; 1 child (Wolf); res Orion.

EMMA2, 1869; m/1 James Edgar Griffin; m/2 1915 George W Schirck; res Canton, Fulton Co

IL; 4 children.

DORA A2, 1872; m --- Riley.

4 JAMES H2, 1875; m Alice May Moody.


2. JAMES1 BARBER, brother of Thomas, b Lancashire England about 1835; m Nancy ---; res Orion, Fulton Co IL.

MARY2, 1851/2; may be the one who m Fulton Co 1869 Thomas Lofton.

JAMES2, 1854/5



3. JOSEPH N2 *19307* (or M or W) BARBER, b 1855; m Ann Eliza Newlan; res Orion.

WILLIAM3, 1879; may be the same as m Fulton Co 1900 Pearl Smith.

JESSE T3, 1882

BLANCHE3, 1888 - 1889

ROSA M3, 1890


4. JAMES H2 BARBER, b 1875; m Allie May Moody; res Orion.


NELLIE3 (?NETTIE), 1896; m Fred Lepine.

MARY M3, 1898

JAMES3, 1902

LEONARD MERLE3, 1908 - 1918












Heads of Family; Birth Year; Family number:

Armour, 1832; 2a

Benjamin Nelson, 1875; 3

Clement Armour, 1855; 3b

Hiram Nelson, 1835; 3

Hiram Christian, 1863; 3

Jackson Taylor, 1848; 3a

John, 1808; 2

Nelson, 1898, 3

William, 1778; 1

William J, 1884, 3b

Spouses; Family number:

Armour, Margaret; 1

Aznoe, Myrtle; 3

Benedict, Martha C; 2

Finkle, Christina; 3

Hoffman, Lorinda R; 3

Huttenlocker, Mary; 3b

McIntyre, Mary; 2a

Prentice, Bessie; 3

Ryan, Augusta; 3a

Simpson, Eva; 3b


1. WILLIAM1 BARBER, b County Tyrone, No. Ireland 1778; d Savanna, Carroll Co, IL; m Margaret Armour.

[Ref: Lt and Website, Beth Wheelock]

2 JOHN2, b Newton Stewart, Ireland 1808; m Martha Caroline Benedict.

WILLIAM2, b 1812; d Savanna, Carroll Co IL 1885.

REBECCA2, 1819; m/1 William Fulton; m/2 Alexander R Woods; r Philadelphia PA; d Muscatine,

Muscatine Co IA.

MATTHEW2, 1818; d KY.

2a ARMOUR2, b IRE 1826; m Mary McIntyre. d Savanna IL.

MARGARET2, b IRE; m Jack McKale; d Savanna.



2. JOHN2 BARBER, b Newton Stewart, Ireland, 1808; m Martha Caroline Benedict; d Lyndon MI.

[Ref: Beth Wheelock; CS: several of Ingham Co MI]

3 HIRAM NELSON3, b Hamilton, Madison Co NY 1835; m Christina Rebecca Frinkle, b Germany.

OLIVE REBECCA3, 1837; m Eugene Darling; res Ogden UT.

JOHN LAFAYETTE3, 1839; d Waterloo, Jackson Co MI 1863

MARTHA CAROLINE3, 1841; m Dwight Clinton Quigley. Res Irving, Barry Co MI.

ELINOR FIDELIA3, 1844; m Coffine Hines.

ALPHEUS3, 1846; d LaCrosse WI; m Kate Wattenhoffer.

3a JACKSON TAYLOR3, 1848; m Augusta A Ryan.

ISOPHINE3, 1850; m Fred Waltz; r Stockbridge, Ingham Co MI.

ELIZA3, 1852; m Edward Smith.

3b CLEMENT ARMOUR3, 1855; m Mary Huttenlocker; res Waterloo.

?EFFIE3 , 1858; d 1859.

EDITH3, c 1857; m Emanuel Heydlauff.

ETTA E3, 1861; m Levi W Soper; res Lyndon, Washtenaw Co and Leoni, Jackson Co MI.

2A. ARMOUR2 BARBER, b IRE 1832; m Mary McIntyre; r Savanna IL. [FTM: Desc. of Hugh McIntyre]

WILLIAM3, 1858-58

GEORGE M3, 1860-68

HENRY H3, 1861; m Minnie Wright.

ELLA M3, 1862-80

WILLIAM A3, 1865

MARY3, 1867-68

STEPHEN A3, 1868-70

OLIVE3, 1871-75

GRACE A3, 1875; m Martin Salzer.

INFANT3, 1877-77

INFANT3, d 1878

INFANT3, d 1879



3. HIRAM NELSON3 BARBER, b NY 1835; m Christina Rebecca Frinkle; res Lyndon MI, Waterloo, Jackson Co MI, and Shelton WA. [Carrie Holbrook:]

HIRAM CHRISTIAN4, b 1863; m Myrtle Mae Aznoe.

BLANCHE5, 1896; m --- Manning.

EMMA5 , 1897; m Joe DePue.

NELSON5, 1898; m/1 Alice ---; m/2 Bertha ---.

First wife:



Second wife:


FRANK5 , 1900

SADIE5, 1905

CARRIE5, 1906; m Walter McLain.

ZOLA5, 1909; m Carl Brech.

MARGIE5, 1911

FLOYD5, 1913; d Olympia WA 1987.

JOHN5, 1916; d 1920.

EDITH5, b Shelton, Mason Co WA 1918; m Eldred Gosser. She d Olympia WA.

?GEORGE J4, c 1865

GEORGE N4, 1866

CHARLES A4, 1867

EDWARD J4, 1869

CARRIE4, c 1870

MARTHA CAROLINE4, 1872; m Edward Parks; r Waterloo, Jackson Co MI.

LAURA4, c 1873; m Penrose Weinhold.

BENJAMIN NELSON4, 1875; m Lorinda Rosena Hoffman; r Waterloo.

MILTON HIRAM5, 1899; m Bessie Prentice.


JOHN WILLIAM5, 1900-1920

REVA5, 1909-1921

3A. JACKSON TAYLOR3 BARBER, 1848; m Augusta A Ryan; r Vevay, Ingham Co MI.

EDITH ELEANOR4, 1874; m Thomas Barr.


RUBY ELIZA4, 1878; m John Moore.

GUSTINA4, 1880; m Edward Juderjohn.

WILLIAM J4, 1882


CAROLYN RUTH4, 1895; m Fred Herrguth.

3B. CLEMENT ARMOUR3 BARBER, 1855; m Mary Huttenlocker; res Waterloo, Jackson Co MI.

WILLIAM J4, 1884; m Eva Simpson.

WENDELL5, c 1910

MINA4, 1886

EDNA4, 1888; m Emanuel R Walz.











Ref: Beth Rasmussen: 13447mer at

Censuses L V Crandall One World Trees.


1. WILLIAM1 BARBER, b Ireland Mar 1817; d Clark Co IN 1902; m 1853 Elizabeth Crandall, b 1825; r Jeffersonville, Clark Co IN, except in 1880 they were in Port Fulton, Clark Co. William was a ship carpenter. In 1900 he was widowed, and lived with his daughter Catherine, who was single.

2 JAMES ARTHUR2, b IN 1854; m Ann Brumback.

3 FLOYD CRANDALL2, b Clark Co IN c 1855; m/1 Margaret Simonson

Diffenbough; m/2 Minnie Lillian Leach.

MARY ELLEN2, 1856; m Clark Co IN 1876 F M Mitchell, b KY. In 1880 they were in Prestonville,

Carroll Co KY, farming.

CATHERINE ELIZABETH2, 1860; single in 1900, living with her father.

IRA2 JOSEPH, b 1862; d 1863.

ADA/ADDIE BELLE2, 1864; m Elmer E Wilcox. In 1900 they were in Denver CO, where Elmer

worked in a book bindery. They had 2 children then.

OLIVE/OLIVIA ROSE2, 1867; m Charles W Haney. In 1900 they lived in New Albany, Floyd Co

IN, with 2 children. Charles was a railroad brakeman.


2. JAMES ARTHUR2 BARBER, b IN Jan 1854; m Ann Brumback. In 1880 they were in New Albany, Floyd Co IN. In 1900 he and Annie were in St Mary Parish, LA. James was a ship carpenter, and later a steamboat pilot. In 1910 Annie, widow, lived with her son Clyde.

4 CLYDE A3 BARBOUR 1874/5; m 1894/5 Jennie ----.

WILLIAM CILAS3, 1876/7; died before 1900 in Clark Co IN.

5 JAMES ROBERT3 BARBOUR 1876; m Sarah Wilson Bourne. James is not in the census of 1880

with his brothers.

3. FLOYD C2 BARBOUR, b Clark Co IN c 1855; d Troutdale, Multnomah Co OR 1920; m/1 Margaret Simonson Diffenbough; m/2 1894 Minnie Lillian S Leach (her first marriage). Floyd was single in 1880. In 1900 he and Minnie S lived in Jeffersonville, Clark Co IN with their last 3 children. Floyd was a bolter in a shipyard.

In 1910 they were in Dundee, Yamhill Co OR farming. In 1920 they were divorced, and Minnie lodged in Portland OR, a seamstress in a dye works.

Children of Floyd and Margaret:

7 LUCIAN3, ; m ---.

MAY AGNES3, b Louisville KY 1883; d Houston TX; m/1 1901/2 Edward Louis Gibler; m/2

Simone Bonsignore. In 1910 May and Edward and children lived in St Louis MO, where he was

a carpentry contractor.

Children of Floyd and Minnie:

OLY LILLIAN3, b Floyd Co IN Apr 1895; m Albert E Lucy. Before her marriage, Oly had a child:

ELSIE Y4 BARBOUR b Yamhill Co OR 1914; d Moses Lake, Grant Co WA; m Fritz


8 PERCY ELMER3, b New Albany, Floyd Co IN Feb 1898; m Bernice Keyes.

CARL O3, b Clark Co IN Mar 1900; died before 1910.


4. CLYDE A3 BARBOUR, 1874/5; d Louisiana; m 1894/5 Jennie ----, b KY 1874/5; r St Mary Parish LA. In 1920 and 1930 they were in Houston TX. Clyde was president of an oil company.

Children, born in Louisiana:

JESSE C4, 1896/7; m 1915/6 Sylvia ---, b IL 1895/6; r Houston TX in 1930. He was in

oil transport.

CLYDE5, b TX 1916/7

JESSE5, b TX 1918/9

SYLVIA5, b TX 1919/20

LENA4, 1897/8

CLYDE A4, 1900/1; m Flora ---, b LA 1900/1. In 1930 they were in Glendale, Los

Angeles Co CA, where Clyde was an oil company geologist.

THEODORE, b LA 1921/2

LILY L4, 1902/3

WILLIAM E4, 1906/7; m Emilie ---, b IN 1905/6; r Houston TX in 1930.

EMILIE P5, b IN 1927/8

4. JAMES ROBERT3 BARBOUR, IN 1876; d FL; m/1 1896/7 Mary Lenain, b LA 1881/2; m/2 Sarah Wilson Bourne. In 1910 he and Mary lived in St Mary Parish. He was a steamboat captain.

First wife:

JAMES R, b LA 1900/1

LUCILLE, b TX 1907/8

Second wife:

SARAH JANE4, b c 1922

BETTY JOSEPHINE4, b San Antonio TX 1924; m Harold Guy Hebert.

5. LUCIAN3 BARBER, ; m ---.



7. PERCY ELMER3 BARBER, b New Albany, Floyd Co IN 1898; d Yamhill Co OR; m 1921/2 Bernice Keyes, b OR 1897/8. In 1930 Yamhill Co OR he was relief man for an electric company.

JOHN PERCY4, b Portland OR 1925; d McMinnville, Yamhill Co OR; m Ruth M Dailey.



JOYCE ANN5, ; m Billy Bruce Beasley.

JAMES FRANCIS4, ; m Edene Francis Beal.

JAMES5, ; m Joyce Ann DeMoss.


CATHERINE5, ; m Wade Meyer Jones.

CHERYL5, ; m Joseph Michael Leckie.

CECILIA5, ; m/1 Peter Wirfs; m/2 Greg Stalp.