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1. THE CONNECTICUT BARBERS, a Genealogy of the Descendants of THOMAS BARBER of Windsor CT. (Second Edition, published 2001, by Donald S Barber.)
The entire book is shown in its original form, except for the every name index. There are 17 sections, each with its own index of heads of families and their spouses. Separate pages contain references and explanation of abbreviations, also correspondents. Go to:
Part 1; families 1-30
Part 2; families 31-78
Part 3; families 79-148
Part 4; families 149-220
Part 5; families 221-300
Part 6; families 301-353
Part 7; families 354-399
Part 8; families 400-475
Part 9; families 476-525
Part 10; families 526-600
Part 11; families 601-652
Part 12; families 653-700
Part 13; families 701-806
Part 14; families 807-875
Part 15; families 876-946
Part 16; families 947-1020
Part 17; families 1021-1073; Family of Jonathan Barber b 1739, of CT and NY, follows.
References and Explanation of abbreviations
List of Correspondents

2. ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS to the book: THE CONNECTICUT BARBERS since publication of the second edition. These are in 4 parts, each with an index to the heads of families and spouses. The original book contents, in 17 parts, (above), will help when using the additions and corrections, because the same family numbers are used.
Go to:
Additions and corrections, Part One: Book Families 1-241, wps
Additions and corrections, Part Two: Book Families 242-474, wps
Additions and corrections, Part Three: Book Families 475-654, wps
Additions and corrections, Part Four: Book Families 655-end.wps Families of Jonathan of NY and of Andrew Barber of MA are at the end.

3. Information about the book, which is now sold out. (1 Jan 2005).

4. OTHER BARBER and BARBOUR FAMILIES. A vast amount of information in GENEALOGY OUTLINE FORM concerning about 168 other Barber and Barbour families of the United States and Canada can be seen at:
Other Barber/Barbour Families NOTE: Some of these outlines have either htm or wps versions. The wps version has more up-to-date additions and corrections.

A link to Bill Barber's file:(England>Ireland>NY>NH)

5. BARBER/BARBOUR DATABASE. I have a Database of over 31000 Barbers and Barbours, which has been a big help to me in finding individuals and where they fit in genealogically. I will be glad to search this database for your Barber problems.

6. Family outlines of me and of my wife, Ida (Pike) Barber.
Go to:
Family lines

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