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Collins Lineage

      John Collins

        John Wesley Collins

        Eliza Martha Collins Justice

        Minnie Justice Cecil

        Charles Arthur Cecil

        Mae Audrey Cecil Custer 

        Barbara Ellen Custer Vaillancourt 

             Frederick Charles 'Chaz'  (Hinds) Vaillancourt

             Kristen Rae Vaillancourt 

             Joseph Michael Vaillancourt


 Photo of Eliza Martha Collins Justice

 with her daughter, Myrtle Justice Large


The following information on William Wesley Collins was sent to us by Jack Lee Collins.

           It is important for you to understand that my paternal grandfather is actually : William Wesley Collins.  My grandmother referred to him as "Will".   The late Bertha Cremeans referred to him as "Uncle Bill".   His marriage certificate and Census Records list him by the actual name. He is definitely  William Wesley Collins.

         As one reads over birth records of his children : about 1900, he begans using the alias 'J W Collins'. He used it the remainder of his life.  These were his father's initials, John Wesley Collins, dod:  Dec 6, 1900.  So with this in mind, the attached obituary, recently located may be a bit confusing.  It is from the Herald-Dispatch, Huntington, WV,  Dec 24,1935, p. 12.  Please note that his "daughters" are actually his sisters.  This is known from Census Records, marriage certificates, etc. 

           I was seeking the Justice, Eliza "Liza" married.  The Liza Justice, wife of George M. Justice, who named one of her sons, 'John Wesley', indicates to me  the high probability that my Liza and that of Barbara Vaillancourt's  are the same lady. 

            Though "J W Collins" died before I was born, I was aquainted with his son Albert and certainly knew his wife (my grandmother) and his son, Walter (my father).  Many people attended his funeral as he had an interesting personality and was well liked.  In Oklahoma, he rented the rooms above a store.  The storekeeper / landlord one day was being robbed.  My grandfather heard what was occuring downstairs.  He grabbed his pistol and stopped the would be robbery. ( Possibly he killed the robber but I don't remember this for certain).  He was a brave man,a foreman in the coal mines.  He stuck by his family though they had a tough life (economically).  My father was very loyal to his Dad and all the Collins'. 



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