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Selected Excerpts From Sugarcreek Centennial Scribe

Noting 1882-1884 Happenings in Sugarcreek Neighboring Communities, the County, the State and the Nation, in the Literary Style of the Day. Compiled by Maxine Renner Eberle and Published in The Budget, Sugarcreek, Ohio, 1982-1984

Shanesville, Ohio, January 1, 1882 - A terrible calamity befell the people of Shanesville last night. This village of 368 residents located in western Tuscarawas County for some time had been looking forward to a New Year's Eve fair and festival sponsored by the Knights of Pythias to be held in Goeler's Hall situated on the southwest corner of the square. Though the roads are bad, the evening was bright and crisp and beside the town people turning out largely there were great numbers from the surrounding country and some from neighboring villages. The elite of the place were present and mirth and pleasure reigned. The "Knights" are of the first families of the place; the gathering included the intelligence and beauty of the neighborhood.

The festival was being held on the second story of Henry Goelor's store building. Originally built of brick and consisting of two stories and a cellar basement, the building a few years ago added a frame ell to the back, the rear brick wall was being removed for the purposes. The second-story lodge room was 20 by 38 feet. Between two and three hundred persons at 8:00pm were having a grand supper and were selling fancy articles. The band had just ceased playing when a crash was heard and the floor began to settle lenghtwise in the center. The heavy timber support, running from one end to the other, had slipped off the post in the rear and, settling at that end it pulled out the brick wall in front. The center then settled rapidly and broke lengthwise. This threw the people, tables, stove and all together in a string throught the middle. The falling floors barricaded the front doors. Fire ensued from the stoves, exploding oil lamps and oil chandeliers.

Dead: Miss Mary Neff, age 19, skull fracture: Milton Yoder, age 7, son of the deceased Dr. Yoder, burned to death in his mother's arms. Fatally burned: Mrs. Dr. Yoder, Mrs. Allen Goeler, Miss Annie Orin. Seriously injured: Frederick Schlarb and Lewis Kerch, legs broken; James Walter, arm broken; Lizzie Showalter, collar bone broken; Augusta Heider and Mrs. Drucilla Sliffe, ankles dislocated; George Froelich, Jr., feet burned; Mrs. L. K. Shamberger, Louisa Bollmann and Frederick Weimer.

The following were painfully but not dangerously injured: Mary and Amanda Kerch, Mrs. Henry Shutt, Henry Cratz, Mrs. Daniel Kline, Carrie Rice, Mr. And Mrs. W. L. Wallick and son Willie, Jerome Weimer, Mrs. Augustus Goeler, Annie and Hattie Graff, Mrs. Allen Richeson, Miss Swinderman, Harry Ream, John Roth, Mary Kaufman, Miss Shie, Mollie Biddle, Almira Lantz, J.H. Richeson, Will Cratz and wife, Augustus Froehlich, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krakau, Henry Wright, Fred Klar, Robbie Klar, Kate Lehmer, Christ Graff, Catherine Specinger, Miss Walter, John Groh, Henry Homan, Dan Kline, John Klahr, John Stertzbach, Libbie Ream, Mrs. Michael Shutt and Annie Shutt.

Doctors Welty, Miller and Jones of Shanesville, Selden of Dover, Peters of Ragersville and Mast of Berlin are doing everything possible for the sufferers.

January 2 1882 Mrs. Dr.Yoder is still living with no changes though her death may be looked for at any time. Miss Annie Orin is still living but with no hope of recovery. Mr. Frederick Weimer who had his feet severely burned is resting easier but may lose one or both. Mrs. Allen Goeler is no better and there is no hope for recovery. Miss Mary Neff was buried at 10:00 this morning. At 2:00 this afternoon little Milton Yoder was buried. Nearly every house is a hospital and the whole community draped in gloom, workshops are idle; stores are deserted.

Shanesville, Ohio, January 6, 1882 This Friday morning the village was further saddened by two more deaths as a result of the New Year's Eve calamity at the Knights of Pythias festival and fair, when the second floor of the Goeler Building collapsed as was reported in last weeks newspaper. Mrs. Catherine Z. Yoder, age 41, died this morning of burns and will be buried tomorrow. Her husband, Dr. N.W. Yoder died March 9, 1877 at the age of 39. They were parents of 7 children; 4 daughters survive. Dr. Yoder was a charter member when the Shanesville Lodge No. 97, K.of P. was organized on May 11 1876. Other charter members were: Dr. A.T. Miller, Dr. J. A. Mast"..."Jesse Winklepleck, Cornelius Winklepleck"...

Barrs Mills, Ohio, February 11, 1882 -..."H. Newton Walter left us a couple weeks ago for Indiana. He is there in the employ of his uncle, buying and shipping livestock."

Shanesville, February 14, 1882 - ..."Miss Louisa Bollman is getting out of danger and Mrs. Shambager, Misses Elenora Walter, Amanda Wertman and Ella Scheu and the others doing well. We are glad to hear it and hope they have had the last death from that New Year's disaster."

Sugarcreek Township - March 12, 1882 - "The following were recently elected a Township Executive Committee: Michael Schott, John Doerschuk, Henry Goeler, B.D. Hostetler and Daniel Allison."

New Philadelphia, Ohio, 1882- Real estate transfers: "Newton Walter to Morgan Johnson one-eighth part of 77 1/4 acres in Wayne Township."

Sugarcreek Township, 1882- ..."The following person were elected officers of Sugarcreek Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio at the April 3, 1883 election: Trustees; M.I. Hochstetler, David G. Pershing, Daniel Allison;"..."Constables, Jas. H. Richardson,..."

Wayne Township, Ohio, 1882- "Mrs. Margaret Wallick, age 32 died today of consumption. A housewife, Mrs. Wallick resided near Winfield.

"Transfer of Real Estate - Frederick Walter to Abraham M. Miller, 103 acres for $3,934.19."

Sugarcreek Township, Ohio - May 22, 1882 - ..."A.C. Baker will teach at No. 4 School this next winter. Sabbath School at Union Hill is progressing finely under the direction of Erwin Fulton, Superintendent; A.C. Baker, Secretary; and Lewis Sliffe, Chorister."

May 30, 1882 - "Memorial Day --'On fame's eternal camping ground, their silent tents are spread.' Veterans of American wars buried in Sugar Creek Township, Ohio are: James Cotton (1821-1872), Civil War, Hardscrabble Cemetery; Johann Wyss (1828-1876), Civil War, Old Shanesville Cemetery; Dr. N. W. Yoder (1837-1877), Civil War, Old Shanesville Cemetery; Jacob Baltzly (1793-1867), War of 1812, Old Shanesville Cem.; Henry Williams (?-1835), War of 1812, Albright U. B. Cemetery; David Resler (1840-1863), Civil War, Albright U. B. Cemetery; James S. Gordon (?-1881), Civil War, Bunker Hill Cemetery; John Teeters (?-1862), Civil War, Bunker Hill Cemetery; Daniel Miller (?-?), Civil War, Miller Family Cemetery; George Richardson (?-?), Richardson Family Cemetery." ...

July 1882 Real Estate Transfers - "In Wayne Township: Frederick Walter to Christ J. Miller, 5/6 part of 81 acres for $3,897.44."

July 1882 Barrs Mills, Ohio -- ..."David Walter has sold his farm to Levi Heider. Although we welcome Mr. Heider to our midst, yet we are sorry to lose Mr.Walter and his family. He talks of going to Geauga County."

Shanesville, Ohio, 1882-..."W.S. Wallick has started a livery and is prepared to furnish half a dozen as good rigs as Tuscarawas County can afford and now the young folks are just more than enjoying these moonlight evenings."

Shanesville, Ohio, 1882-"Kline Bros. are doing a flourishing business this summer in butter and eggs. They have in their employ Mr. Franklin Kline of Malvern, Ohio and Mr. Julius M. Richardson of this place, both intelligent men. (1982 Note: Julius Miller Richardson, one of the most erudite personalities that this county ever produced, was born on a farm in Sugar Creek Township on November 4, 1863, a son of Ambrose and Catherine Miller Richardson. He attended the public school at Shanesville and later the New Philadelphia Normal School. At the age of 17 he began his teaching career in a country school in Sugar Creek Township. While serving as Superintendent of Schools at McConnelsville, he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1907. He practiced in New Philadelphia until his retirement June 1, 1938. He became a powerful lawyer before a jury, specializing in trial work. As defense counsel he was unequalled. As an orator, "J.M" had few equals. His delivery reminded one of William Jennings Bryan. Mr. Richardson was a Lecturer on the Lyceum Circuit for many years and was constantly in demand as a speaker. He also won wide recognition as an author in both prose and poetry. His best known literary effort was an epic poem: "Schoenbrunn." He was largely self educated, mastering all the branches of higher mathematics without an instructor and without formal college training, became a brilliant man in English, Literature, History, and the Law. Mr. Richardson died on December 27, 1947 at the age of 85 years.)"

August 17, 1882 Sugarcreek Township, Ohio - "A daughter named Grace Viola was born today to James M. Richardson and his wife the former Minnie J. Bash. Paternal grandparents are Allen Richardson and Elizabeth Miller."

September 18, 1882 Sugarcreek Township, Ohio - "A daughter was born today and named Leola to John F. Wallick and his wife the former Hannah Sliffe."

September 18, 1882 Barrs Mills, Ohio - "In a few weeks H. A. Richardson will move to our town. He has rented the property lately occupied by F. Froehlich. Harvey Richardson has been engaged as a teacher in our new school house for the coming winter."

Sept 1882 Real Estate Transfers -- "David Walter to Levi Heider, 182 1/2 acres in Sugarcreek Township for $1,100."

October 1882 Shanesville, Ohio -..."Letter received from Ben J. Walter, of Mt. Carmel, Kansas: "I was born and raised about half way between Shanesville and Dundee and within a half mile of Barrs Mills. I am now living in southeastern Kansas; have lived here for 12 years. There has been quite a change in this country in that time. Twelve years ago about all that was to be seen was prairie grass, prairie chickens and wolves and now and then a squatter's shanty. Today in place of those shanties, I can stand in my yard and see hundreds of acres of corn and growing wheat and fine dwellings dotted all over these prairies. After hearing about the Shanesville New Year's Eve Disaster, I subscribed to the paper so that I can continue to receive news about my boyhood friends in the county."

Wayne Township, Ohio - December 2, 1882- "Isaac Wallick died today at age 60 of lung fever. A farmer, Mr. Wallick was one of the old residents of here and a man much respected. His widow, Nancy Smiley Wallick survives. In 1847 Isaac's father, Michael Wallick laid out 12 lots in School Lot 1 of the first quarter of Township 9, Range 4 at the crossing of the Shanesville and Navarre with the Dover and Winesburg roads and called the plat "Dundee". Isaac's son William Lafayette Wallick is a liveryman and music dealer of Shanesville. William and his wife, the former Nancy Ellen Johnson have six children: Ermina , William A., Jacob O., Louis C., Louden I. and Adrian L.. Mr Wallick's funeral will be held Tuesday, December 5th with Rev. Tedrow, English Lutheran Pastor Officiating. Burial will be in the Bunker Hill Cemetery."

Jan 1883 Barrs Mills, Ohio - ..."Newton Walter has returned from Indiana where he was dealing in stock and has now completed arrangements to build a warehouse and establish a grain market."

Feb 1883 Ragersville, Ohio - ..."E.E. Hostetler of Stone Creek and J. M. Richardson of here were challenged by the debators of the Barrs Mills debating club; the question was: Resolved: That the Statesman is more worthy than the Soldier. The Barrs Mills boys preferred the affirmative and gave Hostetler and Richardson the negative. Our boys were well posted on history and undoubtedly merited the decision."

1883 Shanesville, Ohio - "Advertisement: G. Bixler, teacher of the Independent Inductive System of teaching rapid writing is meeting with good success. Following are the names of pupils now attending his Pen Art School here:"... "Robert Heider"..."Ed Richardson"..."J.W. Walter"...

Feb 1883 Dundee, Ohio - ..."The primary department of our school, taught by Mr. James Walters closed last Friday."

April 1883 Sugarcreek Township, Ohio - ..."successful candidates at the Township Elections of April 2nd: Sugarcreek Twp Trustees, B.I. Hochstetler, D.G. Pershing, Daniel Allison;"... Constables, H. Richardson...Supervisors George Correll, A. Richardson"...

April 1883 Dundee, Ohio - ..."On Sabbath Miss Emma Putt came up to see the town and visited Miss Amanda Walters and her brother, Mr. W. E. Putt, who is teaching in District No. 8..."

June 1883 Shanesville, Ohio -..."Ephraim Showalter celebrated his 60th birthday on Tuesday, June 12th on his farm in Sugar Creek Township, a son of John and Elizabeth Showalter. John was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and was raised in Westmoreland County. In 1808 he came to Tuscarawas County with Jacob Walter and began clearing up a farm. They did their own cooking and obtained their bread and other provisions from Mr. Knisely, three miles west of Dover, Ohio. On December 15, 1818, John married Elizabeth Thomas, a native of Maryland but raised in this county. Abraham Shane, as a Justice of the Peace, performed the ceremony. John and Elizabeth died on the farm they had settled on, leaving a family of nine children. Ephraim married Adeline, daughter of Jonathan Fisher, on October 5, 1848. Rev. J.G. Zahner was the officiant. Ten children were born to this union. Mr. Showalter is a Republican and has been School Director of his district 21 years. They are members of the Lutheran Church. We wish Ephraim many happy returns of the day."

July 23, 1883 Shanesville, Ohio -..."John S. Yoder made history today by appearing before the Tuscarawas County Auditor, Frederick Walter, in New Philadelphia, Ohio..."

July 1883 "Garing Richardson was home on a short visit from Brecksville; he is a telegrapher at that place and slings lightning like a young Jove."

July 1883 Shanesville, Ohio -..."Jim Richardson hauled over 100 bushels of wheat at one load from the mill to the railroad with 2 horses."

July 1883 Shanesville, Ohio- "Jesse Winkelpleck has moved his building occupied by H. Richardson out flush with the street and is fixing it up."

July 1883 Shanesville, Ohio - "Jesse Winklepleck, unaccustomed to public speaking except in the class meeting and the Sunday School, spoke at The Second Annual Pioneer Association Meeting held at the beautiful fairgrounds near Canal Dover, Ohio on August 11th. Jesse was a farmer. His father had come west in early days; had looked at the plain lands, but had chosen the hills in Sugar Creek Township on account of the heavy timber on much of the upland. He had plowed with a wooden plow, etc. His mother had baked bread for the soldiers of the War of 1812; sometimes as many as 100 loaves of bread in a day. When completely tired out she would sit down in a chair, throw her head back against the wall and go to sleep. Mr. Winklepleck bantered any pioneer of his age (63) to run a fast race with him for a hundred yards."

August 1883 Dundee, Ohio -..."H.A. Richardson has been employed to teach our school again and J. M. Richardson is going to teach where he taught last winter, near Ragersville."

September 1883 Dundee, Ohio - "Yesterday we took a ride in the country visiting at the residence of Mr. Dan Allison near Barrs Mills. That gentleman has a very nice home where 25 years ago when he was first married and moved on the place, there was only an old log house and barn. This house, as poor as it was, he and his wife occupied for 15 years, until the land was paid for and sufficient funds accumulated to build the nice and comfortable house they now occupy with the necessary out buildings and barn to correspond. Grandma Richardson has her home there with her daughter, Mrs. Allison. The Allisons have two grown daughters and a son. Mrs. Allison is somewhat troubled with asthma which appears to be the only drawback to their happiness."

September 1883 Shanesville, Ohio -- ..."Allen Richardson, our road supervisor is not piking a cut in the road between town and the depot; it will be a great improvement."...

September 1883 Barrs Mills, Ohio - ..."H.A. Richardson looks smooth as a 'pumpkin' since he shaved that moustache."

November 1883 Buehler Hill, Auburn Township, Ohio - ..."E.E. Hostetler who teaches the young idea at Yorktown, called on J. M. Richardson Sunday last. There two friends for argument's sake never agree. Likely their meeting was to determine upon what to dispute next."

Nov 1883 Weddings - "William McKain and Lydia Heider were married on Sunday, November 18th by Rev. A.K. Singer at the residence of the bride's parents in Sugar Creek Township."

March 1884 Shanesville, Ohio - ..."The Trail School closed on March 24; also No. 1 School in Sugarcreek Township, taught by Remus Walters."

March 1884 Dundee, Ohio- "John Hixon came over to attend the sale at the widow Walters' on Saturday last. John Walters has bought the home farm, the widow having bought the Henderson property where whe will move sometime this month. David Reese moves on the farm left vacant by John Walters."

May 1884 Sugarcreek Township, Ohio - "Applying for a marriage license at the Tuscarawas County Courthouse this week were Julius Miller Richardson and Lena Brick. "J.M." is a school teacher here and a son of Ambrose and Catherine Miller Richardson. Catherine was a daughter of Henry and Barbara Seese Miller, both deceased, who came to the Shanesville area in 1809 from Berks County, Pennsylvania."

Shanesville, Ohio -July 22, 1884 - ..."Zachariah Miller, a widower and an aged and respected citizen of our village and living in a small house on the premises of his son-in-law, Allen Richardson, has for some time shown a failing in his general vigor of constitution.

On last Saturday evening he was feeling rather worse than usual and as the family were all away from home except Allen (who stayed to care for the old gentleman). Mr. Richardson went into Mr. Miller's house to see him comfortably to bed; however, he could not persuade him to retire just then, but having made all necessary arrangements for his comfort during the night, he left him sitting upon the bed beside a small table upon which sat a lighted lamp.

Supposing that he would soon lie down, he left him and went to his own house and retired to bed. Mr. Richardson had been there but a short time when he was aroused by the returning family and informed that grandfather's house was on fire. The door was immediately opened and a sickening sight was presented.

The whole end of the room was ablaze as was the bed and carpet and in the midst was old Mr. Miller, lying on the floor most horribly burned: he was quickly removed from the stifling smoke and blazing fire, but against his most earnest protests; he preferring to remain from some mysterious cause.

The fire was extinguished; the sufferer removed to the large house and Dr. Jones promply appeared to minister to his wants. He made no complaints although terribly burned about the face, head, left breast and hands.

On Sunday morning he was conscious and explained the catastrophe by saying that he arose to his feet from his sitting posture and toppled over the lamp and fell, upsetting the table and breaking the lamp, but was too weak and dizzy to escape. His condition continued exceedingly critical and he died Sunday evening at 9 and was buried on Tuesday, July 22nd.

Mr. Miller was married in 1829 to Gertrude Hochstetler, now deceased. Their children were: Lydia (Mrs. John Baltzley, Jr.); Susannah (Mrs. Jacob Lower); Barbara Ann (Mrs. Henry Baker, Jr.); William (married to Lydia Hoopengarner); and Elizabeth (Mrs. Allen Richardson). Mr. and Mrs. Miller are buried in the Shanesville Cemetery."

October 1884 Dundee, Ohio - ..."Amanda Walters has a large class in vocal music, which meets every Saturday evening at Union Point."

October 1884 Shanesville, Ohio - "Daniel Wyss, formerly of near here, celebrated his birthday in New Philadelphia last week. He was surprised by the following people who paraded to the county seat to honor the County Recorder. ...Ambrose Richardson and wife;....Thomas Richardson and wife;...W.L. Wallick and wife;...Jesse Winklepleck and wife;... Frank Walter and wife;...Allen Richardson and wife;...Lewis Walter; .James Richardson and Cornelius Winkelpleck, all of Shanesville and vicinity."

October 1884 Sugar Creek Township, Ohio - ..."The schools of Sugar Creek Township have all opened for the winter term of 6 months and we are happy to state that they are in the care of as efficient a corps of teachers as are seldom met with. The names of the teachers and their respective districts are as follows: Sub-district No. 2 Remus Walter...and No. 8 J. M. Richardson."

"Dan Allison and Jonas Allison of Barrs Mills shipped 70 head of hogs last Tuesday. They do a big business and to see the vindictive smile that spreads itself over and illuminates Dan's visage as he sees the farmers squirm when he tells them that hogs are only worth 3 1/2 cents is a thing long to be remembered."

If you have any family from this area, this book is a must have!! The above is just a glimpse of the kind of information you will find :)
I purchased the book from the
Ragersville Historical Society.