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Abraham Dolby Family
Abe Dolby Family
It might be hard to see, but the People are Numbered.
Front Row: 1. Abraham Dolby (Framed Picture), 2. Fleda Clela Clay Griffith 3. Reda Voca Clay Bond 4. Creighton Smith 5. Esther Lee Dolby 6. Lloyd C Dolby 7. Ucal Cutbert Dolby
Second Row: 8. Frankie Marion Dolby Clay 9. Guy Elton Clay 10. Grandma Fydia Brown Dolby 11. Velma Dolby 12. Clyde Dolby holding Velma Dolby 13. Stacy England Dolby Sr. 14 George Calvin Dolby holding Stacy E Dolby Jr.
Third Row: 15. Jessie Dolby 16 Harry Dolby 17 Orah Dolby 18 Allie Dolby Smith 19 Lillie Drake Dolby 20. Rosa Belle Dolby holding Leland 21 Leland Aubrey Dolby

Abraham Dolby was much loved as a father, and very well respected by all who knew him. He was known as an honest and upright citizen, a responsible person, and one who could be counted on to do what was right and just. His funeral was attended by all of his children except for his daughter, Emma Lillian Dolby Martin. Emma and her family lived in Oklahoma and too far away to get there in time.

Abraham Dolby Obituary
From the "Flashlight" Newspaper Seymour MO Tues May 26 1903
Abe Dolby died at his home near this place last Thursday after an illness of some kind of stomach trouble, which he has had the past 3 months, with which he suffered a great deal, and which he endured with a great deal of patience until he had the summons "Come up higher". He was given every possible attention both by nurse and physician but nothing could save him. Mr Dolby was a member of the M.E. Church at this place, was a stanch Christian man and a good citizen. His good influence will be felt many days after his body has been sleeping. We extend the relatives our deepest sympathies. The Funeral was conducted from the M.E. Church by Rev. Yount on Saturday after which the remains were laid to rest in the Masonic Cemetery.

The item below was written by Abraham's daughter, Orah Dolby, around 1913. Orah was looking back and remembering her parents some 2 years after her mother had passed on.

Born Nov. 28 1845 & Died May 21, 1908.
Death was caused by Cancer of Stomach. Born in PA. Died at the Home Farm 2 1/2 Miles North East of Seymour MO. He was the Father of nine children, eight living. Three boys and five girls. He was the best of Fathers. Always kind, patient, tender and loving. He was a hard working man. Always busy. Honest, Upright, Christian man. Papa's health seemed to begin to fail in Feb 1903. Hekept growing weaker until three or four weeks before his death, when he had to take to his bed. I went home May 9 to help take care of him. How I loved to wait on him to do things for my Dear loving Father. He stood his sickness so patiently. Did not seem to suffer so very much, but could not eat for three weeks before his death. When I went home, mamma had been waiting on him and was tired out. I wanted her to let me take care of him. Allie & Husband Jessie & Harry were all at home. All helping to do for Papa. Frankie and Georgie lived near and came over often to do all they could. Clyde came from Oklahoma about a week I think, before his death. He was so much help. Emma came about two hours before Papa left us, but he knew her and asked about her husband and children. Papa passed away so peacefully at Twelve o'clock.