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Born abt. 1706 in Bath County, NC
Parents Farnefold Green and Hannah Kent Smithwick
Married Mary Gray daughter of Thomas Gray
1) Farnfold b.
m. 1)Elizabeth (Agneso?) Carruthers
2) James b.
m. Margaret Cogdell
3) Thomas b.
4) Joseph b. 24 Obct 1744 Craven Co. NC (Old Bath Co.)
m. 1)19 May 1768 Sarah Whitfield, Dobbs Co. (Craven Co.)
m. 2)Hannah Gray Haywood
m. 3) Ase Wallace
d. 26 Sept 1803
5) John ? b.
James Green received in his father's will "land in Green's Neck whereon he was then living, to be divided into equal parts by a line drawn from the northernmost corner of John Green's land, (did Farnifold draw land for his young son John or is this an older relative, perhaps a brother?) the upper part to James's brother Farnefold, and his heirs, and James to receive the lower part with access through Farnefold's part." James also received one sorrell mare branded with "F G" and her coult, and one Negro man called Nick, and one half of a 60 Bill of Exchange now sent to Virginia". All sons deemed to be of full age when they arrived at the age of 18 years.

19 Sep 1732 James Green buys 500 acres on the North Neuse River from John and Elizabeth West, and an 3 April 1733 James Green Gentleman, is appointed Justice of the Peace at the Council of Edenton representing the Precinct of Craven, (Craven Co., N.C. 3 p.537). The gentry were large planters and wealthy merchants and affixed the title of "(Gentleman, Esquire or Planter" after their signatures.

1748 James Green is mentioned as Executor to the will of Francis Shiner, and is also a witness to a grant to William Isles.

At the New Bern Council meeting of 9 July 1750, there was a petition to resurvey James and Farnifold Green's land warrant, the tract of 1700 acres granted by the late Lord's Proprietors to their father, Farnefold Green (Sr.), situated in Craven County on the north side of the Neuse River, North Carolina. (Colonial Library Records of N.C. Book 41 p.1044) (As I remember reading, James and Farnifold protested the petition for resurveying.)

1760 James and Farnifold Green witness a land deed. 1766 James Green Sr. is selected for duty on the Grand Jury. (An appointment to the Grand Jury was considered a great honor, and only the most upstanding members of the community were chosen!)

Neither a will nor a probate record has been found yet to tell us when James Green Sr. died, but it is thought to be around 1782.

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