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Born 24 October 1744
Parents James Green and Mary Gray
Married 1) 19 May 1768 Sarah Whitfield
dau. William Whitfield II and Rachel Bryan
2) abt 1783 Hannah Gray Haywood (probably a first cousin)

1) John b. 20 March 1769 Dobbs Co., NC
m. Miss Croom
ch: Sara B., F'olly B., Nancy G., Joseph Boon appt. guardian 1807
d. 4 March 1803 Wayne Co. NC
2) James b. 16 Sep 1770 Dobbs Co. NC
m. Betsey Oliver Newberne
d. 1 Sep 1801 Wayne Co. NC Admistrator Farnifold Green
3) Joseph Jr. b. 29 Jan 1774 Dobbs Co. NC
m. Susan Kenan of Duplin Co., NC
ch: Sally Ann, possibly 3 others d. by Feb 1807 court
4) Elizabeth b. 27 Dec 1775 Dobbs Co. NC.
m.1) Lovard Bryan (a 1st Cousin) 1790
m.2) Probert Collier
ch: 11 Children
d. 9 Feb 1852
5) Sarah b. ca 1777 Dobbs Co. NC
m. 1)ca 1798 Uriah Bass
ch: Sally (Sarah), Ann, Elizabeth, Susan L., Mary Louisa, Richard Owens,William Andrew, Uriah, Julia
m. 2) Sep 1820 Joseph Fenwick
d. 1846 Green Co, AL ?
6) Farnifold b. ca 1779/80 Dobbs Co. NC
m. Elizabeth Jeffries of Franklin Co.,TN
7) Mary Gray b. ca 1785 (age 10---16 in 1800 census)
8) Hannah Gray b. ca 1787 (age 10--16 in 1800 census)
9) Robert Gray b. ca 1790 (age 10-16 in 1800 census)
Uriah Bass appointed guardian of Robert B.,minor orphan of Joseph, deceased, at Nov 1807 court.
10) Ann b. ca 1792 (age "under 10" in 1800 census)
Joseph Boon appointed guardian of Ann Green, orphan of Joseph, deceased, at Feb 1807 court.

9 September 1768, Sarah and Joseph receive a gift of 550 acres and 2 negroes from her father, William Whitfield.
(Wayne Co., Bk 3, p.463)

There are numerous records of land transactions by Joseph Green throughout his lifetime, making him one of the wealthiest of North Carolinians. He was honored for his patriotic service as "Commissary" in the Revolutionary War, in 1776 for the N.C. 8th Regiment. He earned the title of "Captain" and was later known as "Colonel Joseph Green, Esquire".

19 December 1777, Joseph Green asks leave to resign his appointment in the State Senate.
(Book 12, p.406, Colonial Library Records of N.C.)

North Carolina issued Military Warrants for land in Tennessee as payment to many of her Revolutionary War soldiers. The fact that a man received a military warrant is DEFINITE proof of his service. Most of the soldiers who received a Military Warrant sold that warrant and probably never came to Tennessee. Joseph Green presented his warrants prior to July 1791, and received grants along the Clinch River and Clinch Mountains, now Granger County, Tennessee.
There are known grants in Joseph Green's name for 3,000 acres, plus grants in the names of his sons and daughter: Joseph Jr. 400 acres, Elizabeth 800 acres, Farnifold 400 acres, John Green 800 acres, James Green 600 acres. Joseph Sr. later purchased 2,500 acres from Needham Whitfield (bro-in-law) and Nathan Atkinson which he deeded to his sons and sons-in-law in 1801. (Because of the confusion of so many "Greens", it is hard to tell whether some of these grants are for Joseph's brothers or his sons?)

Later in 1808, his daughter, Sarah Green Bass and her husband Uriah Bass, deed 1,000 acres in Tennessee for $8,000 to James 'Tiner---patented to Sarah Green 25 Sep 1789

Sarah Whitfield Green dies 22 January 1780 at the age of 30, at the family plantation "Greenfield" in Dobbs County, N.C., at the birth of her son Farnefold or shortly thereafter.

24 August 1798 Joseph Green of Wayne Co., N.C. grants a major amount of his land to his children: John receives land in Wayne & Johnston Counties on the Little River; James receives 1240 acres of James Green (his grandfather) improvements; Joseph receives Thomas Gray (great--grandfather ?) land; Farnifold receives land between crop roads; Mary Gray Green, Hannah Gray Green, Robert Gray Green, Ann Green receive the lands of John Fellow, Joel & Jean Herring, F. Caraway, plus 5000 acres in the state of Tennessee on Big Hatcha River being part of the 15,000 acre purchase of John Estes. Also all the negroess that came by their mother (Hannah Gray-Haywood) except 3 which are to go to Adam John Haywood (probable son of Hannah). (Daughters Sarah and Elizabeth probably received their share of Joseph's estate at the time of their marriage, as was the custom.)

The 1800 Census of Wayne Co., N.C. shows Joseph Green Sr. with "l male 10-16, 1 female under 10, 2 females 10-16, NO WIFE, and 52 slaves, So it would appear that Hannah Gray Haywood Green has died. A third wife, Ase Wallace, is noted according to the D.A.R. records.

Joseph Green no doubt left a will dividing his property, but it is not a part of our records. The D.A.R. Vol. I, page 42 lists Joseph Green as dying 26 September 1803 presumably in Wayne County (formerly Dobbs, Johnston, Craven & Old Bath Counties).

If this date is correct why did it take until 1807 for Guardians to be appointed for his minor children?

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