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Family Line of Brenda Danielson, living US in 2000

Jonas Bancroft, born circa 1760 in Wadsworth area, married 18/7/1782 at Heptonstall, died between 1841-1851.

to Sally Wood, born ?, died ?

Thomas Bancroft, born circa 1795 in Wadsworth area, married 18/12/1832 at Heptonstall, died ?

To Sally/Sarah Dewhirst, born circa 1806, died ?

John Dewhirst Bancroft, born 23/7/1832 at Wadsworth, married ?, died 10/6/1900 at Courtland Columbia Wisconsin.

To Ann Shackleton , born 24/6/1837 in England, died 18/3/1906 in Courtland Columbia Wisconsin.

Joseph S Bancroft, born 1/10/1861 at Courtland Columbia, married 2/9/1891 in Wisconsin, died 27/8/1931 in Courtland Wisconsin.

To Sarah Crowther, born 12/10/1866 at Fountain Perri Wisconsin, died 19/7/1951 in Courtland Wisconsin.

Benjamin Thomas Bancroft, born 11/8/1892 in Courtland Wisconsin, Married 15/81923 in Wisconsin, died 2/2/1978 at Hemet California.

To Bethiah Bryant, born 9/3/1900 in Madison Wisconsin, died 24/7/1973 in Hemet California.

Shirley Mae Bancroft, born 20/9/1931 in Madison Wisconsin, married 4/11/1952.

To Bennett Orson Muckleroy, born 28/10/1931 at Kelsey Texas



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