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Family Line of Keith Bancroft, living UK in 2005

James Bancroft. born abt 1818. married 8/3/1837 Halifax.

to Ann Hutchinson

Charles Bancroft. born 1841, married 31/1/1865 at Halifax PC, died before Aug 1891

to Fanny Walsh. born 1842.

Percy Bancroft. born 2/3/1878 at Halifax, married 10/3/1904 Trinity Rd Chapel Halifax, died 1963.

to Lavinia Farrar. born 10/5/1878, died 1948.

Charles Bancroft. born 6/11/1905 Halifax, married 25/7/1931 at Grenwich London, died 10/7/1976 at Bromley Kent.

to Edith Florence Maud Colbery. born 10/9/1904. died 11/10/1993.



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