Family Line of Bernice Nelson, living Canada in 2000

Abraham Bancroft, possibly buried 6/1/1774 at Haworth.

William Bancroft, baptised 12/5/1762 at Howarth,married 31/3/1785 at Keighley, poss buried Haworth 1823.

To Ann Binns.

Joseph Bancroft, baptised 15/6/1789, married 9/11/1809 at Keighley, died after 1871.

To Isabella Jowett, buried 13/6/1831 at Keighley.

Abraham Bancroft, baptised 30/6/1813, married 18/9/1834 at Keighley, died 10/10/1893 at Keighley.

To Mary Pickles

James Bancroft, baptised 27/11/1836 at Haworth, married 24/4/1860 at Keighley, buried Haworth 30/11/1921

To Maria Smith.

Willie Bancroft, born 21/9/1874 at Keighley, married 6/10/1896 at Oakworth, died 31/12/1925 Perth, Australia.

To Mary Calvert Cherry, born 2/4/1869 Muker, died 21/8/1845 Freemantle, Australia.

John Gilbert Bancroft, born 1/4/1904 Oakworth, died 9/2/1994 Calgary Canada



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