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Family Line of Kate Taylor, living Connecticut in 2006

Thomas Bancroft born circa 1801 at Halifax, married 22/5/1825 at Illingworth, died 1881,buried Mount Zion Chapel Ovenden

to Jane Jagger born 8/4/1804 Illingworth, died 14/3/1857 Illingworth

James Bancroft born Oct 1828 Halifax, baptised 24/5/1829 at Illingworth, died 4/12/1884 at Belgrave, St Geo.,Hanover Sq.Middlesex

to Mary Ann Branson bap 22/12/1831 at All Saints Northampton, died unknown.

Maud Mary Bancroft born 11/10/1871 Chelsea, married 3/5/1892 St Luke's Chelsea,

to Herbert William Billing born 6/4/1870 at Belton,Rutland, died 1901 at Fulham

Frank Edward Billing born 17/11/1899 at Chelsea,married 1933, died 29/1/1996 Seville, Spain

to Clara Alida Elisabet Arvidsson born Sept 1897,Regna,Sweden, died 26/8/1969 at Danbury, CT,USA



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