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Family line of Neil James, living in the UK in 2008


Timothy Bancroft c1743 - c1815 m. Ann Butterfield in Haworth, Yorkshire

Isaac Bancroft (son) 1777 - 1850 m. Mary Judson in Keighley, Yorkshire

Timothy Bancroft (son) 1804 - 1890 m. Margret Gawthrop in Sutton, Yorkshire

Isaac Bancroft (son) 1837 - 1910 m. Ann Hartley in Skipton, Yorkshire

Martin Bancroft (son) 1863 - 1933 m. Elizabeth Hopkinson in Cowling, Yorkshire

Annie Bancroft (daur) 1886 - 1930 m. Christopher Brown in Broughton, Yorkshire

Richard Brown (son) 1914 - 1975 m. Dorothy Birks in Bury, Lancashire


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