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Family Line of Nigel Priestley, living in the UK in 2009

James Bancroft bn c 1735 Halifax?

James Bancroft bt 3/4/1768 at Lightcliffe, d 2/1/1840, bur St Mathew's Lightcliffe.

to Sarah bn c 1767, d31/7/1831, bur St Mathew's Lightcliffe

Philemon Bancroft bt 15/10/1808 at Lightcliffe, married 3/3/1832 at Halifax

to Mary Lucksmith bn c 1813

Edwin Bancroft bn 1855 at Hipperholme, married 1876 at Bradford to

Mary Kendal bn c 1853 at Deighton

Eliza Ann Bancroft bn 1883 at Bradford to

Edmund Priestley bn 1883



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