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Family Line of Brenda Pascoe, living UK 2002

Joseph Bancroft. baptised ?, married 10/2/1752 at Bradford, buried 28/7/1785 at Haworth

to Grace Greenwood. baptised 2/2/1728 at Haworth, buried 21/5/1792 at Haworth


Timothy Bancroft. baptised 14/6/1761 at Haworth. buried 12/2/1837 at Haworth.

to Ellen Mitchell. born circa 1763. buried 5/3/1798 at Lees & Crossroads Meths.


Jabez Bancroft. baptised 28/1/1794 at Haworth. buried 28/10/1863 at Lees Meth.

to Elizabeth Naylor. born circa 1794 at Hampthwaite. buried 15/10/1855.


Joseph Bancroft. born 27/1/1827. baptised 23/7/1827. died 23/7/1882. buried Utley Cemetery Keighley

to Deborah Mitchell. baptised 22/1/1826 at Ovenden. died 15/8/1895. buried Utley Cemetery Keighley


Elizabeth Bancroft. born 22/5/1847 at New Rd Side Bingley. died 21/2/1915. buried Utley Cemetery Keighley

to Samuel Green. born 31/5/1846 at Keighley. died 27/3/1916. buried Utley Cemetery Keighley


William Green. born 6/12/1873 at Keighley. died 29/10/1919. buried Utley Cemetery Keighley

to Caroline Buckley. born 6/2/1875 at Keighley.died 21/8/1935. buried Utley Cemetery Keighley


Margaret Elizabeth Green. born 21/2/1905 at Keighley. died 13/3/1971 at Riddlesden Keighley

to William George Needham. born 20/7/1903 at Keighley. died April 1900 at Keighley




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